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  1. Previously, on Big Brother, only seven remain in the battle for the grand prize. With Michie in control of the week, his plan was to take out Jessica. So he put her up next to his pawn Christie. Michie had a masterplan to get to the end of the game, but Christie wasn’t going to be played for a fool. With the veto on the line, Tommy sought out a golden win. At the veto meeting, the Broadway dancer saved his BFF from the block leaving Michie to put up a new pawn. Tonight, will be the Chicagoan or the Texan sent to jury. Plus, another HG will also be leaving because it’s double eviction night! When the dust settles only 5 HG will remain! All this live right now on Big Brother! Julie greets us and it’s day 79 in the house and everyone is trying to figure out how to make it to finale night. Should Michie succeed in sending Jess packing, he may be winning a battle, but he’ll be starting a war. Michie and Holly are talking by the pool talking about how great it would be to get first and second. Michie says his goal is to get Jess out. Michie says he has a F4 with Cliff and Nicole, but they are also good with Tommy and Christie. This only works if the two groups don’t find out about each other. Holly says she did not come here for sixth or fifth. Michie says they have to make sure none of them get spooked or get wise to the situation. Holly says they are playing a very high risk game right now and Michie says high risk and high reward. Christie is talking to Cliff in the hammock. She tells him she thinks Michie has been working with everyone. Cliff says the same way. Christie tells us that if Michie or Holly stay in the game, then none of them will make F2. Christie tells Cliff that she thinks Michie or Holly need to go. Cliff says even if Christie is telling him the truth, he needs Michie and Holly’s vote. So he needs to tell them before Christie spins it to make it look good for him. He needs their vote to stay. Cliff then goes to tell Michie and Holly about his conversation with Christie and that she told him Michie and Holly were working with everyone. Michie says Christie might try and get close with Nicole and Cliff says she’s already throwing you under the bus. Cliff leaves and Holly says she knew it was a matter of time when Christie would be a problem. Holly says once the dust settles after this eviction, they will see where things stand. Holly says she did not come here to take sixth place to Christie Murphy. Time to let the HG know about tonight’s double eviction. Julie tells them there will be no jury battle back. Michie says double though and Julie says one of them will have a chance at the grand prize, but the bad news is tonight IS double eviction night. Cliff is shaking his head and Tommy is freaking out. It all starts right now! Jess does her shoutouts. HG, 79 days she loves them so much. You only take one shot in this game and it either sends you to the jury house or keeps you in the house. She’d love to stay and keep fighting. Cliff does his shoutout to his wife. He loves Jess. He loves BB and he’s not ready to go home. He’d love to have their votes and if not he’ll walk out with hugs and handshakes to all. Time to vote! Holly very sadly votes to evict Jessica. Nicole votes to evict the jovial Jessica. Christie sadly, heartbreakingly votes to evict Jessica. Tommy votes to evict the beautiful, gorgeous Jessica. By a vote of 4-0, Jessica has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Jess gives quick hugs to everyone and says she loves them. Cliff says family forever. Jess heads out the door. Julie says Jess doesn’t seem surprised and she says not at all. Julie wants to know how big of a mistake Michie made targeting her and Jess thinks she’ll be seeing Michie next tonight. Julie says why is everyone gunning for him and she thinks so. Jess doesn’t think they made the right decision to get rid of her over Cliff. Julie says they will do an after show interview, but we have to kick out another person. Time for tonight’s HOH! This competition is called On Thin Ice. On Julie’s go, they’ll begin to build their ice rink puzzle. Once built, they’ll take their hockey stick and make a goal will become the new HOH. Julie gives the go. Nicole has started with the middle and Cliff is making good progress. The puzzle pieces are large and not easily maneuvered. Nicole looks to be almost halfway done with her puzzle already. Cliff is right behind. Holly isn’t doing well and Christie isn’t doing great. It’s between Nicole and Cliff and Tommy is close behind. Nicole has her final piece of her puzzle. She grabs her hockey stick and she shoots her ball and misses and has to try again. Cliff and Tommy have their puzzles done and Nicole has scored her goal! Nicole wins HOH! Cliff advises Nicole that he thinks Christie and Tommy are the way to go. Nicole does a shout out to her family. Christie goes in next and Nicole says she’s just trying to figure out how best to navigate forward and Christie might find herself on the block but she loves her so much. Nicole’s adrenaline is pumping and she’s breathless. Time for the live nomination ceremony. We see Michie and Holly in the boat room with Nicole and they are hoping Christie will be the one to go, but they ask what Nicole prefers and she says let’s see what happens. Nicole has to name her nominees. Nicole says this is absolutely nothing personal. From a game standpoint, she has to nominate Tommy and Christie. They hug and take their seats. They’ll each have a chance to save themselves in the veto competition. Already tonight, Jessica was evicted, then Nicole became the new HOH and she nominated Tommy and Christie for eviction. Time for the veto competition. It’s What the Bleep? They will all view a number of videos containing statements made by their fellow HG. Each statement will have a bleeped out word or phrase and Julie will tell them what that might be. They will answer true or false. We see Kat’s eviction speech. True or False: The bleeped out phrase was take on. Everyone answers false. They are all correct and they all get a point. Video #2 is Jess’s speech from eviction night next to Kemi. True or false: The bleeped out word was play. Everyone answers True. They are all correct and they all have 2 points. Video #3 is Kemi’s eviction speech. True or false: the bleeped out word was running. Everyone answers true. They are all true. Video #4 is Sis’s eviction speech. True or false: the bleeped out phrase was sitting here with. Tommy and Michie answer true and everyone else answers false. The answer is false. Everyone but Tommy and Michie get a point. Video #5 is Jack’s eviction speech. The bleeped out word was known. Holly, Tommy, and Michie answers True. Cliff, Nicole, and Christie answers false. The correct answer is false. Cliff, Christie, and Nicole each have 5 points. Video #6 is Sam’s veto speech from his second veto win. The bleeped out word was waves. Nicole and Holly answer true. Everyone else answers false. The answer is false. Christie and Cliff have 6 points. Nicole has 5. Holly, Tommy, and Michie each have 4 points. The last video is Bella’s eviction speech. True or False: The bleeped out word was pick. Everyone answers True except Nicole and Christie who answers False. The real word was pick and Cliff has won the veto! Cliff talks to Nicole and confirms he’s keeping it the same and probably take out Christie. He tells Tommy he’s leaving noms the same. Time for the veto meeting. Cliff says he loves them all and at this point in the game there are limited choices and he’s going to honor Nicole’s nominations. Time for the second eviction of the night. Tommy says he didn’t even think about this. He’s happy to be here and no matter what happens he’s so grateful for the last 79 days. This experience has made this Staten Island boy’s dreams come true and he’s proud of Nicole. Christie loves this game, she loves every one of them. She loves this game and she clearly didn’t play well she didn’t win much. She says she’s so proud of any of them winning. Julie is so beautiful. Time to vote! Michie votes to evict Christie. Holly votes to evict Christie. Cliff votes to evict his friend and fellow BB fan Christie. By a vote of 3-0, Christie has been evicted from the BB house. She hugs Tommy and tells him to do good. She gives everyone hugs and she tells Nicole she’s amazing. She tells them to keep fighting and please someone pack her stuff. Julie says she looked surprised when Nicole said she might find herself up there. Christie says she has to do what’s best for her game and she doesn’t see how getting her out is best. She says Michie is going to win. Julie asks if they made the right decision to evict her over Tommy and Christie doesn’t think it was the right choice, but she wants him to stay too and win. Julie asks Christie how big of a mistake it was for her to say she didn’t want to go to the end with couples and she says maybe she shouldn’t have been so vocal, but it felt right in the moment. She’s proud. Julie asks Christie about her and Tommy’s relationship and if having him helped her game or hurt her game. Christie says she felt like she had a piece of home all the time and he kept her sane and talked her off the ledge. She thinks he helped her but it also might have made them appeared close. Julie wants to know why the universe evicted her tonight and no one else and she says it was her time and she was supposed to get to a F6 and maybe Tommy is supposed to win and her leaving will help him get there.
  2. Previously, on Big Brother, showmance Jackson and Holly struck a F4 deal with Cliff and Nicole, but the couple also earned Christie’s loyalty when they agreed to keep her in the house. With only seven souls remaining, the power was back up for grabs and it came down to Michie and Tommy. So Michie promised him safety in exchange for the win. Michie wanted Jess out of the game, and he planned to cash in on Christie’s pawn promise to get the job done. Jackson had a master plan to get him and Holly to the end, but Christie wasn’t buying Michie’s loyalty. At the nomination ceremony, Michie initiated his plan. Tonight, will the POV save one of the nominees? Plus there’s only three weeks left until someone leaves with the half million dollar grand prize, but with Holly and Michie’s showmance survive that long? Find out right now on Big Brother! We pick up on day 73 after the nomination ceremony and Michie has just nominated Christie and Jess with Jess as the target. But if Jess came off the block and Christie went he wouldn’t be that upset. As long as one of them goes home, this week is a success. Jess thought she and Michie had a great game and personal relationship. She feels stupid and mad, maybe in denial. She feels played and she gets emotional. She doesn’t want to be up against Christie because she loves her a lot. Christie is tired of being on the block. She’s up as a pawn and it’s stressful, this is four weeks now and it’s a lot. Hopefully she can Michie and stay and then her contract with Michie and Holly will be a million percent null and void. Jess is talking to Christie and Tommy and she says she feels like she can’t be mad at anyone but herself. She has fought since day one to prove she can do things that she’s never seen anyone do in this game that looked like her. Christie tells her she’s done that. Jess says she’s having her breakdown moment. Tommy goes to comfort Jess as she’s crying. She says it’s a feeling of being unwanted. Like getting picked last on the playground. Jess thinks these feelings could be turned around and used as fuel to win veto. Nicole is talking to Michie and Holly are Nicole says they all like each other but don’t really know each other. Holly wants to do Q&A’s with everyone. She wants to call it “Hot Takes with Holls”. Michie doesn’t want personal stuff on feeds. Nicole says it’s a good idea. Holly says she’ll start doing it tonight and Michie says not tonight with veto tomorrow, plus it’s a holiday weekend. Holly says she wants to do it while she’s still in the house. Michie says he’s just making suggestions. Nicole decides it’s time to leave. Michie and Holly start bickering. Holly says normally if she needed space she’d go for a hike, but here there is no space. There’s nowhere to go to get away from him. Holly tells him he sounds condescending and Michie says she’s snippy. Michie says he has no idea where Holly is coming from but she has a tendency to shut him down. He says having a relationship in the BB house is one of the most difficult things he’s had to do. Holly is telling Michie he is shutting her down and she wants to make an effort to let people to get to know them and he won’t let her. Michie tells her to find a way to change it and she says that’s what she’s trying to do. It’s time to pick players for the veto competition! Christie and Jess join Michie to draw for players. Michie draws first and he draws Nicole and everyone cheers! Christie draws Tommy. Jess draws HG choice and she chooses Cliff. Cliff says getting picked for the veto competition is great so he can win and keep nominations the same. Even though he’s working with Michie and Holly, you never know who you can trust. Michie comes down with a watermelon and Holly gives him a cup of coffee and he says thanks. Holly says she always does that, but now she feels like she’s being shut out and she’s not sure why. Holly is picking at her hair in the Dining Room and Michie walks by and she mumbles sick. Holly goes into the LR where everyone else is talking about Nick and says are you seriously not going to say good morning? He says he did and they start bickering again and Michie says they’ll talk about it later. Michie says she came at him and started talking at him aggressively and you don’t talk to people that way that you care about. Holly goes to lay down and Christie goes to talk to her. Holly is telling her that Michie shuts down and Christie says guys don’t always know how to handle things and Holly says especially when they’re 24. Christie tells her to take time today and Holly says she has nowhere to go. Holly is saying she doesn’t want to be the girl in the showmance, she wants to be her own person. She doesn’t feel valued in the relationship. Christie tells her to just be her. Michie is going into the KT and Holly stands by the counter. Michie says nothing and heads upstairs and Holly follows. Holly wants to talk and Michie says sure. Holly says Michie says he’s being mean and he says he’s not going to be talked to that way in front of four people in the house. They sit down. Michie says she came over to him and she called him an ahole a couple of times and his family will see that. Holly says she feels bad for that. Michie says clearly I can’t make you happy and Holly starts to say something and Michie says do you want to talk? Let me talk. Michie says he’s not going to talked to like that and Holly says he’s been shutting down and it feels like he’s done. Michie says he’s done now. Michie says he’s been there and done that. Holly starts crying and she says she hates this house. She hates it here. Michie says he’s sorry she’s upset. Holly says she never felt worthy and then he didn’t even tell her good morning. Michie says he always tells her how proud of her he is how much he respects. He doesn’t know what else to do. Holly has considered whether the showmance was a good idea and if she wanted to continue this outside the walls. But she’s wanted to be here and play for so long and she doesn’t want to waste this chance. Michie says this morning is exactly what every one of his exes have done and she says she’s not his exes. Michie says clearly you are. He says hopefully in the next 25 days you can make this experience you thought it could be. Holly starts crying and she stands by the door and Michie opens it and she goes out. Michie says he has a job to do and that’s to make it to finale night. Holly is outside the HOH crying on the couch upstairs and Michie picks up the picture of his mom and says I love you mom. Holly continues to cry and Michie heads out and heads downstairs. We have a beach theme and some cabanas. It’s surf camp. They each have a live preserver with their name locked in it. They have 2 and a half minutes to hide their life preserver. After everyone has hidden theirs, they will take turns getting three minutes to make an attempt to find someone else’s life preserve. After five have been retrieved, they’ll reveal who’s preservers were found. The person who’s preserve is not found will win the POV. Nicole is up first and she wants to win this veto. She wants to keep noms the same and she wants to build her resume. She is the only one who hasn’t won anything. She needs to build her resume. Nicole hides her under some logs in the camper. Michie is next and he doesn’t want to win. He hides his in the logs in the LR. Cliff hides his under the bottom drawer in the WA. Jess is in next and she says she needs this veto. She goes to the camper and she hides her under her bed wrapped up in a pillow case. After all she is a snoozefest! Christie says she’s escaped eviction the last three weeks and she’s nervous. She hids hers in the WA under the rug. She feels like that’s inconspicuous. Tommy is in and he heads toward the Target BR. He needs to win this veto to ensure his safety and then he’ll figure out what to do with it. He hides his under the mattress in the Target BR. It’s not the most inconspicuous spot, but we’ll see what happens. Nicole is in first and she knows people hide things in pillows. So step one is pillow squeezing and she finds nothing. Michie wants to eliminate Jess from the competition. So he needs to go where she spends the most time which is her bed in the RV. He finds the first life preserver and he’s hoping it’s Jess’s. Cliff is in and he wants to check on his life preserver and then tear stuff up so people think it’s been searched and they move on to another location. Jess is sticking to the KT because she wants to stay close to rooms close to the BY. She opens drawers and the oven and nothing. Christie starts in the main BR and she says she’s just picking things up and throwing them all over the place. Tommy heads to the boat room because there aren’t many hiding places there and he wants to cancel that room. Michie says he’s not going to lie. He’s been waiting to trash this house. He knocks all the cereal boxes off of the refrigerator. He heads back to the camper and flips mattresses and he finds the preserve in the logs. Jess heads in next and she says the camper is a disaster. She says how rude! She’s pretty sure Michie was the one throwing all the stuff around. That was a douchebag thing to do. Nicole says the house is an absolute pigsty. You don’t waste food! That’s rule #1 in the Anthony household. Actually, rule #1 is don’t leave lights on if you’re not in the room, rule #2 is don’t waste food. We see more HG going in and someone has flipped the mattress on Tommy’s bed. Tommy can’t find anything and he remembers he was going to hide his preserver in the logs in the LR and he searches and finds a life preserver. Michie is flipping all of the couches in the LR. He goes back to the Target BR and searches the dresser. Jess has Tommy’s mattress lifted but she can’t see it. She searches under the rug in the WA and she finds the life preserver there and she’s hoping it’s Michie’s. Christie says this is her least favorite comp. She has no idea where else to look. They’ve torn the house apart. Michie flips all the benches around the BR table. Tommy is in the closet messes with Jackson’s clothes and he apologizes. Michie comes in and he throws his clothes from the closet. Nicole finds a hair tie. Nicole looks under the closet in the KT. Tommy searches the WA next to the dresser. Christie says omg, this house is a disaster! Tommy is going through Nicole’s clothes and he says so sorry. Nicole comes in and says heck no!!! Nicole stops and looks for a minute and then tells herself to walk away. Tommy is looking somewhere the life preserver won’t fit. Michie says he’s flipped everything upside down and then it dawns on him. The one place he hasn’t checked as thoroughly. Christie says Michie is an animal and she’s worried that preserver might be hers. It’s time to find out who’s preservers have been found. Michie has found the first life preserver and it’s Jessica’s. He found the second one too and it’s Nicole’s. Tommy found the third one and he eliminated Michie. Christie says so far so good. The fourth preserve found by Jess is Christie’s. She says this really sucks and she’s praying to every God in the universe right now. It’s down to Cliff and Tommy. Michie found the last life preserver and it’s Cliff’s. Tommy has won the POV. Tommy says another iconic BB comp. The fan in him is over the moon with excitement. Christie says omg she’s screaming! Holy crap! Tommy won and now she has a shot at staying because she thinks he’ll use the veto on her. Things could not be better right now. The HG head inside and Holly is getting her first look at the house. Tommy takes them to where his was hidden. Michie says he threw his mattress! Jess says Tommy won the veto and that’s heartbreaking because she’s positive he won’t use it on her. Jess says she needs to figure out where to go from here because she does not want to meet Julie on eviction night. Michie is sitting in the downstairs BR and Holly comes out of the Target BR. He asks if she’s better today and she says yes. She’s just emotionally drained. Holly is hoping Michie isn’t turning on her because she made him mad. Michie says they have to work together, they don’t have a choice. Holly wants to ask questions but she doesn’t know if she wants the answers. Michie says he doesn’t want personal stuff to bring either of them down. Holly says she just doesn’t want to lose him and he says give me a hug. She goes to sit on his lap and they hug. Holly says she adores Michie and she feels blessed she got an incredible personal relationship that blossomed throughout the game. She wants to keep him in her life, she doesn’t want to lose him. She tells him she doesn’t ever want to hurt him. They cuddle in the bed. Michie tells us people mistakes and he is far from perfect and he really likes Holly. It’s time for the veto meeting! Tommy has decided…to use the Power of Veto on Christie! Michie has to name a replacement nominee. He says there’s not many options left and they have to look for people who hinder our chances on making it to finale night. Cliff, please take a seat. Tommy says weeks ago he would have been worried to use the veto, but at this stage of the game it’s crunch time. All his other allies are gone and it’s just him and Christie and they are going to fight to the end. Michie says Cliff is the pawn and the goal is to evict Jess. She’s the last remaining wild card. He’s hoping the other two duos will take shots at each other while he and Holly play in the background. Jess says it sucks. It’s the hardest thing to figure out how to stay here and she’s going to have to start getting scrappy. Cliff is hoping being a nominee will throw suspicion of his connection to Michie and Holly. Christie say thank you Tommy! Thank you universe for having my back! Christie says Cliff is the biggest boulder standing in her way to win the game, besides Michie. And Christie wants to take a shot at Michie next week.
  3. Tonight, the semi-finals begins! Sean Hayes is visiting tonight and he’s joining the judges for the show! The first act of the night is the Ndluvo Youth Choir and they are so excited to be here. Their director says when they perform they burst with joy and life and their lives have been changed so much already, and they are only getting started. They perform Higher Love by Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood. They get a standing ovation from all the judges. Gabrielle says they are the pride and joy of South Africa, and the world. She’s incredibly proud of them. Gabrielle says they are bringing the love and they made the whole audience dance. Howie says beautiful. They sound beautiful and they look beautiful. Sean says they are just infectious and he doesn’t see how they couldn’t go through to the finals. Ansley Burns can’t believe she got the Dunkin’ Save and she recaps the craziness of her journey. She takes the stage and performs Cry Pretty by Carrie Underwood. Julianne says Ansley is a ray of sunshine in this world and she thinks that why America wants to root for her. She thinks the song overpowered her a bit, but she’s proud of her. Sean thinks she’s amazing and he can’t believe how good she is. He compares her to Karen Carpenter. Gabrielle says Ansley is one of her favorite acts. Howie doesn’t think that song did her justice but he loves her. Simon says her story before summed up everything about her. She’s gutsy and adorable and he wants America to judge her on her entire time on AGT. The Messoudi Brothers are ready to take the stage next. They’ve been performing together their whole lives. They are going to attempt a trick that one of the brother’s broke their foot on. Julianne has joined the act and she put on one of the brother’s backs and he balances with her on him. Julianne thanks them for allowing her to join and they did a great job. Simon says he puts the entire performance down to him because he thinks his advice gave them inspiration and it was so much better. Gabrielle says it’s going to take a lot for her to forget Magic Mike, but Magic Messoudi! They wowed them from start to finish. Howie says they ended up doing something so fantastic. Sean says he’s blown away and seeing them in person, everything is bigger. The next act is Tyler Butler-Figueroa and we hear from his little brother Adam who wants to be just like him and play the violin. His brother is his superhero. He thinks he’s way better than Batman. Tyler takes the stage and performs Break Free by Ariana Grande. He gets an ovation. Simon says Tyler showed what a great showman and musician he was. He put on a performance that defines joy and talent. Gabrielle says what they’ve done for this audience has been truly magical. He is brilliant. Sean says the fact he can jump up and down and still hit the right notes is amazing. He says he makes the violin look so easy, he’s brilliant. Julianne says his performance went above and beyond what they’ve seen. She says his greatest trial has become his greatest triumph. Greg Morton is up next and he says as a kid he was different and bullied a lot and all he ever wanted was to be liked. He takes the stage and he’s doing cartoon characters. He does some old cartoon characters, some new, and then he finally gets around to Disney characters. He gets an ovation. Julianne says she’s hoping animators are watching. She loves Greg Morton! Simon says he’s been a fan of him throughout the competition until tonight. Simon thought tonight was a mess and it was all over place. Julianne says it’s because he didn’t know who the characters were. Howie says he thinks he nailed it, but some of the characters weren’t current. Sean says he doesn’t know he’s not going to work for the rest of his life, that was amazing. Next up is Kodi Lee. We hear from his siblings and how much he inspires them and how proud they are of him. He performs You Are The Reason by Calum Scott. He gets an ovation from the audience and all of the judges and everyone is chanting his name. Gabrielle says Kodi just keeps changing the world. He makes the world 1000% better. Simon says that took him back to his very first audition and his story is unbelievable, but his talent is special. Simon says his breath was taken away. Sean says he has tears in his eyes and he’s so lucky to witness it this close and be part of it. He’s nothing short of extraordinary. Howie says Kodi is magic! Jackie Fabulous is ready to take the stage. She was saved by the Dunkin’ Save and she’s back and she’s ready. She wants to win! She takes the stage to begin her set. Howie is enjoying her set. Howie says Jackie is fabulous and comedy is subjective and he found her funny and authentic. Gabrielle says every time she hits the stage she delivers. She’s funny, fabulous, she makes them think, and she’s really hot. Sean says she has something a lot of people don’t have beyond funny is she’s so likable and people are drawn to her. Julianne says she has an energy and an essence and she fills the room. Julianne says she her standards should be high because she is hot stuff. Simon says semi-finals are very different where this is the moment where people are at the top of their game and Simon didn’t think she brought it. He hates to be a Debbie Downer and he hopes he’s wrong. Robert Finley is next and he thinks everything happens for a reason. He’s the oldest in the competition. He’s bringing the guitar out and he’s ready for this moment. He takes the stage and performs another original while playing his guitar. He gets an ovation from the audience and two judges. Sean loves Robert so much, he’d give anything to be half as cool and hip as him. Sean loved that it’s him and he’s so different. He really stood out. Simon says he is so cool and classy. Age is completely irrelevant. He thinks he would have connected better if he hadn’t had the band behind him. Howie says he doesn’t know the blues world but it felt authentic and real. Eric Chien is our next act and he says magic is his life. He was in shock and thought he was going to go home. Close-up magic has been his act for a long time, it’s like the only thing he knows. He’s torn between taking a risk like Simon suggested, or stay true to what he does like Julianne said. He hopes he makes the right choice. He takes the stage and there’s a table with a small globe and a book on it that turns into a bag and he takes out some blank cards. He pulls something from the globe and we now have pictures of famous landmarks on the cards. Eric reaches back in his bag and pulls out a rolled up map and opens it and lays it flat. He takes the first card and puts the Kremlin in Russia. Mount Rushmore has the faces of the judges, and then it’s changed to the presidents. He lays out various landmarks on the map where they are in the world. He picks up the Statue of Liberty card and he pulls off a miniature statue and the map is now full of statues instead of cards. Julianne says she didn’t know at first what they were watching and she’s a little confused. She thinks that was a massive reveal at the end. Simon says he thought something ginormous was going to come at him. Howie says he did an entire city skyline. Simon hates being negative tonight and he didn’t have a bloody clue what was going on there. Howie says he thinks Eric is one of the best close-up magician he’s seen. Gabrielle says they might have been confused because of their vantage point but he pulled out something unreal! Light Balance Kids is ready to perform a Marvel Superhero act. The kids talk about how amazing it is to be in America and it’s a dream come true. They talk about the war going on in the Ukraine. They perform to Rock You Like a Hurricane by Scorpions and then the music switches Livin’ on a Prayer by Bon Jovi. They get an ovation from the judges and all of the judges. Simon is delighted he was a complete and utter idiot last time he judged Light Balance Kids. He says that was a semi-final performance that will get them in the final. Howie agrees with everything Simon said he could clearly see this act as a Vegas act. Gabrielle says every time they up the ante and let their imaginations run wild and they enjoy it all. Sean says he’s blown away by the choreography and the sync of all of it. He wants to go backstage and talk to them, it’s unbelievable. Julianne says she’s enjoyed previous performances. She doesn’t think they needed to go into the Marvel universe. Benicio Bryant is our final act and we see his parents talk about his growth and how proud they are of him. They’ve always known how talented he is and they are excited the whole world gets to see it. Benicio takes the stage and performs another original. He gets an ovation from the audience and all five judges. Simon says Benicio was pretty outstanding. He says it was very cool and relevant. Julianne hands down agreed with Simon. He just created an entire world for them to join. Sean is completely obsessed with him and he wishes he could call him Benny and he was a jet. Gabrielle says he is a world class talent, he is a star. Howie says he loved this song and he loves him. He truly believes the biggest star that could come out of this season.
