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  1. #RODEOHOUSTON https://t.co/xNdeaBEpB1

  2. @black_kat1986 lol https://t.co/G5ostEnMAv

  3. RT @Biigbro19: The only thing making me smile right now #bb19 https://t.co/QQpCytBxRQ

  4. RT @CBSBigBrother: Here’s a glimpse at the inspiration for tonight’s HOH competition.

  5. RT @MissCleoBB: Christmas after she has foot surgery on Monday #BB19 https://t.co/CsIOiUuaa2

  6. RT @FemalePains: The older I get the more I don't wanna be around people

  7. @BigBrotherLeak @racsoo

  8. @MumfordAndSons in June..@ChrisStapleton in October?

  9. #RODEOHOUSTON 1st time at @RODEOHOUSTON & seeing @LukeBryanOnline in concert! Best day ever!! #shakeitforme

  10. RT @BuzzFeed: https://t.co/oJZbE3YHyh

  11. Shame. Shame. Shame. https://t.co/b92E86WX8d

  12. RT @JasonWitten: We will be back -- to finish this fight https://t.co/7GPLHXPBeQ

  13. RT @BuzzFeed: This woman flipped off Trump during his first speech as President https://t.co/OQoHKFJLZi https://t.co/RvFuJYcxdv

  14. @dallascowboys game day w/@racsoo !! #CowboysNation https://t.co/mPmCN7OCld

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