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  1. 12:00am BBT: In HOH Tyler is heading a meeting with Winston, Brett, Kaycee, Rachel, and Angela to talk about options for the upcoming eviction ceremony. After a bit of speculation on who is holding "the power" this week (Rockstar? JC?), Tyler finally caves and tells everyone that Sam has it. Tyler tells everyone that Sam told him she has the power and will not be going anywhere this week, REGARDLESS!! That's why he's been trying so hard to get everyone to secure the 7 votes they need this week so Sam doesn't have to use her power. The group goes into quiet hysterics, with everyone blown away, up on their feet, in disbelief. A group hug ensues, and everyone takes a sigh of relief. Once everyone sits back down, he explains that once they get the votes to keep Sam, it will solidify her trust in himself, and their group.....and then they will be able to use Sam in the future possibly, to help one of their own if they need it. Tyler insists that they need to keep Sam. They need to work on getting Kaitlyn's vote. Brett brings up the fact that JC must not have been lying when he said Sam had the special power....others squash this idea and say JC was only speculating. Only Tyler knows. Outside of this small amount of info about her power, he has no other specific details about it...like how long she has it for, or how it works exactly. Tyler says he needs to get more information out of Sam to get specifics. Number one key fact Tyler needs everyone to keep in mind, is that Sam told him this information in private, and no one else knows. This information cannot get outside this group, or leak back to Sam. If it does, Tyler insists that his trust will be broken with each and every person in this alliance, and then the whole alliance will be broken. They all promise to keep it between themselves, and agree to act normal and not push for any information. Tyler decides to work on Sam to get her to tell everyone on her own terms. Chatter continues about how the power will actually work....will she just come back after she is evicted? Will Tyler have to pick someone else to be evicted instead if she uses it? Or will Steve automatically be evicted instead if Sam stays? They then discuss who the replacements will be if needed....They decide to take the shot at Swaggy, and as a backup, Bayleigh. Winston is so happy with the newest news. This means that Sam is playing the game with her limited availability, and he is excited about her quiet, but serious gameplay.
  2. Rounding up from Friday April 6th to Midnight Saturday April 7th.... After Maddy's blowup on Ryan, most of the houseguests are off in groups of 2-4 talking about what happened. Erica, Derek, Alejandra, and Kaela are laughing about Maddy's meltdown, and contemplating their next move. They all think Ryan won't win the veto, but thought of a "secret veto" coming up could change the veto plans. Kaela tells Ale, Erica and Derek that Ryan admitted to her that if he won HOH this week, he would be going after Kaela and Derek. Will says he couldn't be next to anyone better on the block...and he hopes he wins veto tomorrow. Paras is avoiding getting involved in the situaton at all and doesn't want to take a chance at anyone throwing her name around for anything....Maddy feels pretty sure that Ryan is going home, but also worries that Ryan can change the minds of the house and she could be the next target. Maddy says Ryan is so good at manipulating, that he's got her questioning herself now. When speaking to Derek about her conversation with Ryan, Maddy brings up the "deal" that Ryan made with Kaela and Derek...where they would not target each other up until the double eviction...Derek is completely denying it but later on, he admits to Kaela that he messed up and immediately denied it in the moment, but feels bad because he lied to Maddy and didn't really mean to....it was just an instant reaction. Around 11:15p BBT: Maddy speaks to Johnny and Derek before going to bed saying that she's done with the whole situation, and she's going to just drop it now. She feels like instead of yelling at Ryan, she feels like she was instead told what her position in the house was. Derek and Johnny agree that it's a good idea to just drop it, and there's nothing more to say about it. They all agree that Ryan was just looking for a reaction, and bringing it up more, or having "meetings" over it is only giving Ryan more screen time, and that's all that he's looking for. At the end of the day, Ryan made a big deal about everything and caused a scene because he hates when people lie to his face. The group of people who told him they'd keep him last week, he found out recently that they all were on the fence in blindsiding him for that eviction. Even though Ryan was voted to stay that week, he feels betrayed by the people he thought he trusted, and betrayed by those who he was trying to protect. Also, Ryan gathers that the rumor that he had a final three deal with Ale and Liv was where everyone started not trusting him. He says he never had a final three deal with anyone, but no one wants to believe that, and his reputation was hurt by that. Ale thinks that his reputation went down the drain when he won HOH during the second week, and put up the two people closest to him.
  3. April 6th (Friday Night): 11:00p BBT: Erica and Ryan are alone in the WBR. Erica can't believe the blowup that has happened tonight...Ryan explains to Erica what happened with his conversation with Maddy. That Maddy basically admitted to Ryan that every single person in their four-person alliance was gunning to get him out of the house at some point. He is more willing to believe Will when he says he never once said he was willing to blindside him, and he swore on his son.....But Ryan isn't planning on being in the house on Friday. Unless he wins the veto tomorrow, then maybe he'll be here for another 14 days....but he doesn't expect anything right now. Will joins Erica and Ryan in the room, and goes over what's happened tonight.....Will thinks that Maddy is just putting a target on her block.
