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  1. Previously, on Big Brother Canada, hidden deep with the dusty archives a ticking time bomb was about to go off, and Adam made the explosive discovery. Relentless in his search, the alpha dog unlocked the mystery of the secret assassin. Armed with a deadly weapon, Adam locked in on Cory and then pulled the trigger and the beast from the east joined Damien and Este on the block.


    Reeling from the hit, the mastermind growled, and the underdogs howled. With his ally’s life on the line, Anthony went on the offensive and when the infighting escalated, the mastermind lost all control. Then on eviction night, Anthony was outvoted three to one and his asset took a fatal hit. While Adam was pumped up by his successful mission. Tonight, who will get their ship together and deliver in the HOH? Has the guru’s game finally been exposed? The hits just keep on coming on Big Brother Canada!


    We pick up from the live eviction on day 48. Adam is stoked Cory walked out the door. He says she’s the reason Sam was gone and now he’s the one who got her out. Anthony says Cory was 100% loyal to him and she didn’t need to go yet, she wasn’t a threat to any of the Pretty Boys. People are dancing and celebrating, and they don’t need to come near him because he’s not in a good mood.


    Kyra says Anthony is clearly upset he lost one of his closest allies and he needs to not be so comfortable because things aren’t always going to go his way. Kyra goes to tell Adam that Anthony is mad, and Adam comes downstairs and says Cory was a compulsive liar. Anthony tells Este he’ll have a conversation with her because he has some things to tell her, and then he’ll have one with Kyra. He says if he wins this next HOH, as God as his witness, he’s flipping the house upside down. Nobody’s safe!


    Adam recaps the rules to the HOH competition. They have to grab a box and stack them and if any boxes touch the ground they are out. Adam says he feels comfortable with everyone, and he knows the other PB’s know if they put him up he’ll take himself down, but he wants to win this HOH.


    Dane says he wants to do good in this competition, but this is not a good time for him to be in power because he’s working with Este and Damien, and of course he has his pretty boys. Kyra says their little arms are a disadvantage in this comp. OK HG, the next shipment contains a special delivery. The next box contains a letter from home. If they want it, then they have to add it to their stack, and if not they can just let it go. Este wants a letter from home, but she’ll have an extra box and she needs to win this HOH to stay safe another week.


    No one takes the letter from home and Damien says sorry Mom and Dad and he tears up. Kyra watches it go by and they get emotional, as does Este. No one takes the letter from home. 30 minutes have passed. The next shipment is have boxes, meaning if they take this box they are guaranteed to be have for the week. Dane says are you kidding me. He stops the box and then lets it go. Este is the only one to take a box and is a have along with Mark and whoever wins HOH and everyone else is a have-not! Dane is upset that he didn’t take it and now he’s a have-not two weeks in a row. ‘


    Since there are so many have-not this week, Big Brother has a treat for them. It’s a couple pieces of pizza and Anthony and Kyra didn’t take it. Anthony says pizza is his favorite food besides poutine. He should have went for the pizza! Este has 7 boxes and everyone else has 6. The next shipment is a mystery box. They can take the box and add that box, or let it go and take the risk of either adding 0 boxes or 2 boxes. Kyra decides to play it safe, as does Adam and Damien. Mark opens the envelope and it’s 0 so the others do not have to add a box.


    Another delivery is on its way and Este is struggling and she ends up dropping. Dane is starting to shake and he has a box that’s a little crooked. He tries to go fix it and it starts to slip down. He uses his leg to kick it up and another shipment arrives at that time. Anthony and Dane are at 9 boxes, and Adam, Damien, and Kyra have 10 boxes. Dane is still struggling and trying to kick his boxes up and they drop.


    1 hour and 20 minutes have elapsed and Kyra has one that’s crooked and they don’t think they can fix it. They say they can’t stay straight, they’ve never been able to. Another shipment arrives and Kyra is struggling to add theirs and they drop. Kyra says this suck, they really wanted to win this competition and they really hope Adam wins at this point.


    Damien and Adam have 11 boxes and Anthony has 10 boxes. Damien shows a little movement and another shipment is arriving. Adam makes it happen and says keep it coming Big Brother and another shipment arrives. Damien says his calves are shaking and he just got off the block and he doesn’t want to go back up. Another shipment arrives and Damien says oh man!


    A new shipment arrive and Damien is struggling and his boxes are crooked and they eventually fall. It is down to Anthony and Adam. Adam says keep each other safe? Anthony says drop your boxes and your safe and I’ll even take you to Wendy’s. Anthony says drop now and the person of your choice stays safe. Adam says last time he made that deal it bit him in the butt, Anthony’s girl took out his girl. Adam says there has been tension between him and Anthony and he just wants to beat him. Adam tells Anthony if he drops he’s safe. Another shipment arrives and both add to their stack but Anthony’s wobbles and then drops. Adam has won HOH!


    Anthony is the first to head inside with everyone else behind and it’s very quiet. Kyra and Este are in the SR and they are both saying thank goodness Adam won. Kyra says Anthony has played a smooth sailing game so far and he’s friends with everyone in the house. Anthony says he’s upset, this was not Adam’s competition to win. Anthony says he’s still aligned with Adam but he’ll never forget the horrible choices he’s made throughout the entire season. Adam goes into the blue BR where Anthony is and he asks if everything is ok and Anthony says yes. Adam says he thought Anthony was solid.


    Este and Damien are talking and they say they are still there. They hope Mark goes home. Este is telling Damien that Anthony was upset and everyone was making deals and they are all against him. Este says be careful of him. Anthony wants to talk to Kyra because they’ve been disrespectful to Cory and he needs to bring some of this to light.


    Anthony says he’s going to sit on the floor and whisper so he doesn’t intimidate anyone and he’s talking to Kyra and Adam and he repeats things he’s heard Kyra say or that he heard they said. He tells Kyra that he knows they told people that Adam and Dane are a threat and Kyra says they told Adam they didn’t trust him. Kyra says it’s ok, because they figured out Anthony’s game too. Kyra says Anthony aligns with the strong and then mentors the weak and vulnerable. Anthony says you are weak.


    Anthony says Kyra was running their mouth about Este all season. Kyra says Este and I have to work together because everyone else is gone and there have been two sides. Kyra says Anthony plants seeds to make people doubt each other. Anthony says he doesn’t like that’s why he hasn’t touched the block Kyra. Anthony says he hasn’t touched the block because he’s been honest with every single person in the house and Kyra can’t say otherwise. Kyra says they’ve been loyal to people this whole game and they’ve fought for the people they’ve been loyal to. Kyra says they’re not a liar and they get emotional and Adam comforts them.


    Damien and Kyra are drinking protein shakes and they say cheers. Who wants to see Adam’s HOH room? Adam says he hasn’t had the HOH room since week 1 and he loves it. He has a picture of his sister and his mom and he’s going to look at it all the time. He says he’s going to take Dane to Wendy’s.


    His video is from his mom and she says she can’t believe he’s on team. She can’t believe the little boy she had grew up to be a lovely man and he makes her proud and he has this!


    Dane heads down to the lounge and the paintings on the wall all turn to Leon’s. The moose in the room starts talking and it’s Marsha. Marsha says they hope Dane isn’t on slop anymore because they can’t stand him farting. Marsha has a mission. He has to drop his tooth in someone’s drink, he has to get someone to put his tooth in their mouth, and he has to make cookies for the whole house and make them think he lost the tooth in the batter. Dane says no problem.


