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  1. Tamar Braxton is famous for signing with her sisters, the most famous of which is Toni Braxton who has had a pretty sucessful solo career. The sisters ( I think there are four or five of them. Kandi has had a pretty big singing career with her own hits as well as writing many hit songs for other singers over the years. In the last decade though, she is probably best known for being on the show “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” It’s a reality show that is pretty popular...
  2. I don’t really want to see anyone with their shirt off. But given the current political climate and the downward spiral of the administration, I’ll be curious to see if the “Mooch” comes out with any interesting tidbits that went on in the White House. I also think Kandi could go far in the game. She has a likeable quality about her that could get her in with the guys and the women...
  3. Keepittogether

    Natalie Cole

    Glad she’s gone. Natalie was waaay too bossy and demanding of everyone.
  4. Keepittogether

    Kaycee Clark

    I disagree, even though I don’t think Fess is that bright. There are in my humble opinion equal arguments that could be made for why Kaycee or Tyler played the better game. Also, Kaycee mentioned in her speach about how she made a point to be nice to people on the other side of the house. Jury votes are all that matter in the end. And even if someone votes out of spite, it’s still a valid vote. As I’ve said before, the timing of when Kaycee started winning competitions was perfect. She waited until Tyler and Angela had already done most of the dirty work.
  5. Keepittogether

    General Discussion

    Yay Kaycee! She played a clean game and I’m glad she won. See you guys next year.
  6. Keepittogether

    JC Monduix

    Exactly. I said the other day that if Tyler gets the final HOH the smart move it to take Kaycee. It doesn't make any sense for Tyler to tell JC anything. If he tells him now he is technically #3 that would only serve to have JC bitching and complaining for a whole day. I also don't think he wants to say out loud (also in front of Kaycee), what position JC is in. it serves his game better to say nothing until the end. Also, if Kaycee wins the final HOH he hasn't lost anything by staying silent...
  7. Keepittogether

    JC Monduix

    Well, since Tyler has a final two deal with JC as well as Kaycee, he could easily use that as his excuse of why he takes JC to the end (if he wins part three). It's an excuse Kaycee really couldn't get mad at. If it happens though, I really think Kaycee will be blindsided by it. She of course has no clue that Tyler has had a final two deal with JC all this time. Ironic. It will be the same exact excuse she gave Angela, when she sent her packing. If it happens, I'm sure Tyler will throw in the old favorite - "i had to do what was better for my game." Kaycee should have voted out Tyler when she had the chance. If she doesn't win part three, I think she's done. Tyler's not stupid. And as much as I love Kaycee, if Tyler chooses to take JC, he deserves to win. It's the smart move.
  8. Keepittogether

    General Discussion

    If Kaycee wins I think she’ll take Tyler. She has proven to be loyal, when she didn’t evict Tyler. It would have been much easier for her to beat Angela in the end. Tyler has proven to be crafty though and I think he’ll take JC if he wants to win the money. Tyler knows what a comp beast Kaycee has become. Also, no one on the jury really dislikes her. I hope she is smart enough to take JC, just to ensure the win. JC doesn’t have a chance of winning against either of them, even if they take him. Besides not winning many competitions, his behind the scenes game wasn’t that strong. L6 really made the collective decisions of who went home when. JC comes in 3rd, no matter what.
  9. Keepittogether

    JC Monduix

    He’s a constant complainer. I will say though that the last POV competition did seem unfair to him. The one where they had to use pulleys to get balls into the thumbs up holes. He was at definite disadvantage on that one. He could barely manage the apparatus and couldn’t keep up with his competitors. I’m not a big JC fan, but I actually felt bad for him, watching him struggle in that competition.
  10. Keepittogether

    JC Monduix

    I’m glad JC shook up the game, because it needed it. However, I don’t by any stretch want him to win. As I’ve said before all he did was whine and do inappropriate things. He was at times entertaining, but that’s not enough to win $500k. I hope Kaycee wins it all. I could also live with Tyler as he has consistently won comps, manipulated, lied and masterminded a lot of moves. I just personally like Kaycee more. JC doesn’t deserve to win. And some of the things he has said and done are just down right creepy.
  11. Keepittogether

    Tyler Crispen

    Kaycee has a final two deal with Tyler. In my estimation she will honor it, given how she has played the game so far. I think she will win against and of the three of them. Even Tyler, because she didn't screw as many people over as he did.
  12. Keepittogether

    JC Monduix

    Yes! Finally some excitement! Not a huge fan of JC, but I think if he could pull off a win or even final two that would be epic. If he was smart he would get rid of Tyler and let the chips fall where they may. He can't beat Tyler or Kaycee, but he has a legit chance against Angela. Even though he can't stand Angela, he was PISSED at what Tyler did last week in leaving him out of what what going on with the vote. So, I think (and hope) that he might vote out Tyler!!!!!
  13. Keepittogether

    General Discussion

    My guess is that Julie will continue to host through the end of the season, since there are only a few more live episodes. CBS last renewed BB for seasons 19 and 20. We're now at the end of season 20. So, CBS will either try to renew BB for another season or two, (probably with another host) or just let it go to another network. I can see them wanting to keep it though, since it gets good ratings in that key younger viewer demographic. I don't see Julie wanting to continue hosting the show, if it stays on CBS, after they ousted her husband. But, I could see her possibly staying with the show if it goes to another network. BB is kind of her baby. She's been hosting even way before "The Talk."
  14. Keepittogether

    Sam Bledsoe

    Yeah, what's up with the eating under the stairs thing? Has she ever said why she does it? So odd...
  15. Keepittogether

    Kaycee Clark

    Bless her heart. She's too loyal. If either Tyler or Angela win final two I think they are taking each other. I hope not, but after seeing the I love you's on last nights show it seems like they will be taking each other.