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  1. @egoraptor If you play resident evil, play it without the infinite grenade launcher glitch. That would be lovely.

  2. @madmaxname -MAD MAX NAME
  3. Eating fudge brownies and they are SOOOOO good. I don't think I'll EEEEVER give this recipe to anyoooone. #goodboyriley

  4. Hi, I'm trying to find something for my dad for christmas, but I have had NO luck finding it. He says that one of his favorite skits of ALL time is a very old skit about a japanese retelling of the sword in the stone, the big memorable thing happening being one of the guys just lifting up the sword and the stone and bashing someone else over the head with it, to which they respond (in a very heavy japanese accent) "CON-CU-SHION! CON-CU-SHION!" Now, my dad is 74, so this could be from ANYTHING, but I have a sneaking suspicion that its from the Johnny Carson show. I was just wondering if I'm right, and if so, what episode is it from?
  5. Legend Of Zelda: LinK Between Worlds is the best looking and playing game I've played in years. #linkbetweenworlds