    Dane says drop a tooth in someone’s drink? He does that all the time! He’s going to try and drop his tooth in Kyra’s drink and all he’s thinking is don’t get caught. Kyra steps away and Dane drops the tooth in her cup and they take a drink and asks what the metal thing is? Kyra says is that your tooth? Dane says did it fall out? Kyra gives it back.


    Dane says this is going to be tricky, like who wants to wear his disgusting teeth. Dane tells Este girls at home put his teeth in their mouth and he thinks it’s funny. Este says do you want me to put it in my mouth, is that why you’re telling me the story?  Dane says I don’t know. Este sticks the tooth in her mouth and Dane tells us that was too easy. Este is bold girl!


    Time for the last step and Dane calls everyone in and he starts making cookies. He puts the tooth down on the counter and Anthony sees it. Dane says this is going to be tricky, he has to be super sly. Dane starts asking has anyone seen his tooth and Este says check the garbage. Kyra says did you put it in the coffee again. Dane says maybe it fell in the batter. Kyra says did you use crunchy peanut butter and Dane says no. Dane says did you just eat my tooth?


    Dane goes back to see Marsha and says he completed all three tasks and he won a reward for the whole house and he can’t tell anyone about Marsha. Marsha says before you go, give Marsha a big old sloppy kiss. Bye!


    Dane calls everyone to the LR and he reads, HG, you maybe have noticed I’ve been acting strange today. But what you don’t know is Big Brother sent me on a mission to trick you with my teeth. And because I succeeded we all get food and drinks for the whole house. We see them eating and they cheers to Dane’s teeth.


    Adam says he picked Dane for Wendy’s because he gets grumpy when he’s on slop. Adam and Dane look at the menu and then Adam heads down to get it from Olivia from Season 6. Adam ding-dongs with Olivia and then heads upstairs and ding-dongs with Dane.


    Adam says he is working with the Pretty Boys and he thinks he needs to put Damien up on the block because he was supposed to go last week and Damien isn’t doing anything for him. Adam tells the Pretty Boys and Anthony says if he does that with Damien, then he could lose a jury vote. Anthony says he should put up Kyra and Este. Adam asks what he should tell Kyra and Anthony says tell them they have to be a soldier and trust him.


    Adam says he doesn’t want to put Kyra on the block. He knows it’s what the boys want, but he doesn’t think it’s a good game move for him. Adam talks to Mark and he says he doesn’t want to put Kyra up. Mark says so what you want to put Damien and me up? Mark says we just talked about this and came up with an amazing plan and Adam says but it wasn’t an amazing plan. Adam tells Mark he doesn’t want Kyra up because he knows they will go and he doesn’t want them to go on his HOH. Adam says he is in an alliance with the guys, but he wants to make the best move for his HOH.


    Adam says Mark doesn’t want to go on the block so he has to tell Kyra that he wants to backdoor Mark. Kyra says what if Mark wins and Adam says then Damien goes home. Adam says let me go get Anthony and Kyra says why? Adam says Anthony can explain it and Kyra says Anthony is good with his words and of course he’s going to defend Mark. Adam says the story the guys told him to tell Kyra isn’t making sense so he has to get them all in the room and figure it out.


    Adam calls everyone except Mark in the HOH and they are discussing a backdoor plan and he is trying to get volunteers to make his plan easier. Este says and then if Mark wins whoever you put up stays on the block. Adam says Dane has never put him on the block. Damien says he could take himself down, but he hasn’t been close in a POV competition. Dane says he’d use it to take Este or Damien down. Kyra says they’d still put Mark up because if he wins then they are screwed with getting him out. Adam says he still doesn’t want to give him a chance to win POV and take himself down like Adam did.


    Time for the nomination ceremony! Adam tells us he wants to make final four with the Pretty Boys even though they’ve had tension this last week. Adam’s first nominee is Este. His second nominee is Damien. Adam says numbers are getting little and he made a deal with Anthony and he’s a man of his word. He told Sam he’d stay close to Kyra and he’s honoring that. He says they aren’t his target and let’s make the plan happen.


    Este says being nominated for the third time in a row sucks, but there is a plan in place to backdoor Mark. Damien says four times on the block, it’s like he’s stuck in a time warp. Mark says Este and Damien have no idea the Pretty Boy’s pulled a fast one on them!

  2. Arisa says tonight, the HG discover the secret of The Archives! All season long, the archive has confused, consumed, and confounded. Tonight, the mystery ends! Tonight, one houseguest cracks the code. Tonight, the secret assassin s unleashed, and the rest will learn that luck comes in threes.


    Tonight, in a Big Brother Canada first, the HG will be voting to evict 1 of 3 nominees. It’s a massive game move that could change everything. Let’s take a look at what happened after the POV ceremony.


    We pick up after the veto ceremony on day 45. Este hugs and Damien and says she’s a big, bad player. Este tells us this isn’t a good move for Mark. Anthony says Este is on the block. Cory, the beast from the east, is not because that was HIS plan. That mojo can’t be bought or taught. Kyra says Mark just made the whole house mad. This was the opportunity to backdoor a strong player.


    Dane says if Cory goes to the F2, he will give her his votes. She came in late and everyone said she was the target, but now she’s still here. Mark says to Cory he isn’t going to bow down to people. Cory says they were telling Mark to take out a big target, but maybe it could have been Dane. Mark says if they want the power so badly, then they can win and take out a big player.


    Adam says he has seen this week that Mark listens to Anthony and he has Cory’s back more than theirs. Dane agrees. Anthony comes in and asks if it was a good move and Dane says he honestly doesn’t think so. Dane says they got out Sam last week because she was a threat to the group and Anthony says to everyone in the group. Anthony says Damien is more of an athlete and Adam says he’s just afraid it would bite him in the ass. Anthony doesn’t think so.


    Damien goes to talk to Mark and says so I’m the big move? The guy that hasn’t won anything? Mark says yeah. Damien says he’s played nice and calm all season and now Mark is screwing him over. Damien leaves and Mark looks at the camera and shrugs. He says yeah, the nominees might be upset, but that’s part of the game. Este says Mark only has Anthony and Cory now and he made Adam, Damien, and Dane mad so he better hope one of his friends has his back. After Este leaves, Mark looks at the camera and says bitter much?


    Adam heads into The Archives and he says Anthony is getting on his last nerve and he wants to kick his game into high gear. He knows Big Brother really well and he says there has to be something in that room and he’s not giving up until he finds it. He begins looking through boxes and he finds a little case with what appears to be a flashlight. Adam hears someone and puts it back, but he takes it back and reads use the flashlight to search the room for top secret clues that could change the game. This is for your eyes only so make sure you are alone. Adam says what am I supposed to be looking for Big Brother?


    Adam is using the flashlight and looking on the floors, the boxes, the walls, He finally finds a box that when he shines the light on it he can see a 7. He thinks season 7 so maybe he has to search that box. He doesn’t find anything in there. He then finds a box where he can see a 4. Mark is lying on the counter in the SR while Adam is looking. Adam finds a box with a 2 and then one with a 9. He is stacking those boxes to the side. He finds one with a star and then a tape recorder. He can’t find anything else so he knows he has to keep searching.


