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    Greatest American Dog

    So much for REAL reality tv. LOL, the winner of this show (the human) has an IMDB page. Was it ever mentioned that Travis was an actor? What did they say his occupation was? I guess I could search, but does anybody know? Predetermined that he was to be the winner? Things that make you go hmmmmmm... I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but often, I choose to be blissfully naive about these things. Travis's IMDB Page
  2. SerenityNow

    Ghost Whisperer

    Well, I'm very excited for the return of this show, even though I don't know when it's starting up again. I hope I haven't missed it. The shadows. Whose was missing? Well...I won't say in case you don't want a spoiler. However, if you do, this article is interesting regarding the missing Shadows. A little bit of research and the rumors are rampant. One pretty reliable source said that it was true. I guess ultimately we'll just have to watch and see. We all know that the professor (Jay Mohr) has his own show now so he won't be back. Too bad. I liked his character a lot. He and Melinda bounced off one another quite amusingly.
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    For all of you Grant Show fans.....or should I say...droolers LOL apparently he's going to be on a few episodes of Private Practice. Read about it here Nice picture of him too.
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    Jon And Kate Plus 8 "vacation Shows"

    So, I googled 'What happened to Aunt Jodi' and wow. Lots of drama came up. Who knew? I just sit back and enjoy the show every Monday. It's a shame that family drama is all out there for the world to see. It's ALL about the kids..I hope the grownups in this situation take a step back and think about and do what's best for those little sweethearts. Sad. Aunt Jodi blogspot and yet another earlier blog There's so much more, but I really don't care to read it.
  5. SerenityNow

    Keesha - Week 9 - Jury Winner!

    woohoo! good job king! so glad you made keesha win! April seemed to take it in stride with that pasted on grin she gets. She was seething inside. LOL TV onlys voted Jerry. Live feeders voted Keesha. I bet the tv onlys were so mad at the others for trashing their Jerry on finale night...OR they were shocked that their Jerry wasn't so grandfatherly afterall. Poor Jerry. Love to hate the guy. The human side to me felt a little sorry for him because he did look quite devastated at how he was portrayed. The BB addict in me says ha!
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    I miss them already...
  7. SerenityNow


    lol Sheri, same here and I went straight to the cw site this morning when I read this thread. The first full episode from last week is there (2 hours). AND it's on tonight at 8/7c. Really enjoyed the first show and seeing the old characters. However, I didn't watch the first one through all the seasons because I got bored with it. So, I have no clue about Kelley's child. Not sure if I'll keep watching this or not. Time will tell.
  8. SerenityNow

    Uk Bb

    Here's a recent article about Dale and Jen... digital spy I didn't know that she was still married.
  9. SerenityNow

    Keesha - Week 9 - Jury Winner!

    Dan is the one encouraging Memphis to try and get Jerry's gold bars. I think Dan sees it as another way to try and get a jury vote. If he goes to the end with Memphis, then the jury might not vote for Memphis if he took Jerry's bars. As far as I've seen, Memphis doesn't want to even talk to Jerry about the bars. It just really bugs me that he's screwing Keesha over like this. I really hope he has a change of heart and keeps her.
  10. SerenityNow

    Uk Bb

    I agree with the finale in comparison to ours. They not only have the extended finale, but then there are a couple of shows after it's all over where you get to see all the hm's together. It's a nice way to wrap it up and put some closure to it. Our finale leaves you wanting a lot more discussion about what went on. I'm not entirely surprised with the winner. However, as entertainment goes, she certainly wasn't the most entertaining. EVEN THOUGH..lol, she was my favorite. Makes no sense. I liked her at the start so I just stuck to her. Darnell got so irritating with the finale and the follow-up shows. On the last show, the host...once again, asked Sara about her and Darnell. This time she said it really didn't matter because Darnell had somebody else. A little fast? Sounded to me like he got it on with a BB groupie...she found out, and that was that. They showed him with a wicked grin on his face right when she said that. hmmm...I think he enjoyed putting her in his shoes. He certainly had a thing for her. Anyway, in the end...I liked Rex. shocking I know. He was very entertaining, and seemed more human after it was all said and done. Mikey, I think he'll definately have some opportunities after the show. He lost by such a small margin. I finished BBUK8 at the same time and WOW! that was a great season. I highly recommend if you like these bb's to watch it. I hear BBUK7 is good, and I'll be starting that one soon.
  11. SerenityNow

    Jon, Kate Plus 8.

    LOL, I disagree with you in this thread to.. I'm not sure what it is you want them to do with their lives. Just sit around at home and be filmed? They deserve a life like everybody else. Just because it took several episodes to air the summer vacation doesn't mean they are always going on extravagant trips somewhere. If they never went anywhere, that would make for some boring reality tv, especially as the kids get older.
  12. SerenityNow

    Jon And Kate Plus 8 "vacation Shows"

    Well, I respectfully disagree with you on that one. I enjoy the vacation shows, and of course they're paid to go on them. They're having to live with being on camera too. That's worth something. Kudos to them for figuring out a way to earn enough money to raise all those children and have some fun in the process. Unrealistic? hmmm...I don't think they'd consider their life unrealistic. I don't either. Probably just fortunate that they've been given these opportunities. I know they've said that on more than one occasion. It's unreal to have two sets of multiples...and they've dealt with it well. Still enjoying the show...
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    LOL, ginger, and what do I get if I'm the last poster? Tom just doesn't do it for me...now Susan...that's another story. However, in this last episode Trina was getting me a little bit. Susan in that green 70's bathing suit was looking pretty good though. LOVED the last episode. I'd like to think that even though Susan showed up at Roger's hotel room, they won't actually do anything other than talk about why they shouldn't. Bruce, on the other hand, well....I think he'll finally take the plunge. I just can't see Susan doing this to Janet. love or not...you don't do that to your best friend. On the LWord, Shane did it to her best friend on the season finale, and omg! the emotion was incredible. Just horrible. Shame on you Shane... Can you say ADD? sheesh..digressing. Anyway. I think Trina is the best thing to ever happen to Janet. She sure is bringing her up to modern 1976 times. Good for her that she stood up to Roger about leaving. Shame on Roger for being such a d*ckhead about it. AND of course, he couldn't get on the plane because he couldn't do that to Janet....he couldn't leave Susan. Duh. High school girl/teacher storyline was very predictable. So....wonder what will happen while he is away for months. Does anybody else think she is ....I can't believe I'm going to say this...but...ugly? I guess the teacher was attracted to her mind first. Shallow of me, I know, but every episode I wonder what she really looks like when she's not made up to be so 70's. Other kid's storyline...wrapped up predictably too. It's nice to see the two boys and how their relationship as friends has grown a little deeper over the summer. I view them as lifelong friends. So, question...what'd you think of office man turning out to be gay? Was Janet disappointed? Didn't seem to be.
  14. SerenityNow

    Tuesday's Show 9/2

    Further on down within that article it implies that President Bush will be on before any network convention coverage begins. AND funny enough, they state the reason being...."throwing a sitting President under a bus must be done discreetly." LMAO
  15. SerenityNow

    Uk Bb

    They passed this but Nicole is no leader. Rex and Nicole were so rude during this task I really don't know how the other houseguest's put up with them. Too bad Rex can't be up for eviction this week. Time for a double I say! ugh! I'm sure Nicole will go though. If not...wow! Thriller Video LOL, Kitt, I knew I was forgetting somebody when I made that list. Rex has moved down a notch. Lisa would be somewhere in the middle.
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    How Did You Find Mortys?

    Trewa asked... Hiya Trewa! I messaged Skye when I saw your comment because I hadn't talked to her in about a year. She says she is doing fine. Same ol' ol'. Still watching tons of t.v., but she really doesn't hang out at the message boards anymore. Although, I have seen her at the tvguide ones.
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    Studio 54? For some reason, I didn't like it one bit that Roger made a move on Susan. We all had been waiting for it, but I just didn't like it at all. nope. I hope she can handle what she asked for. All that flirting. I guess that's why she didn't like the swinging with Tom and Trina. She only has eyes for Roger now. Why WHY does that bother me?? I don't like the Bruce character much anyway. Poor Janet. I hope she gets it on with the newspaper guy...not the one that kept sqeezing her butt, but the supervisor. How many more episodes? There wasn't a preview on line.
  18. SerenityNow

    Uk Bb

    Well, I don't like Stu.....kinda fond of Rachel actually. That smile! Obviously, I want her to stay. However, I think she'll be voted out of there because she's not the cute guy. Oh, I hope I'm wrong! Anyway, Rex and the token girlfriend definately need to go. They feed off of each other, and it's painful to watch. As Mikey said, "Go be a couple somewhere else now." lol Sara and Darnell....Sara is a tease! and she knows full well that Darnell is jealous of her liking Stu. Afterall, Darnell pretty much said that to her, along with a lot of the other houseguests saying it. She keeps telling Darnell that she only considers him a friend, but then still wants to hug and snuggle with him. For a guy that has no experience in the girl department, that has to be so confusing and difficult to deal with. I think Jen and Dale make a cute couple. I hope they date and have a nice time really getting to know each other. Favorites in order of most favorite to least favorite: Rachel Darnell Sara Stuart Mikey Rex Kat Nicole
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    April - Week 5

    And....she says she's offended by Dan's actions as a fellow catholic. Oh yeah, she's offended. Huh? She's ridiculous. Has been my least favorite for a couple of weeks now, and everytime she opens her mouth, she shows why.
  20. SerenityNow

    April - Week 5

    April just said she was going to wear the green leotard alongside Michelle's red leotard self. Sickening.
  21. SerenityNow

    Libra - Week 5

    I totally see Libra's point of view with the vacation. I would have taken it too...it's JUST a letter. She trusts her family is being well taken of but after the show she can spend quality time with them in a really cool place. Good for her. She wasn't even the leader of the get Jessie out train. It was Keesha mainly. Funny how they blame her for everything. She's no worse playing the game then the rest of them.
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    LOL, you guys are silly. I also heard that Grant Show shaved his mustache...of course! it could be one of those glue on types too. I REALLY hope cbs tries one more season of this show.
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    Friday, August 1st

    How funny is it that they gather to sing Happy Birthday just seconds after all this??!!?? Ridiculously hilarious.
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    I thought she looked familiar. Dana? She was a much loved character on the L Word. One more season of that show and then no more. *pout*
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    Brad and Sylvia