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  1. 2:30 PM HG are finally up. Holly and Nicole are getting ready for the day. Jackson is on the couch. Jackson asks about how the finale goes. Nicole explains the finale to him. Jackson farts. Nicole says don't worry America I will explain. Jackson fart on Holly lap. Holly gets mad and leaves, Jackson gets defensive with her. 2:41 PM BBT - Nicole is called to DR and she tells them she will be there in 2 shakes of a leg. Michie tells her to have fun in SR and DR. She says she will. An awkward moment of quiet, as Holly finishes getting ready and Jackson on the couch. Nicole comes out and Holly says oh shot i better hurry. They discuss how to keep the tye-dye separate so BB doesn't confuse it and the feeds cut. 2;52 PM BBT - Feeds come back on. Holly comes out of the bathroom. Jackson and Nicole in the kitchen. Nicole asks about cliffs tye die item and said should I put it in the bag. Holly says yes. Jackson and Nicole both say good idea in a funny accent and feeds cut out again. 2:57 PM BBT - The feeds comes back on. Holly is in the rv picking out her clothes. Jackson and Nicole cleaning away in the kitchen feeds cut. 3:06 PM - We have puppy/Kitty cam. Its HOH lockdown time. While we wait if you were a Jury member of this season and had to pick between Holly and Jackson who would you pick and exactly why? 3:32 PM BBT - Still on Puppy/Kitty cam.
  2. 10:10 PM BBT - It wake up time. we get FOTH. 10:17 PM BBT - Jackson and Holly quietly talking. Nicole is still asleep. 10:58 PM BBT - The house guest is still sound asleep. 11:32 AM BBT - Houseguest still asleep.
  3. 10:00 PM BBT - Holly is in the kitchen cooking some food. Nicole is in the boat room dozing off in and out of sleep. BB tells them to stop sleeping. Nicole says sorry big brother 10:24 PM BBT- Holly is at the table eating and writing a message to Nicole with fruit loops. It looks to say love you Nicole. Nicole is still in the boat-room awake but looks sad. 10:39 PM BBT - Michie gets up from the bed outside of the RV and says im awake now. He goes over gives a kiss to holly. She whispers something to him and he says your beautiful face. Nicole is still in the boat room. 10:51 PM BBT - Jackson and Holly talking quietly. Nicole finally gets up from napping, puts her glasses back on and then whispers 2 days, 2 days not even. Holly said she wants to try and get back on a normal sleep schedule.
  4. 10:30 AM BBT Holly is up. She goes to change her battery in the SR and then to the WA to brush her teeth. 10:53 AM BBT Everyone is laying in bed outside the RV. 11:11 AM BBT Jackson and Nicole asleep. Holly is somewhere. It's a lazy Sunday in the Big Brother house. 11:33 AM BBT - Nicole comes back from changing her battery and doing what else she did and goes back to bed herself. Nothing else going on. 12:00 - 1:00 PM BBT - They are still sleeping.
  5. 5:08 PM BBT - The tye dying is still going on in the house. Nicole's looks like a combo of Red, and purple and maybe yellow. Jackson says hold up wait a minute. we get WBRB. The feed comes back. They are talking about how to tye dye the socks. 5:18 PM BBT - Holly finally working on her shirt she is going to do. She is doing a black so she can do a black and grey design, Nicole is going to Cliff tye-dye shirt blue teal and green shirt. Jackson has yet to figure a style and or colors he wants to do. 5:25 PM BBT - Jackson looks like he is doing red and black, and says done. Nicole tells him awesome sauce. Jackson going to another red and back and see which design comes out better. Other then them tye dying nothing exciting going on. Nicole is then called to DR 5:42 PM BBT - Jackson whispers to Holly If Nicole won part 3 and it came down to Michie and Holly that she would pick Holly. Holly tells him something and she said I really don't want it to get to that point. Jackson says likewise. Jackson then says you know some we got all our own room and says isn't that nice. Holly agrees and says yes it is. They exchange kisses and they ask America don't we look cute? Jackson hops in the shower. 5:50 PM BBT - Holly gets called to DR downstairs but before I forget here is a picture of Nicole tye-dye shirt. 5;56PM BBT - Jackson is playing cards, Nicole is still tye dying, She is doing Purple, Yellow, Green, Blue, red and I believe orange too. She seems to be having fun tye dyeing. She wraps it in cling wrap.
