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  1. Get a outdoor antenna. $30, problem solved, and the video quality is better (less compression).
  2. 3:48PM BBT 3 Hour mark, still kitties. Likely will be over within the next hour.
  3. I think penalty vote is the first step for cheating with food.
  4. He sees it for what it is, but with Jack using his power on the veto pick it's stacked with opposing players. Cliff and MAYBE Sam are the only two that can keep the vote the same and ensure Jack or Jackson leave.
  5. 4:45PM BBT Feeds are back, nomination ceremony over. Looks like Jack and Jackson. Cliff is saying Jack is the target. Cliff_Dance_2019_07_18.mp4
  6. 3:55PM BBT BB calls cliff to the downstairs DR. Time for the Noms - but first, Cliff needs his second bathroom break in the last 5 minutes. FOTH 3:57PM Cams return, but Cliff is pacing the HoH instead of in the DSDR. Maybe production told him to wait during the FotH. 3:59PM BBT BB calls Cliff. This time it goes to cats. Time for Nominations!
  7. Havenots/Slop has started, and Tommy, Jackson, Sam and Nick are the first ones.
  8. 1:34PM BBT Feeds are back. Slop display on the table. Have-not time has begun. 1:35PM BBT Tommy, Jackson, Sam, Nick in the storage room looking at slop mix selection. Tommy, Jackson, Kat, and Christie are HN.
  9. 11:06 Kat popped a zit and it hit the mirror. Her expression is funny. 2019_07_18_1115pm_KatZit.mp4 Screengrab of Kat's expression just after the zit hit the glass: 11:09PM BBT Cliff goes into the storeroom and does a victory dance that would embarass Elaine from Seinfeld then talks to his family and does a mini Cliff's notes (too loudly). When he exits the storeroom, turns out Jack was eavesdropping and tries to look casual. 2019_07_18_1109PM_Cliff_Victory_dance.mp4
  10. Yeah, I bailed on BB19 live feeds long before the end of the show because I just couldn't stand how ugly Paul and his mob were. BB21 is *almost* to that level. So much bullying, racism and generally ugly behavior, and very few houseguests to even LIKE. If there's not a turn soon, I can see bailing on BB21 live feeds completely again (I'm already vastly reduced from usual levels because I just can't stand most of these people).
  11. Nothing has been said publicly. But he's NOT EVEN A LICENSED THERAPIST! Turns out he was still working toward that, but BB made it sound much better than it is. I would be shocked if he still had a job when he gets home. He's said some really despicable and abusive things in the house.
  12. Bella and Nick will know the rest of the house is against them and Nicole was telling the truth once the vote happens and they're on the wrong side of it with no notice. Nick will then realize that Bella might not be so good for his game. Nick/Bella will know they have bigger problems after tonight's vote. I do hope that Nicole wins and goes straight for the head of the snake by putting up Jack and Jackson. The other side of the house will take care of Nick/Bella in later weeks, or maybe Nick will wise up and stealth join Nicole without telling Bella.
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