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  1. Your assessment is spot on and I too struggled with understanding the enigma that is GM untill I read a post from Jokers Updates with some insight into her background. She's not involved with major pageants like the the ones that Candice won, GM is involved in the ones similar to Honey Boo Boo, the low level county fair type paegents for kids so she's basically just a coordinator that pins numbers on the children's dresses and makes sure their are skittles backstage. It is however very disturbing to know that someone so trashy is working around children but that's why her part-time employer fired her....scary thought this woman around children! That paegent industry seems very superficial I guess but it's still weird seeing someone with fake hair, fake contacts, a fake tan, a nose job, and an eating disorder who behaves like a person that has no morals or vales as a human being. I guess this F4 is like voting for political office were you choose the lesser of two evils even though your disgust and dislike is about the equivalent on both sides. Based on overall gameplay I would have to vote for Andy since his betrayl of Helen and Amanda set in motion their evictions which were two of the biggest evictions of the season, plus Andy has a decent 4-5 comp wins and actually used strategy to position himself in the F4. Andy is rat-like and a weasel but that's what the game is all about. Based on emotion I'd have to vote for Spencer, he's crass and a sexist pig but not in an overt malicious way, he's never used racial intimidation or bullying to further his game and he's been on the block a record amount of time, I don't think he can beat Andy or GM, but I do believe one of them will take him and win since he's seen by most as a floater with luck. I wouldn't vote for GM but if she wins I think it will be great for her kind because she is the best representative you could ever find to represent the true nature of these people.
  2. Taharqa

    BB Season 15 disappointment

    I just ignore the trolls, they are easy to spot based on their screen-names and avatars, they typically fail to communicate without profanity and seem easily agitated by the typewritten words on their computer screens. I hope my comments about Aryan didn't upset her fans too much, calling her a racist isn't snide but rather an opinion I formed based upon her behavior and based on her friends on BB15 labeling her a racist. The Elissa bashing on the show was pretty constant for a while and then it leaked to the Internet were talk of her lips became the number one convo instead of her behavior which I found curious. Howard has been out of the house for over a month but oddly people still talk about his genitals....creepy. I have to root for Spencer, he's been on the block so much, he's an underdog and outside of some tactless jokes he's not that bad just a bit sexist but not a race-hater, bully or hateful person. Thankyou for the civilized discussion.
  3. People are sick and misinformed.I can sit here and flip through channels and see all my favorite hillbilly shows with titles like: "Hillbillys for Hire" (CMT network) "Hillbilly Handfishin (Animal Planet network) "Hillbilly Blood" (Dest America channel) "Hillbilly Thrill Rides" (Dest America channel) "Beverly Hillbillies" (TV Land channel) but the vile and disgusting GM will tell you that the word Hillbilly is racist or that a half-white person saying "white-ass" is also racist, LOL, that's how sick she is, could you imagine walking in a grocery store and seeing the word "cracker" on a box of edible wafers and feeling humiliated or dehumanized? GM says if calling someone a food item is also racist....I get hurt when people call me an apple. Honky? What is that a person who honks their horn in rush hour traffic? GM using the N-word shows you her true character, that word is dripping with the blood of MLK and Medgar Evars, it's a word that reminds us that African Americans weren't given equal human rights until 1964 which means when Barack Obama was born he wasn't considered an equal human being in America. I don't use the word in any capacity because I have African American friends who I love and respect and I would never use a vicious slur in reference to their people. What if GM is so sick in her mind that she only wants to win so that she could see the look on Candice face? Is she that sick and hateful in her heart or does she want to win so that she can improve her life and get the psychological treatment she needs?
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    BB Season 15 disappointment

    I agree that it is indeed a social experiment and a study of human behavior, I have also noticed how the sickness on the show has also extended to the fans of the show like with the Elissa bashing and the constant obsession with Howard's penis and people's fixation with sex acts surrounding his penis. It's weird how TV influences people. Im glad the two elitist racists got evicted and hopefully the racist with the eating disorder will lose also. I hope someone puts together a video montage with analysis about these subjects.
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    General irks/annoying things

    While complaining about Elissa using the show do promote her exercise business, Andy said, "Elissersize dot com which makes you gain weight." GinaMarie adds, "It's a virus." Spencer: "And all proceeds go to help spread STDs throughout North America..." Andy: "I thought it went to the Adolph Hitler foundation." Spencer: "Yeah, some of the proceeds actually do... the Adolph Hitler 5K..." They all laugh and GinaMarie says, "and to the United Negro College Fund. You knew I had to throw that in!" Now correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't GinaMarie just equate the United Negro College Fund to Hitler?