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  1. 7:30PM BBT KC won the power of veto. Tyler or Angela is going home [probably Angela - BBLurkerPlus] 9:06PM BBT JC and KC are strategizing in the HoH and JC gets called to DR. 9:17PM BBT In BBR Angela is saying to Ty there have been red flags indicating it will be a bitter jury and she will not win if she stays. She says people will be jealous because they say she drives a Range Rover, etc. Ty promises to make the jury not hate her if he goes to jury. Angela says if she goes to Jury she will lie and take all the blame for everything bad to make Ty seem like an angel. Ty says she doesn't have to lie. [Ha! - BBLurkerPlus]
  2. 10:50PM BBT @Realvegas4sure on the backup account has confirmed that Sam was evicted (a couple BB tweeters were in the audience, too) and that JC won HoH and has put up Tyler and Angela at a "longer than normal nomination ceremony."
  3. It's the reflection on the other side of the glass in the wall of an Asian camerawoman on the other side of the glass filming the kitchen.
  4. 11:21PM BBT Here's the whole, scary, weird Sam monologue that clearly has production freaked out, too. The cut at the end is them abruptly cutting away. 2018-09-16-11-21PM_PST-Sam_goes_psycho.mp4 Full text of speech: "I guess that would be really hard to explain...if I just got up, got dressed, put my boots on, grabbed the lead pipe that I took off of the locker in the bathroom and smashed every single one of those glass tvs across from me - and then shredded all these fucking drawers, picked one of these saucers up and threw it through that fucking window right there. That probably wouldn't be that good. It would take me about 45 seconds to get up and get everything that I needed. [Long pause, then turns to her left] And the door to the parkin' lot's right there. I wouldn't call that a voluntary exit but...[long stare at camera in the darkness]" [production freaks out and cuts away putting all cameras on the contrasting good times in the kitchen - BBLurkerPlus]
  5. 12:58AM BBT Sam starts the shower and heads into the WC 1:01AM BBT Tyler knocks on WC, Sam says "I'm in here"- Tyler heads to BBR. 1:06AM BBT Sam gets in the shower that's been running for 7 minutes with no one in it. 1:17AM BBT Sam has been in the shower for about 10 minutes now - the only one up in the house. 1:18AM BBT Tyler goes to WC then heads back to BBR to go to sleep. Lots of sleeping shots for the next 30 minutes. Sam is the only one up. 1:43AM BBT KC gets called to the DR 1:45AM BBT KC stirring in the BBR, heads to the WC. Before opening the door, KC gently announces to Sam (still in the shower) that she's there so she doesn't scare her (Sam has been in the shower for about 40 minutes now). 1:51AM BBT As KC comes out of the WC changing for the DR, from the shower, Sam says "Hey KC?" Sam then asks if there's any point to her asking KC to use the veto on her while making a pouty little girl face. KC hedges and Sam says, just a yes or no. Sam then says "I'm an adult, I'm a grown ass woman" (essentially asking KC for the straight scoop). 1:52AM BBT KC says she needs to talk to Angela because it's her HoH and then she and Sam will talk more. 1:55AM BBT KC has on her Veto comp costume and finishes freshening up in the WA for her DR. 1:58AM BBT KC pushes the button for the DR door and opens it, then heads in to feed the insatiable beast. 2:13AM BBT Tyler gently snoring in the BBR on Camera 3/4 [except at 2:14:34 - HOLY CRAP! - BBLurkerPlus]. 2:15AM BBT KC still not out of the DR yet. 2:27AM BBT Sam out of the world's longest shower, finishing up blow drying her hair while talking to what she says out loud is the "imaginary love of her life" [behind the camera] "that may be a 40 year old woman." 2:28AM BBT Camera cuts back to more sleeping. All cameras on HoH. 2:45AM BBT All cameras STILL on HoH. I'm out.
  6. 9:52PM BBT Feeds are back. Angela won her 3rd HoH. 9:53PM BBT In BBR, Sam asks Angela what she's gonna do. Angela demurs, saying it's the hardest one to know what to do. 9:55PM BBT They reference dinner and a movie and "stars" and JC keeps singing bits of "9 to 5", so maybe it was a movie themed HoH?
  7. Sorry this comic's late, but there was no clean shot of Bay's comic, so I had to frankenstein it.
  8. BB Comics from tonight's show (missing Rockstar and Bay at the moment)
  9. BBLurkerPlus

    Big Brother Misses Obvious Rules Violation

    But that assumes the show is about competition and not about money and producer ego. They have storylines they want to develop from the time they cast their new season "types" (which are mostly clones every season) and then they set about making the show they think will be most entertaining from before the cast even enter the house. WWE really is the best comparison. It's an entertainment show that's rigged. Not a competition, not a contest, despite how they make it appear.
  10. BBLurkerPlus

    Big Brother Misses Obvious Rules Violation

    Well, Tyler Country Fair-gate damaging the show's reputation fatally might not matter in the long run since Julie Chen will likely leave the show to follow her husband off CBS in the next few weeks. That also puts the whole show in jeopardy at CBS, so it's possible it could be instead re-licensed to ABC, NBC, FOX, with a new production company, new house, and host. After this, that actually might not be a bad scenario.
  11. BBLurkerPlus

    Big Brother Misses Obvious Rules Violation

    It's a sexist assumption, but I made it because the posts are bitchy, so realvegas4sure is a chick or a queen. Oh, and she lies, too. Eveldick caught her following him, then unfollowing him when he called her out in a tweet as being Allison Grodner herself or someone directly approved by her, and realvegas4sure denied ever following/unfollowing him even though he SAW it happen.
  12. BBLurkerPlus

    Big Brother Misses Obvious Rules Violation

    Realvegas4sure is not rachel, but someone actually on-site with production daily. Her info is just way too inside to be someone that's not there daily. Nope. Sam thread has about 500 less views now and losing ground, still.
  13. BBLurkerPlus

    Big Brother Misses Obvious Rules Violation

    You keep saying this, but the fact that JC, KC, and Scottie all referred to it directly for BB20 on video and @realvegas4sure in BB production also verified the rule is the same since BB17 (where liz explicitly states it) clearly shows production let Tyler break the rules and get HoH even though Haleigh won.
  14. BBLurkerPlus

    Big Brother Misses Obvious Rules Violation

    I don't think they'll fix it. It serves the storyline they have been cultivating to leave it the way it is, even though he clearly broke the rules (verified by KC, JC, Scotty, Liz and @realvegas4sure). I'm actually considering ditching the show, too. I HATE the fakeness of WWE, and this has brought into focus that I've been putting up with the same thing on Big Brother even though I knew in the back of my mind it's the same thing. It's just SO BLATANT with this rules violation. The fact that this became the #1 thread for the year for views in BB20 General discussion in just 3 days says a lot about the level of interest in this excused cheating by production.
  15. BBLurkerPlus

    Big Brother Misses Obvious Rules Violation

    There's big money on the line for WWE wrestling, too. That's completely scripted/rigged. The FCC ruled that Big Brother is "for entertainment only" and in that classification it is understood that they are fixing the game and/or have already chosen the ending/winner. Completely legal, and totally allowed. Big Brother is not a competition, and it's not a contest. It's barely a game once you realize the comps are crafted to achieve the goals of production (promote favored player for the storyline they're pushing). A lot of people don't seem to know this, and I can see the Tyler Country Fair-gate thing turning people off of the show.