  6. 4:00PM BBT - Jackson is the only one awake. He is playing a game of solitaire at the table. He says "yikes yikes yikes" are you flipping kidding?" then says dang! You can hear production hard at work in the back yard for the next comp. Nicole is asleep in the RV room and Holly is still asleep in the LR couch. 4:11PM BBT - Jackson stops his game of solitaire, heads to use the bathroom. While he is in the bathroom the camera zooms in n out on the deer while the other camera has Nicole sound asleep in the RV room. 4:16PM BBT- Jackson comes out from using the bathroom and goes into the kitchen to put away the glassware from the brunch they had. He then says "sick , nice". Nicole wakes up from napping now she is just staring into space. 4:27PM BBT - Nicole stretches and says hello, as michie walks in the RV room. Nicole says she was about to come out there when Michie walked in. Nicole asked if they have eaten anything yet, and then says that was a deep sleep" Michie tells her he might eat some of the cury as he dont want to go to waste add some chicken to it. Michie then tell Nicole that it 4 something then says its 4:30. He then calls for Holly but says Halls. 4:34PM BBT - Feeds 1 is on the owl then switches to entrance to RV room then to Nicole. Feeds 2 is on the entrance to the room. The 3 of them if Cliff has gotten to Jury yet. Michie says ethier today or tommorow. Then then discuss jury round table, and Nicole says its unfiltered. They then talk about Cameron showmance. 4:40PM BBT - Holly said she dosent know if she will remember how to use her phone. Nicole laughs an says her case is teal and black. Michie says he dont know if he had his charger. Holly then says she dosent know if she will remember how to drive ethier. Michie then says he want a Dodge Challenger or a jeep wrangler in Cali so he can take the doors off. He wants it all black and Holly says that would be cool. Holly then ask Nicole what she drives and she said she dosent drive. 4:46 PM BBT Holly and Nicole has fallen asleep. Michie is still awake. Feeds 2 is still on the entrance of the RV room. 4:58PM BBT - Holly wakes up and repostions herself to be more conforable with Michie. They canoodle each other and share a few kisses while Nicole is sound asleep. Feeds one is on Orwell. Feeds 2 is on a basket of something. Feed 4 zooms in on Holly sleeping. 5:00 - 5:21 -> all three are asleep in the rv room. Jackson finally gets up from sleeping and Holly rolls over on her side. Jackson in the bathroom and brushes his teeth. Nicole wakes up and said she is emotionally exhausted. Holly gets up and Nicole gets out of bed just having a general chit chat nothing game related. 5:26PM BBT - Jackson hopes in the shower. Nicole and Holly in the SR talking about food. They got something wanted and they both say Yay back n forth a couple times and tell BB thank you. 5:30PM BBT- Nicole is in the kitchen making some food. Jackson showering. Holly is nowhere to be spoted. 5:38PM BBT - Jackson is out of his shower. Nicole is at the table eating some soup she heated up talking to Holly. Jackson joins Holly and Nicole at the table to go play cards with the girls. 5:43PM BBT- NIcole says that she thought 10 was big then 5 was big nope 3 takes the cake. Jackson tell her 3 is the hardest because it the most anxious because you got to wait the longest. Nicole said no matter what one of is going to end up in that seat. Nicole then says only 2 will get to walk out on finale night. Jackson interrupts and says well if this dosent suck and what is he going to do with this. 5:45PM BBT - Jackson says he just wants it to Thursday already ,he just wants to know already. Nicole then said that why we need to have fun this week. Nicole then said if she goes out their she gonna have fun doing it slamming her hand on the table. Holly chimes an says she want to also have fun this week. Nicole said she is tye dying regardless, she says if she does it alone she will tye dye everything herself. 5:47PM BBT - Nicole starts the conversation with " if you could stay here another month and they upped the prize money higher would you do it?". Nicole then adds the only stipulation is you wouldn't do anything no comps no ceremony just stay in the house. Jackson said yes he would do it. Holly says yes. Jackson then says heck i dont care how higher they go he needs the money. 5:47PM BBT - Nicole said she also would stay the extra month as well. Nicole said if they asked them to leave she would still stay, because they love torture. That what they signed up for. They then talk about cards. 5;52PM BBT - They move to the Bathroom couch to play cards. All three of them playing. I think they are playing BS. 6:06PM BBT - the game of card is still going on. Nicole is starting to like the game of BS and seems to be really enjoying playing with MIchie and Holly. 6:15PM BBT - They finish their game of BS and go into talking about what to have for dinner. Jackson want to have curry because it good and he dosent want it to go to waste because it so good and the bomb. Holly says lets add salmon before it goes out of date. Jackson ask them what kind of rice they want to have with it. Holly then ask if we dont get the backyard how do we do laundry. Nicole says we dont but dont worry i got the HOH bag and we get WBRB. 6:25PM BBT - Holly and Nicole talking no game talk and Michie is cooking dinner. 6:37PM BBT - They all are munching on watermelon in BR discussing names and who been on with the same name. 6:50 PM BBT- Nicole says she doesn't want to sit in any of those chairs more then anyone else does. Jackson says he just wants to get that conversation over with already. Nicole says it the anxiety and the drag. Holly doses off into sleep and I'm sure Michie and Nicole are behind her.
