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  1. 6:00 PM BBT JC is in the hammock with Haleigh and Brett is outside. They are talking about working out. Scottie is cooking in the KT. Brett goes around the hammock and lays next to Haleigh. FotH. All feeds are on the KT where Scottie is. Scottie is mumbling about slop. Rockstar and Sam are on towels in the BY, Bayleigh is stretching, and Angela is running. Haleigh, JC, and Brett are talking about girls who soak their tampons in vodka. Brett says he knew some guys who butt chugged grain alcohol. Brett explains how you get messed up faster and why it’s dangerous. Sam is using her hands as a bubble blower and blowing some bubbles.


    6:05 PM BBT JC says his college life was American Pie and Brett says his still is. All four cameras are on the hammock. Brett says the BY looks like a park with people doing different activities. Rockstar and Sam are both blowing bubbles with their hands. Bayleigh is doing yoga poses.


    6:10 PM BBT Sam says Sunday is her favorite day. Sam is singing various songs and we get FotH. General chatter in the hammock. Rachel was laying on a couch and she gets up and goes inside. Rockstar is complaining about Brett to Sam saying she doesn’t understand why he would not treat her as a person. Rockstar can’t wait to get out and watch the season and Sam can’t wait either.


    6:15 PM BBT JC yells across the yard and asks if Rachel put his clothes in and she says no. He tells her she needs to come back outside and put his clothes in. JC, Brett, and Haleigh are talking about Sam saying she cried for like three days when she got her robot punishment. FotH. JC asks if Haleigh and Brett have cried yet. They talk about Josh crying last season.


    6:20 PM BBT Haleigh, JC, and Brett are still in the hammock. Brett asks if Angela has cried and she says no. They talk about the HG who have cried. Sam goes to switch laundry around and Angela comes over to put something in.


    6:25 PM BBT JC gets up to do laundry and Haleigh and Brett are talking. Haleigh says Kaitlyn is annoying because she’s putting so much pressure on Faysal and sitting in his lap every couple of hours. Haleigh says she chose Faysal to play in veto because he told her to. Haleigh says Kaitlyn is already trying to campaign. Haleigh says Kaitlyn thinks if Haleigh gets taken off and Brett goes up in her place, then she’ll be fine. Haleigh says she’s over the top and she’s definitely making good television.

  2. Previously, on Big Brother, the house has been divided from the jump. The Level 6 alliance along with JC and Sam on one side, and FOUTTE on the other side. But Level 6 was poised to take their first casualty. With a bro guaranteed to go, Level 6 wanted to cut Winston while the other side wanted to bounce Brett. With Tyler playing everyone, his game was in danger of being exposed.


    At the live eviction, Brett made a shocking speech and it WAS 6-5 sending Winston packing. Soon after, Rockstar went off her rocker, but that was just the opening act because tonight all hell breaks loose. Plus, who will endure the epic battle for power and become the new HOH? Find out right now on Big Brother!


    We pick up on Day 30 as we start the HOH competition. Faysal doesn’t know what’s going on right now and it’s the third straight week they’ve been blindsided and his side has been going out bad. He just needs to win this HOH and hope he can get some answers. Brett says he’s on an emotional rollercoaster, his broster just got voted out of the house and then he just made a speech about Rockstar. He says he targeted her because he can’t stand her and he can’t influence or game play. So why not target her and make her a target.


    Rockstar says she’s just chanting her kids names and win this HOH because Brett just made up a lie about her. We then see the aftermath of the live eviction with Rockstar yelling at Brett. Kaitlyn is in the background mouthing what is going on. She is beside herself and doesn’t know what just happened. She needs to talk Tyler about this because she’s freaking out. She tells him to look her in the eye and swear on his father’s grave that he kept his word and Tyler says he would never do that. He says that immediately infuriates him because he would never swear on his dad’s grave.


    Kaycee says even though Winston left this week, Level 6 is as solid as those tree trunks and they need to win HOH so they can keep running the house. Rachel says it’s disgusting, it’s all in her hair and her face and it’s nasty. Haleigh has no idea what’s going on in this house and once again she is on the wrong side of the eviction. Going into the HOH the only people she can trust are her, herself, and she. Tyler says if any of the other side finds out he voted out Winston he is screwed.


    Sam says she wants to win this HOH competition because she has now lost the authority to offer her bonus life to someone. If she wins HOH at least she gets a chance to decide who gets the chance to get in the house. Rockstar says the sap is falling on her head and she’s thinking she can do this and then she falls. She heads over to Scottie and she is crying and apologizing and says she tried really hard. Faysal says he needs to win the HOH, but this tree is impossible to hold onto. His grip is giving out and his forearms are shivering and then we see him fall.


    Brett says he feels like someone lit a match under his forearms and calves and we see him fall. Kaycee says this HOH is harder than it looks, you have cold rain, feathers flying at them, sap sliding their arms, bird poop and the tree tilting. She says people are falling left and right. Boom, Bayleigh falls down, Angela falls down, and Rachel falls down. Then Haleigh falls off. Kaycee says it’s getting real. JC feels like this competition was made for him. He has good endurance and then he falls.


    We still have Tyler, Sam, Kaitlyn, and Kaycee. Kaycee says her fellow housemates don’t know what she’s capable of and she cannot fall before Kaitlyn. She doesn’t trust her and she doesn’t know what she’d do if she were HOH. Sam says she takes cold showers every day even when she’s not a have-not because she’s an animal. Sam says she wants this HOH, she is not coming out of this tree until she is the last one coming out of the tree.


    The trees tip forward and Sam says she can see Kaitlyn’s arms shaking from there. Faysal cheers her on and Kaitlyn falls with Kaycee right behind. The HG all start screaming and cheering. Sam tells Tyler to jump down for her. Tyler looks at her and asks if she’s going to put him up. She says no. Tyler says he’s just trying to “make a deal” or “negotiate” his safety so these people don’t know he’s working with Sam. Sam is yelling at him to jump down and Tyler says Sam is making it hard to do by screaming at him. Tyler finally jumps and Sam has won HOH.


    Sam says she has nothing to worry about this week. She’s safe and she could not be happier right now. Tyler says he loses but he feels good because Sam has all the power this week. Rockstar is upset. She is upset how the whole day went. She’s upset because she wanted to make her family proud. It’s a hard day.


    We head inside from the HOH competition. Sam says ladies and gentleman may I present to you the new HOH. She’s already decided who she’s going to nominate and once she’s decided she won’t be moved. Rockstar is crying to Bayleigh in the BR and Bayleigh is trying to calm her down. Bayleigh tells Rockstar to talk to Sam and tell her the truth. Rockstar says she just wants to go home to her family and Bayleigh says she needs Rockstar to pull herself together. Rockstar is crying in the DR and says guys like that always win.


    Faysal and JC are talking in the SR and he says he has loyalty to no one right now. JC says he has Faysal’s back. JC says he’s been working with Tyler this whole week and they came up with a plan to flip the vote and blame Kaitlyn for it. JC tells Tyler Faysal will be in JC’s hands and he will totally believe Kaitlyn was the flip vote and Faysal will trust him more. JC says Fessy is a competitor but he’s not brainy. JC says Faysal is going crazy and blaming it on one of the little girls. Faysal says he’s going to blow up on someone and JC says he’s not going to blow up on anyone. Faysal says he just wants to know who’s telling the truth and who’s lying to his face.


    Kaitlyn wants to talk to Faysal but he doesn’t want to talk. He’s sitting in the WA with Rockstar and Rachel. Kaitlyn says she wants to talk to him in private and she calls him in the lounge and says he’s hurting her feelings. Faysal says something isn’t adding up and Kaitlyn says she’s physically ill and freaking out right now. Faysal says people are lying to his face and Kaitlyn says and mine. We see Level 6 celebrating in the have-not room. Kaitlyn asks Faysal if he trusts her and he says he doesn’t trust anyone. Kaitlyn is so upset with Faysal right now and she cries and Faysal says it’s not like you got the best track record. He says numbers don’t add up. Kaitlyn says her heart is broken because she can’t believe he’d think that of her.


    Who wants to see my HOH room?!? Kaitlyn doesn’t want to go and Faysal yells at her to come on. She tells him to shut up. Sam opens the door and we see pictures of Sam with her grandmother, mother, and dog. Sam says while she has everyone in here she says when this time of the week rolls around people start freaking out. She doesn’t want that. So there will be no one-on-ones and she knows who she is going to nominate and she’s not going to tell anyone. She’s going to be up there because this is her room and no one is allowed in there unless she permits it and is in there with her. She doesn’t want anyone to campaign because no one is going to know until the last minute and they can hash it out in the veto competition.


    Haleigh says her and Sam hadn’t really bonded on anything and she had hoped to talk to her but that’s down the drain. Rockstar says this is crazy because Brett lied on her and now she can’t even talk to Sam to defend herself. JC says Sam means business and she is taking her HOH seriously.


    Kaitlyn is talking to Haleigh and she asks do you think it was Tyler and JC. Kaitlyn thinks Sam used her power and it was to switch two votes. Kaitlyn tells us in the DR that Sam told her she had a power but didn’t explain it to her. Kaitlyn thinks Sam could switch two votes and she did it turn people against each other. She says if she’s wrong it’d be embarrassing, but she thinks she’s right. We hear a buzz sound. Kaitlyn talks to Tyler and explains her theory to him. Tyler asks how she figured it out and says she’s a mastermind. Tyler tells us he wishes he could take credit for Kaitlyn’s theory, but even he isn’t that good.


    Rockstar talks to Brett and says best friend so glad I kept you here. Brett says everyone knows now and she says yeah. Rockstar says Brett called her out in front of the house and she’s going to show the whole house how ridiculous this is by being as ridiculous as she can be. She grabs a pot and pan and starts banging it. Tyler is in the DR and listens and then asks if he can go outside. JC holds the door open for Rockstar. She’s chanting Brett is her best friend and they have a secret showmance. She jumps on him and lays between his legs. Brett says she’s doing good and she says I bet your mom is proud and he says I bet your kids are. Brett tells us this is working beautifully. Rockstar has the mind of child and even though she’s annoying him, she’s also annoying everyone in the house and that’s usually the person who goes home.


    We see Scottie, Faysal, JC, and Bayleigh in the HOH. They are talking about height. JC says he’s just a short guy, a dwarf is someone with a genetic disorder. Bayleigh asks if there is a difference between a midget and dwarf and JC says that’s derogatory. JC says it’s like calling a black person an N word. Bayleigh tells him not to say that word again. JC says he’s just trying to explain it.


    Bayleigh says that word is really hurtful to the African American community because it was used to degrade a person solely based on their skin color. JC says he wasn’t saying it to offend anyone, he was just trying to make a point. Bayleigh says that word is very derogatory and he shouldn’t use that word. JC says certain words can be used in certain context to explain to something. Bayleigh says when she hears the word it hurt her feelings because he said it as a statement and she asked JC a question about the word midget so she could become educated. JC says he respects her opinion and he was giving her examples of how he feels about that word and how she feels about the other word. He says he can’t explain it well. Bayleigh walks out and JC says he wasn’t trying to make it a big deal.


    JC says he’s very short, he’s gay, and he’s also Hispanic and people can often to be cruel. He says people would give him dirty looks but sometimes you have to be strong and it’s his chance to speak up. JC goes to talk to Tyler, Brett, Sam, and Angela and he recaps his conversation with them. Tyler tells him it’s something they should try and discuss before they go to bed. Tyler says it’s just unfortunate. Bayleigh says growing up it was difficult for her because she was a black girl growing up in a white community and she lived with it every day that people pointed out she was different and she will never let anyone make her feel that way again.


    She’s in the lounge with Faysal and Haleigh and says she doesn’t understand why JC was yelling at her like she shouldn’t be offended. JC comes in and Haleigh and Faysal leave the room. JC says he would have preferred she call him out in the HOH room in front of people. She says when she tried he held his hand out like she should stop and that frustrated her. She says if there was a word that offended him she would never call him that or say it. She says she’s also been discriminated against because people would spray paint things on her locker about going back to where she came from.


    JC says when he asked her a question like she asked and he says she asked him if he was a midget and she says that’s not what she said. JC says that word is so derogatory like the F word for gay people and the N word for black people. JC says he didn’t get offended by the question but she did when he was trying to explain. Bayleigh says she’s going to stand up for herself and JC can explain his point of view instead of just saying she’s wrong. JC says he’s sure when she was in her class she always wondered why she wasn’t like them and he can relate because he hated himself so much. She says she understand because she worked her whole life to be comfortable with who she was and hearing that word triggers her. She’s comfortable in her skin and she’s not going to let anyone take that away. JC says he has no hard feelings and he wanted to clear everything before they went to sleep. They hug it out.


    It’s time for the nomination ceremony. The first HG Sam has nominated for eviction is Haleigh. The second HG she has nominated is Kaitlyn. Sam says purely because she thinks they take the most from the house and contribute the least. She doesn’t care for the way they treat the young men in the house and she thinks they deserve more respect. It’s the opposite of female empowerment and they should respect themselves more.


    Sam says she thinks they are trying to manipulate the men in the house and she thinks it’s cheap and the easy way. Haleigh says does she flirt? Yes, but so does every other female in this house and her family is watching this. She cries. Kaitlyn says she’s not upset because she’s on the block, she’s upset because Sam nominated her on a personal level and it’s the opposite of women supporting women.


    Faysal says Sam’s comments rubbed him the wrong way. She swung at his two friends and Sam had better watch out. Brett laughs and says it’s great. The house is in chaos and maybe after the veto they can swing a backdoor at Rockstar.

  3. 12:30 PM BBT Brett says JC’s father is French so maybe he knows French too. Brett is saying random phrases in Spanish. He says last night he chugged a bunch of water and he thought he was going to explode. He thought he was tummy was going to rip. We get FOTH. Kaitlyn and Brett are talking in the KT. Brett is telling them they can use olive oil to suntan. Brett heads to the BR area.


    12:35 PM BBT Angela heads outside and sits on a lawn chair next to Tyler. Angela says her and Sam talked and that Sam asked her opinion. Tyler asks if she’ll take Angela’s advice and Angela says probably not. Kaitlyn pours some oil in a bowl and heads outside. Kaitlyn likes the way the oil feels. Tyler is told to put on his microphone and he says he doesn’t want to get it wet. Tyler asks Kaitlyn what she’d normally be doing today and she says it depends on where she lives. She got olive oil on her bathing suit and she hopes it will come out. She says she doesn’t take clients on Sundays, but she does on Saturdays. She says she usually just goes to the beach, but it depends on how stressful her week was and if she has to re-center herself. Kaitlyn asks Tyler what he does, but we can’t really hear because he doesn’t have his microphone on. Angela doesn’t have hers on either so she’s hard to hear. Scottie is in the background playing pool. Kaitlyn says it’s actually too hot and now she just wants to go shower. Brett and Rachel are flirting in the BR. Rachel is laying down and Brett is making a bed.


    12:40 PM BBT Kaitlyn wonders why they only have one float in the pool. Kaitlyn dips her toe in the pool and says it’s hot. She then goes back to lay down. Brett’s back is dry. Scottie comes in and grabs something. Brett was going to change in there but he doesn’t trust Rachel not to peek. Rachel has her owl mask on and is laying down. Brett goes to change. Kaycee, Scottie, and Rachel are in the BR now. Rachel asks what layman’s terms mean and Scottie says he thinks it’s latin and it means to speak in a way commoners can understand. Someone starts humming and we get FotH. Brett returns and starts humming and FOTH.


    12:45 PM BBT Kaitlyn, Angela, and Tyler are in the lounge chairs by the pool. Scottie, Kaycee, and Rachel are in the BR. Kaitlyn is still saying it’s too hot. Scottie and Kaycee leave Rachel alone. Brett heads outside from the KT and Scottie heads upstairs by the Foosball table. Kaitlyn and Tyler are under the shower. Tyler starts singing and we get FOTH.


    12:50 PM BBT Scottie is making coffee in the KT. Angela, Brett, Tyler, and Kaitlyn are outside by the pool general chit chat. Brett always wanted to party. It’s the first thought he can remember. Kaycee and Scottie are outside talking. Bayleigh comes out and gets her laundry.


    12:55 PM BBT Kaycee and Scottie talking outside about how there are still people still asleep. General chit chat by the pool with Tyler, Kaitlyn, Angela, and Brett. Brett is talking about how he used to eat coffee grounds. Kaitlyn wonders how Brett is on Adderall. Brett says he’s more focused but cranky towards the end. He doesn’t know if he has something or not though. He thinks everyone has a minor case of ADD and Kaitlyn says 100%. Scottie and Kaycee are talking about Faysal about the veto and Kaycee says he shot himself in the foot.

  4. 12:00 PM BBT Angela, Tyler, and Scottie are still on the couches in the BY and Scottie says he’s going to vote with the house this week and Angela says the same. Kaitlyn is talking about her trying to stay awake from the DR and she gets the warning about not talking about production. Kaitlyn then says she didn’t even do veto. Kaitlyn asks Rachel if she worked out and they head outside together. Kaitlyn is told to put on her microphone. Kaitlyn and Rachel are laying out on the lawn chairs next to the pool.


    12:05 PM BBT Kaitlyn and Rachel move a table between the lawn chairs and Kaitlyn scoots her chair closer to Rachel. Kaitlyn is telling Rachel she is very connected intuitive and most people don’t want to know when they are being talked about, but people like her she always knows. Kaitlyn compares it to an amber alert, like she gets an intuitive moment when someone in another room is talking about her. Rachel asks Kaitlyn if Fessy is still confused on what he wants to do and Kaitlyn says yes. Kaitlyn says when she was done with her DR at 5 in the morning she seen Faysal and Haleigh talking. Kaitlyn says Faysal is holding Swaggy against her. She understands what she did caused a lack of trust between them. Kailtyn says Sam is holding a grudge against her but it’s weird to bring up stuff to try and influence others who will be voting for her. Rachel asks if Kaitlyn is still talking to Faysal to ask him to use it. Kaitlyn says she’s not going to ask anymore but she’s going to manifest that he’ll do the right thing. Rachel says maybe Kaitlyn needs to put it out to him that she’s ok. Kaitlyn says she’ll do that but she’s afraid that will make him think it’s ok for him not to use it on her. Rachel asks if she thinks she’d stay over Haleigh and Kaitlyn doesn’t know.


    12:05 PM BBT Angela and Scottie are talking about food network but Scottie says he can’t hear her because there’s a plane flying over. Tyler and Kaycee are talking in the corner by the laundry and they are talking about Sam is going to put someone on the block to guarantee Kaitlyn will go. Tyler says Sam needs to know what will happen before she does it, but she’s going to do her own thing. Kaycee asks if Tyler told her that and he says no because he doesn’t want to foist things on her. Tyler says they have to remember Sam will do what she wants to do going forward. Tyler says he’s not good at playing victim to people and Kaycee says it’s so fake. Kaycee is folding clothes and Tyler is putting on suntan lotion. Tyler is telling Kaycee that Bayleigh came crying to him yesterday because he thinks she’s feeling the heat and Kaycee says hopefully not. Kaycee says even if it’s a pawn she’s putting up someone from their side and that’s not good. Tyler says there are just certain things you can’t say to Sammy. Kaycee says they’ll just cross their fingers.  


    12:10 PM BBT Kaitlyn says she just needs to explain to Faysal that Rockstar and Scottie are not guaranteed votes for her. Kaitlyn says Faysal tells her he wants both of them to stay. Kaitlyn says the only way for both of them to stay is for him to save her. Kaitlyn doesn’t want to lay on her kimono anymore and she wants to go in the pool. Rachel says the pool is dirty. Kaitlyn and Rachel walk along the wall in the shade. Rachel and Kaitlyn go over to the couches where Angela, Scottie, and Tyler are. Sam is in the HOH room listening to music and doing ADL’s.


    12:15 PM BBT Sam is changing her sheets. Brett and Kaycee are up in the KT. General chatter in the BY. Tyler starts singing and we get FOTH. Brett is in the WA doing ADL’s.


    12:20 PM BBT Tyler goes to a lounge chair and Kaitlyn runs to follow. Angela opens the refrigerator inside and Rachel and Scottie come inside. FOTH. Kaitlyn tells Tyler she has so much faith in herself and she doesn’t need a man to save her. Kaitlyn just wants to make sure Faysal knows the facts. Rachel and Brett are coming out of the WA talking about what time he went to bed. Kaitlyn is having the same conversation with Tyler that she did with Rachel about votes. Tyler tells Kaitlyn it wasn’t smart for her to jump right back over to them. Kaitlyn says she didn’t. Rachel is inside washing out her breakfast dishes and Angela is eating and Brett is looking for something to eat. Tyler tells Kaitlyn she hung out with Rockstar last week and Kaitlyn says she’s still going to spend time with them. She says where did he expect her to go and Tyler says not to the people who you just backdoored their leader.


    12:25 PM BBT Tyler asks Kaitlyn who has been supporting her and Kaitlyn says no one. Kaitlyn asks Tyler who he wants to see go home next and he says not you. She says so who and he says he doesn’t care, one of them. Tyler says whoever is up against Kaitlyn will campaign against her. Tyler says if it’s somebody she was tight with it will show how tight she was with them if they campaign against her. Kaitlyn says Tyler has to tell Faysal to use it on her. Kaitlyn says he has to tell Faysal that Haleigh has JC, Scottie, and Rockstar and Faysal. Tyler says if Faysal isn’t receptive to it then he’s not going to push it because he has five people in his ear on the other side. Tyler says if he doesn’t use it on her then she’ll know and if that happens they’ll cross that bridge when they get there. Tyler is going to go under the shower. Kaitlyn says it’s hot. Brett and Angela in the KT eating and Faysal is up and walks by. Brett asks if they still can’t go in the pool and Angela says Kaitlyn might have gone to ask. Brett mumbles something and then says that makes me want to kiss you right now. Then Brett says what am I talking about, I always want to kiss you. Kaitlyn comes in and Brett says hello moppet. Kaitlyn says it’s hot outside and Brett says it’s pretty hot in here too. Brett says they should have JC teach them Spanish so they can stimulate their brains.

  5. 11:30 AM BBT Tyler is inside washing dishes. Sam is talking to Scottie, Kaycee, Rachel, and Angela about how good she slept in the HOH room because it’s dark in there. She likes the dark. Sam made some bread but it didn’t turn out well. Bayleigh comes into the kitchen with Tyler and she says another minute and a half and she’s going to do it again. Sam is asking if anyone wants anything to eat and offers to make Scottie French Toast and he declines.


    11:35 AM BBT Sam loves cold showers. She says being a have-not was bad. She says the worst part is what the slop does to your guts. Sam says slop does what dog food does and her farts will smell like dog farts. Faysal is told to put on his microphone. Sam says she will help fix whatever slop things they need. She’ll make slop patties for them that is like “meat”. Rachel says she’ll be good with the protein shakes and Sam says they’ll make her feel weird too. She says the slop is hard on your tummy so eat lots of tums. Sam is going to teach them the butt cheek trick. All you do is pull one of your butt cheeks apart and then run away. She says it works. She says it’s your butt cheeks that make the fart sound.


    11:40 AM BBT Sam tells Rachel she’ll make her slop things and cheer her on emotionally, but it sucks. Sam goes inside to the KT followed by Scottie and Kaycee. Scottie goes back out to the BY with Rachel and Angela. Sam explains to Kaycee why she sometimes calls her Rachel. She has a friend outside of the house who Kaycee resembles and her name is Rachel. Angela comes inside and asks why Sam calls Kaycee the wrong name and Sam fills her in. She’s a native America and she works for the Green Bay Packers.


    11:45 AM BBT Rachel outside with Scottie says she doesn’t fart a lot. Scottie says he’s a belcher. Rachel says her bed sank down a little bit, but it should be good. Rachel says she stacked her bed with pillows. Angela rejoins Scottie and Rachel. Sam is still talking about her friend to Kaycee and she says the resemblance is uncanny. Rachel, Angela, and Scottie have started talking about The Bachelor and Bachelorette. They talk about Jef Holm and all four cameras go to the KT. Talk in the KT has turned to religion. Sam says there isn’t a lot of literature on Native American religions and her friend gave her a baggie of blessed tobacco.


    11:50 AM BBT All cameras have switched to Tyler and Kaitlyn. She’s hugging him and Tyler is telling her to stop saying she’s going home. Kaitlyn is told to put on her microphone. Tyler is telling Kaitlyn to smile and she says she just wants to hang out with him. He says he’ll see her out there. Kaitlyn is going through her closet. Rachel, Angela, and Scottie are on the BY couches silently. Rachel thinks she might get a bowl of cereal. Haleigh has just woken up and Kaitlyn is whispering to her. Angela is eating out of a jar of peanut butter. Sam is not allowed to talk about her DR sessions with other HG. Tyler comes outside and Scottie asks if Tyler washed his plate and he says yes. Scottie says he went back to do it and it was done and Tyler says that’s alright.