    Adam finally finds a part of the wall that looks different and a box slides out of the wall. He goes to look at the numbers again and he puts in the numbers. He tries different combinations of the numbers and finally gets the box to open and there is a cassette tape that says secret assassin. He puts it in the recorder and plays it. It says, “Agent, if you are hearing this message, you have unlocked the secret of The Archive giving you the power of the secret assassin. You will now go undercover and take a shot at the target of your choice. You will lock in a third nominee for eviction. The third nominee will be revealed to the house, but your identity will be kept confidential. The HOH is immune from this power. Take your shot and make it count!”


    Adam says the timing paid off. Adam says he is the secret assassin and he’s watched the show his whole life and having a power like this is mind blowing and he definitely won’t waste it. Arisa says we now know Adam is the secret assassin and when we come back, we’ll find out which HG has ended up in his crosshairs.


    Arisa says the eviction vote is just minutes away and it will be unlike anything they’ve ever done before. Damien and Este are nominated, but one more will be joining them. Who will it be? It will be all up to Adam!


    Adam is in HQ considering his options. He says Dane could go up but he’s put in his work for the Pretty Boys. Adam says he and Kyra are tied together because of Sam and he feels like they are a solid number for him. Adam says Anthony has way too much power in this game and hasn’t won a competition. That annoys him. He thinks Anthony has Cory’s back over the Pretty Boys. All of the Pretty Boys have sat on the block except Anthony. Adam says he pushed for Cory to go on Sam’s HOH and it didn’t work out. He pushed for her to go this week and it didn’t work out. He says it’s pretty risky on who he puts up but seeing as how he has this power, you will be going up and he grabs Cory’s picture. Adam says it’s a big move.


    Attention HG…everyone report to the living room immediately! “As you have noticed throughout the season, The Archive room has piled up with an endless supply of documents and boxes. What you didn’t know is one of the boxes contained a special power. This power allows one agent to change the trajectory of the game. This power has been found! The agent that found it has now assumed the role of secret assassin. This assassin earned the right to secretly nominate a third HG for eviction! The HG they have chosen to nominate is…Cory. The secret assassin’s work is complete! The three nominees now face eviction and the vote will end one of their games!”


    The HG are in shock and Este says what?!? Cory says she has to get ready to campaign and she walks away. Anthony is in shock and Mark is just smiling. Damien says Cory goes up on the block and he is not the threat anymore. He thought he was 100% going. Holy crap! Este says she’s very, very happy right now. Mark looks stupid this week! Este says not to be cocky, but she’s not leaving this week. Adam says right now no one knows he’s the secret assassin and he wants to keep it that way. The HG speculate the assassin was Damien. Kyra assures Damien he’s staying.


    Anthony and Cory are sitting together and Anthony is thinking hard. He says he thinks it was Adam and Cory thinks so too. Cory says she knew people wanted her out but she thought they’d have the balls to take her head on. Anthony says whoever the secret assassin was, his name definitely crossed their mind. Taking a shot at Cory is taking a shot at him. Anthony says when I find out who you are and believe me I WILL find out who you are, your game is over. You will be uncomfortable every single day and you will be begging to leave the house.


    Arisa is with Emmett from Season 1 and asks what he thinks of the season. He’s impressed with the way the Pretty Boys are holding it together and now they are showing cracks. He’s impressed they stayed together. Arisa says for now. She asks him to predict a winner and he says Dane.


    Adam is in the SR and says what a day. Adam says he wears a necklace for his friend Taylor who passed away September 16 and he knew Adam loved the show and they were very close. He says on the back of the necklace it says today is going to be a good day and he always tells himself that. Adam goes to pray in the HOH and says this was a good day. He wants to win this game for him.


    Damien is talking to Adam and says everyone loves Cory, but she’s great at this game and she could beat all of them. Adam says Mark and Anthony are gunning for Damien, but he put Cory up to get her out of here. He wants to save Damien so he’ll have his back moving forward.


    Cory goes to talk to Dane and she says his vote is crucial. She can’t rely on Adam or Kyra because she sent Sam home last week. She’s confident Mark will keep her if she can get Dane’s vote and force a tie. Cory says she wants to battle it out with him and she’d love to battle it out with Pike’s. Cory says if they battle it out and Dane gets her then he’ll have her vote. She promises she’ll be loyal to Dane until they get to the end. Cory says she doesn’t see Adam and Kyra changing their vote because they are emotional people. That’s what blows her mind because she put Sam up but she didn’t vote her out. Cory says she is going to prepare an eviction speech.


    Adam and Kyra are talking. Kyra says they can get out the girl who backdoored Sam. Kyra says they finally feel like Adam could be their number one and they feel like they are part of the game and have some influence. Adam says Dane better not mess this up and Kyra doesn’t think Dane would do that. Kyra says Dane is smart and they don’t think he would do that. Adam says Mark is in love with Anthony. Kyra really thinks Dane is going to be smart.


    Dane goes into the HOH with Mark and Anthony. Kyra says Anthony is good at talking, but they think Dane is too smart. Anthony tells Dane that Adam will be up any second. Dane says he thought Cory was the best person to go out. Anthony says we all discussed and decided Damien was the best person to go and now you’re changing your mind. Anthony says if the three of us know 100% that Cory won’t put us up, then it breaks down to Adam, right? Anthony says we need to think about the team. Dane says why are we worried about Damien? Anthony says why are we worried about Cory?


    Adam says Cory is a school teacher, she’s smart, she knows her days and she’s athletic. Anthony starts defending Cory and he stands up. Adam tells him he needs to calm down and sit down and stop pointing at them. Anthony asks Adam if he thinks he can beat them in the final four? Adam says yes. Anthony says he is going to be all of them in the F4. He can take ALL of them down. Wake up call guys! In the final four, he’s beating every single one of them!


    Arisa says thanks to Adam and his secret assassin power, Cory is up as a third nominee alongside Este and Damien. Arisa goes to the HG and tonight, they will all get to hear from some of their favorite people, their former HG.


    Laura says can’t say she was too sad to see Sam go. Maki says seems like they got away from her plague after all. They are in for a treat when they get out. Kailyn says her shoulders are tired from all the cooking and cleaning she’s been doing. Eddie says he never had a crush on Adam and it’s like a sausagefest in the house. Chelsea says she’s talked to a few of their families. Kiki says she misses some of them and she wishes Este luck. Sam says she’s having so much fun in the jury house and she doesn’t want to see Adam or Kyra anytime soon.


    Damien says three times he’s been on the block and this time with three other people. He says you know the type of person I am in this game and he shouts out to his family and friends. Este says she holds them close to her heart and soul with a lot of love and she hopes the people who said they have her back really do. Cory says she doesn’t want Kyra and Adam’s vote because even though they know Sam threw their names under the bus, it shows they are weak minded and weak players. And she doesn't want to work with weak players.  Cory tells Dane if she leaves this house he will not have her vote, but if he keeps her and she’ll be loyal.  


    Arisa says only four of you will be voting and Mark will only vote in the event of a tie.

    Adam says this is for you Sam, I vote to evict Cory.

    Anthony votes to evict Este.

    Kyra gladly votes to evict Cory.