  7. 12:48PM BBT - the feeds have come back. Nicole is folding laundry but had a smile on her face. 12:59 PM BBT Feeds came back. They got family videos. Michie was crying on the living room sofa, hiding his face in his ball cap. Nicole approached him and asked him if he wanted a hug. He said not right now. He wish he hadn't seen the video. She said she was going to give him a hug anyway. Then feeds went to WBRB. FRI 1:22PM BBT - the feeds return. Michie and Holly on the cuddled up, seems he is still upset. Nicole is in the RV room and comes out of the room and gives them something. She says think of this way we made it to F3 we beat 13 other people, think of the postive none of this sadness." Holly and Michie says thank you.
  8. 12:01am BBT Jackson insists to Nicole he was trying to be fair and square with everyone and it meant the world to him that Cliff apologized for threatening him with jury votes before leaving the house. Nicole sneezes twice and defends herself against Jackson's Pineapples. Jackson says he's afraid of going out 3rd if he doesn't win Part III. He would be content with coming in second though. The $50k wouldn't last long but it would be enough. Nicole says she would also be happy with 2nd. 12:07am BBT Nicole says she's graceful mentally but not physically. She didn't think HoH Part I would be so physical. She just wants to be considered for F2. Jackson says same for him. Nicole and Jackson head upstairs to play a game of Chess. She thinks she gets worse at it each game she plays. Jackson sneezes and Nicole holds back Pinappleing him. His nose is tickling too. Nicole thinks it's all the jalapeño Jackson was cutting up. 12:28am BBT Jackson checkmates Nicole in Chess. She says she was better when she played Tommy, then reflects that Tommy just wasn't as good as Jackson. They head down to play backgammon and Jackson hits his funny bone on the stairs. Nicole says God was punishing him for whatever he was thinking. She compares Jackson to the villain in Sleeping With The Enemy, but he's learning from her. 12:33am BBT Jackson is moving around Nicole's soda in the fridge and she calls him out on it. He says it's his OCD, he doesn't know why but it makes him feel better. The chocolate milk doesn't expire until their last day in the house. Holly is out of the DR and Nicole gets called just as she sits down for backgammon with Jackson. 1:00am BBT Once Nicole is in the DR, Holly and Jackson compare Nicole notes. She says it was fun to compare game notes with someone she hasn't really played with. Jackson says Nicole was really impressed with his game moves. Holly says Nicole told she hadn't given her enough credit. Jackson thinks she's already given up and they should treat her carefully going forward. Fri 2:15am BBT Jackson and Holly join Nicole in the RV. It's snack time, Nicole says, offering them from her HoH basket. Holly says they should go to Mexico to celebrate Jackson's birthday. Nicole says she doesn't even have a passport. Holly says David was a staring contest beast, beating 4 people before facing Christie. Jackson challenges Nicole to a staring contest and she struggles not to laugh. Nicole suggests a 3-way staring contest, and when Jackson points a finger gun at each of them, she tells BB that he just threatened them and should be evicted. He jokes not to make him look bad on live feeds. 2:39am BBT Holly thinks Nicole was a bird in a past life, that's why she's so afraid of them now. Nicole thinks she was eaten by a bird, and that's why. Holly says buzzards are the only birds that eat other birds. Nicole mentions carrions but neither Jackson nor Holly are familiar with that. Nicole says she would call in sick to work if she saw a turkey pecking at her car. 2:44am BBT Nicole says she leaned how to jump on her feet in the comp. Her problem was with the ropes. Nicole heads to the WC and Jackson/Holly are in the WA preparing for bed. Holly says something to Nicole and she yells back, I"I can't hear you. My pee is too loud!" Holly tells a story about a roommate that was hard to live with. They lived next to a crack den. Jackson says driving in Los Angeles is anarchy. Holly says its worse in NYC. 3:05am BBT "HG, remember to enjoy yourselves today. These are the good old days," says BB. Jackson says tomorrow is Day 94, the year he was born. Holly tells him to not remind her of their age difference. Could you have picked a better third wheel, Nicole asks? We didn't have a choice, Holly says wryly. It's actually a unicycle, Nicole retorts, and you two are training wheels. 