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  1. Here we go again. More re-treads. Only this time, they are 15 years older.
  2. snarkie

    Pick your BB17 winner!

    Who will win? US. This season will be over and perhaps the next will be better. But, I will take Steve.
  3. snarkie

    America's Favorite Player?

    Sticking to my fav Meg. I know that she will not get it, but she is my fav. Jmac or Steve are also good for me because they represent the nerd votes. James lost it for me because he was so stubbornly stupid. He led his little band to avenge Jason instead of being smart and go after the better targets when presented. I believe that he led them to the slaughter. He could have teamed with Becky to get V out early, but no. He stuck with his ill-conceived plan for vengeance.
  4. I have pretty much the same thought on comp wins. My thought is that to base a vote solely on comp wins is a lame metric that is used by the intellectually lazy. If Derek had taken Victoria to the final two last season, I would have voted for her. Sure she could no right as far as comps were concerned, but she did her job as pawn the entire season. So we would have had the sly and conniving vs the obedient and dutiful. Both would be at final two, so why would only comp wins be the primary criteria. Many say that they would never vote for Meg. I would. She was a nice person to have in the house. I would have given my vote to her had she not been culled like the weakling runt of the herd. Steve played his part as the meek red-headed stepchild or the hired mule (you pick). He took the abuse and condescension from them all. They called him "boy" and berated him for wanting to cook a damned pork chop. He did his duty as a loyal alliance member and suffered the abuse without complaint until the end when the time was right to revolt. Then he lead the blood shed to final three. JMac was this season's court jester, or at least that is how he presented himself. Again, the arrogant narcissists discounted him and used him until very late into the season (final five?). Disarming goof ball? Yes, but he was still kicking. The slick and the vicious make for great TV, but why do they always have to be the only ones rewarded. Many times, they are just not nice or likable.
  5. Oh hell no, they did it again. They brought back that horse faced donkey braying Rachel and the idiot that married her. Too bad for the world that the petition to have that pair spayed and neutered failed. Now they are reproducing and CBS has to wheel them out to make a public announcement. GET THEM OFF MY TV.
  6. Just shows that Satan, erm Judas, is a punk. He was so happy ripping the guts out of most of the other house guests but cannot handle the reality where he gets pwned. It took long enough to get him out. Have fun in your fake wrestling BS, dude.
  7. I hear that part 2 of the finals will be a sorority slut challenge involving squeals and some form of liquor bottle. Useless idiot #1 is primed to win this one.
  8. The V approach to a social game is to get someone cornered and then get her greasey nose about 2 inches from them. Then the interregation begins: "don't f..... lie to me. I will know if you lie." "Tell me the truth ..." She has spent too much time in the back rooms of Vegas card joints. Unfortunately for her, all the jury members are sequestered in a house far, far away. No nose time for V. Poor baby.
  9. I have been looking for Spooks: The Greater Good (2015) since it was released. Does anyone have a working link to it? Thanks
  10. He is just a NERD. Most people only think of tech weenies as the classic nerds, but they come from all areas interest. I spent a year in the company of a group of doctors and nurses. There are as many social screw balls in medicine as there are in tech. I know nerds, cuz I are one. lol (Geeks bite heads off live chickens, nerds divert their cluminess into being really, really good at something.)
  11. Wrestling can have him. He gives me the creeps, as does any form of fighting. Just want him off my TV.
  12. Gotta love this. Useless idiot #2 just got pwnd. Dumber just sealed the fate of Dumb. Couldn't have happened to any bigger cows in this house. Also, agreed, they are like a pair of cows chewing cud at every meal.
  13. snarkie

    Steve Moses (Week 11) - HoH

    Revenge of the Nerd Boy. WOOT. The useless idiot twins have treated S with contempt all season and he took it without complaint. Their arrogance is now being repaid with a class move.
  14. You guys are so hard on Meg. I liked her in spite of the inability to perform and lack of BB game play. I just liked her. MM, RIP