    Dane says I guess I don’t have a jury vote, but I evict Cory.

    By a vote of 3-1-0, Cory has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house. We’ll let her know in just a few moments.


    It’s time to reveal this wild vote! She goes to the HG and tells Damien he is safe. She says Este and Cory, one of you are heading to jury. Este is safe, which means Cory has been evicted. Arisa reveals Cory had three votes and Este had one. Cory hugs Este and Damien and then hugs Anthony and heads up the stairs and out the door.


    Arisa gives Cory a hug and has her settle in. Arisa says can we talk about that speech? Cory says Arisa cut her off! She says you have to go out swinging. Arisa says when you sent Sam out last week she said you were out next. What will you say to Sam? Arisa says we voted you in and Cory says she’s so sorry she let them down. She says it’s been a whirlwind but she wouldn’t’ change anything. Cory says her boy Anthony is going to win this.


    Kyra says they spent the better half of the season watching her back and when she got power she tossed that loyalty out the window. Anthony says he will find out who did this and he will get revenge. This will not go unavenged.  Dane says Cory is an amazing person and she got too close to his boy Anthony and he’s been working with Anthony for a long time. Mark says Dane was the one who was behind the backdoor plan. Adam says he and Dane were the ones who came up with the backdoor plan and Sam was the one person who was on her side, he’s been in an alliance since night one called The Pretty Boys and they’ve been taking everyone out ever since, and yours truly is the secret assassin.


    Time for the next HOH comp! This competition is called Ship til you Drop! They are all about to start their first shift at BB Can shipping. The goal will be to never drop their package. Boxes will begin to come down their ramp and they will have to stack their boxes. If they drop a box, then they are eliminated. Last one standing will be the new HOH. Their first shipment is on its way! The competition starts now!


    They are holding a box against a yellow beam. They get a second package and the HG all get it and work on putting it between them and the other box. Adam says this will get more difficult when it gets out there. One week from tonight, we will have a double eviction!

  3.  This is LA, a city on the edge of America, where the Pacific Ocean meets the California coastline. And the #1 tourist attraction, these golden sand beaches, including Hermosa Beach, the starting line for the first ever class of contestants featuring some of the most competitive players from three of your favorite shows: Survivor, Big Brother and The Amazing Race.#TAR31 Rupert & Laura: I have played and lost Survivor 4 times. Janelle & Brittney - We've patched things up. Leo & Jamal: We survived 3 U-Turns but took ourselves out.


    Phil: This is the first ever showdown between contestants from Survivor, Big Brother and The Amazing Race. This is a reality clash between fierce competitors who all think they have what it takes to race more than 25,000 miles around the world and win $1,000,000. Take a good look at your competition. All of you think you have what it takes to win. But remember, only one team will win it all.


    Rupert says the Survivors have the advantage, which brings out howls of laughter from the Amazing Racers. Rachel is the only racer who has done both Big Brother and The Amazing Race. She says the other Big Brother teams don't realize how physically demanding the race is. And forget about eating! Survivors say we literally go a whole month without eating.


    Phil says teams have dig into a massive octopus sand figure down the beach for their first clue. Is everyone read? Good, the world is waiting for you. Good luck, travel safe. GO!


    Teams race down the beach without bags and climb on top of the massive octopus sand castle and start digging. Nicole voted Victor out three times and he voted against her to win, but they ended up falling in love and got engaged on the show. Rupert has a clue. Victor has a clue. Teams are headed to Tokyo, Japan. Floyd has a clue. Brittney has a clue. Leo finds a clue. Not Tokyo again, they say. Art has a clue.


    Colin & Christie have gotten over his previous TAR breakdown and embraced meditation. Christie finds a clue, leaving Tyler & Corey, still on YouTube, and Corinne & Eliza and Art & JJ (they did not find a clue earlier). Corrine finds the clue.


    Rupert and Laura are asking for help and they find someone to help them. They say they are the novices of the group that will turn into a veteran. Corrine and Eliza are also looking for the restaurant. Rupert and Laura are in first and they must now travel to the fifth floor Edgeof Shibuya building and search for their next clue. Leo and Jamal have found their clue, but they are playing dumb so other teams don’t suspect.


    The teams are starting to find the restaurant. They are looking for the building and Leo and Jamal are now in first and it’s a road block. It’s called Who Wants a Sweet New Pair of Shoes? The road block is based off a Japanese game show. They must find 1 of only 12 shoes made of chocolate. And the only way to find it is to bite it.


    Jamal is doing the road block for their team. Colin and Christie are second to arrive and Christie is going to do the road block. Christie says you really cannot tell the difference between the shoe and the chocolate. Rachel and Elissa get to one restaurant and they are out of clues so they have to find the locksmith.


    Corrine and Eliza are also looking for the locksmith and they are worried they’ll be out of clues. Rachel and Elissa get there with Tyler and Korey. Rupert and Laura are still looking for the clue and Rupert says this is way harder than survivor. Leo and Jamal have found their chocolate shoe and they now have to eat it. Janelle and Victor are going to do the road block. Janelle found it on her first attempt.


    Leo and Jamal are now off to Shiba Koen to find their next clue. Victor says his teeth started to hurt because he was biting too hard. Christie is on her 12th attempt and she has found the chocolate. Victor says why are none of these chocolate? Leo and Jamal are at the next clue and they now have an opportunity to climb Mt. Fuji. It’s also  based off a game show and the “mountain” is slippery. The teammate who did not perform the last road block must do this one.


    Victor is on his 22nd attempt, then his 31st, and 40th, and he still can’t find it. He says even with his glasses he can’t tell. Victor finds it on his 43rd attempt. Rachell and Elissa have arrived and Rupert and Laura are walking in circles. Elissa is doing the road block and Tyler is doing it for their team. Tyler finds the chocolate on his first attempt. Floyd is doing it for their team. Elissa has found the chocolate.


    Chris and Bret have arrived. Floyd found the chocolate on his 13th attempt. Chris is on his 5th attempt. Leo is still trying to climb the mountain and Colin and Christie have arrived. Colin must do it for their team. Leo says it’s very wet and he finally realized he could use his hands as suction and it made it easier to go up and grab. Leo gets the clue and they are still in first. They have to make their way to the next pit stop Atago Jinja.


    Colin makes it up and they are in second. Corrine and Eliza have found the locksmith and they get their clue. Art and JJ are still looking for the locksmith. Chris has finally finds his chocolate and they are in 8th.


    Leo and Jamal hit the mat in Tokyo and they are in first. They celebrate their redemption. They have won a 7 day cruise in Tahiti. They’re the Afghanimals and they are back to win! Colin and Christie hit the mat in 2nd place.


    Tyler and Korey and Nicole and Victor have arrived at Mt. Fuji. Korey and Nicole must do it for their teams. Korey gets his. Rachel and Elissa have arrived and Rachel must do it. Nicole has her clue and she slides back down. Elissa is cheering Rachel on. Art and JJ have found help to find the locksmith. They make their way to the locksmith and they head out.


    Laura is doing the shoe roadblock and Rupert tells her to keep calm. Corinne and Eliza have arrived and Eliza is doing it for their team. Corrine and Rupert say they cannot be the first ones out, they don’t want to embarrass the Survivor franchise. Laura has found her chocolate. Eliza is still looking and she started to panic when Laura and Rupert got theirs. They don’t want to be eliminated first.


