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  1. Introduced by Gabriel Toys in 1973, the Lone Ranger Action Figures each came with a specially designed costume and accessories.

  2. First released by Mego Corporation in 1977, KISS dolls came with cut-out instruments on the back of the box.

  3. Released by Parker Brothers in 1970, this game gets its name from “Ping Pong” spelled backwards.

  4. Introduced in the 1970s by Kenner Toys, the Sit 'n Spin allows children to spin themselves in a circle with a steering wheel in the center.

  5. Shrinky Dinks were invented in 1973 by two housewives, the first kits were sold at a local shopping mall and became popular.

  6. Produced by Marx Toys in 1975, the Archie dolls consisted of Archie, Jughead, Betty, and Veronica.

  7. The Pet Rock originated as a joke when Dahl was in a bar with his friends and they were complaining about their pets.

  8. Imported to the United States by Mego Corporation in 1976, all of the accessories for Micronauts were universal.

  9. The Cher doll was the number one selling doll in 1976.

  10. Dawn Dolls were small fashion dolls that topped the sales of Barbie for a while but were discontinued when Topper went out of business.

  11. Mastermind was invented in 1970 by Mordecai Meirowitz, this game resembles an earlier paper and pencil game called Bulls and Cows.

  12. Launched in 1974 by Sanrio, this little white cat didn’t receive its name until a year later....

  13. When the divorce rate goes up, so do the sale of toys.

  14. Because of the toys, McDonald's is most American kids' favorite restaurant.

  15. In 1970, Ruth Handler fell victim to breast cancer and set out to create realistic prosthetic breasts and the company Nearly Me.