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  1. 7:29 PM BBT - Tommy joins Jackson, Nick, Jessica outside of the rv room. Clif comes down from listening to music Tommy asks how cliff likes the music he said he likes it it reminds him of someone he like likes. Jackson then asks him when did the album come out. Tommy says shortly after they entered the house. Nicole and Kat are in the rv room laying down. analyse then joins them outside the rv room. 7:38 PM BBT - Jackson and analyse are talking about him making animal noises. Nick asks when he did it? Jackson said it was during Holly's HOH. analyse said it was when Jessica was called to DR. they asked him to make animal nooses. Jackson said it was probably segmented. Nick ask for how long Jackson tells him flr 3 secoids. analyse said it was rhe best. Jackson then starts to make elephant noises. 7:43 PM - Tommy and Analyse get up to leave the animal noise chat that going on outside of the Rv room. they (Tommy and Analyse) go to the storage room to get stuff to make something. Tommy grabs tomatoes and says what else we need. Analyse looks in the fridge and spot watermelon and says oh watermelon. Analyse asks what else they need and tommy replies with zucchini, olive oil and bowties. Analyse says the olive oil is out there but grabs the bowties. 7:46 PM BBT - Tommy thanks analyse for helping him cool. They come up with a name for them "chicken and tommy rocket". the both of them laugh and start prepping whatever they are making. Analuse asks how many she should cut up. Tommy says 3 should be enough and he wishes christie was there to help she is good at that kind of stuff. Analyse starts cutting the zucchini. while the other are talking about the states. 7:50 PM BBT - Nick goes into the storage room and asks Tommy where js the mac and cheese. Tommy tells him it to the right. Nick says okay and comes out and says oh you guys are cooking? Tommy tells him yeah we (him and Analyse) are. Nick then asks what they are cooking. Analyse tells him pasta. Nick says oh ok. Nick and Tommy start talking about Kat. Kat wakes up from her slumber. She tells Nicole that it her only friend in the house. Nicole asks who. Kat says the camera and nicole says oh. Kat laughs. Cliff joins the rest of the crew in the kitchen he talks anout a seafood pasta he made for his wife as a first date he said the recipe called for 3 cloves of garlic he put two in he said it tasted horrible they ended up throwing it away and going to a itilian place to eat. 7:54 PM BBT - Nick ask if analyse is okay. Analyse says she feel traps and wants to go homw. Nick says it a werid day. Analyse says she doesn't like when everyone else is down. Nick says he knows Holly,Jackson and Jackson are in the storage room.Kat asks holly if she thinks she is f****d and holly says no she don't think she is. Holly tells kat she think she is fine ethier way. Kat says really because she called out tommy on the 6 and he told her the 6 are not getting together. 7:56 PM BBT Jackson hand holly something to eat. Kat then asked why would He (Tommy) put me up. Holly says she doesn't.think he (tommy) want christie to go up. She then looks in the fridge and says why we got all this fake meat? it expensive. while the rest are in the kitchen watching tommy and analyse cook. 8:03 PM BBT - Majority of the houseguest are in the kitchen watching and talking to analyse and tommy while they cook. Nicole is in thd RV laying down on the bed. Production comes over the speaker and tells them no sleeping houseguests.Holly says their is left over protien but it would take to long to cook. Jackson then adds in they need to eat the leftover pizza before it goes bad. Tommy says lets do that then while still cooking8 8:06 PM BBT - Holly goes into the boat room and jackson joins her. Analyse and cliff and toomy start talking in Australian acvents. Nick then mentions some skate shop he went to.Holly and Jackson are talking in the boat room and they talk about if they flip on tommy it makes them look bad and then they will.the next too that go up. 8:10 PM BBT - Holly and Jackson Re talking about tommy and christie. Holly says that Tommy told her Holly that christie knows what she did and she is trying to repair it. Holly then asks about Nick and how is he going to vote. Jackson tells her he is going to vote with the house. Holly says he is just going to float the rest of the way threw the game. Holly says they wont get anymore chances.to go after christie. Jackson and Holly talking about christie becoming lile the new nick. Jackson says yeah he agrees just not as agresive. Holly then ask Jackson would she still be the target. Jackson says he doesn't know. They then talk about jessica and holly says she was really rooting christie in the comp today.Holly says nick was rooting for jackson but over all it was pretty evenly. 8:15 PM BBT - Holly and Jackson talk about the comp today. Jackson said they never had a comp with a punishment and that America hates us. Holly then says saftety is a big thing and Jackson said he know. they both kiss and then she start picking at his skin. she mentions she keeps forgetting her lotion for him. 8:20 PM BBT - holly tells jackson they shouldn't be having thae conversation right now because they don't know what christie is going to do tommorow. They dont know of she is going to taks hsrself off the block or what. Jackson agrees then production comes over the speakers to tell them to clwan the mirtor over the sink. cliff gets a wet towel and cleans it while nick is finishing the cooking.