3:18am BBT Nicole wants to see the jury footage from today's episode. Jackson says it's only 5 days left but Nicole says you're not counting tomorrow. Holly says she looks like she's just woken up all day and has given up. 3:26pm BBT Nicole announces she's ready for bed but she hears Holly in the RV and thinks Jackson is trying to scare her. He's actually in the target BR and Holly says she was just joking. Jackson is praying in the target BR while Nicole and Holly settle into the RV, Holly taking Jess's bed. 3:36am BBT Jackson hugs Nicole goodnight and Nicole says her customary I love you more. No you don't, Jackson retorts. Probably true, she agrees. Jackson acts offended and she says just messing with you. BB says Big Brother Loves You before turning out the lights. Love you more, Nicole says back. 12:17PM BBT: The houseguests did not do much last night, they woke up this morning and have had their Final Three breakfast and have spent the rest of the morning on the living room couch sleeping on and off and Holly put makeup on. Now we are on the puppy cam.
  9. #BB21 WED 3:34PM BBT - Nicole is in the SR ironing a piece of clothing, She says "there is a stain on it" and says opps i did it again. Holly comes in and says there is enough for her in the pan if she wants one. Nicole tells her yeah i would like one. Nicole then shares she is happy the argument is over. Holly tells her no she is not done with the argument. Nicole tells her it day 92 get it right. They both laugh and Holly leaves the storage room. #BB21 WED 6:41PM BBT - Holly is at the kitchen table eating something. Nicole is in the RV room getting ready. No game chat general chit chat. #BB21 WED 6:51PM BBT - Nicole tells Holly, Jackson, Cliff they should do holidays, since they already have done Easter. Holly agrees it a good idea. Nicole then says they should do Halloween and dress up and trick or treat from room to room. She then realizes that they all be the same. Jackson is making a omlet and Holly is doing the dishes. BB then calls Nicole to downstairs DR. Jackson then jokes with her and tells her see you in a hour or so. Holly asks before she goes in if she could have fruit snacks and Nicole tells her yes. #BB21 WED 4:00PM BBT - Jackson whispers to Holly that he would rather take her to a mental/physical comp. Holly tells him she knows. Jackson then tells do you smell how this smells. Holly then says she going to marinate the chicken. Jackson tells her no your not.
  10. #BB21 TUE 6:00PM BBT - Jackson whispers to Holly abut Cliff. Jackson says Cliff cashed his 401k because he had to quit his job, Cliff then said he would throw any comps he would need to keep him and Nicole there. Holly then ask Michie if she should tell cliff that she still has 20k left. Jackson says he dont like to talk to people about it to use it as leverage. Jackson said said Sharron cant afford to come out here and he just wants her out here. Jackson tells cliff he wasn't asking him, but tell Cliff he wanted a single vote. Jackson then goes on to say he wanted one single vote, but he showed that it wasn't, and tell cliff that since he showed it wasn't individual vote but more of a packaged deal, since Cliff is in a duo. Jackson said since one of you decided to break up the deal, it essentially the both of you. Jackson then tell him since your both not safe he is going to be taking the brunt of it and he hates it. He then tell her he never turned his back on holly she had his back why would he turn on her. Jackson says he is loyal and nothing will get between the 2 of them. He says if he stays good if not oh well. Holly tells Jackson she is very proud of Jackson and Jackson says the same about her. #BB21 TUE 6:07PM BBT - Holly sitting next to Jackson watching him play a game of solitaire. Jackson says finally i can make some moves. Holly says yup. #BB21 TUE 6:10PM BBT Jackson cant make any more moves and starts a new game of solitaire. Holly then ask him does he just want steak or chicken tacos and Jackson tells him just steak she leaves to start dinner. She says she can make a clinatro salsa with the agava. Holly mentions her asthma and what she take to help with it. BB then calls Jackson to DR downstairs.