    11:55 AM BBT Angela leaves Tyler and Scottie alone to take her jar inside. Haleigh is laying in bed. Kaitlyn has her robe on and is dressed and she leaves the BR. Tyler and Scottie are talking about videos of people shipping themselves to other countries. Angela heads back outside with another jar. Rachel is eating cereal and Kaycee is sitting there with coffee. Kaitlyn stops to chat and says she tried to sleep in the HNR in Brett’s bed, but she got called to DR. Rachel takes a bit of cereal then sets the bowl down and lets her hair down, then shakes it over her bowl and then proceeds to eat.

  6. Tonight, will the bros be torn apart? Or will the bonus life extend the romance? Previously, on Big Brother, a new twist called the BB App Store unleashed powers into the house. Sam got a power app to save an evictee. Although Tyler was truly loyal to his level six alliance, he had been successfully playing both sides of the house. With the nerd leading the herd, he decided to target two bros.


    At the POV competition, Mamma Mia Scottie won again. The bros tried to sell Scottie on their vision of a backdoor, but the clairvoyant Kaitlyn had a vision of her own. And after Scottie confirmed her fears, she was ESPO’d. At the veto meeting, Brett mocked Kaitlyn while Scottie sealed the bros fate. Tonight, Winston and Brett will be broken up for good unless Sam decides to use her bonus life and give them a second chance at a half million dollars. 


    Julie welcomes us to Big Brother and tells us it’s day 30 inside the BB house and this week after winning HOH and POV, Scottie is just one step away from his mission of splitting up the bros. Will Sam throw tonight’s evictee a life line with her power up? With a house divided, one vote can be the difference in which bro will stay and which bro will go.


    Scottie says they have a bro sandwich on the block and he is happy with himself. He says one of the bros will be going home. The only thing that can screw things up is a power app. Winston says Scottie is an idiot and he’s just hoping it’s not him going home. Brett says it sucks and he doesn’t want to campaign against Winston, but if he were a betting man he’d bet on him. If they didn’t keep him, then it would be the most boring summer of their lives. Just look at him!


    Kaitlyn says look who’s still on the block. They dug their own graves and she didn’t have to do anything. Winston and Angela are talking in the WA and laughing at Brett’s speech. Winston says his speech was good, but it might help him to stay. Winston is asking Angela what he should do, who he could campaign to. Angela tells us level six is on the block and they are going to lose an alliance member. She hasn’t talked to the rest of the alliance yet. Brett walks in and they start talking about his speech again.


    Rachel, Kaycee, and Tyler are in the lounge and they are coming up with a game plan. Rachel thinks it’s better to keep Brett because he’s a fierce competitor and she feels like she’s a threat because she almost won HOH and POV and Tyler has won a few comps, so maybe keeping Brett would be better for them. Rachel says Winston is a liability. Kaycee feels comfortable with Brett staying. Tyler says they’ll be level five now.


    Bayleigh wants to do something drastic with the game. Bayleigh is talking to Rockstar and Haleigh and they are discussing between Brett and Winston. They think Brett is the bigger the threat. Haleigh says Brett could sell a car with no engine and he has charisma and that’s someone who needs to go out the door.


    Rachel, Kaycee, and Angela are in the have-not room and Sam comes in and she has two dots and one is Brett and one is Winston. Sam is having them draw and they are telling Sam they already decided who to keep and they decided Brett because he’s the bigger threat. Sam says she likes that. Rachel says they need 6 to keep Brett and Sam and JC voted with them in the past and they hope this week is no different.


    We see Rockstar on the rock climbing wall and she’s screaming and she’s screaming and she’s afraid. They are telling her to kick-off the wall. JC says she needs to get off the wall, it’s like youre stuck between a Rockstar and a hard place. Angela comes into the HOH and tells Kaitlyn Rockstar is stuck on the wall and she comes out to talk Rockstar down. Haleigh is at the bottom and giving her directions. Rockstar finally gets down and she says that was so ridiculous.


    Various HG are in the BY and Kaitlyn is grooming Tyler and Haleigh joins. The bros are playing pool. Tyler, Haleigh, and Kaitlyn are talking about who to vote. Kaitlyn says she is literally obsessed with Tyler. He’s proving himself in more ways than one to him. He says he’ll do what she wants to do and she has never had anyone say that to her, not even her boyfriend. Kaitlyn says she has the six votes and Brett is evicted from the BB house. Tyler says he’s kind of freaked out because he’s going to show his cards this week with his vote and Kaitlyn is going to be so mad at him, but he’s been loyal to level six.


    Bayleigh, Haleigh, Kaitlyn, Scottie, and Rockstar are in the HOH and they are discussing votes. Kaitlyn tells them Tyler agreed to vote out Brett. Rockstar asks if Tyler agreed to that. Haleigh says Kaitlyn voted against them last week, but she has Tyler wrapped around her finger and they have no choice but to trust her.


    Scottie and Tyler are talking in the HOH and Scottie asks Tyler how he’s going to vote. Tyler says level six wants him to vote out Winston and Kaitlyn and her people want him to vote out Brett. He’s in a situation where he has to show his cards and either way it’s going to suck and it’s going to hit the fan. Tyler is asking Scottie if he trusts his side and Scottie does.


    Winston is talking to Sam and he doesn’t want to campaign against Brett. But maybe he can tug on her heart strings and get her to keep him this week. Winston says whoever votes to keep him, he’ll remember that. Sam says she’d be happy with either one staying. Sam says she has the bonus life and this is the last week she can use it on her terms and next week it automatically goes to whoever is evicted. Maybe if she gives it to the bros she’s gaining a powerful ally. She has a lot to think about.


    Sam has the power to save an evictee, but what do Sam’s friends and families think she should do with the Bonus Life. We meet Kitty, Sam’s mom, and she says Sam just go with the flow and no matter what situation she’s in she makes it work. We meet Dan, Samantha’s dad, and he says Samantha is a chameleon and she can adapt to any situation.


    Kitty says Sam has been a waitress, a hair stylist, a bartender and Sam really is a true artist. We see Sam’s woodshop and her mom says she also got interested in taxidermy. We see a party at a bar for Sam. Joe, Sam’s brother, says he thinks Tyler is loyal to her. Sarah, Sam’s best friend, thinks she’ll win Big Brother because she has a way of getting people to trust her. Sarah says Sam is a femme fatale all the way.


    Dan says he almost started crying when she got the power app because she was at the lowest point. Kitty says Sam sharing with Kaitlyn wasn’t a smart move. She says as her mom she wants Sam to hold it for herself but she has a heart of gold and she could use it on someone else.


    It’s time to vote and Sam has a unique choice to make. Brett says he gets nervous in front of pretty girls. When he walked through the doors he was a shell of a man with a broken heart and they all helped him heal. He apologizes to Kaitlyn and then tells her that Rockstar came to him and told him she was going to flip the vote.


    Winston says he had a nice poem he worked on but he’s going to take a different route. There are a lot of great duos in their day, batman and robin, and 30 days ago him and Brett, the bros they love to hate. He’d appreciate their votes but he can’t campaign against Brett.


    Time to vote!

    Kaitlyn votes to evict Brett.

    Rachel votes to evict Winston.

    Kaycee votes to evict Winston.

    Rockstar very happily votes to evict Brett.

    Faysal votes to evict Brett.

    Bayleigh votes to evict Brett.

    It’s 4-2 to evict Brett. We’ll get the rest of the votes in a moment and find out if the Bonus Life will be used.


    Time to get the rest of the votes!

    Angela sadly votes to evict Winston.

    Haleigh votes to evict Brett.

    JC votes to evict Winston.

    Tyler votes to evict Winston.

    Sam votes to evict Winston.

    By a vote of 6-5 Winston has been evicted from the Big Brother house.


    Winston hugs Brett and walks straight to the door. Kaitlyn looks shocked on the couch. Winston goes directly to Julie and shakes her hand. Rockstar and Brett are inside arguing. Brett looks at Rockstar and says you can’t even own it and Rockstar says he’s a bold faced, he’s disgusting. Tyler is talking to Kaitlyn. Rockstar is saying he can’t believe he’d do that on her daughter’s birthday.


    Julie says she’s there with a shocked Winston and asks why he’s shocked. Winston was told to relax and it was going to be a unanimous vote because Brett upset part of the house. Julie asks who told him that and Winston says multiple people and Winston believes his alliance voted for him. Julie asks if they all shock him and Winston says yeah shocking. He feels betrayed by his alliance.


    Julie asks if they said they were going to save him and he says the last hour was weird and he thought things had changed because they were acting different around him. Julie asks Winston what he threw on the ground and he says a friendship bracelet Sam made for him. Julie asks if Scottie made the right decision? Winston says it was a logical response, he gets it. But he was blindsided because Scottie voted for him to stay. He was going to reveal that but didn’t after all. He’s speechless.


    Julie says they have to talk about the bromance. What was the thinking behind that as being good strategy? Winston says there wasn’t a lot of thinking. He knew day two they were going to hide in plain sight and fly under the radar. He says he probably wouldn’t have done anything differently. Julie asks what happens to Brett with him gone and Winston says he’s obviously got the alliance behind him, but he’s hoping for a battle back because he’s like to wreck the entire alliance.


    Goodbye messages: Bayleigh says she didn’t vote him out because it would serve her no purpose. Scottie came to win not finish third. Kaitlyn says if Winston is gone she’s going to figure out who the liars are. Brett says obviously the bromance was a target but he wouldn’t have it any other way. Winston says he’s shocked, slightly embarrassed, but it’s Big Brother.


    HOH is back up for grabs! The HG are standing on logs. The competition is called “Out on a Limb”. Last one standing will win HOH. They are against trees and standing on logs. The trees immediately tip forward. The trees go up and then slightly forward again. Everyone looks pretty good. Julie tells them they are in a rainforest which can only mean one thing. It starts raining. Who will rise to power? We’ll rejoin the HOH competition when we return.


    Julie mentions the conversation JC and Bayleigh had earlier this week that sparked a debate on twitter about cultural sensitivity. Tune in Sunday to see the conversation. Julie returns to the HOH comp and advises them to stay focused. It’s going to be a long night!

  7. Previously on Big Brother, a new twist called the BB App Store released powers and punishments, and Sam got a power that could save someone's game, while Haleigh got the final Crap App.  With Scottie running the house, he wanted to target the Bros.  Knowing they were in trouble, Brett went to work and it seemed Scottie was under the hacker's spell.  But at the nomination ceremony, it was the revenge of the nerd.  Tonight, will the PoV become the power of V-Bro, saving Winston or Brett?  


    Plus, with tensions high, the dog lover bares his fangs and the clairvoyant Kaitlyn goes sixth sense-less on the Bros.  All this right now on Big Brother!

    Day 24: Nominations.  Brett and Winston are on the block.  Brett calls him an idiot for putting his ride-or-die up next to him.  The two of them vs. Scottie in a competition?  Plus, he says, if either of them comes down, they have the Level 6 numbers to stay.  Scottie says the two are a power couple and he needs nominations to stay the same on eviction night. Bayleigh says last week was miserable, but this week will be an up week.  

    In the lounge, Winston is fuming, wants to break Scottie's ___.  Freaking dweeb, he says.  He better hope I go home, Winston says in DR, or I'll make his life and this house torture.  Dork.  In the storage room. Rockstar. Faysal and Haleigh celebrate.  That kid's got cajones, Rockstar says of Scottie.  She says they have to play in Veto and not use it.

    Rockstar is thrilled Winston and Brett are on the block. She tells us hopefully someone from her side gets drawn to play veto and they win and they can say good-bye to the bros.



    The HG are in the kitchen and Scottie says if anyone wants to talk he’s here. Winston is in the lounge room and is calling for Brett and Brett is heading upstairs with Scottie. Brett says he understands where Scottie is coming from. Scottie says he’s not about the backdoor and wants to give everyone a chance. Brett says he’s not going to play the bull crap game and act like he likes him. Scottie says normally Brett is charismatic when they talk, but this time there is no mist.



    Tyler is in the SR and he says this really sucks. He says at the same time it’s not him and they have to lose one, then they have to lose one. Kaitlyn and Winston are in the SR with Tyler and they are talking they have to win the veto. Winston tells us that Kaitlyn is telling him he needs to separate himself from Brett and he’s not listening to that at all. One of them just has to win veto.



    Winston tells us he’s trying to calm down but Scottie wants to talk one on one and his blood is boiling and he’s afraid he’ll say something he regrets. Winston says Scottie says he just drew a line in the sand and if he’s there next week Scottie signed his own eviction, no questions asked and if he wins HOH, Scottie is gone. Period. Winston then walks out of the HOH room.



    Rachel is talking to Winston and she says if one of them comes down, then she thinks herself or Angela will be the replacement. She tells Winston he needs to start throwing Kaitlyn into the fire. Winston says she’d be a great replacement nominee because she orchestrated the backdoor plan on Swaggy C.



    Time to play veto. Scottie picks first and he draws Tyler. Tyler tells us getting picked to play in the veto is annoying because if he wins he has to show his cards. Brett picks Rachel. Rachel is super excited about this and if she can secure her safety and save one of her bros that would be awesome. Winston draws Rockstar.



    Faysal is talking in the KT with some HG and Faysal says to Winston they were trying to guess his wait. JC is also trying to guess. Faysal says when he came into the house he weighed around 230. Faysal then picks JC up. Faysal tries to do a trust fall with JC but JC moves out of the way.



    Bayleigh calls everyone into the LR for the veto competition. She reads about the movie Mamma Mia that will be opening and the HG get a preview. Rockstar says Cher looks incredible and if she could turn back time she’d watch the preview all over again. The winner of this HOH will win a trip for two to the Greek Islands from Mamma Mia.



    Brett and Winston promise to take each other. Winston says a trip to the Greek Islands is fantastic but keeping the bros safe in the game sounds a whole lot better.



    The backyard is Greece themed and there is a Mamma Mia poster. Bayleigh loves the decorations. On go they will have to grab a disco ball and spin around 15 times. After they spin, they start a 30 second timer and they have to run down and stack champagne glasses. If their timer runs out, then they are eliminated. But if they agree to be a have-not for the week they can re-enter and start a new tower.



    Scottie says he needs to win veto because the bros are mad at him. Winston says the stakes could not be higher and he needs that veto in his hands. The HG make their first run and they all look very wobbly. Rockstar recaps the object of the game and she says she wants to win, not just to keep noms the same, but to win that trip.



    Brett says he needs to win and he wants to stack as fast as he can. Tyler says it would be stupid to win this competition. Winston’s strategy is to go a little slower and stack the glasses neater. Rachel considers herself a dancing queen and she also recaps the object again. Rockstar says competition is harder than it looks. Bayleigh says Rockstar is looking rough. She’s looking different shades of green.



    Winston decided to pick up speed and he feels like he’s plastered drunk and he drops some of his stack. Tyler says he was trying not to laugh because Winston was coming at the glasses like he’s in a bowling alley. Scottie’s strategy is to pace himself. He notices Brett is ahead so he decides to pick up his speed. Brett says he’s stacking the cups like a chance and he can feel the veto around his neck. Who knew it would be this easy? He then runs out of time. He feels like an idiot. He’s going to be have-not for a week so he has to start over.



    Winston sees Brett’s glasses fell and Rachel is their best chance to win so he’s pulling for her. Scottie says he needs to win this veto so he picks up the pace. Rachel says she notices the other two struggling and she has to win this for her bros. Scottie is spinning very quickly and he is neck and neck with Rachel, though slightly ahead. Scottie finishes as Rachel is putting her glass on and Scottie races back to his buzzer and wins veto.



    Scottie says Greece sounds pretty cool and he has the veto. Now he just needs to make the right choice with it. Brett says odds were in their favor and he dropped the ball and he feels like an idiot. Winston says he’s mad and the dork, Scottie won. He needs to pull a rabbit out of a hat.



    Scottie says even though his vacation is far, he’s feeling really good now. He’s HOH and has veto and has control. Brett goes into the bedroom and does some push-ups. He says he loses the comp to Scottie and he’s disappointed in his performance. He is confused what to do…does he campaign against Winston or try and convince Scottie to backdoor someone? Sam comes in and says he did so good.



    Sam seeing Brett so tore up is breaking her heart. But she has the app and she can use it for herself or someone else. She says if she doesn’t use it this week, then it automatically goes to the evicted person next week. She doesn’t know if she should use it this week or not. Brett says this should have been his game, he comes home dizzy from bars all the time.



    The Bros are talking in the SR. They decide to let things calm down and Winston says we go up in the middle of the night and wake him up and promise him a final three. Scottie comes in and they congratulate him. Brett tells Scottie he feels like a total idiot and Winston apologizes for blowing up on Scottie. We then get an awkward silence and Scottie finally leaves. Brett thinks they should have just done it right there.



    To Read or Not to Read: To read…in the kitchen. Haleigh gets in costume and stands on her soap box and begins reading Hamlet. Haleigh says she has to read until she hears not to read. The HG listen intently as Haleigh reads. She reads and JC says that was just the first page? Haleigh says there are 499 pages. The HG start to scatter. Tyler says he can’t sit and listen he has things to do. He has a meeting at 4 and he has to take the kids to soccer. We hear not to read.



    Haleigh’s punishment continues in the SR, then the shower, then in the bathroom stall, in the middle of the night in the Living Room, then in the Have-not room and she wakes up the have-nots. She is then sitting outside and telling the HG what the story is about. JC says Haleigh is doing really well, but no one wants to see her anymore. Haleigh is reading in the HOH bathroom and Kaitlyn asks if she can be done now. Haleigh says no one wants to hear her perform anymore and hopefully she can get some sleep. We hear to read or not to read…



    Scottie is in the KT with Winston and he wants to meet upstairs in five minutes. Brett joins them in the HOH. Brett brings up that no one has forgotten Kaitlyn backdoored Swaggy and they could return the favor to Kaitlyn. Brett says it wouldn’t make sense to take Winston off because of what happened, so he could take Brett down and put Kaitlyn up. Brett says no one would see this coming. Winston pitches a secret alliance that no one will suspect and he pitches the final three. Brett wants to wrap the meeting up to keep this a secret.



    Scottie says he’ll think about it, but the bro’s names came up from a lot of people. Brett says because they are loud and boisterous. Winston says this would be a huge move and could benefit us all. Scottie says using the veto is a huge deal and he’s going to do what is best for his game. He’s going to sleep on it and consider his options.



    Kaitlyn tells us there is this really weird energy in the house and she’s trying to calm down. She closes her eyes and she’s having a clairvoyant moment and she sees Winston and Brett are gunning for her. These thoughts are not her own, it’s a sign. She goes up to talk to Scottie and he’s in the HOH with Rockstar, Faysal, and Haleigh. Scottie confirms and tells them about the secret meeting.



    Scottie recaps the meeting and explains what the plan would be for their secret alliance. Kaitlyn says she’s sick of guys like them thinking they can say that crap about them or anyone. Kaitlyn leaves the HOH and calls out Brett and Winston and wants to know what’s up. Brett says let’s chat, let’s get Scottie out here. Scottie comes out.



    Kaitlyn doesn’t understand what she did to deserve this treatment she thought they were friends. Scottie says she knows about the secret plan. Brett and Winston say they are friends. Brett says he tried to promote Scottie to the big leagues, but he acted like a spineless worm. Brett and Winston confirm the plan and Kaitlyn says ok. Brett says he’s owning what he’s saying. Kaitlyn is sick of people thinking they can control others and lying to people’s faces.  



    It’s time for the veto meeting. Scottie says there are so many big targets in this house and he just needs to make sure he does what’s right for his game. He calls the HG inside. Scottie gives both nominees a chance to speak. Winston wishes he’d use the veto on him so he wouldn’t have to campaign against one of his good friends. Brett says oh Scottie, sweet sweet Scottie, he recites a little poem and then he shakes and says I just had a vision! It’s time to take me off Scottie, take me off.



    Scottie has decided NOT to use the POV. He says he gave them a chance to win veto and they both failed. They’ve been knocking on the devil’s door for awhile and now they have to answer to him. Winston says in the end he came here to win and he’s not giving up now. Brett says Scottie didn’t use veto, shocker. But either him or Winston are staying and wouldn’t you not want to make an enemy?



    Kaitlyn says she is insulted. Brett made it personal and she’s ready for him to go. Sam says she’s been blessed with the power app and they are both good guys, but does she use it or save it?

  8. Tonight, AGT begins judge cuts and they have a special guest judge, Ken Joeung! 18 acts will perform and battle for 7 spots. Who will survive?


    Tyra welcomes the judges and the introduces Ken Joeung. Tyra tells Ken he gets a golden buzzer too and he can send someone straight through to the live shows.


    The first act to perform is a dance act called Junior New System. Mel B greets them and they say they are nervous because it’s the middle round. Mel B wishes them luck. Mel B is into the performance. They get an ovation from 4 of the 5 judges and the audience.


    Mel B says Junior New System are incredible and amazing. Heidi thinks their dancing is explosive and they create so many moments. Howie says they stepped it up and made it better. They can only allow 7 acts to go through and he will fight for them. Simon says this is one of those acts that shouldn’t work on paper, but the audience says otherwise. Ken says he is so rooting for them. He loved every second of it and it’s going to be a very hard evening.


    Next is Harold and Regan. The perform their dance with some tricks and the audience liked it. Mel B says Regan is a really good actress and they really stepped up their game.


    Then we have Us the Duo and they are a married couple. She reveals she is pregnant. They take the stage where there is a piano and Heidi greets them. They are going to perform another original song.


    Us the Duo begin their performance and he’s playing the piano while they both sing. Towards the end of the song he stops playing the piano and they get the audience to clap along. They get an ovation from the audience, Heidi, Mel B, and Ken.


    Simon says Us the Duo are good song writers, but he didn’t like this audition as much as the first. But he does love them. Ken says they harmonized well together and they were beautiful. Howie thinks they are a beautiful couple who are amazing talented, but he’s not a fan of the song writing. Simon disagrees.


    Taking the stage next is Kevin Blake and he’s a magician. He brings a gift bag to the judges table and asks Mel to come with him outside. He has her take a ring off and he puts in a ring box and he attaches the ring box to some balloons and then he lets it go. The judges inside watch it on a screen.


    Kevin gives a badly wrapped gift to Simon and it’s a box with a lock on it. Kevin gives Simon a key and inside is another box and inside of that box is Mel B’s ring. Howie says he loves that he’s original. Simon says he was better than he was the first time.


    Now taking the stage is Mochi and he does diabolo, which is a type of juggling. Howie greets him and says his family didn’t support him before and Mochi says they support him now. He performs in front of a screen and the crowd seems to immediately enjoy it. Midway through his performance he adds a second object to juggle. He gets an ovation from all five judges and the audience.


    Ken says he tried to do Diabolo himself the other day. He salutes Mochi. Simon says Mochi made something which could be boring, fantastic. Heidi says she loves his personality because he’s so excited about everything.


    Lily Wilker is next and she does animal sounds. She does jungle animals this time. We then see Oscar and Pam. Oscar is a singing dog. They begin their performance and Mel B gives them an X. Mel B says it hurt her ears and she couldn’t take it anymore. Simon says he is going to fight for those two.


    Daniel Emmet steps up and he reviews his original performance and Simon asking him to perform a second song. He says Simon impressed the performance of song choice and he hopes he picked the right song. Simon wishes him luck and he performs. He gets an ovation from the audience and 4 of the 5 judges.


    Mel B says Daniel’s singing is out of this world, it was brilliant. Heidi says belissima! He looks amazing and he has an amazing voice and she’ll be fighting for him. Ken says he was thrilled to watch him and there will be a lot of hard choices to be made. Simon thinks he worked this out and every time he sings it’s like they haven’t heard enough of him.


    Voice of Hope is next to perform. They are a children’s choir and the children talk about how appreciative they are of the direct, Sarah. They take the stage and Simon greets them. They are going to perform How Far I’ll Go by Auli'i Cravalho from Moana.


    Voice of Hope begins their performance and Ken has a smile on his face. The audience seems to love the performance and they are on their feet before the performance Is over. They get an ovation from all 5 judges.


    The director of Voice of Hope returns to the stage and the children crowd around. Mel B says that made her emotional and she could see that each one of them really wants it. Heidi thinks they all sounded great and it’s great what they do with their spare time instead of sitting at home playing video games. Simon thinks of all the acts they’ve seen so far and they are the most improved and he felt an unbelievable energy and he’s proud of all of them. Ken says from all of us to all of you…he hits his golden buzzer.


    Next we have the danger act of Aaron Crow. He is greeted by Ken and Howie tells Ken Aaron doesn’t speak. He begins his performance and he has a laser and it points to Ken and Aaron would like Ken to join him on stage. Ken looks less than thrilled. Heidi gets up to go and Ken reluctantly follows. Heidi says she doesn’t feel good about this.


    Aaron motions for Heidi to take off her ring and Aaron cores an apple and Ken immediately claps. He puts the ring in the apple and puts the core back in and hands Ken a wheel with a nail in it. He has Heidi sit down and hands Heidi the wheel and he slides the apple onto the nail. Aaron then has a target and a bow and arrow and he puts the apple on Heidi’s head and Ken is holding it steady.