  4. April 6th (Friday Night): 9:40p BBT: After Ryan has finished speaking with Kaela, he finds Will and asks to speak to him. They both go into the WBR alone....Will asks "Well, how was that for TV?" Ryan says he'd rather not be called a manipulative liar on national TV, and then asks Will if his name came out of his mouth today. Will says no, that he'd swear on Parker's life over that. Ryan tells Will that he heard that him, Johnny, Maddy and Paras all told Kaela that he (Ryan) was the "ringleader" behind trying to get them out, and that if anyone was coming after Kaela, it was definitely him (Ryan). Will swears up and down that he's never said a thing, and his name hasn't come out of his mouth. Will gives Ryan his word. Kaela told Ryan (yesterday) that the whole week everyone was on board with getting him out of the house, but that all changed when everyone heard that Ryan changed his targets from getting Liv and Ale out, to now wanting Kaela and Derek out. Will again, swears up and down he never said a thing. Ryan told Will that Kaela changed her mind from putting Maddy up on the block, to now putting Ryan out because everyone told her that Ryan was going after them (Kaela and Derek). She told Ryan that all four of them told her about it, that every single one of them mentioned his name specifically, and that sealed the deal. She said she'd bring every one of them in the room and point it out....But Will says absolutely not him. Will tells Ryan that he chose to vote Merron out because he didn't want to end up next to Merron on the block next....that he was afraid he would be used as a pawn, and he hates that idea. Ryan looks like he's getting emotional, and tells Will that he's not sure if he wants to really play hard for the veto tomorrow....that he lives in an honest world, and he feels like every person in the house is lying to him, and there's no point. He said after the nomination ceremony no one hugged him and whispered in his ear that he wasn't the target....that at least one person does that, but this time it didn't happen. He feels like his chances are zero. Will asks Ryan if you get a lot of DR time when you're on the block, and Ryan tells him yes, a ton, and to keep the shirt he was wearing during the noms handy. Big Brother tells them to stop talking about production. Sounds like the nominations were going to be Maddy and Will up until about 3 hours before the nominations....and then a lot of stuff got stirred up before the ceremony, and Ryan ended up getting nominated instead of Maddy. Ryan tells Will that he's been working with Kaela and Derek for a couple of weeks now, and his targets were Ale and Liv up until now. At one point, Maddy gave Ryan some advice to switch his targets from Liv and Ale to Kaela and Derek to stay in the house vote. Once that happened and word got around, Kaela then changed her mind because she said she heard from five people that Ryan was specifically going after Daela. Ryan says he was 100% on targeting Ale and Liv, and then he only changed his targets mid-week because he was misled....and he feels like he was lied to on purpose for this to happen. As much as Ryan loves this experience, he's bummed if he goes out as the first jury member because he'd rather be home with his family. Ryan tells Will that he will take his word for what he's said....but he doesn't believe anyone else in the house. He thinks he'll definitly be leaving the house this week, since everyone thinks Ryan is a liar, a manipulator......and Ryan thinks that he's going to get a lot of "I'm sorry" messages once everyone goes home and watches this back....they'll see he's been honest, and Ryan will be able to see who has been lying to him. Maddy comes into the WBR and asks if he can talk to Ryan alone.... 10:00p BBT: Maddy: "How dare you, Ryan! How dare you!! I took the heat for all these people too. How dare you! We stuck our necks out for you, and this is what you do to everybody? What the....Ryan, What the....She says that I'm the ringleader of this entire thing? When did I become the ringleader Ryan?" Ryan: "She told me I was the ringleader of this entire thing...." Maddy: "What are you doing?? We tried so hard to keep you here. And then as soon as that moment happens, when I became suspicious of you, and the moment when I decided I wanted to get you out was when you told me about what Ale said at the pool table because I did not believe you. THIS IS WHAT IT IS....I did not believe you when you said that. This is what it is, Ryan. We tried so hard to keep you here, and then after that whole situation, and I didn't believe what you said, we still kept you. And now you go into the HOH and say that I'm the ringleader of all this crap, like, what the....Ryan" Ryan: "You sat here and told me that I needed to shift my target to Daela, and she (Kaela) said that the only reason why I would go up.....cuz her and I have been working together for a couple of weeks now." Maddy is really emotional, crying, and yelling at Ryan. She asks why he would mention Daela before this whole thing, and not now. Ryan tells her he never did because he was working with Kaela, and his targets were on getting Ale and Liv out. Maddy calms down for a second and says that he must not have told her specifically, but she thought that Daela was at least one of his targets, and that was the only reason why it made sense in keeping him in the house. It's the only reason why everyone was so gung-ho on keeping Ryan around. Then Maddy brings up the whole pool table situation, and asks if Ryan did that to to get an emotional reaction out of people. She doesn't believe that he heard what he heard. And she thinks he used that moment to manipulate people. Anyway, Maddy is mad at Ryan because he told Kaela that she specifically asked him to switch his targets from Liv and Ale to Daela, so Kaela thinks that Maddy is the big ring leader. Maddy doesn't think that she's telling Ryan what to do, it was just her opinion on what she thought would be good for him gameplay....it wasn't her trying to orchestrate a blindside against them. She thinks Ryan is misunderstanding their conversations.... Ryan said he was only trying to look out for the people who said they had his back. And now he says it feels like he's being "worked"by four people. That four people kept him last week to fire him up and talk about going after Daela, so that in case Daela won HOH this week, they'd look at him first. Maddy says he's wrong. They wanted him to stay so he could stay and do what he wanted to do in this game. Ryan brings up the fact that since day three, he's told Maddy that if he ever hears anyone throw her name out, he'd be honest and let her know....that he didn't want his people to get thrown under the bus because he wants to play an honest game. Maddy brings up all these things that made her feel skeptical about Ryan, and why she didn't feel like she could trust him. Maddy feels betrayed. Ryan says he feels betrayed because he's been completely honest with her since day three....and he wishes she had come to her earlier about her issues with him. He says he's never given her any reason to doubt him. She tells him that she just doesn't buy what he's saying. Ryan tells her that it totally makes sense that no one else is lying to her either....But yes, there is a whole bunch of other people lying to her face, and he's never lied to her face before, and he wouldn't have ever came to her to protect her, and tell her so she knew he was watching her back for her........ Anyway, Maddy says something doesn't make sense about the situation....Ryan goes over the situation with her again telling her that he switched his targets to Ale and Liv because he wasn't buying what they were saying, and he started working with Kaela for a couple of weeks. They made a deal to not take a shot at each other up until after the double eviction....Maddy feels like they must have been lying to Ryan because that's not what they were telling other people. Ryan says that they must be lying to everyone, and must be working for only themselves. Maddy gets very emotional..... Maddy thought that Ryan was in a bad position, and that's why she told him that he should change his targets.....and if Maddy is the only person who was being honest out of the four votes he got last week, then someone else is lying to him too....because all four of them told him every single day that he was safe. But no one ever came to tell him if he wasn't if they didn't feel so sure, or if there were trust issues. Basically Maddy is wrapped up in all the suspicion in the house right now. All the sketchy stuff Maddy has been hearing, everyone has been telling Maddy that it all comes from Ryan. Ryan thinks that no one wants to believe the truth, and the things they don't want to hear come across as mistrust, when all he's done is just give his honest opinion when he's asked for it. He also thinks that it's easy for people to twist his words, and he's a very convenient, easy target. Ryan then goes on to tell Maddy the things that's he's heard from people about Maddy....that she's always looking for information, that she pops in and out of rooms all the time looking to get more info..... Eventually, Maddy starts to calm down emotionally, and goes over the situation again with Ryan. Ryan maintains his honesty with her trying to convince her of certain situations to open her eyes.
