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  1. pinky14_81

    Pandora's Box - Diamond Power of Veto

    Thank you! I am so happy Brenden won (I am such a sucker for the underdog its disgusting) that I don't want Matt to be able to putt Brenden up! On another note, I hope they get the ice b***h (aka bitchney, aka britney) out of the house! she makes me sick! she is so two faced and I can't stand to look at her skanky face anymore! Ok, venting done, I feel better!
  2. pinky14_81

    Pandora's Box - Diamond Power of Veto

    Ok, so Brenden won HOH. As Matt has the DPOV, can he put Brenden up or is Brenden immune as he is HOH??? PLEASE SOMEONE LET ME KNOW!!!!
  3. pinky14_81

    Stupid Baby Names

    I just found this from entertainmentwise.com: Matthew McConaughey Baby Name Revealed Find out what he and girlfriend Camila Alves have named their newborn son... Wednesday 09th Jul 2008 Matthew McConaughey and his girlfriend Camila Alves have revealed the name of their newborn son
  4. pinky14_81


    Since some posters have compared her to Jannelle...if I remember correctly, many people thought that Janelle looked like bimbo, which she could act like one, but I think she proved many wrong because she was very smart in most of her actions. She pretty much carried her original season...but I digress, I am a Janelle fan. I am reserving my comments until after the first few episodes, I don't want to verbally praise/bash anyone until I see how they act. Then all bets are off and let the praising/bashing begin...
  5. pinky14_81


    uvp...forgive me if I am wrong, but why would he be teaching at a catholic school if he wasn't catholic? His bio on cbs.com says he "believes that religion is important and that it helps to establish basic values. He thinks it becomes more important as you get older." That would leave me to believe he is very into his religion, which then leads me to believe he is very catholic...but that is just me. falcon, is he catholic?
  6. pinky14_81


    Let me start by saying no hard feelings to anyone. I, personally could not have left either one of my boys when they were 3 months of age (I didn't even spend one night away from my 7 year old until he was almost 4). However, that is just me. Every person/parent is different. Some mothers do not make that bond with their children. And, maybe since Libra works and her husband stays home, maybe he is the one that has that "bond" with the babes and she hasn't. Who knows!!! I think before making judgments, we should wait until the show starts to see how she acts and carries herself. Again, no hard feelings and I am not trying to target anyone here.
  7. pinky14_81


    I like her. No, I am not a "staunch" Obama supporter, no I am not a vegan, nothing like that. I do love politics and I will be interested to see her "debate" with that rediculous Dan. I am saddened by most of you posting negative comments about her leaving her kids. Ok, so I agree, leaving 4 month old twins was probably the hardest thing she ever did. However, those children, I am sure, are well taken care of and she knows that. Also, someone said that she is going to miss all of their milestones, which is a load of crap. Yes, she will miss some milestones, but children don't experience all of their milestones between the ages of 4 to 7 months. I do know this because my son is not even a year yet. I have somewhat experienced something similar yet different. My fiance is going school 250 miles from home (he's home for the summer currently), which means he is gone for 7 months of the year. My son has not been negatively affected by it at all. Since my fiance came home in May, he is now my son's favorite person in the world. I don't think her twins are going to be negatively affected by it as long as they are well taken care of while she is gone. I think she is courageous for being able to leave her children. I think her 4 year old is going to have a harder time with Libra being gone actually. Just my opinion (man, I don't think I have made a post on here for like 2 years, feels good to be back)...
  8. All I have to say is that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. My opinion is that Kaysar and Janelle were the most intelligent players in the house, hands down. I also think Kaysar was the only one who had the courage to go against majority, Cappy and his sheep. I don't think that anyone really played the game with integrity, except for maybe Janelle, she didn't lie to anyone, she told them she didn't like them and went on with her day. I love Kaysar because he wasn't afraid to do what he had to do, no matter who it pissed off, and for that he has my respect. I think the NH were just a bunch of followers that couldn't make decisions for themselves, always went with what others wanted, especially Jennifer and the second eviction of Kaysar. I wouldn't say Kaysar was the best player, he got evicted right after he was put back in, and that was his own fault, but I still love him. As for Shock's original post, it was boring, long winded, and did not prove to me that Kaysar was exposing himself. I think that Shock was grasping at straws (like another poster said) and did not prove anything except that Kaysar is still a cool shit. Enough from me.
  9. pinky14_81


    James is not the biggest threat in this game, its actually Kaysar...bwah ahh ahh ahh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Kaysar!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :twisted:
  10. pinky14_81

    Live Feed Discussion

    That is how rachel spelled broccoli and they said she spelled it right?????
  11. Hey everyone, I just got back from a weekend getaway and I have been reading all about the fight last night and I am so disappointed in the producers allowing him to stay in the game that I am seriously considering not watching the show anymore. They kicked scott out for throwing chairs around the backyard, not specifically at someone, but they made him leave. They are letting Eric stay when he physically went to attack someone!!!!!!?????? As for Kaysar, if he did throw that bottle then he should be asked to leave too. I love Kaysar, but violence is violence and it should not be tolerated. I think the people they have in the house this year all have serious ego problems and something of this violent magnitude was bound to happen, and I think the producers knew about it and let it happen. I am not knocking everyone here, but there are several people that should not be in the house. I was all ready to root for eric because I always vote for the older hg cuz they are always eliminated quickly, but I cannot stand him! All he is doing is making the other houseguests go against Micheal because HE doesnt like Micheal! If I was Micheal and I got evicted, I would file a slander suit against Eric for all the sexual harassment accusations against him!
  12. pinky14_81

    Houseguests General Discussion

    :rofl I agree for the most part. I am not annoyed by micheal, i am like in love with him. i haven't been watching too much of the live feeds because i am not home too much, but from what i have seen of michael, i just like him more and more. He amuses me, and i think that is why i like him.
  13. pinky14_81

    Houseguests General Discussion

    point taken, but i still don't agree with you. Question though: has ivette come out to the other hg yet?
  14. pinky14_81

    Houseguests General Discussion

    Ok, from what I have seen so far on the live feeds, I cannot stand april nor ivette. neither one of them knows how to shut their mouths. For that matter, eric never shuts up either. oh yeah, what the hell does ivette know about a guy being sexy?????? Thanks for letting me vent... :wink: