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  1. 5:00 pm In PBR Bayleigh, Haleigh, Rockstar chit chatting about babies and parents. Upstairs JC, Tyler, Kaycee, and Sam talk about someone "named Judas from S17 that never showered and smelled bad." JC then tells the group about the twin twist. Tyler says he wants to watch that season. JC says he binge watched for 2 months before coming into the house. Tyler says he never even finished S19. Sam says she watched YouTube complilations.
  2. 4:38-5:00 pm Kaycee, Tyler, JC, and Haleigh playing Foosball. Downstairs in the kitchen Brett is telling a story about going to Coachella.
  3. 4:05 pm Brett joins Fessy and Kaitlyn in PBR. They are talking about slop and generally how crazy this season has been. 4:15 -4:30pm Rockstar and Sam in the HOH talking about Rockstar's actions. Rockstar continues the same speech she has given every other HG about how Brett is a bully and a misogynist. Sam explains to Rockstar why she put up the two girls. (She basically says exactly what she told Rachel).
  4. 3:00 pm Kaitlyn lays down in PBR where Bayleigh is but they aren't speaking. Fessy comes in and crawls into bed with her. No talking. 3:07 pm Rachel and Scottie are in SR talking about their mutual love for Mila Kunis. Rockstar joins and conversation about sketch comedy continues. 3:19 pm Rockstar tells Rachel and Scottie that she is going crazy, but banging pots and pans seemed to help. Rachel says she can't wait to watch this back. Rachel leaves the SR. Scottie says Haleigh had a feeling she was going home. He asks Rockstar if she thinks there is a backdoor plan. Rockstar says no and he agrees. They also agree that they do not believe Sam has a preference as to who goes. RS says Sam doesn't like how flirty both of them are. Rockstar turns the convo back to Brett. Why would Sam let a bully stay in the house. 3:37 pm In the HOH, Sam and Rachel are talking. Rachel asks her who will she put up if one of the noms wins veto? Sam answers she isn't sure but probably Rockstar. Sam also says she doesn't have a clear target between the two noms. They are interchangeable like Winston and Brett. Sam says she like Rockstar but her inability to control herself has made her an easy target. She didn't want to take the easy route though. 3:45 pm Sam eventually explains to Rachel what she meant by her speech. She is upset with the way Haleigh and Kaitlyn use their sexuality to manipulate the guys. She uses Haleigh sleeping in the bed with Scottie as one example. Scottie could develop feelings for her. She says "and Kaitlyn has a boyfriend back at home, and if I were him I would want to wring her neck." She is all over Tyler and Fessy 24/7 and she thinks she needs to just chill. Sam does not agree with using that as a strategy. She says Rachel and Angela are 10 times hotter than the two of them but they don't act that way at all. Rachel says she completely agrees with Sam. They hug and leave the HOH.
  5. 2:14 pm Feeds return Kaitlyn is talking to Bayleigh in the PBR. Kaitlyn and Haleigh are on the block. Kaitlyn is talking about Sam's nom speech. "We both have respect for ourselves, I don't know why she said either of us don't. I don't know what either of us have done to make her think we don't respect ourselves. Her opinion is hers." Bayleigh says she agrees with Sam that she wants peace in the house for a little while. Rockstar joins the ladies and says "So much for girl power I guess, Brett was smugly smirking." She says she went in for a hug and he told her he was all out of hugs. Kaitlyn wonder what she did that was the opposite of female empowerment (I guess Sam mentioned this in nom speech). Bayleigh says she will let everything boil over and hope for HOH next week. Meanwhile in the kitchen, Brett, Angela, Sam, Tyler, JC, Fessy, and Haleigh are all making snacks or lunch. No game talk in here. 2:20 pm Scottie, Angela, and Rachel in the SR. Rachel and Scottie speculate that maybe some drama occurred during a game of charades prior to nom ceremony. Angela argues that Sam has been annoyed with seeing the girls hang all over the guys and go from one to the next. "It f*cks with their heads." Angela says it is just cruel how they go from one to the next. They play them when the guys start to get feelings. In the geometry room, Kaitlyn is crying to Fessy. Fessy asks her how she is feeling. He just doesn't know what is happening in this game. Kaitlyn says she is sad. She asks if she should pick him for the veto or would that put him in a bad situation. He says he doesn't even know. She thought he would always be the one to save her but this is different. Kaitlyn says it doesn't even matter because she will win. She's not a victim. She is only crying because she feels empathetic for Fessy's situation. 2:26 pm Eventually Fessy leaves the geometry room and Tyler and Kaycee enter. Kaitlyn doesn't like what Sam said to her, especially about female empowerment. Kaitlyn says she knows she doesn't have the votes if the noms are the same. Tyler and Kaycee say "You don't know that." Kaitlyn talks about how she meditated for an hour earlier and feels maybe someone on the outside needs her help and maybe it's meant for her to leave. Kaycee tells her not to give up. Kaitlyn says she already won the veto. Kaycee gives Kaitlyn a hug and leaves. Kaitlyn asks if she picks Tyler for the veto will he save her? He answers of course and Fessy would do the same. Kaitlyn says Fessy did not say that. 2:32 pm Haleigh joins Kaitlyn and Tyler in geo room. They talk about how they are upset with Sam's speech. Kaitlyn hates that Sam said she spoke on behalf of all the men in the house. Brett joins the group. Shortly after JC and Fessy join. Rockstar enters and tells Brett hey best friend. Kaitlyn is called to DR. Brett and Tyler leave to play pool or something and Rockstar asks Brett if he wants to stay and have a secret convo. 2:41 pm Rockstar and Haleigh are still in the geometry room. Haleigh says she has been wanting to talk to her because she had heard Rockstar was telling people she flipped. RS says she would like to trust Haleigh the most, she loves her. But she did think someone told Brett to lie about her. For all she knows Haleigh met Brett in college and they are in a relationship, and Haleigh defends Brett in the DR saying no one comes after my man. Fessy enters the room and Rockstar says she only trusts Fessy and Haleigh. She just doesn't understand how they keep getting screwed over (she uses a different term). Fessy asks what Sam meant by her speech. Rockstar says that they flirt with a lot of people in the house. She points out it's not a big deal. One of you is single. You are a single 21 year old. Haleigh starts to get upset thinking about her grandma hearing that. Rockstar just keeps talking about Brett. Haleigh eventually leaves the room. Rockstar continues talking to Fessy. She tells him about her theory of Haleigh defending Brett because they are really a couple. Fessy wonders if there is a couples twist [WOW, the paranoia is real] Rockstar turns the conversation to talk about how untrustworthy Kaitlyn is. Both leave the room a few minutes later.
  6. [Taking a dinner break, be back in about an hour]
  7. 4:15 pm Haleigh joined Bayleigh and Sam in the bathroom. Haleigh begins to tell Bay her future. 4:17 pm Angela tells Winston in the kitchen that she is annoyed with her circumstances of being a HN. Rachel walks through the kitchen and Angela follows behind. They go to BBR. Rachel tells her that they are keeping Brett, but people are asking her which way they are voting. She says they need to tell them they are voting for Brett to stay but not for a while because the rest of the house won't tell them how they are voting and they don't want to look bad in the case of a split vote. Angela says she is voting for Brett to stay because she enjoys his company more than Winston.
  8. 3:22 pm BB: "To read or not to read." Haleigh asks "Where at?" BB answers: "In the Bathroom Stall." She changes and makes her way to the bathroom. 3:24 pm Scottie is called to the DR 3:26-3:40 pm Haleigh is standing in the bathroom (door closed at first) reading Hamlet in a British accent. JC, Sam, and Bayleigh are there to watch. When she finishes she says she got 25 pages done. 3:46 pm JC, Rockstar, Bay, Sam, Haleigh, and Fessy in the bathroom. More general chit-chat 3:50 pm Rachel is swimming, Angela is still lounging and so is Tyler. Bros finishing up a workout. 3:57 pm Kaycee and Brett are in the kitchen discussing the veto comp. Brett says he misunderstood some of the rules and had a hard time due to being so dizzy. Kaycee says it would have been the same for her. 4:00 pm Fessy is working out in BY next to a sun bathing Kaitlyn. Scottie is running laps. In the bathroom, Sam is still working on Bayleigh's hair while Rockstar hangs out with them.
  9. 3:15 pm All four cams on Fessy and Bayleigh in the bathroom. She tells him that Scottie is afraid Sam may use a power on the bros. Fessy said there is a possibility they struck a deal. Bayleigh doesn't think the bros have anything to offer.
  10. 3:04 pm Tyler and Haleigh in the BY. He rubs her arm. Tyler feels like Winston will be much easier to get out later. Haleigh agrees but fears one of them may still have a power that can be used at eviction.
