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  1. RT @Sarah_Cundy: tm: omg I look so bad in that one don't post it anywhere just bc u look good queen: dw I won't ;) https://t.co/92364RtGxv

  2. RT @fadgagz: "The only artist capable of outperfor Beyoncé is Gaga, and the only artist capable of outperform Gaga is Beyoncé." — Billboard…

  3. RT @Caityox: I don't know what this says but I'ma rt anyway https://t.co/LmCWUXHr3L

  4. RT @laaauurynn: RT for double good luck. https://t.co/edhaxseJkj

  5. RT @SouthernHomo: Gaga's best song. Don't @ me https://t.co/4tKpWlKk8e

  6. @beckyhowgego97 Not the wine I’ve been drinking

  7. @BeyonceThick @VoteBrit @B9fan21 @PopCrave How on this earth is Britney Spears a fad? I’ve seen delusion before but not this much

  8. RT @badgaIzak: RT FOR GOOD LUCK FOR THE REST OF 2018 AND HALF OF 2019 https://t.co/RIKoA3g6uy

  9. Dropped coffee all over my laptop within 20 minutes of waking up. If that isn’t a hint I shouldn’t have gotten out… https://t.co/MdLsg1rXdt

  10. RT @NOTORIOUSAALI: COACHES DON’T PLAY. https://t.co/fwOWlRc2ta

  11. Have to be up for uni in 6 hours but why not edit my bitmoji ....

  12. RT @ayosworldd: RT if you love our president https://t.co/HvR7qZgG29

  13. RT @dcagiunta: Me in 2013 trying to explain what ARTPOP is https://t.co/7qxcboX9B4

  14. RT @mtehuitz: #DragRace season 10: - feature ALL 90-minute episodes - return of Untucked - premieres March 22, immediately after #AllStars…

  15. RT @kayla_wedge: My mom thinks she met @rihanna last night https://t.co/fpknJeZoGd