    Eliza says there is only one shoe left that’s chocolate because everyone else has been there. She says this is horrendous. Rachel has the clue for their team and Becca is doing it for their team. Floyd thinks she’ll do this in 30 seconds and he’d bet half of his share of the million.


    Elisa is on her 39th attempt and she has finally found her chocolate and they head out. Eliza is emotional and Corrine says not to freak out and they feel like they are a strong team. Art and JJ have arrived at the road block and JJ is doing this one. Tyler and Korey have arrived as team number three. Rachel and Elissa finish in 4th place.


    Chris and Bret have arrived at the mountain and Bret must do it for their team. Britney and Janelle have finally found the mountain and Britney must do it. Bret is at the top of the mountain and he doesn’t realize he has to grab a clue. He yells down what am I supposed to do next and then says he’s coming down. He now has to go back up. Bret is tired and he’s struggling.


    Rupert and Laura are looking for the mountain and Laura sees lights across the street but Rupert doesn’t think that’s it. Becca and Floyd have finished in 5th and Victor and Nicole are in 6th. JJ is still looking for his chocolate and Bret is still trying to get to the top again. Britney is now on the mountain trying to climb up. Bret makes it and gets the clue. Britney gets their clue. Rupert and Laura are still looking for their clue and they are in the wrong spot.


    Chris and Bret have finished in 7th. Corinne and Eliza are at the mountain and Corrine is doing it. She’s at the top but she can’t reach the clue. She finally gets it and she slides down. Janelle and Britney finished in 8th place. Art and JJ have arrived at the mountain. Art is doing it for their team. JJ is encouraging Art and tells him to figure it out and finish this leg. Art can’t get any grip because it’s slippery. He says he’s going to keep trying but he doesn’t think he can make it up there.


    Corinne and Eliza hit the mat in 9th place. Eliza says teams they were calling dumb beat them so it’s very humbling. Art says he has to get up this mountain, everyone else did it. JJ says it’s a puzzle and he needs to figure it out. Art gets almost halfway up but then slides back down. JJ says this is embarrassing. JJ tells Art to take a breather but Art has hurt himself and he has someone looking at his leg. He has a cramp.


    Rupert and Laura are standing around and they don’t know what to do. Laura says standing here isn’t getting us nowhere. We see a 2 hour timer pop up to show how long Rupert and Laura have been looking for their next clue.


    Art says his calves are a mess but he still can’t. He tries to climb again and slides back down. JJ doesn’t know if Art is going to be able to finish this. JJ says maybe they should just take the four hour penalty because he didn’t think it would happen. We’re at two hours and six minutes and Rupert and Laura are looking at a map. Art and JJ realize there is a team behind them and they have to hope they can’t do it. Rupert says he is ready to climb this mountain. They can’t believe Art and JJ are sitting there.


    Art and JJ tell Laura they took a penalty and it’s four hours. Art doesn’t think Rupert will get up that mountain and JJ says we’re about to find out. Rupert says he is not going to let a mountain beat him. Rupert begins to climb and he struggles a bit. He keeps talking to himself and saying come on. Laura looks nervous. JJ says he’s going right up that thing, he smoked it. Rupert makes it to the top, gets the clue, and slides down. Laura says he got it on the first try. Art is in disbelief and he apologizes. Rupert and Laura hit the mat and they are team number ten. They live to fight another day.


    Art and JJ come in and they are in last and have been eliminated from the race. JJ says it was very frustrating and it felt a little out of sync for them and they just couldn’t finish the last challenge. Art says he’ll be thinking about that challenge for awhile. But there isn’t anyone else he’d rather do the race with…he loves to let him down.

  4. Previously, on Big Brother Canada, when Adam’s squeeze got sent to jury, the Pretty Boys were on top of the world. And the boys were ready for their next move. The party hit stride at the HOH competition and when the others got wasted, Mark threw back a perfect score, served up his alliance’s fifth win of the HOH season. Mad with power, Mark was tickled by the idea of sabotage, and the rogue agent floated putting up one of his own.


    With the dual purpose of covering up his alliance while keeping Adam in his crosshairs. When the alpha dog heard the plan, he didn’t bite. On the hunt for the second nominee, Mark went to school with Cory, then Mark’s sights locked onto the silent but deadly Damien. With the pressure building on the Pretty Boys, Mark and Adam went at it again. Despite the tension, the boys decided to stick together and put on a show for the rest of the house. Then Adam joined Damien on the block. Tonight, who can handle the spiciest POV of the season? Will the cracks in the pretty boy foundation collapse into a chasm? Hold the door! It’s time for Big Brother Canada!


    We pick up with Adam’s speech during the nomination ceremony on Day 42. Mark says when he won HOH, his first thought was to take a shot at the Pretty Boys, but the timing just isn’t right. He put Adam up so it throws everyone off the alliance and it’s for his own sadistic pleasure. Adam doesn’t agree with the plan, but if he thinks that’s what is best then he’ll have to play along. He used the anger to make it seem like he was actually mad at him. IT was just to throw everyone off so no one ever thinks he and Mark would be working together. At the end of the day, The Pretty Boys are good.


    Adam goes to talk to Mark in the HOH and he says they are good and he’s with them 100%. Mark says Adam did tell him he had a speech plan. He says he and Adam have had their differences but at the end, they came together to fool the house. He is talking to himself in the HOH room and he says he thinks he has to focus on the Pretty Boys all the way. This is nuts.


    Damien is a little aggravated. He says this is his third time on the block and he is sick of this. He says this is so annoying. He needs to take himself off the damn block and force Mark to show them what he’s made of or he might be going home this week. Este says that ceremony was a bit ridiculous and there is too much testosterone in the house and Adam’s speech just came across as him coming across at intimidating. She says there is more than one way to play Big Brother. You don’t have to be a comp beast to win. Este talks to herself outside and she says she’s not afraid of Adam and she’s not a delicate little flower. Dane comes out and says he’s here to save her. Este says she’s so tired of being the damsel in distress in this house.


    Anthony and Cory are talking and Anthony says if Adam wins, then Damien goes home. Cory says say Dane wins POV, that would be their chance to take out Adam because everyone would be behind that. Cory says if Adam stays on the block they can just send him home this week. Anthony says Cory is his homegirl, she’s been loyal to him, but he’s been riding with the Pretty Boys since day one. It’s been more and more difficult to play both sides and some decisions are going to have to be made soon.


    Kyra, Adam, and Dane are in the have-not room and Kyra says they will win POV and take Adam down. Kyra says they have to get Cory out now because she’s obsessed with Anthony. Dane says they do hang out a lot and Adam says it’s starting to bug him. Kyra says they seen Cory staring at Anthony smiling and she’s worse than Kyra was with Chelsea. Dane says she’s driving him insane. Cory and Anthony are playing Rochambeau and Cory screams when she loses and Dane says shut up!


    Dane is talking to Mark and Mark says Adam isn’t a comp beast, he’s a comp destroyer. He has a great chance of winning POV and pulling himself down and he has to consider a replacement nominee. Dane says this is it, backdoor Cory 2.0. They can finally make this happen and get her out the door. But they have to figure out how to bring it up to Anthony because he might not take it well. Mark says this is a really good plan.