  2. 1:38 PM BBT - Cliff tells Jackson that he told jack he is sending him out and keeping him (Jackson) sis and tommy. Cliff said that analyse looks pissed but he isnt surprised that analyse is pissed. cliff and jackson shakes hands. Cliff said he is worried about the blowback Jackson tells Cliff he got his back. Cliff then leaves the storage room. 1:41 PM BBT - Cliff tells Jackson that tommy is going to jump on bored to make it look like he is not part of the 6. Jackson then leaves the storage room. Cliff is in the storage room looking in the fridge for something not sure what. Jack talking to Kat in the target room. he said that cliff is not on his side. Kat questions him and ask him if he (jack) is sure. Jack says he is positive. Jack is trying to get kat on his side because then christie would be the target next week. 1:48 PM BBT - Jack is still trying to get kat to join the "new 6". Jack said he would still the target because he is biggest threat right now. Jack tells Kat that he wanted to tell her the info because he know that Kat is close with Jackson and holly and wanted to tell her before Jackson goes. Jack says that he doesn't want a tie break. 1:51 PM - jack tells kat that he wanted to tell her to the last part of the day because he didn't want her to have time to go explain to nicole or jessica. Jack then said he doesn't know what side kat is on. Kat then says that Jessica told her to vote whichever way that will benefit her in the long run.jack says he can go get nick right now. Kat asks jack if she can think about it before grabbing nick. Kat said she wasn't really till she knew her vote counted this much so she is nervous now that she know it counts this much.
  3. 7:15 PM BBT - Cliff is talking about credit and mortgage something about there was something on his records so he couldn't get it. what it was happened in 1974 when he was 9 years old. He then goes from thst topic to his son Daniel he said at home he goes by daniel and when he is with friends he goes by dan. His sons middle name is Clifford. 7:20 PM BBT - The cam then goes to Holly and Jackson in the have not room. They are talking about christie. Hally says that they got to get out Christie because she has a dominary presence in the house. She then adds there fire undar the radar still then we get fish.Feed come back and Holly going on about if she or jackson makes it it doesn't matter meanwhile jackson is just laying there nodding his head up and down in agreement. 7:25 PM BBT - Holly says she and Jackson have done a great job at making relationships individually.she then compliments on Jack and Analyse said they havent done so good, but adds he(jack) has done with getting repor with everyone. Jack then adds he has told he doesn't but they both agree he has done good. 7:30 PM BBT - Jackson and holly talking to kat. Kat asks them both what the plan is for next week. Jackson says thar they are going to put Christie up he said he doesn't care but she has got to go. he doesn't care how she goes but she has to be the next one to go. Holly is all quiet while they two talk. 7:08 PM BBT - Christy, Tommy, Kathryn, Jessica are in the HOHR talking, Production came over the speaker and told them "no napping" kathryn asks them who they are talking to. Christie said she would lile to know who they are talking too. then they try to guess what brand of cameras. Jack, Cliff, Analyse, Nick are in the Target room talking general chit chat.
  4. 5:01 PM BBT - Nicole and cliff are in the THL talking and playing backgammon. While the rest are downstairs in the kitchen area minching and talking.Tommy singing, no game talk going on. 5:10 PM BBT - All four cameras are on Nicole and cliff playing backgammon. they pause there game and go to nick. He makes some kind of point (whispering) cliff tells him that an excellent point well talk about it later and they both go back to playing backgammon. 5:15 PM BBT - Cliff leaves nicole is now up in the THl looking at the checkerborad. Holly comes up and ask where nick is she points to the chairs and says holy. they start talking more whispering (game talk). 5:20 PM BBT - Holly joins Jackson in the Have not room. She walks in Jackson says there she is and she gets under the covers with him. Cliff and tommy are talking about Mark and elenas season of Big brother. while the others is general chit chat. Jackson mentions something about campeigning tommorow. 5:26 PM BBT - Holly and Jackson talking about cliff. Holly sais she truely truely dont know if she can trust cliff. Jackson said he has no choice but to to trust him. downstairs chatter still on past seasons of big brother. they then talk about Tommy's punishment he said he is excited he hopes its a fun one. Christie said she is also excited as well. Meanwhile Jackson and Holly upstairs exchanging spit.
