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  1. samwill226

    Big Brother General Discussion

    I think Jillian is a bit of wasted player, but its still early. She just seems so "Meg" to me. Just nothing there. On the other end Christmas with a serious injury is either going to get sympathy or be a victim of her situation. Both seem to be unfair either way. If I had my choice, right now I'd rather Jillian go because I just don't ever see her providing anything in the game. Christmas is still pretty fiesty and could still cause some drama. Eventually her foot gets better as well. She's campainging hard, but is it TOO hard and honestly Paul is only making it worse. Paul at the beginning of the season was super annoying last year. He was kind of an a-hole really. But then he settled down. Hopefully he will do the same this season and calm down. Christmas and Paul together...I think I'd try to find a safe place to hide because both of them are beating dead horses. I also agree that an outsider winning HOH would be great. This house needs to divide heavily to give a good season. I honestly HATE to say it, but I almost think Josh would be an epic choice just because I think it would be drama filled. He wants the power but I seriously doubt he can handle it without some kind of dramatic issue arising for him.
  2. What a drama fileld week! WE have A LOT to talk about! Tonight 11 PM EST! http://www.blogtalkradio.com/bigbrotheraftershow/2017/07/07/week-2-big-brother-19
  3. The problem is....look at week 1. We have a person who has three weeks safety, one has been evicted, another has left, and then the HOH has put up a total of FIVE people (original 2, Alex, Paul, Christmas) so far in one reign. This is EXACTLY why the eviction should have been cancelled. Production wants blood sometimes and they go against what makes sense here. To make matters even worse IF Christmas has a broken foot Wednesday and goes home, Cody will be putting his SIXTH player up in week 1. This whole thing was just bad bad bad. And as much as I dislike Cody so far, this is a VERY unfair situation to put the first true HOH in. He's basically marked from here on. Cody needs to find a personality and make sure he explains to everyone the situation he was put in and that its not personal. Sadly he doesn't have the social game that is needed to do so. In all honesty Jillian is in an even WORSE situation as the only constant nominee. I fully expect her to be done.
  4. Thank you for coming on Fuskie as always it was a blast! Loves the cast break down and I think it was very accurate! Megan self evicting is absoltuely horrible, the fact that Alex goes up in her place is worse. I do not understand the need for an eviction Thursday. If someone on the block self evicts BB should count that as an eviction and allow Jillian and Alex to continue on. This is absolutely ridiculous. Not on the block? Fine carry on with the eviction, but if on the block...scrap it.
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    The BB After Show Podcast

    Tonight's premier show! http://www.blogtalkradio.com/bigbrotheraftershow/2016/06/24/big-brother-18-premiere-show
  6. samwill226

    The BB After Show Podcast

    That's fair, but I feel he has an ability to play hard in comps and stay alive. My issue with him was that he'd strike back then take it too easy. I felt he didn't think ahead I'm the game. I'm hoping he learned a lesson and will pursue a game that's more strategic. Eudys mindset is similar, he was always trying to survive. But he seems to be laying back this time. I'd like to see them team up and do something. If anything James is going to entertain. I like some things already about the season, let's hope we end up with a thrilling ride. Thanks for listening Morty!
  7. samwill226

    The BB After Show Podcast

    Hey guys I'm the host of the Big Brother After Show. Tomorrow night at 11 PM EST we will go live to chat with fans about Big Brother, you can listen in while online chatting with others, or you can be a part of the show with our free live call in line 713-955-0749. We've done this for four years and we have a blast. Check out our twitter https://twitter.com/BBAfterShow. Can't wait to chat and talk with some of you on the show and here after the show! Sam