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  1. @TC_Chefs03 Please announce in advance so we can know to make a reservation !

  2. RT @BugsBusby: 32 Pts 15 Ast 6 Reb...W

  3. RT @JamesPalmerTV: Andre Johnson https://t.co/cUaatWimCw

  4. @MaksimC You are so right about Derek. You can tell he doesn't like Marilu!

  5. @HEB Rockets are part of H-Town too! Don't leave them out of your GREAT commercials!

  6. @DevilDog1024 Gross!

  7. @TexansGuy80 I contacted H-E-B about that!

  8. @BullCBS love this show!

  9. @DancingABC Just now watching-one of my very favorite intros! I'm in tears!

  10. @dmorey I met you in Dallas at a Mavs/Rox game and got a selfie but was so nervous you were kind enough to do it for me!

  11. @00rocketgirl I like Pizza Hut better! Now I want coke!

  12. @johnson80 Sure do miss you in Houston-hope to see you at some Rockets games later.Wish you could come back!

  13. @BullCBS FYI-love the show but hard to find on Facebook for some reason.

  14. @Frankeudy @Stranger_Things Wasn't it so good? Season 2 has already been renewed!

  15. @daniellebb3 Me too! That season was so full of bigots and racists! I thought CBS banned them!

  16. @ca_rockets Doing the happy dance!! You are a favorite and will be great!! Congrats!!

  17. @megamuffin5285 My bad-I thought you said BB15

  18. @jimmykimmel She's so adorable!

  19. @Hellataz @dvr4me True.

  20. @BigBrotherLeak No way Natalie! Paul!!

  21. RT @BBGossip: 11:48am Today James AGAIN implies they will share $$ if any of them win. Please SHARE and RT #bb18 #bblf #RULES? https://t.co…

  22. @MissCleoBB If not for Paul and Victor-very boring season! Love them!

  23. @NyleDiMarco I'm on my 5th episode too! So good!

  24. @princessglammy Did anyone hear her say she's Dan Gheesling's relative?

  25. @TheBBInsider Paul or Victor.

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