  11. #BB21 TUE 3:00PM BBT - Cliff mentions it is cold he is going to put something warmer on looks to be a blanket. Holly says yeah she that it would be warmer too and goes and put her jacket on. Jackson said he is so relieved there was no Jury Battle Back. Cliff said he is happy because he knows Jack would have come for him. Jackson said yeah he would have but then he wonder what comp it would have been because they made it seem like it would be a huge comp. Cliff Holly and Jackson then name off who could have possibly win. They then mention kaitlyn from last season and then BB calls Jackson to DR. #BB21 TUE 3:07PM BBT - Holly asks Jackson to ask Nicole if she can use the shower after Nicole. Jackson goes upstairs and ask Nicole and she says absolutely. Jackson then comes out and tell Holly absolutely she can use the shower next. Holly and Cliff discuss the first few that were gone, (David, Ovi, Kemi, Sam,). Cliff and Holly both feel it weird they are all watching them. Holly then said who knows maybe Ovi is engaged to Hannah Clare (Ovi's girlfriend). #BB21 TUE 3:12PM BBT- Holly then bring up how her company she works for was supposed to move to Hawaii before coming on to BB. But her partner couldn't make up her mind about it so she left came on the show. Holly then mentions that her sister is taking over the ranch while she is away. We get WBRB for a second then feed come back on . #BB21 TUE 3:23PM BBT - Michie tells cliff that he has never been so exhausted in his life physically he says. Cliff then tells Michie he knows, he woke up and saw no one else was up and he went back to sleep, all he did was talk to the camera.Holly then goes up to shower. Holly then said she want to try Nicole new nail polish #BB21 3:30PM BBT - Holly get in the shower and all is quiet Nicole shaving her pants with a razer, and says theses pants are so thin. Just general Chit chat no game talk.
  12. #BB21 MON 8:00PM BBT - Jackson then talk about the comp where they had strip their clothes and hold onto the buttons and get out. He says jack though he had that comp down. They are talking Jack and how he probably flipping out since there no cigs beer or alcohol. They then mention that Kemi made bacon and didn't clean the pan and jack flipped out over it. #BB21 MON 8:05PM BBT- Nicole then says she remember the first song. It some some song from Abba. Nicole then says her chair is uncomfortable. she then reads the label of her soda can and says cool sit it down Cliff said he wishes the hot tub was actually hot. Nicole then says it isn't and Cliff tells her no it cold. #BB21 MON 8:13PM BBT - Jackson and Holly leave and Nicole join cliff on the bench. Cliff said 62 days ago they were sitting on the bench. Nicole said Jackson got mad when cliff kept getting up. Nicole said she kept bringing up days and Cliff said he was laughing on the inside. Nicole said she wishes they would talk to each jury member and ask a question. she said ask each pre jury member as well along with the winner and runner up. Cliff and Nicole both agree the Finale needs to be longer. Nicole said she watches the backyard interviews too. #BB21 MON 8:20PM BBT - Cliff said he is waiting on the moon but it maybe too early. Nicole said she want to stay outside till 4:30 in the mourning. Nicole then bring up jack and how he made the rule of not being able to talk to the camp come backers. She said she was pissed and said screw it im a play my on game and Cliff agrees. Cliff said nobody is gonna object at the table. #BB21 MON 8:25PM BBT - Nicole and talking about cliff campaign and what he is going to say to try and sway Jackson mind. They then talk about how holly has kept her end of the deal and how Michie hasn't and switched on them. Jackson then asks them what are they doing and they tell him they are waiting on the moon. Jackson then tell him he will be out and minute. the two of them then talk about their wins and how they got there. They both say it been pretty incredible and hop something fun happens. #BB21 MON 8:32PM BBT - Nicole then talks about Michie and how he worried about how he looks because he wear a ring. She said he is worried about how he is persived he wants to be liked and loved by all. Holly then comes out and said hi to Cliff and Nicole she said that Jackson is not in the shower Jackson was called into DR right as he was going to go in. Nicole then offers Cliff for him to stay in her room tonight and Cliff said yeah il do one more night. (im out for the Night its 11:30 at night EST) - melmel
  13. #BB21 MON 3:05PM BBT - Nicole goes up stair to get her and Cliff a soda she open the fridge in the HOH room and see red everywhere one of her Mtn Dew code red exploded. She then apologizes to big brother an says she will clean it up later. She also said she is a hazard. She then goes and blows her nose. Cliff grabs the 2 sodas and heads back outside and shares a story about stores from where he is from and sodas they have in the stores. #BB21 MON 3:11PM BBT - Jackson is out on the Hammock with his eyes closed from after being in the pool . Cliff and Nicole are talking on the Backyard patio talking about a Syfy book he has read. Nicole is talking about Of mice and men. Just general chit going on no game chat. 3 hrs · #BB21 MON 3:20PM BBT - Holly comes out from the house and joins michie on the hammock. He tells Holly "hey you" and gives her a kiss. The cameras then go back to Cliff and Nicole talking about books. Nicole