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    BB13 Rumors and Facts

    Where did you get that her/jordan are out early? Just because Dick isn't in love with Jordan doesn't mean she would be one of his early targets, especially if the newbies target the returning contestants. Could just mean he doesn't want to take her near the end of the game, because she already won.
  2. sunflower05

    Rainbow Reuion 2011

    It could just be they didn't get enough past contestants willing to do it this year. If CBS plans to do another allstar season in the future, this season is right around when they would have one (based on the past number of seasons not that CBS or the producers of the show actually follow that number exactly). I don't post on this board most. This is just speculation on my part (not based on any news or rumors/don't want to start any). Even though there will be some casting calls held in the future, its possible this season could be an allstar type of season (Similar to Hero VS Villians with Survivor). The Amazing Race is having an allstar type of season and Survivor has brought back Rob/Russell. Right around the time the last allstar season was held was also when the Amazing Race had an allstar season. It has been the same amount of seasons sense the last one. It's possible that CBS/producers are thinking of doing an allstar season this year. Again, that is just based on speculation on my part.
  3. sunflower05


    She claimed in the hoh room last night she was still going to be loyal to J/J. Unless that was her plan to stay loyal but make sure they weren't as pure they once looked. I am hoping her claiming that Jeff would put her up with the Coup is just a cover in case Natalie wins the next hoh. Surely she would see that a female power alliance wouldn't want to keep Jessie of all people safe.
  4. sunflower05

    The Sheep v "We Suck" Alliance

    I hope everyone remembers this. People are afraid the jocks will dominate and it is only week 2. Most first week alliances don't last. Remember the Mrs. Robinson alliance? Last year they had an alliance to take out Brian's alliance and then it was to take out Angie/Memphis/Jessie/Michelle neither of those lasted. Libra/Keesha/April didn't last as an alliance.
  5. sunflower05

    Rainbow Reality Reunion

    I don't hate cowboy I would rather just not see him on the show. With fans of the show cast this year that have watched the show for several seasons they should somewhat remember who cowboy was. I am afraid if cowboy makes it on the show this year that he will get dragged to the end like Jerry was last year.
  6. sunflower05

    Big Brother 11 - released info

    Some people during BB have people update their myspace/facebook. So unfortunately that doesn't rule anything out either way.
  7. sunflower05

    Big Brother 11 - released info

    Some of the rumors on that are suggesting Cowboy.
  8. sunflower05

    Mystery Houseguest

    Sheila's not going to be on. According to Joker's she is going to do their internet radio show during the season.
  9. sunflower05


    I don't see her being first to leave. Ronnie seems to have it in for the jock types. That might or might not be a good thing. Depending on how these people act on the live feeds. Lydia seems to want an all girl alliance. It seems that Braden/Russell might have some big targets on their backs. Plus its possible that Jordan could get lucky and kept around for a vote especially depending on which clique she joins.
  10. sunflower05

    Diane bb 11 cast interviews

    Jordan said in her interview that she would nominate who the house wanted. Meaning she very likely could end up being a figured head HoH. If Jordan wants to do what the house wants then I hope she doesn't win hoh. I think there was enough of that last year going on. Of course I might change my mind once the live feeds come on.
  11. sunflower05

    Pre-Season BB11 rumors

    It's not going to last the whole season so I won't pre-judge the twist. I thought BB6 had one of the worst twists and it ended up one of the best seasons. So while the twist might flop it could still end up a really good season.
  12. sunflower05

    Pre-Season BB11 rumors

    I am not a fan of them bringing Sheila back. Either she will get evicted in the first couple of weeks or get dragged along to the end. Remember Adam/Ryan kept her for the final 3 over Sharon because they thought she would be easier to beat in the final comps.
  13. sunflower05

    Do's and Dont's of Big Brother

    Sometimes as HOH you need to learn to pick your battles. If someone is ticking off your whole alliance quit trying to save them. April lost when she didn't agree to boot Jessie. Don't nominate people just because the whole house tells you too. Jessie would have been better off in week 2 nominating who he wanted. Don't vote out somebody because the HoH tells you to. I hope there is less herd mentality when it comes to voting this year.
  14. sunflower05

    Do's and Dont's of Big Brother

    I think they mean more along the lines of thinking they are the good people because they are religious.
  15. sunflower05

    Housecalls Cancelled BB 11

    It also didn't help they never discussed what happened on the live feeds. They stopped doing that a couple of seasons ago and only talked about what happened on the weekly show.