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  1. Monday is March 25th.... 2:20 AM BBT Kiera and Estefania are whispering in bed and talking about having the strongest showmance. Kiera doesn't like the word "Showmance" though, and says she wants a better word....She suggests "soulmance" and Estefania gasps and gushes about how from now on every season people will find their soulmance. They talk about telling the camera about this tomorrow. "Call us into the 'DR's office' and we will tell you about our soulmance. That is all."
  2. 8:21 PM BBT Cori joins Kailyn and Eddie in the Have-not room. They talk about whether or not Cori will get to vote. 8:32 PM BBT Feeds are down
  3. 7:40 PM BBT Maki, Kailyn, Cori and Damien are stacking boxes in the file room, which is now tidy. 7:41 PM BBT Maki has kept aside a bunch of items and is laying them out on the table as Kailyn, Cori and Damien watch. They seem to be staging the room to try and mislead others into thinking the selected documents are significant. Kailyn leaves to go bring others to the file room. 7:42 PM BBT In the HOH room, Stef and Kiera are whispering about who they can trust. Stef doesn't think Kailyn has the power to get the boys to turn against her. She feels like she can trust the boys. She says that if the veto doesn't get used, Kyra is going to blow up Kailyn's game. Stef thinks that if Sam or Adam win next week, they know what Kailyn is doing and will get Kailyn out for her. Kiera speculates that Cori will get put up as a safe choice. Kiera says it's no secret that she is going after Adam and Adam is coming after her. Kiera thinks Kailyn is dangerous because she might notice the rivalry and play them off each other. 7:52 PM BBT Damien has joined the whispered speculations with Kiera and Stef in the HOH room. Stef leaves to make tea.
  4. 6:40 PM BBT Most of the HGs are playing a game in the living room where half of those playing are at the front and the other half are on the couches. Those on the couches hide their eyes and put their hand out with the thumb up. Those standing come around and touch one person's thumb. Once their thumb is touched, those on the couch put their thumb down and once all thumbs are down, the guessing game begins. Those on the couch guess who touched their thumb and if they are right, they change places. 6:48 PM BBT Some of the HGs have drifted away, and they wonder when the POV is going to be. The game breaks up. 6:52 PM BBT Maki announces that he is going to go read something in the "library" and he heads to the file room, which is littered with papers and storage boxes. He starts looking through and is soon joined by Kailyn and Eddie. Kailyn is shocked at the mess. Eddie suggests a challenge and Maki says "a paper airplane challenge." Eddie says that's boring. Kailyn begins reading a chain letter. 6:57 PM BBT Maki decides to clean up the file room because there's nothing else to do. 7:30 PM BBT HGs are hanging out in various parts of the house just waiting. Mark, Chelsea, Sam and Adam are in the Living room. Hank, Stef, Kiera and Anthony are hanging out in the HOH Room.
  5. 1:20 AM BBT Maddy and Johnny in the storage room eating cookies and talking. Not happy about the POV result. Maddy asks Johnny who he will put up as replacement nom. He initially says he doesn't know, but then throws Ali's name out and tells Maddy not to say to anyone. In return Maddy tells him not to let on to anyone that he told her early. Johnny says he won't do that at any point.
  6. 1:11 AM BBT Feeds return... on Feed 3, Derek shouting to parents and everyone back at Bowmont, and saying how "that win was huge." He must have won the POV. He goes on to talk about how amazing this game is and all the emotions. Day 50 and it's a complete blur of amazing people and memories. We will see it when we see the POV comp. All the staff, all the hard work. He's here to fight and to get to final 2. No one is taking this game away from him.
  7. FLASHBACK: 5:39 AM BBT In the blue bedroom, Kevin gets undressed and gets into bed. He puts his mic on and starts talking. He says he feels so bad for them, but he's in the final 3! (Kevin must have won the PoV!) He keeps talking to himself saying that he will have the sole vote to evict between Ika and Karen. He says he has to pick Ika...she's smarter, better in every way, played a better game, better competition threat. He has to go final 3 with Demetres and Karen. One last final battle to see if he can get there. He's going to sleep and will start studying again in the morning. He needed to win, or he was going home. He takes off his mic and goes to sleep 5:47 AM BBT Demetres and Ika are in the WA. Demetres has been waiting for Ika to finish showering. They head to the HOHR. They talk while Ika moisturizes. Demetres is looking sad and Ika says can you please not look like that. Demetres says "it's brutal." Ika tells Demetres that she's glad that he won the HOH comp and didn't throw it to her. He would never forgive himself. Demetres says he thinks that Ika has more invested in this than he does, and Ika disagrees. He has his family too. Demetres says he doesn't want to talk about it. Ika tells him he can't think in terms of who has more invested. He deserves to win this game and he can't beat himself up over this. Ika continues her pep talk after a pause, saying that no one fought harder for her in this game than Demetres did, and no one would have. He gave a hundred percent. 5:54 AM BBT Demetres and Ika snuggle. Demetres says he still feels like this is not how it was supposed to go. Ika points out that he said he only saw one of them in final 2. Ika continues reassuring him that he did everything he could and he can't beat himself up. BB says "Goodnight houseguests. Sleep well." Demetres says he's not giving them a reaction. They can fn take this show and... Ika tells Demetres to stop, and we get "Time out!" When feeds come back, Demetres tells Ika that he doesn't want to spend one fn day in this house without her, let alone however many are left. Ika tells him he'll be ok. He has Karen, and he has 2 HOHs to think about and the final 2 questions. He has to get all the questions right or it's all for nothing. She starts coaching him. Demetres says he doesn't want to talk about it now. Tomorrow. Lights go out.
