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  1. Dells1988

    Young and the Restless

    Young and Restless already played here on our local PBS a couple weeks back. I DVRd it but havent watched it yet. Looking forward to it, but right now its in a new DVR stack. I might need to bump this up. Sometimes the DVD versions are a bit longer than the broadcast version. Not sure if thats the case here. I didnt realize Ming Na-Wen was in this either.
  2. Dells1988

    Aussie BB

    if your looking for the Aussie video i put up, its been moved to the video section johng
  3. Dells1988

    a tv show

    Great news, Hopefully I can catch the show. I was also kinda hoping they would play with the Queens at the Nokia theater. But thats probably just wishful thinking