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  1. @HEB Love your stores and TV commercials-but where's a Rockets player? They are Houston too!

  2. @princessglammy I love Jeff Jordan_cant stand Nicory-Barf!!

  3. RT @TeamPaulBB: Best Case Scenario: Vic evicted Vic wins buyback Vic wins HOH Noms Jatalie Paul wins Veto James goes home RT if this is y…

  4. @princessglammy I voted for Paul! I can't believe Meech got it!

  5. RT @megamuffin5285: This is an extremely cool group of people!

  6. @princessglammy No problems here in Texas with Twitter.

  7. @princessglammy Love it!

  8. @lilerintron I watched as long as I could last night and haven't been able to today. James better keep his mouth shut!

  9. RT @NancyGrace: PLS RT: 16yo Alexis McDonald has been #missing for over a month. Scar on her cheek & may have diff hair. https://t.co/47I8c…

  10. RT @DonatasMot: What's up #RedNation! I have 2 signed bobble heads to give away.RT this and follow my Instagram @donatas_motiejunas https:/…

  11. @katy_fit Also, how's your son doing?

  12. @JJWatt What is your favorite types of food? Besides HEB of course! Praying for a speedy recovery!

  13. RT @HoustonRockets: We've got this autographed poster signed by Ryan & Eric to giveaway! RT for your chance to win! #RocketsGiveaway

  14. @RealityRecaps Love your tweets! But Michelle is NOT fat! You are actually very funny and right on!

  15. RT @geraldyu14: Here's @ryananderson33 https://t.co/AcDHYOSsk1 https://t.co/ESobmjhu6k

  16. @DwightHoward Really loved the page in paper. Really gonna miss you! Wish you only the best!

  17. RT @MarkBermanFox26: .@JHarden13 to #Rockets fans: "I feel so honored to be able to extend my basketball career in this great city." https:…

  18. RT @EchoSierrah: After #Dallas https://t.co/UPSut8Sb2s

  19. #VoteSpringer

  20. #VoteSpringer

  21. @princessglammy I've been binge watching Mad Men. Already watched Scandal!

  22. @DwightHoward Sure going to miss you! Best of luck!

  23. RT @HoustonRockets: RT to wish @TrevorAriza a Happy Birthday!

  24. @princessglammy I found your FB page. Really liked the blog!

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