  4. Previously, on Big Brother, Michie, Holly, Nicole, and Cliff made a final four deal and they wanted to take out Christie. But after Christie made a deal with Michie and Holly to save herself it kept her in the house another week. With the dude rancher’s daughter in control, a new twist took away half her power and Nick became America’s Prankster. Holly put her target on the block, and the prankster put up his. After Michie won his third veto of the season, he left two big targets on the block. Christie implied she had made good on her promise to Holly and Jackson, but the power couple wasn’t buying it. At the live eviction, the master of the bowl cut was cut from the house. With only seven remaining in the battle for half million dollars, the power is back up for grabs? Who will survive this terrifying competition? And who will the nominate for eviction. Find out now on Big Brother! We pick up on day 72 at the HOH competition with Julie telling the HG good night. Nicole says she wants to win this HOH so badly and she’s sick and tired of not winning. She wants to pull her weight in her alliance instead of them pulling her along. The house tilts forward and Tommy says oh gosh! The rain starts and Michie says it’s cold. Michie says he doesn’t want to win this, but he will if he has to. Ideally, he’d like Nicole or Cliff to win. The one person he doesn’t want to win is Tommy because he’ll go after Cliff and Nicole and he has a final four with them and that indirectly affects his game. Christie says she thinks she’s in a good spot, but she’d love to see Tommy win because it’s like her winning. Cliff would like to win but he’s already sore and his muscles are shaking. Cliff would love to see Nicole win. Jess wants to win this comp because Tommy has been overlooked and she doesn’t want to play a punk game. If you get the chance to take out a big target you have to do it. The HG get cold blasts on them and Tommy says they hurt and they scare the crap out of you! He says it’s terrifying! Jess says this comp is so hard and she doesn’t know how long she can go on. She’s struggling to find a good angle or a good grip. She wants to fall off gracefully and wee see her turn and drop after 24 minutes and 5 seconds. Michie says he doesn’t know what just happened, but it was a very dramatic fall to say the least. We see it in slow motion a couple of times and in reverse and again. They have ghosts hitting them in the chest. Then the ghosts come at the same time as the cold blasts. Then the rain starts again. Nicole has her eyes closed. Christie is leaning forward. Cliff is struggling to stay on and Christie says he’s so strong. He’s amazing. Jess is encouraging them. Cliff says it’s a lot tougher to hold onto than he ever imagined. Cliff falls after 41 minutes and 56 seconds. It’s down to Nicole, Christie, Michie, and Tommy. Christie doesn’t think she’s anyone’s main target this week and the longer she’s up there, the harder it gets. And with the cold mess, maybe it’s time to bow out of this. She hopes Tommy wins and she’ll leave her fate up to the universe once again. Christie falls at 42 minutes and 26 seconds. It’s down to Nicole, Michie, and Tommy. Nicole feels pretty good. She sees Tommy shaking and after he falls she thinks Michie will fall. She can do this, she just needs to hold on a little longer. She knows she can do it… Cliff is encouraging Nicole. Michie says Nicole is on the right and Tommy is on the left and Michie is hoping Tommy falls first because if that’s the case he’s going right down with him. Tommy says his calves are on fire and his core is shaking. He doesn’t know how he’s still standing because it’s hard to hold onto the boards. Nicole wants this so bad, she refuses to drop. Her whole body is shaking and she’s pushing through it. She says this is your comp it’s happening. Nicole falls are 49 minutes and 8 seconds and she’s down and crying. Jess goes over and says she loves her so much and comforts her. Cliff and Holly come to get Nicole and she’s crying. Holly says they are so proud of her. Nicole is in the DR and says darn it. She’s not a sore loser, she’s just frustrated with herself. Holly tells her not to beat herself up. Nicole says she just wanted to see her family so bad and she’s so frustrated dammit. Holly and Cliff are talking about what might happen if Tommy wins. Holly says Michie might have to win this because her and Michie promised to keep Cliff and Nicole safe. Michie looks at Tommy and tells him he’s good. Christie is sending Tommy good vibes because she knows it would be a guaranteed week of safety for her. But her and Michie have been on good terms so maybe he won’t come after her. We see Tommy and Michie pumping themselves up. The HG on the side are encouraging them. Michie is watching Tommy and Cliff says they are beasts. The house tips forward and Michie says again Tommy he’s good. Tommy says Michie told him he’s good. Tommy says he wants another win under his belt and paint a bigger target on him, plus he can play in the next HOH? The deal doesn’t include Christie, but he’s his own person and he has to take care of himself. Tommy falls and Michie falls behind and Michie is the new HOH! Michie shakes the key and says it sucks. This is the last HOH he wanted to win. This is his fifth competition in a row and it’s back to back to back for him and Holly but he couldn’t risk Tommy winning HOH because he didn’t know where his head was at. Dammit! Michie didn’t want to win this HOH, but he made a final four with Nicole and Cliff and he’s sticking to that. Holly is so proud of him but now they somehow have made the target on their back bigger. She’s praying people would rather be with them than against them. Christie is a little frustrated didn’t win HOH because her and Michie have a strange relationship. She doesn’t necessarily feel safe. Michie goes to Nicole and tells him he won for her and Cliff and she gets emotional. Michie says I love you, you’re ok. Holly says you did great. Cliff comes in and the four of them head into the camper. Michie says he didn’t want to win, but he doesn’t know when they’ll get another physical comp and he didn’t want to risk them going on the block. Nicole is still crying and Michie comforts her and says it’s ok. Nicole says she’s content with Michie as HOH, but she needs and wants to start building her resume in the game. She wants to contribute and she hasn’t and that sucks. Michie goes and tells Tommy that Nicole is crying. Michie and Tommy hug and Michie says he told Tommy he was good. He’s not putting up Holly, F4 with Cliff and Nicole, and he promised Tommy he wouldn’t put him up. Jess and Christie is pretty much where he’s at. Michie tells Cliff he wanted to throw that to Nicole, but he wanted to keep him and Nicole safe. Michie tells Cliff he thinks if Tommy goes it would be bad for them because they would be the next targets. He pitches Christie and Jess. Cliff agrees but in DR he says he would prefer Tommy and Christie rather than Jess, but Michie is the HOH. Jess in the DR says she wanted to win that HOH, but she’s so happy for Michie. Michie says he needs to make Christie comfortable with the idea of going on the block this week. Michie says this might be the week you have to go on the block as a pawn. He says he’s afraid of Jess. Christie is crying in the DR and she’s tired of being on the block. This is the fourth week now and she’s tired. Michie tells her Jess is brilliant and he wants her out. Christie says why me? Michie says first he doesn’t want people to know they’re working together and two, he wants people to think their deal is done. Michie says any mental comp Jess can win. Michie tells her she’s not the target. He says Cliff will vote her out and Nicole will go with Cliff. Christie says she trusts him and she says in DR she has to trust him. If she argues with him it will make him think she doesn’t trust him and she’ll be skating on thin ice. Nicole is talking in her bed and she says today was exhausting and she’s just feeling down. Christie is talking to her and says it broke her heart to watch her fall. They are talking about their families. Christie is crying and says she’s starting to forget what the bark of her dog sounds like. Nicole says she’s having trouble hearing voices. Nicole says she’s trying not to be the emotional girl, but she could have been reading a letter from her family. Christie and Nicole are crying and the other HG see them and they are trying to figure out if they’re laughing or crying and why they’re crying. Christie says it’s not normal to cry so much on live TV. She says it’s fine to cry at home, but not every day on TV. Nicole and Christie go in the camper and we hear Big Brother loves you. They get emotional again and Nicole says that’s so nice! Christie says she’s so psychotic. Michie and Holly are alone in the SR. Michie says they need to make Tommy and Christie think they’re doing what’s best for them, and the same with Nicole and Cliff. Michie says he and Holly are between two couples, Tommy and Christie and Cliff and Nicole. He needs to take Jess out and let the other two groups take a shot at each other and leave him and Holly in the shadows. Holly is always questioning Christie’s word and she thinks it might be smarter to get her out. Holly is so bummed she didn’t get to play that comp because she’d have loved to kick his butt again. Nicole and Cliff are in the HOH with Holly and Tommy and Nicole wants to know if it looks sketchy. Cliff says no, they are a group and there are three people who need to go. Cliff offers himself as a pawn if needed so maybe it will deflect people from thinking they are working together. Michie says Cliff volunteered as pawn and that’s great because it might keep their F4 secret. Cliff says if he can’t trust them to keep him safe, then he’s screwed at this point anyway. Cliff says he’s in it for the longhaul and he’s not flipping to anyone else. Tommy and Christie are talking and Tommy says he tried. Christie is frustrated with Tommy because she feels that of all the comps they’ve played this season, this was his. She tells Tommy what Michie told her in the shower about Jess being the target. Tommy tells Christie that Michie can’t put him up because he promised him safety. Christie says really?!? She says that’s great he’s safe, but she’s going to be used as a pawn. Christie thinks Cliff and Nicole are working with Michie and Holly and Tommy says she has a point. Nicole and Cliff are a strong duo, why wouldn’t Michie put them up? Cliff is outside and says good morning Sharon. He says it’s so hard being away from his wife and he hates to be away from her. He’s doing everything he can to keep in touch with her. He says he can’t wait to dance with her. He’s not a great dancer, but as long as he has the right partner that’ll be ok. We see Cliff dancing in the BY imagining he’s dancing with his wife. He likes to dance with her when he’s feeling down and when he’s feeling lonely. We see various clips of Cliff dancing with his eyes closed. He can’t wait to dance with her when he gets back. He’s thinking this is a good time to ask her to renew their vows so he can show her how much he loves and values her and wants her with him the rest of his life. Jess goes to make her pitch to Michie in the HOH. Michie says they’re getting into the memory and mental comps and to be honest, if he’s going against her and Christie he’s terrified. She says oh wow! Jess says thank you and she laughs. Michie says there are two seats he has to fill. She says nothing. He says I love you and she says nothing. She says in the DR and she says she’s trying to read between the lines and figure out what he’s trying to say. Michie says he has two seats to fill and only 6 to choose from. Michie says he’s not threatened by Tommy, Cliff, or Nicole, and he won’t put up Holly. Jess says ok… Michie says that leaves you and Christie. Jess says like, like, like…Jess says this si the biggest bunch of BS she’s heard in her life. Jess says me a mental threat?!? Christie goes to the HOH room and asks Michie how he’s doing. Michie says people you want to work with have to be up as pawns at this point. Christie says if she’s going to go quietly on the block, there are things she needs to know. Christie asks him if Jess wins veto who does he put up. Michie says most likely Cliff. Christie says do I still have the votes to stay and he says yeah! Christie wants to make sure he’ll break a tie in her favor and she wants some reassurances. Michie doesn’t promise his vote, and Christie says her mouth is bleeding from biting her tongue. He won’t promise to keep her over Cliff because he probably wouldn’t. Michie says Christie is taking this really well. He says Christie said she’d gladly take fifth and until then he doesn’t see her as a threat. He says maybe he’s being naïve. It’s time for the nomination ceremony! Michie’s first nominee is…Christie. Michie’s second nominee is…Jessica. Michie says it’s very straight forward. He thinks they are the two HG that stand the greatest chance of beating him and this is just a game. Michie says he nominated them because they are the two biggest mental threats in the game. Jess is his target, but if something unexpected happens it wouldn’t be a total loss to see Christie go out the door. Jessica says this sucks! She knew he was going to put her up and she didn’t believe it. Jess says she was duped. Touche! But she has a veto to win. Tommy says Christie is on the block for the fourth week and that sucks and if she goes home he’ll feel alone and partially responsible. Christie says now that Michie has put her on the block two times their contract is null and void. She is not working with them going forward no matter what they think. If she wins HOH, she will be going after them. But first she needs to go win this veto.
  5. Previously, on Big Brother, Holly rolled into power, but with prank week under way a new twist threatened to jeopardize Holly’s HOH. After Nick became America’s prankster, he found himself on the block, but he secretly nominated his nemesis to sit next to him. With a Zingtastic veto on the line, Michie got the last laugh and he decided to leave two big targets on the block. Tonight, will Christie lose her shot at the half million dollar grand prize or with the therapist’s time finally be up? Plus, a week of pranks terrify the HG and a terrifying endurance begins tonight on Big Brother! Julie greets us on day 72, and she says prank week has thrown the HG into a frenzy. The house is realigning yet again as everyone is really questioning who is loyal to who? Could Christie’s years long relationship with Tommy ultimately be her downfall? We pick up on day 69 after the veto ceremony and Holly is thrilled Michie didn’t use the veto. She doesn’t want to fire a shot at Nick the second time and miss. Christie is feeling confident because Nick has displayed him as a huge threat and she hopes the house sees it that way. Nick feels super confident and he thinks he’s going to stay. If he were the sole reason Christie got out of the game it would be the biggest poetic justice. Nicole tells us right now she wants Nick in the house because he’s loyal to her and an ally, but he’s also a shield. But she has to be careful in sticking her neck out for him because it could get her in trouble. Christie and Tommy confer in the Target BR and they still each other as the F2. Tommy says Christie is all he has left and they are going to make it to the very end. That is his goal. Christie tells Jess that she’s not a big a threat as Nick. Jess agrees and says it will be the Nick and Michie show and Christie doesn’t want to compete against those two. Jess has never seen eye to eye with Nick and she can easily see herself as a third person in a pair, either Michie and Holly, Christie and Tommy, or Cliff and Nicole, and that could put her in a good position. Christie says she’d love to see herself in a F3 with Tommy and Jess because she thinks Jess would pick her to go to the end and she thinks she could beat her. Jess, Cliff, and Nicole are told to make a pie and surprise someone with a pie in the face. Nicole says she’s getting so much enjoyment from smashing pies in people’s faces…but Michie’s been avoiding her lately and she REALLY wants to get him. Cliff gets Tommy and Jess gets Christie. Nicole goes to the HOH and Michie is hiding behind the door and smashes the pie in Nicole’s face. He yells plot twist. Michie says Nicole I love you to death, but if you think I’m going to take a pie in the face without putting up a fight, you’re mistaken. Nicole says oh you want a war? You got one. We then see Michie and Nicole both with pies running around the kitchen and Nicole misses and Michie gets her in the back of the head with a pie. Nicole says I need to hit Michie with a pie and best believe I will. That’s a promise. We see Nicole going downstairs and saying she’ll be in the kitchen and she hides around the corner by the stairs and Michie comes out and heads around the corner. Nicole says vindication! I won! Michie gives Nicole a hug. Tommy is in the backyard on the hammock. Nick is saying he wants to stay. Nick says he’s rock solid with Nicole, which means he should have Cliff too. And Tommy is his boy so he should be ok. Tommy let’s Nick know he might not be able to keep him and Nick wants to know why he’s fighting so hard to keep her. Tommy says he gave his word that he would vote out Nick. Nick says Tommy, are you kidding me?!? I’ve had your back this whole game dog! Where’s your loyalty? He needs to come up with a scheme to flip the vote or he’s toast this week. Nick talks to Nicole and tells her he 100% had Tommy’s back and he made a deal to not keep him. Nick says Tommy does whatever pleases the house. Nicole says Tommy is supposed to be one of Nick’s closest allies in the house, but he won’t vote to keep him? There must be another piece of the puzzle why Tommy is so adamant to keep Christie. We see Nicole go to talk to Holly. Nicole says she’s working with Holly and Michie, but she wants to keep Nick. She wants to test the waters very carefully and see if there’s a chance of keeping Nick this week. Nicole says she understand why Holly nominated Nick, but Nick and Christie is like choosing apples and oranges. Holly says she doesn’t want the vote to flip, but if it does she still gets out big target. Nicole says Christie survived the block because of a killer campaign and now she’s surviving it again. That scares her. Plus, Tommy promised his vote to Christie and Nicole doesn’t understand why Tommy wants to keep her so bad. Maybe there is something she isn’t seeing. Nicole tells us she doesn’t know if Holly is picking up what she’s putting down, but it’s up to Nick to convince Michie and Holly to keep him. As prank weeks comes to an end, Big Brother has one more trick up his sleeve. We see some scary clowns in the windows and the HG are freaking out. Jess says she knows it’s prank week, but she doesn’t think this is funny. Michie is laughing at the clowns. We see one in the SR, and then one in the bathroom mirror. Tommy didn’t think he was scared at clowns, but now he guesses he is. Cliff and Nicole see one in the camper and it says Nicole and she’s freaking out. Cliff starts to leave and Nicole says don’t leave me! She comes out of the DR and everyone is upstairs in the HG and Nicole is freaking out. Tommy says the HG’s that are the most scared are Nicole, Nicole, Nicole, and Nicole. Nicole can’t find the HG and she’s looking around downstairs. She sees one by the DR table and she kneels down in the KT and the HG are upstairs in the HOH room watching her laughing. The lights turned off downstairs and the clown in the window makes bird motions. Nick goes to talk to Holly and Michie and says this is his most important together. He’s not making a deal, he’s making a promise. He’s not saying he wants to work with them, he’s saying he wants to work for them. He’s a shield for them and he promises he would help keep them safe. Michie says do you think Christie will do that for you? Nick says if he’s not here, then Christie or Jess will target Holly and Michie and he can help protect them. Michie says if I’m on the block with Tommy and we don’t win veto, who will he vote for? Nick says he has to keep Michie to keep his promise. Michie likes his pitch. Nick says he can help him, even if it’s for another week. Nick feels like he killed his campaign and they’d be stupid not to keep him for another week. Time to check in with the jury house! Jack doesn’t think he played the game that well, he ran his mouth too much. He’s ready for another juror, there’s a few things he can use a partner in. We see him playing Marco Polo alone. He’d love to see Analyse walk through the door. Kat arrives and says she’s here for the conspiring b*tches meeting. Kat says she’s not bitter, and a lot of things happened to get her here. Jack says Kat was the least expected person, but he was clearly wrong. Kat shows Jack the video and Kat fills him in on America’s field trip. Jack says who’s coming in next? Kat thinks it will be Michie, Holly, or Jess. Jack and Kat are doing fine in the jury house and we see them playing putt-putt. Analyse arrives and says hey guys! Jack says she looks so pretty. Sis definitely feels betrayed that Michie nominated her. She shows them the video. Kat asks Sis what she was thinking when Michie won HOH. They watch the nominations and then see the veto. Jack says Michie won HOH and veto, stud move. He’s proud of him. Sis is confused how she went out over Christie and she tells them she blew up Nick’s game on Taco Tuesday. Sis doesn’t feel betrayed that Christie flipped the vote. Jack says Christie is an incredible player but he thinks Cliff plays an incredible game, but so is Tommy. They think Nick will be next, but Jack thought Christie or Michie would be next. Kat thinks Nick is playing a dirty game and flirting his way to a top spot. It’s now time to check-in with the HG. Christie says for the last 5 years she’s been inspired by four life principals and she realized they can help get them through this game. She’s doing her best and she’s not playing a perfect game, but she’s playing a game she loves. She hopes they vote to keep her and she’s honored to sit next to Nick. Nick says if anyone is dealing with mental help there are people that want to help them. He shouts out his parents and Sam Smith and loves Isabella. America he appreciates they gave him America’s prankster and he plays an honest game and Michie is his dawg. It’s time to vote! Michie loves him but he votes to evict Nick. Tommy votes to evict Nick. Nicole sadly votes to evict the noteworthy Nick. Jess respectfully chooses to evict Nick. Cliff votes to evict his friend, Nick. Time to let the HG know the vote. By a unanimous vote, Nick has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Nick gives hugs and Christie tells him to remember no cursing. He heads out and dances and joins Julie. Julie tells Nick his hair looks nice. She says she had a feeling he was going to be nominated so he chose to nominate Christie. Why does he think it didn’t work? Nick doesn’t know. Tommy told him he’d keep him if he were on the block next to Christie, but Tommy hasn’t been loyal on the votes and Cliff is going to do what’s best for his game. He says Christie does what she has to do. Julie asks about Nick telling Michie he had his back and Nick says he meant in the real world because he doesn’t know how he’s being viewed. Julie asks if Nick thinks that was a smart game move and he says no. Nick says Tommy will have trouble with jury votes because he’s evicted three of his people and Michie is now the alpha male in the house. Julie wants to know Nick’s thoughts on Tommy and he says you think he’s loyal until you need a vote. Nick says he voted for people he wanted out and not the people the HOH wanted. Julie asks about Taco Tuesday. Does he think that made him a target. Nick says she was already planning on doing that so he wanted to get it all out in the open. Julie asks if doing that and losing his emotions cost him the game and he says yeah maybe. But he wanted to get out in front of it and protect himself. Final thoughts? Nick feels like Holly and Michie have a shot at winning and he respects their game the most. It’s time for tonight’s HOH to begin. It’s a haunted house theme and they are standing on wood planks. Prank week is officially over, but the scares have only just begun. Tommy yells oh my gosh! Julie says the last HG left standing will be the new HOH. It’s hold on and don’t fall off. Hold on fright, because this competition starts now! Julie says she thinks some clouds rolling in and Tommy says do you?!? Julie thinks it’s going to be a stormy night. We’re back and all HG are still on. Sunday we’ll see who becomes the new HOH and who they nominate for eviction. Wednesday we’ll see the POV and next Thursday will be a double eviction night! Julie checks-in with the HG and she tells them they are all hanging in and well done. She does want to leave them with this, they didn’t call this hold on for fright for nothing! They have ghosts come up and hit them in the chests. Cliff says SKD143!
  6. Previously, on Big Brother, Christie made a deal with Michie and Holly to be a pawn if she survived the eviction. So Michie and Holly flipped the house and sent Sis to jury. With prank week under way, the HOH was on the line and Holly rolled into power. While Cliff, Jess, Nicole and earned a pie-riffic punishment. Wanting to target Nick, Holly considered cashing in on Christie’s pawn promise, but the enlightened one wasn’t having it. A new twist pranked Holly’s HOH reign, and America chose Nick to be their prankster. At the nomination ceremony, Holly chose her target and the prankster’s secret nomination was revealed. Tonight, will the POV save Nick or Christie? Plus, the master of Zings is back to roast the HG. Plus, what other pranks are in store? Find out right now on Big Brother! We pick up on day 66 after the nomination ceremony and Holly nominated Nick because he’s a big threat in the game and America’s prankster nominated Christie. One of her or one of her allies needs to win this veto because if Christie comes down she has zero control over the replacement. Nick says sitting next to Christie gives him the best chance to stay in the game. Christie is assuming America’s prankster is Nick, but she has a veto to win. If she can bounce back from last week, she can bounce back from this! Michie tells Holly she looked damn good up there. She says he looked good last week. Holly says the fact its Nick and Christie is heaven. Holly hopes she gets Nick out. Michie says if he gets picked to play veto he’s keeping it the same. He says it scares him America’s prankster could put him up and he doesn’t like not knowing who it is. Tommy joins the HOH room and Holly asks who he thinks the prankster is and he says he thought it was Christie until she went up. Michie says the scary part is if it’s used. Holly really, really doesn’t want Christie come down for that reason. Tommy says he feels like he has to win this veto just to make sure he’s protected. Christie joins Nick and Nicole in the camper and he says sorry you have to sit next to me. Nick says it was the smartest move for her game. Nick says they’ll both go out and fight for the veto. Nick tells us he doesn’t really want her to win. Nick hopes he wins and pulls himself down and she goes home like she was supposed to. Christie feels like Nick must think she’s stupid. She doesn’t believe him when he wishes her well because he put her on the block. The HG are sitting around. Jess, Cliff, and Nicole need to make enough pies for the entire house and make sure everyone gets a pie to the face! Nick says he has to stay in the DR because they are about to pie everyone in the face. He says he doesn’t get hit with it now because he’s in the DR right? The HG are gathered outside of the DR door and Nicole is let in. Taco is talking about what he ate and Nicole comes in and pies him in the face. We then get a slo mo! Nick says are you f’ing kidding me?!? Everyone is laughing and Michie has brought him a towel. Nicole says this is so much fun. Nicole says punishments tend to be horrible, but this is the perfect retaliation for all the things these people have said or done to be rude to her. We see Michie get hit in the face, then Cliff get Holly. Tommy and Christie get pies next and Christie eats hers and says it tastes good. Michie hits Nicole in the face with a pie and Jess gets one in the face and Cliff too. It’s time to pick players for the veto competition! Christie and Nick join Holly at the front of the LR. Nick really wants Tommy and Nicole because he thinks they’ll take him off the block and he doesn’t want Michie or Jess to play because they won’t take him off. Holly sticks her hand in to draw first and her hand comes out covered in good for prank week. Holly has drawn HG choice and she selects Michie. Nick is next and he says the goo is disgusting and he draws Cliff. Cliff is glad he got drawn to play. Christie is making a face because of the goo. Christie really wants to draw Tommy. Christie draws Jess. We see Christie talking to Michie and Holly and she says she’s really gunning for it. Michie says he’s going to because he doesn’t know what will happen. Holly says she just doesn’t want HIM to win. Christie says Nick is a swindler and he’s good with his words and she’s concerned people won’t see through his flattering BS. She wants to prove herself and take one for the team. She’s going to give it her all and Michie says the same and Christie heads out. Holly says she hates Christie thinks this is them cashing in on their deal, but they didn’t put her up. Michie says this doesn’t make us square on their deal and they still might cash in down the road. Holly says the more she talks to Christie the more she thinks it’s not the worst thing in the world if she goes home. The HG are sitting around chatting and Zingbot enters from the DR door. Holly comes down from upstairs. Zingbot says follow me brainless humans. Nicole says as a BB fan, she can’t believe she’s in the presence of Zingbot. Please don’t go too hard on me Zingbot. Zingbot says he’s visited the BB house a lot and he has to say this is the biggest group of losers he’s ever seen. Zing! Tommy, with all your constant singing and dancing this summer, you remind me of my favorite musical. Little shop of Attention Whores. Zing! Holly says Zingbot nailed that on the head considering Tommy’s reaction! We then see Tommy sitting in the DR doing the splits and he says he’s not an attention whore. Nicole, you say you’re afraid of birds, but you’ve been living with an old buzzard all season named…Holly! Zing! Michie says Holly has a couple years on him. He likes cougars. Christie, you sure got loud on Taco Tuesday! I don’t mean your fighting, I mean your…chewing. We then see her eating in DR. Tommy says he thinks she got off easy. He didn’t mention anything about the tears, emotions, paranoia, the crying, the tears… Zingbot almost forgot, he has something for one of them! Wait here! Zingbot comes back with a gift box for Nick. He brought Nick a present. Open it up! It’s a bowl. Time for a new…haircut. Zing! Hail Caesar Zing! Nicole, it must be tough for you in the BB house with no friends, no boyfriend, and no contact with the outside world. Actually, you must feel right at home. There is one HG this summer who is very voluptuous and if you don’t mind him saying, quite busty…pleased to finally meet Cliff! Watch the sideboob zing! Jessica, with the game you’re playing this summer, fans are already planning a convention in your honor. They’re calling it…snooooooozefest. Zing! Hello, we haven’t met yet. His name is Zingbot. What should I call you? Michie, Jackson, or how about douchebag? Chess not checkers zing! Christie says he’s kind fo a pompous douchebag let’s be real. Ok HG listen up. The scandals and fake news about his presidency forced him out of office and now he’s on the run. He’s decided to hide out in the BB house and they will never find him…we hear sirens and a guy with a space helmet goes on from the department of Zingland Security and Zingbot is under arrest. Zingbot says HG, meet him at the Zingatentiary and help set him free. Nick says it was nice playing Zingbot and all but it’s not going to keep him from going out and winning that veto and keeping Christie on the block. We see Zingbot behind bars in the backyard. He needs the HG help to escape the Zingatentiary. Holly is still mad at Zingbot. Nicole says Zingbot is counting on them to bring him out. On go, they have to maneuver their ball through the penitentiary and knock out cameras. The first player to knock out all 27 cameras and hit their button will free Zingbot and win the golden POV. Christie is on the block for the third week in a row and she needs to make sure she survives another week on the block. Nick says being America’s prankster is amazing because he got to pick a nominee. Unfortunately for him he’s still on the block and he has to win because it’s the only chance to be 100% safe. Nick has his first camera out, and then his second. Jess has gotten one and Michie got one right behind. Christie and Cliff are struggling to get use to maneuvering the bar. Cliff wants to go nice and slow to not make any mistakes. Michie is getting used to it and he’s maneuvering pretty well. Michie has 24 left. Nick also has 24 left. Michie says he’s working from the top down. His dad always said do the hard things first and he’s going to live by that. Holly says she’s had so much of her HOH control ripped out of her fingers and she wants to win to keep noms the same. Holly has 25 cameras left. Zingbot tells them to move faster because he needs to get the Zing out of here! We see several HG dropping their balls. Christie says her balls are all over the place. She says this competition is a complete mess. Jess is struggling. Nicole says some people are really struggling. Cliff and Christie keep dropping their balls and Jess and Holly are moving so slow. It’s obvious Michie or Nick will win. Nick has 9 cameras left. Michie has 11. Nick gets another. Holly says she realizes this is not her comp to win. She’s hoping Michie can win so they can take Nick out of the game. Nick has 6 cameras left. Michie says Nick is doing well but he’s focusing on this competition and his strategy is paying off now. Michie now has 4 cameras left and Nick has 4 also. Nick says he just needs to stay focused and keep a steady hand. He’s going to help Zingbot escape and in return he’s going to help Nick escape eviction. Nick has three cameras left and Michie gets his last button and hits his button. Michie has won the POV! Michie says Zingbot called him a pompous douchebag but you’re welcome for helping you escape. Michie says sorry America, but Holly and Michie have the power back in their hands and he’s sorry to take it out of our hands. Christie says she’s ok with Michie winning as long as she’s still not the target. Nick says this is rough, but he’s not ready to go anywhere and he’s going to fight. The Department of Zingland Security has just realized Zingbot has escaped and he says noooooooooooooooooo! The HG are heading inside and Christie tells Michie nice job. Nick goes and lays in the lounge room. Nick tells Michie he didn’t have to go for it. He says it wouldn’t have been him going up. He says the best way to show loyalty is to show it when no one is looking. Michie says he realized Nick was America’s prankster. Nice to meet you. Michie says he was sorry, he didn’t know it was him. Nick says the veto didn’t go the way he wanted to. He wants to plant a seed in his head so maybe he’ll save him with the veto, probably not. But he also wanted to plant a seed he can be loyal and he had his back all along. Nick tells him Christie hasn’t always had him. Michie goes to the HOH with Holly and picks her up and they celebrate. Michie tells Holly he just found out who the prankster was and it wasn’t Nicole like they thought. Michie says he still can’t risk it. Holly says even if they decide to cut a sick deal with him and Michie says no they aren’t cutting more shady deals. Christie joins the HOH and she celebrates with them. Michie tells her he can’t use it and he’s not about to risk Nick being in the house and going after Holly. Christie is so grateful for putting the trust in her. She really doesn’t want to be on the block for a third week in a row, but Nick is his best shot and Michie is pompous and does like to feel like the man in charge so she makes sure he knows she’s grateful. Tommy and Nick are talking and Nick says Michie won because he was worried he’d have gone up, but he wouldn’t’ have gone up. Nick tells Tommy he’s America’s prankster because he needs Tommy to know he has his back going forward. Nick needs to let Tommy know he trusts him and vote to keep him. Nick says he needs Cliff, Nicole, and Tommy’s votes. Nick thinks things might be ok if he can get the three votes. Nick says if he gets kicked out over her, that’s crazy. It’s time for the veto meeting. Cliff, Nicole, and Jessica each of you make a pie to congratulate the veto winner with three pies to the face!!! Cliff hits Michie first, Jess takes the second shot, and Nicole goes to get Michie but he shoves the pie away. She says every time! Michie has decided NOT to use the POV! Nick says Michie didn’t use the veto but he put Christie on the block next to him for a reason. What she doesn’t know is he already started campaigning. Holly says Nick is her target this week and she feels pretty good she’ll be able to get her shark this week. Tommy says the thought of evicting Nick or Christie really hurts him. The idea of losing one of them will hurt him, not just in the game but personally. Either way, his numbers are dwindling.