says that she may be biased, but she think English is the best subject in school. Cliff said he never took a English class, but took a Technical writing class. #BB21 MON 3:30PM BBT - Holly helps Jackson with his speech and what he should say. Jackson speech is at this point in this game i love everybody in the game and this is a hard decision. I've been clean fair to get us to the final four. From where im from and raised your word is a bond. His word in unbreakable to those that are loyal to him and his loyalty is unwavering to them. However the moment i see that the loyalty is not reciprocated, i will retract mine as well. He will not bend over backwards for those who will not do the same for him. And as much as this is a hard decision to make he want to be able to look them in the eyes and shake their hands. Cliff i solely vote to evict you. He then ask Holly what she thinks of it she said she like it. #BB21 MON 3:34PM BBT - Jackson then asks what is holly going to say at the veto meeting. Jackson said she should say Jackson i care for etc, Holly then tell him that not what she is going to say. Jackson then ask what are you going to say she recites her speech to him. Jackson says he likes it he really like it and that it was better then what he though it would be. She wants to reiterate that she had a deal and she kept her end of the deal. Jackson then says that he is going to say the specifics. Holly said that this is not the underdog story. she said that Nicole plays as the victim she got power and turned into a big bully and restates it not the underdog story that not how it works. #BB21 MON 4:01PM BBT - Nicole tells herself that she shouldn't beat on herself and Cliff agrees she should and they share with each other why they chose to get rid of Tommy. Cliff said they got rid of Tommy because he was good with faces and good with memory. They also mention the relationship he has with Christie and the possible vote he would have had inside the jury house and they didn't want to take that chance. Nicole agrees. #BB21 MON 4:05PM BBT - Nicole gets up and said she is going to check on the laundry. She then goes over to where over Jackson and Holly are and chats with them about her exploding soda. She tells them its a murder scene up there now. They then ask her how she is and she tells them she is alright and she asked how they are and they say the same. They then talk about the music they played this am for wake up she cant remember the first one but she loved it, the second one is where is the love by the black eyed peas and then wrecking ball by miliey Cyru #BB21 MON 7:02PM BBT - Michie tells Holly to go watch his food while he lowers the visors outside he said he feels weird. Nicole is up in the HOH room cleaning up the exploded soda mess from earlier. Holly then comes back out and Michie tells her thank you. #BB21 MON 7:08PM BBT- Holly goes in and get her pizza rolls and pizza and soda. They are all gathered at the patio area eating dinner. Holly starts talking Angela and Tyler and how they both connections being from the same place. They then talk about Bella and Kemi and try to figure out how old they are. #BB21 MON 7:16PM BBT- Michie talks about college and the times of his classes and then we get WBRB screen. #BB21 MON 7:21PM BBT - The feeds come back on and Michie asks can it be day since it 9 clock. Nicole said they told no veto today she was shocked and she said she though she knew being a huge fan she is. Michie is talking about the comp they had. Michie said dang it sis and get wbrb but it comes back on more talk about the comp. #BB21 MON 7:30PM BBT - Michie says that he wishes he would have watched more seasons instead of doing stuff while doing other stuff. Nicole said yea Michie then said he could have been watching their strategy their personality etc. A plane fly's over and he says every time one fly's over all he can think about is meeting his mom at the airport he see it he can smell it he can taste it. #BB21 MON 7:40PM BBT - Nicole said if she could compare herself to an animal she said she would be a Guinea Pig because they squeak and she squeals a lot. She then asks what the different between a ferret and a meerkat. Holly tells her the difference. Cliff then brings up a show that was done. They cant remember the name ( it called meerkat mannor). Nicole said aw. Cliff then talks about pets he had growing up. Nicole then talk about her pets she had Hermit crabs an something else. She then explain how they are weird especially when they molt because they could eat other because when they change shells their body is soft. #BB21 MON 7:47PM BBT - Holly then talks about pets she has had she had a pet lizzard and said her dad wanted it and how he would burry himself and they would have to dig him up. Nicole then talks about how right before coming on the show her dad and her went to the pet store and there was a walaby just sitting behind the counter. #BB21 MON 7:50PM BBT - Nicole then mentions what this week episodes are going to be. Jackson helps her out with figureing out what days are going to show what. Nicole agrees with him and says yeah your right. Jackson then talks about motions of each day. Jackson then sai he remember walking in the game and not sure to talk stratagy or just normal. Nicole agrees and said yeah then Julie comes on and said it time to vote for Camp director. Niole then said oh shot. We get WBRB but comes back to feeds.
