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  1. @ChiomaMelan @lynnmchale Such a sad sad world we live in. She was beautiful. Praying for your family.

  2. RT @Rockets_Nana: @AstrosTalk Loved, loved watching her keeping scorecard during the games. How wonderful to see one. Thanks for sharing.

  3. @seanhannity I can remember when Trump first met Comey he told someone “He’s a nut case”. Was it you?

  4. RT @HoustonRockets: They said it wouldn't work. They said there was only one ball. And here we are. The second season starts Sunday. We #…

  5. @jimmykimmel @seanhannity Thank you Jimmy for this. I really like both of you but some things have just gone too fa… https://t.co/1Q5E9oY8SV

  6. RT @ClutchGaming:

  7. RT @Lrihendry: RT if you don’t give a damn about the Stormy Daniels story.

  8. @MarkBermanFox26 @TilmanJFertitta @UHCougarMBK @CoachSampsonUH @JHarden13 Can’t hear!

  9. @CNN Who cares except CNN!

  10. RT @HoustonRockets: RT to congratulate @CP3 on 2,000 career STEALS! https://t.co/teTa0U71PZ

  11. #LegendaryMoments and #Sweepstakes

  12. RT @HoustonRockets: RT to make it rain MVP votes! https://t.co/oMO83IJaic

  13. @TheView If you want to be obsessed about Trump’s sex life, why don’t you bring up Clinton, Kennedy and other presidents?

  14. #RocketsMobile: Mike D’Antoni Named Western Conference Coach of the Month https://t.co/IKQ2xSih2C

  15. @BrandiGlanville I’m voting you my fav player so you get the money! You were the most entertaining!

  16. RT @Rocketsfan101: 13. Who is the better player? RT for James Harden Like for Russell Westbrook https://t.co/bE0uHwbXYt

  17. RT @JulieChen: #tgif It's time for our first LIVE EVICTION of #BBCeleb, RT if you're ready! https://t.co/tjveRIqdp5

  18. RT @HoustonRockets: RT to congratulate @JHarden13 on 15,000 career points! #JamesHarden https://t.co/h9hBiXXraP

  19. @jennydialcreech Never mind.

  20. @AnnCurry Am watching We’ll Meet Again and am So ashamed that as a 66 year old American I never knew Japanese in so… https://t.co/6xapLASW6T

  21. RT @ellenmorey: Clint Capela #NBAVote

  22. @jennydialcreech @HoustonChron Great article!

  23. RT @brookesimpson: I can’t believe it’s here. The night we’ve all worked so hard to make it to. This is it!!!! More than nerves or any worr…

  24. RT @SportsTalkHOU: I know the Rockets will lose eventually, I just don't know if I'm emotionally ready for it.

  25. RT @FoxNews: .@DrMarcSiegel sat down with @RandPaul for his first on-camera interview since the senator was attacked https://t.co/3nJnGiW0O8

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