  5. [Continuing from Friday night when feeds started around 9:30p BBT] April 6th (Friday Night): 9:26p BBT: In Cam 4 we see Will walking making his way upstairs into the WBR. Once inside alone, he kicks one of his shoes off across the room and whispers a few expletives, obviously angry stating: "Use me for a f-ing pawn, I'll fire it right back at you's....I'm f-ing coming for you." He then sits on his bed, breathing heavy, mumbling about untrustworthy people, and that it's time to "play." "Let's play," Will says, as he punches a pillow. -Meanwhile- In the HOH room, Ryan is speaking to Kaela about a situation when Will told Ryan that he was the deciding vote, that he said he's voting for Ryan to stay, but told Ryan he needs to get on board to start going after certain people in the house because they are targeting him behind his back. During that conversation, Maddy came in and confirmed to Will that "they" were still campaigning to get Ryan out of the house on eviction night which made Ryan worked up. He's questioning his position with Kaela right now because last time he was on the block, everyone told Ryan that he was going to get voted out when all week he was told he was just a "pawn." Basically Ryan is telling Kaela that she is wrong about him, and when the game is over, she'll see for herself that he was completely honest with her the whole time, and that they (the rest of the house) "got" her. Talk then goes onto a speech (Nomination Ceremony) that Kaela made, calling Ryan a "manipulative liar" in front of the entire country. She tells him well, there's still POV, and we'll see what happens.....Ryan stops her and tells her that she'll have to excuse him from believing that she'll use the veto on him if she wins after making that speech....that she can't backtrack after saying something like that. -Feeds go out. 9:29p BBT: Feeds back, still on Ryan and Kaela. Kaela is talking to Ryan about his little sly remarks he makes to her like he thinks she's smarter and a better player than Derek....that she's more of a threat. Ryan says those remarks aren't meant to be condescending or sly in any way, that she should be taking them as compliments. He then says that in the "real world" he's the host of his show, and he's very dominant in the way he speaks to people, and he's used to giving the "play-by-play" day in and out. He's sorry if his comments have rubbed her the wrong way. Kaela admits that they did rub her the wrong way in the beginning, and that after a while, she learned to take them as compliments. She's just going with her gut, and at the end of the day, she's happy that she's making her own move right now, and not being driven by anyone during her HOH. Kaela says their game talk, and game "trust" hasn't really had a chance to grow at all.... Kaela goes on to explain that the whole house wants to get Ryan out this week....and they were the ones who mentioned putting Ryan up on the block this week even though she told everyone that that move wasn't really what she thought was the right move for her game this week. Kaela promises that everyone in the house were pushing her. Ryan says he'd love to have a house meeting right now to put it out there....but he tells her that at the end of it, everyone will tell him that Kaela is lying to him, and that everyone really does have his back. Kaela says it doesn't matter what anyone says, she can't trust anyone in the house right now. As Ryan gets up to leave the HOH room Kaela says: "Just to confirm, all four of them said they wanted to get out Kaela and Derek?" Ryan agrees, "All four of them suggested that you were the target they were going for, and all four of them said they wanted to take the shot, they wanted to win HOH and take them out...All four." "Sweet, thanks," Kaela says as she leaves the HOH. Ryan leaves behind her.
