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  1. Kelly’s attitude bugs. She acts like the game owes her something and it’s not her fault that she didn’t win previous seasons. She needs to go.
  2. I agree, Tom was fun to watch and really engaged in playing the game. As annoying as Tamar could be, I’m glad she won. She won some comps and her social game was way better than Ricky’s. Be well and catch you for regular BB in a few months!
  3. I think you’re right that Tom will win AF. He certainly made watching the episodes more interesting and the bulk of the show would have been way more boring without him.
  4. I’m kind of liking the Tom/Kandi/Dina alliance. Look and Natalie are annoying and think they are running things. I’ll be happy to see either Ricky or Natalie go.
  5. I’m impressed with how long she lasted in the HOH competition. But now that Jonathan is out, there’s not really anyone to protect her. Like Ricky though, she needs to make an alliance with someone or she’ll be a person that always gets put up repeatedly...
  6. Kandi doesn’t really add much to the game. But at least she isn’t loud and abrasive like Tamar.
  7. I like Ricky. He is also really quiet and kind of lays back and observes people. He needs to formally align with someone though. Maybe Tom and Kato? Or even Joey? Otherwise he’ll be picked off as a floater...
  8. He seems like a nice guy, but listening to him read aloud is painful.
  9. Wow. This guy is so vain it’s alarming. Was just watching BBAD and he has some slight red marks on his face, left from the goggles they all wore in the HOH competition. He keeps staring at himself in the mirror and taking to himself. Crazy!
  10. I’m glad he won HOH. It’s nice to see one of the older players win. It will be interesting to see what he does with it.
  11. She is slightly entertaining, but WAY too loud and obnoxious. If she doesn’t tone it down, she’ll be going soon. It’s obvious some of the guys are already annoyed by her!
  12. Tamar Braxton is famous for signing with her sisters, the most famous of which is Toni Braxton who has had a pretty sucessful solo career. The sisters ( I think there are four or five of them. Kandi has had a pretty big singing career with her own hits as well as writing many hit songs for other singers over the years. In the last decade though, she is probably best known for being on the show “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” It’s a reality show that is pretty popular...
  13. I don’t really want to see anyone with their shirt off. But given the current political climate and the downward spiral of the administration, I’ll be curious to see if the “Mooch” comes out with any interesting tidbits that went on in the White House. I also think Kandi could go far in the game. She has a likeable quality about her that could get her in with the guys and the women...
  14. Glad she’s gone. Natalie was waaay too bossy and demanding of everyone.
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