  14. #BB21 SUN 12:48PM BBT - Cliff said he is tired he is going to bed, talk to your family do what you want too. He then gets up an heads inside. Nicole then asks how Michie is and he tells her tired. They then talk bout how it hasn't sank in that Nicole is going to finale. Michie then says it the same for him as well. while they continue to talk BB calls her to DR and she gets up Michie tells her to get holly as he is anxiously waiting for her tilted in the hammock out in the BY. Michie and Nicole both go back and forth who loves each other more. she then heads in for DR.
  15. #BB21 SUN 8:22PM BBT - Cliff tells the camera while he is in the target room that he will vote for Holly because she honored her agreement. #BB21 SUN 9:50PM BBT - Cliff, Nicole, Holly, Jackson are all in Dining area playing Jenga. DR comes over the intercom and tells them to be careful. Nicole says they know its her turn and knowing her she would be hit with jenga blocks. Holly says or your microphone. Its Cliff turn to go and Jackson says they are low bearing. Cliff carefully feels the blocks and get one slowly and Nicole squeals.#BB21 SUN 9:56PM BBT - Jackson goes to the storage room to get the the step stool while he is in the SR a watermelon falls on the ground and splits in half. He then says darn it. Holly then comes in with the snap chat glasses, Nicole says its a murder. Jackson then asks Holly to help clean it up. #BB21 SUN 10:05PM BBT - The four are still playing jenga. The blocks are now up by the microphone. Nicole has the snap chat glasses and Jackson goes for a piece on the bottom and the jenga tower comes falling down. Nicole then says darn it. #BB21 SUN 10:17PM BBT - Cliff is outside talking to the camera hoping his wife Sharron is watching considering it is 12:30 Houston time. He tells Sharron that Michie is not keeping his word and honoring the handshake. He is going back on the deal and is sending him home, which means that his big brother journey ends on Thursday. He goes on to say that that the reality of it is that michie didn't tell him till after he won the veto.He finishes with saying that he knows if he won the veto Michie would want him to keep the deal and honor the handshake. Nicole then comes out with her milkshake and blanket and joins cliff outside. #BB21 SUN 10:25PM BBT - Cliff and Nicole are outside and they discuss clues they missed. #BB21 SUN 11:07PM BBT - While Jackson is looking at the Rule book, we get a close up of before entering the house and sequester. Cliff and Nicole still talking outside he mentions his iq test and something about Mensa and tell us not to rake him over the coals he rushed threw it and it was something he was told. Nicole said they told her that she did well. They finish their talk and BB calls Cliff to DR and Nicole begins her talk to the camera. She starts off by saying Oh America, I feel bad for Cliff she really does. She didn't expect Michie to keep his end of the deal. She knew Michie would take Holly and Vice Versa. She said she really second guessing this. She knows what cliff has done to get this far and how hard he has worked to get where he is. She says she knows she is third and she know she could be second or first, she finishes with saying she will fight blood sweat tears whatever to win. #BB21 SUN 11:20PM BBT- Nicole tells the camera if cliff leaves that she will have a relationship with lil Debbie. She then address her family and said that she has no regrets with every decision she has made. But she is ready to fight tooth and nail. She also says that he will walk out there loving the game and continue to watch it every summer. But she is ready to see each and every family member. she then says ten days its exaugsting and tiring and stressful. She then finishes by saying that she didn't know how much stress it puts all on one person. Holly then comes in because she heard Nicole talking.
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