  6. 11:30a BBT: Merron walks into the kitchen area wearing the camera glasses and says "1, 2, 3...I need a dance party right now!" Paras, Alejandra, and Ryan stop what they're doing and start dancing in place while Merron is beatboxing. Paras asks to see the glasses, so Merron hands them over to let her see. When Merron gets them back he pulls out the slop bucket to record and show Canada what slop is like. He then asks Ale if there is something she follows outside the house, and then asks Ale while recording: "What's the one thing you want to know about in the outside world?" Ale responds: "I just need to know if Khloe Kardashian has had her baby....." Ryan says he wants to know how the various sports teams are doing that he likes. Merron runs upstairs to go tour the HOH, but it's empty. So he leaves and goes into the wash room. Olivia is giving Erica a makeover....since Erica is busy, Olivia decides to act in place of her to give Merron a tour of the HOH room. Speaking in a lower voice, Olivia pretends to be Erica and shows Merron all the pictures Erica has, describing who is in each one. They then move to the couch area where Erica has her "calendar" set up on the coffee table. It's made using the back of a plaid jacket, and with the various snacks in the HOH basket, comp days, vetos, houseguests, and other important events in the house are laid out on the makeshift "calendar." They walk through the HOH bathroom, and then head back to the house wash room. Feeds switch to the RBR. 11:37a BBT: Kaela and Derek are alone in the RBR talking game. Kaela is talking about how the longer Merron stays in the house, the more and more people will want to keep him in the house for their own game. Derek asks Kaela who she thinks would be good to put up on the block in the event of a triple eviction. Kaela thinks Merron is the perfect person to put up against themselves during a triple eviction. Derek thinks Johnny and Will are perfect people to put up. Speaking of Johnny, Derek mentions she needs to go talk to Johnny a bit more. Kaela says she needs to talk to Maddy more. Derek says he's scared to talk to Maddy because last time he did, she ran her big mouth to Will about everything. Kaela tells him to just be careful of what he says game-wise to her, but she's going to talk to her and ensure that she knows that if she wins HOH, she won't put Maddy up. Erica, Liv and Ale all want to put Maddy up on the block, so there's no need for Kaela to target her right now. Derek is pretty sure that if Maddy won HOH she would put one of those three up on the block. Kaela mentions that Paras told her that if Maddy won, she'd put Ale and Liv on the block because she wants Liv out of the house first over anyone else right now. And even though Erica has put Maddy on the block, Kaela feels like Erica made a deal with her because she's not going on the block this week, and Maddy has been acting really thankful around Erica too. Derek can see the "deal" being true because Erica was a target of Maddy before, but because of this deal, Erica has been put on the backburner in Maddy's mind. Derek says he thinks it's time for them to start talking game with other people in the house, like Will, Paras and Johnny. Kaela hates that when she's trying to talk to Johnny about game stuff, all he does is listen, and doesn't contribute anything to the conversation. She finds it hard to talk game with him. Derek says he's never open talking game with him either, but on a personal level they have no problems talking.... Merron barges into the RBR interrupting Kaela and Derek's conversation still wearing the camera glasses...."And....Sorry to interrupt, but we've got the beautiful Daela in here.....So how do you guys feel about your time in the Big Brother Canada House?" Derek: "Absolutely Amazing so far!! CANADA...WE LOVE YOU!! KISS FOR CANADA!" (Daela Kiss) Merron then tells Derek and Kaela that he's gonna ask them about something they follow outside the house. Kaela says she doesn't follow anything.... Merron suggests mentioning what they think is happening outside the house right now, and it would be funny if they were wrong when they got out of the house. Merron get's into Kaela's face, and tells her to tell him something entertaining.... Kaela: "Merron's getting evicted this week. Boy....BYE!!" Kaela giggles like she's joking.... Merron says the whole video glasses thing is harder than he thought it would be, as he heads out of the room.....Merron continues walking around the house, beatboxing and finding people to talk to, and things to tell Canada about from inside the house.
  7. 1:30a BBT: Will and Erica are in the HOH studying. Erica used a smoking/outdoor jacket to use with her snacks to help keep track of days using the checks from the plaid on the jacket. Alejandra and Johnny come into the room. Will says he's nervous that Daela are coming after him but Erica disagrees, and says even if they are, they have enough people to save him. He tells her that Daela are going after Ryan first, obviously....but they won't go after Maddy, Paras. or Merron. Then he says he also doesn't think they'll even go after Ale or Liv, so they're definitely going after himself and Erica. Erica wonders if they should just get rid of Merron this week, and keep Ryan and convince him to take a shot at Daela if they save him. Will says Merron is definitely working with Daela. Erica says it doesn't make sense because Kaela doesn't like losing, is highly competitive and needs her ego stroked a lot. She doesn't see Kaela teaming up with someone like Merron who hasn't even won a comp. Kaela had a final two with Veronica, and wanted to work with her too... Will leaves the HOH, and Ale and Erica agree that maybe Daela aren't working together because if they were, they wouldn't be hanging out as much, and dancing around the house all day. But they feel like Will is just very paranoid....maybe for a good reason, but there's other reasons why they feel they shouldn't be overthinking it. 1:43a BBT: Will and Johnny in the Storage area: Will asks Johnny if he told Liv that Kaela was a rugby player, and Johnny said he knew about that for a while, and yes he probably did. Will explains to Johnny how he's weirded out about the whole thing between Ale, Liv and Erica. Erica told Will it's just to "gain trust." But Will is worried about it because he found out that Ale went and told Ryan about how Will, Johnny, Paras and Maddy have a "final four." Also when Will and Liv were in the RBR alone together, she told Will to not think that her and Ale are working together....so he has no idea who he can trust anymore. Will says he's definitely keeping his info to himself for now on, and he's not giving anything to "them three girls anymore" (Erica, Ale, Liv). Johnny advises Will to keep on acting like he's working with them though. He thinks the three girls are positioned perfectly inside the house, and they need to keep their options open. Will tells Johnny he thinks they need to work on keeping Ryan in the house, and getting as much info from Merron about Erica as they can before he leaves the house. 1:52a BBT: Will goes into the WBR where Ryan is. Will says they need to have a serious talk about things. Ryan says it's Erica's HOH and he's not worried about it. He believes he has Will, Maddy, Paras, and Johnny as votes to keep him this week. Erica will be the tie-breaking vote. Ryan says he's already told Erica that if she votes him out, he'll spend his whole time in Jury telling everyone why not to vote for her in the end. Will thinks there's something bigger going on in this game then they all think. Everyone knows that Merron was Hamza's "boy," and that he can't win a comp to save his life, so he's an easy vote for everyone.....But Ryan reminds Will that Erica has been saying all week that she doesn't want to make a big move this week, and if she gets rid of Merron, that's a safe move for her. But, if Merron comes down off the block and wins HOH next week, he'll be going after her. Will asks Ryan if he knows where Daela's head is at. Ryan is pretty sure that they want to vote Merron out. Will is just worried about who will win HOH next week. Ryan says they just need to hope it's not Daela, Maddy, Ale, or Liv. Ryan thinks that Daela has moved past the thought that Ryan is a threat. He told Derek that basically, the longer they leave him (Ryan) in the house, the less time he'll be in the jury house talking to everyone. Will questions why he's so paranoid all of a sudden today. Ryan says today was a "down" day...they didn't have anything to do today, so their minds are just floating.