  7. Tonight, we have the last set of acts before the semi-finals begins! The semi-finals start next week and tonight the last 7 acts will be moving forward! Let’s get it started! Terry says it’s hard to talk about the next act without choking up…it’s his golden buzzer, the Detroit Youth Choir. These are a group of kids who have faced adversity and their voices are going to be heard tonight! The take the stage and perform The Champion by Carrie Underwood. They get an ovation from the audience and all four judges. Gabrielle can barely be heard and she’s showing they are unbeatable and invincible and thank them for inspiring a nation. Howie says they are wonderful and inspiring, and the director’s voice spoke to the world and this is the message! Julianne says this is bigger than AGT, this is a movement and they are better when they are together and they should think about that. Simon says they stepped up from the previous audition, and they were better tonight than their first audition! Up next are Lukas and Falco. Falco is getting older and Lukas wants to make memories and fight to make it to the next round. The more time they stay in the competition the more time he has to perform with his best friend. Falco performs various tricks, including jumping a rope. Simon says this dog is unbelievable. Falco was better than Lukas and it’s his kindness that made the act so special. Gabrielle says she has five dogs at home and they don’t do anything. They actually upped the ante to an incredibly high standard. Julianne says he pulled out all new tricks and included parkour. It was unbelievable! Howie says he’s the judge from a different show because he didn’t say new tricks and Simon and Julianne buzz him. Howie says it’s an old dog and no new tricks. Dom Chambers is set to take the stage next and he’s a magician. He likes to use every day items to make his own magic. He’s interacting with a screen with extra Dom’s. 13 in total. He hands cards with the faces of various former AGT acts into the screen and he calls Terry to the stage. He asks Terry to place four notes in each glass. He tells him he can switch any he wants and he does make a last minute change. He wants everyone, including those at home to point at any AGT face. He then he wants us to slide our finger in various directions given to us. A hole is blown in Tapeface and the audience cheers. He also Simon wouldn’t stand up and he was the only one in the room who didn’t. He has a big sign that says everyone will choose Tapeface and when he drops it, Tapeface appears. Julianne says Simon is so lost which makes it really cool. He makes magic cool and they all felt apart of it. She says that was the best performance by him so far. Simon says he loves the fact he looked stupid made him looked better. Simon says that was genius. Howie says Tapeface said it best. There are no words to describe how wonderful he just did. Gabrielle says she has to reassess Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. He makes people believe. Benicio Bryant is our next and he will be performing an original song tonight. HE’s a singer and we see him singing the national anthem at a baseball game. His dad talks about how shy he is and how amazing it is that he can take the stage and sing the way he does. He’s so proud of Benicio. He takes the stage and he gets an ovation from Julianne and Gabrielle and the audience. Julianne says she’s been waiting for this moment and she thinks he took a risk but he did an unbelievable job. Simon says he loved him. He has a natural talent and his advice would have been to strip the song down. The song just need his voice and maybe one instrument, no production. Howie didn’t respond to that song, but when he was a superstar in his package. Howie’s not sure this choice was the right choice. Gabrielle says he’s a rockstar and he has “it”. Gonzo is preparing for his performance. He says he was at karaoke one day and he was a terrible singer, but he seen a tambourine and it was a dream. He wants to share with America. He is in a pit of yellow balls to start and he comes out with a tambourine and he has four back up dancers. He’s performing to Juice by Lizzo. Gonzo jumps on a trampoline and he dances on stage. Simon hits his buzzer. Howie says he loves Gonzo! He says Gonzo is so much less and gives so much more. There’s a million singers and people who are acrobats, but who does this? Simon says the good news was it didn’t last very long. Simon says he actually did nothing there. Gabrielle says oh Gonzo! There is so much about this act to love, like the other four dancers he brought out. He is special and unique. Julianne agrees with Gabrielle and that was his best performance because of the four little guys that were crushing it. She was thoroughly entertained though. The next act is a young musician who does cool things with a guitar. His name is Marcin and he’s been writing music since he was 12. He takes the stage and plays Spanish style music and he gets an ovation from the audience and the judges. Gabrielle says Marci is revolutionizing the guitar for an entire new generation. Julianne says her body just wants to move and she hears music and she wants to move. She says what he does is so important is what other creators pull from. Simon thinks technically he is one of the best performers they’ve ever had. But he’s a contender. Howie says he is like a one man band. He asks if he’s ever thought about the tambourine? Eric Chien is the next act and he has always loved magic and when he had to return to Taiwan for military service he felt lost without cards. He really believes magic is everywhere. Julianne will be joining him on stage. Eric has a tube and he pours chocolate candies into a bowl. Julianne takes one. He pours some candies into his hands and he has a rubiks cube and he asks Julianne to mix it up for him and he wants to add a little more chocolate and he has a second cube and then he pulls a second cube from the first one. She has three cubes that she’s mixed up. Eric places them on the table and he takes the first one and it has become solid colors on all sides and he repeats this with all three. He then drops more candies and he has a larger rubiks cube. And he shakes it and the colors go solid on each side. He says the cubes were made out of chocolates and he crushes one and the chocolate pieces fall. Then he tosses the large cube down and it falls into chocolate pieces too. Howie says Eric upped it from his previous performances and he deserves a spot. Gabrielle says he is one of the best in the world and he did not disappoint. He raised the level of the entire competition. Simon says he thinks Dom was better than him on the night and that didn’t wow him. Julianne says she was gasping because she was right there and she was eating the chocolate and she doesn’t know how he did that. Berywam is up next to the stage! Individually they are good beat boxers, but together they can make magic. When they’re on stage it’s just their voices and four microphones. They take the stage and begin their performance. They get an ovation from the audience and the judges. Julianne has been a fan and this performance seemed more intimate and showed more of their technicality. Simon says people are going to love it and some will think what the heck was that. But he thinks they needed to take a risk and they are great guys as well. Howie says that was so much more than beat box. He loves them. Have they ever thought about a tambourine? Gabrielle says they can sing! They put all of their talent on display. They killed it. Matthew Richards is the next act and he is the wildcard who was brought back. He’s doing something he’s never done before but he wants to take a risk at the live shows because he doesn’t want to be eliminated again. He has his hoop on a white flooring that has water on it. He also has water pouring on him as he does his tricks and Simon hit his buzzer. He then attaches his hoop to a rope that raises him in the air and he does tricks in the air in the water. He gets an ovation from Julianne and the audience. Julianne says Matthew does belong. He says America wanted him as the wild card. Simon likes Matthew very much, but he doesn’t think this is going any further. Julianne argues and Simon says last time it was him with a hoop and this time it was him with a hoop getting wet. Gabrielle says he and some hoop and some water, that’s a spicy Tuesday night in her book. Gabrielle says this gave us spice and fire and she was here for all of it. Howie agrees with Simon, it was more of the same but moist. Mackenzie is up next. He says every year he gets older and chasing this dream has been hard, but he has faith. When he auditioned it was a huge leap of faith and now he gets to be on that stage and he wants to go all the way. He takes the stage and performs Life on Mars by David Bowie. Howie says he’s a huge David Bowie fan and a huge Mackenzie fan and he has an amazing instrument and he thinks maybe this year, they need something special. He thinks he’s special, but it’s just singing and just that song, was it enough. Gabrielle says he is enough, his voice is enough, and his talent is more than enough. They just need America to vote. Julianne she loves his voice, it’s effortless, but there was something she was missing. She wanted to connect with him, but there was something missing. Simon says he doesn’t want to be a downer, but the last 20 seconds of the song was by far the best part of the performance. Julianne says America needs to vote. Jackie Fabulous is a comedian and she’s next. She is speed dating in her package and one of her “dates” says he hopes she doesn’t bomb. Jackie takes the stage for her set. She jokes about online dating and some of her experiences with dates. She gets an ovation from all four judges and the audience. Gabrielle says Jackie was absolutely fabulous. She’s a star! Simon says she’s his favorite kind of person. Very naughty and unpredictable. It just felt like she belonged here and it was one of his favorite performances tonight. Howie says she’s real, authentic, and funny. He thinks she deserves to go further! Julianne says any references to Law & Order SVU is amazing. She’s a star and she loves her! Our final act of the night is Emanne Beasha and she was Jay Leno’s golden buzzer. She’s an opera singer and she says every note can be so powerful but also so soft. She takes the stage for her performance and Julianne and Gabrielle are on their feet before the performance ends. She gets an ovation from the audience and three of the judges. Simon says Emanne wasn’t just in another league, she was on another planet. He says it was like watching the Olympics when someone with a God given talent does something amazing. If she doesn’t get through he will eat the judging table. That was unbelievable. Julianne says what she did just transcended anything she’s ever heard. She says she is an icon and people will be trying to follow in her footsteps. Gabrielle says the opera world should thank her because they just got new fans. Howie doesn’t like opera, but she is purely an amazing talent.
  8. Previously, on Big Brother, HOH Michie had Christie in his sights, but Christie couldn’t understand why Nick wasn’t in danger and relations with her former ally became rocky. After Michie won the veto, it looked like Christie’s fate was sealed, so Christie manifested a plan to pull off a hail mary. Christie told Michie her intentions, so he fanned the flames with Nick and it led to all out war on Taco Tuesday! After the spicy showdown, Holly reconsidered her vote leading the universe and the HG to save Christie kicking the soccer start to the curb. With prank week under way, the HG were rolling for power. Cliff, Jess and Nicole earned punishments while Holly got a perfect shot! Tonight, find out how Christie changed her fate before the live eviction and who will Holly nominate? And find out who you voted for America’s prankster and what they do with their power. All this right now on Big Brother! We pick up on day 65 after the eviction ceremony. Michie says he knows what America is still thinking, he knows what it looks like. Trust him, he was on board with this and it might help him more than sending her home. Holly says first repeat HOH and it feels so good! But prank week terrifies her because Julie said it will impact her nominations. Nick says it sucks that Holly won. He’s probably going to see the block this week. He doesn’t know what prank week entails, but it said it will affect nominations so maybe this could be good for him. Christie says she’s freaking the h*ll out! We see her go and pray and say thank you God. She’s devastated because she feels like she had a hand in ruining Sis’s game and it kills her but in order to keep herself safe this week she cut a few deals. We see her talking to Cliff 28 hours before eviction and he tells her she has to go through Nick and Holly and cut a lot of deals. Cliff says he’ll vote the way Holly and Michie go and he says selfishly, he also needs a promise for her that he won’t a be a target. Christie goes to talk to Michie and she’s going to make clear that Michie is not her target and she’s going to have make a deal with the devil. She makes her pitch and says she has no one right now. She’d be willing to be a pawn and she’d be willing to honorable take fourth or fifth and she means that. On her sister, she is good for her word and someone has to combat Nick. Christie says it won’t be Sis, Nicole, or Tommy and she wants to take a shot and make moves. Michie says if she’s guaranteed to not be against him, then he might go with it. Michie says she really has nothing left except to turn to him and offer herself as one of his assets. Michie says she has a lot more to offer than Sis does. 20 hours before eviction Cliff talks to Christie and he tells her he and Nicole are tighter than people assume and he needs her not to go on the block next to Nick because he cares about her. Christie says if Nicole would go along, she’d go with it. Cliff says he’s been bouncing it around upstairs. We then see Cliff, Nicole, Michie, and Holly and they agree to work together. Michie says if he loses to anyone, then he’d prefer it to be someone in this room. Nicole says Cliff is her guy, her #1 in this game, but she needs more to get further. She doesn’t mind working with Michie and Holly so if that means voting Christie, then that’s what she’ll do. Christie says hopefully those deals work in her favor this week because she feels like she’s good with them now. Nicole tells Cliff she doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry and Cliff says Holly won so this could work in our favor. Nicole is concerned about the pranks and Cliff says he is too, but there’s nothing they can do about it. We see Michi slide into the BR and he picks Holly ups and hugs her and says he’s proud of her. Holly says she’s nervous of the pranks. Like if she doesn’t have control. Michie says she’s safe though so that’s worth it. Michie says he has three options, Nick, Christie, and if that doesn’t work there’s Jess they can vote out. Holly says she has a target this week. She’s had a target. She wants Nick in this game and she doesn’t want to miss a golden opportunity to get him out. She’s afraid this will be a bloody HOH and Michie thinks the pranks will be targeted towards him. He says watch me go home on your HOH. Holly says that would NOT be funny! Jess, Nicole, and Cliff say this punishment will be delicious! They will make pie and smash them in the face of whoever he tells them to! They need to go make a pie right now and smash it in their own face! Their pies are pie crusts and whip cream and they hit themselves. Jess says she feels sticky and it smells. Cliff is ok with it. Nicole, Jess, and Cliff go make some pies and smash them in each other’s faces! Nicole, Cliff, and Jess, go make a pie and smash your face in slow motion! Jess is not looking forward to waking up in the middle of the night to make a pie and Cliff can’t wait for all of it. Nicole, Cliff, and Jess, go make a pie and wake someone up with a pie in the face. Jess sneaks in the camper and Nicole and Cliff go to the Target BR. Nicole says Nick I’m so sorry and he says are you kidding me? Tommy says what’s happening and Cliff hits him with the pie. Jess tells Christie I love you so much and hits her. Tommy says oh my gosh! Cliff and Nicole are going to talk to Michie and Holly and Cliff asks if anything is ok? Michie asks if they are ok going up as pawns because of the pranks. Cliff and Nicole both look like a deer in headlights and Michie says he’s just kidding. Cliff says they control the vote now. Cliff wanted to make sure they were good and comfortable. Holly says she’s not comfortable, but she’s good with him and Nicole. Cliff says they seem like they want to follow through with this alliance. Holly says she’d like their support because she has no idea what is about to be thrown at them. Christie goes to talk to Holly and she says she deserved it. Christie says Holly and Michie were a big part in her staying so she’s going to step in and make sure things are ok. Holly says she really wants Nick to go home and she pitches putting Christie up as a pawn. She says she prefers not to. That sucks. Christie says why her and right now? Why do this move so early in the game. Christie says she’s just concerned if he came down would she have the votes to stay against whoever she’s sitting next to. She says she’s not thrilled about it, but she’s ok if Nick’s definitely her target. Holly is not surprised Christie is reacting this way and now she’s wondering if she made the right move. Michie and Holly are alone and Michie says it didn’t sound like Christie was a fan of being a pawn. Holly says she just back pedaled. Michie says he just spun his HOH to keep Christie and now she’s questioning the deal SHE made. Holly considers backdooring Nick because putting him up last time didn’t work for her. They also discuss maybe taking Christie out. Cliff is watching Michie cut a watermelon. Cliff says Michie is a watermelon addict. Michie says it’s the best snack. We see about 20 clips of him eating watermelon. He says you can’t eat too much watermelon. You can’t get sick of it. He keeps eating more watermelon, including in the HOH in the dark. Cliff wants to know where are all these watermelons coming from .We see Michie in DR requesting watermelons, including a request after the alien smashed one. We see Michie explaining how to find the perfect watermelon and smacking it. The HG are all asleep and we hear goofy laughing. The voice says they need everyone in the bathroom. Everyone to the bathroom downstairs! Tommy says last night he got awakened by a pie in the face, now he’s being woken up by circus music and a jester telling him to go to the bathroom What will happen when they get there?!? The prankster then says just kidding, go to the LR! Holly reads a card explaining America’s prankster. America is voting to name one HG the prankster. The prankster will secretly be nominating one HG for eviction along with the HOH. AND, if the HG comes down the prankster gets to name the replacement. Holly says really America? You couldn’t just vote to let me prank the HG? You have to take one of my noms away? Christie says America is giving someone so much power! They get to name a nominee AND replace them if they come down? She really hopes America names her the prankster, but she knows she’s not America’s sweetheart and she could cry every time she thinks about that! Michie says well, things will get interesting! Holly says now that she’s only putting up one nominee she has to handle Christie with care and not scare her off from working with them. Holly says at least she doesn’t have to go up, unless America’s prankster puts you up. Christie says unless America likes Nick and the way he’s been playing and he gets up. She wonders who he’d put up. Christie hopes she gets it, it would be ideal and then they’ll figure it out. Nick says whoever America’s prankster is could put Michie up because he’s a big target. Nick says he needs to try and make a deal to stay off the block and he says if Michie does get put up, then he can win veto and use it to save Michie. Nick and Holly talk about Christie blowing up his game and Holly says she’s not sure what the route will be. Nick makes his pitch to save someone she wouldn’t want to leave. Holly is worried about that and she’s considering her option. Nick says she was your archenemy and now I am? Why? I’m not against you? Nick says he’d save Michie and Holly says if it’s someone who’s not Jackson, then yes I’ll take them off. Holly says Nick is claiming if she doesn’t put him up she’ll save the other nominee if she wants him to. Holly says she does think America’s prankster might put up Michie to mess with her HOH. But there are a lot of If’s in the scenario. Nick leaves and Holly says oh Nick. Trustworthy Nick. Christie says she’d rather be bored and eat, rather than just be bored. She loves herself enough to get a little chunky. Nick tells us Christie is an aggressive eater. She aggressively chews and we get clips of her chewing. Nicole says she has some jaw action going with those chomps. Tommy mimics her in the DR. Nick says Christie’s chewing is kind of like a car accident. You want to look, but you don’t want to look. He just doesn’t know what to do with it! We see Socks going into the DR and then we see Nick celebrating and running around the DR. He finally sits down and reads Congratulations Nick! America has named you America’s prankster. You get to name a nominee in secret and if your nominee comes down you will get to replace them. It is up to you if you want to reveal this to your fellow HG. Nick says this gives him life in this game and he has a chance to sit next to someone he might not get sent home against. He thanks America so much and he promises he will not let us down. He leaves the DR and says he’ll never win anything. He’s in the WA and thanks America. Christie is called to the DR and Nick tells her to let him know what the power is like. She says knowing her she’ll come out and tell everyone! Nick tells her to just bring the envelope out with her. Nick thinks maybe putting up Christie might be better than Michie because he needs her gone. Nick tells Nicole it’s going to be home next to Christie and she says wait, how do you know that? Nicole tells us a light bulb went off because how would he know who he’s going on the block against. Michie and Holly are talking and Michie says if I were the prankster would it be dumb for me to put myself up? She says are you and he says no. They think the prankster is Nick or Christie. Holly tells us she only gets one nominee. One shot. And she needs to make it count. Holly says if she can’t get Nick, then Christie has to go. Nick and Nicole are talking and Nick says he’s not ready to leave. Nick says he’s pretty sure he’s going up and he’s not sure if Michie or Christie is the better option. He wants to do what might help him stay in the game. It’s time for the nomination ceremony! The HG sit down at the smaller table that has been brought in. Holly’s nominee is…Nick. She turns the only key in the box and says she’s nominated him because apparently all she does is nominate him and apparently she’s not a great shot. She is a straight shooter and she commends him for being a powerful player. Now it’s time to reveal America’s Prankster nominee. We hear circus music and see a slot wheel and hear laughter and the nominee is…Christie. She says ok. Cool. Holly says he nominated Nick because he’s one of the strongest competitors in the game and he has zero loyalty to her. Christie was the prankster nominee and Holly is fine with that. Nick says being on the block is not fun, but being able to name Christie on the block and give himself a chance to stay is great. Michie says not knowing who the prankster makes him nervous and he wants noms to stay the same because he doesn’t want to be a replacement nominee. Christie says she thinks the prank must be on her because it seems like America wants her to go home. She just wants to make her friends, family, and America proud of her. Who will win the Power of Veto? And will it be used to save a nominee? Plus, Zingbot returns to roast the final 8 on Wednesday!
  9. 5: 34 PM BBT Christie and Nick have been nominated! Christie says she survived last week and she’ll survive again. Holly is telling Nick she loves him and he says he loves her too. Christie tells Holly she did great. 5:35 PM BBT Michie picks Holly up for a kiss. Nick goes to get his drink bottle. The house is mostly quiet. Jess sits to wait for the WC, but Tommy came right back out. Nick says he has a chance. Nick tells Cliff and Nicole in the camper that he knew he was going up after what happened in the HOH. Cliff says he heard about the argument and Nick says it wasn’t an argument. Nick says he just needs help from the veto gods. Holly is telling Tommy in the KT that it was the only smart option. Holly nominated Nick and the Prankster nominated Christie. Holly was going to say if he were standing in the HOH spot it would be her face and she forgot. Cliff heads out leaving Nick and Nicole alone. Nick says he has to win this veto. Christie comes in and Nicole asks if she’s ok and she says it is what it is. Nick says sorry Christie has to sit next to him. Michie and Holly are in the HOH. Holly is going to eat some sushi. Michie and Holly think Nicole is the prankster. Holly says Nicole never came up to talk to her at all and Cliff would have told her. Michie says Nicole doesn’t have a very good poker face. They say they are happy for her because she needed to make a move. Michie says if he plays in veto he’s keeping noms the same. 5:40 PM BBT Holly is kicking herself that she told Christie she would use her as a pawn. Christie, Nick, and Nicole are in the camper and Christie said she would have been on the block regardless. Nick hopes it’s not hide and go veto because it doesn’t give them a fair chance to win. Michie says this is fantastic because Christie is on the block and they didn’t do it. Holly hopes Nick goes home. Michie asks Holly who she’ll pick for vet if she gets HG choice and she says you! Tommy joins Michie and Holly. Tommy wants to know what happened earlier? Holly says it was just a game of he said she said. They recap the previous conversation before nominations. Jess has joined the camper and they are still discussing what comps this could be. Christie says they will both gun for it and if one of them goes, then that’s the way it goes. Nick says it’s a game and Christie says she’s not a sore loser at all. Nick says being a threat sucks, but he appreciates people think he’s playing a good game. Nick says Cliff has won a 1000 comps and Tommy has won back to back, everyone is impressive. Everyone is a threat. Jess says she would hope so with 8 people left. 5:45 PM BBT Nick says Nicole hasn’t won HOH’s, but she’s done well in all of them. Nick says it’s insane that Nicole has only played in one veto. Holly is telling Tommy that Nick is a fierce player and everyone is afraid to take a shot. Nick says he ha’s played in five. He counts again and says he’s played in 6 of the 9 vetos. Holly asks Tommy who he thinks the prankster was and he says he thought it was Christie until she went up. Tommy says it wasn’t him. Nick says David would have been a shot taker in the game. Holly is terrified of prank week. Nick says he felt really good about the bird comp and he was pissed off. Nick says he can’t believe feeders complain about ??? He says they try and keep the house clean and we get FotH. 5:50 PM BBT Tommy thinks he has to win this veto to keep himself safe. Jess says Christie smells good. She says she probably needs to shower, but she’s going to wait. Michie is talking smack and teasing Holly and she says he talks like that after nominations are over. Holly tells Tommy the fact that it’s Christie, the prankster could be anyone. 5:55 PM BBT Nick and Jess are talking about when the veto first appeared. Jess says when vetoes used to be played, the nominees would name the person they wanted. Nick thinks HOH should be able to be a repeat option. Maybe sit out after two in a row. Jess would assume they had a lot of repeat HOH’s and maybe they stopped doing that. Tommy says he’s here to play a game and Holly is the HOH and they’ll figure it out as they go. Holly would like noms to stay the same and Tommy agrees for his own safety. Holly really doesn’t want Christie to come down and she desperately doesn’t want Nick to come down. She says it would be signing her death wish. Tommy wants to know if he should tell them he won’t use veto, but he’s afraid he won’t get picked to play and maybe save himself. Cliff joins the HOH room. Nick is speculating Holly could get pranked and not play in the veto or not get to pick someone to play with them. Nicole says maybe this whole week is a prank and there will be no jury battle back and we’ll find out at the end of the week no one is going home.