    Kyra and Anthony go into the SR and they have groceries. They put them away together. Dane is in the HOH room playing with bubbles. It’s time to pick players for the POV competition! Dane says they want to backdoor Cory. She’s a beast at comps so she better not get picked. Mark draws Kyra’s chip. Damien draws Este. Adam draws Cory. Adam and Dane don’t look happy. Adam says he had a 3 out of 4 chance to pick Dane, Anthony, or HG choice and he draws Cory. Now he just has to beat her and he can get some satisfaction for Sam walking out the door.


    Adam is talking to Damien about who Damien is close with. Adam says he’s just working on both of them staying in there. Adam says now that he doesn’t have Sam, it would be nice to have someone outside the Pretty Boys. Adam says either you come off or I do and whoever goes up can go home. Damien says they should get their selves to top five and Dane and Adam and himself can be something good.


    Anthony and Mark are talking. Anthony says what’s the next move? Cory? Mark says yes. Mark says he’ll explain everything and if he doesn’t like it…Mark says Cory hasn’t spoken to her once today. Anthony says she feels good. Mark leaves the HOH for a moment and Anthony leaves too. Anthony wants to talk to Dane for a second and he heads back to the HOH room. Adam is in the WA and he says Anthony feels closer with Dane just like he does too.


    Dane is telling Anthony they discussed who was better to get out right now. Dane says there have only been four winners left in the house, Cory, Adam, Dane, and Mark. Dane says it might be better to get Cory out before Damien. Anthony gets aggravated that Dane and Adam think he’s like Adam because he might cry if Cory goes on the block and he wouldn’t be like that. Anthony says his only issue is , they all agreed they’d make decisions together, but when they started making 2 person alliances things started to crumble. Anthony says he likes Cory and Damien comes in. Anthony says he’s ok with whoever Mark wants to put up, he just wants everyone to talk about it so it’s fair.


    Anthony says he just found out the guys have been talking about putting Cory on the block. He doesn’t know what gave those guys the impression they are running the game, but nothing happens in this house without him knowing about it. Anthony talks to Cory and tells her that Mark is considering nominating her as a replacement. He can’t tell Cory everything, but he needs her to gun for the veto because he can’t let her go out like that. He tells her not to say anything. Cory leaves and Anthony says snakes…dumb move man. Dumb move.


    The HG head outside for the POV competition and it’s a Wendy’s themed competition. Dane is dressed as a pepper. On go, the spice will spill out of their container and they’ll slide down a fire pole to their sandwich. They will then run down and search for puzzle pieces and put it together. But beware! They will have to watch their spice and make sure it doesn’t run out. If their spice runs out, then they will be eliminated. They will have to run down and scoop spice to give themselves more time. They will also have an opportunity to earn a larger scoop if they hear the phone ring and are the first to answer the phone. After their puzzle is together, they’ll have to maneuver the game board to roll some balls onto 6 red spots on the board. The winner will win POV AND $5000 from Wendy’s.


    The HG start going running back and forth getting their pieces. Este says this challenge is so difficult. Not only do you have to run back and forth, but you have to pay attention to your spice. She is definitely gunning for this so she’s not a replacement nominee. Kyra would like to win because they want to win the money. It’s not a lot, but it covers some debt.


    Damien says he’s tired of losing all the time and he needs to show people he’s a competitor and can win. Adam and Damien are on their puzzles. Cory says Anthony was acting weird before the comp and she’s not sure what was going on so she needs to win this veto. Cory runs back to refill her spice. Everyone is working on their puzzle and Anthony tells them all to focus. Kyra is refilling their spice. Este is almost out of spice and she runs back. The phone rings and Damien won the larger scoop from the phone call. He says hopefully this can help him dig his way off the block.


    Kyra tells Adam he’s almost out of spice. Adam says Kyra is getting on his nerves. They keep telling him his spice is almost out and it’s still half full. He knows Kyra is looking out for him but it’s still annoying. Cory says this puzzle is hard and Dane says no one said this would be easy Cory. Este and Cory run back to refill their spice. Kyra makes a dash back as well. Kyra yells for Adam. Dane is watching Adam’s spice too. Adam sprints back because his spice is running out.


    Dane yells remember everyone, if you run out of spice you’re out of the competition. Adam is sprinting back and he makes it just in time. Adam is the first to finish his puzzle and he’s on to his first ball. Adam sees Cory is catching up and that adds fuel to his fire. The ball falls off the edge. Kyra is done with their puzzle. Kyra’s ball falls off the edge too. Cory’s puzzle is done and she runs back to fill her spice. Adam gets his first ball in and he heads back to fill his spice. Este is done with her puzzle and Damien is still working on his puzzle. Dane says Damien is giving hockey players all around the country a bad name.


    Adam has ball number two and Cory has her first ball. Adam has his third ball. Adam gets his fourth ball and he has two balls to go. Cory looks a little frustrated. Adam lands his fifth ball and he’s on his last ball. Dane says the man that found new land. Adam lands his final ball and has won the POV and $5000! Adam says 3 for 3 and five grand in the bank. They have a plan for Adam to come down and Cory go up and out. He needs to push hard for this to happen because he won’t be satisfied until Cory walks out the door.


    Dane says his boy Adam is a machine! Now they can do what they want and finally backdoor Cory. Dane goes to celebrate with Adam. Adam says this has to happen. She has to go and Dane agrees. Dane says did we just witness what we witnessed? Damien is no threat at all. He never even finished his puzzle. Adam says Cory could have easily won that. Dane says Este is coming and he congratulates Adam and leaves with Este.


    Anthony and Cory are talking and she asks who Mark is going to put up. Anthony says he doesn’t know but he knows people have been talking. Cory says to put me up? Anthony says Mark is too smart and at the end of the day He is going to decide. He tells Cory to stay calm and play it smooth. She has to trust him. Cory says I trust you.


    Anthony is talking to Mark in the HOH. Anthony says Adam is dumb as nails and Dane is just trying to stay safe with Este and Damien. Anthony says he loves Cory, but he wants to keep her because she believes everything he says because everything he says is true. Anthony says Dane lies to the boys to protect Este. Anthony says he’s from Toronto and he’s loyal to the boys and Adam and Dane need to stop acting like little b*tches. Mark says Anthony has made some good points about Cory going only furthers Dane and Adam’s game. Anthony fought tooth and nail to keep him safe a couple of weeks ago and he’s standing with Anthony.


    Arisa tells us Canada has been wondering all season long about secret of The Archive room. All will be revealed Thursday!


    Mark is talking to Este and she realizes she could be the one going up. Este says Mark could put up Cory because she’s a big competitor. Este says if she goes up then there trust will be broken and she’ll be mad. Este says she thinks the whole house wants bigger targets out. Este says right now there are three big competitors in the house. One has their backs, one just took himself off, and the other she doesn’t know. Este says come on Mark, make a big move. Do something with your HOH!


    Adam says Mark told him he talked to Anthony and he’s getting cold feet about the backdoor plan and it’s making him mad. He goes to HOH and he’s talking with Dane and Mark comes in and Adam says what are you thinking for tomorrow? Do you want to make a big move or send home a weak player? Adam says Anthony had one conversation with you and Mark says I’ll get Anthony right now.