  8. 1:17p BBT: Will and Liv are in the RBR talking about how dangerous Kaela is. Olivia thinks Kaela is a superfan. Olivia then says she's starting to like Maddy, even though they had their issues when they first came into the house. Will says Maddy is a "busy-bee" because she's all over the house, and pops into rooms unannounced all the time. Olivia tells will that her and Paras have been really good recently. She told Paras to start separating herself from Maddy....which she started doing. Then Paras started doubting Liv's advice, and that's the only problem she has with her. Will agrees, and thinks she's a lonely girl...that she must be missing home or something, which makes her feel less confident. Olivia says she's not the type of person to go around reassuring people, and making people "feel okay." Will says that even though he's okay with Maddy, when it comes down to it, if it's time to get her out, he'll be fine with it. He can't stand Daela. He wants them out bad. Hopefully they get them out before Maddy. Olivia then asks if they should focus on getting Daela out before a triple eviction lands, or if they should wait and hope they get a triple eviction and take them out then? Will thinks they should definitely get them out before a triple eviction happens, but he's not sure how everyone else in the house feels yet. He makes a good point and says if they wait and they get a triple eviction, if Daela win HOH, then they are both in the "final five." He thinks they'd be a power house in the final five. Especially since Derek is a superfan....he's tried out many times for the show, so he knows a great deal about the game. Will mentions he's watched the first 2 seasons, and he tried out twice. This is his second time trying out for BB after trying out for season 3. Olivia says she's not a superfan, but she's a big fan of the show, and this is the first time she's tried out for the show. Olivia mentions that Kaela used to play Rugby...and Will says he heard she's played for the past 11 years. With Kaela's physical aspect, and the amount of information Derek has in his head, they are a huge threat. They discuss who they think Daela would target in the future. Definitely Ryan, because they know that Ryan is targeting them....and Kaela and Ryan hate each other. Will thinks they'll go after him and Johnny after Ryan. Will doesn't think they'll go after Maddy because they know they'd win against them in a comp, so she's not a huge worry. BB announces "Good night," and Will leaves to go to bed.....
  9. 1:26a BBT: BB Announces: "Good night houseguests, sleep well."
  10. 1:10a BBT: (Cam 3): Kitchen area, Paras alone, gets attention of the camera and starts whispering..... "I really wanna take a shot because now I know that Johnny wants them out too, so if Johnny takes a shot with me back-to-back, we can get them out. Sorry Kaela, you shouldn't have made so many deals with so many people in the house...Cuz I hear about it, and I don't like it. I'm glad to know that someone wants to take a shot as bad as I do. I don't even care who it is at this point, I want to make a big move. And it's not Erica. It's not Liv and Ale. It's gonna have to be Daela. I"m gonna have to start building a resume. I HAVE to start building a resume. I just have to start with the showmance. They're sitting a little too comfortable for my liking. Is that bad? Is that evil?? If I watch this back, and they actually had my back...I'd be very surprised. Cuz I see the way she's working Merron right now. [Paras looks back over her shoulder with a smirk on her face....sneaky girl!] I see the way she worked Ale and Liv. And I think she's lying straight to my face. I do. I do. She can pretend to be a nice girl all she wants, but I know the truth. Really Kaela? You're gonna make a final two with Veronica...and offer one to Maddy, and you don't think I'm gonna hear about it?? Girl, you're wrong...You're not the only one with connections in the house. It's good to know that Johnny wants to take a shot too...."