    Aaron comes out with an arrow with a laser on it and we get a warning to not do this at home. Aaron steps onto a rotating platform with the bow and arrow and shoots it through the apple and it hits the target. Heidi’s ring is on the arrow and Ken is standing there shaking. Aaron slides the ring into Ken’s hand and Ken is still shaking and gets down on one knee and slides the ring on Heidi’s finger.


    Howie says that was amazing! Mel B tells Ken and Heidi that Aaron was on a platform spinning. Ken says that was intense, but everything about his essence creeps him out, but he salutes him. Heidi salutes him too. Simon wants to make something clear before they deliberate. He will not be a part of any of his acts. Howie says he did step it up and they are going to have a hard time picking just 6 acts to go through.


    The next individual to take the stage is Carmen Lynch and she’s a comedian. Ken greets her and can’t wait to see her. Carmen begins her set and she immediately gets laughs. The audience seemed to enjoy her and she got an ovation from 4 of the 5 judges. Ken says she has a dry wit and he’ll be fighting for her. Heidi says she was very good but it’s going to be a little tough today.


    Christina Wells is next and she’s a singer and her sons are in the audience to support her. At her audition, she felt like she was doing what she was put on this earth to do. She’s going to sing Never Enough from The Greatest Showman. Simon says this is one of the greatest songs he’s heard in years, no pressure and turns it over to her.


    Christina begins her performance. It is quiet throughout her performance but as she finishes the audience stands and cheers and all 5 judges give an ovation. Mel B says it’s been a long day and she knows she’s on an emotional roller coaster. She’s going to be honest she was pitchy, but the performance was there.


    Ken says when he gave up his career his wife told him he’s no longer a doctor, he’s a comedian. He tells Christina she is no longer a nurse, she’s a singer. Simon says Mel was right but she was amazing and she thinks there is better to come and they will be talking about her later.


    Patches is up next. He’s a rapper and his real name is Maddoc Johnson and he’s 13. He heads out on stage and is greeted by Mel B. Simon wants to know where Patches would like to be in a couple of years and he says he’d love to be on Broadway. Patches is going to perform another original song about how fast everything has been happening since his audition.


    Patches performs and the audience enjoys it. He got an ovation from 3 of the 5 judges. Ken says he burned that song to ashes. Howie says he’s unexpected and he loves surprises. Heidi says she’s honored she made it into his rap song and it was a step up from last time.


    We see Andrew Johnston performing Imagine by John Lennon. Simon says something for him didn’t connect and he thinks he played it too safe.


    Then Celina and Filliberto are ready to dance for the judges. Their daughter is Idanis and she is their translator. Idanis says tonight they are going to add a lot more passion and fire. Heidi greets them and Idanis believes they can step-up from their previous performance. Idanis says they’ll be surprised.


    Celina and Filliberto perform to Turn Down for What by Lil John. They are dressed in a hip hop style this time. Ken immediately starts laughing. The audience is into it and cheering them on. They get an ovation from Howie and Heidi and the audience. Heidi says they did step it up. Simon thinks they’ve seen 100 shades of grey. Ken says as a former doctor he was a little nervous for their heart and knees but they are so loveable and they completely entertained him. Mel B says she DID say no last time but she didn’t X them this time because they had a routine and she actually enjoyed the performance. Simon says this is what the show is about, when the audience loves it and they have fun.     


    We see clips of a couple of danger acts including an act of jumping on trampolines with various painful apparatuses.


    Next we have Duo Transcend and they are married and they are a trapeze act. He has an eye disease and she has shattered her foot before. They begin on the trapeze in the air. The judges look terrified and audience seems to love the act. He then puts a blindfold on and the judges sit quietly looking terrified and as she slides we see her fall and a commercial.


    We return and she stands behind the fire and he drops from the trapeze. The audience is clapping and the judges all stand. Mary asks to try the blindfold trick one more time and Ken says this is America’s got talent, not America’s got perfection. Simon says a singer can miss a note but it doesn’t make them any less amazing. Simon says it is incredible. Mel B says the suspense, the fire, just incredible. She says they stepped up their game higher than she ever expected. Howie says she almost got very badly and her first thought was let me try again. Only on AGT does that happen. Heidi says she see so much passion between the two of them and for their craft.


    The judges are now deliberating and arguing over which six they will put through. They thank Ken and he says he had a marvelous time. They call the first four acts to the stage Kevin Blake, Celina and Filliberto, Andrew Johnston, and Harold and Regan and they are all out.


    Junior New System and Us the Duo are greeted by Mel B and informed they both make it through.


    Next is Oscar the singing dog, Lily Wilker, and Patches are up and none of them make it through.


    Mochi is up next to get his results and Howie gives him the news that he is moving on.


    Daniel Emmet is next up to get his news and Simon says it’s difficult for them and he’s going to cut to the chase and he hasn’t made it through. Howie tells him not to give up.


    Aaron Crow and Duo Transcend are the next to the stage to get their results and Heidi tells them they are both going through to the live shows.


    Christina Wells is now ready for her results and Simon says they had to make decisions based on who they think could do something special on the live show and they have decided to put her through to the live shows.

  9. We are ready for our final round of auditions. Tyra is standing in front of an apparatus of some sort and it’s time for the first act. We meet Hamster Wheel, Bryce, Christian, and Jason. The apparatus is a Rube Goldberg Machine. To start the machine, they ask Simon to call Tyra on the cell phone and they have Tyra’s cell phone on a platform that vibrates and falls and kicks off the Rube Goldberg machine. The machine is a success.


    Simon says he was on the edge of his seat hoping it works. He kicks the voting off with a yes. Howie loves they gave themselves a golden buzzer. He loves these devices and he feels like he’s at a science convention. He gives a yes. Heidi found it boring and she gives it a no. Mel B says she respects the amount of hours they put into it to make it work. She’s on the fence and the audience cheers loudly. Mel B says ok! Yes, yes, yes!


    Maddoc Johnson is in 7th grade and he’s in chess club, electronics club, fencing, judo, wrestling, sailing, and he was in a musical. He is called Patches and he wrote his first song when he was 7. Howie greets him and he is going to perform an original. Howie asks what he would do with the money if he won and he says he’d buy tickets to see Hamilton on Broadway.


    Patches begins his performance and he is a rapper. The audience seems to like it and Mel B is excited. Howie is clapping along and smiling. Patches finishes and he gets an ovation from the audience. Heidi says she wasn’t expecting that and it was a lot of fun. Simon says he is hilarious and he likes him. Mel B is still trying to wrap her head around what just happened, she liked it! Howie says it was fascinating.


    Howie starts with the first yes. Mel B has to say yes. Heidi wants to hear the next song, it’s a definite yes from her. Simon doesn’t know where this is going to go, but the audience wants to see him in the next round so he has four yesses.


    Next we have a danger act and he blind folds his assistant and has her throw knives at him. Simon gives an ovation. The next act is speaking and what they do is very dangerous. They are on a see-saw type apparatus and they are jumping and flipping. Simon says he’s never seen anything that good.


    Then we have a father daughter act. The father, Sergey is 52 and the daughter, Sasha is 15. They’ve been doing the act since she was 6 years old. Simon asks if the act is dangerous and they say yes. Mel B wishes them luck. Sergey has a platform on his head and Sasha climbs on it and does a head stand. Sergey then spins her. The audience is on their feet. Sasha does different tricks balancing on Sergey’s head and/or hands. They do another trick where she has a bar on her feet that she’s spinning while on Sergey’s head and he climbs and descends a ladder while balancing Sasha.


    The audience is on their feet as Sergey and Sasha finish. Mel B says she was traumatized, but in a really, really good way because she made it out alive. She was blown away. Howie says that was so scary and so dangerous and he means that in a positive way. Heidi says they are amazing entertainers. It was amazing. Simon agrees with what Heidi just said. Simon wants to know if it gets more dangerous and Sasha says yes and more props. No fire though because she doesn’t want to lose her hair like Howie.


    Heidi gives Sergey and Sasha a yes. Simon says yes. Howie says even though he doesn’t know that was a compliment, they still get a yes. Mel B says they get their fourth yes from her and they’ll see them in the next round.


    The next act to perform is a choir comprised of 116 individuals. Sue Fink is the director and the choir is called the Angel City Chorale. Simon greets them and says a choir hasn’t won AGT yet. Sue says they weren’t us. Simon turns the stage over to them. They begin rubbing their hands and snapping their fingers and it sounds like rain. Sue gets the audience involved. There are thunder effects and they begin to sing Africa by Toto. Simon and the audience are clapping along. Heidi is dancing in her seat. They get an ovation from the audience and Simon as they finish.  


    Howie says Angel City Chorale took the audition by storm. Literally. It’s amazing. Mel B says it was uplifting and fantastic. Heidi says she loved where they were interactive with the audience and she really loved it. Simon says there was something magical with the way they were singing together. He says it was a great audition and they are going to remember it for a long time.


    Howie gives Angel City Chorale s a yes. Mel B says a definite yes from her. Heidi gives a yes. Simon says the best choir they’ve had and it’s a yes from him.


    Next we have a clean comic, his mama would come out of heaven and be like pow! Howie says he was the life of tonight’s party. We have another stand-up comedian, a female. Mel B says she was confident, witty, and hilarious. We have a trio of comedians and they get laughs and move on.


    Next, we have Oliver and he’s 32 and he’s pursuing stand-up comedy. He says doing comedy isn’t what he thought because he gets very different reactions. He says there will be some people who will want to see his humor. He takes the stage and is greeted by Mel B. The interview is very dry and Mel B tells Oliver to go for it.


    Oliver begins his act and his first joke gets a lukewarm response. Howie is amused by the other judges are laughing but not a lot. The audience warmed up as he continued and he gets a standing ovation from the audience and Mel B and Howie. Mel B says Oliver is so different and absolutely everything she loves. Howie says everything about him was good and he’s very smart and bright. Oliver is emotional and he says he doesn’t get booked at a lot of shows and Howie says enjoy your free time for now because you’re going to be a busy man. Simon says when he looks back at comedians they all blur together, except him.


    Mel B kicks things off with a yes. Howie gives a second yes. Heidi gives a third yes. Simon gives the fourth and says congratulations.


    Angel Garcia is next and he’s 12-years old and he’s a singer. His dad is his best friend. If he won, he would buy his parents a home. Howie greets Angel as he comes on stage and Angel is inspired to sing by his dad and he’s going to sings El Triste by Jose Jose, a Spanish hit. The audience enjoys it and they give an ovation along with Heidi and Mel B.


    Mel B says she was not expecting that at all, that was brilliant. Angel’s voice filled up the whole auditorium. Heidi says she doesn’t speak Spanish so she doesn’t know what he was singing about, but it must have been love because she could feel it. Simon says sometimes with younger contestants they don’t know who they are yet. Howie says he was talented and he expected something much younger.


    Time to vote. Mel B gives Angel his first yes. Heidi says of course I’m saying yes. Howie says there is a disconnect and he has to be honest, he didn’t get it. He’s a no. Now it’s up to Simon. Simon says this a tricky one. Song choices define who you are, but it’s very easy to choose a song and he’s one of the best singers they’ve had so far. Simon gives a third yes and he’s on his way.


    We’re back and it says something AGT Data Control Center and Tyra says something is going on onstage that looks hi-tech. It’s a gentleman with a visual performance. Howie says it seems like every year the technology goes up. We then have a guy come out with “robot” arms and Howie greets him. The guys struggles with the microphone. He talks to Howie with a robot voice. Howie asks what he’s going to do and the robot says a product promotion if you wheel.


    The robot guy asks for an orange and he goes to pick it up. Simon quickly buzzes and the audience boos. The robot is going to peel an orange and Heidi X’s, followed by Mel B and Howie. Simon says it wasn’t act and Heidi didn’t think she could roll her eyes into her head far enough. All four judges give a no.


    Next they have Box of Clowns. They are like a puppet act and they are quickly buzzed by all four judges. Then we see a “band” come out and they the “Spice Girls”. They are guys and they sing Wannabe in a rock style. Simon presses all the X’s. Mel B says they were great and Simon says they DID sound better than the original.


    Next, we have a guy blowing up balloons. Howie X’s him. Simon goes and pops the balloons the other judges are blowing up. Then all judges are X’s and Simon wants to vote. He slowly lets the air out of his balloon and says that was his way of saying no.


    Oscar and Pam are ready to perform and Pam tells us she plays piano and Oscar sings. Simon greets them as they come out to the stage. Simon wishes them luck. Pam plays and Oscar howls as she plays. They get an ovation from the audience and Simon.


    Simon couldn’t understand the words Oscar sang, but he was singing with the song. Simon says we may have found our first singing dog. Heidi says she has to think about that one. Mel B is kind of on the same page as Heidi. Howie says the dog was on-key. He loved it.


    Howie gives a yes. Simon gives a yes because Pam’s dog can sing. Heidi gives a no. The audience is chanting and Mel B says yes. Yes, yes, yes.


    The next act is Hunter and he is a singer. He will be singing Everything I Do by Bryan Adams. His mom was a big fan. The judges are listening intently and the audience is quiet. Simon stops the performance. He says what he was doing was very generic, but he has a good voice. Simon wants to hear one of Hunter’s songs. The audience immediately seems more into it.


    Simon says it was like two auditions and Heidi thinks Hunter just saved himself. Simon asks what’s been inspiring him over the years to be a singer and he says making people forget about the negativity going on in their life. Simon says there is something about him, he’s a good song writer. He wants to know what Hunter’s low and high moment to get to where he is. Hunter says the low is he’s been on his own since 18 and he’s had moments he didn’t have enough money to eat and the high was this moment.


    Heidi says she would have given Hunter a no on the first song, but she’s going to give him a yes. Howie gives him some advice. He says he’s too closed and it’s not just about his song, but about him. Howie says he no, he needs to open up and come back. Mel B says this stage can be intimidating and he sang a song that meant something so she’s saying yes. Simon says he kind of agrees with Howie, but he doesn’t. Simon thinks he overthought the audition and he’s probably better than he thinks he is and he’s going to take a leap of faith and give the third yes.


    We now have a group of young ladies who are dancers and they are called Pancakes. Heidi says sweet little pancakes, and not so sweet at all. Mel B says they did every current move and they were fire. Then we see Resident Swing from Colombia and they are dancers. Simon says it was explosive and made him feel good.  Next is a high school dance team dressed in Wizard of Oz costumes. They’ve had some videos go viral. Heidi loved the theme and the energy. Simon says they light up the stage and they were amazing.


    We then have yet another group, one of whom is on crutches. He will not be performing but he’s there to support his group. They are called Blue Tokyo. They begin their performance and the audience loves it. The judges look interested. They get an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


    Heidi says Blue Tokyo made their long flight worthwhile. She says they were like super heroes, she absolutely loved it. Mel B says what just happened?!? It was flawless and their athleticism was brilliant. Howie says they see a lot of dancers and they see acrobats but they don’t see people do it all in one act, that’s amazing. Simon says it was technically brilliant and he hasn’t seen anything like it before. He says it was classy and brilliant.


    Time to vote for Blue Tokyo. Howie says yes! Heidi says yes. Simon says yes. And Mel B gives the fourth yes and they are on to the next round.


    Next is Makayla Phillips and she’s 15-years old and she’s a singer. She’s watched AGT since she was 3 and she’s always wanted to be on the show. She wants to perform for everyone. She takes the stage and she’s greeted by Mel B. Mel B wishes her good luck.


    Makayla sings Warrior by Demi Lovato. The audience loves it and Heidi has a smile on her face. Howie and Mel B are also smiling. Heidi is listening intently. Makayla gets an ovation from the audience and Heidi. Mel B says she’s amazing. Heidi says so fun and good. She loves her and she thinks she’s absolutely incredible. She loves her smile and her voice is incredible and she’s going to do something for Makayla…she hits the golden buzzer.

  10. We start with Troy James and he is a creature of habit. He has a chicken sandwich for lunch every day. He’s a reliable employee except one time and his boss put out a missing person’s report on him. It’s not known he’s auditioning for AGT and hopefully the judges like him. Heidi greets Troy and asks what he will be doing and he responds you’ll see.


    Troy is a contortionist. The audience and judges are freaked out. Troy then climbs down the stairs to go to the judges table while he’s walking backwards in a backbend position on his hands and feet. He does a couple moves next to Simon and then “runs” up the stairs the same way he came down them. As he finishes he gets an ovation from Howie and Simon and the audience.


    Simon says he has a lot of explaining to do on Monday morning. He says it was like the exorcist, but he loved it. Howie would love to see him star in a horror film. Howie asks how he found out he could do that and Troy says he was born flexible and thought everyone could do it. Mel says he’s different and she loved the way he presented himself. Heidi says it was weird, it was absolutely disturbing, and she loved it.


    Time to vote! Howie says yes! Mel says yes! Simon says don’t try this at home, yes. Heidi gives the fourth yes and Troy is moving on.


    Next, we see clips of acts beginning with Fratatat, a group of 5 dancers who include tap and Heidi says she was board and they got a no. We then get a shadow act of performers and Howie says what came to mind was almost and he gives a no and they do not move on.


    The next act comes out with a jump rope and her name is Vivien and she was born and raised in Hungary. She wants to show people her passion for jump rope and Howie asks if she can win and she says of course. Howie wishes her the best of luck.


    Vivien begins her act doing a few easy tricks with her jump rope then she does a back flip while swinging the rope around her. She does some fast jumping that include some splits. She then does a few more flips and the crowd loves it and is on their feet. She does some more quick jumps and another flip then jumps while in a sitting position. She does another flip as she finished and ends with a couple handstands and one more flip. She gets an ovation from Mel B and the audience.


    Mel B says that was brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. She considers herself a pretty good jump roper, but the tricks she did were so complicated and she is incredible. Heidi says she originally thought how interesting it could be but then she saw she was very talented. Simon says Vivien reminds him of why he loves the show and he loves the variety on AGT. Howie agrees with everyone and he notices she is emotional. She says she’s just very, very happy because she was bullied when she was younger. Howie says being on this stage, she didn’t only show them, she showed the world.


    Howie starts Vivien off with her first yes. Mel B says definite, definite yes from her. Heidi says definite yes from her as well. Simon says he’s giving her the fourth yes. Vivien is moving on.


    Next, we have Joseph O’Brien and he’s from a small town in Tennessee and he’s an indoor trampoline monitor. He’s 20 and he’s never had a girlfriend. His dream is to be a full-time musician and he hopes the judges like him. Heidi greets him as he comes to the stage. Joseph has never kissed anyone either and Heidi says it’s going to happen. Howie notes he’s nervous. Heidi turns the stage over to him and tells him good luck.


    Joseph sits at a keyboard and he sings Hello by Lionel Richie. The crowd seemed to enjoy it and gets an ovation from them. Simon asks why he chose that song and Joseph says he relates the lyrics on a personal level. Simon says it wasn’t a perfect audition, but he’s got a good energy and he’s very relatable and he could and should have a moment. Mel B says there is so much potential and she absolutely adores him.


    Howie thought the nerves got in the way of Joseph and he senses there is talent. Heidi didn’t expect that voice to come out of him, she loved it. Mel B has to give him a yes. Howie gives him a second yes. Heidi gives the third yes. Simon says he really likes him and he give him the fourth yes. Joseph is moving on.


    Next, we have Christy Joy and her dream is to perform for a beautiful crowd. We hear the music for Funky Town by Lipps, Inc and she starts doing this high pitched humming and she is quickly booed and X’d by all four judges. All four judges give a no and she asks the audience if they like it and they start to boo.


    Next, we have Jim and he’s a world record maker and he’s going to try and set a world record. He has a bowl of hot dogs and he begins to put all of the hot dogs (16) in his mouth and the audience begins booing and yelling that he is disgusting. Simon X’s him and allows the audience to vote for him and it’s a no.


    We now have a guy with an eye patch and an accordion take the stage. Simon asks his name and he gives a long name with the initial spelling French Accent. Simon asks where he’s from and he says Wyoming. French begins and says he’s doing one-liners and puns. His first joke is promptly booed by the audience. Mel B hits the first X. The audience is warming up a bit and Simon hits his X quickly followed by Heidi. The audience is now laughing at his one-liners and Howie loves it. Mel B starts to warm up as well and she is now laughing. The crowd is getting behind French and he gets an ovation from the audience and Howie.


    Howie says French is really funny and really unique. He says the signs of a good comic is someone who can play to the moment and that’s what he did. Howie loved it. Mel B agrees with Howie and she takes her X back. Mel B says he’s way funnier in the moment and that’s what made her laugh. Heidi says he’s a great entertainer, he’s witty and goofy. Heidi also takes her X back. The audience cheers and gets on their feet.


    Simon is not going to take his X back for French. Simon kicks it off with a no. Mel B says yes. Heidi says definite yes from her. Howie says three yesses. French is moving on and he moon walks off the stage.


    Next, we have Glennis Grace and she’s a singer. She wants to give her son a better life than she had. She believes there’s a time and place for everything and this is her time. Howie greets her as she takes the stage. Simon asks what’s her ambition and her dream. Glennis says she’s always thought since she was a kid she was meant to perform. Howie wishes her luck.


    Glennis sings Run to You by Whitney Houston. The crowd seems to enjoy it. Simon has a smile on his face and as she’s close to finishing the audience gets on their feet and clap and cheer. She gets a standing ovation from all four judges and the audience.


    Simon says he’s sitting here thinking she looks amazing and sounds amazing and he feels like he’s looking like a star. He says she’s amazing. Heidi says she is absolutely incredible and she sounds so much like Whitney Houston. Mel B says she is hands down a beautiful singer, but it’s almost like she sounded exactly like her but she wants to see more of Glennis. Howie says the only reason she isn’t a star is because they haven’t seen or heard her and they are lucky they get to see her explode.


    Howie starts the voting for Glennis with her first yes. Mel B gives her a second yes. Heidi gives a yes, of course. Simon gets to give her the fourth yes. Glennis is moving on.


    We see clips of contestant’s reactions to the judges. We hear one set of contestants say Howie is open to weird things. We see a magician/comedian call Howie up and he successfully completed his trick.


    We then see another couple of contestants call for Howie to volunteer. One gives Howie a massage that seems to be painful. Mel B asks why it is always Howie. We then meet Kenny from France and he’s a daredevil. He requests Howie to join him on stage and has him lay down on a large black mat. He lays on his back with his limbs spread wide and Tyra brings him a helmet. Kenny tells him not to move and Simon asks if this is dangerous and Kenny says yes, so dangerous.


    Kenny comes out on a motor bike and makes it hop around Howie’s body while Howie screams. Kenny then rides around Howie on one wheel. He does a trick on a ramp and then jumps his bike over Howie. Kenny finishes with a ramp trick in which he does a backflip with the motorbike. He gets an ovation from the audience and Mel B and Heidi. Howie is told he can get up and return to the judge’s table.


    Simon teases they need to see that again and Howie says no! Howie says it seemed amazing and he’s an idiot for not asking what his trick was. Mel B says Kenny is a daredevil and she liked that. Heidi says that was so exciting. Simon says after that act, he’s glad to say Howie still has balls. Simon asks if he’s put through if there will be more dangerous things with Howie.


    Simon kicks things off with his first yes. Heidi says it’s a definite yes from her. Mel B says it’s a definite yes, she loved it. Howie says Kenny can come back so he can see what he did from the judge’s table.


    We see a recap of this season’s golden buzzers. We then meet Steven Eisenberg who is a doctor. He started writing songs to make his patient’s feel better. His mother is there with him tonight. His mom says he’s always been an extremely special human being. Simon greets him and Steven is going to sing a song about his #1 fan, his mother.


    Steven begins his performance and the audience starts to boo. Mel B hits her X. Heidi then hits her X a few moment’s later. Simon hits his X and Howie finishes it out with an X as Steven finishes. Simon says it was catchy. Mel B thinks it’s great what he does for his patient’s and she thanks him for his skill and dedication for that, but maybe don’t sing anymore and put the radio on. Mel B suggests just singing to his mom at home.


    Steven’s mom comes on stage and says wait a minute. She says he’s not here because he’s a singer, he’s here because he’s a compassionate human being. It’s not about his voice, it’s about his heart and that’s what his patient’s love. Heidi says she loves that about him too. He just can’t sing.


    Time to vote, but Steven’s mom interrupts and says Howie understands because he was a doctor on St. Elsewhere and Howie says it was pretend. Howie says no. Mom says he is so amazing. Mel B says no. Mom says can you imagine a mother having a son write a song for her. Heidi says no and mom says it’s amazing. Simon also gives a no.


    Next we meet two contestants, one a comedian and one a magician. Ryan Kelly, the comedian, is first and is greeted by Mel B. He begins his routine and he gets a lukewarm reception. The audience seem ok with it but the judges don’t look impressed and Simon hits his X. Simon says he just found Ryan’s act painful. Howie says he’s been rejected 1000s of times and he should keep trying.


    Then Rob Lake steps out and he’s greeted by Howie. Rob calls up some adults from the audience and he tosses out some frisbees and whoever catches them can come up. He also asks Heidi and Tyra to join him on stage. In the center of the stage there is a platform. He has a cell phone with a video camera that is live and the audience can see him on the screen. He’s going to leave the theater and he takes a selfie with Simon. He talks the entire time as he is leaving.