  10. SHE (Christie) thinks she’s the target, SHE (Analyse) thinks she’s the pawn. But the Universe hasn’t weighed in yet! Previously, on Big Brother, Michie conquered the slippery road to power and he wanted to take out his #1 nemesis. Sis told Michie that it was Nick who started an alliance to go against him and Holly, but it was Analyse not Nick who earned a spot next to Christie. Christie assumed Nick made a deal with Michie to stay off the block as she expressed her distrust to her former ally. With a deep sea veto on the line, Jackson found gold in Davy Jones’ locker. At the veto meeting, Michie set the stage for Christie’s farewell tour. Tonight, will the Universe end Christie’s shot at the grand prize, or will Sis be sent to jury? Plus a new HOH will be crowned and the house turned chaotic on Taco Tuesday! All this now on Big Brother! Julie greets us and it’s day 65 and it’s been a crazy 48 hours as the votes continue to flip between both nominees. Plus, a brand new twist is about to be unleashed. It’s called Prank Week. It will change the new HOH’s power and it will affect the HOH competition. As Michie’s main target, Christie’s fate seems all but certain. Time to manifest a plan… We pick up after the veto ceremony and Michie is confident the house will honor his wishes to go meet Julie on Thursday. Christie is frustrated she’s on the block next to Sis. Nick made the deal against Michie and Holly and he’s just skating by. She needs to find a way to shift power in the house. Sis doesn’t want to campaign against Christie and she thinks she has the votes to stay. Tommy says it’s not looking good for Christie, but it’s better for his game if she stays at the end of the week. If anyone can pull off a miracle, it’s Christie Murphy. Michie and Cliff are talking about what Christie’s campaign will be and Cliff thinks she’ll blow stuff up a little bit. Tommy is comforting Christie and she says she will campaign and she’s going to fight. She’s not throwing HOH’s and she’s valuable to keep here. Christie says Nick is going to stay in the middle and watch Sis and Nicole shoot at each other and Cliff and Tommy shoot at each other. She needs to make Nick public enemy number one. It’s the only plan she’s got but at least if she’s going, she’s going to take off the head of the snake as she’s going out the door. Christie goes to talk to Michie and tell him she’s going to go after Nick and not him and maybe they can work together going forward. Christie tells Michie she doesn’t have a campaign against Sis, but she does have a campaign against Nick because he’s a swindler and playing both sides. Michie says that’s a good angle to campaign. Christie says she sees Nick going to the end. Michie says her best shot is to blow his game up in front of everyone. Michie says if her plans puts a target on Nick and still ensures her going, that gets the target off his back. Michie tells her it’s Taco Tuesday and she should go out with a bang. Christie is talking Nicole, Tommy, and Jess and telling them her plan to put everything out on the table and blow-up Nick’s game. Nick is listening outside of the camper. Christie says she’s going to make a great argument why it’s valuable to keep her. As long as she’s speaking the truth and her heart and she won’t be able to go wrong. Nick says he’s tired of his game being drug through the mud. He can only hold his tongue for so long. Nick goes to talk to Michie to complain about Christie and says this is why she’s going home and he can’t wait. Michie tells him Christie feels like he’s running the game. Michie says she’s up against Sis and Nick says then why is she campaigning against me. Michie says Christie is good with her words. Michie says Nick wants to blow up Christie and Christie wants to blow up Nick. This is great! He’s fanning the flames and he’s going to enjoy an extra spicy Taco Tuesday! Nick says she wants to call me out? Let’s go! Two can tango. Nick heads downstairs and Michie mouths to Holly that Nick is angry. Taco Tuesday is about to blow up! It’s Taco Tuesday and Holly and Sis are making the food. Nick is in the DR and says he’s tired of people dragging his game and you know what? He’s ready to confront her right now! He leaves the DR and goes to the HOH and tells Christie to keep his name out of her mouth. They decide to go downstairs and have everyone in the kitchen. Christie starts laying out Nick’s game and says he’s very manipulative and says she’s sure Cliff and Nicole feel like he wouldn’t put them up, and Tommy and Sis feel secure. Christie says that’s why he’s been throwing HOH’s. Nick says he hasn’t been throwing HOH’s. Christie says he threw slip ‘n slide and he yells he did not. Christie asks Nick what he would do if he won HOH? She says he’s playing all sides and she has her back against the wall and she is the biggest target and maybe that’s a reason to keep her. Christie says Nick is her target because he isn’t anyone else’s. She hopes everyone has their blinders off now and see who Nick is. She’ll be the biggest target in the house, but she’d love to stay and take a shot at him. Holly and Michie are in the HOH and Holly wants to know if he wants to chime in on any of that. Holly says she doesn’t know what’s best for her game. She says Nick is not good for her game. She says he’s a mental threat, he’s a good game player, he has Tommy, Sis, and Nicole. Holly says if he no longer has Sis, that’s one less person he has in his arm. Sis could easily float through the next few weeks and never have a target on her back, which increases the target on Holly’s back. Sis KNOWS she’s not a target, Christie would be a bigger target if she stayed and she’d be desperate and so grateful to them. Michie tells Holly Christie made some very valid points. Holly says Taco Tuesday was definitely spicier than usual, but it did shine the light on some important things. And after thinking about it, she DOES think Nick is the bigger threat to her. Do they stick to the plan and get Christie out? Or keep her to go after Nick who is probably a bigger threat? When we return a live vote and eviction! Time to go talk to the HG. Sis does her shoutouts and she says it’s been an amazing summer. As an athlete she’s competed her whole life and she’d love to stay and compete. She’s play a very loyal game and she has no promises and ties with anyone in the house and every decision she’s made has been for her own game. Christie is her best friend and being on the block was very hard, but being next to her was 10x harder. Christie does her shoutouts. She says the HG have made this experience gratifying and challenging and she wouldn’t change a second of it. She loves each and every one of their souls. All she has is her word and she’s a fighter, she will give 110% to everything. She wants to keep her deals and win comps and she wants to give them nothing but the truth. If they will trust her and she will trust them. Think of their longevity in the game and do what’s best for their game. Time to vote! Jess sadly votes to evict Sis. Nick votes to evict Christie. Tommy sadly votes to evict Sis. Holly is sorry to evict Sis. Nicole votes to evict the amazing Analyse. Cliff votes to evict Sis. By a vote of 5-1, Analyse has been evicted from the Big Brother house! Julie is ready to deliver the news to the HG. Analyse gives everyone hugs and tells Tommy not to cry. She heads out the door. Julie says Sis thought she was the pawn, what does she think happened? She thinks it was the blow-up between Nick and Christie and if she was in there she’d still have his back. She wasn’t really a target or on anyone’s radar. Julie asks if she would have protected Nick if she’d stayed and she says she would want to be loyal back to him. Sis was going to tell Christie she loved her and she was her best friend in the house. Julie asks who she feels most betrayed by and she says probably Michie. She really believed Michie that she wasn’t a target and she was disappointed when she was nominated. Julie asks if maybe he was genuine when he said that and she says maybe. She says it doesn’t make sense and she’s really confused about everything. Final thoughts: She hopes Tommy wins this HOH and she’s so grateful for everything. Julie will give her the goodbye messages in the after show interview and talk about her feelings about Jack. Last night the HG had a chance to study for what they believed will be tonight’s HOH comp. Little did they know, Prank week has started. We hear a voice telling them to memorize the calls of Birds. We hear a pair of parrots, then the red throated falcon. Nicole says birds! Why does it have to be birds!?! The Crow is next and Tommy mimics the crow. Tommy says this is insane! Cliff says this will be darned near impossible. We hear birds in the middle of the night. Tommy says they keep coming and coming and it’s happening all night! He’s exhausted. Time to head to the backyard and officially kick off prank week. Julie says they studied all night and watched them study for this competition. Unfortunately, it was all for nothing. Because tonight kicks off a brand new twist to the game called Prank week. Tonight’s HOH competition has NOTHING do with birds or the audio tour. This HOH competition is actually a skill game. Nick says that’s why it’s only half the yard. A wall slides open behind them and Julie directs them to circle markers and they are all shocked and confused. Julie says they will be back to get this game started. And again she’ll remind them this competition has nothing to do with the bird sounds you stayed up all night studying! It’s now really time for the HOH Competition! Time to head to the BY. As they prepare to battle to become the new HOH, they need to know America will be voting to prank whoever becomes HOH. Even though the HOH will be completely safe, their HOH duties will be affected. Now, this competition is called Prank Shot. One at a time each HG will roll their ball down a yellow prank. Beneath the prank are numbered slots. Their score will be wherever their ball comes to rest. The longer the roll, the higher the score. The HG with the two lowest scores will receive a punishment appropriately themed for prank week. Holly is up first and she scores a 50, the highest score possible. Cliff is up next and scores 18. Nick scores a 34. Nicole also scores an 18. Christie is up next and scores 21. Jess is up next and scores a 3. Tommy is the last HG and he scores a 41. Holly is the new HOH! Up next, find out how YOU can affect the nominations this week! Julie goes to congratulate Holly and she didn’t really want to win this one because she doesn’t know what they have in store for her. The three people who will get a prank punishment will be Jessica, Nicole, and Cliff because they had the lowest scores. Julie tells them good night. Prank week is in full swing. You will get to give another HG half her power. One HG will become America’s Prankster. They will secretly control one of the nominees for eviction at this week’s nomination ceremony and they will also choose a replacement if their nominee is taken down during the veto meeting. Tune in Sunday to find out the results! Sunday you’ll see the results of the vote and who was nominated. On Wednesday, Zingbot returns to roast the HG and then Thursday, we’ll have another live eviction and send someone else to the jury house!
  11. Previously, on Big Brother, with only nine remaining in the battle for the half million dollars, Michie slid into power and he had his sights set on a big target. Michie considered putting up Christie’s close ally next to her, but after Sis threw Nick under the bus Michie wondered if Nick needed to go on the block. At the nomination ceremony, Jackson went with his original plan, leaving Tommy to rethink his loyalties. Tonight, the power of veto is on the line. Will the Universe’s divine intervention save Christie’s game or will she continue to spiral and dig her own grave? Find out right now on Big Brother! We pick up on day 59 after the nomination ceremony and Michie nominated Christie and Sis this week. Christie is his biggest threat. She’s playing a great social game, she’s great competitively, and she’s a mental beast. He needs to make sure Christie does not come off. Sis says obviously says she p*ssed off and she feels like she’s a pawn because he wants Christie gone, but Michie and Holly better watch out. Christie says surprise, surprise she’s on the block. She’s not shocked and obviously she’s the target. She has a fire in her now and the Universe takes care of good people and it’s not her time to go yet, so she’s going to win the veto. Michie tells them it’s not personal, they are his two biggest threats. Christie says it’s cool. Sis and Christie are talking in the camper and Sis tells her she better win the veto. Tommy goes into the camper with Sis and Christie and Holly follows and Christie says I know I’m the target. Holly says she didn’t know what direction today was going to go. Christie says it is what it is. We get an awkward silence and Holly says she loves them. It’s more awkward silence and eventually Holly leaves and Sis flips her off and says she knew what was going to happen. Christie says everyone is fake, this house is a joke. Tommy heads out and Sis tells Christie best case scenario she goes down and Sis stays up because she has the best chance to stay out of everyone. Sis says not to toot her own horn, but she’s well liked in the house and she knows she’s least likely to go home of anyone. So the best case scenario is Christie to come down or Tommy to win and take Christie down because she knows she’d stay. Christie tells Sis the Universe will have her back, she knows it. Michie and Tommy head upstairs to talk. Tommy says while Michie nominated his two closest allies, he still has a good relationship with Michie and Holly. He wants Christie to come down, but it is what it is here and he has to think about himself. Michie tells Tommy he wants to stay loyal to those who have stayed loyal to him and he has no reason to take a shot at him. Tommy says he has proved to be loyal to him and Holly, but he’s in a weird spot this week. He tells Michie that he will gun for the veto and to win that competition. Michie says if Sis were to come down, his only move would be to put up Tommy to make sure Christie goes home. Holly goes to talk to Michie and wants to know how his convo with Tommy went and Michie says good. Holly tells him that Sis and Christie won’t talk to her and Sis won’t even look at her. Michie says they are fighting for their lives and if this is the reason he goes out, then so be it, but he’s not going to cower down to Christie. Jess is talking to Christie and Sis in the camper and she’d rather Christie win it and get the votes for Sis to stay. Jess says she still has a really strong ally in the game who will help her if she stays. Jess tells Christie and Sis that she thinks Nick has a final with Michie. Christie says Kat told her that Nick is a puppetmaster and he’s working with Michie and Holly. Christie says Nick is good at this game, he flirts with everyone. Christie tells us the last few weeks Nick has been trying to rebuild trust, but after Kat dropped her bomb and then Nick orchestrated the whole plan with Cliff makes her wonder about his loyalty. They says this game is savage. Sis is pretty sure Christie is the target and she needs to make sure Christie comes down because she’s her number one ally in this game. Sis goes to Nick and asks if he’d throw the veto to Christie if she were out and he says no because he’s not sure if she’d stay if Christie come down. Sis asks if he’s working with Michie and Nick gets defensive. Nick says he doesn’t know who he’d put up next to Sis. Nick says pick whoever you want, but if you pick me I’m taking you off. Sis and Christie are talking in the camper with Tommy and Christie asks how she’s feeling about Nick and she starts to tell her about the conversation and Nick pops in. Christie says she just wants Nick to be honest if he’ll go after the veto and use it. Nick says he does have loyalties to both Christie and Sis, but his relationship with Sis has been more solid and consistent. Christie says Nick’s game is so sketchy. Like who is he working with? Everyone? It’s time to pick players for the veto competition! Sis and Christie join Michie at the front. Michie does not want to see Tommy or Nick get picked because they are very close with both nominees. If Christie comes off, his plan is shot. Michie draws Cliff. Cliff is happy Michie drew his chip so he can help keep nominations the same. Christie draws next and gets Nick. Sis draws Holly. Sis says the last person she wanted to pick was Holly and of course, she picks Holly. It just puts more pressure on her and Christie to win the veto themselves. Sis tells Christie and Tommy of course she drew the one person she didn’t want to play. Christie tells Sis that Nick is working with Michie and he has been. Christie says Nick is a snake and she’s telling them this because she knows. Christie says she’s piecing things together about Nick and she’s sure he’s working with Michie. Sis asks if Michie would put up Nick if she came down? Tommy says the girls are expressing their mistrust of Nick and that’s what got them in trouble in the first place. He’s going to confront Nick and try and squash this thing before the veto. Tommy goes to talk to Nick and Nick is upset. Tommy says it’s not a big deal. Nick doesn’t understand why no one trusts him in this game. Tommy says they are just feeding off each other. Nick wants to confront them but Tommy tells him not to. Nick is so p*ssed off that he’s been loyal to and they are questioning him. He goes and asks Sis and Christie why they are questioning him and Christie says something isn’t adding up and it’s just odd he’s not put up. Nick says he’s starting to get upset and he’s been nothing but transparent with both of them. Sis says she’s not saying she doesn’t trust him, just stuff is starting to add up. Nick says he gets why it looks weird, but just because he has a good personal relationship doesn’t mean anything. Nick says the best thing he can do is win veto, take Sis off and hope whoever Michie puts up goes home. Christie is in the shower talking to Tommy and she says she’s disappointed. She says she’s been very vocal, but at least she’s been consistent and she’s who she is and she feels like she can’t wait to get out of here anymore. She says nothing is real in here. Nothing! Tommy says he’s real. Tommy tells Christie to look at him and she says what? He says it again and she says what? He says it again louder and Christie Er cath eg orm. It’s time for the veto competition! Tommy is a squid and tells them to head to the backyard! It’s an under the sea themed veto and the veto players are in snorkel gears and flippers. Nicole says she fees like she’s in a scene from the little mermaid. She wants to sit in the shell and hold the pearl. It’s the HG job to put the seaside back in balance. They have to take their ten ocean creatures to their deep sea structure and they need to put all ten on their bars with none of them touching the ground. The first HG to hang all ten and hit their button will win the Power of Veto! Christie says she doesn’t trust anyone else playing and she knows her life is on the line. Michie says Christie is a huge threat to his game and it’s time for her to go. They are running in the flippers and Nicole says they are flippin’ fantastic! Nick says the fact Christie and Sis don’t trust him is annoying and he wants to win and show them he’s loyal. Everyone is back with their sea creatures. Holly says Michie drew a massive line and she just wants to win veto to keep noms the same because if both girls stay she’ll have her own friends coming after her. Christie’s strategy is to gauge the weight of the sea creatures. Slow and steady with a little pre-strategy is how she’s doing it. Nick says this is frustrating. He’ll get five or six on and then one falls off and it’s a chain reaction. Nicole says it stinks she can’t play in this veto and she’s praying the nominations will stay the same. She says if one of them comes down it could spell bad news for Nicole. Cliff says as an engineer he feels like this competition is his. Cliff really wants to make sure Christie stays on the block. Cliff says this competition is turning out more difficult than he thought. One hand is steading the structure while the other is adding another creature. He says he hasn’t handled this many rods since his fishing trip in the Gulf of Mexico…way before the wife. It’s neck and neck between Michie and Christie. Michie thinks he knows where everything goes so it’s about balancing everything. We then see all his pieces his fall and he has to start over. He says he has to slow down and grit his teeth. Christie says even though Michie’s creatures fell off he’s picking up the pace and gaining momentum so she needs to focus. Christie is close and all of her creatures fall but one. Michie is getting close and he thinks he has it. He crawls under the structure and runs for the button and hits it. Michie has won the POV! Michie says he was good enough at puzzles to pull out a veto win and they ain’t going anywhere and it’s time to follow through and send Christie out the door. Tommy is telling everyone good job. Sis is mad because Michie won and one of them will go home. Christie says she did her best. She gave it 100%, but Michie won it fair and square and she’s proud of the game she played. She’s not giving up but she’s feeling kind of helpless at this point. The HG head inside and Michie says he’s been wanting to get Christie out for awhile. Tommy and Holly realize they match and Jess suggests they start running slow mo. We see them saving Nicole and playing around and Christie takes her drink and gets up and leaves and goes to the camper. Christie tells Sis she’s glad Tommy and Holly are playing Baywatch and think everything is so funny. Tommy came in and Sis says do you really think it’s funny to play around right now? Christie says seeing Tommy and Holly playing around made her realize she’s probably going to be evicted. She doesn’t see herself acting that way if the roles were reversed. Christie goes to Camp Comeback and lays down and cries. She says really Tommy? You want to run around and play Baywatch? I can’t. I really can’t. Tommy comes in and apologizes and Christie says she’s fine. Christie says you’re my friend!?! With Holly? The girl who’s sending me home? Let’s play Baywatch? Tommy says Christie wants to place blame and today it was him. He can’t waste his dream because she’s ruining hers. Christie says she feels like a fool because she’s the only person who came in with a friend and she feels like she doesn’t have that. Christie tells us she didn’t think she’d feel alone with Tommy here. Christie says the people who hate her and want her out are Tommy’s closest allies right now. Christie tells us unless she can come up with a great plan to save her, but it will have to be a power of manifestation and words. She has faith though. She has faith. Christie goes to make her pitch to Holly and Michie and she says she realizes she’s likely going home. Christie says if she manages to stay by any means, she would protect both of them and she would do anything to prove to them she’d be loyal to them and try and get to a final four. Michie is on cloud 9 the last three weeks and now she’s begging him to save her game. He says it’s kind of poetic justice. Christie did and still has faith they can get back together and she thinks America would flip out at that comeback story! Christie starts crying and she’s so emotional, she hates this game. Holly gets emotional and she says she didn’t foresee this happening either. Holly says she wants to make Christie feel better and she feels like she had something to do with it. Michie is sitting their stone faced. Christie says if you can see a chance of reuniting. Michie says it’s not week 2 or 3, it’s getting to the end and she is in his way of getting to the finale and the win. Michie says his character has been questioned and smeared and there is nothing she can say that will mend the damage that’s been done. He respects the effort, but he gave her a chance to play in the veto and he feels like he owes her nothing. It’s time for the veto ceremony! Michie has decided not to use the POV. He picked both of them for a reason and he has to follow through with it. Tommy says the veto’s not used. It sucks. He and Christie had dreams of sitting in the F2, but now it seems he’ll have to let go of that dream. He hopes she understands that outside of the house. Christie doesn’t want Michie to have the satisfaction of getting her out. She’d love to stay and build her own army to take out the strong guys. Michie says he made sure his nominees stayed on the block and now it’s out of his control. He needs to rally the votes and get one of them out of the house.
  12. Tonight, 12 more acts will compete in the second round of the quarter final shows. Terry takes the stage and introduces the judges and we’re about to get started. Our first act is Charlotte Summers and she’s a singer and she’s 13-years old. We see her and her sister on a Starline Tours sight-seeing. She says she has to step it up this round. Charlotte takes the stage and she performs Diamonds are Forever by Shirley Bassey. Howie says there’s no denying her talent is so far beyond her ears, but he’s not sure he’d have chosen that song. Gabrielle says she stepped up and gave them a fully dynamic voice. She has an amazing, unique talent. Julianne says her voice is so rich and full, but she thinks her personality is so dynamic but they didn’t see that. Simon says they have one of the best personalities and her body language is telling them everything she is feeling and that was a terrible, terrible, terrible song choice for her. Simon is praying dismisses the song choice and remembers what a great singer she is and how much better they could advise her. Up next is a violinist and an opera singer who performed a knife throwing act. They are literally putting their lives on the line for a spot in the semi-final. It’s Nick and Lindsey. They are risking everything to win. Nick is singing Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash. Lindsey drops a heavy melon on a glass that is on top of Nick as he’s laying down. We then see him throw a couple of knives at her. The first doesn’t stick, but the second does. Then Nick is placed against the wall and Lindsey blindfolds herself and throws knives with her feet. Then she stands up and takes the blindfold off and lights some knives on fire and throws them at him. Then he lays down on a bed of nails and Simon hits his buzzer. She then plays the violin and puts her foot on the top bed of nails. He then sits up and she breaks some bottles against his back, and then one final bottle on his head as Howie hits his buzzer. Simon says what she was doing with the knives trying to kill him is what he was thinking while he sang. He says that was the worst live performance he’s ever seen. Gabrielle loved when she cleaned her toes before throwing the knives. Julianne says it was so bad that it ended up becoming so good. It was comedy! Howie thinks they went down in a ring of fire. He says America will tell him, he promises him. Up next is Chris Klafford and he’s going to sing an original song and it’s a reminder to him to enjoy the moments with the ones he loved. The audience seemed to enjoy it. Julianne thought at first maybe he should have a band, but then he took over and owned the stage. Simon says he didn’t feel the emotional connection on that song. Gabrielle says he had the audience in the palm of his hand. Howie didn’t like the song choice. He has an amazing talent and an amazing voice. Marina Mazepa is our next act and she’s a dancer/contortionist. She has a scorpion themed set-up this time. Simon hits his buzzer. She makes her way and finishes in front of the judges table. Simon is booed because he hit his buzzer. Simon says when they first met her she had an element of surprise and tonight, he hated the music and he got bored. Howie says one man’s boredom is another man’s dream. Gabrielle says she’s like a video game come to life and it was amazing. Julianne says she is so weird and she loves weird. Our next act is Robert Finley and he’s going to perform an original song about his time on AGT. This is his now or never moment and he has to give it all he can. Robert takes the stage. He gets an ovation from the audience and Terry tells us his daughter is on backing vocals. Gabrielle says Robert is a gift to us all. Howie says he loves Robert, but he wonders if that song connected to people. Julianne 100% disagrees because she was listening to every single word. She says he is exactly what America needs right now. Simon says we have a mixed panel tonight, but he agrees with the girls this time. Simon says that was bloody fantastic. Simon tells him that 5,000 people just gave him a standing ovation. Up next is The Sentimentalists. When they got sent home after judge cuts, they were gutted. But then they were contacted to be a wild card for the live shows. This is their second chance. The five human senses are transferable. Tonight, they will start with the sense of touch. She blindfolds herself and asks Julianne to use her finger and write a letter on Mysterio’s palm. Julianne writes an R and she guesses R. Howie is up for the sense of taste. There’s an assortment of different treats and they want Howie to choose one and take a bite. Howie takes a bite and she tastes…she says it’s crunchy but with cream filling and she thinks it’s a canoli and it is. Mysterio has a bowl of candy for the judges and they all look the same but they will taste different. Gabrielle selects a candy. The woman guesses bubblegum and she is correct. She tastes menthol…she seems to be struggling. She takes her blindfold off and looks at Julianne and asks her to look at her. She guesses lemon but Julianne shakes her head. She says orange and this is correct. Mysterio wants Simon write down a treat, any treat and then pass the notebook back to him. Mysterio blindfolds himself so he can’t see and he tells Simon to think of what it is and look at the woman. She says it is something…like Turkish delight, angel delight. Simon says not exactly, it says butterscotch. Mysterio says taste is transferable. But up on the table the entire time, is Howie eating pretty much everything, but in that box on the table, they left something for Howie. Mysterio has Howie open the box and there is a canoli in the box. There’s also a napkin and on the napkin it has the letter R, Gabrielle will choose bubblegum, Julianne will choose orange, and next time they’ll bring Simon some angel delight. Julianne says she’s been a fan since the beginning, but this didn’t seem as rehearsed. She says it didn’t feel locked in to her. Simon says it was a total mess from start to finish. Simon couldn’t understand a single thing and Howie needs to stop. Howie didn’t help because he was eating everything and they couldn’t understand what he was saying. We’re going to continue on with Ryan Niemiller. He says high school was his first stage because he was the class clown. He was a starter in football and he was homecoming king his senior year and it was a great feeling. He doesn’t want people to vote for him because they feel sorry for him, they want them to vote for him because he’s the funniest person we’ve ever seen. Howie promises him everyone at home was laughing and he needs to be in the finals. Julianne says she didn’t know how he could top his last two performances, but he was born to be on this stage. That was better than both of his performances combined. Simon says sometimes he thinks they’ve made terrible decisions, but he was born to do this. Everything worked, his flow, his confidence, it was a great, great performance and he really believes he’ll be moving on. Next is V. Unbeatable and they are a dance/acrobatic team. They take the stage and are using a rolling cart in their act as they do various acrobatic tricks and throws. They get an ovation from all four judges and the audience. Simon says all he will say is every time they see them, they push the boundaries. The creativity is incredible and they made every second of those two minutes count. Julianne says a clap doesn’t even compare to what they deserve. They literally raised the game. This is the best performance of tonight. Gabrielle says they were her husband’s golden buzzer and sometimes it takes a champion to see a champion. They just put the rest of the act’s on notice. Howie says by far the best performance he has ever witnessed on the show. The next young artist wants to leave his footprint on the world and Howie left his footprint on the golden buzzer. Joseph Allen is the next act and he’s a singer. He knows you don’t get chances like this very often. He performs an original song about his parents. He gets emotional as he finishes. Howie says he is a shining light and he could feel the pride from his mom as she watched. He’s authentic and he makes them smile. Gabrielle loves a vulnerable man and he put his heart on that stage. Great job. Julianne says he’s vulnerable and he put it out on the stage and she tells him not to compare himself to anyone because that is the death of artistry. Simon says his favorite part of the whole performance was his mom’s reaction. Simon says this song, without his family’s reactions didn’t connect and the background graphics were horrendous. Light Balance Kids are preparing to take the stage. They are living their dream and they do everything together. They are hoping to make it to the semi-finals. Their act is set to Bad Guy by Billie Eillish and then switches to Sucker by The Jonas Brothers. Their act was a robot/lab themed light show. Gabrielle says just when she thinks they can’t top themselves, they top themselves. They are blown away. Julianne says it’s amazing what a great song can do. What they just did was beyond anything they could have imagined. That was unbelievable. Simon says they are unbelievably talented, but it didn’t have the wow factor, he didn’t like the music, and it felt tame compared to previous performances. He’s disappointed. Howie says he loved the music and he loved the technology and the dance. Tyler Butler-Figueroa is the next act and he’s a violinist. He’s four years cancer free and he was Simon’s golden buzzer. When he goes in for appointments he takes his violin to play for other patients. Tyler takes the stage and plays Don’t You Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia. He plays while dancing on a large platform with piano keys on it. He gets an ovation from all four judges and the audience. Simon says he was America’s golden buzzer. He says Tyler hashtag Amazing, inspiration, current. Such a great talent, such a great moment, and such a great choice of song. He’s hoping a DJ will come on if he makes the final and they’ll make an incredible record. Howie says he really is inspirational and amazing and he’s a wonderful talent. Gabrielle says he just inspired a nation full of kids to put down a controller and pick up an instrument. Julianne says it’s one thing to be an incredible artist, and he’s an incredible human being. The final act is Ndluvo Youth Choir and they are from Limpopo, South Africa. They take the stage and perform Beautiful Day by U2. They get an ovation from the entire room. Gabrielle says they set the stage on fire. Simon says they popped tonight. There was something about their enthusiasm, great song choice, everything just worked and clicked. Julianne says they were great and she’s so excited. Howie says wow! He says they were his window to the world with the sun shining in and there was no better way to end this evening. They inspire!