  11. 12:16a BBT: Johnny, Paras and Will are out by the hot tub. Paras is pointing out how in the "1, 2, 3" comp, that no one was picking Daela at all to knock out until they absolutely had to at the end. Paras is explaining to Will and Johnny the basic strategy going into a comp like that, where naturally you'd pick players you want knocked out of the game first to play against your own people, or pick those players to play against one another to knock each other out so you are left with the majority of your "own" people towards the end of the game. Will says he's running inside to grab some smokes, and runs inside. 12:17a BBT: We see Will running into the house, up the stairs to the HOH room where he sits down with Erica. Will says he thinks Daela is going after him. (It's hard to hear what he's saying because he has his smoking jacket on, and it's rubbing up against the mic. BB asks Will to fix his microphone, and finally I can hear their whispering.) Will asks Erica if it's right to send Ryan home right now, and Erica says yes because she doesn't want to backdoor anyone. Will says that he thinks Merron feels really close with him, and Erica says she feels close with him as well. Will is going to keep on picking Merron's brain a bit. Whispering: Erica: "I do see what you're seeing, and it a little bit concerning to me. What do you think? Do you think we should send Merron home instead? Or do you think we should backdoor Daela?" Will: "We'll send Merron home..." Erica: "This is the thing: My initial thing was to send Merron home. That's what I wanted to do initially, and then EVERYBODY started freaking out, [something about Ale and someone else agreeing with her] but the rest of the house wanted Ryan out. So, if that's what the house wants, then I don't really care. For me, it makes no difference one way or the other." Will: "Another thing too, I was just talking to Johnny and Paras, and I told them we should try and get Merron out because if he's working with Daela, then they'll probably want to go after Erica. Then they said "No, no, no...." And Johnny says to me "I think Daela might be trying to go after you if they've got Merron. Because they think that you and I (Erica and Will) are working separately for now..." [Will's mic is getting brushed by his jacket, so it's hard to tell what he's saying now, but something along the lines about Erica winning HOH twice and putting Merron on the block, but at least Merron doesn't have much luck at winning the veto] Will: "I overheard him (Merron) saying "Man, I can't wait for Thursday!!" and it sounds like he's really pushing to get Ryan gone." Erica: "Yeah, he's really excited about it. I wonder why..." Will: "Cuz he knows Ryan is going after Daela. I don't think Ryan cares about Liv and Ale, honestly." Erica: "He said he was gonna go after them last week. Let's just see if he mentions anything about Liv and Ale...cuz then we'll just send him home. If he's more focused on Daela..." Will: "Yeah, and I'll see if I can have a chat with Merron before I go to bed." Erica then finishes the conversation by telling Will that she's not sure if the relationship between Merron and Johnny is personal or for game because they are spending more time together, especially since they are in the catacombs. Will agrees to do some investigative work for her, and they hug before Will leaves the HOH. After Will leaves, we see Erica studying about the different houseguests using some candy she received in her HOH basket. While Will is supposed to be going to get smokes....Derek and Paras are waiting for him outside by the hot tubs still. They talk about their distrust for Ale and Liv. How they just side with whoever holds power each week, and how they were all for getting Maddy out in the beginning, but it's obvious now they've made a deal with her or something because they are doing everything with her like they're all best friends all of a sudden. They then discuss how they need to get Daela out, and how if they don't get them out in the next couple of weeks, they will become a power force in the house once the numbers have whittled down.
  12. 1:43p BBT: Merron and Ryan are out playing a game of pool alone. Merron tells Ryan that Hamza was always paranoid and would do anything during his HOH and would do a lot of things without Merron's knowledge. Merron wants Ryan to know that he has never mentioned Ryan EVER to Hamza in terms of who to get out of the house. Ryan says that regardless, he knows that Hamza has had many conversations with other people in the house and has brought up his name, so he feels the need to do damage control. Ryan says he needs to talk to Erica for sure about it to see where she's at. He knows that Erica and Hamza were really close, and that makes him nervous. He says he realizes how that Hamza was only looking out for himself, and he knows several people had "final two" deals with Hamza, and he's curious about who Hamza was completely honest with. He doesn't feel like Hamza wasn't always genuine with Ryan now, and didn't have his best interests in mind like he said he did. Merron says he really doesn't know about Hamza, that he never really had any conversations with him about it....but that they shouldn't worry about it now that he's out of the house. Merron takes a shot on the pool table, and the ball goes flying off the table....they notice that the floor isn't level, and the table is lower on that end. Ryan continues the conversation saying that Erica's reaction to Hamza leaving either means she's out for revenge, or if she wants to lay low. Merron says he honestly has no clue and we'll have to just wait and see. Merron leaves to use the bathroom, and Ryan mumbles under his breath that he thinks that Merron may be a vote for him, but if he was heavily under Hamza's influence, then maybe not. He yells to Merron that he's going to use the bathroom too, and he'll be back.... General chatter outside by the hot tub about last night's shenanigans, with Erica and Paras alone at first. Eventually Will, Derek and Kaela make their way out to join in and get some fresh air. Conversation about the "never have I ever" game they played last night goes on until about 1:52p BBT when feeds switch to the RBR where Olivia and Johnny are talking. 1:52p BBT: Olivia asks Johnny if Maddy is worried. Johnny says she's more mad at herself, because she wanted to prove that her word meant something, and that she was able to follow thru. Olivia says when they were in the pantry, she told Maddy that she was going to put her up on the block, but she wanted to build something with Johnny, so she decided not to. Olivia says Maddy looked really scared, but very grateful. Johnny agreed that Maddy looked really scared. He then continues to say that Ale and Erica were really shook up, and they were worried about what Johnny's group's intentions were as far as keeping Maddy off the block. Johnny says it's because they just don't want her to leave before jury. Johnny says he needs to change his way of voting, and that it's looking more like getting rid of Maddy now may be better for his game. Olivia switches to talking about her kissing moments with Will last night and how Will sat her down and told her how perfect she was, and how great of a girlfriend she would be....Olivia doesn't remember much from last night. Johnny thinks that Derek is a nice guy, but he's hiding stuff. He says he oversells the fact that he doesn't know anything about "the game" (BB)...and brings it up a lot. Olivia mentions that he's applied to be a houseguest several times now, so how could he not know about BB?? Olivia wonders what Paras is saying to people....she thinks she's the sneakiest houseguests. Johnny says she's the most likely person to speak before she thinks. Johnny mentions to Olivia that he spoke to Ryan to tell him that Olivia wasn't going after him. Olivia says she told him before it happened...that she was putting him up, but he wasn't the target. She told Merron the same thing. Johnny said that was a good way to play it. Alejandra comes into the RBR after her shower. She's trying to get put her underwear on discreetly, and then leaves to go do a face mask. 2:18p BBT: On her way to the bathroom, Alejandra runs into Derek and tells him that she's torn between Maddy and Ryan. Derek says he's always wanted Ryan out because he knows that early in the game he has tossed his name out. Derek comes into the RBR where Johnny, Maddy and Olivia are still hanging out.