  8. 2:10 PM BBT Dillon, Ika, and Karen are in the pink bedroom rehashing the past and complaining about players that have left the game. 2:38 PM BBT Dillon has left the room, but Ika and Karen are still gossiping and complaining about how things have played out this season.
  9. 1:51 PM BBT Kevin is alone in the HOH room, still studying and reviewing. He remarks that he feels so much more prepared than these people. He sits up suddenly and reviews his game saying he won immunity in final 5 by winning HOH , so he's going to final 4 for sure, but he can't play in final 4 HOH. The only way he'll make it past final 4 is to win the final 4 PoV, so he needs to ensure that he is competing in the final 4 PoV against the weakest competitors. He needs to win this (final 5) PoV and secure that Demetres goes home. Then he will be competing against Ika, Karen, and Dillon in the final 4 and he can beat them, especially since the final 4 PoV usually has to do with days and organization. He reviews the final 4 PoV competitions,,, he notes which comps he prefers. His goal right now is to win the PoV. He says he will probably take Ika off the block and put up Dillon so that it will be a 1-1 tie....Karen will never vote against Dillon, and Ika will never vote against Demetres...he can be the deciding vote and send Demetres home. He reasons that if Ika and Demetres stay on the block together, there is a small chance that Ika could self-evict and sacrifice herself for Demetres' game and he can't have Demetres in the final 4. He laughs at the thought that Ika might refuse him using the PoV on her. Then for final four, if he wins the veto, he has the sole vote to evict. He would evict Dillon, keeping Ika and Karen for his ideal final 3 ...the two weakest competitors...giving himself the best chance to take himself to the end with Karen and win. His life is not on the line with this final 5 veto, but his road to the end gets a lot easier if he wins it. He goes back to reviewing days.
  10. 12:51 PM BBT Bruno joins Emily and Neda on the HOHR couches. Jackie tells Bruno she thought she could trust Cass but now realizes she can't, so she wants to be open with him. Jackie tells them about Cass trying to get her to lie about Bruno, but Jackie refused. Also that Cass told her that Bruno is more of a back-door person. Jackie wants everyone to come directly to her if they hear something about her. Jackie is offended that Cass asked her to lie. She prefers to be open. Neda repeats her story about Cass saying she can control Jackie, and that everyone wants Cass out so she is just doing what the house wants. She feels like it will be a clean slate and get rid of the "weird sense of doubt we have with each other."
  11. 12:45 PM BBT Emily leaves the HOHR. Neda sitting with Jackie on the HOHR couch and repeating what she said to Emily.
  12. 12:37 PM BBT Neda throwing Cass under the bus to Emily. Tells her that Cassandra claims to control Jackie, proposes final three with Neda, Ika and herself. Neda tells Emily that everyone she has asked wants Cass out, and Cass is the only one that suggested putting up Dillon and Emily.
  13. 12:38 AM BBT Despite having said several times they should go to sleep, Demetres is still hashing things out with Cass and Ika. Ika says she feels bad for him and that they are putting him through hell. He says no, they are exercising every option, and that's what has to happen. Cass asks if he has narrowed it down to Dallas and Jackie as the two options. Demetres thinks he could control the vote better if he puts Dallas up. He doesn't know how people will vote. Cass says she talks to the french connection all the time and they would vote Emily out. She asks Demetres what he thinks, and he doesn't seem to know. Cass says it's best for their game to keep Dallas. Demetres wonders if they are underestimating Em. Cass repeats that it cuts Dillon's army down (if they get rid of Em). Cass breaks the tension a bit by joking about Demetres being the Brawn, she (Cass) is the brains, and Ika is the beauty. Ika teases Demetres about being sorry he met them, and he jokes back, saying yes. Cass reminds him that they saved him last week, and not to forget who raised him. Demetres says he is very aware. 12:44 AM BBT Cass reiterates that they should keep Dallas until they can get Dillon out. Demetres is worried that Dallas and Dillon planned this fake fight. Cass reassures him that Dillon doesn't even know this is going on. There will be no more Dallas and Dillon. Dallas wants to get away from Dillon and doesn't want to be associated with Dillon. They count votes for keeping Dallas, and conclude that Demetres will have to exert influence. 12:51 AM BBT Demetres is still agonizing, and Cass tells him there is too much in his head. Demetres says no one is campaigning against others, but they are saying what they can do for him. For every deal that Dallas says, others are promising things too. No one has even dropped his name. Cass asks if they have the votes if Dallas goes up. Ika says she doesn't know...she hasn't talked to everyone. There have been a lot of interruptions. Demetres repeats that he just doesn't want it to be a last-minute thing like last week where everyone's all over the map. Cass tells him she thinks he can control the vote.
