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  1. Two of Hollywood's biggest stars are reuniting for a blockbuster comedy https://t.co/HFca6bsQdK

  2. Some troubling news for the FDNY and Edward Norton's production company https://t.co/gri87cIvkx

  3. One of TV's biggest smash hits is almost back #Billions https://t.co/gOeLJJbTAP

  4. An already stacked cast adds a bigger name, #MenInBlack is back https://t.co/spmIYTGKsU

  5. Some serious talent is stacking up for JC Chandor's newest @netflix movie https://t.co/JaGSBG13mG

  6. Many celebrities are packing their bags due to the chaos going on at the White House https://t.co/MafRryMnzl

  7. Self-proclaimed geek Steven Spielberg even geeked out at the premiere of his "geekiest movie ever" https://t.co/VZ2l3um0kT

  8. Even in film sometimes you gotta just keep rollin rollin rollin rollin YEAH https://t.co/0886ujOqnD

  9. We are one step closer to one of the most hyped movies in a while https://t.co/1fSnOoMr6D

  10. .@AlecBaldwin continues to be one of the hardest workers in show biz as he is set to host a new ABC talk show https://t.co/F4ZWieFXyx

  11. The Daily Show keeps it rolling with another colleague @michelleisawolf set to host the White House Correspondents'… https://t.co/B0hgMgKhsF

  12. .@Trevornoah's memoir is being turned into a movie, and it's attracting some big time names https://t.co/fjhRjPNSUW

  13. .@JuddApatow explains how he blurred the line between fiction and real life with Artie Lange's episode of "Crashing" https://t.co/EJCdTn8LQ7

  14. Bill Paxton's family is headed for a wrongful death suit against Paxton's hospital and surgeon https://t.co/Mi83SKtUCO

  15. #BRRR https://t.co/cyRaTPSw25