    The Pretty Boys head to the HOH room and Damien says they are a bunch of dummies. Adam says the other morning they were discussing what they thought and now it seems like things have changed. Adam thinks Cory is a bigger threat. Mark says if you wanted Cory out so much, why didn’t you take me off the block and put Cory on the block? Adam says he wanted to, but did you want to expose us? Kyra pokes their head in and they get quiet until they leave.


    Adam says so you’re going to take a weak player out on your HOH? Mark says Damien could be a strong player. Dane says jury won’t respect taking out a weak player. Mark says taking out Cory doesn’t help his game and he thinks Damien could still be strong. Adam says so you’re going to trust Cory and think she’ll do what we want? He doesn’t think so. Anthony says I do. I say one word and she will do it.


    It’s time for the POV ceremony! Damien congratulates Adam on winning POV, he’s the biggest baddest player in the game. That being said, let’s see who the biggest, baddest player joining him is. Adam has decided…to use the power of veto on himself. Since he just vetoed one of Mark’s nominations, he has to choose a replacement nominee. Here’s his chance to put up another big player.


    Mark says he didn’t know Adam was going to use it, but he lives to fight another day. Mark says his goal for the week was to further his game strategically. Este…you’re my replacement nominee. This POV ceremony is complete! Este says she is on the block again thanks to weak Mark. He could have gotten a strong player, but he’s a coward and this is the most pathetic HOH of the season. Adam says he took himself down so they could put up Cory. He doesn’t know what Anthony and Mark are thinking but she’s the biggest threat to the Pretty Boys.

  5. Previously, on Big Brother Canada, with Cory as HOH, Anthony took the chance to go after the number one threat to the Pretty Boys and the mastermind burned his vision into her brain. And when Dane pinned down the POV, Anthony’s deisciple tagged in and slammed Sam on the block next to Este. Hoping to save his beloved, Adam pitched Este as the target, but the mad menace still had to a bone to pick with the showmance.


    With the vultures circling, Adam struggled to accept Sam’s fate so Anthony stepped in with a full court press. And when Sam threw her last hail mary, the trigger happy marksman was tempted to go rogue. But on eviction night, despite a farewell vote from her Romeo, Sam kissed her game goodbye and crossed over to the other side. Straight into jury. Tonight, who will get drunk with power and become the new HOH? Will Mark strike first in the Pretty Boys civil war? Will the two underdogs finally get the message? There’s a whole lot to swallow on big brother Canada!


    We pick up on Day 41 and Adam says he’s sad to see Sam go, but he’s kind of relieved on the game. With her not here, he can focus more on his game and the Pretty Boys. Anthony says his plan worked, Sam is gone. He saw how much of an influence she had on Adam. Adam’s focus is back on the Pretty Boys and they can do what they came here to do…make it to final four.


    Kyra says they’re devasted. They wanted to give Sam their vote, but they had to play the game with their head and not their heart. Kyra tells Adam they feel like a coward and he hugs them and Dane comes in and Adam says it’s ok. Adam says people would have understood if Kyra had voted to keep Sam, she was going home either way.


    The Pretty Boys are in the SR celebrating and they all do the sign to the camera and Adam says he feels bad doing this right after Sam leaving. Adam says he feels like a target in this house even with Sam gone and he thinks one of them has to win.


    We’re at the HOH and we pick up with the Drunk Speeches competition. They will play clips of the speeches, but they’ll play them as if the speaker was tipsy when they gave them. Mark says he wants to win the HOH because he wants to show the house that he is strong and shouldn’t be considered a pawn. He wants to take a shot at the “biggest” target in the house. Kyra is sick of being looked at as being a pawn and they think this competition is for them.


    We hear Kiera’s speech from Day 34 and Damien says he’d sound like that if he were drunk. He says he knows it’s Kiki but she’s had so many speeches. Anthony says he’s been studying days, but it’s hard to remember the forgotten ones have been saying. He’s got bigger fish to fry, the GM, the top scorer has to make sure they are good. Mark gets one point.


    Mark says he knows his days like the back of his hand and he even made a poem all the way to day 41. The next speech is Maki’s speech. The answer is Day 13. Mark, Damien, Adam, and Kyra are all correct.


    The next speech is Chelsea’s eviction speech. The answer is Day 23 and Mark and Este get it right.


    Next is Laura’s speech from her eviction night and some people are answering day 20, but the answer is Day 6 is correct. Mark is in the lead and Adam and Kyra are two behind.


    Sam’s speech is from when she won POV and saved Kiera. Dane says he knows his day very well and he created a calendar in his suitcase and he’s used pasta noodles and cereal, but this is not his HOH to win. He wants everyone to think he’s a dumb meatball. The correct answer is day 17 and everyone is correct except Anthony and Dane.


    Next, is Cory speech when putting Sam on the block at the POV ceremony. Adam would like to give Cory a taste of her own medicine. The correct answer is Day 38. Mark is in the lead and gets the next one correct, no one else can catch up and he will win.


    The next speech is Maki’s speech from the veto ceremony. Mark answers Day 10 and then re-thinks. He settles on day 10 and that is correct. Mark is the new HOH!


    Day 41 and Mark becomes a man, the game starts now! Kyra says Mark got all the answers right in a row and that’s impressive. It make them concerned about Mark’s mental game. Mark makes Dane, Este, and Anthony have-nots. Mark says he knows he can’t beat The Pretty Boys in a final four situation and this might be the week he has to take a shot at them.


    Mark celebrates with the Pretty Boys in the SR and he tells us he has a chance to make a very strategic move. But he has to consider his options very carefully because if he goes down that path, there is no turning back. Dane and Cory are speculating what Mark might do and Cory thinks Mark might put Adam up and Dane thinks Mark will put up Este and Damien. Adam is talking to Kyra and he doesn’t think she’s a target. Adam finds something of Sam’s and begins reminiscing about her.


    Dane is walking around and pours water on his head. HE says you want some of this? You can’t handle this! He pretends to be a Zamboni. Then he picks up some hand towels and swings them around. Adam says he’s nuts, he lost his mind.


    Who wants to see Mark’s HOH room?!? They all head upstairs. His video is from his friend Itay and he sends love from Mark’s parents. Mark says his parents probably aren’t the happiest he’s on the show, but it feels good to hear the words of encouragement. Itay says everyone they know is rooting him on like crazy and tell him to keep his head down and go for it.


    Este and Damien are talking in the lounge. Este says he won’t put up Dane or Anthony or Cory. Este says everyone wants Adam out and she says Mark will want to make a move. Damien feels great with Mark and he doesn’t think he’s on Mark’s radar. But the gears in his mind are starting to turn and maybe it IS him he wants to target. Damien talks to himself and says whatever, put him up and he’ll take himself down.


    Mark and Anthony are whispering and Anthony says we got three targets right? Mark says he has some ideas. Mark wants to put up Adam and Mark tells us putting him covers the boys alliance. Mark says it also gives him an opportunity to maybe take a shot at the Pretty Boys. Anthony says he likes that.


    Dane and Mark are in the HOH room and Dane says The Pretty Boys take over the room again. Mark says in order to pull of putting Adam up he has to make sure Dane is on board. Mark says Adam will be upset but Mark was on the block because of his girlfriend, and by extension him. Mark says it’s not the prettiest situation, but he knows Anthony will be on board with it.