    Rob is now outside the main theater in the atrium and he has all the volunteers, including Heidi and Tyra inspect the platform. He has Heidi and Tyra go on top of the platform and then places a person behind the back of the platform and one watching underneath the platform. His assistants bring out a curtain and hand it to Heidi and Tyra and have them hold it up and Rob appears in the curtain next to Heidi and Tyra.  


    The judges are all stunned. Heidi says she loved it. Mel B says Rob is very good and if she had to give a criticism it would be presentation. Simon says he has magic powers and this is what he should be doing. It was unique and a great audition. Howie says no one can do what he did and he deserves his first yes. Mel B also says yes. Simon says yes and Heidi gives the fourth yes.


    Next to take the stage is Brian and he plays violin. He has a serious nerve disease that takes away the feeling from his hands and his feet that will eventually spread throughout his body. Heidi wishes him luck. He begins to play Lean On by Major Lazer & DJ Snake. The audience seems to be enjoying the performance. Heidi is dancing in her seat and Mel B seems to be enjoying it as well. The audience is clapping along as Brian plays and as he finishes they give an ovation and cheer. Howie, Heidi, Simon, and Mel B also give a standing ovation and Heidi goes up to give Brian a hug.


    Heidi says wow! She felt Brian’s music and his smile. He just has it. Mel B says that amount of talent and charisma and he lit the entire stage up. Amazing! Simon says he has an incredible energy and a fantastic attitude. His smile was infection and this was his favorite audition today. Howie says he’s not only a lesson in great talent and great spirit, but a lesson for each person watching the show they should be living life right now!


    Heidi is going to start the voting for Brian with a big fat yes. Simon gives a yes. Mel B says yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes. Howie gives the fourth yes. Brian is moving on.


    Next we have Andy and he’s going to perform stand-up comedy. Comedy didn’t pay enough to live on so he worked a variety of jobs, but they were just jobs. He walks every day and sometimes he gets crazy and walks a different path. Howie sees and chats with him backstage. Andy takes the stage and is greeted by Mel B.


    Andy begins his routine and the audience laughs. Mel B doesn’t get it. Heidi is laughing. The audience is enjoying it and Howie is laughing and explaining the jokes to Mel B. He finishes his act and the audience loved it and they are on their feet. Heidi thought he was funny and adorable. Simon says he’s very naughty and he’s very funny and someone they will remember. Mel B says she was confused by the jokes. She didn’t understand them and she is booed. Howie says when he walked by Andy backstage he didn’t recognize him. But then he remembered that 40 years ago, Andy was a 28-year old kid and they were starting out together. Mel B says that is crazy. Howie says he’s funny and he’s memorable. Welcome to show business!


    Simon wants to kick this off because he loves people who still have that determination and he gives a yes. Heidi thinks this is Andy’s time and she gives a second yes. Mel B didn’t get the jokes and she says no. Howie says Andy has been waiting for 40 years and he’s like a fine wine and worth the wait and he’s honored to give him his third yes.


    Mel B is still talking about Andy and that she didn’t understand it. We then see Tyra bring out a shopping cart with a dancer folded up inside and Mel B thought it was a chicken. She was confused. We then see a comedian who tells a joke about Kardashians and Mel B didn’t get that either. She doesn’t understand anything that’s going on. We see four more acts and she’s still confused. We then see an older gentleman dressed as Michael Jackson with a hula hoop. Simon X’s him. Simon and Heidi don’t get it and Mel B understands. She gives him a yes, while the other judges give no’s.


    We have one more act and he’s a singer. His name is Brody Ray and he’s transgender. He’s going to sing Stand in the Light by Jordan Smith and Howie asks why he chose that song. Brody says it applies to his life and talks about struggles that people overcome. Howie wishes him the best.


    Brody begins his performance and the audience listens intently. Heidi has a smile on her face. As Brody gets to the chorus the crowd cheers and claps and some get on their feet. As he finishes, he gets an ovation from all four judges and the audience. Howie says it’s an amazing story and it’s inspirational and he’s a great singer and he performed with his heart. Mel B says his soul comes out when he sings and she could feel his passion. She likes him a lot. Heidi thinks he is absolutely incredible. Simon says he has an amazing voice and he really likes him. Simon thinks he’s inspirational and he thinks he needs to start singing his own material.


    Howie wants to give Brody his first yes. Mel B gives the second yes. Heidi says you get your third yes from me. Simon says you have four yesses. Brody moves on.

  11. Previously, on Big Brother, the Level Six alliance of Tyler, Angela, Winston, Brent, Kaycee, and Rachel have secretly been controlling the house. First, they orchestrated Steve getting voted out over Sam. Then Tyler convinced Kaitlyn to backdoor Swaggy C. Swaggy C thought he had five guaranteed votes to stay, but Scottie secretly stabbed him in the back and when the votes were revealed it was Swaggy C-ya later!


    With the HOH back up for grabs, the geek was on fleek. Tonight, which side of the house will Scottie choose? And who will suffer the consequences? And it’s the final app store! Who did you get trending America?


    We pick up on Day 23 after the HOH competition. Scottie tells us he voted out Swaggy to create paranoia. He wants to work with Faysal, Bayleigh, Haleigh, and Rockstar. Winston tells us he feels good because he’s here for another week. He doesn’t understand why Scottie voted out Swaggy, he’s wearing his shirt, but it’s good for him.


    Rachel tells us she feels bad she couldn’t pull this out for Level 6. Scottie is a floater and he’s playing the middle and she doesn’t know where his head is. Haleigh and Rockstar are talking in the SR and they are discussing the votes. They think Scottie is the one who flipped.


    Bayleigh says when she came in here she didn’t expect to meet Swaggy and she wasn’t expecting to fall head over heels for him. As long as he was there, she was going to ride it until the wheels fell off, but now that he’s gone it’s time for her to get her head back in the game.


    Winston and Brett are discussing what Scottie might do. Brett thinks it will be him and Winston because they are in a bromance. Brett tells us it’s absolutely pivotal they don’t have two people from Level Six on the block and he thinks the bromance has put a target on his back.


    Rockstar goes to talk to Faysal and they are discussing the votes. Faysal tells us he was blindsided when Swaggy went on the block, and now he’s been blindsided by the vote because someone is lying straight to his face. Rockstar is saying her and Haleigh think Scottie is the one who flipped and Faysal thinks it might have been Haleigh. Rockstar tells us she doesn’t think it was Haleigh, but someone is this house is an evil genius mastermind. Rockstar and Haleigh both talk to Faysal and Faysal questions Haleigh and she assures him she voted to keep Scottie. Rockstar says it must have been Scottie and he’s probably not even a virgin.


    Faysal is talking to Kaitlyn in the have-not room and she says Scottie flipped and Faysal asks how she knows. Kaitlyn then says she doesn’t know she just thinks Scottie is the one who flipped. Faysal says for the second week in a row the numbers aren’t adding up and now it looks like Scottie flipped. Scottie is now HOH and if he flipped, then things aren’t looking good for their side of the house.


    Brett is sitting on Winston’s back and giving him a massage. Angela tells us everyone knows Winston and Brett are the “bros”. They go everywhere together, the cook together, they shower together, and they layout together. Brett says they are like two beers in a case and Winston thinks they’d be best friends in the house. Winston says as much as they like each other, it’s all strategy and they are trying to look like bro idiots and fly under the radar. He’s hoping it doesn’t put a target on their back. #Brosforlife.


    Scottie is in the HOH room. He tells us he’s HOH now and it’s time to take a shot at the Bros and level the playing field. He wants to ask everyone what happened the week Steve went home and who is everyone afraid of. Then he’s going to tell everyone they all answered the bros and that’s going to be his nominations.


    Scottie begins with Kaycee and Angela. Angela says it made sense for her to not vote Steve out and then we see Rachel saying she voted for Sam to stay. Kaitlyn says it wasn’t her. Scottie asks the second question and Rachel doesn’t want to tell him. Angela doesn’t see anyone as a big threat in the house. Rockstar says Brett is always with Winston and one of them is the head of the snake, but he doesn’t know which one.


    Scottie is talking to Tyler and Scottie is laying out his plan and listing who’s in an alliance. Tyler tells us Scottie just listed everyone Level Six and he needs to divert the plan. He tells Scottie Rockstar is telling people that Scottie flipped and Tyler says that didn’t work. He says he doesn’t want it to look like he’s working with Winston and Brett so he might have to take an “L” on this one.


    Sam comes up to talk to Scottie and she tells him she trusts him and she thinks it’s start. Sam says the reason she voted out Swaggy is because he didn’t vote for her and Winston did. Scottie asks if she knows for a fact that Winston voted for her and Swaggy didn’t and she confirms. Scottie tells her that Winston lied straight to his face then because he says he voted to keep Steve. Scottie tells us this confirms Winston is a liar, because he either lied to Sam or he lied to Scottie, and he needs to get him out of the game.


    Angela tells Winston that he needs to convince Scottie that he voted to keep Steve because that’s what he’s basing his nominations on. Sam comes in and Winston tells Sam she can’t let out that he voted to keep her and Sam says she didn’t know that and she already told Scottie Winston voted to keep Sam. Winston tells us Sam just blew his cover. Angela advises Winston to tell Scottie he lied to get Sam’s vote. Winston says now that Scottie know he lied he has to go talk to him.


    Winston leaves and goes to find Brett and tells Brett Sam told Scottie everything. Brett says listen bro, you got to calm down and stay focused, and sell the dream. Brett tells Winston they just need to keep their cool when they talk to Scottie and not make things worse.


    Winston goes to talk to Scottie. Winston tells us Sam told Scottie that he voted out Steve and he needs to tell Scottie he lied to Sam all week and voted to keep Steve. Winston doesn’t want Scottie to tell Sam because it could hurt him down the road. Scottie says he’s so dumb because he’s admitting to lying and thinks he’ll keep him.


    Brett goes to talk to Scottie next. Brett tells us Winston is in trouble which means the bros are in trouble so he needs to do what he has to in order to help Winston. Brett says in the beginning it was Scottie, Steve, Winston and himself and he wanted to keep Steve. Brett says who was in Kaitlyn’s ear the entire week and Scottie says Tyler. Brett says no it was Haleigh and Rockstar trying to get you put up. Brett starts making his pitch with music in the background.


    Scottie is listening to Brett and as Brett finishes his pitch he says he promises safety. Scottie says if he’s being honest Brett has charisma and he’s buying it. He says BB Mist is real. After Brett leaves, Scottie talks to himself and says he’s good. That has to be BB Mist. That has to be what BB Mist is.


    The HG are in the BY and Faysal has noticed JC is left-handed. They start talking about the percentage of people who are left-handed. JC think it’s 0.2% and Faysal says maybe 2%, but not 0.2. JC is arguing and says what if he’s the one who’s right. Faysal says JC is an idiot.


    The HG are relaxing and the BB App store is open for the final time and it’s their last chance to receive a power app or a crap app. Brett is called first and he enters and he approaches the screen and is denied access. Brett says this power app would have been huge because Winston’s cover has been blown. He thought the mustache would do it for America, but apparently not. Rockstar enters next and access is denied. Kaycee is next and access id denied. Angela is also denied.


    Scottie is called to the app store next and he says getting a power app would be fantastic for his game. He’s about to make a really big move and the more protection he has the better. He enters and is denied access. Haleigh enters next and she tells us she wants to be in the middle of the pack. She says she’d be appreciative of the power app, but she really doesn’t want to crap app. Haleigh has access granted and she is the least trending HG. She can choose from Fake News, Read It, and Spammed. She selects Read It and everytime she hears To Read, she will put on her costume and stand on her soap box and read until she hears Not to Read until she completes the entire book. Haleigh tells us she’s not very familiar with Shakespeare’s Hamlet.


    Tyler is next and he says there’s really nothing to do because he got the Cloud last week. Sam tells us this is the final week she’ll be able to use her Bonus life and if she doesn’t use it, then she’ll lose it and whoever is evicted next week will automatically get it. Winston enters and he says he’d have loved to have a power app because Scottie is a wildcard. Winston has access denied.


    Bayleigh enters next and she is praying she is the one to get it. Access Granted for Bayleigh. She’s told she is the top trending and she jumps up and is excited. She gets to choose from Re-draw, Upgrade, and Identity Theft. She selects Identity Theft and at any point in the first half of the game she can steal the identity of one of the HOH’s. The HOH is still in control of the nominations and once used the Identity Theft is no longer in play. Bayleigh thanks America for turning her attitude around and picking her up when she was down.


    JC enters and he has access denied. Kaitlyn enters and says she made the biggest move and got rid of Swaggy and she knows she is going to get the power app. Access is denied and she can’t believe it. Scottie says no one is admitting they have the powers. They just know three powers are in play and none of them have been used.


    The HG are all in the Kitchen and they are asking who got the crap app and Haleigh stands on the table and says she got the crap app. Haleigh says she was not planning on taking English Literature this summer in the BB house. She tells them what she has to do and Faysal asks how long is the book? No one seems to know.


    Tyler, Kaycee, and Sam are upstairs talking and Sam is explaining what her power is. She tells them if she doesn’t use it this week, then it automatically gets offered to whoever is evicted next week. She says she’s telling Tyler and Kaycee because she needs advice. Kaycee says with Scottie being HOH, who knows what he’s going to do. Kaycee says if Level Six is in danger, maybe they can convince Sam to use their power.


    Winston says he knows he and Brett are in trouble, but anything is possible. Angela is telling Kaitlyn Scottie says he was going to find out who lied to him and when he finds out that will be it. Winston is still upset and Brett says he needs to stay calm. He hacked into Scottie’s brain and it’s part of the plan. Brett is going to take care of them. Brett tells Winston he threw Rockstar and Haleigh under the bus and we’ll see in a few hours.


    Bayleigh talks to Scottie. Bayleigh tells us about her power app and she wants to check-in with Scottie to see if she might have to use the power. She doesn’t want to use it unless she is in danger. Bayleigh is saying she was part of the other group because of Swaggy C and now she doesn’t know if they like her. Scottie tells Bayleigh about Brett misting him and Bayleigh says it looks like Brett might have gotten into Scottie’s head and she might have to use her power.


    It’s time for the nomination ceremony! Scottie has nominated Brett and Winston. Scottie has nominated them because they are the strongest relationship in the house and he will not be able to beat them later in the game.


    Scottie says they are the biggest threats in the house and he needs to make sure one of them goes home sooner than later. Tyler is rolling his eyes so hard at these nominations and it’s not ideal. He says this is the first time nominations aren’t in his hands at all. He tried to talk to Scottie but it didn’t work.


    Brett says Scottie is an idiot because he drew a line because one of them will go home, but one will stay. Winston says if he wins POV he will come down and make it known Scottie is next. One of the bros has to win veto!

  12. The showmance or the bromance…one will survive the night and the other will be torn apart. Welcome to Big Brother! Previously, on Big Brother, a new trending app was unleashed and Sam won the bonus life power. Kaitlyn was part of the FOUTTE alliance, but her loyalty waivered after Tyler told her Swaggy C was trash talking. So when Kaitlyn took power, she and Tyler planned to backdoor Swaggy. With two pawns on the block FOUTTE was clueless about the target on Swaggy’s back.


    At a dating app battle for power, Tyler matched with a golden beauty. Knowing she was going to make a big move, Kaitlyn gave Faysal an ominous warning. At the veto meeting, Swaggy C did not “C” it coming. Tonight, either Winston or Swaggy C will be sent home, but could Sam use her bonus life to give the evictee a chance to return. Plus the power is back up for grabs. All this live…on Big Brother!


    It’s day 23 and Tyler is pulling the strings and pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes. Can Swaggy find the numbers to keep his game alive, or will Winston remain in the game? But first, Swaggy is down but not out and it’s the power he doesn’t know about that could change his fate. Tyler tells us this is big and the backdoor plan has officially commenced. He’s an alpha dog and he’ll do what he needs to do to make it to the end.


    Kaitlyn says now that she’s made this move, FOUTTE is over. She just hopes Faysal can see it was best for her game. Winston was wanting to party when it went down, but you can never be too comfortable. Scottie has no idea what is going on, but Tyler kept his word. However, Swaggy is up and he may be out. Swaggy says he’s on the block but he isn’t out yet and he’s going to try and swing some votes.


    Kaitlyn heads to the HOH with Tyler, JC, and Brett and is crying. She says she followed her intuition and her heart and her gut and she made herself proud. Bayleigh comes in to give her a hug and Kaitlyn cries and says she can’t look at her right now. Bayleigh tells us her worst fear come true, and she’s going to have to kiss up and do some campaigning. Kaitlyn says he was coming after and said she was a liability and she felt she had to.


    Bayleigh says she doesn’t understand why Kaitlyn didn’t talk to him and Kaitlyn is sobbing and saying he was going to come after her and she did what she had to do. Bayleigh decides to leave and go check on Swaggy. Faysal, Rockstar, Swaggy, and Scottie are in the have-not room counting votes. Faysal says they need 6 votes and Rockstar says no 7 because Kaitlyn isn’t going to break the tie. Swaggy tells them spend all week in Tyler’s ear because he is the one who did this. Swaggy says he needs six votes to tie and seven to stay. Kaitlyn betrayed him but he can’t flip out on her and keep his emotions in control and game.


    Swaggy is talking to Bayleigh and he says he’s trying to calculate the best move to get seven votes. Bayleigh wants a hug because she is mad. Winston is talking to Kaycee and Angela and he’s starting to freak out in case something goes wrong. He whispers to Kaycee to figure out votes. Kaycee says obviously Level Six wants to keep Winston in the house but they need two more votes to keep him safe.


    Faysal goes up to the HOH room to talk to Kaitlyn and she wants to know how mad he is. He says he’s not mad at her for taking the shot but being blindsided by your best friend who put your other best friend on the block is tough. Kaitlyn starts to cry and asks if he blames her. He asks her if that’s a good game move. He tells us the two people he’s closest to turned on each other and he feels exposed. Faysal says she took away his safe place and she says she’s still with him. Faysal says it’s a bold move. Faysal says what do we do now and Kaitlyn believes in individual relationships and FOUTTE no longer exists. Faysal says he doesn’t know what to do and he doesn’t think he can trust Kaitlyn anymore.


    Swaggy C heads up to the HOH to talk to Kaitlyn and Tyler comes in as well. Swaggy says he wants to clear the air because he’s hearing things. Swaggy C says Kaitlyn putting him on the block was the dumbest move this season. Swaggy C says Kaitlyn was fed a miscommunication and Tyler tells us he was the one who fed her the information. He’s glad he’s there to steer the conversation. Swaggy tells them he genuinely likes Bayleigh and if he leaves he can’t spend the summer with her. Swaggy tells us what’s going to work with Kaitlyn is pulling on her heart. Swaggy lists his votes and says he needs one more and Kaitlyn to vote for him to stay. Kaitlyn says part of her does feel guilty for taking him away from someone he loves.


    Swaggy C is talking to himself and saying he’s the best actor on the planet. Kaitlyn is talking to Tyler and he tells us Kaitlyn needs to stay in focus because the stars have aligned and they just need to follow through. Swaggy meanwhile, says it’s all an act. It’s got to work. We then see Swaggy talking to Sam. Swaggy C says he just maybe never got a chance to open himself up and let people see the real him. He tells Sam a personal story and she tells us her heart is breaking. She can see there is a person under that persona. Swaggy C says Sam likes authentic, caring people and opening up to Sam is 100% strategy. Sam is thankful she got to talk to him and she hugs it out. Sam knows in the back of her mind she has the power app and does she use it for Swaggy? Sam says she got a second chance in the house. Maybe Swaggy deserves one too.


    Swaggy and Winston. One is the target and one is the pawn, but anything can happen on eviction night. Time for their chance to sway some votes. Swaggy C thanks God and his family. He says nothing has popped off yet and he wants to stay and shake things up. He asks them when they to make sure it’s their own vote. He tells them they are not there to lay out and tan, but to play a game so play the game.


    Winston says it’s kind of hard to follow that and apologizes for not having a t-shirt with his name on it. He has enjoyed getting to know everyone and he hopes they keep in that mind while they vote.


    Time to vote!

    Bayleigh obviously votes to evict Winston.

    Brett votes to evict Swaggy.

    Kaycee votes to evict not so Swaggy Christopher.

    Tyler sadly votes to evict Swaggy C.

    The rest of the votes and the live eviction are coming up!


    The vote is 3-1 to evict Swaggy. Time to get the rest of the HG votes.

    Rockstar votes to evict Winston.

    Haleigh votes to evict Winston.

    Faysal votes to evict Winston.

    Scottie appreciates the flattery but he’s nobodies goon. He votes to evict Chris.

    JC votes to evict Swaggy C.

    Angela votes to evict Swaggy.

    Rachel says Level Six for life, she votes to evict Swaggy.

    Sam votes to evict Swaggy.

    By a vote of 8-4, Swaggy has been evicted from the Big Brother house.


    Swaggy hugs Bayleigh and makes his way to the door. He hugs Rockstar and does a handshake with Scottie and Faysal and quietly leaves. As he comes out he throws a couple of shirts into the audience. Swaggy will be in the hot seat when the show returns.


    Julie says he’s a superfan and came in very confident and he thought he was running things and then he was blindsided by the vote last week and then this week at veto. What happened? Swaggy says everyone is soft and someone must have the gift of gab because they are getting people out from his side.


    Julie asks who he thinks flipped. He says Kaitlyn and Haleigh and Julie wants to know why Haleigh. Swaggy says she was wishy-washy on her vote and he thought she was acting funny. Julie says Haleigh voted to keep him and he says wow, he didn’t hug her.


    Julie shows a clip of Swaggy’s strategy in his audition video of him saying he wanted to play in the middle. He says wow that went out the window. He says once you’re in there your strategy is gone and that audition video meant nothing he guesses.


    Faysal tells Swaggy he wishes he could have done more but he’s going to turn the house upside down. Kaitlyn says this week has been so difficult and everything is happening for the highest good. Tyler tells Swaggy about the Level Six alliance and their plans and he loves his like a brother. Bayleigh says if she is probably in shambles and she knows this summer will not be the same without him in the house. She loves him and it’s Swayleigh all the way.


    Julie asks if he loves her and Swaggy says he does. He didn’t expect it but you’re around people for 600 hours and relationships happen. Julie asks if he has anything to say about Tyler. Swaggy says he’s messing with a girl who has a boyfriend outside of the house. He says good luck getting to the end because Faysal is going to take him out and he doesn’t want to talk after the game.


    The app store will be open soon and it’s your chance to vote for the top and least trending houseguests.


    It’s time for the HOH competition! The power is up for grabs! This competition is called Product Launch! They will watch 2 different videos and after each video they’ll answer questions to what they just saw and the answer will be true or false. The last HG standing after 7 questions will be HOH and in the event of a tie there will be a tie breaker.  


    They see their first video. One of the color options for the cry-phone was strawberry. Everyone answers false except Kaycee who answered true. The answer is false and Kaycee has been eliminated.


    The photo from 1979 was in black and white. The correct answer is false and only 5 people got it right. Rachel, Faysal, Rockstar, Scottie, and Sam.


    The cry-phone is available starting at $699. Sam answers False and everyone else says true and the answer is true. Sam is eliminated.


    Now they get the second video. The fear buds are available in French. Everyone answers false and that’s the answer.


    The pineapple CEO was wearing a watch. Rockstar answers false and everyone else answer true. Faysal, Rachel, and Scottie are left.


    The CEO claimed the Lie pad can quote warn you of backdoors. Faysal says true. Rachel and Scottie answer false. The answer is false. Faysal is eliminated.


    The 99 gigabyte lie pad cost $1299. Both answer false and they are both correct.


    Time for a tie breaker. The answer will be a number and the person closest without going over will be HOH.  In seconds, how long was the microchip mayhem competition from the start to the final deletion dot.


    Scottie answer 1199. Rachel answers 12,500. The correct answer is 475 second so Scottie wins HOH.


    Tune in Sunday to see who Scottie nominates for eviction and find out who get the LAST power app for the summer. Next Wednesday we’ll see the POV and another live eviction on Thursday.

  13. Previously, on Big Brother, Kaitlyn was a founding member of the FOUTTE alliance, but after Tyler got in her head about Swaggy C, she secretly blindsided FOUTTE by voting out their ally Steve. After Kaitlyn chakra’d the house by winning HOH, she made FOUTTE feel safe, but Tyler swayed her toward targeting Swaggy and a backdoor plan was put in motion.


    Needing two pawns, Kaitlyn first locked and loaded Winston, she then got Scottie to reluctantly nerd up. Hoping to keep herself safe, Sam told Kaitlyn she had a power app and speaking of apps, the BB App Store was open for business. The Vegas girl rolled craps, while Tyler was the top trender. At the nomination ceremony, Kaitlyn put up two pawns. Tonight, will Swaggy C be blindsided or will the power of veto change everything. Plus, pump the hexes, Jess and Cody are back! Right now on Big Brother!


    We pick up after the nomination ceremony and Kaitlyn tells us she nominated Scottie and Winston, but she doesn’t want them to go. She’s targeting Swaggy because he’s been talking about her behind her back, horrible things, and he can go.