  13. Previously, on Big Brother, the Six Shooters alliance had a bad break-up. But Tommy hoped to get the gang back together. Unfortunately there was too much bad blood between Christie and Michie. After Tommy put two of Cliff’s angels on the block a plan was hatched to form a new sixsome. And knowing his life was on the line Cliff quickly accepted, but Nicole wasn’t so sure. Torn between nominees Kat and Cliff, Nicole spilled the secret alliance to Jessica and it left the model fuming. Needing to pick a side of the house, Nicole ultimately went with the majority at the live eviction and Kat’s nine lives were all used up. With the HOH back on the line, a slippery battle began. Who will slide into power? And who will be nominated? Plus, see how Jessica caused chaos the night before the eviction. All this right now on Big Brother. We pick up on day 58 during the HOH competition. We see Cliff take a fall and Analyse says her butt is so jiggly. Nicole says she decided to vote out Kat. This was the hardest decision she had to make in the game, and she had to do what was best for her game. In the end, she realized if she voted out Kat, she’d have the fewest people angry with her. Holly really grew to love Kat and she wishes she could pull some strings and she feels bad she couldn’t do anything for her. Now it’s just her and Michie and one of them has to win this HOH. Christie says she knows she has to win this HOH, there are a couple of people she doesn’t feel safe with so she needs to secure her own safety. Cliff says he made a deal with five other people, but how tight and loyal he is depends on this HOH. He’s doing what he needs to survive at this point. Jess says she needs to win this HOH because she found out that she was excluded from an alliance. So before Kat left, she wanted to make sure she started a little fire. 18 hours before eviction, Jess says she knows about the new alliance and Sis says she never agreed to a new alliance. She doesn’t need to lie, she hasn’t lied once in this game. Sis says there is a group of six that doesn’t include Jess, but she isn’t going to tell her that. Holly walks in and then leaves them in privacy. Jess tells Sis that she doesn’t know what’s going on between Holly and Jackson, but Holly told her Jackson told her Sis has been flirting with him. Sis says that just goes to show how fake and how much of a liar she is. We then see Sis talking to Christie about what Jess told her. Michie is in the WA while Sis and Christie are in the lounge and Holly is listening at the door. She goes in and Sis says she’s not a happy camper and Sis confronts Holly. Michie, Nick, and Nicole are all listening at the door. Holly says if this is happening, why aren’t you asking me? Jess breaks up those listening outside and she heads in and tells them they have an audience. Christie, Sis, and Jess are in the lounge and Christie wants to know where they can talk in private where no one will be listening. They head upstairs to camp comeback. Jess tells them about the new six and Christie denies it and it never happened on her sister’s life. We then see a clip of the six making their agreement. Michie is upstairs listening and Christie tells them that Michie was the next target, then Holly. Jess says then me? Christie and Sis say no. Holly and Michie and Nicole are in the HOH and Holly wants to know if she should start her eviction speech and Michie says he does. Michie asks Nicole for a moment with Holly. Michie tells Holly what he heard and he wants to go in there. Holly says she will because it was about her, but she’ll go in alone. Holly asks if she can come in and Christie says she’s done anyway and Jess heads out of the room leaving Holly, Christie, and Sis. Holly tells Christie and Sis that she assumes it’s coming from Jess because Jess told her earlier about the six person alliance. Christie again swears it is not true. Sis says she doesn’t know what’s true or not. Michie says so Kat is gone and it’s him and Holly vs everyone and if one of them doesn’t win this, then he will see the block and most likely go home. Nick is taking an early lead. Nick says he feels good right now, he’s keeping pace with Michie. If he can stay strong, then he’ll have a real shot taking this competition. Christie asks if anyone has fallen yet and then we see Cliff, Nick, Jess, and Sis all take a spill. We then see Christie struggling to get up the lane and then we see her fall. Nick falls on his bottom and slides down. Nick says he started great, but he’s running out of a lot of steam. Michie says Nick is a contender to win this thing, but he can’t let that happen. Cliff says he’s like a hippopotamus on a high wire. Christie, Nick, and Holly are neck and neck. Michie says he loves pain. Christie can see Michie is flying and she really doesn’t want him to win so she has to step it up into overdrive. Michie says the straps in the costume so he tears them off and he realizes they were holding his pants up. He decides to take them off and do this in his underwear. He apologizes to his mother. Holly says beer makes his clothes come off. Tequila makes hers come off. Just kidding. Cliff says he may not win, but he’s giving it 100%. We see Nicole fall and then Christie struggling again. We see Cliff take another spill and Sis says she looks like a baby deer that was just born and doesn’t know how to walk. Michie is in the lead, Holly is in second, and Christie is in third. Michie wants to see his mom. Michie says a lot can happen and Holly says she might beat his butt. Christie says Michie said weeks ago he’d win this comp. It sounds like he manifested something. Michie says it sounds like a man with a job to do. Michie finally gets the ball to pop out and Michie is the new HOH! He needed to come through and he did it. He got the key and safety and he needs to look at things long term. The person who is gunning for him the most and the biggest target. And he thinks we all know who he’s talking about! The HG head inside and Tommy congratulates Michie. He says he couldn’t be happier. His initial instinct is to throw Christie and Sis on the block. Actually, his instinct is to put up Christie with anyone in the house and he needs to eliminate anyone who is going to get in his way. Cliff says Michie just won HOH and he could be in a little bit of trouble here. He’s going to have to figure a way out of this thing. Michie and Holly celebrate in the lounge and they are safe. Holly says Michie is young, but he has a big heart. She hopes he listens to his head and not his heart. Michie tells her he wants Christie and Sis on the block. Holly isn’t sure if it’s better to do Sis or Tommy. Michie says he needs someone next to Christie and from the things he’s heard, Sis a good option. Holly says you have to have someone on the block who will vote for Christie so you can take away a vote. Sis is talking to Christie and says she doesn’t know what they’re going to do. Christie is scared. Christie thinks Michie would do a backdoor and he seems that type. Christie is hoping he puts up anyone but her. Tommy joins them and Christie says she’s really scared. Tommy doesn’t know what he would do. Sis thinks MIchie would put her up and Tommy and Christie don’t think so. Tommy says Christie has been the one saying she wants him out, not him. He wanted them to get back together. Sorry girls, he’s going to watch this one from the side lines. Cliff tells Michie he killed it and Michie says he had to. Cliff says he just made a deal with the other side, but he needs to come clean and maybe he’ll set his eyes to target someone else. Michie says the fact that Christie, Tommy, and Sis were going to have Cliff do the dirty work for them is a coward move. But he didn’t expect anything less from them. Michie then talks to Holly and tells her what Cliff said. Holly says it’s time to assemble our army. Michie and Holly are in the panic and Michie is scared to burn again. Holly says he’s like an old man in a rocking chair. Holly says Michie and his sayings. He has a rolodex of idioms. We see clips of some of his sayings. Holly says he has his old stand bys too, and we see some of the ones he uses a lot. Holly says she swears she’s heard some of them a dozen times. Holly says he’s lucky he’s cute. Christie says she’s realizing the days are getting shorter and shorter and the sun disappears earlier. Sis says wait! The days are getting shorter? Holly explains the summer solstice and Sis is barely listening. Sis says well then ten will come sooner and Nicole says daylight wise. Michie and Holly are talking in the HOH. Michie says if he puts up Christie and Sis and only one could come off if they win veto. Holly says this will definitely end the five and he says that’s been done. Holly wants to stay in Tommy’s good graces because they will still need allies after this week. Michie says he will take a risk and not put Tommy up and live with his decision. Holly says the fact they overheard their convo is golden ammunition. Michie says he’s ready to make some moves. Christie goes to talk to Michie first thing in the morning. Michie says he’s not doing much talking at all, he’s mainly listening. Christie wants to make sure Michie knows she wasn’t the sole person responsible for the deal with Cliff. Christie says there was no handshake and it was not a real alliance. Christie feels like it could be water under the bridge. Michie says he has respect for people who make game moves, but he’s looking out for his game. Michie says at this point, Christie is the biggest speed bump between him and a half million dollars. He says everyone else is afraid to take a shot at her and he’s tired of it. Michie says he came to play a game. Sis is talking to Christie about where she’s from. Christie says her and Tommy who lives on Staten Island are very close. Nick says so you’re 9 exits apart and Christie says even less. Tommy says hey Christie, tell them my address while you’re at it? Christie just stopping talking please! Cliff says you all have to know each other. Sis goes to talk to Michie and she congratulates him on winning HOH. She says two…what was her other point? She’s a little nervous. Michie says that deal, who came up with it? Sis says her and Nick were in bed with Christie and they were talking and they were discussing the pros and cons and she said the only way she’d keep Cliff is if he’d make a deal with her. Sis says Nick is the one who went with it. Michie says Nick is now someone he has to worry about sooner or later. Michie says he doesn’t blame anyone for taking the deal, we have to do what’s best for his game. Michie says what’s best for his game is not her walking out the door. Sis tells us she feels better. It means she’s got another week of safety! Michie tells us Sis, it doesn’t mean you’re not going on the block, just that you’re not my target. Sis is called to lay eggs. Sis says this was part of her punishment from the Field Trip. She has to go lay eggs in the chicken coop and she has to speak chicken the whole time. Then she has to go make whatever eggs BB wants her to make. She then has to deliver them to the HG and only then can she go back to being normal! Eggs Florentine! Eggs Benedict! She doesn’t know how to make any of these. She’s in trouble if she has to make Eggplant! We see Sis giving some to Nicole while she’s asleep. Sis says this punishment is beyond tired. She gets woken up in the week hours of the morning and she’s so emotional and exhausted. She doesn’t feel like herself, she feels like Sis. Analyse definitely did an EGGcelent job being a chicken and her punishment is over! She cockadoodle did it! Tommy tears the costume off of her. Nick goes to talk to Michie. Nick asks how he’s feeling and Michie says he knew he needed it because he knew he or Holly were going on the block. Nick says he doesn’t have much to say. Michie says on a personal level he loves him, but game wise he’s going to try and eliminate people between him and the win. Nick says sometimes as a therapist you just have to sit back and let them talk. If that’s what makes him happy and keeps him off the block, great! Talk away Michie! Michie says it’s been made clear to him that if he hadn’t won, he would have been a target. Nick says for sure. Michie says thanks for confirming I was a target. Nick is slowly creeping up on his list of people he needs to watch. Michie and Holly talk and he tells Holly that Cliff didn’t make the deal, Nick did. They need Christie gone, maybe Sis, but they need Nick gone too. Holly says Nick is good socially and manipulation wise, and he’ll do good mental too. Michie says this is the best move. It’s high risk, high reward. It’s time for the nomination ceremony! Michie’s first nominee is…Christie. His second nominee is…Analyse. Michie says he nominated them for a couple of reasons. One, if he hadn’t won the HOH key, he’d have been a nomination key. It’s not personal, they are adults and they are two threats. Christie says respect. Michie says Christie and Sis. Sis is the back-up plan and Christie is the white whale. She is his biggest obstacle. Sis feels very blindsided and she feels really upset. Christie doesn’t think Michie wants to make a game move. She thinks he wants to get her out. She will win this week. She is honored to go head to head with him and beat him at his own game. Tommy says his two biggest allies are on the block. He maybe have to let Christie go because after saving her last week and fighting for her this week could make him a target. If it’s her time to go, then it’s her time to go.
  14. 12:30 AM BBT Tommy is listening to Michie’s music and Nick is talking about how he wishes his hips could move like Tommy’s. Michie, Tommy, Holly, Nick, Nicole, Christie, Sis, and Jess are in the HOH room. Michie’s CD is Eminem’s Curtain Call. Michie says it’s a great album and he’s so excited. Michie got sunflower seeds. They are talking about flavors of sunflower seeds they like. Michie is so happy, he got protein bars, Gatorade, and watermelon…and beer. Michie swallows the sunflower seed shells. Tommy goes to share the music with Nicole and we can faintly hear it so we get FotH. 12:35 AM BBT Michie took his retainer out during the HOH comp and now they can’t find it. Tommy thinks he left it outside. Tommy says he had it on the front of the arm rest. Christie says Michie will need America’s favorite player to pay for a new retainer. They are talking about if they get up early, then they know something will be up. Tommy says he can’t sleep with Nick tonight because he’s had too many nuts. They are talking about Jack bringing in the sex stool. They put a towel underneath it so it wouldn’t slide. Sis says he knew what he was doing. Tommy says he’d be frightened to see Jack naked. 12:40 AM BBT They say they don’t care anymore about feeds, they make penises out of playdough. Michie’s dad’s name is Jim and his mom’s name is Colleen, but they call his dad fish. Sis says one of the best times in the house was them laying on the bed and Michie doing animal noises. They are spitting sunflower seeds in a Gatorade bottle. Michie tells everyone the HOH is room is theirs too, just don’t eat all the protein bars. Michie is telling Jess what to look for in a perfect watermelon. It’s solid and tight and it has a yellow spot. The little round ones are always good. 12:45 AM BBT Michie is glad he got the three pictures he did. Tommy is ready to go to bed and he’s so happy Michie won. Nicole heads out as well. Nick follows behind them. Nicole says why is this game so hard Tommy as they head downstairs. Tommy says the worst case scenario is they fail and get evicted. Nick says they made it pretty far, but he’d rather go further. Nick says whatever happens happens. Michie is excited they all made it to the slip n slide comp. Christie is starting to think they won’t have a double eviction, or maybe it will be closer to the end. They think it will be Zingbot this week. Sis wants to know why they can’t do Zingbot and noms the same day. 12:50 AM BBT Michie says he never paid attention to any of the details when watching. Christie wishes they had a screen door and she wants to know why they can’t have that. It’d be nice to be able to have air in the house. Nicole is hoping they can sleep in tomorrow. Nick and Tommy are talking about the dishes and they aren’t doing anyone else’s dishes. Jess is talking about Elissa and season 15 and that it was the racist season. Michie wants to know if they aired the racist stuff and Christie says not everything. Christie is talking about someone making Asian comments about Helen about her messing up her nails. Jess is talking about Candice being bullied and she was evicted in a punishment suit. Jess says it wasn’t Aaryn, but Gina Marie said something about her own mom didn’t want her. Jess says that was the meanest, most racist season ever. Michie starts talking about the cameras and all feeds to go to the TBR and Tommy, Nicole, and Nick are talking about Kat being evicted. 12:55 AM BBT Nick is talking to Nicole and Tommy about how Kat was evicted for game and her campaign was so good. Nick says Kat was upset that she spent all that time campaigning and he already had a deal. Nick says he did want to keep her and Nicole says she did make some very valid points. Tommy says he talked to her last night and she almost had him convinced. Tommy says when he went to talk to Holly and Michie and they fought so hard for her he changed his mind. Nick says he’s not going to throw anyone under the bus, he doesn’t want to play that way. Holly says Michie is a picky eater and he wakes up so early it’s hard to make him breakfast. Nicole says she felt horrible all morning trying to choose between them and then Kat yelled at her and said Nicole was playing Nick’s game and that solidified that Nicole had to vote her out. 1:00 AM BBT Christie gives Michie a hug and she’s going to bed and she’s so proud he won! Michie says he looked down and was worried about Christie, Holly, and Nick. Michie says he didn’t want to get beat by Christie and Holly. Sis and Christie head out and Jess gives hugs to Holly and Michie and she feels bad that Kat didn’t say goodbye to Holly and Michie. Cliff has joined the TBR. Michie says the reason he didn’t vote for Kat is because Nicole told him she wouldn’t flip, but also they were already on the outside and Michie says he’s had a huge target on his back for two weeks. Christie and Sis are getting ready for bed. Michie says he couldn’t vote against them knowing he was on the outside. Sis is told to put on her microphone. Jess says Kat knew she was leaving. Sis talks into her microphone asking for make-up wipes. Sis is nervous that Jack and Kat are in jury together. Christie says have you been thinking about that? Is that why you want to go home now? Christie doesn’t think anything would happen between them. Christie says someone is going back upstairs. 1:05 AM BBT Michie says whatever happened in the SR is that Kat told Nicole she would be a disappointment to her family and all her kids for not doing the right thing and playing Nick’s game. Michie says Nicole took it personal and he doesn’t think Kat meant it like that. Michie says that might have been what pushed Nicole over the edge. Holly says Nicole was torn all day and then she seen Nicole crying and it was because of that. Jess says Kat played very emotional the last few days. Sis has another very special request. She does not want to be called to DR tonight unless it’s to take off her chicken costume. She’s really, really tired and she won’t be able to answer question and she’ll be so boring so please, please, please don’t call her unless it’s to take off her chicken costume. Also, there are grease footprints on the floor. 1:10 AM BBT Christie and Sis go to the TBR with Nick, Cliff, and Nicole and talk goes back to Kat and she didn’t hug anyone. Jess is still talking to Holly and Michie and they are talking about conversations with Kat. Sis says Kat was petty as heck. Nick hopes Kat won’t hold a grudge personally and Sis says she’ll get over it. Christie will think what a monster she was and she will feel bad she did that. Jess says that sometimes she’d tell Kat she wasn’t into the mean girl stuff, like laughing at Cliff when he would run and Kat would say she didn’t want to look like a mean girl. The TBR is talking about when they’ll talk to Michie. Cliff says he feels mentally tired right now. Nick says he’d had nothing to eat or drink so he didn’t have any energy. Jess is talking about being excluded from alliances. 1:15 AM BBT Christie, Nicole, Nick, Cliff, and Sis are in the TBR talking about the HOH comp. Tommy is in the DR. Michie, Holly, and Jess are in the HOH talking. Nick says Michie’s built for endurance and Christie says he killed it. Sis thinks Jack would have won that because he was taller. Holly is saying she doesn’t know where she stands with Kat anymore. Nick says Sis fell a lot and she says she had no strategy and she couldn’t move. Holly is telling Jess that she never pushed for Kat to stay, but she thinks she deserved to stay. Christie says the fact Cliff did that comp with his leg in that bad shape was impressive. Sis is going to bed and she heads out. Nicole apologizes for making a scene and Christie says she didn’t. Christie is heading off to bed to right behind Sis. Nicole thinks they will call her again to DR. Cliff thinks he’s done. Nick hasn’t been called. 1:20 AM BBT Jess and Holly and Michie are still talking. Christie and Sis are in the camper. Jess, Holly, and Michie are talking about Jess’s conversation with Nicole. Christie and Sis are saying they’ve seen a change in Tommy. Michie says didn’t Sis or Christie say that it’s those two vs six because they don’t win comps and Jess says yes, that was said. Michie says they lied to him about that conversation and comment. Christie says she doesn’t think Tommy is against her, but he doesn’t seem to want to play as a team anymore. Christie says she’s not going to defend herself anymore, it is what it is. Christie says it’s a game and Tommy has to play his game too. Christie says Tommy is so lovable and so liked, and now he’s afraid he’s become a target and now he’s going to distance himself and she’s so disappointed in him. Christie tells Sis not to say anything to him. 1:25 AM BBT Michie, Jess, and Holly are still in the HOH talking about the alliance of six and that they were the next three targets with Michie being first, then Holly, then Jess. Christie and Sis are in the camper talking. Sis felt in the beginning like all of them were all about the six and then she would feel nervous about Christie. Tommy is in the DR. Cliff, Nicole, and Nick are in the TBR. Sis says Christie came back more during Jess’s HOH. Michie tells Jess to tell everyone that her and Holly were hashing it out and then he needs her to act paranoid and not even come up to talk to him in the HOH. They hug and she heads out. Michie says Holly, Nicole, and Jess is all they need. It would be 3-3 and he would break the tie. The question is whether he will backdoor Christie or put her straight up. Michie says he can’t put Tommy up and he needs to eliminate Cliff’s vote. Michie says Nicole owes him two big ones and he’s going to cash them in this week. Michie says if he puts up Christie and she wins or someone else wins and takes her down, then whoever takes her down is safe too and he has Christie coming after him and Tommy will follow Christie. 1:30 AM BBT Holly says if they are going to draw the line in the sand, they will need Cliff on their side and maybe it’s worth making a deal with Cliff. Jess is in the camper with Christie and Sis getting ready for bed. Michie puts on the HOH robe. Michie asks Holly wants to listen to Eminem with him and she says yeah. Michie and Holly are looking at his pictures and he says his mom is gorgeous. 1:35 AM BBT Holly asks Michie why his parents didn’t have more kids and he says his dad was 43 and his mom was 34 and they were content. Tommy and Nicole are talking in the TBR. Holly and Michie are re-reading his letter. Nick is telling Nicole he was never playing both sides. He says he’s very vocal about who his people are. Holly is talking about Kat playing a dirty game and she was a sore loser. Holly says she thinks it’s because Kat is so young and inexperience in life in general. She says this is a character builder. Jess and Cliff are talking in the KT and they are speculating on a double eviction. 1:40 AM BBT Jess and Cliff are talking about Kat. Jess says Kat wasn’t suited for this game. Holly and Michie are talking about their convo with Jess. Michie tells Holly he’s not worried about winning quantity, he’s worried about quality. Winning when he needed to. Holly says she thinks it’s making Sis mad because she has beat her in every single endurance comp and she’s so competitive. Michie and Holly are going to go down and cut a watermelon. Nick and Tommy are talking about Nicole and Nick thinks she got bullied by the other side for not voting the way they wanted her to. 1:45 AM BBT Sis is called to the DR downstairs. Tommy says he knew Nick, Christie, and Sis were going to throw the comp which left Nicole and Cliff to gun for the HOH. Tommy says Sis didn’t need to throw it. Tommy says there is no reason not to be good with Michie and Holly. Tommy doesn’t want Jess to go up. He says no scratch that. Tommy says if Jess goes up against anyone else, then Jess can go home because she wasn’t in the deal. Tommy says if there are two people put up within the six, then you have to pick one to vote out. Tommy still wants to honor the deal, but if Jess is against Cliff then he has to evict her because he told Cliff he’d keep him safe this week. Nick asks Tommy if Michie wants him out will he vote him out? Tommy says he’s going to do what he can to keep his people safe, especially him. Tommy says Christie just said too much crap. 1:50 AM BBT Jess comes in to say goodnight to Nick and Tommy. Holly and Michie are in the KT. Holly is talking about how messy the KT is. Michie says the people that clean are gone, Jack and Kat. Nick says once he realized Michie was going to win he slowed down because he wasn’t going to bust his balls to win something he knew he couldn’t win. Tommy thinks Michie would have won over Jack in that comp and Nick thinks Jack could have won it because he said he would have. Michie says between him and Jack it would have come down to the wire. Michie is grabbing some shorts to sleep in. 1:55 AM BBT Nicole says she has to do dishes tomorrow…this is horrendous. Christie and Nicole got ice and they are filling their glass with water. Christie is hoping she isn’t called to DR, she’s mentally checked out. Everyone is in the TBR now talking about the HOH comp and what they would have done if Michie hadn’t had underwear on or if he’d fallen. Talk has turned to the size of their packages. Jess broke up with someone because their balls were saggy.
  15. Julie says the last 24 hours have been a whirlwind with secrets being revealed and votes flipping. How the votes will go tonight is anyone’s guess! Previously, on Big Brother, it was a house divided. Christie, Tommy, Sis, and Nick were aligned, Cliff had his angels Jess, Nicole, and Kat, but Kat was also close to Michie and Holly. With Tommy the head honcho, he wanted to target Kat, but when America sent three HG on a field trip, Michie won safety, Sis got a punishment, and Tommy’s bestie became a third nominee. At an all important veto competition, Tommy reclaimed control over his HOH week and he swiftly saved Christie from damnation. Will the house conspire to send Kat to jury or will the Cliff-o-maniacs send him over the edge? Plus, tonight, a slippery battle for HOH begins! Julie greets us and says it’s day 58 in the BB house and countless tears have been shed while the alliances have continued to shift. So Kat or Cliff, who will be joining Jack in the jury. The Six Shooters alliance is officially done leaving a new six to emerge. We pick up on day 55 after the veto ceremony. Tommy says Kat was originally his target, but he wants to make sure he doesn’t overlook Cliff. Cliff says he’s not surprised Tommy took Christie off, but now he has to focus on Kat and make sure she goes to jury and not him. Kat is more nervous this week than she’s ever been. She really thinks she has the potential to win the game, but first she has to get off the block. Nicole says Kat vs Cliff is worst case scenario for her, plus there’s still a giant chicken in the house. This is literally her worst nightmare. Cliff is talking to Kat and Cliff says he has to campaign and they’ll be friends outside the game. Kat asks him not to throw her under the bus. Kat is sitting next to Michie while he’s sleeping and Kat is trying to talk to him but he’s slurring his words in his sleep saying Cliff is a bigger threat. Kat says she knows she has Holly and Michie’s vote, and Jess, she just needs one more vote to stay. Tommy is talking to Nick and Christie in the HOH room and Tommy wants to make sure the right person is going home. Nick says he’s been mending relationships and he wants to build a new group to take out Michie and Holly and skate to the end of the game. Nick tells them he thinks Kat is working with Michie and Holly and he thinks Nicole is leaning towards keep Cliff. Tommy would love to work with Cliff and Christie agrees and mentions a six with Tommy, Nick, Cliff, Sis, and Nicole. Christie says Cliff is totally a man of his word and he’s someone she trusts. Even though he voted out Jack last week, they have worked together before and she trusts him and would love to work with him. We see Nick talking to Cliff about Kat working with Holly and Michie and Cliff says he sees her gravitating towards them. Nick pitches a new six with Tommy, Christie, Sis, Nicole, himself, and Cliff. Cliff says he would do that in a heartbeat. Cliff says if Kat leaves, that just leaves Jess, Nicole, and himself and he’s not sure that will be enough to get him to the end. Cliff says if he takes Nick’s deal, then that could be his path to the end. Christie goes to the HOH with Sis and Nick and Nick fills her in on his conversation with Cliff. Christie is excited and Sis says Cliff is sweet. Christie says she’s been solid on one thing, she didn’t want to go to the end with couples and this could be a manifested dream come true! We see Nick talking to Nicole and he’s saying it must be a tough week for her. Nick tells her she’s the swing vote. Nicole says this week is extremely stressful because she has two allies on the block and now she has Nick telling her she will determine who goes home and this could be a $500,000 decision. Nick says he can’t work with Kat moving forward. Nicole wants to trust Nick, but he’s very hard to gauge. Nick says if Kat goes, then Cliff owes them for keeping him. Julie says as the swing vote, Nicole appears to hold the power. What will she do with it? Julie says Cliff made a secret deal to keep himself safe. But in the BB house, secrets don’t stay secret for long. Holly says her and Michie have been doing their own thing, but she doesn’t want people to think their conspiring against either side. Holly wants Kat to stay in the game because they have a F2 and she’s genuinely the only one she trusts. Holly says she has to be careful though since people think they know each other so Kat is on her own on this one. Kat is talking to Nicole and Kat is hoping if she does leave that Cliff, Nicole, and Jess continue their plan. But she does selfishly hope it’s her. Kat says Nicole has her word that she wouldn’t put her up and she’d protect her. Nicole says that means a lot. Nicole says from a game standpoint she has to make a difficult choice and she’s getting emotional. Nicole says she’s leaned both ways and she doesn’t want it to affect their friendship. Nicole says she knows you have to separate personal from game and she doesn’t have a lot of people who like and accept her for her and she found two of those in the game, Kat and Cliff. Cliff is now campaigning to Nicole and she says she’s stressed out and wants them both to stay. Cliff fills Nicole in on Nick’s plan with the six person alliance. Cliff tells Nicole he has told her he agreed and Nicole says she’s concerned because Nick is very close with Tommy and Sis. Nicole feels bad for Jess and it’s not sitting well with her. Cliff says she had a chance to do something and it’s the game. Nicole says it’s just not sitting well with her and she doesn’t really trust some of the people in the six, but she does trust Jess. She feels like she needs to talk to Jess. We see Nicole sit Jess down and Nicole says she could blow up her game, but she needs Jess to know because Jess is the only person she trusts in the game. Nicole then tells her about the six person deal made. Nicole says they want Kat gone, then Michie, and then Holly, and then Jess. Jess says she definitely feels left out in this game and she’s kind of pissed off. They don’t include her in anything and it legit makes everything so much harder. She doesn’t know what to do with this information but she just wants to blow up everyone’s game. Nicole says she couldn’t leave this game without Jess knowing. Nicole says she could vote with Michie and Holly and Jess and keep Kat and then it’d be them against the rest of the house. Julie says the cat’s out of the bag. Julie says it’s one thing to blindside your enemies, it’s another to blindside your friends. Jess is talking to Kat and filling her in on the information Nicole gave her. Kat wants to blow up Cliff’s Angels, he made a deal without Jess in it. Kat says of all the people she trusted in the house, Cliff she trusted most and to find out he made an alliance to get her out of the game is upsetting. Kat goes to talk to Cliff and wants to know why he made a deal without Jess. Cliff says it’s a game. What was he supposed to do? Kat says stand up for what you believe in! Kat says she’s just disappointed and Cliff says he’s on the block with her and he’s told the only way he stays is if he goes with them. Cliff says it’s the only way to stay and keep Nicole and Jess safe. Kat says she’s so disappointed in and she believed in the plan. Cliff says he believed in it too and Kat is emotional. Cliff says it kills him to see Kat this upset, but this is BB and he has to do what it takes to survive for another week. Kat tells him it just really hurts. Jess talks to Holly and now fills her in on the new six person alliance. Holly says that would be, she’s assuming, Christie, Tommy, Sis, Nick, Nicole, and Cliff? Jess says yeah and confirms. Holly then goes to talk to Michie and fills him in on the six person alliance. Holly says they all want to keep Cliff and that leaves her, him, and Jess on the outs. Michie says no and Holly says she doesn’t know whether that’s true or not. Holly says they have to make damned sure Nicole votes to keep Kat. Michie says or we’ll for sure get picked off. Sis, Christie, Tommy, Nick, Nicole, and Cliff are in the camper talking and Christie says she just knows Holly, Michie, and Kat are working together she knows it. Nicole says if she goes with Michie, Holly, and Jess, then Kat stays. If she goes with the six, then Cliff stays. Nicole says whatever decision she makes could drastically change the game. Julie says it’s now time for the live vote and eviction. Let’s head to the LR! Julie greets the HG. Kat says it’s been a great summer and she’s sad it’s her and her dad on the block. She’s proud of Cliff and fighting back from banishment, then Camp Comeback, then won HOH and he has still convinced everyone she’s the bigger threat. Kat says Cliff will march right up and make more deals with Nick right there with him. Conspire away b*tches. Cliff shouts out to his family. He loves BB, and he signed up to play in the competitions and the mental strategy, and he signed up to show age doesn’t have to be a limitation. He says he wants to stay, he hopes they vote to keep him. Cliff tells Kat he’s sorry their paths went separate ways and he’s sorry. He does want to clarify one thing and he is NOT her father! Julie asks if this is Jerry Springer or Big Brother? It’s time to vote! Nick votes to evict Kat. Christie sadly votes to evict Kat. Sis votes to evict Kat. Nicole votes to evict the kind-hearted Kat. Jess votes to evict Cliff. Holly hates that she has to evict Kat. Michie votes to evict Kat. By a vote of 6-1, Kat has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Kat grabs Jess’s arm, grabs her, hugs Jess, and then says she loves everyone and walks out the door. Julie says that house is crazy! Kat says she wanted to wear a cute dress and heels, she knew she was doomed. Julie says she only hugged Jess on her way out. After last night and Jess’s information, Kat went to Cliff and confronted him. What did she want to accomplish? Kat says she had nothing to lose. She is loyal to a fault and she thinks Jess is too and knowing she was left out was...she had nothing to lose. Julie can’t confirm or deny anything. Julie says when Kat was confronting Cliff she wanted him to stand up for what he believes, but what does Kat believe? Kat says she would have gotten rid of Michie first chance, and she’d have sided with Nicole and Jess over Holly. Kat says she knew Michie was using her as a pawn and she tried to flip the script. Julie asks about Kat’s F2 with Holly, Kat says she realized Holly had Michie’s back and that affected her game. Julie asks if they had come to her instead of Cliff and promised her and Nicole safety, but not Jess. Kat says she wouldn’t have done it. She says she knows it’s a part of game, but you do build real relationships and you really appreciate those and she appreciated that Jess really was a friend to her. Kat says when she campaigned she kept Nicole and Jess in her mind the whole time. Julie says they’ll get to more after the show. It’s time for the live HOH Competition. Let’s get things started. Today is August 15, so today is Augtoberfest. They will fill their mug with beer and slide down the lane and fill their stein at the end of the lane. The first HG to remove their ping pong ball will win HOH! Nick is moving quickly, with Sis right behind. Up next, the HG continue on the slippery slope to power!
