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  1. Well it’s a good thing I haven’t been that into the season of BB, because now I can’t see it. I live in Los Angeles and have ATT Uverse cable. Starting early this morning CBS is on a blackout. Anyone else effected?
  2. I’m always shocked every year when people are this nasty. It’s like, you do realize you’re on TV right?
  3. Yes, Paul losing was a good reminder that the truth about people usually does manifest in the end. Even though some horrible people have played the game, they never win. That’s something I guess.
  4. It’s really bad this season. In the past it seemed like BB didn’t condone racist sexist behavior. But now, clearly all bets are off and they’re just going for it. It makes me wonder how much our current political climate has to do with how much certain types of “talk” are now acceptable. The whole thing bums me out. A show I used to watch for a little mental break from the grinds and unsavory parts of the world, now just reminds me of them.
  5. Ewwwww, gross. Doesn’t she realize she’ll never get votes in the end with that behavior? I wonder what the statistics are on that. If someone that’s slept someone in the house has ever won the game?
  6. He seems like a nice person, but he needs to tone it down. Stop talking so much and listen more. One thing about people who end up winning the game is they choose their words carefully, they know their audience and they listen more than they talk. What was the name of the cop that won a few years ago? Derrick maybe? Anyway, he was always listening to everyone. That did two powerful things. First, it made everyone feel understood and valued by him. Second, it gave him cover because people didn’t know what he was thinking. Stop talking so much Cliff.
  7. Wait does “give it up” mean she’s already slept with someone? I’m not totally up to date on all of the happenings...
  8. Kelly’s attitude bugs. She acts like the game owes her something and it’s not her fault that she didn’t win previous seasons. She needs to go.
  9. I agree, Tom was fun to watch and really engaged in playing the game. As annoying as Tamar could be, I’m glad she won. She won some comps and her social game was way better than Ricky’s. Be well and catch you for regular BB in a few months!
  10. I think you’re right that Tom will win AF. He certainly made watching the episodes more interesting and the bulk of the show would have been way more boring without him.
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