  5. 4:10 PM BBT - the cams are still showing puppies for nominations. if the feeds come back i will let you all know. 4:19 PM BBT - Feeds are back on. Jessica has nominated both Jackson and Jack to be on the block this week. 4: 22 PM BBT - Jackson and holly are hugging it up in the THL. Jessica and Kat are in the HOHR talking. 4:26 PM - Tommy, Nick, and Christie are in the target room whispering talking about Jessica's noms and her secret power. Jackson still with Holly up in the THL whispering. other then that not a hole lot happening.
  6. 12:41 PM BBT Jackson says in squeaky voice, 1234 bella just got sent out the door 5678 you will also meet your fate.They all scream cheer and bang on the table. Jackson talking about a video of a golden retriever that went viral. it was a golden retriever who hit a sliding glass door and so now every time it goes in n out it makes sure the door is not there with its paw. they all say awe. Christie says their punishment is coming off today apartmently the toliet seat is pink now christie said she tried disinfectant and soap and scrubbed and didnt work. sje said they will have to use rubbing alcohol to get it off her and tommy. 12:47 PM BBT they are trying to think of what would Jack Zing be from Zingbot. Nick says in his best zingbot voice something worse then your power is not shaving your legs. Jack says stop coming up with ideas. Christie thinks it would do with crying then someone said stop your gonna end up silently roasting each other.they then talk about the stuff they are going to get from Big Brother. Christie said she is going to keep her stuff she said she guesses it her pride. Michie says he is gonna sell his because he has bills. 12:50 Kathryn tells the houseguest that they sell the HOHR online because she was going to buy one for her dad the red one. the houseguest didn't even know they have a merch store. Holly was talking about the coffee mug (blue with the white bb logo and something on the back) she liked it and that how that topic came up. they all say what the mugs would be good for. Kat says her mom would like Tommy then says her dad has a gap in his teeth. 12:55 sam is planking on the floor. Kat is talking who she think her family would lile. she said marty (boyfriend) would like holly.T ommy says he guess it was a 5 day punishment. Christie says Friday, Saturday,Sunday,Monday,Tuesday and that she is alright with it.Tommy says it would have been so much nicer to be told the trusth. Christie said she is learning that there is so many inconsistencys. Tommy says they are all doing their best. christie said that seemed so sincere and laughs afterwords.
  7. 3:34 PM BBT - Christie says he only has one more week so she cant blame him. Jack says yeah but he just giving them a heads up and then adds in there there should never be six in a room never. 3:36 PM BBT Jackson tells the group the reason why they meet as a group is if they don't it becomes a he said she said bull crap stuff. 3:41 PM BBT jack tell them the order he want it to go leading up to double eviction. he wants nick then then nicole then cliff last. all four cams switch to sam and cliff outside talkong about cars. then switches back to the six shooters in the HOHR talking about what they are going to do with cliff. 3:50 PM BBT - the six shooters discuss who they think cliff will put up of he wins HOH during the DE. Christie thinks 2 of the six shooters will go up, but tommy disagrees. Kat chimes in the room while one of the six shooters leave. Tommy doesn't think cliff will because thry kept him safe in a previous week. jack gets up and leaves and says the meeting is done kat walks in and says hi.