  13. 12:00p BBT: Good Friday!! Feeds start in the kitchen area today where Kaela, Derek, Paras and Alejandra are snacking. No talk other than everyone saying they can't eat anymore. In cam 3, Erica and Merron are talking about sports in the RBR. They are speculating about different teams they follow, and what has happened since they've entered the house. Feeds switch over to the white couches where Derek is now laying down talking to Maddy about getting into the Jury house. They both want to make it into the Jury house so they can experience more to the game. They speculate whether or not BB will play an April Fool's day joke on the house. Derek mentions when BB restocked the pantry last night, and it must have been fun to watch everyone run in there. BB made several announcements for the pantry, and every time there was more alcohol. Sounds like they really indulged last night, and explains why everyone wants to eat all the food they have, but just can't stomach it!! Derek and Maddy mention not being have nots, and how it'll be weird sleeping in open beds. Then they wonder if Merron threw the game last night...(maybe BB made them compete for haves/have nots) From what I can gather, they were shown some videos, and then had to answer questions. Talk turns to a lot of the comps coming up being endurance or physical since the most recent comps have been question based. 12:41p BBT: Ryan is now speaking to Derek alone on the white couches. They are going over who in the house won comps. Ryan mentions that Johnny was the only person in the "Hell" group that has won a comp. Everyone else has been from "Heaven," and Derek is the only one left who hasn't won. The other funny thing, is that every person who has won a veto, has won an HOH. Ryan mentions hearing the audience gasp when Hamza was put up for eviction, and how he must be a popular player to the pubic. They both agree that they aren't hurt by Hamza leaving the house..... Meanwhile, Erica and Alejandra are in the HOH talking about last night's drunken booze fest...and how it must have been a riot for us live feeders (bummer!) Then Erica says this is her fourth week in a row to eat from Wendy's. She then asks Alejandra if she should put Will up beside Maddy. Erica thinks it will force Paras and Johnny's vote. Alejandra thinks it'll just piss them off. Erica says if her nominations backfire on her, she's going to be livid. But, she feels like no one else has the numbers to hold a definite sway one way or another and she doesn't want to be unsure. Talk continues in review of what has happened in the house so far. 1:18p BBT: BB announces that the hot tub is now open. Everyone is too hung over to even think twice about going in....lol Ryan tells Merron and Erica about Veronica's shady bathroom "hiding technique" from the cameras. (A lot of things were exposed in last night's "game" BB had them play....which showed videos/clips of different things the houseguests had done in the house so far) She would drape a towel over her head and knees to hide from the cameras when needed. 1:22p BBT: Erica, Paras, and Alejandra are outside lounging by the hot tub to get some fresh air. Paras asks Erica if she's going to repeat lasts weeks goals and put up a big target. Erica says she wants to put a floater on the block. On a human level, she won't evict Ryan this week because it's the first week of Jury. She doesn't want to put up Daela yet, because she wants to use them to take people out for her in the future. Olivia makes her way outside to sit and see if the fresh air helps her feel better. She says she's starting to feel a bit better. But then get's up and goes back inside shortly after. Will and Derek are in the WBR laying down and chatting. Will asks what it's like outside. Like everyone else in the house, they are just tired and hung over. Derek wonders if anyone has spoken to Erica about her plans this week yet. Will tells him that he thinks the plan is to get out a floater....like maybe Ryan or Merron. They talk about how Erica is killing the game, physically and smart-wise. Will says the floaters in the house to him are Merron, Ryan, Maddy, and Paras, kinda. Derek says maybe she'll put up Maddy again. He wonders if she'll put up a guy again, and if she does then the girls will obviously go after them. Derek mentions he is not on slop this week. Kaela, Merron, Alejandra, and Johnny are on slop this week (Have nots).