    Scottie says Kaitlyn told him he’s the pawn and Winston is going home, but in this game pawns go home. So he needs to go out and win POV. Tyler says things are looking great for him, they have two pawns, Level Six is on board, and all they have to do is keep the other side in the dark. Winston says he knows the plan, but the only way to for sure keep him safe is to win POV.


    Brett tells us it’s tough seeing a “Bro” on the block. All he can do is hope he gets picked for veto and pull Winston off. Faysal tells us things are looking good with Scottie and Winston on the block and the plan is to get rid of Winston. Kaitlyn says if she really wants to backdoor Swaggy, she needs to make sure FOUTTE thinks she is with them. Swaggy C says Winston is on the block…beautiful, beautiful. He’d prefer someone else, but Winston is there and he needs to go home, so stay on the block!


    Time to pick players for the veto competition! Kaitlyn says the only person who cannot play is Swaggy and if gets picked and wins she doesn’t know what she’ll do. Kaitlyn gets HG choice and she selects Faysal. She picked Faysal to make FOUTTE think they were still working together. Scottie drew Rachel’s name. Winston draws and gets Tyler. Tyler says this cannot be better, he can win veto and pull someone off and Swaggy goes up and home.


    Faysal goes up to the HOH to talk to Kaitlyn. She asks if he’s happy she picked him. She doesn’t want him to win because she doesn’t want him to appear threatening. She’s worried Faysal will be upset because she’s planning to put up his best friend. She tells him if he wins veto then people might see him as a threat and put him up the next week. Faysal says he’s a competitor, it’s go hard or go home and he’s going to go out and win the veto.


    The HG are around the house chatting when the doorbell rings. They get excited and Jess and Cody enter the house and greet the HG and hugs begin. JC says Cody is hot but he looks way taller on television. Brett says Jess is so fine, he might even leave the Bromance with Winston for her. Jess says coming into the BB house is a lot different now, she got the guy and they are getting married.


    Jess tells the HG that BB created a dating app exclusively for HG and they’ll find out more about it during the veto competition and Cody sends everyone to separate rooms.


    Rachel is first out and she reads she’ll be timed and she’ll swipe through 7 dating profiles with things they like and don’t like and they must match each HG to their perfect date location. If they fail to complete in 20 minutes, that will be their max out time. Rachel begins with Boogie and puts him in the movie theater. She moves to Jodi and she puts her in the goat yoga studio. Jozea is next and he goes to the psychic. Christmas is next and she is taken to Sushi. McCrae is taken to the coffee shop and Michelle goes to coffee and McCrae is moved to the Italian restaurant and Cody is sent to the park and Rachel has them all correct.


    Kaitlyn is next and she puts Boogie at the psychic and Jodi she can’t figure out so she swipes by her. She says the competition is much harder than it looks. Jozea is taken to the psychic and Boogie is placed to the side. Kaitlyn begins placing other HG and places Christmas and McCrae. Then back to Boogie and she moves him to the movies and puts Jodi in yoga. Kaitlyn is struggling with Michelle and she finally figures out Christmas is in the wrong place and moves her and puts Michelle there. Kaitlyn is wrong so she has to change something and she moves Cody to the park and moves a few other HG and she is now correct.


    Scottie begins and scrolls to Jozea first and puts him in goat yoga, but he sees Jozea doesn’t like goats so goes back to move him. Scottie’s strategy is to move as quickly as possible and remember as quickly as possible and he discovers quickly he can’t move fast and remember. He is wrong on his picks and keeps moving HG around. He says this is why he doesn’t date and if he hears the buzzer one more time he’s going to give up dating forever. He moves one more pair and he is correct.


    Winston is up and he says he wants to win veto to keep himself safe and make sure Swaggy is backdoored. Winston wants to be quick and efficient because he knows timing is everything. He can’t figure out Michelle and says she sucks. He doesn’t like cats, he’s more of a dog person. He makes a few changes and is wrong a few more times and he’s getting frustrated. He keeps changing and says you’ve got to be kidding me and he’s mad because his game is on the line and he can’t seem to get it.


    Tyler is up and immediately put Boogie at the movies. He says Boogie is a catfish. He puts Christmas at the sushi place and he places McCrae at the coffee shop and he realizes Michelle likes coffee too. He places the last few HG and makes a few changes and he is correct. He hopes he wins so he can keep his backdoor plan rolling.


    Faysal is the last one to go and he says he’s been on a lot of dating apps and has a lot of matches so this should be easy. He places his quickly and he finishes. Jess and Cody are back and it’s time to see their times. Rachel finished in 5:49. Scottie got 18:20. Winston got 20:00. Tyler got 5:29. Faysal got a time of 6:22. Kaitlyn’s time is 13:12. Tyler won the POV.


    Tyler says he got the veto he’s stoked. But not that stoked because so far he’s been running things, but he doesn’t want people to know that. He has a lot of thinking to do because making the wrong move this early can mess up his game. Kaitlyn says now that Tyler won, she realizes this is a big move and she’s starting to get nervous.


    The HG all come back inside and Tyler tells us he has a huge decision to make. He needs to make sure the right person comes off the block and the right person goes up or he’s going to have a lot of blood on his hands. Swaggy says Tyler won the veto and he’s happy because Winston didn’t win. Winston clocked his time all the way out and Winston’s time in the house is almost all the way out too.


    Tyler talks to Rachel about taking Scottie down and she agrees. Tyler and Kaitlyn go into the HOH and Kaitlyn says her entire backdoor Swaggy thing is becoming real and she’s a little scared. Kaitlyn says if she does that the other side will not be her friends anymore and they will be out for blood. Tyler says the stars have aligned and Kaitlyn is freaking out. He needs to get her back on track because they are far too along to back out now. Kaitlyn tells him she trust him but she’s really freaking out right now.


    We see Kaitlyn and Faysal talking. Kaitlyn tells Faysal she wants him to use it on Scottie. Faysal says I thought you didn’t want him to use it and she says yeah. Faysal says he respects that and that she’s sticking to her word that she told Scottie she’d take him down. Kaitlyn in DR tells us it’s not easy to look Faysal in the eye and lie to and she’s emotional and she’s scared she’ll ruin their friendship. On one hand backdooring Swaggy is perfect, but on the other hand but she can lose the best friends she’s ever had. She starts crying. She tells Faysal in HOH he is her family.


    We hear another doorbell as Sam and Rachel were heading outside. Rachel says since she was least trending, she chose the Yell app. There is a man yelling at her and telling her how much of a disappointment she is and she gets 0 stars. He will come into the house for 24 hours and insult her and her game.  


    The yeller is back and says this might be the worst bed she’s ever seen in his life while she’s in it. He keeps popping in and saying zero stars and zero point zero stars. She’s asleep and he begins yelling at her while everyone is sleeping. He says she tosses and turns more than a washing machine and he didn’t get sleep at all because she’s worse than a washing machine. Rachel is giving a DR and he walks in and says it’s the worst DR session he’s ever seen. He comes up to her and asks for a cup of coffee but then spits out and says that’s the worst coffee he’s had in his entire life. Zero Stars!!!


    Kaitlyn and Haleigh are outside sunbathing and Kaitlyn wants to tell Haleigh so she’s not surprised and there are no harsh reactions. Haleigh keeps reassuring her she’s ok with anything as long as it’s not her. Kaitlyn is beating around the bush and Haleigh finally guesses Swaggy and Kaitlyn finally confirms. Haleigh says her stomach dropped because it’s not just another person being targeted, it’s from her side and she can’t tell the HOH she’s not on board with that.


    We see Rockstar and Haleigh go into the SR and Haleigh fills her in on Kaitlyn’s backdoor plan. Rockstar tells us what is she doing? They had a perfect plan, a perfect strategy, and there she goes messing up everything. Tyler comes in and they start talking about food. He leaves and their discussion returns to the plan and they think Tyler is in on the plan. Rockstar says she needs to start making a different plan in her head.


    Rockstar goes in to the BR and Faysal is laying down and Rockstar says she doesn’t have a good feeling. She thinks Tyler is getting close to Kaitlyn and maybe influencing her and she thinks Faysal needs to talk to her. Faysal tells Rockstar Kaitlyn wants Scottie down and Angela up. Rockstar tells us Faysal is sitting there with his big brown eyes and this loyal dude really believes Kaitlyn and she really wants to tell him Swaggy is the backdoor target. Faysal says it’s about to get crazy.


    Kaitlyn comes outside and wants to talk to Faysal. Kaitlyn says she hopes they can stay friends after what she’s about to do. She tells him her plan and she apologizes for not telling him sooner but she didn’t think she could and she hopes he can trust her. She says she needs to play this game and asks for a hug. Faysal says no.


    It’s time for the veto meeting. Kaitlyn is crying before Tyler even reveals his decision and Faysal shakes his head. Tyler says he’s decided to use the POV on Scottie. Since he has vetoed one of the nominations, Kaitlyn must name a replacement nominee.  


    Swaggy asks what’s going on and Faysal says she just apologized for what she was about to do. Kaitlyn stands at the front and cries and she’s sorry and she’s not promised this position ever again, so she’s really sorry Swaggy. Faysal shakes his head and Swaggy takes the nomination seat. Kaitlyn turns around and cries and Bayleigh is shocked. Tyler steps up and this veto meeting is adjourned.


    Tyler says this is huge. They got all the stars to align and now it’s time to show him the door. Faysal says he’s confused because Kaitlyn is supposed to be his friend and she had this massive plan behind his back and he’s mad. Bayleigh is panicking and if she’s willing to do that to him, what will she do to anyone else?


    Kaitlyn says she feels empowered because in this moment she’s standing up for herself and her game. She’s proud of herself for sticking up for her. Swaggy is in DR looking stunned. Swaggy says one of the things from growing up in the hood you have to be prepared to die and he knew his game would eventually be in danger and he’s going to do everything he can and make their lives hell. Who will be evicted? Winston or Swaggy C? Find out tomorrow on Big Brother!

  14. Julie says a house divided. A budding showmance. A new power in play. It sounds like the perfect time for the first live eviction of the summer. Previously, on Big Brother, Kaycee got the pinwheelof doom punishment, while Sam has to live half human, half robot. After Tyler won HOH, he joined an alliance with Winston, Rachel, Angela, Brett, and Kaycee. Meanwhile, Swaggy C, Faysal, Haleigh, Rockstar, and Kaitlyn formed an alliance of them. Yes, you heard that right, FOUTTE. At the nomination ceremony, Tyler threw up two targets.


    As Steve locked up with Scottie, Swaggy C locked lips with Bayleigh. A new power was unleashed giving Sam a possible second life. Although loyal to Level 6, Tyler played the other side of the house. At the first veto competition of the summer, the ham man got a taste of power. But fearing Swaggy’s girl would go up, Faysal decided not to make a move. Tonight, either Sam or Steve will be evicted, but will Sam’s bonus life come into play? Find out live on Big Brother!


    Julie greets us and says tonight the first eviction of the summer plays out live. Steve, the former undercover cop, and Sam, the welder, finds themselves on the block. But neither of them might be evicted if Sam decides to use her power. If evicted, she will need to win a live challenge tonight to save her game. How will the other HG should she return to the game. But first, tonight a house divided could make things interesting, but a budding showmance could tip the scales.


    We pick up after the veto ceremony and Tyler is relieved Faysal didn’t use the veto and he didn’t need to get any more blood on his hands. Sam says it sucks she’s still on the block, but she has the extra life power. She just needs to get in there and make sure she has the votes. Steve says it sucks Faysal didn’t save him, but as long as they don’t pull anything he should be safe.


    Tyler talks to Sam and is reassuring her she should be safe. Outside, Faysal, Kaitlyn, Swaggy, and Steve are talking and Swaggy is confident they have the votes. They count the votes and they believe they have Haleigh, Swaggy, Faysal, Bayleigh, Kaitlyn, Scottie, and Rockstar. Steve says he’s done everything he can do as an undercover cop.


    Kaitlyn and Faysal are developing a good friendship and then we hear robot online. Sam leaves the house and Sambot enters. Sambot’s strategy is to show everyone she is invaluable, just like their mother’s. The drape some lingerie on Sambot. We see JC riding on Sambot. JC says he loves Sambot because she is making his life great. JC wants to keep Sam safe this week because he thinks she’ll do whatever he wants.


    We then see Haleigh flirting with Faysal. Haleigh says Fessy is cute and he’s trouble. Haleigh tells Faysal she doesn’t want to do something to jeopardize their games. Faysal tells us Haleigh is cute and her telling him that just makes him want her more. Kaitlyn comes out of the restroom while they are talking. We then see Faysal cooking and Haleigh comes up and hugs him and rubs his stomach and Kaitlyn is watching. Kaitlyn tells us she’s started to notice Haleigh hangin gout with Fessy a lot more.


    Angela, Rachel, Tyler, and Kaycee are in the HOH and Rachel is saying Steve hasn’t come to her and asked for her vote at all. Tyler tells us voting Steve out is best for the Level 6 alliance. The struggle is not letting it leak to Swaggy’s side so they find out about the alliance. They discuss who would be easiest to sway and they are going to try and get Kaitlyn’s vote.


    Faysal and Haleigh are in the hammock and Faysal says he wants to talk to her and he wants to be close to her. Haleigh cuts him off and says they would be a huge target. Faysal says but he wants to be close to her and Haleigh tells him he better go to bed. Haleigh says there’s a good angel and bad angel, but they are going to be in the house for three months, so what are they to do? We then see them get into bed and start whispering. We then see them kissing and Haleigh tells us her mom is going to kill her.


    Kaitlyn then comes in with Bayleigh and Kaitlyn notices Haleigh and Faysal are in bed. Kaitlyn tells us she just can’t deal with that and it’s so bad. She says they are all close and if they like each other that’s great, but it’s so bad. Kaitlyn then pops back into the bedroom and asks Faysal where her $85 bracelet is that he broke. Kaitlyn then goes to the HOH to cry on Tyler’s shoulder. She tells him about Faysal and Haleigh and Kaitlyn thinks the universe has opened up her eyes to see what’s going on before the first eviction. She sees people partnering up and she thinks keeping Sam might be best for her game.


    Tyler says this could not be better timing right now because they really, really need a seventh vote. Tyler says all that petty drama between them might have driven Kaitlyn to them and given them their seventh number.


    Steve and Sam are both nominated, but with a bonus life in play someone might not be evicted. Time to go to the house and talk to the HG. They each get a chance to sway votes. Steve is first. Steve gives his shoutouts and says he’s been trying to think of something to sway votes and the truth of the matter is he can’t say enough good things about everyone in the HG and if he can help their game he’d love a chance to do that. He holds no ill will and he’s glad to have gotten to know them.


    Sam gives a few shoutouts and she loves all the HG, including Steve and wherever the robot is. She says this has been a great thing for her and they’ve all touched her heart and she would love to stay a bit longer and maybe they can all hang out and make plans and maybe she won’t have to be a robot. It’s now time for the live voting to begin.


    Time to vote!

    Scottie votes to evict Sam.

    JC votes to evict Steve.

    Swaggy C votes to evict Sam.

    Bayleigh votes to evict Sam.

    Rachel votes to evict Steve.

    Kaycee votes to evict Steven.


    Time to get the remaining HG votes!

    Faysal votes to evict Sam.

    Haleigh votes to evict Sam.

    Angela votes to evict Steve.

    Brett votes to evict Steve.

    Winston votes to evict Steve.

    Kaitlyn votes to evict Steve.

    Rockstar votes to evict Sam.


    Julie turns back to the HG. By a vote of 7-6, Steve has been evicted from the BB house. Kaitlyn looks shocked. Steve gives hugs and heads out the door. He tells them they are all awesome. Julie welcomes Steve while the crowd cheers.


    Sam thanks everyone for saving her and gives hugs. They’ll be talking to Steve in a moment. But first, the app store will be open again soon. Time for the fans to answer some questions to determine who will get the advantage and who will get the disadvantage. Who will get what? Find out Sunday!


    Julie asks Steve how shocked he is. He says not shocked. He was more than confident, which is mistake #1. He thought he had an alliance with the bros and Swaggy’s group and he thought having a double alliance was a smart play, but someone within the alliance groups thought different.


    Julie says he thought he had an alliance with everyone he just named. Steve says yeah they had me fooled. Julie asks if his age made it hard to connect? Steve says he went in with the idea of being the quirky uncle, but they started to see him as a young father, but they never make him feel like an outsider or disclude him from games. He can’t say enough good things about them.


    Julie says he lied about his job but we saw him talking in detail about law enforcement. We see clips of him talking about law enforcement. Julie says as far as they know no one suspects him as an undercover cop, but why was it hard to keep his mouth shut. Steve says when you’re undercover it’s for a limited amount of time, but in the BB house it’s hard to keep up a façade for a long period of time. He says it’s second nature to want to jump into certain conversations.


    Julie says in the event he was the one evicted they got good-bye messages. Swaggy C if Steve is watching this something went completely wrong. Brett tells him he played the game wrong and went to the wrong team. Tyler apologizes and says he loves him as a person but he didn’t think he’d really go home. Scottie says what just happened? If Steve is gone, then something went terribly wrong.


    Julie gives Steve a chance for final thoughts. Steve says he thinks they are all great and he can’t wait to watch the whole season. Julie says when we return it will be the live HOH competition!


    Time for the HOH competition! This competition is called Land A Job. There are several “buildings” in the yard and each building has a corresponding salary. One at a time they’ll launce their ball into the city and their score will be the salary they land in. The player with the highest salary will be the new HOH.  


    Scottie is first and he had a malfunction but gets $40K. JC is next and he lands in the street so no job, no salary and he is eliminated. Brett is next and rolls of the mat onto the street and gets 0 and eliminated.


    Winston is next and he lands in a yard and hits $12k and is eliminated. Sam steps up next and lands $50k and she takes the lead and Scottie is out of the competition. Kaycee is up next and she bounces around and she hits $15k and she is out. Faysal steps up next and lands in the street and he is eliminated.


    Kaitlyn is up next and aims and lands in $80k and she is now in the lead and Sam has been eliminated. Angela is next and she lands in the street and she is eliminated. Bayleigh is up next and she lands in the street as well and she is eliminated.


    Swaggy is up next and he lands way over the mat and he is out. Rockstar steps up to take her turn and she lands in the street after bouncing around. Haleigh is next up and she bounces off the mat. Rachel is the last to go and has to get higher than 80k. Rachel takes her turn and lands in the street. Kaitlyn is the new HOH!


    How will the game change with Kaitlyn as the new HOH? Julie goes back to the house and congratulates Kaitlyn. Both the robot and the pinwheel of doom are officially dead and good night HG!

  15. Previously, on Big Brother, Sam became a robot, and Kaycee got the pinwheel of doom punishment. With the head of household on the live, the life guard dove into action and he was quickly reeled into an alliance. So Tyler, Angela, Winston, Rachel, Brett, and Kaycee officially became level 6. On the other side of the house, Swaggy C was gathering a crew of his own and Swaggy, Kaitlyn, Haleigh, Faysal, and Rockstar.


    At the nomination ceremony, Tyler put up targets with no allegiances. Meanwhile, Swaggy was targeting Bayleigh’s heart, but after a make out he started to freak out. Knowing that Swaggy and Bayleigh were close, Level 6 considered a rear exit for the flight attendant. A new power was unleashed on the house. With the app store open for business, Faysal got a crap app, while Sam earned a power app. Tonight, it’s the first veto competition of the summer. Will it be used to save either Sam or Steve for eviction? The fireworks are just getting started on the 20th season of Big Brother.


    We pick up on Day 9 as the app store is closing. Tyler says his HOH is going smooth, he put up two people and didn’t get too much blood on his hands, but then Big Brother drops this gnarly power twist and hopefully it doesn’t screw up his HOH.


    Sam says this past week in the BB house was rather rough and she was starting to feel discouraged and feeling down. But then she gets this power and she has a chance to come back into the house if she gets evicted. She thinks her best play is to keep it to herself, an ace up her sleeve to use to her advantage.


    Faysal announces to a few HG in the lounge that he’s the least trending and got the crap app. Haleigh says one of the members of the FOUTTE alliance got the crap app and hopefully someone from the other side didn’t get the power. Steve says it sucks he didn’t get the power app so he has to do it old school and win veto. JC says Fessy should get in a showmance and America won’t forget him anymore. JC cuddles with Faysal.


    Sam says she feels weak and shaky as she comes into the HOH where Tyler and Swaggy C are. Swaggy C gives them a chance to talk. Sam wants to tell Tyler about her super power because she feels like they can work together because she likes him. Sam says she means what she says and she says what she means. She tells him she has a thing and she’s going to be there. Sam says it’s not a guarantee if she gets evicted or if anyone gets evicted. Tyler tells us he thinks Sam is trying to tell him she has the power but she isn’t coming out and saying it and not giving him details. Sam says she doesn’t want to give details because she doesn’t want him to have to keep her secret.


    Swaggy C says he likes Tyler a lot and he calls him to play chess and talks. Swaggy C wants to make sure if someone gets removed with veto, Tyler makes the right move. Swaggy C pitches Angela and Tyler isn’t biting. Swaggy C says Angela is going no matter what. Tyler tells us Swaggy is trying to run things, but you know who looks like a good replacement? Bayleigh, because Angela is in his alliance. Tyler pitches Bayleigh and Swaggy says he won’t risk her on the block and he’s going to go out and play veto and win.


    It’s time for a Hamazon delivery! Faysal goes to the front door for his delivery and it’s a box with a label that says Hamazon Swine. It’s ham and every time he gets a delivery he has to eat all of it. Faysal starts to eat and it’s vegan ham, but it’s like 40 pieces of meat. He can’t eat anything else or go to sleep until the ham is gone. He says it took him hours to devour the first delivery. Just as he finishes he gets another delivery. We see him get a third, and then one while he’s asleep, and then one while he’s working out. Faysal tells us they just keep coming, and coming, and coming. JC says Faysal is so cute and Big Brother is trying to make him fat. We then see Faysal getting sick with another delivery.


    Swaggy says Bayleigh is his girl in the game and now that Tyler has suggested he’s going to put her up Swaggy has to tell her. He tells Bayleigh that Tyler doesn’t think she’ll go home. Bayleigh tells us she feels betrayed and like she was hit by a train. He says Swaggy is here to win the money and not a showmance and she needs to be able to clean her hands of the relationship. Bayleigh gets up and walks away from Swaggy.


    Swaggy and Bayleigh are in bed and he’s asking what she’s thinking about and she says just stuff in her head. Bayleigh is crying and Swaggy asks why and tells her to talk to him. Swaggy asks do you think we should detach ourselves for the sake of the game? She says that would really hurt her feelings and she feels like the damage is already done. She says why would you even say that though? She says they are friends and if she distances herself, then she is all by herself.


    Bayleigh goes to the HOH to talk to Tyler. Bayleigh says she doesn’t want to talk to Tyler, but she has to see what she can do to save her game. She says she thought they were ok with each other and she doesn’t deserve to go up. Tyler says looks like Swaggy told Bayleigh and now he has to do damage control.


    Tyler says if she went up she would be safe because she’s the safest bet to stay. Tyler is asking Bayleigh to trust him and she wants to know why she’s the only option. Bayleigh wants to know why Angela isn’t an option for her. Tyler suggests to Bayleigh that Angela might have the power and that might hurt his game. He again asks Bayleigh to trust him. He tells us if someone comes down, Bayleigh could go up and she could go home. Bayleigh tells us Tyler’s word means absolutely nothing in this house.


    It’s time to pick players for the veto competition! Only 6 people will participate in the veto competition, the HOH, the two nominees, and three other players selected by random draw. Bayleigh is hoping and praying she gets picked. Tyler and the two nominees will each pull a chip to determine the players.


    Tyler picks first and draws HG choice and he picks Swaggy. Sam thinks the only person she can count on is herself. She draws Scottie. Scottie says Steve is his closest ally in the game and they need to get him off the block and make sure he’s safe. Steve draws HG choice and he selects Faysal. Steve says he picked Faysal because he’s a beast competitor and maybe it will build trust between them and he’ll take Steve off.


    Steve, Scottie, Swaggy, and Faysal are in the HOH with Tyler and they think the draw went well. Tyler says Steve is safe because he has the numbers, but he tells us he wants Sam safe and maybe Steve won’t play hard in the veto. Steve says they need to draw whatever that power is this week and he suggests Angela going up to draw the power up. Steve says if Sam comes off who will Tyler put up and Tyler says whoever will ensure Steve will stay. Tyler says it seems to him like Sam doesn’t want to be there and he’s just trying to get the least among of blood on his hands.


    It’s time for the Power of Veto! The HG come out to the backyard and there are five “stages” called VimeBro Studios. The worst performer in each of the 5 challenges will be eliminated and the last one standing will win POV. The first stage they must find 3 Like symbols in a Snake Bite Pit. There are live snakes in a tank and the HG are freaking out. Scottie says there have never been snakes before on BB. Tyler says this is one of his biggest fears and he’s not happy this is about to happen. They can only retrieve one icon at a time.


    Sam says she has the power but it’s only a chance, not a guarantee. So she has to win veto and make sure she stays. Faysal says his heart is beating through his chest because he doesn’t do snakes. Each HG has 1 like symbol except Scottie. Steve says everyone is saying he’ll be safe, but this is BB and he has to win and keep himself safe. Steve is the first to finish. Sam finishes in second. Faysal finishes in third. It’s down to Scottie, Tyler, and Swaggy. Swaggy says he needs to win and make sure nominations stay the same. He’s just trying to stay ahead of Scottie because if Scottie has zero and he has one at the end of time he wins. Sam says it’s just a little snake and she is cheering Tyler on. Tyler gets his third like symbol because he needs to be in control and he finishes in fourth. Scottie does not get any symbols so he is eliminated. Scottie is ashamed he couldn’t help Steve and he’s praying Steve can win.


    In the next stage, they have to dive in a cold pool and find 10 likes. Swaggy learned to swim right before the show and he’s not excited. He says he learned to swim, but he didn’t learn to swim in December or Antarctica. Sam and Faysal each have several, with Steve right behind. Steve says if there were a polar bear in the pool they’d be fighting for likes because he needs this veto. Tyler finishes first with Tyler right behind. Steve finishes, then Sam and Swaggy is eliminated. Swaggy says he is mad, he didn’t just lose by one point, they all smoked him.


    In the next stage, they will become human canvases. They have to stand on a post while paintballs fly at them. As the game continues they have to move forward to smaller posts. First one to fall is out. Tyler says he was trying to get some color this summer, but this isn’t what he was talking about. They all move forward to the next post. They then move to their final post. Steve says he sees the last pedestal, but he has a plan and then we see him fall. He’s frustrated with himself because physiologically he doesn’t have balance.


    Sam, Tyler, and Faysal advance to stage 4. There is electricity in the air. They have to transfer balls one at a time and the last player to bring back 10 balls is eliminated. But this isn’t easy because they’ll have lightning bolts this time. Sam says snakes, she’s fine. Ice bath? She’s amazing. Paintballs? She’s invigorated. Lightning bolts? Bring it on!


    We’re at stage four. They have shock things on their arms. The each lose the ball on their first attempt because of the shocks. Sam says the collars are awful and she can’t compare it to anything except maybe a bug zapper. JC is cheering Faysal on. Tyler says it’s so hard because the shocks suck but he has to make it through to the final round. Faysal is the first to finish with Tyler right behind. Sam has been eliminated. Sam says she really wanted to win this POV and she did the best she could but she couldn’t make it past the shock collars.


    Tyler and Faysal are whispering and Tyler wants Faysal to keep noms the same and he agrees. They are making a deal and Faysal says Tyler needs to be on their side. Faysal says he’s telling Tyler he’ll keep noms the same, but if he wins he doesn’t know what he would do. They have to drink three mystery drinks and then find the matching bottles. Tyler says he’s throwing the competition, so he had to try the gross drinks because he was on the side with all the HG. Tyler says the drinks are disgusting. Faysal says mmmmm, not ham. Faysal quickly identifies all three and he wins POV!


    Faysal says am I least trending now America? He went from least trending to viral. Steve says he picked Faysal so maybe he’ll take him off. Tyler says he feels ok because if Faysal keeps his word, then nothing changes. But if he doesn’t keep his word, then he’ll regret it.


    Faysal collects his POV necklace and says he has a big decision. He does want to pull Steve off and put up a bigger target like Angela, but not pull Steve off and Tyler put up the wrong person. Bayleigh says if Faysal pulls Steve off, she’s pretty sure she’s going on the block and she’s just not ready for that.


    It’s time for the veto meeting. Hamazon delivery! Faysal eats his ham and chases it down with a drink. Back to business. Sam and Steve have been nominated, but Faysal can veto one of the nominations. Faysal has decided NOT to use the POV. This veto meeting is adjourned!


    Steve says Faysal didn’t use the POV and he’s disappointed, but he’s confident he has the numbers to stay and hopefully it all works out. Bayleigh is thrilled Faysal came through and kept noms the same. Sam says it sucks she’s still on the block and she doesn’t want to use her power, so she might have to dig into her hat.


  16. Previously, on Big Brother, with a high-tech summer under way, the game kicked off with Kaycee with the pinwheel of doom punishment, and Sam the robot, and Swaggy C with the ability to keep 8 people safe for the week. With half the house put on notice, winning the first HOH was crucial, and the lifeguard rescued his game by seizing power.


    Taking fate into his own hands, Winston formed an alliance with Angela, Rachel, Kaycee, and Brett, but he needed to get Tyler on board to make it work. Meanwhile, Tyler, Kaitlyn, Hayleigh, Rockstar, and Faysal. Swaggy and his crew tried to get Tyler to put up a big target, but Tyler considered putting up a friend of Swaggy’s instead.


    At the nomination ceremony, Tyler decided to play it safe. Tonight, alliances strengthen, romances blossom, and the BB App Store opens for business. Who will receive a power app and who gets a crap app? Find out now, on the 20th season of Big Brother!


    We pick up on Day 5 after the nomination ceremony. Tyler says he put up Sam and Steve because they were the first two people eliminated from the HOH competition. There’s still veto so he has to play it cool. Steve says it sucks he’s on the block, but he doesn’t look for sympathy and he’s going to show these houseguests he’s not phased at all. Swaggy says Tyler’s game is all out of whack! He put up Sam and Steve? What are they going to do to him. Sam says she’s officially the first robot on the block and it sucks and it’s the hardest thing she’s ever had to do.


    Tyler is holding Sambot’s hands and she tells him he doesn’t have to do that. Tyler reassures Sam that everyone is behind her and Sambot says she can see that everyone is literally behind her. Kaycee and Steve are outside talking and Steve is saying he’s ready for the week. Tyler comes outside and he’s upset and has tears. Steve says that breaks his heart. Tyler is a good kid. Tyler says he feels pretty bad, but he’s turning on the waterworks for sympathy.


    Rockstar goes into the SR and asks Sambot if she’s ok. Sambot requests Rockstar to have everyone come by and say hi to her. We see Bayleigh, JC, Haleigh, Tyler, and Kaitlyn come in. Faysal also enters. Sam is basically asking to see where everyone’s thoughts are about nominations.


    Kaitlyn tells her it was an obvious choice because she’s not really there. Kaitlyn tells Sambot to get prepared for the veto. Sambot says she’s using the opportunity to get people to come in and tell them what the !@#$ they think. Kaitlyn says she just needs to get prepared for the veto and Sambot says she doesn’t need a pep talk.


    Scottie and Steve are talking and Scottie tells Steve to just keep up his attitude. Steve says it’s fair to say that he and Scottie understand each other but Scottie’s social game is lacking. Steve thinks Scottie is a great guy and he never thought he’d pair up with someone much younger. He finds an awesome alliance member in Scottie because that kid is loyal. Scottie says he and Steve are 100% a duo and priority number one is to save Steve.


    Swaggy C says Bayleigh is the dopest girl he’s ever met. He says everyone is asleep and they just stay up and talk all night. We see them in bed chatting and Bayleigh doesn’t like his nickname. Bayleigh tells us who gives themselves a nickname and then forces everyone to call them by it. At the same time, he has a sweet, soft Christopher side that she likes and hopefully Chris will override Swaggy.


    Most of the HG are in the backyard and Kaycee goes inside in to the SR and her pinwheel starts spinning and she’s stuck in the SR. She hates it because it’s the first week and she feels left out. We then see a few in the bedrooms and her pinwheel starts spinning as they leave to eat. She missed out on Rockstar’s birthday, she missed out on family dinner, and she’s so over the punishment. She holds it up for the camera in the DR and it starts spinning. She says this guy has to go.


    Brett feels good about his relationship with his alliance and they are set to make final six. They’re group name is Level Six and they have a handshake. Winston says they have a very limited time before the other side starts speculating. Tyler relays the conversation with Swaggy C’s group and Angela is livid. Swaggy C better watch out for Level Six. Winston says they need to stay rock solid. Tyler says the Level Six alliance is great because he can’t play HOH next week and they can keep him safe.


    Swaggy is talking to Kaitlyn about Bayleigh. He thinks she has his back but he doesn’t want her to be a distraction. He came in focused to get to the end and not get in a showmance. Bayleigh is outside talking to Haleigh about Swaggy and she says she’s going to boycott Swaggy as much as she can. Swaggy says he’s not letting anything come between him and the game.


    We see the HG sleeping and we see Bayleigh and Swaggy C cuddling and not admitting they like each other, but then we get kissing. Swaggy C tells us he is all the way bugging because he came here for the money, not a showmance. He says showmances never work because the girls always win and the guys go home and he’s not having that.


    The HG are in the backyard relaxing. Scottie and Steve are sitting on the couches and Scottie points out a bird sitting on the fence. Kaitlyn says the universe never ceases to amaze her and she believes the white bird is his grandpa.


    Sambot tells us life in the BB house is pretty rough for a robot and we see her difficulty maneuvering around the house. She says it might sound crazy but she almost feels more like herself as a robot. Robot offline and Sam comes back into the house. Sam tells us it’s almost like she’s a ghost or not real and it’s very lonely and she feels like an outcast, an outsider. She misses her real friends, family, and her real life. Angela asks Sam if she’s ok and Sam says this is the fakest thing she’s ever been through. She says maybe everyone else feels the same way and they are better at hiding it.


    Swaggy comes through and asks if Sam is ok and Swaggy and Angela talk to Sam to comfort her. Angela tells her she has to keep reminding herself it’s a game. JC comes in and he tells her to be strong and positive. Sam says she’s struggling with being a fake piece of crap. JC is trying to comfort Sam and she snaps at him. JC says Sam is making herself a target and making herself the victim. Sam says JC speaking to her was the realest thing that’s happened so far.


    It’s time for Big Brother slop and have-nots. Bayleigh tells us she absolutely refuses to eat slop and there will be no volunteering coming from her. Tyler reads the card and he has to choose the first four have-nots of the season. They will only eat slop, take cold showers, and sleep in the most low-tech room in history. Tyler asks for volunteers and Kaitlyn, Brett, Scottie, and Winston all volunteer. They go to check out their room and Winston says he will not be bunking with his boy Brett.


    Faysal and Swaggy C want to talk to Winston and Brett. Faysal, Brett, and Swaggy C play pool but Winston wants to avoid the conversation because he has a good alliance. Faysal and Swaggy C pitch a four person alliance with Brett and Winston and take out the floaters and stragglers. Brett says sure, but he already has a good thing and he thinks Swaggy C and Faysal are writing checks they can’t cash. Swaggy says he and Faysal are the strongest guys in the house, but having Brett and Winston would solidify things.


    Brett runs back to the Level Six alliance and tells them the entire conversation. Tyler says it’s becoming clear that Swaggy thinks he’s running the game. Maybe Tyler SHOULD go after a strong player and take out Swaggy’s closest ally and the camera goes to Bayleigh.


    Kaitlyn, Swaggy, Rockstar, Haleigh, and Faysal are all in the HOH and they decide it’s time to get a name. Kaitlyn wants to come up with the perfect name to describe them. Kaitlyn came up with FOUTTE, Five of us to the End. Faysal says that’s not going to work for him but then he realizes he doesn’t have anything better. Haleigh seems to like it.


    Hello HG, the BB App Store is now open for business! Tyler reads BB is all about expect the unexpected. They’ve all been granted access to the BB app store. Each week, America will answer questions to determine who is trending all summer. Whoever is trending most will get to choose an app which will be an advantage. Then one HG will be the least trending and they will get a crap app which will inflict a punishment. Once they get an advantage, they cannot get a second.


    Haleigh is stoked and excited to see how it goes. Swaggy C says he’s always trending so that power app is as good as his and once it’s his he’ll be running the house more than he already is. Tyler recaps the twist and says if one of his nominees gets the power app that could throw everything off. Steve says it would be great if he got it and he could take himself off the block.


    Brett is called to the BB App Store. Sam recaps the twist again and she’s not sure what trending is. Brett enters the store and is welcomed. Brett says the room is glowing and there’s a high-tech touch screen. He places his hand on the scanner to see if he’s the top or least trending HG. Access denied. He thought America was going to love him.


    Kaitlyn is next and she says it’s so cool. Access denied. Bayleigh is also denied, followed by Scottie. Steve is called into the app store. He says he can’t get the crap app right now, he doesn’t need it. He enters the room and…Access denied. Faysal is next and he says he for sure isn’t the least trending. Faysal has access granted. He is the least trending HG. He has yell, fake news, read it, hamazon, and spammed choices. He sees a hambone and he thinks it will be related to food and he selects Hamazon. Every time he hears there is a delivery he has to prepare for a feast. He’s worried that it’s ham and he’s hoping it will be a ham substitute which he thinks will be disgusting.


    Angela, Rockstar, and Winston are all denied. Kaycee is next to be denied, then Tyler. JC is also denied. Swaggy C is called to the store and he’s feeling confident and he knows he got the power because he’s running the house. Access denied. Swaggy walks around the room and he’s in disbelief that he didn’t win and he doesn’t know what America was thinking and they are clearly against him. But that’s ok because he’s Swaggy C.


    Sam enters the App Store. She is a nervous wreck in the room and she doesn’t even want to put her hand on the screen. She puts her hand on the screen and access is granted. She is the top trending HG. She gets emotional and asks why? She get’s re-draw, bonus life, upgrade, the cloud, and identity theft are her choices and she selects bonus life. This power can be used on her or anyone of her choosing. She can use it for the first four week. If someone is evicted, and she decides to use it, the evicted HG will be given an opportunity to return to the game. If it’s not used in the first three weeks, the fourth HG will automatically have a chance to come back into the game. We see the remaining HG get access denied messages.


    Steve says he didn’t get the power and his back is against the wall. Swaggy C says he didn’t get the power because America messed up, but there’s always next week and he will give America another chance to get it right because he’s not some gibroni. Tyler hopes the power didn’t fall into the wrong hands because he doesn’t want to get any more blood on his. Sam says she’s 50% human, 50% robot, and 100% ready to play. She thanks America for the power.


    How will Sam’s power change the game? And who will win Power of Veto? And will it be used to save Sam or Steve from eviction? Find out next time, on Big Brother!

  17. Our first act of the night is Voices of Hope, which is a children’s choir. The director says they’ve never experienced anything like this. Simon greets the choir. Simon asks what they would do with the money and they would put it back into the program to reach more children. Simon wishes them luck.


    The choir begins with a few soloists to the side and they are singing This is Me from the Greatest Showman by Keala Settle. The audience is on their feet and cheering the choir on. The judges seemed to have enjoyed the performance.


    Heidi says she adores them and she prefers children choirs over adults choirs and the solo vocalists were spectacular. Mel B loved it and says they did a beautiful job, but she tells them if they get through they have to up their game. Howie says it was very good, and beautiful, and the message was great, but he doesn’t know if it was for him. Simon loves kid’s choirs as well and he thinks this is a group that can definitely get better.


    Howie says he loves them, he loves children, but he doesn’t love it for this show so it’s a no for him. Heidi gives them a definite yes, of course it’s a yes. Mel B really enjoyed it and they have amazing singers, but they don’t have a choir so she is going to give them a yes. Simon says it’s down to him and they have some strong singers, so does he think it’s worth seeing if they’ll get better? He says yes! They are through.


    Next, we have Quin and Misha and they are ballroom dancers and Quin is almost 71 and Misha is 35. Simon turns the stage over to them. As they begin, Misha lifts Quinn and Heidi says wow. Simon looks impressed. The audience also is enjoying the routine. The audience and Heidi give a standing ovation.


    Heidi says Quin doesn’t have an expiration date and she loves that. Mel B says she loved it but she wants to know if they do different styles of dance. Howie asks how long she has been doing it and she says she started when she was 60. Simon says they are interesting and inspirational.


    Howie gives a yes. Mel B says yes. Heidi says yes. Simon says they got four yesses and congratulations.


    The next act is Leos and he can move things with his mind. His mother told him to keep it hidden and not tell anyone, but as he grew up he decided it could be a gift. He’s going to show America and he thinks they’ll see something they’ve never seen before. Mel B greets him and asks what he’ll be doing and he says he’s a mentalist. He says he knows telekinesis and can move objects with his mind. Mel B says do you think this is a million dollar act and he says you are the judges. Mel B wishes him luck.


    He begins his act and instantly the judges realize it’s a joke. Heidi eventually lays her head down on her X button. Mel B and Howie are enjoying the performance. Simon hits his X. The audience is laughing and applauding. As he’s finishing, Simon begins laughing. He gets an ovation from some of the audience and Mel B and Howie.


    Mel B thinks he is brilliant, funny, and she loved everything about him and she would say yes, yes, yes. Hilarious. Howie is 100% behind Mel B. He’s brilliant, a star, and he’s funny and he gives the second yes. Heidi didn’t love the act and the crowd boos and Mel B says she doesn’t get it. Heidi says she’s going to be the party pooper and she gives a no.


    Mel B says come on Simon. Simon says when it started he thought it was stupid, then he thought it was really stupid, then he realized it was funny. Leos says this is not comedy and the crowd laughs and starts chanting put him through! Simon says he’d like to remove his X please and he gives the third yes and he’s on to the next round.


    Now we have Jeffrey and he’s 13 and he came to sing. He’s an only child and he says sometimes it gets boring. If he wins AGT, he’d buy a German Shepherd. His parents send him on to the stage. Heidi greets him and asks if he’s nervous and he says yeah. Heidi asks what he’d do with the money if he won and he says he’d like a companion, so maybe a dog.


    Jeffrey is going to sing Raise Me Up by Josh Groban. Simon says if he does well he will buy him a dog. Simon says let’s do this for the doggie. The crowd immediately cheers as Jeffrey starts singing. When he hits the chorus the crowd cheers loudly. By the time he finishes, the audience is on their feet cheering and three of the judges give an ovation.


    Heidi says Jeffrey might be getting a puppy from Simon. Howie says he is so talented and poised and amazing. Mel B says he’s like an angel singing, absolutely beautiful. She loved it. Simon says he’s not going to tell him what he thinks of it until the very end.


    Time to vote and Howie begins and says yes! Mel B says she has to say yes to him. Heidi says of course she’s going to say yes. Simon says Jeffrey, he thinks this was an amazing audition and not only does he have four yesses, but he also got himself a new dog.


    Next we have Shannon dressed as a super hero and she has a dog and they go through to the next round.


    Then we have two guys who do some strength tricks on a pole and they also get through.


    We then have a guy who does huge bubbles including putting Tyra inside one and he is through.


    Next, is a couple and guy is balancing on a board and wheel and the female is doing tricks on top of him and they also put them through.


    The next act is up and they dim the lights for the act. It’s a light show. The audience seemed to enjoy it and the audience and all four judges are on their feet. Simon recognizes them and they were on Britain’s Got Talent. Simon says it was a great act, but he didn’t get the ending. Howie says it was amazing, it was clear and wonderful and he loved it. Mel B says what just happened?!? It was a beautiful story and it kept her focused and it was beautiful to watch. Heidi says she loved it too and it was visually so beautiful.


    Howie says yes! Mel B says it’s a definite yes. Heidi loves them and it’s a yes from her. Simon says they have four yesses and they are through to the next round.


    Next we see a montage of singers and Simon giving them criticism. We then meet Daniel from New York. He’s a classical crossover singer and he’s going to sing an original song. Mel B wishes him luck. He begins and the audience really enjoys it, but none of the judges look impressed. Simon asks if he has a second song and Daniel says no. Simon says you can’t do that for an audition, you have to have a second song.


    Simon says there is a better song for him. Mel B asks what it is and Simon says he won’t know, it’s a song Simon knows. Simon talks to a casting assistant and asks if they can give Daniel the song and he can learn it and come back later and perform it. Simon says Daniel deserves a second chance and sends him off to learn the song. Daniel is backstage and he says he’s excited, but freaking out because he doesn’t have a lot of time and he doesn’t know what’s going to happen.


    Auditions continue and Daniel is still learning the song. We see another singer, Lauren, performing and Simon says she sounds like too many other people and she needs to perfect her act and she says no. Heidi doesn’t think she’s ready and Howie also says no but wishes her luck.


    Daniel is ready to return and attempt to perform Passera by Il Divo. He is going to try not to mess it up. Heidi says if he pulls this off she’ll be so impressed. The crowd begins to applaud. The judges are looking at each other as Simon listens intently. As he finishes he gets a standing ovation from the audience and all four judges.


    Heidi thinks Daniel is insane. Simon says that tells a lot about him as a person and he thinks he did incredibly well and he really, really likes him. Mel B says he really, really liked him, but the second time she really loved him big time. She says well done. Howie thought Simon was nuts and he was setting Daniel up to fail. Simon says he always loved that song and he thinks Daniel did it justice. Heidi thinks he’s incredible.


    Heidi starts the voting with a yes. Howie says yes. Mel B says oh yes baby. Simon says he got four yesses, congratulations.


    Next we have an act from Japan and the gentleman arrived the day before and he’s going to show him a traditional Japanese tablecloth performance. Simon asks why he wanted to audition this year and the interpreter says because this is a famous television show. Simon wishes him luck.


    He begins by pulling a tablecloth cleanly from under two teacups. He then takes off his suit and puts the tablecloth in front of him while he gets nude. Mel B hits her button. He then lays down and puts a cup over his privates and two cups over his chest and rips the table cloth out leaving the cups to cover him. Heidi also gives an X. He then puts a table cloth in the fan and turns it on to rip it from under the cup over his privates. Simon then buzzes and the interpreter runs out with a robe. Simon asks the interpreter what the heck was that?


    Howie says his fellow judges didn’t get it. Time to vote and Howie says oh yes. Mel B gives an absolute no. Heidi says not her cup of tea and it’s a no from her as well. Simon says no, they don’t want to see it again.


    The next act is married and they are a trapeze act called Duo Transcend. They’d love to get a show in Vegas so they are in one city and can spend time with their son. Tice, the man, has an eye disease that creates things to be fuzzy and he will eventually become blind. His biggest fear is missing a catch and Mary falling. They want to do this for as long as they can. The judges greet them and Simon wishes them luck.


    Mary and Tice climb the rope to the trapeze and get in place. The audience is on their feet and the judges look afraid. They get an ovation from the audience and from all of the judges except Mel B.


    Simon says he thinks the people will relate to them and root for them. He says this is the first act of it’s kind he can see going into the finals. Heidi thought it was absolutely incredible. Mel B says she has to be honest. There were a few tricks that didn’t make her go wow. She wasn’t wowed enough. Howie says he was wowed and he thought it was fantastic.


    Heidi gives a definite yes. Simon says a million, billion percent yes. Mel B says she wasn’t wowed so she has to say no. Howie says maybe something was wrong with eyesight, but they need three yesses and he has the power to give it to them and they are moving on.


    Next, we have Annelise and she is Bello’s daughter. Bello was on AGT last year and she thought he was a superhero. She feels like her dad always pushed her to follow her dreams. She’s been Bello Nock’s daughter, but she’s ready to step out on her own and make a name for herself. Simon asks why she wouldn’t do this and she says she wanted to show that girls can do it.


    Annelise is going to be performing the exploding coffin. Simon asks how dangerous the act is and she says it’s very dangerous. Simon says he hopes it goes well and good luck. The judges come outside to watch and we see the safety team setting things up. Bello is giving last minute advice. Howie notes her father looks worried. Annelise is nailed into the coffin. The coffin explodes and the crowd waits with the judges. Annelise is laying down and a safety technician runs up to check on things and Annelise gets up slowly and gives the thumbs up.


    Back inside, Annelise returns to the stage. Heidi gives her kudos for doing something so gutsy and she calls that girl power. Howie says when she got into the box and it explode that was amazing. Mel B says it was absolutely terrifying, but she’s glad she’s alive. Simon says it might be better with more dynamite in the box and she has to think about the act. Annelise asks if Simon wants to join her and he says I’ll think about it.


    Howie says he’ll start the voting and it’s a yes. Mel B says definitely yes. Heidi says yes. Simon says he hasn’t agreed to lay in a box with her but it’s four yesses.


    Our final act is Amanda and she’s 15 from Boston and she’s a singer. Howie greets her and Amanda says she feels like her experiences connect her with music. She was raised in the Dominican Republic and when she came here she didn’t know any English and she got bullied a lot. Simon asks what got her through that period and she says music and her mom. Her mother inspired her to not be ashamed of who she is.


    Amanda says she’s a little nervous and Howie turns the stage over to her and says best of luck. Amanda sings A Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin. The crowd loves it. Howie looks happy and Simon looks surprised. Mel B looks happy and she’s clapping. She gets an ovation from the audience, Heidi is the first on her feet, followed by Mel B and Howie.


    Heidi says wow. She is just blown away by Amanda’s beautiful voice. She loved it. Howie says she sang natural woman, and she is a super natural talent. Simon says do you know what you have Amanda? She has genuinely natural soul and that’s not an easy song to sing. This is an audition they are going to remember for a long time. Mel B says where do I start? That was just incredible. She has goose pimples all over, she loves her, and she loves her voice. She hits the golden buzzer.

  18. The first act we meet is Sophie and she is five and she is going to sing. Her mother says Sophie likes to do lots of things like cooking, clothing, and she loves princesses. She sings to make people happy and she doesn’t care about the money.


    Tyra brings Sophie on stage and the audience applauds and oohs and awes. Heidi greets Sophie and Sophie says there are so much people. Her favorite judge is Mr. Simon. She had a dream he pressed the golden button. Heidi wishes her luck.


    Sophie sings My Way by Frank Sinatra. The audience and judges are laughing and cheering. Sophie gets a standing ovation from the audience as she sings the last chorus and the judges join the audience as Sophie finishes.


    Heidi says we’ll go to Sophie’s favorite judge first. Simon says he wasn’t expecting that and he loves that song. He wants Sophie to date his son and she was adorable. Mel B says she’s so cute and Sophie says thank you. Mel B says she sung like an angel. Howie says that was amazing and she is the adorable, cutest, and talented thing he’s seen on stage. Heidi says she should be very proud of herself.


    It’s time to vote. Howie says yes. Mel B says she has to say yes. Simon says Sophie is happiness in a bottle and she has her three yesses. Heidi also gives her a yes and she’s on to the next round.


    Next we are introduced to Sixto and Lucia and they are from Cuba but they inform us they broke up and they argue over who broke up with who. They take the stage and Heidi greets them and they explain they were inspired by previous quick change artists. Simon asks about their relationships and Sixto says he made many mistakes. Heidi says she loves a quick change act and she wishes them luck.


    Sixto and Lucia begin their act and Lucia has several changes. Eventually, Sixto joins Lucia in the same curtain and they both change. Tyra joins Lucia and smoke appears and both Lucia and Tyra have their outfits changed. The audience loved it and they get a standing ovation and all four judges.


    Simon says he’s seen a lot of these acts and this is one of the best he’s seen and Howie agrees. Simon says it’s not just about the technique, but their personality and they are perfect for America’s Got Talent. Howie agrees, he’s never seen such quick movement and it was fantastic. Mel B says it was so slick and it was entertaining. Heidi says it was great.


    Heidi is going to start the voting for Sixto and Lucia and she gives the first yes. Simon gives them their second yes. Mel B says yes, yes, yes. Howie says he’s changing their three yesses into four.


    The next act takes the stage and we meet Noah from South Carolina. He got his start doing YouTube videos and he was once on Glee. He started doing song on YouTube as a way to express himself and he got a call from the casting department of Glee. He’s just trying to get to music now. Simon wishes him luck.


    Noah steps behind the mic with a guitar and sings Love On The Brain by Rihanna. Mel B says his voice sounds so good and the audience cheers. As he finishes he has a standing ovation from all four judges and the audience. Howie says he is wonderful and unique. Mel B says he killed it. Heidi says he has a sexy voice. Simon says Noah is very current and sometimes it’s just about timing and maybe this is his time.


    Time to vote. Howie says oh yes! Mel B says yes! Yes. Heidi says definite yes. Simon says he got three, now this is really glee and he has four yesses.


    His name is Seth and he’s a performer. He grew up in a large family in a small town in Texas. He’s been able to perform on various stages, but this one is one of the biggest. He’s going to go up and do his best. He takes the stage while the judges and audience clap for him. He’s in a caterpillar costume and he falls down as he comes out. Simon asks what in the bloody heck is that? Seth rolls to the edge of the stage and pops down and looks at all the people.


    Seth goes up in front of the judges and the crowd starts to boo. Simon directs Seth back to the stage and he hops up the steps. Simon asks where he’s from and Seth answers from the forest where he lives among the other beautiful creatures. Simon says whatever he’s going to do, get on with it and make it quick. Seth says he’ll see them in two weeks. He sheds his caterpillar costume and he’s in a chrysalis now. Mel B and Howie both hit their X’s and then Simon and Heidi follow along.


    Seth has come out of his chrysalis and is wearing butterfly wings on his rear and nothing in his front. Mel B notes he’s not wearing underwear. Simon says that was the worst act they’ve ever seen and it’s four no’s and leave the stage. Tyra comes out with bug spray. Seth falls as he’s leaving the stage and he’s booed.


    Next we have a group of young men come out and they are called the Future Kings and they are from Chicago. They’ve been together for about six years. The lead boys talk about their neighborhood and the gang violence and how hard their mom worked to keep them from getting involved. They started a dance group and they wanted to do it as a career, but one of the brothers became a father and he had to stop dancing. It’s been four years since they’ve performed together but they wanted to audition together.


    Howie wishes them luck and gives them the stage. They are a hip-hop group. They dance to Be Humble by Kendrick Lamar. They get a standing ovation from the audience. The judges seemed to enjoy the performance.


    Mel B liked the choreography a lot. It’s very current, very now, and very on point. Heidi loved the energy and it was exciting and she wants to see more. Howie says they are exuding a joy and they are a group that enjoys what they are doing and as an audience they loved watching. Simon says it was very powerful and cool, and he liked the energy and it was his favorite act of the day.


    Howie starts with a yes. Heidi gives a second yes. Mel B says definitely, 100% yes. Simon gives the fourth yes and says congratulations.


    The next act is up and gives the judges virtual reality goggles. Howie says they are not only watching something, they are living in it. Simon thinks what they did is clever, but he didn’t actually like being in it.


    We then have a Russian gentleman and he is obsessed with technology. He wanted to bring science fiction to life and as he grew older he realized there was a good side and a bad side. He says tonight we’ll have an interesting combination of dancer and technology. We have a guy on stage selecting a destination and an avatar, a wolf, and he becomes a part of the game. The audience loves the act and Mel B seems intrigued. The audience and all four judges are on their feet as the act closes.


    Simon greets the two gentleman and the guy who was in the act was named Constantine and the creator is with him on stage. Howie says what he was able to do and the amount of creativity was amazing. Mel B says they crammed so much into that it blew her mind, well done. Heidi says it was one of the most amazing things she’s ever seen. Simon says it’s exciting to see things they’ve never seen before and that was perfection.


    Howie gives Constantine and the creator a yes. Mel B gives a definite yes and Heidi does the same. Sim gives four yesses.


    The next act is up and he is from France. He’s a puppet at and the puppet is drawing and he is drawing a picture of Simon. Simon gives a standing ovation. We then see the drawing on Simon’s dressing table.


    The next act is a singer and his favorite judge is Simon and everyone buzzes him except Simon and Mel B and Heidi leave. Mel B runs back and hits Simon’s button as Simon is giving the guy a hug. Simon says it was one of his favorite auditions.


    The next act is Trish and she’s 57 from Chicago and she loves Simon. She put her dream of singing on hold because she had a big family and now she’s ready to be judged by Simon and she never gave up her dream. She’s waited a very long time to perform for Simon.


    Trish takes the stage and Mel B greets her. Trish says she’s going to sing and dedicate her song to Simon. She sings If I Were Your Woman by Gladys Knight and The Pips. The audience seems to enjoy the performance and Mel B is impressed and says yes! As she finishes she winks at Simon and she gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


    Mel B asks Trish if she’d love to hug Simon and Trish says yes and she runs to give Simon a hug. Howie says she is amazing but he was uncomfortable and they should get a room. Heidi thought she was fabulous. Simon has a little bit of crush on Trish and she’s very naughty.


    Simon is going to kick this off with a yes. Heidi says Trish gets a definite yes. Howie gives a yes. Mel B gives the fourth yes and says they’ll see her in the next round. Simon asks if she has a boyfriend and he says her husband.


    It’s time for a danger act. We meet an escape artist and it’s his dream to be on AGT. He’s going to perform an extremely dangerous act, The Lord Nil, that has never been seen before and it involves scorpions. He had a lot of energy when he was a kid so he started kick boxing, but he wanted more danger. So he started escaping. He performed a different escape act before and had serious injuries, but this is important to him and he’s doing his most dangerous act tonight. He’s not afraid of death, he challenges death.


    The Lord Nil has 90 seconds to escape. Simon asks if anything has ever gone wrong and he says that’s always a possibility. His wife is his assistant and her name is Mya. Mya puts two zip ties on each arm and then puts a padlock on the box he has put his head in and Mya gives him a knife. He has to escape before the scorpions are dropped on his head. He drops the knife 13 seconds in. There is a back up knife on the box. He is bending the bars his arms are strapped to and he’s able to reach the back-up knife and he cuts the zip ties. He’s down to 10 seconds and he’s working on the padlock. He escapes just as the scorpions fall into the box and he locks them in.


    Howie says it came close that time. He says that was so scary and The Lord Nil escaped and saved his life, he’s amazed. Heidi says she has never seen anything like that before and it was very exciting. Simon says he was on the edge of his seat and it was maddest thing he’s ever seen. He’s interested to see what he would do next.


    Simon kicks the voting off with a yes. Howie gives a second yes. Heidi says a definite yes for her. Mel B says The Lord Nil through to the next round.


    Next we meet Michelle, a poet. She does a poem about a spider that climbs a water spout. She is quickly X’d by all four judges. Howie says she’s a sweet lady but they need something with more oomph.


    Next, we meet a guy who is a cat person. Heidi says she had a hard time staying awake for his act. We then see a dancing chicken and they didn’t like it. Simon says they need something to pick them up.


    Next, we have Hans, an international superstar, and his talent is everything. He’s bigger than Madonna and Lady Gaga. He says Simon will see a Susan Boyle quality in him and he’s ready to share his gift with the world. He wants global domination. He takes the stage with an accordion. He greets Heidi in German. Simon greets Hans and asks if he does this full time. Hans says it’s really an act of charity. Hans says he does it all and he’s going to give Simon a Beyonce show on a Demi Lovato budget. Simon wishes him good luck.


    Hans says he thought they’d have a good old-fashioned German sing along. He starts to sing Proud Mary by Tina Turner. He puts the accordion down and starts dancing. The audience is on their feet. He also does a little tap dancing. He finishes with the splits and he has an ovation from the audience and Howie.


    Howie says he can’t stop smiling and laughing. Mel B doesn’t know what she witnessed but it made her laugh and her heart feel warm. He says Geri is now his second favorite spice. Heidi says in German she’s really, really proud of him and it’s clear he doesn’t really speak German. He then says Danke Schoen. Simon says you know how when you watch a horror movie and you shouldn’t like it but you do anyway, that’s how he feels about this act.


    Howie says he is giving a yes. Mel B says she has to say yes. Heidi gives a yes in German. Simon says Hans has four ja’s.


    The next act takes the stage and his name is Samuel and he’s a comedian. He’s been doing comedy full time for 10 years. He has Tourette Syndrome and he was born with it. He was diagnosed when he was 6. He was picked on a lot when he was a child. He just had a daughter and he wants to prove she can do anything. Howie wishes him luck.


    The judges seem to enjoy the act. The audience is laughing and cheering halfway through. The judges are laughing. As he finishes he has an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


    Mel B says Samuel has taken the Tourette Syndrome and turned it into a positive, and hilarious thing. Heidi is very impressed because he’s very talented and funny. Simon says what an incredible guy he is and he has a fantastic attitude. He really, really likes Samuel. Howie agrees and says it’s tough to come out and make someone laugh. He says this is why they say laughter is the best medicine.


    Simon kicks things off with a yes. Heidi gives a definite yes. Mel B says it’s a definite, definite yes from her. Howie gives the fourth yes.


    Our final act is ready to take the stage and her name is Courtney and she is 13. Her dad says she is really shy and doesn’t communicate well with other children, but she comes to life when she’s doing what she loves and that is to sing. She says she is really nervous.


    Courtney comes out and is greeted by Mel B. Her favorite subject in school is music. Mel B tells her not to be nervous and wishes her good luck. Courtney sings Hard to Handle by The Black Crowes. Simon is immediately surprised and the crowd immediately begins to cheer and they are on their feet. Howie is shocked and gets on his feet and she gets an ovation from all four judges.


    Simon says she was like a lamb when she came out and then sang like a lion, genuinely incredible. Howie says she’s not from this era and he’s a huge Janis Joplin fan. Howie says he can’t sign her to a record deal, but he can give her the golden buzzer.

  19. It’s time for the second night of auditions for America’s Got Talent! We get our first look at the first act of the night, Yumbo Dump. They take their shirts off and they have a sign that says they make sounds with their bodies. The first sound is a water dropping on the surface of water. Mel B buzzes them and asks why? The second sound is the sound of a cork being taken off a bottle of whiskey. Then we have the cries of dolphins. Then we have the sound of a UFO flying.


    Howie wants to know how many times he sat at home and played with his belly button. Howie really liked it. Heidi says people might be wondering what their talent is and she thinks it’s making people laugh doing weird things. Simon thought halfway through he wondered what the heck he was watching. It was stupid, but they were hilarious. Mel B says she was watching a completely different show.


    Simon wants to give them their first yes. Heidi gives them a yes too. Mel B has to give them a no. Howie says he’s so honored to give him their third yes.


    We next meet two couples who are married. The first duo is Lindsey and Shawn, and they are a comedy duo. Simon greets them and turns the stage over to them. They start their routine and it is not well received. Simon buzzed them. Howie says he was excited to see a couple do comedy and it was uncomfortable and he says no. Mel B says no and so does Heidi. Simon says sorry, it’s four no’s.


    The next couple takes the stage, UsTheDuo, and they are musicians. They sing an original song and the crowd seems to really enjoy and the judges liked it. Heidi says that made her feel all mushy inside. Howie says the song seemed a little coffee house. Mel B concurs and says there is always a risk to do an original. Simon doesn’t agree. He loved the chorus and he liked that she played the drum. He says it was a really good audition.


    Heidi and Simon both give a yes. Howie says he didn’t respond to the song and he says they have a no and talk to Mel B. Mel says they have a lot of acts who are very talented and she’s on the fence. But she did like the song and she gives them a yes.


    Next we have a pet segment. We see a woman who has imaginary cats and she sings and is buzzed. Then we have Lily who lives on a farm with her mom and dad. She loves to talk with animals. Simon asks what she’d do with the money if she won and she says she’d donated it to hospitals and animal shelters.


    We hear Old MacDonald had a farm and a picture of a dolphin appears and Lily makes a dolphin sound, followed by a turkey. She then neighs like a horse. She dedicates the dog to Simon. Everyone seems to love her. She does a duck next and she is giggling throughout her routine. She then does a rooster.


    Simon tells Lily that was fantastic. Howie asks if she’s ever done that at the back of the class and says he loves her. Mel B says she’s such a sweet girl and very likeable. Heidi says it was a lot of fun and she’s great. Simon says amazing and he thinks America will fall in love with her.


    Simon gives Lily a yes. Heidi gives a yes as well. Mel B gives her a third yes. Howie gives Lily a fourth yes and she gets emotional.


    Next we have a segment on superstitions specifically surrounding the number 13 for season 13 of AGT. We see two gentleman, FratelliRossi, take the stage and they are brothers and they are going to do a tumbling act. Simon asks how dangerous the act is and one of the brothers says he tore his ACL last time he performed and he had surgery and this is first performance back.


    One brother of Fratelli Rossi is laying down and using his legs and feet to flip his brother in various ways and pretty quickly. The one brother then falls. He then decided he cannot continue and the crowd is cheering. They decide they are going to go again after all and they make another attempt and he ends standing on his brothers feet and he did a flip and landed on his feet. The crowd cheers loudly. He then does ten flips and then lands on his feet again. They get a standing ovation.


    Heidi says that was terrifying. Mel B says it was hot in a dangerous way. Howie says the only thing they can say is wow. Simon says it’s not always fair to judge these acts on perfection and the fact it went wrong and then they nailed it made it better.


    Howie gives the first yes. Mel B says yes, yes, yes. Heidi says they are definitely getting a yes from her. Simon gives them their fourth yes.


    We’re back for the auditions and we start with a woman singing Take Me To Church by Hozier. They immediately go to voting and the woman gets four yeses and moves on. We have the next woman take the stage and her name is Christina and she’s from Texas and she’s 42. She auditioned in the past and did well and got standing ovations, but she was turned down because she wouldn’t fit the costumes they were using.


    Mel B asks Christina if she sings for a living and she says no she’s a registered nurse. Simon asks why she came on the show this year and she says she wants to show her boys that nothing should prevent them from making their dreams come true. Mel B turns the stage over to her. Christina sings I Know Where I’ve Been by Queen Latifah. The crowd immediately responds and cheers.


    Christina is finishing her song and she has an ovation from all four judges and the crowd and she’s immediately emotional. Howie says she just blew the cork off and exploded and they felt her energy. Mel B tells her not to let anyone else’s comments stop her from being here. Heidi just wishes she could do half of what she does. Simon  says one of the reasons he wanted to do these shows is because he works with stupid people in the music business. Simon says it doesn’t matter what someone looks like if they are a fantastic singer.


    Howie gives the first yes. Mel B says yes! Heidi says Christina has her third yes. Simon says she has her fourth yes.


    Next we have a group take the stage and Heidi gives them some encouragement. They are called DaRepublik and they are a hip hop dance group. The crowd is enjoying it and Heidi is dancing in her seat. The crowd explodes as they are finishing their routine.


    Mel B thinks DaRepublik was brilliant. Howie says this is pure amazing, brilliance in dance. Heidi agrees and she says it felt like a different type of passion from them. Simon says in 2 minutes they did about everything they could do. He loves their personalities and the way they look.


    Heidi is going to kick it off and gives DaRepublik a yes. Mel B gives a yes. Howie gives a yes. Simon says you have your fourth yes!


    We now have a segment of Simon unimpressed with several acts. We have our next act, ItsAaronCrow, take the stage and he doesn’t answer any of the judges questions. He has a sword and he tosses up an apple and uses the sword to cut it. He then grabs a few random audience members and Howie.


    Aaron has one audience member hold a paper bag and the second audience member hold a block of wood horizontally. Howie gets a pineapple to hold on his head. The guy pours hot wax on his eyes and then wraps his head with gauze and then electrical tape and then aluminum foil. He then takes a knife and pokes the bag, then takes nunchucks and breaks the wood, and finally he takes the sword and slices it through the pineapple.


    Simon says it takes balls to do what Aaron just did, it was incredible. Mel B says for once she felt sorry for Howie but she loved it. Heidi thought it was incredible. Howie says his brain is saying no but as a judge the real answer is yes. Mel B gives a definite yes. Heidi wants to see what he does next. Simon also says yes.


    Next we have Alex Cooper and he’s here to unite the world through happiness, positivity, and comedy. He wants everyone he sees to smile and have a wonderful moment in their day. He takes the stage and is greeted by Simon. Simon turns the stage over to him. He begins by roasting Tyra and then Howie and the audience boos and Howie gives an X.


    Alex starts on Mel B and she then gives him an X. Alex moves on to Heidi and she also gives an X. Mel B wonders what he’ll say about Simon and Alex says he’s getting to him. Simon is laughing at Alex but the crowd is booing. Mel B gets up and hits Simon’s buzzer. Simon says he’s not sure where this will go but we’ll start with Howie. Howie says no. Mel B says no. Heidi says no. Simon thought he was really funny and gives him a yes.


    The next act takes the stage and he tells Simon to call him Mochi. Simon asks what he wants to achieve and he responds to perform all over the world. He steps in front of a screen and we get a light show. The crowd loved it and he gets an ovation.


    Howie says when you think you’ve seen everything and then there’s a Mochi and you realize you haven’t seen anything yet. Mel B says it was brilliant and it’s very current and she’s on point. Heidi says it was brilliant and a lot of fun. Simon says he thinks the act went so well because of Mochi’s personality.


    Time to vote and Howie gives a yes. Mel B gives a yes. Heidi says it’s a yes from her. Simon says Mochi got four yeses.


    The next act is an older couple who is there to dance for the judges. Their daughter introduces them and is there to translate. The music starts and it’s Talk Dirty to Me by Jason Derulo. The crowd seems to be a mix of excited and cheering but grossed out and disgusted. Mel B buzzes them.


    Their daughter returns to the stage and her mother is thanking the audience. Howie wants to know what’s wrong with Mel B and she says some things need to be done in private. Heidi says she prays she’s lucky when she’s that old. Simon says he’s surprised by them and it’d be awkward if he was the daughter. Mel B says that was too much and this is a family show.


    Howie gives them a yes and Mel B says she has to say no. Simon says obviously yes and Heidi gives a third yes.


    Our final act is Michael Ketterer and he’s a pediatric mental health nurse and he’s going to sing. He sings To Love Somebody by the BeeGees. The crowd cheers and gets on their feet. Simon looks surprised. He gets an ovation from all four judges and the audience.


    Howie says when he watches and listens to him he just wants to be a fraction of the person he is. Simon says when you see singers on these shows it doesn’t always have to be perfect technically. Simon says actions speak louder than words and he hits his golden buzzer.

  20. Are you ready for another season of America’s Got Talent?!? Tyra Banks is the host again. We also have all four returning judges of Howie Mandel, Mel B, Heidi Klum, and Simon Cowell.


    We meet Svetlana and Marina and their cats. They know Simon is not a cat person, but they hope to change his mind. Simon greets them and asks what they do and Marina says they train cats and Simon asks why? He turns the stage over to them.


    Marina has a hula hoop and the first cat is brought out and the cat jumps through the hoop and then stands on it’s hind legs. The next cat is brought out and pushes a small barrel. The two cats then play leap frog. We then have another cat who they put on a balance beam of sorts and the cat crawls along the bottom. Another cat dances across the stage on it’s hind legs. Another cat is placed between two balance beams and crawls across using it’s two legs inching across. We have another cat who is expected to jump through a hoop made of paper, but the cat gets spooked. The cat is brought back and successfully completes the jump. The last trick is a cat climbs to the top of a pole and jumps off onto a pillow.


    Howie says they’ve seen these tricks done by dogs, but never cats. Mel B says that was brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. Heidi says she used to have a cat and she wouldn’t even respond to her name. Simon says that was impressive because dogs want to please and cats are like make me. Simon thinks there is a gap in the market for this. He could take his dogs to this type of show.


    Time to decide. Howie gives them a yes. Mel B gives a yes. Heidi gives a yes. Simon says you know what’s coming....four yesses.


    We have our next contestant who is a card magician. His name is Shin and he knows the judges are getting a little tired of card magicians, but he hopes they think he’s special enough to move on. He brings out Tyra and asks her to select a card and write her name on the card. She selects the Queen of Spades and he places it in the deck and then pulls it to the top. He then takes the card and rubs it against his chest and the card is blank and the face of the card is on his chest. He then changes the color of the deck and there is one card from the original deck and it is Tyra’s card.


    Shin then has Tyra place her card between her hands. He takes the blank card and has it appear with the face and has Tyra reveal the card between her hands is now blank. He then shows the faces of the cards and lays them out on a table with blank cards and an arrow pointing to an envelope and inside the envelope is Tyra’s signed card. Then he makes the cards appear transparent and shuffles through them and Tyra’s card is there. He has Tyra put her card back in the transparent deck and put her hand on the deck. It starts smoking and she moves her hand and her card is sealed inside of a package.


    Howie says that was by leaps and bounds the best sleight of hand and close up magic. Mel B says he has ballerina hands. Heidi cannot close her mouth. Simon says he told someone earlier on he’s had it with card magic, but he’s now going to take it back because that was unbelievable. Howie gives a yes. Mel B gives a yes. Heidi gives a third yes. Simon says he thinks everyone in there gives Shin a yes.


    It’s time for our next act to take the stage and we meet Ian Brown. He’s not here to be on stage talent, he wants to be a judge. Ian considers himself to have the qualities he thinks a judge should have. He would probably replace Howie because he thinks he could do just as good as job as him.


    Ian says he usually says things the way he sees them so he thinks he’s most like Simon. Heidi says so that means you would swap with him? Ian says well the show is Simon’s and they should keep the male/female balance. Howie says what are you saying? You think you can do what I do and do it better? Howie relinquishes his seat and Ian steps in and Howie goes to sit in the audience. Ian takes a drink from Howie’s cup.


    Mike comes out to perform his act and Tyra informs him there’s a new judge. Simon turns things over to Ian and has him greet Ian. Mike is a musician so he’s going to be performing a song. Simon advises Ian to tell Mike to take it away. Mike uses his hands to make farting noises to perform America the Beautiful. He is quickly buzzed by Simon, Heidi, and Mel B. Ian lets him go a bit longer and then give the fourth X.


    Simon asks Ian what he thinks of Mike and Ian says very disappointing. Mel B asks Ian if that’s all Ian has? Simon says he’s actually going to fire Ian. Ian exits the judges panel and Howie returns and gives Ian his cup. Heidi says no one can replace Howie. Simon says it was like losing his arm. They return to voting for Mike and Howie gives a no. Mel B gives a no. Heidi says it’s not a million dollar act. Simon also gives a no.


    Next we have a trio take the stage. They are called We Three and they are a sibling band. They are Joshua, Bethany, and Manny. Their dad had a family band with his siblings and they decided to do the same thing. They wrote a song to celebrate their mother, who passed away from cancer. Manny says it’s a song written from her perspective talking to her children. Simon wishes them the best of luck.


    We Three get an ovation from the audience and all four judges. Mel B says she lost her father over a year ago so she felt like that song was meant for her. She says it was really, really good. Heidi says she loved their voices and how they harmonized together. She loved the song. Howie says they all have parents and this was so strong and he felt it. Simon says he always struggles with live bands but the whole thing worked and it felt like a record. He says their voices were on point and there is something special about them.


    Howie gives a definite yes. Mel B gives a yes. Heidi gives a definite yes too. Simon gives We Three a fourth yes and they are moving on.


    We have next a quartet of young men who performed together at a high school talent show. The name of their group is Italian and it’s their favorite opera song. They are going to perform My Heart Will Go On by Il Divo. The music begins to play and they have water in their mouths and they are spitting it out like fountains. They move around the stage doing their fountains. Simon gives them an X. Mel B thinks it’s funny. They spit the water in each other’s mouths and Mel B and Howie are on their feet.


    Tyra backstage is saying she loved the guys doing the fountains. Mel B says this is why she loves AGT. There is no where in the entire world where you would see that besides this stage. Howie says you could see it at the Bellagio. Simon wasn’t impressed. Mel B says she loves them. Simon says he doesn’t know what they’ve been drinking but he just saw four guys spitting on each other and they get a standing ovation. Heidi loved it and Howie says amazing. Simon says it was stupid.


    Simon gives the fountain guys a no. Mel B gives a big yes. Heidi gives a yes. Howie says they need three yesses and he’s the third.


    Next we have a group from the Phillipines. Simon asks why they are here and the spokesman says in the Phillipines they are street children and this is their dream to perform on the world’s biggest stage. They are a dance group and Simon wishes them the best of luck. Midway through their routine they put on heels. The judges seem to be having fun.


    The dance group get an ovation from the audience and three of the judges. Howie says wow. Mel B says what just happened? Mel B says she wasn’t expecting that and she loves them. Howie says this was amazing and they are the epitome of dreams coming true. Heidi loved the music, she loved the dancing, and that was insane and they woke her up. Simon says he likes to judge these acts on an entertainment basis. He says the first half of the act he felt like he seen it before, but the second half blew him away.


    Howie gives the dance group a yes. Mel B gives a yes, yes, and yes. Heidi gives a yes. Simon says they have four yesses. Congratulations!


    Next we have a 14-year old girl who is a rapper. Her father was a rapper and he died before she was born. He couldn’t fulfill his dream so she’s there to do it. The song she raps is about her personal life and situation. She gets an ovation from the audience and all four judges.


    Mel B says the young rapper is so on point and so honest. Heidi says it is a crazy world we’re living in right now and she’s so happy a young girl like her is writing a song like that. Howie says she said before she rapped that she didn’t know if they were ready for her. Howie says they are not only ready, but they need it. Simon says he doesn’t know much about rap, but he thinks they are seeing the start of something. He says that was his favorite audition by a clear mile and he wants to meet her mom. She says she’s so proud of her.


    Time to vote! Howie votes yes. Mel B says it’s a definite yes from her. Heidi says definite yes. Simon tells her to get ready for the next round because she has four yesses.


    Next we have a comedian named Vikki. Mel B greets her and asks what her act is and she says she’s a ballerina. Then she says no I can’t be a ballerina because I like dinner. Mel B says comedy is difficult to do and turns it over to Vikki. The audience seemed to enjoy her act and they give her an ovation as do Mel B and Howie.


    Mel B says so many things have happened to her in the last year and she just wanted to laugh and Vikki made her belly laugh. Heidi enjoyed it. Howie says there is a space for a female comic and she filled a void left by Joan Rivers. Simon says Vikki is the funniest person they’ve had on the show. Simon says people are really going to relate to her and he says she’s an absolute star.


    Time to vote and Howie gives Vikki the first yes. Mel B gives a definite yes. Heidi gives the third yes. Simon gives her a fourth yes and she’s moving on.


    We have our next act take the stage and his name is James and he has a box. He goes off stage to put on a mask and a shawl and comes up in front of the judges. He’s doing some dance movements. He quickly gets buzzed by all four judges.


    Howie says it wasn’t even an act. James was putting a spell of creativity into the theater. They go straight to the vote and all four judges give a no. We have a montage of “scary” bad acts.


    We have a “scary” looking girl take the stage and Heidi says creepy. Mel B asks what her name is and there is no response. Mel B welcomes the girl and she drops her doll and walks towards the judges table.


    She walks around the judges table and go to stand behind Mel B. She then goes back around front and picks up a cloth off of a box that has cards in it. They have old faces on them with names and she pulls out a newspaper and it says 12 people died in a building blaze, suicide victim to blame. We hear a creepy voice saying who caused the fire and Mel B is supposed to choose a card. She selects Bob. Simon buzzes the act and scares Heidi.


    The girl has a camera and takes a picture of Mel B and gives her the polaroid. The girl reveals the picture in the newspaper is Bob. The girl wads the paper up and puts in a bowl with the picture of Bob. Mel B looks at the polaroid and it’s a picture of her with Bob behind her. Howie tells her to go away now. Mel B says that’s crazy.


    The girl returns to the stage and picks up her doll. Howie says the magic is incredible but the horror is real. Simon tells her she needs to watch some Disney movies or something. Mel B thought it was great. Heidi loves how creepy she is and it was pretty fantastic. Howie asks why Simon buzzed it and he said he just wanted it to end.


    Time to vote and Howie gives a yes. Heidi also gives a yes. Simon thinks if he gives a yes they are cursed so he’s going to say no. Mel B says even though she’s scared she’s going to give her a yes because she wants to see what she’s going to do next.


    We have a large group called Zurcaroh take the stage and Simon greets them and asks why AGT? The spokesman says because this is the biggest stage where they can show their skills and their talent. The group is not professional dancers and everyone is welcome. They dance and do some acrobatics. The audience is on their feet halfway through their performance. The judges seem impressed. The finish and the crowd erupts and all four judges are on their feet.


    Simon says wow, wow, wow. It was ok. Howie says what? Howie keeps saying wow. He says they see dancing and tumbling but wow! Mel B says for all of them to be that in sync, wow too! On point! Heidi says they were unbelievable and it was absolutely incredible. Wow! Simon says there is something in the air right now and that’s one of the most incredible things he’s seen on any of the shows. It was breath taking.


    Simon says let’s vote and turns to Howie. Tyra comes out and says hold up and she runs to hit the golden buzzer for Zurcaroh. Simon says he’s thrilled for all of them.  

  21. We get a look at Wendell’s audition video. Jeff says they didn’t put him on in 2012, but he kept applying and here he is. Chris, Livvi, Des, Jenna, and Michael voted for Dom. Chelsea, Kellyn, Angela, Sebastian, and Donathon voted for Wendell. Jeff asks Wendell when that moment happens and everyone is shocked, when Laurel starts making her walk how confident was he that relationship paid off? Wendell says he was very confident but he knew Dom had a good relationship with her as well. But it felt good Laurel was casting the tie breaker vote.


    Jeff wants to know from Laurel what the deciding factor? She says it was an impossible decision, they both played a great game and both deserved to win, they played a similar game and it came down to Wendell’s social game and their personal relationship.


    Jeff wants to know if Dom is second guessing that fire. Dom says he knew when it was a tie that it was a wrap for him. He wonders why he didn’t just take him head on in the fire challenge because he was confident he could do it, but that was the gamble he made. He never got too confident, but his inability to realize he was too overconfident at the end and not put himself out there is where he dropped the ball in the end.


    Jeff says this is one of the greatest friendships they’ve had on the show. Jeff gives Dom a picture of him and Wendell. Jeff addresses Michael and says it’s been a long time since they had someone his age and they had so many people attracted to the energy in his maturity. Where does that maturity come from? Michael says he always ran with an older crowd and even graduated early. He moved out to LA on his 18th birthday and it comes from his family. Jeff says he inspired a lot of kids.


    Jeff says Chris and Dom had one of the biggest rivalries ever and he heard they buried the hatchet and just did an MS walk together. Chris says they did and their rivalry was real but they had a peace treaty and Dom took him in like family. He talks about his mom being diagnosed at 27 and he’s glad he gets to spread awareness. Jeff says very inspirational.


    Jeff says we couldn’t have done this season without James and Erik. He owes them apology when they come back.


    Jeff says they couldn’t have done a season like Ghost Island they first have to have a history and it’s because of guys like Erik and James they have these early dumb moves. Jeff asks James if over the years how hard it was to be number 1 or 2 on the list. James says it was hard, it makes you not want to watch the show anymore, it traumatizes you. Jeff says here’s the thing he realizes during the season that James found two idols, and he overlooked that at the time. He is just an early adopter of a risky move and he rolled the dice and he got caught. Has sense of humor kicked in? James says he didn’t take it that personally. Jeff says you get people like Michael who idolized you. Michael says he loved that he found James’ idol and could the right the wrongs.


    Jeff says but no one was happier than James when this happened in season 16, 10 years ago. We see Erik giving away his immunity idol. Jeff says you can see the burden lifted off James shoulders. Jeff says Parvati said he will go down as the dumbest Survivor ever. Jeff asks at what point does sense of humor have to kick in for him not to feel bad about that? Erik says just being there was amazing and every day was a gift. He says there’s so much to this because it shows who you are as a human. He says if you don’t laugh you’re going to cry. Jeff says he forgot he made it to final five both times he played.


    Jeff goes to Kellyn and says 7 of the 11 advantages that were haunted were cursed again. He asks if it gets in your head? Kellyn says of course you think it might be coincidence. But when you go to Ghost Island you can feel the Survivor lore and it was fun for the fans of the show.


    We get a look at the next season of Survivor: David vs Goliath. The David’s are 10 people who have had to overcome adversity. It’s the only thing they’ve known. They’ll take on the Goliath’s. 10 people who capitalize on their advantage and use it to squash their opponents. But when you’re abandoned on a deserted island with no idea what to expect, it doesn’t matter if you were born with it or had to fight for it because every Goliath has an achilles heal and every David a secret weapon.


    Jeff brings out Kevin Hart to talk about a new show he’s hosting called TKO and we get a sneak peek at it. It’s an obstacle course combined with dodge ball for the average person.


    Jeff says if this looks like fun, then apply. The goal is for someone who applies tonight they want to try and make sure will be on. They will be back in the fall with Survivor: David vs Goliath.

  22. Tonight, we’re going to find out who wins The Voice! Five of this season’s artists kick the show off singing In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins. The artists are Christiana Danielle, Jackie Foster, Britton Buchanan, Wilkes, and Mia Boostrom.


    We get a look at how hard Kelly has worked this season on The Voice. Carson says she’s been a great addition to the family and he informs us she will be back next season.


    Dua Lipa takes the stage to perform IDGAF by Dua Lipa.


    We get a look at the coach/artist relationship between Kyla and Blake. Kyla says she loves Blake. She says he’s always there to comfort and to encourage. Blake says if Kyla doesn’t win the voice she will win the hug, she has to be the best hugger on the show. Blake says he and Kyla made a connection and she’ll be a friend from now on.


    Kane Brown is ready to perform and Spensha Baker will be joining him to sing his song What If.


    We get a look at Adam as he puts on a disguise and messes with people on the Jurassic Park ride.


    Next James Bay is going to perform Us with Alicia Keys.


    We check-in with Chloe Kohanski to see what she’s been up to since winning The Voice and she is going to perform her new single Come This Far.


    We now get a look at the relationship between Britton and Alicia. Alicia says Britton was shy and took awhile to come out of his shell for her. Alicia says he is a talented, amazing guy. Britton says Alicia is the kindest person he’s ever met. Alicia really thanks Blake for blocking Adam.


    Julia Michaels is joined by Brynn Cartelli and they are going to sing Julia’s songs Issues and Jump. Carson tells us Julia wrote Brynn’s original song from the finale performances.


    Johnny Bliss, Kyla Jade, Rayshun LaMarr, and Sharane Callister take the stage and perform Papa Was a Rolling Stone by The Temptations.


    The Top 4 get brand new cars from Toyota.


    Florence and the Machine take the stage and perform their new song Hunger.


    We get a look at Blake and Spensha’s relationship. Blake says Spensha is really goofy behind the scenes. Spensha says she still gets nervous seeing Blake, but it’s a nervous excitement. Spensha says Blake believes in her and she’s super grateful.


    Britton takes the stage with Ryan Adams and they sing To Be Without You.


    Halsey and Big Sean take the stage and perform Alone.


    We are now going to look at Brynn and Kelly’s relationship. Kelly says she’s more emotional than the teenager. Brynn says Kelly is the same way behind the scenes as she is on camera. Brynn says she is real and caring and she’s always looked up to her. Kelly says she’s going to be Brynn’s big sis for life.


    We’re going to keep the music going and Jason Aldean takes the stage to perform Drowns the Whiskey.     


    Now Kyla takes the stage with Jennifer Hudson singing I Know Where I’ve Been.


    Carson tells us Jennifer will be back next season.


    We see clips of Alicia as a life coach and some of the advice she gives.


    Time to get to some results!


    The finalist in fourth place is…


    The finalist in fourth place is Spensha Baker.


    Carson will now read the name of the artist in third place…


    The finalist in third place is…Kyla Jade.


    The moment we have all been waiting for!


    The winner of The Voice is…Brynn Cartelli!!

  23. This is it! We’re live for The Voice finale! It’s a big night and it all comes down to tonight. We have four finalists and they are each going to sing three times. They are going to do a new cover, a song with their coach, and they are going to debut an original song. Voting is open on all methods.


    We’re going to kickoff the night with Kyla Jade from Team Blake. Kyla is going to perform With a Little Help From My Friends by The Beatles. Blake says there are only a handful of singers on this earth that can do what Kyla does.


    Kelly says Kyla is always so impressive. The best part of the night was not just her vocals, but how she included everyone behind her. Blake says if Kyla doesn’t win the voice, he doesn’t know why they call the show the voice. After that performance, he thinks this will be the last time he’ll get front row seats to see her perform.


    Next up is Britton Buchanan from Team Alicia. Britton wrote and is going to perform his song Where You Come From. Alicia says there is no one else like him.


    Adam says since he no longer has a horse in his race he’s Team Britton. Adam says they’d be lucky if he won the show because it feels like Britton has so much more to show them. Alicia says they have so much gratitude for America and the love they have given him. She says every feeling is his and that’s what an artist does is create a picture.


    Now we have our first Coach-Artist duet, Kelly Clarkson with Brynn Cartelli. They are singing Don’t Dream It’s Over by Crowded House.


    Now Spensha Baker from Team Blake is going to take the stage. She’s has chosen to perform Merry Go ‘Round by Kacey Musgraves. Blake says he wouldn’t be surprised to see Spensha win because every week she steps it up.


    Blake gives an ovation and he says America, this is why Spensha was his save in the playoffs and that’s why America voted her to the finale, because she’s a story teller. He says we’re looking at the next big country star.


    It’s time for our second coach-artist duet. Britton Buchanan and Alicia Keys are going to sing Wake Me Up by Avicii featuring Aloe Blacc.


    We’re going to continue with an emotional debut song with Kyla Jade. Kyla’s original song is called The Last Tear. Blake says this can be the greatest song she’s done.


    Alicia and Blake give Kyla an ovation. Kelly says they always come to her because they know she loves Kyla. Kelly says if she were a song writer she would be a dream to work with. Kelly says it’s a blessing as a song writer to have an artist like Kyla who can sing anything they give her. Blake says this show was designed to find a vocalist just like her. Blake tells people to rewind and watch that performance and listen to Kyla’s voice because THAT is The Voice!


    Our final four are one step away from winning it all. Now it’s time for our next coach-artist duet, Spensha Baker and Blake Shelton. They are going to sing Tell Me About It by Tanya Tucker.


    Next is Brynn Cartelli’s original song. Brynn’s song is called Walk My Way. Kelly says she is the president of her fan club and she’s so excited for people to hear this song while they’re waiting for an album.


    Brynn gets an ovation from all four coaches. Adam says she’s probably sick of hearing this, but the fact she’s 15 and she’s come all this way in such a short period of time is so amazing. Kelly says she doesn’t want to just talk to America, but radio too. She cannot wait for America to hear her and she is so talented and amazing and that was incredible.


    Our final coach-artist duet is Kyla Jade and Blake Shelton. They are going to sing Only Love by Wynonna.


    The next artist is Britton Buchanan from Team Alicia to perform his final cover. He has chosen to sing Good Lovin’ by The Rascals. Alicia says this song just shows there is no world he can’t make his own. Alicia says to see him win would be so gratifying.


    The audience is extremely loud. Alicia is on her feet and says it’s electric in here! She says he’s totally alive, he’s totally in his element, he’s in the zone. She’s so proud of him because he set the whole place on fire and woke the whole pace up. There is no stopping him!


    Now it’s time for Spensha Baker to debut her original song. Spensha’s song is called Old Soul. Blake says this song gives him chills and he called it, she’s a star.


    Blake says Spensha is ready to step off the stage and step onto the stage of the Grand Ole Opry. Blake says they need her in country music and this girl deserves to win this show.


    Our final artist of the night is Brynn Cartelli from Team Kelly. Brynn has chosen to close out the night with Skyfall by Adele. Kelly says Brynn has not only the drive but the intellect and talent too and she’s tackling Adele.


    Kelly is on her feet for Brynn. Kelly says she is so lucky. She’s so lucky to get to know Brynn and she is literally just a cheerleader. Kelly says everything you see Brynn do is her idea and she’s just sitting here in awe. She’s amazing and so captivating to watch.

  24. Tonight, your finalists will be revealed! We’ll find out which four artist will advance to next week’s finale and the fourth artist will be put through with the Instant Save! 


    Time to find out our first results!


    The first artist saved and advancing to next week’s finale…


    The first finalist is Spensha Baker!


    Time to find out another finalist!


    Your second finalist is…Brynn Cartelli!


    Time to find out the third artist moving to the finale!


    The third finalist America chose to move on is…Kyla Jade!


    We will soon find out which 3 of the 5 remaining artists will compete for the final spot in the finale! Stay close!


    We are now going to find out which 3 artists are going to perform for the Instant Save.


    The first artist performing for a spot in the finale is…Britton Buchanan.


    The second artist performing for a spot in the finale is…Kaleb Lee.


    The last artist performing for the last spot in the finale is…Pryor Baird.


    Jackie Foster and Rayshun LaMarr are leaving the competition. Adam will not be represented in the finale and Alicia will have to see what happens with the Instant Save. 


    Pryor Baird is performing the song Soul Shine by The Allman Brothers Band. He gets an ovation from all four coaches. Blake says this is your guy, America! Blake says he’s surprised to see Pryor in this position and he deserves to be in the finale.


    Kaleb Lee is singing Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Kaleb gets an ovation from Kelly and Alicia. Kelly says she is so excited for Kaleb right now. He has grown so much on this show and people are excited. Kelly says you gotta vote for Kaleb!


    Britton Buchanan is singing Dancing On My Own by Calum Scott. Britton gets an ovation from Adam and Alicia. Alicia says he gave her full body chills. He is the real deal. There is no act. America, make sure you vote Britton through! Adam wants everyone to save Britton because the universe gave him a chance to help him.


    Blake says there are no last words for Pryor because they are friends and whether the journey ends here or where it takes him, Blake will be backing him no matter what. Blake says this is shocking to see these three.


    Kelly says she came on the show because she loves Blake and her goal is to give back. She says if he gets through or if he doesn’t, she’s already collecting songs for him. She says this is not his defining moment, that comes after the show and she will be there with him.


    Alicia congratulates them all and says they are all special. She thanks America for voting Britton through thus far and he is so special and talented and she is so proud and excited for his future.


    The time has come. America has instantly saved…Britton Buchanan!

  25. Tonight, our 8 semi-finalists are going to perform two times. They will do an individual song and then they’ll pair up for a duet. Voting is open.


    We’re kicking the night off with Team Kelly’s Brynn Cartelli. Brynn is going to sing What the Worlds Needs Now is Love by Andra Day. She says it’s a tough time in the world and everyone deserves love. Kelly says it’s gorgeous, but she doesn’t want the song to be so linear. Kelly says Brynn is a unicorn and she thought she’d be in the finale since she first turned in the blinds.


    Brynn gets a standing ovation from all the coaches. Blake says for 15 years old she is a master at mastering her performances. Every time she steps on that stage she really embraces the song and the moment and it’s easy to get lost in her performances. Kelly says it’s crazy how innate everything is in her already at such a young age. Kelly says her performances are so epic and beautiful and tasteful.


    Now we have our first duet, Pryor Baird and Kaleb Lee from Teams Blake and Kelly. The duets are going to be a cool mash-up. There will be special hashtags for each duet and each member of the duet will get a vote. They are going to sing Hillybilly Bone by Blake Shelton and Hillybilly Deluxe by Brooks and Dunn. The hashtag for them is #KalebPryorDuet.


    Next is Team Alicia’s Jackie Foster. She is going to sing Here I Go Again by Whitesnake. Jackie says she wants to write songs like this and bring rock back. She wants this song to be her anthem. She loves having Alicia as a coach and getting messages from her because very message is uplifting and encouraging and it helps her confidence in knowing she’s in the right place.


    Adam says the more fun you have when you’re performing is how an artist dictates their success and she let loose and showed everyone who she really is. He loved that song, he loved that time, and he wants it back too. Alicia says she owned it, she made that song hers, she smashed, and she’s gorgeous.


    Next, we have another duet and it’s Kyla Jade and Spensha Baker. They are singing What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye and Rise Up by Andra Day. The hashtag for this duet is #KylaSpenshaDuet.


    Now we have Team Adam’s last remaining artist Rayshun LaMarr. He thanks America for saving him again. He’s going to sing Imagine by John Lennon. He loves the message of this song. He says America has seen the entertainer side, but now he just wants to stand there and deliver a powerful message. Adam advises him to hold out the final note and give America goosebumps.


    Rayshun gets an ovation from everyone in the room. Kelly says he has so much joy in him and it’s such a pleasure to watch him perform. Kelly says he’s such a great escape and that’s what music should be. Adam says he doesn’t even know where to start. Adam says he is so inspiring and he thinks that’s a version of Imagine that John Lennon would be proud of.


    Next, we have Team Blake’s Spensha Baker. She is going to sing My Church by Maren Morris. She says it’s a perfect blend of spiritual and country. Blake says they are the only team with all three members still intact. Blake says she is one step away from the finale.


    Blake says it’s like everything Spensha has been holding back just came out on the stage. Blake will be shocked if Spensha is not in the finale after that performance.


    We’re going to continue with Team Blake’s Kyla Jade. She is going to sing Let It Be by the Beatles. Blake says vocally she should treat it like this is the last time she’s going to sing on the show. He says this performance is going to bring her back to church and be epic.


    All four judges are on their feet as Kyla finishes. Alicia says she was embodying Marian Anderson. She saw this magnificence and grandness and there’s a confidence rising inside of her and she feels so much joy. Alicia says this was a superstar, iconic performance. Blake says he has never been more honored to be associated with a human being and a vocalist. Blake says he sometimes tells people the show can be won in the semi-finals and if that’s true he thinks she may have just won.


    Our next duet is Britton Buchanan and Brynn Cartelli. They are going to sing FourFiveSeconds by Rihanna and You Can’t Always Get What You Want by The Rolling Stones. The hashtag for this duet is #BrittonBrynnDuet.


    We’re going to continue on with Team Kelly’s Kaleb Lee. Kaleb is going to sing It Is Well With My Soul which is a traditional hymn. Kelly says Kaleb has shown a lot of country and now he’s showing America his heart. Kelly advises Kaleb to go a capella at the end. This performance will be extra special to Kaleb because he gets to look over and see his family.


    Kelly says Kaleb’s family has to be so proud of him because he just killed it. Kelly says Kaleb has grown so much from the beginning and this was the perfect time to do this song. It was so beautiful and so perfect.


    Now we have our last duet Jackie Foster and Rayshun LaMarr. They are going to sing Believer and Radioactive both song by Imagine Dragons. The hashtag for this duet is #JackieRayshunDuet.


    Next, we have Team Blake’s Pryor Baird. Pryor is going to sing Change the World by Eric Clapton. Blake says he can see Pryor being an artist like Eric Clapton. Pryor is singing this song in honor of his girlfriend because the lyrics fit so well.


    Kelly says every time Pryor is on stage he sounds like his voice is in a cool state of pleading, like he’s in love with whatever he’s singing. It’s her favorite part. Blake says he thinks America has fallen in love with him because he’s an incredible singer, but also because he seems like that great guy who lives next door. Blake says he really is that guy.


    The final artist of the night is Team Alicia’s Britton Buchanan. Britton has chosen to sing The Rising by Bruce Springsteen. Alicia says Britton is a genuine, true storyteller and he is the real deal. Alicia tells him to own this moment, it’s his. Britton says people are either going to be smiling all the way through or crying.


    Alicia says she is blessed to be working with Britton. She says when he comes on stage she sees another side of him she’s never seen before. She says this was a piece of what he wanted to say to the world. She says there is nothing he can’t do and there is such emotion that he’s conveying. What he’s going to accomplish is outrageous.