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  1. why is every rapper like 5'5

  2. RT @RyanPernofski: our days begin and end in stunning bursts of colour https://t.co/dK7fT4yT9s

  3. RT @HennyHardaway96: Urban Outfitters gonna slap this on a t-shirt and sell it for 85 https://t.co/GGdbgU5YnS

  4. RT @daniee429: WAIT WAIT wait. Tristan Thompson cheated on Khloe ???? Pregnant khloe ? khloe who couldn’t get pregnant for YEARS and was fi…

  5. RT @Becky_Latham27: Thank you @UrbanOutfitters it’s exactly like I imagined x https://t.co/UgzmeYLr8I

  6. RT @IndieAltTunes: Tame Impala - "The Less I Know The Better" https://t.co/orkTLRV2TB

  7. RT @Navdizzle: Walking into Target but having no idea what https://t.co/SUCC9cWQ2J

  8. RT @adventuresvibes: Chicago

  9. @IsabelleMcCrady IS CHARLIE OKAY

  10. RT @casey_mcquiston: me pulling into my driveway with my tank on E deciding that's a problem for future me vs. me the next morning leaving…

  11. RT @soumayonnaise: When most guys just wash their face with hand soap and have flawless skin, meanwhile you're doing the ten step Korean sk…

  12. Fast food places should have bean burgers. Fast food places should have bean burgers. Fast food places should have bean burgers

  13. RT @DanielMcCrystal: College majors as Michael Scott quotes, a thread:

  14. RT @annasonderskov: Fun Date Night Idea: invite all your tinder matches to the same bar on the same night. Congratulations you have become…

  15. RT @mindthewords: Julius Caesar’s pencil holder https://t.co/2OjYoOJXT9