  16. Previously, on Big Brother, the Six Shooters fractured leaving Tommy, Christie, and Sis on one side and Holly and Michie on the other. Meanwhile, outsiders Cliff, Nicole, Kat, and Jess became Cliff’s Angels, while lonewolf Nick finally chose a side. Tommy paddled his way to a boatload of power and he hoped to rebuild his shattered alliance. The Broadway dancer wanted it to be Kat’s curtain call, leaving Christie feeling like they were in for a smooth week. But she didn’t see this bus coming! And America sent Michie, Analyse, and Christie to a special competition. After an egg-citing battle, Michie secured safety, Analyse got clucked, and Christie became a third nominee. Tommy still had two nominees of his own, but his former Six Shooter ally had his sights set on a bigger fish. Tonight, will the POV save one of the three nominees? If they want to win, they’ll have to overcome OTEV. All this right now on Big Brother! We pick up on day 52 after the nomination ceremony. Tommy says Kat is his target this week. She has good working relationships with everyone in the house except for him. Cliff is a pawn. He has to win this veto and get Christie off the block. The worst thing would be Christie going home. Oh the irony. It can’t happen. Cliff says Christie is on the block next to him and he has to win this veto. Christie says this is worst case scenario for her…on Tommy’s HOH. She really thinks America hates her, she gets emotional every time she thinks about it. Michie hopes he can get picked for veto and hopefully Christie will go home. God Bless America! Kat says three days ago, she Nicole, and Cliff all thought they had a chance at winning. Kat is crying in the lounge. Christie is telling Nick he has to get picked and he swears he would take her off, she’s not going home. Jess goes in to comfort Kat and she’s embarrassed. She hates being on the block again. She hates that she’s next to Cliff. Michie goes into the lounge and hugs Kat and comforts her. Michie says he loves her in the house and he says he’ll play for her if she wants someone to play for her in the veto. Jess tells her not to pick Michie for veto. Cliff comes in and he says he hurts when she hurts and he comforts her too. Cliff says remember there are three of us on the block and we have at least two chances to win veto and keep her on there and then all kinds of things can happen. Jess tells her not to think about the future, just think about the veto. Jess is talking to Christie in the main BR with Nick. Christie cannot believe she’s on the block on Tommy’s HOH. She says this is BS this has to happen. Why the F does she have to be on the block? Why the F does there have to be three nominations? We then see her crying in DR and she says she’s sorry. Nick tells her she didn’t do anything to get herself put up. Christie says she just believes in karma and the universe rewards someone being true to herself. Jess says on a personal level she loves Christie so much, but she’s never been in an alliance with her. This might be a chance to get rid of a strong player, but she hates she’s thinking that way. Christie says she’s going into this veto with a do or die mentality. She feels like her life in this game is on the line, no question. Jess asks if anyone is having weird dreams and Nick says last night. Tommy says he had a raunchy one with Nick in it. Nick says he has a crush on Tommy, he’s an attractive guy. We see clips of Nick flirting with Tommy. Tommy says Nick is cute, he has his swag and tattoos and he’s amazing. Tommy says if Nick played for his team, then maybe things would work out, but he doesn’t play for his team. Nick says a lot of straight guys wouldn’t mess around with a guy, but he thinks it’s fine and everyone is equal. Mission to BB Explorer, his Speed of Light mission is a go. His mission around the BB Universe is now complete! He throws his hat off and says yes! It’s time to pick players for the veto competition! Christie, Kat, and Cliff join Tommy at the front of the LR. Tommy is hoping to Nick or Sis for the veto competition. Tommy will pull two chips out of the box. If he pulls his own chip or a nominee, they’ll get to choose a player of their choice. Tommy draws Christie and she selects Nick. Tommy draws Cliff and he selects Michie. Cliff says he chose Michie because he’s an enemy of Christie’s he thinks. Michie says this week has somehow turned into a pretty good week for him. Now he just needs to win this veto so Christie can stay on the block and come Thursday he can send her packing! Cliff is sitting at the memory wall and he says he’s focused. His only goal is veto. If he survives another chapter, you don’t chase him out of this house. Jack is out, then chase Christie out, they may be faster and they me be stronger, but he wants it more. Cliff starts to dance it out. Michie is talking to Sis and she doesn’t know if they’re supposed to be together or against each other. Sis says they could still go to five, but they’d really have to trust each other. Sis says she really trusts him and Holly. She feels like they could get far if they could get back together. Sis says with Jack out of the house she feels on an island and she thinks the six should get back together, or what’s left. Michie says he thinks Christie would put him and Holly up. Michie wants to say something but he’s afraid she’ll say something. Sis says she won’t say anything and Michie says he wants noms to stay the same and get Christie out without any of them getting any blood on their hands. Michie says this is a golden opportunity! Sis says she’s been thinking about that, but she’s also been thinking she’s a big target for the others to gun after. Sis says Michie has to think about that. If she goes, then Michie would be next. Michie says he trusts Sis, but he doesn’t want to work with Christie, he’d rather go play in traffic. Sis says working with Christie is best for his game. Michie says he’s doing some best to have good acting skills and go along, but there’s nothing he’d rather do less. He’s going to tell her what she wants to hear, but he’d be stupid not to take this chance to get Christie out of the game. It’s time for the veto competition and it’s OTEV. It’s a large bird head, he’s OTEV, the paranoid pigeon. Sis says pigeons are literally flying rats. OTEV tells them all to stop staring at him. Christie says this bird might be more paranoid than her or is he? She starts getting emotional. The HG get covered in a white substance. OTEV says they were creeping him the F out. He’d love to spread his wings, and there are so many places they’ve been he’d like to go but he needs help being less paranoid. He’ll give a clue about a competition from this summer he’d like to visit, they need to search the swamp and present the item they found. The last player remaining will win the golden POV. The clapping is too loud! Too much noise! Pigeon attack! They get covered in white again. Kat doesn’t do well with the pressure of being nominated. She needs to kick it into high gear and show those conspiring b*tches what’s up. Christie’s manifestation is at an all time high right now. Cliff needs to make sure Christie and Tommy don’t win the veto. Round 1, OTEV gives the clue and Michie says he knows immediate it’s Tossed in Space and he remembers where he was when he lost. Tommy says it’s insane that Christie is on the block on HIS HOH. He needs to win and gain control back. Tommy is the first one back. Cliff is hiding a few items. Kat says she’s seen enough OTEV to know to make a stockpile of items. Nick has found one and is on his way back. Cliff and Christie make it back. Cliff realizes he got the wrong item. It’s not Power Shot, it’s Tossed in Space. He has to find the right one. Cliff heads back and Kat, Michie, and Cliff are still looking. Kat is up with her item. Michie doesn’t want Christie coming off the block, he needs to make things happen. Cliff finds the item and heads back up and just beats Michie. Nick has brought Tossed in Space, and so has everyone else. Michie has been eliminated. Michie says he blew it and he’s mad he went out round 1. He’s hoping Cliff or Kat can pull this out. OTEV freaks out again and the HG get covered in white again! Round 2 is up! OTEV mentions poisonous vines. Cliff says he immediately knows it’s Pose-In-Ivy Competition. Cliff didn’t get to compete in that one. Nick and Christie head up first. Kat doesn’t have the right one in her stockpile so she has to look. Tommy makes it back. Kat and Cliff are the last two and Cliff grabs his item and Kat has hers and she makes a run for the rope. Cliff and Kat both fight for the rope and Kat gets higher and she makes it up. Kat is crying and she apologizes to him and she’s crying. Cliff says it’s all right. Kat says she feels like a monster. Cliff says his leg is bothering him and it’s better that she keeps going. Kat is crying. Cliff tells her to pull herself together. Cliff says he can barely walk, he couldn’t have continued. All the HG are correct and Cliff has been eliminated. Cliff says Kat has to get her head in this game. Cliff says he’s counting on Kat to win this thing! OTEV wants to know if the HG are talking about him and they are covered again. Tommy says Cliff is out so that’s good. They just need to get Kat out and then he, Nick, or Christie can get Christie off the block. Holly says Kat is fighting for her life and she’s the only hope to get Christie out this week. Round 3: OTEV is trying to be brave, but nightmares? Shattered souls? A mirrored forest? Count him out! Kat immediately knows the competition is The Haunting of Kaitlyn Herman. Kat knows she has that in her stockpile and she runs and grabs it and is the first back up. Nick is right behind and the second one up. It’s down to Tommy and Christie but Christie can’t find the answer anywhere and she says it could become the Haunting of Christie. Tommy finds it and he heads back up after taking a dive in the swamp. Christie is the last one up. All the HG are correct and Christie has been eliminated. Christie says she was too slow and she lost this comp and now her fate lies in the hands of Tommy or Nick. She prays Kat doesn’t win the veto because if she takes herself down she’s most likely going home. Pigeon patrol let it fly! Round 4! What a beautiful river, but only 9 seconds to ride down the rapids?!? He could hurts himself. Nick knows the answer is Time Me a River and he knows exactly where that item is. Nick grabs it and is first one up. Kat and Tommy are looking and Tommy gets it and he’s up. Kat is the last one up. Nick and Tommy are correct and Kat has been eliminated. Kat says it sucks. She doesn’t know what happened. It makes her sick to her stomach. Tommy says now that Kat is out he’s relieved. He thinks Nick would take Christie down, but the only person you can trust is yourself and he’s going to gun for it. OTEV covers them again and then gives the final clue concerning archery. Nick immediately knows it’s Power Shot and there’s no way he’s not going to find the item first for the HOH he won. Tommy and Nick are both looking. Tommy found it and is running back and Nick is right behind but just a little late. Tommy has won the POV! Tommy says he won the veto! He can’t believe it! He loves the veto. He says America’s field trip really threw him for a loop but now he gets to HOH back on track and take control and save Christie. Christie says Tommy winning is about as good as herself and she’s so happy for him! She will never question the universe again and she can manifest stuff! Cliff says his fate is out of his hands. Michie is mad at himself because he’s pretty sure Tommy will take Christie off the block. It’s time for the veto meeting! Tommy has won the power to veto one of the nominations. Tommy has decided to use the POV on Christie. They hug. Since Christie was the third nominee, there is no replacement nominee. This veto meeting is adjourned. Cliff says with America’s Field Trip they had a perfect opportunity and once again they let it slip through their fingers. If he has to campaign against Kat, he will. Nicole says regardless of how this week goes she’s losing a number, someone she trusts, and a friend. Jess says these are two people that are so dear to her. It’s not going to be a good week. Kat says this is the worst case scenario. She doesn’t want to be the person who played a role in him leaving. Who will be evicted from the BB house? Cliff or Kat? Find out tomorrow night!
  17. It’s the first night of the live shows and tonight, 12 acts will perform, but only 7 will be moving on! Let’s get started! G-Force is the first act up and they love girl bands and girl power and they want people to hear what they want to say. Tonight, they are going to bring their own girl power to the AGT stage. They do an original called It’s G-Force. Howie says he couldn’t think of a better way to open the live shows. He says they had so much energy. Gabrielle says they came out and rocked it and they showed what girl power is all about. Julianne says they are redefining girl power. She says they are so unique, but they are powerful when they come together. Simon says he didn’t like the song, but if they get through they need to find someone to write them a killer song and they have to stick together for the next couple years, in two or three years they’ll have a shot in the real world. Gabrielle says Simon told them after auditions they needed to take control of their own music and Simon says he takes it back. Greg Morton is preparing to take the stage. His love of movies has led to his act. He made over his room into a theater when he was a child and used to bring home movies from the library and mimic their voices. He does various voices from various movies including Shrek, The Godfather, Rocky, The Sixth Sense, and others. Gabrielle says every time Greg hits the stage he raises the bar and his talent takes them back to their childhood. Julianne says she’s sitting on the edge of her seat waiting for everything he’s going to do. He’s unbelievable and he’s a true artist. Simon says they absolutely rooted for him, and he was concerned whether he’d own the stage or not. He completely proved him wrong and it was such a step up from his previous auditions. Howie says the biggest variety show on earth is right there in one man. Carmen Carter will be our next performer. We see a package of her parents talking about her growing up and they are so unbelievably proud of her, she’s a star. Carmen takes the stage and performs Believer by Imagine Dragons. Simon says when Carmen first started he thought it wasn’t the right choice, but she changed his mind and she saved the money note for the end. He hopes the show changes her life for the better. Gabrielle says she made us all believers! Julianne says everything she did she made it completely her own and it was a big risk but she completely nailed it. Howie says he doesn’t know if that was the best choice and he hopes people vote for her. The Emerald Belles High Kick team is next. We see their community come out in support and we see them booing Howie. They take the stage and they’re all in white and the first part of their performance is to Hey Look Ma, I Made It by Panic! At the Disco and then the song switches to Me and My Girls by Fifth Harmony. Gabrielle says the best way to silence your critics is to come out and nail the performance. Howie says he’s been tough on them, but with what they just did they just blew the roof off the place and he’s so thrilled America has to vote. Julianne says the way they stepped it up tonight was beyond anything they’ve done. Simon says he thinks Howie owes them an apology right now and Howie stands and bows to them. Our next act is Sophie Pecora. We see a package of her singing lyrics about herself as a little girl who lacked confidence and then her story as it continued to the AGT stage. She takes the stage and she performs an original. Julianne says the video package with the lyrics brought her tears and she speaks truth. Howie agrees and says she is wow and she’s an interesting singer. Howie says people need to listen and learn and vote. Gabrielle says every time she hits the stage she has something important and poignant to say. Simon says they live in a very crowded world with a lot of information, but she came on with a guitar and a beautiful lyric and silenced the entire room. The Messoudi Brothers are up next. They trust each other, but things don’t always go as planned. Their father taught them to fight through any obstacle in their way. They perform a couple of tricks on a platform including one blindfolded. Then the platform rises up and they do one more trick. Gabrielle says insane feats of strength and danger and sexy…good job guys! Julianne says the sexy was on a whole other level and she has so much anxiety watching them. She says they outdid themselves. Simon says the end missed something more dangerous like falling into a tank of piranhas or sharks. He thinks they needed something bigger at the end. Voices of Service is our next act and they represent all branches of the military. They want to encourage people to focus on the service men and women, and not the wars. They take the stage and perform Fire by Gavin DeGraw. Howie says he can’t sit down and he just wants to salute them for their service, their talent, and to keep going. Simon says it’s inspirational and he wants them to come up with a song that will stop traffic with their voices. Gabrielle thanks them so much for their service and they are such a blessing. Julianne says she got chills and collectively we are all one tribe. Our next act is Ainsley Burns and she was cut in judge cuts. Simon brought her back as the wildcard. She’s working hard and making sure everything sounds right this time and hopefully she won’t get stopped again! She takes the stage and performs Swingin’ by Leann Rimes. Simon says he didn’t love the song but he heard at the end that she is a great singer and she has the most amazing personality. Julianne says never stop believing. All of the little moments will create the artist and person she will become. Howie says he’s so thrilled she’s here and Ainsley made them all smile. Next we have Alex Dowis and he loves to do street art. He never thought it would lead him to AGT. He takes the stage and we see a sky and ocean and then he draws a dinosaur. We then see a “meteor” strike the earth and we see a plant and a butterfly growing and then grass. We then see a gorilla and its baby and then evolution from caveman to modern man with a cell phone. We then see a handshake and then the world. Simon says he is unbelievably talented, but he didn’t get goosebumps this time. There’s no denying his unique talent. Gabrielle disagrees and she says his art was inspirational and beautiful. Howie says if Banksy and Darwin had a child it would be him. Julianne says his art comes and goes and the history of time was so magical and she’s blown away by it. Julianne’s golden buzzer, Luke Islam is up next. His favorite thing is going to a Broadway show. He’s here at the live shows and it’s so crazy and this is his chance to make his dream come true. He takes the stage and performs You Will be Found from Dear Evan Hansen. Julianne says Luke did not disappoint and he proved what an incredible voice he has. Simon says he will watch this back to remind himself how good Luke is. Howie says he think they watched his dream come true and he predicts he’ll be on a Broadway stage. Gabrielle says he’s a world class talent and she thinks the world just feel in love with him again. Bir Khalsa is next and Terry reminds everyone not to try anything they see at home. We have a new addition to the group and he says he has so much to learn from this performance. They’ve been practicing non-stop day and night. They take the stage and one guy has something poured on his eyes and then is blindfolded. The large guy is on the ground with a cucumber in his mouth and the blindfolded guy is handed a chainsaw and he cuts the top of the cucumber and then goes back and slices it down almost hitting the mouth. He then chops the cucumber at the very bottom. The large guy then has a huge block of ice put on his chest and the blind folded guy has a large sword and he chops at the ice all along it. The large guy then lays by watermelons and so does the third guy and the blindfolded guy smashes the melons around their heads with an axe/sledgehammer tool. They finish with the blindfolded guy stabbing a spear into the final watermelon above the large guys head. Simon tells people with a chainsaw and a cucumber, don’t do that at home. Simon advises them to do QVC after the show selling knives. Simon says it was fantastically crazy and fantastically dangerous. Howie says this is everything he loves about the show. Gabrielle says she didn’t think they’d find a way to up the danger and they absolutely knocked it out of the park. Julianne says they crushed it out of the park. She had chills. We’ll continue on with the next act, Gabrielle’s golden buzzer, Kodi Lee. His mom says when she found out he was blind and the had autism she didn’t know what to do. She says music gave him joy and she knew then how to help him as his mom. Kodi is the final contestant of the night and he’ll take the stage next! Kodi Lee is now on stage and his mother is with him. He performs Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon & Garfunkle. He gets an ovation and the audience is chanting his name. Gabrielle says he changed the world and he keeps changing the world and she’s emotional. Simon says he continually amazes him and the show is nothing without people like him and they are nothing without their audience. He also thanks Paul Simon for giving permission to use the song because he rarely does that. Julianne says Kodi has changed their hearts, their mindset, and their lives. He is magic. Howie says in this world of Troubled Waters, Kodi is their bridge.
  18. Previously, on Big Brother, the Six Shooters self-destructed, leaving Jack, Tommy, Christie, and Sis on one side and Holly and Michie on the other. At an intergalactic veto competition, Tommy got punished, and Jess got power ensuring one of the Jack’s would be jury bound. Tommy tried to play mediator to the former Six Shooters but Michie wasn’t interested in reuniting the band. Desperate for votes, Jack offered Cliff a deal, but in the end the house said Hit the Road Jack! With the HOH back up for grabs, the broadway dancer paddled to power. Tonight, a new twist will turn Tommy’s HOH week upside down. Which three HG did America choose to send to a special competition where one earns safety and one becomes America’s nominee. Plus, who will Tommy nominate for the chopping block? Find out now on Big Brother! We pick up on day 51 and Tommy can’t believe he’s HOH. This is insane! His goal is to set themselves up for the next couple of weeks and if he has any say he is going to try and keep the six together and bring them back stronger than ever. Michie says so Jack is gone, but with Tommy in power and him making it clear he doesn’t want to work with them, he could be a target still. Jess says this was a great HOH! Jack is gone and she’s pretty sure the six split up. Hopefully they don’t get back together. We then see Sis and Christie celebrating and Christie says Tommy winning is just as great as her winning, she just wanted the Universe to reward loyalty! Cliff is talking to Nicole and Jess and he’s thinking he and Michie will go up and he’s hoping he can count on the girls. Kat joins and she says that would be best case scenario, well worst best. Kat says Tommy winning HOH was her worst case scenario considering he tried to get the house to flip on her. This sucks. Michie and Holly are talking and Michie wonders where Sis will sleep. Holly wonders who Tommy will nominate. Michie says there’s a strong chance he won’t go up because he could win veto. Holly says she’s been trying to mend fences and Michie says he to, but not with Christie. Holly hopes Tommy realizes that sticking with Christie is…Michie says death. Michie goes to talk to Tommy in the lounge and congratulates him. Michie says he’s on no man’s island and all he has is his word. Michie tells Tommy needs to play his best game and what’s best for him. Tommy says he’s pretty sure his target will not be someone from Six Shooters and he thinks they need each other. Tommy says Six Shooters may be down, but they are not out. Michie says he’s not all on board with getting the six back together, it’s the last thing he wants to do. But if bTommy’s in power then he will have to say that’s what he wants to do. Christie definitely wants to grab ahold of Tommy for a couple of minutes before the gaming begins. She doesn’t need to spend too much time with Tommy because she knows she’s safe this week. She asks Tommy who he’s thinking of nominating him. Tommy wants Kat and Cliff. Christie agrees. Tommy says he doesn’t want the Six Shooters to be buddy-buddy this week. He wants them to still appear to fight, but weaken the other side. Tommy says he wants to make sure Kat goes home. Christie says as long as Kat goes home because she’s close with Holly. Tommy says Kat is a comp beast and one of the smartest people in this game and she needs to go. Tommy suggests he may take Cliff down and put up Nicole to ensure Kat goes home. Cliff goes to talk to Tommy and Tommy says his goal is to set himself up for the future and Cliff says he doesn’t have a group and he’d be willing to make some promises. Tommy says he may need Cliff to go up as a pawn, but he promises he’s not his target. Tommy wants to make sure Cliff knows he’s a pawn and maybe build a relationship with him going forward. Kat asks Michie if he thinks she’s screwed? Michie says it’s a game. Kat says she knows Tommy wants to get the six back together and Michie says keep pushing ahead. Kat gets emotional and Michie comforts her. He says it’s ok. Kat says she’s frustrated, they just had a good week and now she feels like she’s at the bottom again. Kat can’t believe the person she hates the most in the house is also the person she trusts the most. Tommy is in the HOH room and Kat joins and she gives him a hug and says she’s proud of him. Kat tells us she’s pretty sure she’s going on the block because Tommy just last week tried to get the house to flip on her. Kat says she feels screwed. Kat says do I want to go after Tommy if I were HOH, but she’ll lie through her teeth. Kat says she wouldn’t hurt Tommy’s game and she thinks she can enhance it. Kat wants to know if there’s anything she can do to avoid going on the block and Tommy says he’s not telling anyone anything. Kat says there are murmuring that the six are getting back together and Tommy says that isn’t happening. Tommy tells us that is happening. Kat says Tommy is a terrible liar and he’s lied so many times to her face and she knows he’s lying. Tommy says sorry Kat, we know you’re playing both sides of the house and you are a threat. Hey campers! It’s time for America’s Field Trip? Everyone runs downstairs except Christie who is in a towel. She finally makes it downstairs. They think it’s a luxury comp. HG, for the past eight days, America has been voting to send 3 HG on a field trip. Those three HG will take part in a competition that will drastically impact their game. The winner will be safe for the week, the second place finisher will win a punishment, and the third place finisher will be a third nominee. Michie is up first and he’s excited! Sis says what?!? OMG! Christie is the third HG. Everyone is saying woah! Sis says she loves America, but she’s going to throw up. Tommy tells them to get in their gear and get ready to go on the field trip. Michie says he loves to gamble and he’s going to do what he can to make the most of it and he knows it’s probably not because he’s a favorite. Christie says she’s not thrilled she was picked. She wouldn’t pick people she loved, she’d vote people she didn’t like. Michie says this will be either really good or really bad to Holly. Michie says he just doesn’t’ want to be the third nominee. Holly says we need Christie as the third nominee. Michie says this could be great for his game. Michie says he could get safety, Christie on the block and evicted with no blood on his hands. Michie says thank you America! Sis goes to talk to Tommy and wants to know what he’s thinking and he says let’s see how this week goes. Sis thinks if Christie is the third nominee, she thinks they should keep her. Sis says do you want me to go up? She could throw it so they can keep Christie because she doesn’t think they should let Christie go yet. Tommy says he’s telling her not to, but he thinks it’s the best case scenario for everyone. Christie joins Tommy and Sis and she says if she’s on the block, Michie and Holly will vote her out. Christie says she HAS to win this competition because no way she could sit on the block on her best friend’s Tommy HOH. She has to win this! Sis says she could throw it and go on the block. She’s not a big target. Christie is freaking out. Tommy says if Christie is on the block, people will probably take a shot and she says I know. Tommy says it’s their call because he doesn’t know what to do. There are three chicken coops in the backyard. Welcome to Cluck Cluck island. Grab and egg on the outside of the chicken coup and maneuver to the other side and get it through the hole and roll it down the ramp and knock down a letter. The first HG to knock down all the letters will be safe for the week. The person in second will get a punishment and one will be a third nominee. Christie says she seriously needs safety this week. No way she wants to sit on the block. Sis is planning on throwing the comp because she knows she’d have the votes to stay if she were on the block. Michie wants to win. Not only for safety but also to get Christie on the block. If he can pull out a win, then he’ll be proud. Michie takes his first shot and misses. Sis is struggling and Michie misses a second time. The chicken drops as Sis is going across the top and smashes her egg. Christie’s anxiety is at an all time high knowing that chicken at the top is waiting to come down and smash her egg. Michie says the hard part is it’s an egg so it doesn’t roll straight. He says it’s hard! Sis is frustrated. The HG are inside watching and Holly says this is torturous watching. Michie says this is what we get for thinking it was a luxury comp. Sis thought they were really going somewhere. Christie and Michie realize they are ALFP. America’s least favorite players. Sis refuses to believe she’s hated because she hardly talks. Michie gets his first letter knocked down. Sis gets the egg on the letter, but it doesn’t fall over. Sis says she’s throwing this comp, but it sucks that Christie isn’t doing so hot either. Michie has knocked down the second letter. Sis gets her first letter. Michie has his third letter and Christie says he’s killing it. Christie is trying again and the egg rolls short. Michie says he realized if he shakes the eggs it rolls straight forward a lot easier. He gets his fourth letter and Michie has won safety for the week! Michie says he couldn’t be happier and in case he couldn’t make it clear enough, he’d love to see Christie as a third nominee. Christie misses again and Michie says it’s luck and Christie says it’s not luck, it’s skill and she lacks it. Sis says Christie is doing kind of…not kind of she’s doing really bad. Sis says if she wanted to throw this comp, then she should sit down and do nothing, but that’s not an option. Sis says she tried, but now she has to gun for this. Christie is on another attempt and Tommy says he’s so anxious…come on Christie. Christie rolls an egg and it lands between two letters and finally one falls. Michie asks Sis how many she has and he mouths shake the egg. Michie says he’s 1000% trying to help Sis beat Christie, he wants her on the block. Christie is frustrated and Michie is smiling. Sis says she has three letters down, only one more to go. Let’s do this! Christie is rolling her egg slowly and Tommy and Nick are cheering her on from inside and she misses. Sis then rolls an egg and it lands behind her last letter but it doesn’t quite fall. As Sis begins her net egg, the letter finally falls and Sis has won a punishment! Christie will be the third nominee! Michie doesn’t know if this is what America wanted, but thank you! Christie is crying and she’s sick to her stomach and she doesn’t know why she’s upset. She’s starting to feel like America hates her! Michie, Sis, and Christie head back inside and Tommy tells them great job! Tommy says it’s not because America hates you guys and Michie says oh it is. Christie says this is worst case scenario. It’s Tommy’s HOH and it should have been a breeze. Kat says Christie being the third nominee is the best case scenario. Kat says it’s almost like she manifested this entire thing. Sis refuses to think America hates her. Tommy says America does not hate you. Michie says if it was people America liked, Cliff would have been in there. It’s not because America likes us. Michie and Holly celebrate in the SR. MIchie says let’s see…guaranteed safety and Christie goes on the block! Thank you! Michie says the tables have turned! Cliff tells Nicole it’s the perfect set-up. As long as Christie stays on the block, there’s a chance to get the votes to get her out. Cliff says this is a perfect opportunity for the house to take a shot at Christie. Cliff says we’ll have to see what happens. Sis and Tommy head to the HOH and Sis says she’s so sorry. She says she literally tried and she realized Christie wasn’t knocking anything down and she knew everyone was watching. Nick says that was heartbreaking. Christie wants to get her stuff and she tells them she’s sorry. She’s really upset!! She’s so scared, she’s upset. Nick says it’s not fair. Christie thought she was ok and it just sucks. She knows she deserves sit because she lost. Nick says it’s not happening. He’ll win the veto and take her off. Nick says he 100% would save Christie and he wants to work with Christie, Tommy, and Sis because they are better competitors than the other side. Sis and Tommy are alone. Tommy says this is really bad. Christie is his girl and the fact she could go home on his HOH is outrageous! Tommy says this changes things. Christie is talking to Tommy and Sis and Sis is called to the DR. Sis says because she came in second place she has to be chicken for an entire week! Hopefully she’ll look like a hot chicken! Nicole has a tremendous fear of birds and she says it’s freaking her out. Sis goes to give Nicole a hug and Nicole says she doesn’t like it. The tail is freaking her out. Kat goes up to the HOH and Kat says Christie being on the block is not good for Tommy and she knows he will want to do what he can to keep Christie safe. Kat says she loves Christie more than a lot of other people and she would not vote her out because she loves having her here. Kat says would I vote to save Christie? Maybe…maybe not. She’s just telling Tommy what he wants to hear to keep her safe. Tommy says this week is about making relationships he can move forward with. Tommy says he was going to use his HOH to go after a huge threat. Now that Christie is on the block, does he change his plan to make sure Christie is here at the end of the week? It’s time for the nomination ceremony! Michie has safety for the week and cannot be nominated and Christie is an automatic third nominee. Tommy’s first nominee is…Cliff. Tommy’s second nominee is…Kat. Tommy says he’s sorry. He loves them both but he fears the players who have good working relationships with everyone in the house. He says go win veto and make his job even harder. Cliff says he may be sitting on the block, but Christie is next to him and he needs to make sure he wins veto to make sure she’s still there eviction night. Kat says it’s hard to go from feeling like you can win…she’s sorry she’s crying. She’s a mess. Christie thought Tommy’s HOH would be a breeze and America voted her for the field trip and she thought she was tough, but she’s not and she’s crying. Michie is hoping to get Christie out the door on Tommy’s HOH. This is perfect!