  8. 3:02 PM BBT Holly and Analyse are up in the HOHR weather they should let her (kat) in the room. 3:14 PM BBT Nick and Kat are in the RVR talking. Nick tells her she doing good at what she is doing she is amazing and to keep doing her. She said she said knows it just who she is and Nick agress and she tells him she going to go outside. He says okay and that he is welcome to join her. she gets up and heads out. 3:22 PM BBT Sam said Holly was throwing out names. He then says the 2 names names that she threw out was Nicole or Kat. Sam said he would it rather been Nicole because then he would have had a fighting chance. He said that holly told him that she wanted to sleep on it. He agreed to let her do that. 3:25 PM BBT Six shooter meeting in the HOHR. Jackson does the the dance for then six shooters and says "we did it"! Holly says she loves it when they have the power. Jack stands up says Kat goes up and we send Sam home and asks "How does this affect Cliff and Kat" and then asks "are we going to let Nick shed some blood here?" Jack interjects and says yeah. Jackson tells the group that he told him that Nick wants HOH and try to gain the trust of the group. Jackson says " they got pick people outside of the six, regardless they got to go", he also says why not let him do it for us then we pick him off ". he goes on to to say we are eventually have to do let him do it so why not let him do it for us. Christy says fact. they want him (nick) do whatever he wants. Christie agrees. Jackson says it not breaking their agreement with cliff. Jack says let not put nick up up til it the "six shooters" and him. Jackson says "lets not vocalize the deal" yet. Jackson also says they need to keep their mouths shut in all aspects of the game. Jack adds in and says okay Nick wins HOH that all good... but what about if Jess or Nicole wins HOH, the group chimes in and says they dont know. Holly says for sure 2 of us will go up. Christie says if Nicole wins it will definitely be 2 guys but she not which two guys will go up because she is all about thw girls thing. 3:30 Christies said it going to nick and jack that nicole would put up because of the hole girl thing . Holly says that Nicole sketches her out big time because she doesn't know she where she lies. 3:31 PM Nobody in the six shooters know where they lie with nicole. Jackson says he pretty sure be can get to nicole. Jackson then suggest they be a little quieter. Jack says they have talked about Nick,Jess,Nicole but what about cliff. he says that jack has aproached him multiple times in the past 48 hours about solidifying things. Christie said he doesn't feel included.
  9. 7:06 PM BBT Sam and Holly are talking in the HOHR. Sam tells Holly thst he thinks it best to keep the target on Nick because in the long run it will help her. Holly agrees and says yeah. Jessica and Nicole are in the BRL talking as well. 7:13 PM BBT Jessica telling Nicole that she feel like it was Kemi that told her she had a conversation with Kemi about the banishment. Jessica asked her (Kemi) why she was banished and she said it was because she was the only one who asked not to be banishment. 7:20 PM BBT Nicole says to Jessica that she promised herself she wasn't going to get emotional the rest of the game. Jessica laughs and says yeah right it only day 40 in the house we still got like so much more in the house. 7:32 PM BBT Holly and Sam talking about cattle and her farm in the HOHR. Christie, Tommy, Jack, Nick, Kathryn, Analyse are in the RV room talking general chit chat. Jessica then walks in and joins their conversation 7:34 PM BBT Jessica poses the question if we are at a party who is likely to get angry. Tommy is the first one to say he would. Jessica is in shock and says no way. Tommy then explains he says if someone was to disrespect him or his friemds he would pop off. 7:54 PM BBT Holly, Sam and Nicole up in the HOHR talking about the Have-Not room (old camp comeback) room. Sam says he like the temperature in there and Nicole says she like it because it is quiet in there. 8:01 PM BBT Nick tells the group that he said the first person he would get into a fight with is Christie. Christie says you was right i was the first but then we got over it and she then goes on to say she is proud of him. 8:13 PM BBT Holly and Nicole talking. Nicole said she doesn't know what it like being HOH but being on the otherside it feels werid. Holly also admits that it was hard putting both Nick and Sam up but she feels it was a pretty straight forward week because the hole house agreed on the targets. 8:19 PM BBT Nicole tells holly that she just wants to iitirate her plea. She says she appreciate Michie and Holly both being Straight forward with her. she said she been very loyal especially with thses lsst few votes. she wants to move forward with them and stay moving forward. Holly chimes in a ugh it so so hard because she litteraly has no reason for any to go up. she also said she woshes onw would start a fight. 8:25 PM BBT Nicole then asks where her head is at as far as targets go if that the right wording. Holly says thats the problem i really dont have any Target's, but as far as nick and and sam. Nick was the one makkng the big waves in the house with everybody in everybody's mind so from there she doesn't know. 8:31 PM BBT Holly then asks Nicolw what did bella say about her and michie. Nice starts explaining saysing that bella came to her her and this was before the blow up and tells nicole she know she really trust michie and Holly and that them two are going to vote for me to stay and then tell nicole that she need her on borad to do it. Nicole says allgedially bella told michie amd holly the same thing.
