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  1. @jouissauce_ I'm confused tho about this 'therapy' thing like I thought you were already on twitter?

  2. RT @BurnettRM: Soundtrack revealed! https://t.co/QtB6BrETfD

  3. it's unfair that dissertation work does not physically exercise your body

  4. RT @zachary_binxx: student: *changes margins to meet the page requirement* me: https://t.co/0Uwi21Yujs

  5. Area bar keeps fans on in 40° weather

  6. is this, like, news or something? https://t.co/boghBIdNWW

  7. RT @PadmaLakshmi: I’m already serving you up some fish on a platter honey

  8. "Italian-American" https://t.co/jOEzJ7B72g

  9. .@jk_rowling is Snape a virgin? My friend @zachary_binxx and I were wondering.

  10. RT @carlinspace: Mulholland Dr explained https://t.co/lVNZV1HtGT

  11. @_hansweet @jouissauce_ @zachary_binxx Slam slam oh hot damn

  12. RT @Pretzel_Pup: My roommate, who recently bought a 3d printer just walked in the room and handed me this cursed object https://t.co/ZfGZdJ…

  13. obnoxious white man shouting on the phone while riding the bus: "what's the guy from Seinfeld who works for the Yankees?"

  14. @_hansweet @doriandraws Spotlight

  15. People keep making new rational arguments against giving teachers guns (along with many other things) as if it will… https://t.co/CJBgNWKsd8

  16. RT @jameshamblin: Sympathy card by Ayn Rand https://t.co/8EKAgXdoI6

  17. RT @mekosoff: this remains one of the best @ replies on this whole website https://t.co/QGzuJtPprG

  18. @zachary_binxx Straight to the Bad Place

  19. RT @crystamined: I said this before but the behind the scenes of Marie Antoinette is a whole aesthetic https://t.co/JGh8Sf2wjk

  20. RT @CarlBeijer: I wish Twitter had these little parenthetical explanations of why people are *really* yelling at each other like Civ 6 does…

  21. RT @the_moviebob: PHANTOM THREAD (2017) DP: (?) Dir: Paul Thomas Anderson #OnePerfectShot https://t.co/nkBSpohgk7

  22. RT @NiveaSerrao: You know who deserves their own standalone Star Wars movie? The tailor who’s been outfitting half the galaxy with great ca…

  23. Holy mother of God https://t.co/dsyhtPPTME

  24. Maybe you should step down https://t.co/04iOEmw51u

  25. RT @DoubleStraps: To put it in perspective of percentage, this is the equivalent of a person making $50k donating $16. https://t.co/MYzEir8…