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  1. Do you think when America was MVP and put Elissa up the fans just didn't understand? #BBLiveChat

  2. Tell Elissa she had her own fans-she got mvp b/c of how she handled all the drama #BBLiveChat

  3. RT @NBCBlacklist: RETWEET if you're already hooked on #TheBlacklist and counting down the seconds until next Monday at 10/9c!

  4. RT @BB16FeedUpdates: The top 2 targets for the DE are Frankie and Christine. RETWEET if you want Frankie to go. FAVORITE if you want Christ…

  5. RT @EvelDick: Frankie's sister is telling all the 12 year old girls to vote 4 him 4 America's fav.

    Come together, vote for Zach, don't gi…

  6. RT @MarqueeMarc: Voting is open for America's Favorite! Let's vote for #TeamDonny #DonnyforAFP #BB16 http://t.co/Nxzn6hvnJR

  7. @chelseahandler I got married for the first time at 40! Then got pregnant immediately and wasn't even trying!u never know
  8. @DonatasMot We're gonna miss you!!
  9. @Aggie_Baseball @LevyRestaurants Bring that to the Toyota Center! Looks good!
  10. RT @clutchfans: When you interrupt a Rockets game to watch a show about a guy who interrupted a Rockets game. https://t.co/iBEHbv39p0
  11. RT @DreamShakeSBN: This is interesting: Dwight Howard has fired his agent, Dan Fegan https://t.co/tRjgNckZAO https://t.co/WdnbbkhYE1
  12. RT @people: RT if you want more cameos from Kristen Wiig!
  13. @ChronBrianSmith Just now reading today's paper-love the article!
  14. RT @NativeHouston: RETWEET to #FreeJoelBlank #HTownTakeover https://t.co/7njze8I2Ak
  15. RT @SheIsTyraB: Every time Terrence Jones is gone, it's like his spirit take over another player. Tonight it was Dwight.
  16. RT @survivorcbs: RT to send love to a warrior who didn’t want to give up. #Survivor https://t.co/EbPGney8Ph
  17. @PattiSmithFSSW Thanks! My niece Landyn came in 2nd and I couldn't go!
  18. @PattiSmithFSSW voted!
  19. @maykay7628 i will always support the Rox but from my home-at least next season. There has been little joy or fun!

  20. RT @kerrywashington: RT if you wanna congratulate @ReginaKing on the fabulousness of tonight's @ScandalABC

  21. @easyst0 Great game and win!

  22. @jennydialcreech Do you know if any Rockets at game?

  23. #houstonrockets Are you "tanking?"

  24. @princessglammy I just finished RHOD! Give it a chance! I'm from Houston but I think it's going to be good. Wtg for BB!