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    Dark Shadows

    I loved Dark Shadows, especially the first two times they went into the past. Alexandra Moltke was no Meryl Streep, but she was perfectly cast as the bewildered ingenue. The show lost its heart when she left. The other great cast member was Lara Parker, as the vicious and beautiful Angelique!
  2. scrapple

    Why was Wayne Rogers Replaced on M*A*S*H

    Mike Farrell had to be the worst replacement in sitcom history. I don't think I ever genuinely laughed at anything he ever said on the show.
  3. I loved this show in its early years. The casting was perfect! I didn't like the recasts at all. Losing Mr. Grainger and Mr. Lucas really hurt the show. Mr. Humphries was great as part of an ensemble, but not as the leading character.
  4. scrapple

    Best Comedy of All Time...

    Best Comedy Ever: I Love Lucy Nothing else even comes close. (Still, I disliked her follow-up series, The Lucy Show and absolutely hated Here's Lucy, with her no-talent kids) Runners-up: Frasier, Andy Griffith, Everybody Loves Raymond, Are You Being Served, Leave It To Beaver, Mr. Bean