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  1. After seeing the underhanded way he threw Nicole under the bus on last night's show I am ready for Michie to hit the road. Haven't really liked him from the beginning but now I consider him a POS for his actions.
  2. I am having the same problem finding someone to pull for with this group. I can't stand Jack, Michie or Christie at all and I did like Cliff until he was looking for TV time and spilled all the house news. I guess Nicole and Kemi are my favorites now.
  3. Great idea if the outcast can ever get a person in HOH. Nothing I would love more than to see Jack and Christie on the block together and as a special twist they send both home the same night.
  4. This is good news. I just hope he will use this as his opportunity to shake up the game. I'm afraid it might be too late though. The group that thinks they are SO special may get rid of him quickly. Although maybe they will think they can keep him around telling all he knows so that would help their game.
  5. I hope she does blow up his game and he is OUT of the house soon. I cannot stand Jack because he thinks he is running the house and always will be doing it. I am waiting for Sis to tell him to take a hike because he is not good for her game.
  6. I really like Cliff but just don't understand why he is doing his "Cliff Notes" loud enough to be heard through a closed door. Does production have a hand in this? Maybe Bella (with her big mouth-telling secrets) will let something slip to Cliff about the house knowing what he says. I would also like for him to be passing along false info but that doesn't seem to be the case.
  7. I can't stand Jack and I really like Cliff, BUT Jack was right when he called Cliff a dumbass and said anyone that dumb doesn't deserve to be in the house. Now the question is, is Cliff really that dumb or is production making he do his "Cliff Notes"?
  8. Oh wow!! I hope he didn't just throw himself under the bus. He really should have known better and should have whispered.
  9. Probably both. I'm sure he knows there are alliances. She does make herself look silly by saying things like that. She is her own worse enemy.
  10. Kat is SO desperate. She needs to stay away from Michie. For her sake and his. He is becoming such a tool.
  11. I also like Sam and hope that either he or Cliff win the game. They both seem real where the other guys are sneaky.
  12. I also like Cliff, maybe because he is old like me, and I would like to see him go far. I doubt he will win the game but I hope he lasts a long time. He seems like a caring person.
  13. I may change my mind later but right now I just don't like Jack. He thinks he is running the house. I hope the next HOH puts him on the block and the house votes him out.
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