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  1. I'm glad James is back, let the pranking begin!!!
  2. njdukie

    Big Brother General Discussion

    Hello everyone!! Excited for this season! Haven't been on the forums for awhile, can't wait to hear everyone's thoughts for the season!!
  3. njdukie

    Amanda - Week 5 MVP Nominee

    I totally agree with you echo. They are now calling Amanda a "mean girl". But who is the "mean girl" now? America is. Amanda is playing a good game. Is she bossy, yes, does she say things out of turn in a rage? Yes. Is she playing the game? yes. The only reason she is on the block is because America needed a new "mean girl" to vote for and they chose Amanda, because they decided not to like her. It does suck. I am still on the Amanda train. Hoping she is still there after the vote! #TeamAmanda
  4. All the "kids" from the Brady Bunch, the Cosby family, and for the younger viewers, the cast of MTV's The Rivals (Real World/Road Rules)!
  5. 1. Helen- Nasty in a power-trip kind of way 2. GM- runs and cries and blows nose in "Nick's" shorts, because all her "boys" are getting voted off. 3. Amanda
  6. njdukie

    Aaryn - Week 3 (HoH Nominee)

    Mommy to the rescue. I'm sure that is how it has worked for KKKBarbie her entire life. Gets into some trouble, Mommy or Daddy bail her out. Spoiled rich brat!
  7. njdukie

    Amanda - Week 3

    Amanda is a smart girl, and I hope she gets HOH or MVP soon! She's the one I'm rooting for right now!
  8. Hiya Marty! I'm usually on or about to board a bandwagon by this time! I need someone to make a big/bold move and stir this game up a bit! Then I'll be ready for the bandwagon!
  9. Hard not to pick about 4-5 least favorite people, or even a clear favorite. First season I haven't really rooted for anyone yet. Kinda sad actually
  10. njdukie

    Aaryn - Week 1

    Officially not a fan! She is vile. Pretty outside, but very ugly inside.
  11. njdukie

    BBAD on TVGN

    I agree Team Jolie!
  12. njdukie

    Until we meet again!

    Another great season of BB and here at Mortys! Thanks to all the updaters and fun people here! See ya next season!
  13. ITA! I was shocked when they called Franks name for favorite player. Shocked!
  14. Ian needs to win part 3 of the HOH, He needs to evict Dan, but I don't think that will happen. I'm rooting for this kid to get to at least F2. Dani in no way, shape or form, deserves to be in the Final 2!