  14. 12:15 AM BBT Cass is out of the DR. She joins Ika and Demetres at the kitchen table. She asks what they are talking about...she looks at Demetres and asks what's wrong. Demetres says it's a lot of decisions. He goes into the storage room and feeds cut out for a bit. When feeds return, Demetres rejoins Ika and Cass at the kitchen table. He has his stuffed toy dog tucked into his shirt and speculates whether they will take the dog away when his week is up. Ika says yes, they will take it, and they get a warning not to talk about production. Cass asks about Gary and Ika tells her that he went to bed early. He was upset. Cass tells them about a conversation she had with Emily...Em asked for her vote and apologized to Cass for something Cass didn't even remember. Cass relays that she asked Em who she would be going after if Cass voted to keep her, and Em told her Demetri and Karen. Demetri says he believes that. Cass tells them that when she asked Em who she is closest to in the house, she said that Bruno is her best friend and she likes both Bruno and Kevin. Cass says that Jackie has commented on how manipulative Em is, and that Em has told Jackie that she (Em) is closest to Bruno, Kevin, and Dallas. Cass points out to Demetri that he can confirm that with Jackie. Demetres tells them that Em approached him to say that if he put Karen up, she could promise that Dillon, Dallas, Bruno and Kevin won't go for Demetres. Cass says they are working together, but that Dallas is at the bottom of the food chain on that one and goes on to say that Emily called Demetres dumb and that they would go after him the following week when he can't fight for HOH. 12:23 AM BBT Ika tells them that Kevin told her that Em and Dillon are coming after her. They talk more about how Em has been campaigning and that Em seems confident about the house, but they don't know where she is getting her info from. They find Em annoying. Cass pitches keeping Dallas, telling Demetres that Dallas is a number for Demetres and that he will also go after Demetres' enemy, Dillon. They ask Demetres what he wants them to do. He is vague, saying they have some good arguments. 12:26 AM BBT Demetres asks them ...if they keep Dallas, how do they get rid of a number. Do they put Dallas up and then try to rally the votes? Cass says you put Dallas up to keep the status quo of what he said he was going to do, and then try to ensure that people vote his way. They talk about the vote flipping 15 minutes before. Demetres seems overwhelmed, and Cass tries to reassure him, saying he just has a lot of people in his head. Demetres says that's why he has been going back to his original thought was to get rid of Dallas as a big player. They talk about a final four, and that Dallas would be the fourth, and they (Ika, Cass, Demetres) would have lots of time to get rid of him. Demetres asks if he wants to keep Dallas, then does he want to even put him on the block. Cass starts to suggest alternatives...Jackie? Ika interrupts, suggesting that they reconvene tomorrow....Demetres looks tired. He has a few days to think about it. They tell him not to stress, but he still looks worried. Cass points out that if he gets Emily out, he is taking out Dillon's ally at least. Demetres points out it could light a fire under Dillon, but Cass counters that at least he won't be cocky having got through the week safely and with his ally. 12:33 AM BBT Demetres laments this whole feud that is going on. Both Cass and Ika suggest again that he go to sleep. Cass vouches for Dallas, saying he is not shady. The shady people are Emily, Dillon, Bruno, Kevin. Ika asks Cass to confirm that Emily said her best friend is Bruno, and Ika says she has never even seen them talk together. Ika tells them she asked Em who she would date in the house, and was going through names. When Ika mentioned Bruno, Em said no, that's her best friend. Demetres notes that Bruno and Kevin are good at being friends with everyone in the house. Cass tells him that they just tell everyone what they want to hear.
  15. 12:00 AM BBT Dallas and Cass talking at the kitchen table. Dallas asking Cass to vouch for him and he will return the favour. They speculate about what Demetres wants. Cass thinks that he wants to work with Dillon and Emily without Dallas. Dallas disagrees saying that doesn't make any sense and that Cass is overthinking it. They talk about Dallas winning HOH...Cass says that would make her so happy because she would have a stress-free week, and she needs that. Cass swears on her mother that she is with Dallas. Dallas says he's worried about losing Ika. He has Jackie, Cass and the French Connection...that's four and he needs three more to tie.... he won't have Karen or Dillon. He needs Kevin and Bruno....that's 6. They say goodnight and Dallas leaves Cass sitting at the table. 12:09 AM BBT Cass is sitting at the kitchen table with her hands spread out....looks like she is counting votes. She gets up and goes up to the HOH room. Dallas is there talking to Demetres and Ika. Demetres and Dallas shake hands but you can't hear what they are saying. Dallas leaves the HOH room and heads downstairs. He grabs water and heads back upstairs just as Demetres, Cass and Ika are coming back down. Cass is called to the DR.
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