  19. Julie says last week, shortly before eviction the house erupted in chaos and it has all lead to this. Previously, on Big Brother, the Six Shooters alliance was in shambles. When an outsider took control of the game, Jess, Kat, Cliff, and Nicole devised a plan to take out Jack. After the jacked Jacks went on the block, Holly was standing by her man while Tommy, Christie, and Sis were in Jack’s corner. At an out of this world veto competition, Michie, Jack, and Tommy got punishments, while Jess became a true power player in the BB Universe. At the veto meeting, Jess ensure that one of the alpha males would be booted. Tonight, who will become the first member of the jury and lose their shot at the half million dollar grand prize. Plus, Jack and Michie go through extra-terrestrial hell. And a new HOH will be crowned live. All this right now on Big Brother! Julie welcomes us and says we’re halfway through the summer and the power has shifted. Who will be evicted becoming the first jury of 9? We’ll find out tonight. But first, as Michie and Jack prepare to leave the BB world, they must first face visitors from another world. Jess says this has been her dream HOH. She not only won HOH, but veto on her HOH and her target is going home. Michie says he’s not going to campaign against him because he doesn’t want the votes of Tommy, Christie, or Sis. They are non-existent to him. Jack says he’s still on the block with his old pal Michie, and they have punishments coming. This is going to suck! Michie is on call as the Area 21 alien doctor. He has to get to the tent now and he runs out to the yard. When he gets summoned to the yard, he has to go perform an alien autopsy. He puts goggles on and he gets covered in orange and green goo. He says the insides of aliens are quite colorful. Some are red, some are green, some are blue, and some are yellow. It looks like a Bob Ross original. Michie says it’s one alien after another after another after another. We see him asleep and he gets up and heads out. He’s barely slept and he’s covered in alien guts head to toe. All he wants to do is wash his lab clothes, rinse off the goo, and get some sleep. He’s in the shower and he gets called again. He says are you kidding? We see him covered in goo several more times and he’s finally done. It’s night time and Jack gets up and we have an alien creeping around the house and confronts Jack in the LR. The alien has come to study human beings and Jack is his subject. He wants Jack to take him to his leader and Jack takes him to the HOH and the alien plays with the doorbell. Jack says he doesn’t understand how things work on earth. He’s watching Jack clean the toilet. Jack says he has to teach him about earth, but there’s one problem…he’s pissed. He smashes some watermelons and then pours some coffee out. Jack is measuring macaroni in a measuring cup and he pours it out and has Jack count it. Jack says the alien just keeps getting more and more angry. Jack says he doesn’t seem to be learning much. We then see the alien pouring various things on Jack’s head because on the alien’s planet they absorb nutrients through their head. Jack says he’s with him all the time and he won’t leave him alone. The alien then comes into the DR. The alien then screams in Jack’s ear, and we see the alien screaming at various times, including 4:41 am. The alien says you think that was annoying, try hanging out with you for 24 hours. The alien plays fetch and catch with Jack. Jack says at this point, he’s the best friend he has. The alien hates him and he says see you later…stupid! With the clock ticking and his back against the wall, Jack has one last trick up his sleeve. Holly, Sis, and Tommy are in the have not room and Jack and Christie join the room. Tommy would love to not be at opposite sides of the game. Tommy says they don’t have to love each other, but if they can come together and get everyone else out that would be best for all of them. Jack says I made a flaw and it’s the bed I lay in. Jess asks Michie when he’s going to start campaigning and Michie says he’s not going to campaign against Jack because he made a handshake deal. Tommy calls Michie up so they can make up as friends. Cliff says he thought the six was done, but now they’re upstairs having a closed door meeting. Michie joins them and Christie says it sucks they are all going. Michie says when they watch the show back, they’ll see everything he did was for the benefit of the alliance. Michie says they should have given him the benefit of the doubt. Jack says he violated Michie’s trust and he’s sorry and Michie says he betrayed someone who would have died for him in the game. Jack says he loves them all very much. Christie just wishes Michie would have told Jack before the blow-up that the six was over and Michie says don’t put words in his mouth. Christie says normally when someone apologizes sincerely, the other person also takes responsibility for their role but Michie just threw it back in her face. Michie says the game has been Christie’s for the entire time and he’s not playing it anymore. Jack is talking to Nick and wants to know if he gets the votes if Nick would be his fifth. Jack says he knows he has Tommy, Christie, and Sis so he only needs two more. Jack says he can’t go to Kat because he accused her of knowing Holly and Michie and he doesn’t talk game with Nicole. So Cliff is his best option. We see Jack talk to Cliff and he knows Cliff is a man who likes to make deals and he wants to offer Cliff a deal of 4 eviction immunities. Cliff can put him up, but he won’t put Cliff up. Cliff says he knew Jack was going to give him a sweet offer, and this is pretty good. This could take him to the end game and he will have to think about the offer. It’s now time for the live vote and eviction. Michie or Jack, who will become the first member of the jury? Jack says 51 days and how he’s learned all the little things about her and he names something about each HG he has learned. He closes with he loves them all and go be great because they all are. Michie gives shoutouts and he misses them. Michie says things have been taken to a personal level which is heart breaking and he’s loyal to a fault and he didn’t campaign against him. He says to the Allen family, they raised a beautiful daughter and he hopes they are proud of her because he is. He thanks Julie. It’s time to vote! Holly sadly votes to evict Jack. Sis votes to evict Michie. Christie hopes the universe rewards loyalty, she votes to evict Michie. Nicole votes to evict Just Jack. The vote is 2-2 and we’ll return in a few moments to get the rest of the votes! Time to get the rest of the votes! Cliff with absolute respect, but with complete satisfaction votes to evict Jack. Nick votes to evict Jack. Tommy sadly votes to evict Jack. Kat votes to evict Jack. By a vote of 6-2, Jack has been evicted from the BB house. Jack gives hugs to everyone and he tells Michie to stay humble. Jack heads out the door. Julie says last week Michie told him they couldn’t rely on Tommy and Christie and the rest is history. Does he think that’s why he got evicted? Jack says yeah. That decision could have been it. He says he should have been loyal to Michie, but he made a decision to live or die by trust Christie and Tommy. Julie asks if Michie knows that and Jack says he found out. Julie says if he could do it again what would he have done differently. Jack says he doesn’t like to live with regrets and Christie and Tommy were his ride or die over Michie. He says Michie was a bromance and he did trust him, but he knew there was numbers with being with Christie and Tommy. Julie says at the beginning he was part of a huge alliance and they had clear targets, but he personally wanted Kemi out. Why? Jack says Kemi said some bad stuff about Michie and Julie says he did say some bad stuff about Kemi. Julie shows a clip of a couple of the comments he made. Julie says he called her a b*tch, called her dog poop, and stomp the mudhole comment. Jack explains the mudhole comment was based off a comment Sam made last season. He says he does apologize for what he said. He thinks Kemi was and is a great person. He says if he could take back the things he said back he would, but he thinks Kemi is a wonderful person. Julie mentions Jack’s comment about Bella concerning the rice pudding. We see Tommy say the proof is in the pudding and Jack says the rice pudding and Tommy and Christie say slop pudding. Julie asks Jack about the connotations behind the comment. Jack says people were making different puddings earlier and they were making slop pudding and rice pudding and it had nothing to do with Bella’s ethnicity. Julie wants to know what Jack is going to take away from this experience. Jack says it’s like nothing you’ll ever do in life and anyone gets the opportunity don’t. He says he needs some alone time and Julie says he’s going to get some in jury. Julie tells him he will get his good-bye messages during the extended interview. There is one more night to vote for America’s Field Trip! It’s time for the next HOH! This competition is called “Time Me a River”. With the aid of their river guides, they will enter the river and float to the end. The person closest to 9 seconds will be the next HOH. And it doesn’t matter if you’re under or over, it’s just whoever is closest. Cliff is up first and he says SKD143 and he crosses the line at 9.70 so he .7 away. Christie is up next and gets a total of 9.19 and her differential is .19 and she is in the lead. Tommy is next and he gets 8.90 and he is .10 away and he is in the lead. Nicole is next and she came in at 10.20 and she’s out. Michie is up and she gets 9.39 and Tommy is still in the lead. Kat is up next and she gets 11.29. Tommy is still in the lead. Sis is up next and she scores 9.14 and Tommy is still in the lead. Holly is up and she turns completely around and she scores 10.07. It is down to Tommy and Nick. Nick scores 9.82 and Tommy, the birthday boy has won HOH!
  20. Previously, on Big Brother, Holly and Kat were closer than anyone realized and that bond propelled them to a final two deal. The Six Shooter alliance was steam rolling the game, but mistrust was growing within their ranks. With Sam and Kat on the block, the trucker was set to go, but after Michie leaked Holly and Kat’s big secret, Jack, Christie, Tommy, and Sis considered flipping the votes! Which lead to all out war between the Six Shooters. Right before the eviction, the vote flipped back, and they decided to SEND Sam out of the house. With everything in chaos, the power was back up for grabs and an outsider became queen of the house. Jessica made a plan with Nicole, Kat, and Cliff to target Jack. At the nomination ceremony, the alpha males got put up by the new alpha female. Tonight, will the POV save a nominee or will it finally be game over for one of the Jack’s. With Christie’s panic power set to expire will she seize the opportunity to unleash the Diamond POV? We pick up on day 45 after the nomination ceremony and Jess has nominated Michie and Jack because they are two great competitors. Cliff tried to do it two weeks ago and failed, so she’s going to have to be the one to put the nail in the coffin. Michie says his relationship with Jack is non-existent and his goal for the week is just to survive. Christie says it sucks that Jack is on the block, but there’s still veto and she still has her panic power so things could still go their way. Jack says it sucks that he and Michie are on the block, but he thinks it will end in Michie’s demise. He’s there to win the money and do great things in his life. Sis tells Jack that she feels bad for Michie because no one is talking to him. Michie tells Holly he’s lucky she’s here. He’s not going to kiss their butts or bow at their feet. He doesn’t need those people. He says it’s not the end of him, it’s just a speed bump. Holly says Christie is the queen of the castle so he needs to win veto and take himself on the block. Holly says the fact that her and Kat know each other started this whole thing so she has to work to smooth things over and get the target off their backs. Jess says you have two alpha males and she prefers that Jack go. Kat is concerned he could get Christie to use her power. Jess says the last thing she needs is Jack to win the veto and get Christie to use her power. Kat says Michie is on her list, but not this week. Holly says getting Jack out would change the entire game. Jess didn’t see herself as an aggressive player and if she only wins HOH once, she’s not going to play it safe and get rid of a pawn. Jack is telling Christie, Nick, and Tommy that he’s going to win it. He says who wants to be my HG choice and Nick is in and so is Christie. Jack says he’s ok with winning it and just staying up. Tommy and Christie advise him not to do that and Christie says people would vote him out for being arrogant. Jess is telling Nick, Cliff, Nicole, and Kat that she wants nominations to stay the same. Nick says he wants to play, it’s his time to get his chip pulled. Nick asks who Jess wants to get out and she says Jack. Nick says he’s a lone wolf and he has no clue where he stands in the house and he’s not sure who he wants to work with. So he’s going to tell them both what they want to hear and figure it out as he goes. Hey everyone, it’s time to pick players for the veto competition! Jack and Michie join Jess to draw chips. Jess doesn’t want Tommy, Christie, or Sis to get picked because they are all close to Jack and could take him off. Jess draws HG choice and she selects Kat. Jack draws HG choice and he selects Tommy. Michie draws Nick. Christie tells Jack she despises Michie and she thinks him, Kat, and Holly do know each other. Christie says they can’t have Michie there because he wants her out. Christie says her priority is getting Jack safe and Michie out. Christie says if Jack wins one of them is going up and she can make a deal with Jess so she won’t have to get blood on her hands. Christie says if Jack wins she can use her power and Jack can pick the replacement nominee and maybe a pawn will ensure that Michie goes home this week. Michie and Holly are in bed in the have not room and Holly asks if he’s ready for battle? Michie says yes. Holly says she thinks Jess will target to Jack this week. They discuss Christie’s power and Michie says if Tommy or Jack win pov, then he will be going home because no matter who goes up, he’s gone. Michie says if Holly goes up he’s gone, same with Cliff or Nicole. Michie says his safety in the house is all on him. He needs to win. Nicole says hey everyone it’s time for the veto competition! It’s going to be out of this world! We see Area 21 and Kat says we’re in the Big Brother galaxy. Nicole explains the rules. Each round they’ll board the spacecraft and get taken for a spin and then they’ll launch their rocket. Whatever spot their rocket lands on will be their score. The HG with the lowest score will be eliminated each round. But don’t worry! No one goes home empty handed. They will each get a prize. And the next eliminated HG can take away someones prize or keep their own. The winner will get their choice of ANY prize. But beware!!! The competition will become harder each round. Nick says this is going to be hard and he’s spun around and he says he hates this already. He launches and gets a score of 18! Tommy is excited to play but it’s a tough one. He wants to keep his pal Jack safe, but who would go on the block? One thing for sure, he has to gun for it so he stays safe. He scores a 4. Kat is up next and she launches and scores a 2! Jess is up next and she has to win this competition to keep the power and ensure Jack goes home. Jess scores a 12. Jack says he or Tommy have to win and he launches and hits Planet Veto for 21 points. Michie says given recent events he has to win this because he isn’t safe. Michie launches and scores 12 points. Kat is eliminated and she won the Golden Power of Veto! Kat knows she won’t be holding onto this much longer and she hopes these b*tches aren’t conspiring against her and give her a crappy punishment. Tommy says this competition gets more and more difficult as the game goes on. Tommy scores 15! Jess is next and she scores 10! Jack says he got a 21 in the first round, the highest score of anyone. He needs to bring home this veto! Let’s go! Jack is up for his turn and he launches and he hits Planet Veto and he scores a 0! He hates that he doesn’t control his own fate and now all he has is Tommy. Michie is up and scores 18! Nick has to get better than 0 to stay in. He wants to win to keep himself safe, but at the same time Jack and Jess will expect him to use the veto how they want. Nick scores a 5! Jack has been eliminated and his prize is a Hawaiian vacation he asks Kat if she wants to trade and she says yes! Aloha b*tches! Jess is so happy Jack is out. One nominee is out, one more to go. Jess scores a 4! Michie will have to beat that to stay in. Michie scores a 4 also. Nick is up and he is not feeling well. Nick scores a 5 and he is on the ground not feeling well. Jack doesn’t look good either and Kat asks if he needs a bucket. Tommy is up and he says Jack is out and he needs to win this or he and his allies are in serious trouble. Tommy scores a 1 and he is eliminated. Tommy’s prize is Angry Alien. Nicole says for 24 hours an alien will follow him around to observe human kind. Tommy takes the veto. Jack says Tommy could keep him safe, especially with Christie’s power. Time for the next round. Michie is up first and he launches and it bounces off the board meaning he scores a 0! Nick is up and he launches and he scores 15! Jess is up and launches and she scores a 10. Michie has been eliminated and his prize is BB Explorer. For the next week, he’ll be sent on missions across the BB house. Michie trades it for the veto. Christie says Tommy and Jack choked in the veto so it sucks they can’t keep the three of them safe. Michie is hoping to keep the veto and not get a punishment. Nick is up and he scores a 17! Jess needs to beat 17. She says it’s down to her and Nick and 17 is a really high number and she’s freaking out. She launches and scores 28! Nick has been eliminated and he gets $5000. Nick decides to keep that and Jess get the first place prize which is Area 21. They’ll be the Area 21 alien doctor and for 24 hours straight they’ll be on call for any new alien. She trades for the POV giving the punishment to Michie. Christie says Jess is HOH so her panic power is officially dead. But she thinks they can get the votes because Jack doesn’t deserve to go. Jack says great. He’s probably staying on the block and it could be the end. Michie says Jess taking the veto is the cherry on top. He’s on no man’s island, with his game getting blown up. Jess says look what I have! The veto and jury house called and it’s for Jack! Jess is in the HOH talking to Kat and Christie and Jess is saying she’s trying to even the playing field. Christie says it’s obvious who I want out and Jess says I understand that, but Jack is only loyal to three people and after everyone else. Christie says she, Nick, Sis, and Tommy are voting out Michie. Jess says did she hear correctly? Kat says it’s a tough decision. Christie is starting to get the feeling that Jack is going to go this week and he doesn’t deserve it. Christie thought Michie was public enemy #1 because he’s the common denominator of all the lies. Christie is talking to Tommy and Jack and she says this is a no brainer, but they are making it a BIG brainer. Christie says they can’t say anything until after the veto meeting. Jack says he’s not saying anything. If he goes home, then it means he has game. Nick advises them not to say anything and push Jess because if they do then she might put one of them up as a replacement nominee. Michie has heard them talking and he decides to go talk to Jess. He needs to stir the pot so he can stay. Michie says he’s not sure he wants to say anything. Michie says I hope this stays here and Jess assures him it will stay there. Michie tells them that Nick told them not to say anything to Jess and push her or she might put one of them up. Holly’s not sure if Nick would flip. Jess says Nick is playing both sides. She says he’s best friends with Jack right now and she wouldn’t hesitate to put him up. Michie says he didn’t tell her to get off the block. Jess says she’s not afraid to make a boss move. Tommy is called to the DR and he says maybe it’s my punishment! He was selected to be the BB explorer and he is a life-sized rocket. Jack is laughing and Michie says oh my. When he gets his call to duty he has to search every room in the house and announce the speed he’s travelling. Sometimes he’s travelling at the speed of light, sometimes he travels at the speed of sound, and sometimes he travels at the speed of smell. Christie says it smells like a sweaty butt that ran a marathon for three days and then laid out. The worst part is he never knows when he’s going to be called to a mission and we see him in the shower, then at 3:56 AM. We see Nicole and Jess hide and they come out after he leaves. He can’t wait for the end of the week. It’s time for the veto meeting. As the meeting starts, Tommy must travel at the speed of smell and he runs by all the HG in the LR a few times running in a circle around the table. Kat comes in with air freshner. Jess has decided NOT to use the POV. Christie looks like she’s about to cry. Jess says this was one heck of a week and she has all the power. Now all she needs is the cherry on top. She says Jack says Hola to Julie for me! Christie says Jack is one of her closest friends and allies and she doesn’t have her power anymore to use as leverage and she’s not willing to let Jack go without a fight. Jack says he wishes things were different, he felt like he had power in the game. Jack feels like he’s been a decent guy and he’s tried to be loyal and trustworthy and it sucks he could go home this week. Michie says he and Jack have been on the block before and he’s going to do everything he can to stay because he thinks Jack may have a few more people coming after him than Michie does.
  21. Singers-16 Kodi Lee-Gabrielle's Golden Buzzer Joseph Allen-Howie's Golden Buzzer Detroit Youth Choir-Terry's Golden Buzzer Luke Islam-Julianne's Golden Buzzer Sophie Pecora-Brad Paisley's Golden Buzzer Emmane Beasha-Jay Leno's Golden Buzzer Chris Klafford Beryam-Beatbox group Ndluvo Youth Choir G-Force-Tween Girl Group Robert Finley Carmen Carter Mackenzie Voices of Service Charlotte Summers Benicio Bryant Comedians-3 Ryan Niemiller Greg Morton-Impressionist Jackie Fabulous Magicians-2 Dom Chambers Eric Chien Dance-4 V. Unbeatable-Dwayne Wade's Golden Buzzer Light Balance Kids-Ellie Kemper's Golden Buzzer Gonzo Marina Mazepa-Dance/Contortionist Danger Acts-3 Messoudi Brothers-Strength Bir Khalsa Sideshow Opera Variety Acts-5 Tyler Butler-Figueroa-Violin Player Lukas and Falco-Dog act Emerald Belles-High Kick Team Alex Dowis-Light show Marcin-Guitarist
  22. It’s the final night of judge cuts! Our guest judge is one of the hardest working men in show business, comedian, author, and legendary late night TV show host, it’s Jay Leno! We begin the night with the Dominguez Poodle Review. Some of the dogs are excited and barking. Simon wishes them luck. The dogs do some tricks jumping over hurdles, jumping rope with their humans, and jumping through hoops. They get an ovation from the audience and some of the dogs jump off the stage at the end and they’re running all over the stage. Howie says it’s chaotic and who doesn’t love chaos? The question he has is this a step up? Julianne says there are few things that didn’t go as planned, but it was a beautiful hurricane. Jay says dogs are hilarious and it was a lot of fun. Gabrielle says they love all the dog acts and they love their family. Simon says it was fantastic chaos and it’s almost the most fun family to be part of. Simon suggests a Lion King theme if they make it through. Julianne asks Jay when he’s going to hit his golden buzzer and he says soon. We then see a dance act called DM Nation. They are on a mission to show Simon they have a lot of personality. They want to be the first all-female dance group to make it to the finals. Julianne wishes them luck. They dance to Run Boy Run by Woodkid. Simon says it’s very technical and professional, but there’s a coldness to them he can’t relate to. Jay says he doesn’t agree and he was totally blown away. Julianne says they did step it up and they delivered. Ben Trigger is our next act and he’s a dancer. He says this is his dream and he’s going to chase it. He takes the stage and Julianne greets him. Ben says he’s going to go a bit more serious tonight and show them he’s a real dancer. He performs to Titanium by David Guetta ft. Sia and then it switches to Proud Mary by Tina Turner and he has a gold colored costume and he has tassels. He goes down to the judges table and as he’s finishing he leans over and hits the golden buzzer with his hat. Jay says it’s been a long time since Crocodile Dundee. It was a lot of fun to watch, good job. Howie says it harkens back to Janet Jackson and the half time show. Gabrielle says she would have been upset if he hadn’t given them tassles. Simon doesn’t know what to say, but where does this go? Ben says oh so many places. Julianne says we’ll see what happens, but she loves the show. We see a clip of Nicholas Conners singing Ain’t Nobody by Chaka Khan and Jay saying he enjoyed it. We then see Jordan Ravi performing High Hopes by Panic! At the Disco. Simon thought this was a way better audition and he was really impressed with that. Jay agrees with Simon and he thought it sounded great. Next we have Benicio Bryant and he says there is way more pressure than last time. Benicio is going to perform an original song this time called Here Goes Nothing. Julianne greets him and says she hasn’t stopped thinking about him since the first audition. Julianne wishes him luck and says let’s see what you got. Benicio plays the guitar as he performs. Jay says he feels like they are looking directly into his heart. Howie says there are a lot of great acts tonight and it’s so much harder now. Simon says he loved his first audition, but he liked him even more today. Simon’s advice is to not listen to anyone other than himself. Victor Moiseev takes the stage and does juggling and Julianne thought the creativity was off the chargers. Next is Marina Mazepa and she’s a dancer and contortionist. She loves to shock people and she has to surprise them even more to get to the live shows. She wants to show the judges something they won’t forget. Marina climbs a pole as she takes the stage and lays at the top of the pole. She performs to Madness by Ruelle. She comes down the pole and heads to the judges table right in front of Simon and then heads back to the stage. Jay says he doesn’t know the definition of art, but he knows when he sees it. He thought it was creative and he was impressed. Julianne says in this day and age you have to be creative and innovative and original and she’s all of those things and more. Simon loves they don’t have a clue is going to happen. Simon says it’s very cool and very current. Next is Charlotte Summers and she’s a singer from Spain. She takes the stage and she’s greeted by Howie and he wishes her luck. She performs You Don’t Own Me by Lesley Gore. Gabrielle is on her feet as Charlotte performs. She gets an ovation from the audience and all five judges. Jay says interesting choice of song, it was one of the first feminist songs, he was blown away. Simon says there is a real rawness to her which he loves. Next up is Callie Day and she’s a singer and she’s always wanted to perform, but the door was never open. She’s more nervous because there are so many talented singers. She says this is probably her last chance and she’s thankful for this opportunity and she hopes to win. She takes the stage and is greeted by Howie and he wishes her luck. She performs Up to the Mountain by Patty Griffin. She gets an ovation from the audience and all five judges. Jay says he’d love to hear her do it a capella because she is so much better than any instrument. Julianne says she was so captivating that they could hear a pin drop, she captured her heart. That was stunning. Simon says she is what gospel is all about. He thanks her for making their job even harder tonight. Next is Zack and Stan and they are magicians. They are danger/magicians and Howie thought it was icky and wow. He will fight for them. Then we Sos and he had the judges think about something and write it down and he’s going to try and put it on a canvas. Sos takes the first letter of what the judges thought onto the canvas and it was Terry and they enjoyed it. Kara with a K is up next and she’s a comedian. Simon says here comes trouble and he greets Kara. They need too adjust her microphone and Simon wants to know what she’s done to prepare and she says stretching and preparing to be a star. She begins her act and it doesn’t seem to be going over well. She pulls a couple of small wine bottles out and she takes her wig off at the end and does the splits. The judges seem speechless. Jay says there weren’t enough jokes in there for him. Simon says they’ll talk about her later. Our next act is Emmane Beasha and she’s an opera singer. She thinks this is the hardest song she’s ever done that she will perform. She takes the stage and is greeted by Simon and he wishes her luck. She performs and everyone seems stunned and Jay looks at Julianne. She gets an ovation from the audience and all five judges. Howie says she comes out and she shows the other acts how it’s done. Simon says the fact she is a normal person and a voice like that is something you can’t train to get. Jay says he feels like he’s a witness to something really special and when people ask him what he remembers the most, he’ll say he remembers hitting the golden buzzer. And he does. Emmane is moving on to the live shows! Eric Chien is a magician and he’s ready to take the stage. He’s going to give it his all to make the live shows. Simon welcomes him back and he wishes him luck. He is going to test how powerful the imagination is. He places four coins in Jay’s hand and then he has him “imagine” putting a coin back in Eric’s hand and one of the coins has disappeared from Jay’s closed hand. Eric has a table in front of the judges table and he takes a card and puts a circle on it with a marker. He pulls the circle off the card and it’s a coin and then he makes it disappear. He makes it disappear and reappear a couple of times and then he turns it into two coins and then three. He has made them all disappear and then he pulls his sleeves up and then he drops about 10-15 coins on the table. He picks one up and puts it in Jay’s hand and has the judges look and he puts his hands over Jay’s hand and the coin has disappeared leaving a ring of ink. He then pulls a cloth off the table he was at and it has circles drawn on it and a square with no coins. Julianne says Eric has a wonderment about him and he makes them feel like anything is possible. Howie thought it was spectacular and he thinks Eric upped his game and he will fight for him to go through. Simon says he and his son do believe in magic and it’s not a trick when it happens two feet away from him. He thinks the close-up stuff is great for awhile, but if he wants to get to Vegas he has to do something big. Next to the stage is The Voices of Service and Simon greets them and wishes them luck. They perform See You Again by Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth. They get an ovation from the audience and all of the judges. Gabrielle thanks them for their service and their sacrifice and their voices inspire, heal, and provide hope. Jay thinks it’s great they are here and he can tell it comes from the heart and they really are healers and he thanks them for that. Simon says they really like them as people and all of their voices are amazing, but Crystal’s voice is phenomenal. He tells them they have to do something that tops that if they move on. Howie thanks them for their service and for making it tougher on them tonight. It’s time for our final two acts of the night. We see a suitcase walking on the stage and it’s Jonathon Burns. He needs someone to help him out and he calls Terry to the stage. He has a gold jacket on and he puts a trashbag on Terry. Simon hits his X and then Howie does as well. The judges don’t seem impressed. Simon says he doesn’t know what to say other than it was awful. Gabrielle says it wasn’t his night tonight. The last act is Jackie Fabulous and she’s a comedian and she wants the rest of the world to know that too. She says her mother still tells friends she’s in the legal field. Her mom is here to watch her perform. Jackie takes the stage and is greeted by Gabrielle and she wishes her luck. Jackie begins her set. She says as she closes can I get an amen and Jay gives her an amen and an ovation. Gabrielle says she had them laughing from the beginning. Howie says what a waste of six years of college! Jay says she made eye contact with the jury and all good comedy is a comedy of words and that law degree wasn’t wasted, she did a good job. Simon thought she was hilarious. Opera singer Emanne Beasha has already advanced through the Golden Buzzer of guest judge Jay Leno. Which of the remaining 18 acts will take the other six spots and move on to the live shows? Jay, Simon, Howie, Gabrielle and Julianne sort through the acts, and it seems like there's very little they agree on. But they come up with their final decisions. Voices of Service are the first called to the stage. The judges put them through! The next acts to face the judges are Magicians Eric Chien, SOS and Zack & Stan. There's only room for one of them and it's Eric Chien! There are 4 spots left but neither Kara with a K nor Jonathan Burns make it through. And after an argument between the judges, Callie Day calls it a day for on her journey. Contortionist Marina Mazepa and juggler Victor Moiseev face the judges but only Marina makes it through. Singers Charlotte Summers and Nicholas Connors had amazing auditions but only Charlotte is going through. Dominiguez Poodles, DM Nation and Ben Tigger brought joy and engery to their performance, and they'll take it home with them as they do not make it to the next round. Jackie Fabulous faces the judges. Howie tells her that despite what her mother says, she's a comedienne. She's going to have to write more material for the Live Show! Howie even gives her a hug. Singers Jordan Ravi and Benicio Bryant stand side-by-side beside before the judges. Both of their auditions were amazing, but six have already been put through, so there's only one place remaining. Howie says he can already see the tears. This has been very difficult for me, Simon says, what I'm about to say. Something's bothering me. Can you go back stage for a moment? Both of you? I need to talk to the other judges. Jordan and Benicio go back stage with Terry while Simon tells Howie, Gabrielle and Julianne that something's bothering him. Howie calls Jordan and Benicio back out. The boys take their marks and Simon says the person that is going through is Benicio. And Jordan, I am gutted, we're all gutted. What do you think about tonight's Judge's Cuts? Do you have a favorite heading into the Live Shows?