  11. 2:00 pm Hayleigh, Sam, Scottie, Tyler, Rockstar and Kaitlyn in the kitchen. General chit-chat. No game talk. Outside, Angela is lounging and Rachel and the bros are working out. 2:15 pm Kaitlyn, Scottie, and Tyler in the lounge still chit chatting. Tyler says his neck hurts from sleeping in the saucers. Kaitlyn is talking about a heart condition she has. It could be corrected with surgery but she is scared. Tyler thanks Scottie for not putting him and Kaitlyn up. They all giggle. Scottie says he can barely look at anyone when he is addressing the house. Tyler agrees. Kaitlyn asks what she looks like. Tyler says she is usually crying. 2:23-2:43 pm Fessy and Scottie in the SR. Fessy asks what Brett's speech was about. Scottie had a rebuttal to Brett's speech He said "I gave you guys a chance to fight in the veto, you failed. You guys have been sneaking around here trying to make deals. You go knocking on the devil's door you have to answer to me." Fessy said it was smooth. They start to speculate the possibility of Brett has a power. They discuss Sam's power and that it is scary it could be automatic next week so it could be used this week. Fessy asks if he knows where the votes are. Scottie says it is up to the house, but Brett may be the better one to get rid of. Scottie says "the girls" want to get rid of him. Fessy says it changes every day. Fessy says after what Brett did to Kaitlyn, she should follow him around and talk to people he talks to to ensure he goes. They continue to discuss Sam's power and agree they need to make sure she doesn't use it this week. They both leave the SR while Scottie sings a song about having to use the bathroom. 2:48-2:55 pm Scottie and Bayleigh in the HOH, Scottie begins to discuss Sam's power. He tells her about Sam using the HOH to have a one on one with Sam yesterday. Scottie is nervous Sam and Brett made a deal. Bayleigh says from what she knows the power expires this week. Bayleigh tells Scottie she found out about the power from Kaitlyn. Bayleigh believes (due to Kaitlyn telling her) that the people who vote against the person with the power would be the only ones eligible to go in that person's place. She also points out that Tyler knew about this power. Scottie interrupts and says that Tyler acted surprised when Scottie talked to him about Sam's power. Bayleigh says Tyler knew about it the whole time. Scottie expresses his concern that Sam could use the power. Bayleigh doesn't think she will use it on Brett, she doesn't like him. They agree that hopefully they can just let the power die this week. Scottie tells her that it is up to the house as far as which vote will go home. Bayleigh believes everyone wants Brett out. Winston isn't a threat to anyone but himself. Scottie agrees and Bayleigh leaves.
  12. 7:00 pm In the HoH, RS, Tyler, Fessy and Scottie are trying to go through who potentially has the power apps and what those powers could be. Scottie tells the group that Winston told him that he will win veto and HoH and take out Scottie all while spreading the rumor that Scottie voted for him on Thursday. Tyler says that will be two straight weeks on the block for Winston, he is pissed. Scottie says Victoria from BB16 spent almost the whole season on the block. Rockstar says Rachel Reilly was on the block over and over in BB12. She imitates Rachel saying no one comes between me and my man. Tyler coyly asks so there are two Rachels from Vegas? Wow! Cam cuts back to the majority of HG preparing dinner in the kitchen.
  13. 6:40 Scottie and Fessy in the HoH. Scottie tells Fessy about Winston's threat and also says that WInston plans to spread the "rumor" that Scottie voted Swaggy out. Fessy asks if most vetos are physical and if so they got it. Worst case the other bro will come after Scottie next week but they still have the numbers. Scottie says we are off the deep end now. Fessy says you made the move, now rock with it.
  14. 6:27 pm In HNR Brett and WInston tell each other they need to win veto and then they have the votes to stay. Winston says he is trying to calm down because right now he just wants to take Scottie by the throat. They will come for him next week. 6:30 pm In HOH, Scottie tells WInston the same thing he told Brett. Winston calls out Scottie saying he knows Scottie voted to keep him on Thursday, then he just threatens Scottie and tells him he wrote his own eviction next week and leaves the room. Winston shortly after pulls Brett into the HNR and relays the conversation with Scottie. Brett stays very calm and just nods and agrees with Winston. Winston called to DR.
  15. 6:23 pm Scottie to Brett in HoH. Tells him he is giving them a chance to fight but he knows they would be voting together. Brett says he didn't see it coming. He thinks there are others that are abusing their personal relationships with Scottie that he could have gone after instead. He says Scottie clearly drew his line. In the SR Winston is expressing his frustration to Kait and Tyler. Tyler tells Winston to be careful. Brett enters and they wish each other good luck in the veto before leaving to go talk in private.