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  1. I think if he took James, would have still been close. Know Bridgette became a big Paul fan somewhere along the line but don't think it would have been 8-1 in favor if Paul over James. There were people on that jury that would have voted for James, and then if he was given the chance, may have managed to sway a few people his way. Guess we can find out more in the exit interviews. Will production ever release the pre live votes to see where people were at before the live vote?
  2. Yes, he played very smart, right to the bitter end. And he was shocked to have lost I think. He knew would be close, but he miscalculated on his vote because he thought for sure if he swung James like that he would win for sure. Paul played a great game, but I am very happy Nicole went home the winner.
  3. I agree with you that it was part of the plan to get James vote, and to that point it worked. Brilliant move actually.
  4. My original questioning about James deal with Bridgette wasn't to say he was only one who broke a promise, but that he actually did break one at all. And if I remember he wasn't supposed to put up Frank either. And boom, very early in the game he showed he could not be trusted. This wasn't a back room deal that only few knew about, this was out in front for all to see. That was his poor move of the game in my opinion.
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    Big Brother General Discussion

    Yes, very happy Nicole won. I have to watch the exit interviews again, but I think Paul may have list to James as well. I think Paul made the right choice to give him the best chance, but some people voted with heart and not with game in mind. Think they cancelled each other out. And I said weeks ago if Nicole was in final 2 she would get Davonne's vote. Surprise vote for me was really Bridgette. Didn't think she would vote for Paul. Once I heard the jury roundtable though I knew she was team Paul.
  6. maybe I am crazy, but does anyone remember James making a deal not to put up bridgette and then totally putting her up immediatly????
  7. I am rooting for Nicole and Paul...and Nicole for the win. wow, was responding to previous posts and didn't realize was in the Corey topic. Sorry for being so far off Topic on this. LOL
  8. James made some fatal mistakes along the way. Dealing with Natalie was the beginning of the end for him. Underestimating Nicole is a problem for him. He thinks that they are not thinking about the jury and the outcome of the votes. When he realized that Nicole was counting votes he was floored and realized he may be leaving in third place. If he dropped in round 1 of HOH because Nicole was down already was another big mistake. I know he believed that they would both take him and his strategy was letting Nicole and Paul duke it out, but that is the ultimate floater. They both see that and are ticked off by it. They are both smart enough to know they will pick the person that gives them the best chance with the jury. And James is not that person for either of them I think. And James does not deserve to be there....I have not been a fan all season, but, he really lost me when he said he will do whatever Paul wants him to do. That was not a bright move and ultimately didn't mean a thing. He should have been fighting at the physical comp and studying at the mental one. He just hung out all cool and now he is paying the price.
  9. I was born in 1966 in NYC. Not one participation trophy ever. 1,2,3 for individual events, team sports, first and second only. I understand your point though, and can't argue against it. I know these type of rants are always the best. I don't truly believe that is what caused our problems, but see it as an example based on my experience.
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    Big Brother General Discussion

    How loyal was James really? He made some moves in the game. Loyalty does not win big brother. Get over it. No one is loyal to the end because you have to get people out of the house.
  11. OMG....I have a nephew like that too...on the east coast. It's everywhere with that generation and no idea how it got that way. Terrible. I have a son and daughter and working very hard for that not to happen in my house. sometimes no matter what you do, some things just happen. But I have not given up. I think some of these parents that this happens to are the "not my kid" thing. Also, the whole everyone gets a trophy in sports is the wrong message. Winning is important, don't pretend it is not. You have to learn to work hard for things, not just have handed to you. No one let's their kids fail anymore. Too many parents make threats or favors and such so that their kid gets to be in something they probably shouldn't be. Failure is going to happen, learn to deal with it and try harder next time.
  12. Seems like everyone is having friendship and enjoying being the final five. Someone has to go home each time it happens. As far as I am concerned, everyone is a target. This whole nonsense of bigger target etc is driving me crazy. Any one of these five are a threat in some way, wether by how they will vote, who they will influence to be put up, or what ever, each can win and each is threat in some way. Back to my point, I think she used Paulie perfectly. Fed him info but kept enough distance from him not to get lumped in. His emotions got the better of him as he was to overbearing and had to go. If Nicole is in final two I think she beats anyone. But will she get there?