  14. *Gotta get some sleep guys....I can finish up today when I get up tomorrow if this is left open*
  15. 4:45p-5:01p BBT: Veronica has been sitting on the white couches speaking to Olivia. She's explaining that her crying isn't about her being scared about going home, or about being sad...it's just about her frustration. She then goes on to tell her about what she's been telling other people....She then talks to Alejandra and that she's been telling people to keep their minds open about any decisions. And to not let anyone sway your opinions. Ale says she thinks that everyone is just trying to absorb what happened today. Veronica then says that if she is still in the house next week, people don't need to think of it as her having the opportunity of going after them just because they keep her. 4:51p BBT: Olivia enters the HOH to talk to Erica. Erica tells Olivia that she feels bad, because she knows Veronica's life story, and how so many people have lied to her, so the least she can do is hear her out. They then laugh about Johnny crying, and how they understand how he's compassionate, but Olivia just doesn't always feel bad when she sees someone cry. She tells Erica that Veronica isn't crying out of true sadness, she's just upset because she's overwhelmed. Erica agrees, and says she's only upset because she feels bad about doing this to someone. Erica says she believes Veronica when she tells her that she wants to work with her, and she'd have her back, that she'd pull her off the block....but she doesn't think Veronica would do the same for her "people." She also doesn't want to be associated with her because she's broken her trust with so many people in the house and doesn't want to become a target by association. Olivia tells Erica that so far she thinks there are 4-5 people so far that are not going to be swayed by Veronica so far. Erica thinks that Maddy won't be swayed, even if Veronica offers to work with her since she pulled her off the block. Olivia thinks that in the long-run, Johnny will have a hard time making big choices because he's so emotionally involved. Erica says she's emotional, but she can compartmentalize her emotions, and she wants to talk to Johnny about it to help him. Johnny comes into the HOH with his bowl of slop and starts the conversation by apologizing about his sob-fest. Erica says it's okay because she had a sob-fest with Veronica as well. They both agree that they feel bad for her, because they are playing the game too, and if they were in that spot, they'd feel the same thing. Erica tells Johnny that Kaela told her the other day that she didn't have the guts to use the veto, and she didn't have the balls to backdoor anyone. Johnny tells Erica that they (kaela, Derek) feel like they have manipulated Erica, and that they have her in their grips. Johnny asks Erica how he should play out the next few days because he's already told Veronica that he doesn't think she's going to stay. Erica tells him to tell her that he's already spoken to Erica, and that Erica doesn't think they have the numbers to keep her. Johnny is going to vote to keep her anyway, but he doesn't want his vote to be a part of any rally to keep her.....he wants it to be a pity vote. Erica mentions that Veronica told her that if she does stay, she doesn't want this to turn into a war, but Erica also walked in on Veronica telling Olivia the same thing, and thinks that she's telling every person that. She doesn't want her to think that if she stays, that she's automatically going to be in an alliance with anyone, because no one trusts her. She doesn't want Veronica to have false pretenses. Erica goes on talking about how she hates when people only want to do what the HOH wants. She put people up on the block, and she just wants everyone to be free-voters and think for themselves. She then mentions she wants to kill everyone who keeps breaking the rules (house punishment). They then guess who is breaking what rules, and how hard it must be to produce the show following each person around the house making sure everyone is doing everything they're supposed to. Johnny says it makes things hard because he says he was one of the ones conspiring about it last night. Erica goes on to say she's dated and known so many people like Veronica and she has spent her life trying to fix them. She didn't come onto this show for redemption. Johnny asks Erica if she feels like Daela is important for her game moving forward, or if anyone in the "white room" is. Erica says Daela is important to her as a "shield." She goes on to talk about all the people she would feel comfortable sitting on the block against. Johnny thinks that it's important to convince the players in the white room to nominate and go after Daela next. Alejandra comes into the HOH, and Johnny starts in with his apologies about crying again. Johnny mentions that his emotions were a combination of anticipation, and then emotions for Veronica because of what Erica said during her speech because everyone was cheering about what Erica said in her speech, and Johnny felt really bad for Veronica because of it. [Apparently Erica had a pretty good speech, and houseguests were talking/yelling across the house for a while making comments that Erica is a "bad ass bitch" and whatnot afterwards] Erica says we're here to make good TV, but she's embarrassed, and that people should have celebrated in private, instead of rubbing it in. Johnny asks Alejandra when she thinks Daela should go. Ale says they need them around for a bit as a shield. Right now, she says, they feel really comfortable and they need to keep them feeling that way. As far as she knows, they have Hamz, and Will in their targets more than anyone else. We hear BB come over the announcements telling Veronica to stop napping....Erica freaks out, but then says, whatever.... Talk continues about Merron feeling stupid because he had a pact to have Veronica's back from before they came into the house together, and that he found out that she was campaigning against him all last week. He was telling everyone in the house not to use to Veto because he was afraid of Veronica going up on the block. Merron found out last night for sure that Veronica was going on against him. Now he feels stupid, and thinks he'll look real dumb on TV. Erica get's called to the DR 5:26p BBT: Maddy, Paras and Will are outside by the hot tub talking. Paras thinks that they should be careful sticking their necks out to save Veronica so they don't put targets on their backs, but that Veronica has some solid points about staying. Paras thinks it's a good idea to keep her because she'll go after Erica. They don't think they need to go after Daela. Paras wants Veronica to stay, Will agrees and think's it's unfair to her. Paras says since night one, she sees Erica as the ringleader, with her three followers. Maddy leaves to go sit with Kaela and get her perspective. She says she thinks she has a good relationship with Kaela, and she wants to get some info about where her head is at. Veronica comes outside to sit with Will and Paras, and Will asks her why she isn't inside campagning....Veronica says she's going to wait until she's less emotional. Veronica tells Paras that Derek and Kaela told her that they want her to stay. Veronica says that Erica made a big move, but it would be an even bigger move if she stays in the house. Paras tells Veronica that when she's talking to people, she shouldn't tell people who she thinks will keep her, just mention who she thinks is keeping their minds open. Paras and Maddy leave to go get slop. Will and Veronica are alone. They catch each other up on what they have heard so far. Veronica feels good about this and wants to go after Erica next. Will tells Veronica she has his, Paras, Derek, Kaela and Maddy's vote so far. If any of them flip, he is going to go after them for her. Veronica goes on to talk about Johnny, and how he feels bad for her and doesn't like how Erica is trying to back door her. Will tells Veronica if she stays and wins HOH, she has to make a big move to set the tone of the house. She agrees and says it would be epic if she stayed, and she will fight for him no matter what. If she doesn't win this game, she wants him to win. Hamz comes outside to sit down with them. He says that Derek and Kaela are the key to this weeks vote. Will goes inside, and it's just Hamz and Veronica. They rehash everything that has happened today, and what people are saying. Then they go back inside to make food. (slop)