  10. 10:04 Holly says she doesn't trust Nick at all. Kat, Nick and Jack are talking about the comps Kat says even most physically fit person isnt always going to win. Holly is talking to Analyse and says if i target Nicole and analyse interupts and says if you target Nicole you have to get her out. #BB21 10:08 PM BBT - Holly says then sketches out and everyone else like Jessica, Cliff etc all would be like what the F**k. Nick and kat and jack are now talking about the wall comps. 10:13 PM BBT - Holly tells analyse that she honestly doesn't know what best for her game. Meanwhile Nick is talking about his favorite comp to kat and jack . 10:14 Analyse tells Holly she has a good realtonship with Sam. Holly then says i know you do but i dont, He pleaded with me and i still put him up. Analyse goes on to say she doesn't know what he gonna say, but i know he want to talk to you tomorrow. 10:32 PM BBT - Holly tells analyse that any trust she has with him is long gone. Analyse tells her she doesn't think so. Analyse also says this is last and final straw and she doesn't know. 10:35 PM BBT - Holly said she is also worried about Nicole coming after she would have to win something. Analyse said she was talk to Kat and Christie in the RV today talking about Nicole and how they thought she was shadey. Analyse thought were or her conspiracy is what if her startagy was to make it to DE and then try to actually compete. Holly says she doesn't think so. 10:45 PM BBT - Holly says that nicole watches the show all the time and she is a superfan. analyse says nicole scares her. They say the really good at hiding and believe their is more to her. They also she she is going to threat and ahe going to show them something. 10:56 PM BBT - Nicole and Cliff talking on the bathroom couch. Cliff think both him and Nicole are safe this week. Cliff believe that Jessica will be the one going up and not nethier of them (cliff or Nicole). 11:08 PM BBT - Nicole tells Cliff that she doesn't want to be the replacement. Cliff then tells her he know but he hasn't heard from the other side yet.Holly is saying eveyome is getting annoyed with Sam. 11:14 PM BBT - Analyse saus Sam has done nothing wrong. Hollys said he has done stuff. Nick is just the one who is pioneering it. Holly said sam is just spearheading it also says he is a bigger target because he asscioiates with him (nick). 11:24 PM BBT Cliff says he is glad Tommy beat him in the veto. Nicole adds in Oh My Word yes you would have injured yourself more.cliff said it would have made it way worse and been able to keep up with him.
  11. #BBT 4:12 PM BBT - Analyse tells Sam that people think her and jack were close when they weren't thst closr. It wasn't till later that they became closer.
  12. 3:23 PM BBT - The Feeds return back. we have Cliff, Analyse, and Tommy in the living room area. Nick, Kat, Nicole, and Christie still in the RV room talking general chit chat. 3:45 PM BBT - Nicole and Cliff are talking about family. They change the topic to Rockstar. Cliff says at first he was iffy about her but then she grew on him. Nicole says she resembles her mom. 4:06 PM BBT - Sam and Analyse are playing checkers while talking. Analyse said at first she had a rough time. Sam nods his head in agreement.
  13. #BB21 3:11PM BBT - Christie, Analyse and Nicole are talking in the rv room. While Jackson and Holly and Jessica are outside the rv. 3:18 PM BBT - Christie tells Jessica that if the comp is spelling make sure she has a word ready. Jessica says she has a few words already. Christie then intupts and says tl her make it pratical add ing add ee subtract ing and then says make it practically pratical. Jessica says she agrees with her. 3:21 PM BBT - The feeds cut to fish.
  14. 10:34AM BBT - Tommy still doing dishes in the Kitchen. Sam talking about the battery box and said the smallest things makes us feel appreciated. BIg Brother comes over and says "Buenos Dias Houseguest". Bella wakes up and Nick turns back over. 10:38AM BBT - Christie goes to the TR where Analyse and Jack are and talking general chit chat. Tommy is in the bathroom puts a towel in the drawer while talking to Sam. Bella comes in to you use the bathroom. 10:45AM BBT - Bella is brushing her teeth and Sam is talking a noise he heard said it sounded like a bobcat. Analyse is cuddling in the bed with Jack. Sam is talking about the watermelons, they got more and he said its nice that we all do is talk about it and BB listens and gives us more, also said they might cut one today. Jackson gets called to the DDR and FOTH music.
  15. #BB21 2:00PM BBT - Kat and Nicole are in the HOH room cleaning it up for Cliff. Sam, Isabella, and Jessica talking about names and what they mean. Sam says he gueses he will go out and talk with everybody. Sam also states that he doesn't do the live feeds. He does after dark. #BB21 2:05PM BBT - Sam and Jessica talking in the BR talking about Isabella. Jessica states that people love her for who she is but game wise she says that Isabella has screwed everyone over. The conversation then switches to votes and both Sam and Jessica both think there will be ten votes. Nick and Bella are in the RV room reading the bible and Isabella whispering something to Nick.
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