  23. Previously, on Big Brother, the Six Shooters alliance of Christie, Tommy, Sis, Holly, Michie, and Jack were dominating the game and with Holly as HOH their next targets were Nick and Sam. Holly and Kat were closer than they realized and they even formed a final two. Kat then offered her services as a pawn for Holly. After Nick won the veto, he was replaced with Holly’s pawn. The Six Shooters continued to splinter and hours before the eviction all hell broke loose. But when the vote was revealed, the truck driver hit the exit ramp. At a crucial HOH competition, the HG were tasked to study for a chance at power. Tonight, who will claim the throne and rule this week as HOH? Plus, watch the self destruction of the six shooters. And which HG will be put on the chopping block. All this right now on Big Brother! We pick up on day 44 and Kat is so grateful to still be in the house because those conspiring b*tches almost voted her out. Jack is memorizing pictures and he says he has to win this HOH because a couple of hours before the live show everything you knew about the Six Shooters got turned upside down. Michie is telling Jack that Christie and Tommy are absolutely going to turn on them and take a shot. Michie tells us he has to make Jack realize that Christie and Tommy are not as secure as they think. He whispers to Jack that Kat knows Holly and they are friends outside the house. Jack says when Michie tells him they “know” each other he has to stay stone faced because it’s serious intel. Jack tells us that Michie is telling him he can’t trust Tommy and Christie but he trusts them more than he does Michie. We then see Jack talking to Tommy and telling them what Michie said. Jack then tells them that Kat and Holly knew each other and Tommy says he knew it! Tommy tells us he had suspicions at because Kat let slip about going to a concert together and then we see Kat and Holly talking about it. Tommy says not only do Kat and Holly knew each other, but Holly and Jackson are dating and that could make them a trio if they all three knew each other outside of the house. Tommy says couples are bad enough, but having a trio in jury? It’s time to flip the vote and get Kat out now. Christie goes into the room with Jack and Tommy and they fill her in on Michie trying to get Jack not to trust them and then flipping the vote. Jack says they can pull in Nick and Sam and move forward together in the game. Christie says that’s fine. 3 hours and 16 minutes before eviction we see Tommy filling Sis in on the plan to flip the vote. Then we see Jack and Christie talking to Nick and Nicole. Jack says bye Kitty Kat, you messed in the wrong litter box. Tommy is convincing Sis they have to get rid of Kat and she doesn’t know if it’s the right thing to do. Tommy thinks this is the right play. Holly is listening at the door to Tommy and Sis and she’s trying to figure out what the heck is happening. Holly goes to Michie and relays that she heard Tommy say they can’t tell Sam. Michie joins the room with Tommy and Sis. There’s an awkward discussion and Michie says so we’re keeping Kat and Tommy says yes. Tommy says this house and Michie says there’s something about this game. It’s exciting, very exciting. Holly then asks Tommy if people are flipping. She tells him to look her in the eye and he says he doesn’t know and she says there’s zero benefit to that. Michie goes to Jack and asks him what’s going on and he asks if things are changing. Jack says you can think whatever you want. Jack says there’s no reason to flip. 2 hours and 4 minutes before eviction and Holly tells Tommy she heard him talking and Tommy tells her he doesn’t feel safe with the six because of the way Michie is acting. Holly says if we’re gonna have a blow-up, then let’s have a blow-up. Holly says Kat is 100% on our side. Tommy says Michie told Jack that Kat and Holly knew each other. Holly tells us she can’t even process that Michie would tell Jack that. Holly says she needs to fix this. Jack joins Holly and Tommy and Holly says she’s being left out on her HOH and she’s not being respected as a team member. Michie then comes in next and wants to know what’s going on. Jack tells Michie that Holly feels left out of the loop and Christie and Sis come in. Christie wants to know what Michie’s issue with her is and she says she’s hearing that Michie wants her out and he’s telling people that she is the enemy. Christie says she guesses after today the six is over. Michie asks if she wants to have a discussion or if she’s going to yell. Nick is walking by and he can hear from the hall and Jess is in the WA and she can hear as well. Cliff can hear it and Cliff tells Nicole they’re breaking apart as they speak. Cliff tells us he’s been saying given enough time they would start breaking apart, and it’s happening. Christie brings up about Kat and Holly knowing each other and they went to a concert together. Holly is saying they didn’t know each other. Michie says you think I know them too? Jack says yes. Christie starts talking about the rogue vote and wants to know why Michie would throw a rogue vote and then didn’t tell them. Michie says he did it to keep their butts off the block. Christie says she feels like everyone is saying Michie is saying there is a major thing against her which is weird to her. Tommy is telling everyone to relax and Michie says he’s being a decent person by giving her coffee in the morning when she’s upset. Michie gets mad and says this is ridiculous and walks out. 1 hour and 44 minutes before eviction and Kat goes into the boat room with Christie, Holly, Cliff, Jack, and Tommy. Tommy is telling Kat they know about the trio. Holly says did we go to Stagecoach together and she says no. Kat says they don’t know each other. Jack says you can talk about this all you want, but you know each other. Tommy says Michie said that. Christie says Michie is a snake. Kat says she doesn’t feel like she’s done and she feels like she’s been loyal and she’s trusted people and she’s so sorry. Christie says she’s done with the whole conversation and they can just let her know how to vote. Kat is upset and Christie says she doesn’t know what’s the truth and what’s not. Cliff and Jess are talking and they are figuring out what to do. Kat comes in and washes her hands and Jess says it sucks to not be included in a lot of conversations in the house. Jess says Kat is on the block and she’s about to go home and she has no way of saving her and she’s one of the closest people to her in the house and it sucks to feel so powerless. Jess is emotional. Michie talks to Holly and says he can’t trust Jack. Holly says she could have told him that! Michie says he got burned by Jack. Holly says duh and Michie says he doesn’t need to be kicked while he’s down. Michie says the disheartening part of it all is he can’t trust Jack and he’s made it pretty clear he’s picking Christie over him. Christie is talking Tommy and she doesn’t think Kat needs to go. Tommy says that mole mole’d her way into the six and split them up. Tommy, Christie, Jack, Michie, and Holly are talking it out and Michie says he told them he had Kat in his back pocket and Tommy says when you didn’t come clean…Michie says I volunteered to go on the block for you guys! Michie says on day 2 he told Jack he thought Kat and Holly knew each other. Jack says he did say that, but the way he said it today he sounded like he KNEW it today. Jack and Michie are arguing and Jack is getting frustrated and Michie says he took a bullet for him in this game. Michie says it’s all good and walks out. Christie talks to Jack and she tells him she doesn’t want Kat to go home. Jack says the only reason is because they knew each other. Christie doesn’t think they were friends, that maybe they just knew each other. Jack says this just made things so different. Christie says Michie has blown everything up and Jack hugs Christie. 28 minutes before eviction and Christie is telling Jess, Nicole, and Sis they are keeping Kat. We then see Jack tell Sam I’m sorry. Jack tells us so the Six Shooters are dead and Michie is upset about what happened today and he doesn’t know what anyone would do if they won HOH. We see the HG studying for the HOH comp and Cliff says this is crazy. This could be the biggest HOH of the year. Tommy says everyone is gunning for this HOH competition and no one knows where anyone stands. The only way to be safe is to win. All HG are told to head to their booths and Holly is explaining the directions. If they get the answer correct, they’ll stay in the game and if they’re wrong they’ll be eliminated. Last HG standing will become the new HOH. In the ad for Wizard Camp, Bella is holding the crystal ball. True or False. Michie answers True and everyone answers false. Sam is holding the crystal ball and Michie has been eliminated. Michie says he doesn’t like losing and he feels like he let himself down, Holly down, and his friends and family. In the ad for Camp Take a Hike, there are a total of two hands holding the map. True or false. Cliff and Sis answer True and everyone else says false. There are four hands holding the map. Cliff and Sis have been eliminated. In the Camp Genius advertisement, Ovi is the only person wearing a vest. True or False. Nick and Tommy say false and everyone answers true. Nick and tommy have been eliminated. In the Stunt Camp ad, David is wearing a red tie. Christie says true and everyone else answers false. David is not wearing a red tie and Christie has been eliminated. It’s down to Jack, Nicole, Jess, and Kat. In the ad for Mime camp, all the mimes are wearing red suspenders. True or false. Jack answers true. The answer is false. Jack has been eliminated. Jack says all of Six Shooters has been eliminated and now all that’s left is floaters and that’s not good. In the Camp Stallion ad, there are four buttons on the front of Holly’s jacket. True or False. Jess says wow. Nicole answers false and Jess and Kat answer true. The correct answer is true and Nicole has been eliminated. Nicole is trying not to get emotional, but to be that close and realizing she could win and then lose, it’s hard. It’s between Jess and Kat. In the ad for pirate camp all of the HG shown are in barrels. True or False. Kat answers false and Jess answers true. The correct answer is true and Jess is the new HOH! Jess starts crying and Holly gives her the key. Jess says look who has the key baby! She went from banishment to being on the block twice to being HOH and now she has the power! You can’t make this stuff up guys! Michie says what you see now is humility and accepting defeat and realizing he could have won HOH, but he didn’t. He’s not giving up, but he’s far from happy right now. Tommy says plot twist! Jessica wins. He has no idea where her head is at or who she’ll nominate. He hopes it’s not him. Nicole, Jess, Kat, and Cliff are in the SR dancing and celebrating. Cliff gives them a hug and Cliff says he’s so proud of all three of them. They all kicked butt. Now they have power and they others are going to have to kiss their butt and they need to stick together. Cliff says they could be the new alliance running the house. They pose for the camera, Cliff and his angels. Tommy, Sis, Jack, Christie, and Holly are talking it out. Christie says everything is out in the open and Michie tried to bury her today. In her eyes, there is no six going forward. She’s not going to fight for it because she doesn’t care anymore. Christie leaves and Holly says she has her trust with the people in here. Sis says she’s not working with six more. Holly and Kat are talking. Holly says she hasn’t seen such a big move in BB history and she wishes he hadn’t said Kat’s name. Holly says he didn’t think Jack would go tell everyone. Kat says that’s stupid, this is Big Brother. Kat says Michie’s a dumbass. Holly says she didn’t expect to have feelings at this level and she’s not ready to let go of Michie, but she’s going to continue to work with Kat as her number one. Kat says Holly is absolutely her ride or die. But working with Holly brings in Michie and he’s obviously the dumbest person in the house and on everyone’s radar so he’s not a threat to her at all. We see Cliff, Nicole, Jess, and Kat in the HOH and they have victory dance part two. Kat says she has been playing both sides, but Christie, Tommy, Sis, and Jack are dead to her and she’s only going to use them if they are good for her game. Cliff wants to know what Jess is thinking. Jess says two big guys, she doesn’t think Jack would ever work with them. Kat says what if they think we’re going to get rid of Michie, but Jack will really be the target. Jess says she’s HOH this week and she wants to get a powerful player out. Jess says they act like their side chose each other, but they all tried to get in the “big alliance” but they were pushed out. Kat says like we had a choice but to work together and we weren’t good enough. Jess says she wasn’t a part of any conversations and she hates that feeling. So today, she’s in this empowered mood that she doesn’t give a flying…She wants them to scatter like cockroaches and she wants them to throw each other under the bus so it makes it that much easier for her not to feel bad. It’s time for the nomination ceremony! Jess’s first nominee is…Michie. Her second nominee is…Jack. Jack says wow. Jess says she hasn’t been a part of anything going on in the house and a lot of things came to light and she feels like they are the common denominator. This is the two she felt made sense. Jess says she’s ecstatic, it’s sweet, sweet revenge. One banished her and one had her on the block and they both made her feel powerless. She’s taking her power back. Michie says he’s been on his own a lot and he’s trusted the wrong people but he’s not going out with his tail tucked between his legs, he’s going to fight to stay. Jack says he made a wrong choice and he betrayed a friend and this sucks. Jack is crying in the DR. Nicole says America, the bottom feeders are going after the alphas. They are not the under dogs, they are taking the house back!
  24. 9:00 PM BBT Sis, Holly, and Kat are still in the SR talking about paranoid Michie has been and Cliff has been feeding him a lot of information and they think it’s been false information. Tommy comes in and Sis and Holly leave and Kat and Tommy talk. Michie walks in while they are talking and then leaves again. Kat says she hates that you have to act like you like people when you don’t. Kat says she told Holly she had her back, but not Michie’s. Tommy says he’s sorry she got caught in the cross fire today. Tommy says Kat and Cliff were going to Michie that Christie was after him. Kat says she literally told him yesterday that Christie was not going after him. 9:05 PM BBT Tommy and Kat are still in the SR talking. Tommy says he feels sick to his stomach that he doubted her and he says Michie told Jack that Kat, he, and Holly knew each other and Tommy was like that was three people who knew each other. Tommy says he’s glad he voted the way he did and Kat says she is too. Tommy says it would have come out that it was Cliff and Sam, but Michie wanted to paint Christie as a target. Tommy tells Kat that Michie wanted an alliance with himself, Holly, and Jack and then Christie comes in. 9:10 PM BBT Kat is talking to Christie and Tommy in the SR and Kat is re-hashing the same conversations she’s had with Holly and Sis and Tommy about how she told Michie that Christie was not coming after him. Nicole and Jess are whispering in the WA and Nicole tells Jess that it’s her HOH, but people will be coming up to her asking if she’s going to put up Michie and Holly and Jess says that has nothing to do with her. Jess says she got a promise from Christie that she won’t use her power and Nicole says she’s afraid she’ll whip out her power. Jess says Christie is a straight shooter in her eyes and Nicole sighs. 9:15 PM BBT Michie and Holly are in the main BR and Holly is filling in Michie in on the story that Cliff and Sam were feeding them false information and because they were in the HOH it didn’t help. Holly says you need to figure out what to tell Sis and Tommy because he told people not to trust Sis and Tommy. Michie says he did say that because he heard Tommy was in an alliance. Holly says you need to smooth things over with Tommy because she doesn’t think he’s buying it. Jess thinks Holly is getting suspicious that Sis wants Jack out. Michie says Christie has been running her mouth about him. Michie was first out in the HOH and now he has to sit in the jury house for eight more F’ing weeks. Holly says they’ll figure something out. Jess and Nicole are talking about the vote again. 9:20 PM BBT Michie is telling Holly he’s done and she’s fine. Michie says it’s personal for Christie and Jack and Tommy will pick Christie over him every day. Michie tells Holly she needs to do her things with them. Holly is telling Michie he needs to apologize and smooth things over. Jess says the other side is acting like the divide was out of their control. Jess says she won’t put up Kat or Nicole because they are friends, but it’s not like she wasn’t trying to be friends with them too. Jess is asked to move her necklace and she thought it was time for her DR. Holly and Michie are done talking and she goes to give him a kiss but he doesn’t kiss her back. She tells him to kiss her back and not be weird. Holly goes to the KT and gives Tommy a hug. Cliff comes in and Holly gives him a hug. Holly says Michie cooked her dinner and now he’s laying down. Cliff tells Jess and Nicole where everyone is and who is talking to who. Cliff tells them they are out of eggs. Holly tells Tommy she doesn’t want to go down because of stupid game play and he says she won’t, not with him. Tommy says he’s trusted her since the beginning and if she’s withheld information it was because of him. Cliff is filling Nicole and Jess in on Michie telling Jack that he and Holly and Kat knew each other. 9:25 PM BBT Cliff says he’s put two and two together about Kat and Holly knowing each other and he’s just not sure why Michie would say that. Nicole wonders what the conversation was that made him bring that up. Cliff says because Michie and Jack were tight and Cliff says Jack was concerned if the three did know each other, that’s two guaranteed votes in jury. Jess says that’s assuming they make it to F2. Jess says it’s interesting that the six think since they were together that the others were also together. Jack tells Kat that he thought about voting her out because if she knew Holly, then he wasn’t going to let her get to jury. Kat says she respects Jack and his game. Holly gives Jess a hug and she says it was so fun crowing her the new HOH. Cliff says they haven’t had a repeat HOH yet. Tommy and Christie are talking in the KT. Kat, Jack, Nick, and Sis are in the TBR. Kat wants to clear her name. Christie says she would be stupid to go to 5 with two couples. Tommy says we have a six and Christie says did we really think we were going to win every consecutive HOH?
  25. Previously, on Big Brother, there was a massive nine person alliance, but when Jack, Michie, Christie, Sis, Tommy, and Holly rebranded themselves the Six Shooters, their former allies, Bella, Nick, and Sam were in their crosshairs and Bella was the first casualty. At a swinging party for power, Christie and Tommy earned punishments while Holly hung tough and captured the head of household! The sommelier wanted Nick nixed, so she put him on the block next to his buddy Sam. Holly was secretly working with Kat, so Kat offered to be a pawn in case Nick or Sam came off the block. At the power of veto competition, it was Nick who secured his safety. Christie told Sis she thought Michie and Holly may be playing them, but Sis immediately sold Christie up the river. After Nick removed himself from the block, Holly put her pawn up. Tonight, will it be Kat or Sam sent packing. Plus, are the Six Shooters about to self-destruct? And the battle for power begins again! All this live on Big Brother! Good evening and Julie says mistrust has plagued the Six Shooters alliance for weeks. Kat and Sam finds themselves on the block, but who will be going home in the next hour is truly anyone’s guess. The Six Shooters prepare to battle each other. We pick up on day 41 after the veto ceremony and Nick feels bad for Sam and he might end up going out the door. Holly says it is sad that Sam’s friendship hurt his game. Kat says she feels good about being a pawn. She says there’s a good chance this could be a good maverick game move. Sam says he doesn’t have much ammunition on Kat, but he’s not dead yet and he’s not rolling over. Sis is telling Sam he’s the only person that makes her laugh in the house. Sam knows Sis could be a vote for her to stay, but he knows there are a lot of powerful voices in her ear and he has to find a new pitch. Sis knows Six Shooters want Sam out but she can’t help feel bad for him and if there was a way to save him, she would. Tommy is annoyed that he’s pink and he says his skin is burning. He’s over it. He says they couldn’t go outside, they couldn’t shower, and this has been the worst punishment ever…but they are cured! They do a run outside to celebrate with the HG and they say they made it. They shower outside next to the pool a little. Kat is in the HOH with Holly and Kat says it doesn’t hurt her long game to keep Holly close to the six. She says she needs to drop some seeds to help start the rift. Kat says she’s a pawn, but she’s also a conspiring b*tch. Kat says Christie and Tommy don’t plan on going to the final six with couples. Kat says they are already plotting their next move. Holly says she’s been suspicious of Christie for awhile so she’s going to keep her eyes on her. Sis is talking to Holly and Sis says she loves Christie and Holly says she’s making her nervous. Sis says she gets in her head and she sketches her out because she has loose lips and she says so much with everyone. Holly says like Christie making an executive decision to make a deal with Cliff. Holly says Christie definitely feels like she has to be in control of everything. Holly says this is her HOH and she barely gets an opinion in edgewise and Christie makes the decisions for everyone without consulting them. Christie is talking to Cliff and asks how he’s doing. Cliff says there are four powerful people there and he knows Tommy and Christie need to start winning and Cliff says he hopes he can start proving himself. Cliff says he’s been planting seeds and hopefully he can start breaking off the couples. Christie says if she goes with couples she knows her and Tommy will be picked off first. Christie says she doesn’t know what they will start going for each other, but she needs to build herself a little army because it’s going to be war and be bloody. Holly and Michie are in bed talking and Holly tells him that Christie doesn’t want to go far with couples and Michie says that explains why her and Tommy are so close. Holly says Christie is just so cold too. She’s really afraid she’s doing Christie’s dirty work. Michie says as the weeks have gone on, he’s been hearing things about Christie and if he wins HOH it might be a good time to take her out. With absolutely nothing left to lose, Sam makes a last ditch effort to break up the couples. Sam tells us he may have a little stick of dynamite and last week Christie told him he’d vote however Cliff wanted her to, Jack or Michie. Sam tells Michie that Christie was on board with Cliff taking the shot at Michie or Jack. Michie says he and Holly have been suspicious of Christie for awhile and Sam is just confirming all the doubts he’s been having. Sam says if that would be beneficial if he stayed, maybe they could use Sam for their game. Sam agrees if he stays to work with Michie and Holly. Michie says if Jack is on board, he would consider keeping Sam because he would be loyal. Michie then goes to Holly in the HOH and tells her what Sam told him. Holly tells Michie that Christie is trying to make an alliance with the other side of the house. Michie tells Holly he made a deal with Sam and Sam said he’d be willing to take the shot at Christie. Holly says Kat can’t go home though and she trusts her. Michie says will Kat put up Christie? Holly says I don’t know. Holly says she should have just put Nicole up. Holly tells us she listened to Christie instead of listening to her own gut and Christie got what she wanted! We see Michie talking to Jack and he says they should have put Nicole up. Michie says they have a problem. He then tells Jack the information Sam gave to him. Michie says Christie was 1000% on board to vote Jack out? Jack says she wouldn’t shoot that shot that early and if she wins HOH next week she wouldn’t do it. Michie says Christie would have someone else take the shot for her. Michie pitches keeping Sam and Jack tells us it seems the Six Shooters are deteriorating and forming an alliance with Sam could change everything. Jack says why would she make a move right now? Is she that stupid? It’s time to check-in with the HG. Julie mentions it’s tense in the house right now and she congratulates them making it 44 days in the BB house. Julie goes to Cliff and asks how difficult it’s been to be away from his wife. Cliff says even when he travelled he got to talk to her and he misses her. He really misses her. Julie goes to Nicole and asks how she’s been dealing with being locked away for 44 days. Nicole says she’s never been away from the four most important people in her life and she has a big family here, it’s a new family, different but new. Julie says we all know how Tommy’s been dealing with it, and last night live feeders got a peek at what Tommy’s been teaching them. Let’s take a look. We get a look at Tommy’s flash mob. The HG all cheer and laugh. Julie says Hamilton has nothing on this group. Julie asks Tommy who has a chance of making it on Broadway like he has and Tommy says there’s something about Nick’s hips. Julie says she won’t comment and she thanks them and she’ll be back for the live vote and eviction shortly. Kat volunteered to be a pawn tonight. Will it come back and bite her? Stay with us! It’s now time for the live vote and eviction? Will Kat run out of lives or will the trucker be hitting the road? We really don’t know! Julie goes to the HG. Kat says she’s changing what she was going to say and she is very passionate about empowerment outside the house. Sometimes, you do have to save yourself and your big personality because it benefits your game. She wants her family to know the things they instilled in her and she hopes it’s coming across to them and she hopes they are proud of her. Her mom told her she can be nice and win and she hopes it’s not her last night here. Sam to his beautiful wife, Melissa, she’s the prettiest angel to ever walk to the Earth and he loves his boys and daddy is coming home. Sam says he’s been caught in guilt by association and he’s been in rooms where names have been dropped and he stayed drama free despite the fiasco going on tonight. He may have planted little seeds, but it’s Big Brother and he’s playing the game. He loves them all, and he’ll leave them with one word. Send it!!! Time to vote! Christie votes to evict Sam. Nicole votes to evict the sensational Sam. Michie votes to evict Sam. It’s 0 votes to evict Kat and 3 to evict Sam. We’ll find out the rest of the vote when we come back! Time to get the rest of the votes! Jack sadly with a heavy heart votes to evict Sam. Nick votes to evict Sam. Sis votes to evict Sam. Jessica sadly votes to evict Sam. Cliff sadly votes to evict Sam. Tommy sadly votes to evict Sam. By a vote of 9-0, Sam has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Sam gives hugs as he walks to the door and Jack and Christie go and comfort Kat who is emotional. Julie says let me tell you what you probably don’t know. This morning Sam was a goner, but earlier he was going to be saved. She asks if he was aware? He says it was close. Julie says what’s going on. Sam came clean about Christie lying to him and he said why was he withholding information if she’s campaigning to get him out. Sam would like to take credit for it for planting the seeds. Julie asks how it flipped back and Sam says Kat may have cried more than he did. He should have talked about his family. Julie asks why he cried in the DR, why do people cry? Sam says you feel all alone in there and he missed his family so much. When you’re around your family all the time you don’t get a chance to miss them, but when you’re in the house you have to hold it in. Julie says do you think the alliance of six survives tonight? Sam says no way. Sam thinks Jack might go after Michie. Sam’s goodbye messages. Nick says Sam was his bromance, his ride or die, and he’ll avenge his death. Nicole says she had to do what was best for her game but she respects him so much. Cliff says he didn’t want Sam to go home and he felt like he had more in common with Sam. Best wishes. Holly says she’s sorry Sam is going home, but she had to send him home because she has a F2 with Kat. The field trip is America’s vote! America will vote for THREE HG to play in a competition. The HG who wins will get safety for the week, the second place HG will get a punishment, and the third place HG will be a THIRD nominee. But it won’t affect this week, it will affect NEXT week. Voting is open now! It’s time for the HOH to begin and given tonight’s events it will be one everyone will be fighting for. Right now, they have either made it to jury or they are going home with $50,000 or they will be going home with a half million dollars. For now the power is up for grabs. This competition is called Camp Expo. There are themed kiosks and they can study advertisements for various camps. After their time is up, they’ll be asked a series of True or False questions based on what they saw. The last HG standing will become the new HOH. They HG are all studying the kiosks and they only have a certain amount of time to study. Julie wishes them luck and good night!
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