    Kyra and Anthony are in the blue room talking and Kyra asks Anthony about his family. Anthony talks about his mom and her being a single mom and how hard it was to raise him alone and how he always had everything he always needed because of his mom. Anthony says she’s amazing. Anthony tells us his mom is best friend and that’s his real ride or die.


    Kyra asks Este what Dane’s favorite food is and Este says they are the furthest thing from that. Este says she likes Dane, she’s working for him, but she’s aware of the perception of them in the house and she doesn’t want to be seen as a power couple, but she doesn’t want to pull too far away because he is her protection in the game. Este says she knows what’s she’s doing.


    Anthony goes in to talk to Adam and Mark and Adam says it would be stupid to send Kyra out. Anthony says they have to decide their target. Adam throws out Este and Damien because Damien won’t win and pull himself off. Mark says he has a different idea and he says maybe putting up one of the boys, either Adam or Dane. Adam says he doesn’t feel comfortable on the block and Mark says I wasn’t comfortable either. Adam says what if Damien comes down and Mark says we put up Este.


    Adam and Mark are talking about when he was on the block. Adam says that week was out of our control and Mark says you could have taken me down. Adam says we had the votes. Mark says he could have assured he was safe and take him off and screw Sam, but he played with her. Adam says do whatever, put me on the block.


    Adam says Mark tells him that he’s not going up and he’s not ok. He says power is getting to Mark’s head and he doesn’t want to go on the block. It shouldn’t happen. Adam goes to the blue bedroom and talks to Kyra and tells them he’s probably going on the block. Adam says Mark is sour about last week and Kyra says why is he thinking about the past and not about the future of the game. Kyra says Adam needs to calm down because he’s big and intimidating and Mark is a small man compared to him.


    In The Archives, Dane is walking through. He says the first time he went into the room all he seen was empty shelves and every week more and more boxes came in and he wants to get to the bottom of what these boxes mean. Adam and Dane are talking and Adam says they are counting boxes and it probably means nothing. Adam says there are 253 boxes.


    Damien sits at the table in The Archives and Este comes in and she spots a tape recorder. Damien picks it up and says it’s cool. Damien says Big Brother didn’t throw it in there for nothing, there has to be a story. Dane comes in and they are discussing the recorder. Damien wants to hide the recorder and Dane puts it in a box and puts stuff on top of it. Dane says does that mean anything? Does this room mean anything?


    Mark has invited Damien Wendy’s. He says Damien is a very under the radar player who doesn’t give away much so he invited him so he could get him to talk. William from Season 5 makes the Wendy’s delivery for Mark. Mark and Damien start to talk and Damien says the hardest people to beat would be Cory, Adam, and Dane. Damien says it’s probably a chance I’m going up and Mark says you or Este. Mark is trying to get Damien to open up and nothing is coming out and that’s a massive red flag and Damien says I hope that conversation goes real bad.


    Cory is talking to Mark and she tells him to figure out who has her best interest in the game. Cory says after an HOH, she pays attention to the everyone, who comes over and celebrates and who looks scared. Mark says Cory is giving him advice on his HOH and he feels like he’s in a classroom and she’s the teacher. Mark says Cory is a strong player and she could do damage. He’s not here to sit in a classroom and learn new things.


    Dane says you want nice Dane? You’re not going to have him this week because he put him on slop! He goes to the lounge and he’s venting. He says he stinks, he’s disgusting because he’s on slop. Dane says slop is the worst!


    Mark is talking to Dane about putting Adam up and Dane says he’s on board with that. Mark says he’s putting Adam up for the story line. Dane says Adam is going to freak out. Mark says 2 of the 4 of The Pretty Boys have already touched the block. Dane says Mark could put him and Este up if he doesn’t want any backlash from Adam. Mark says he’ll think about it, but he’d rather not. Mark says after this conversation, he is starting to question if now is the time to take a shot? But Adam is out of control and he wants to see him on the block.


    Adam says Mark floated the idea of putting him on the block and he thinks it’s a terrible idea. He says there are in an alliance and there are four other options he can choose from. Adam is talking to Dane venting to Dane and Mark comes downstairs and Adam says he thought they were going to discuss things at a team instead of them doing things on their own. Adam says he doesn’t agree, nor does Dane or Anthony. Adam says why did you put Dane on slop? Adam thinks Mark is making decisions on his own and he’s bitter about last week. Mark says Adam not taking him off the block is asinine.


    Dane tells Adam and Mark they should all just calm down. Adam says Mark seems bitter about last week. Adam says Mark got a little taste of power and he’s making decisions on his own. Mark says he’s done and walks away. Adam says Mark will not enjoy this HOH, I can promise you that.


    Mark heads to HQ to consider his options. He says he has to make a strategic move to catapult him to the end of the game. He says he came in with three stage plan, create an alliance, evict the comp beasts, and then turn on his alliance. Mark says timing is crucial and he doesn’t know if now is the right time. He can’t afford to take a shot and miss. He needs to play this right.


    It’s time for the nomination ceremony! Mark’s first nominee is Damien and his second nominee is Adam. Adam says two weeks ago, the girls wanted him out of the house and he campaigned for him and it was a 5-1 vote. Adam says he’s going to use all his energy and come after Mark. Mark says him and Damien have a good personal relationship, but their game relationship is struggling. He nominated Adam because he’s the biggest, baddest player and he’s taking his shot.


    Adam says he’s mad he’s on the block and the speech is complete BS so people don’t think they are working together. Mark decided this is NOT the week to take a shot at the Pretty Boys and he’s just going to roll along with it. But it’s a long week until Thursday night…

  6. Previously, on Big Brother Canada, at a full groan HOH competition, Cory struck a deal with Adam and her pipe dreams came true! Now in power, Cory was consumed by an old failed plan to backdoor her. Bound by a promise and with limited options, the tough talking teacher threw Este and Dane in detention. Besides being the true backdoor culprit, the Great Dane sucked up to top dog Cory, while Big Tony stood by and set up the fall.


    After informing Dane on his part to play, the stage was set for a pivotal POV competition. In the end, Sam flopped and it was total Dane domination! With the star-crossed lovers left out of the loop, Adam tried to get to the bottom of the plan, but a suspicious Sam sensed her fate and the east coast sweetie got salty. At the veto ceremony, the prince of Kelowna tossed the bullets to Xory for his dream assassination. Tonight, can Sam scam her way to safety? Will the Pretty Boys turn on each other? It’s going to get pretty ugly right now on Big Brother Canada!


    Arisa welcomes us and says what a week it was! Talk about drama! With Cory’s HOH you’d think there would be a major power shift, but the Pretty Boys are still running the house. Let’s look at the fallout from the POV ceremony!


    We pick up at the veto ceremony and it’s Day 38. Sam is crying and says she feels a little stupid right now and she’s ben fighting since day one. Dane is incredible with lying and she wasn’t comfortable with backdooring him during her HOH and now she’s paying the price. Anthony says seeing Sam on the block gives him all kinds of tinglies and Adam had to be in the dark, but it’s for his own good. Este says Sam has been the biggest target and she just has to sit back and watch.


    Sam says she had Cory’s back the entire time to Cory and she just wants her to know that. Cory says her gut is telling her that Sam has been gunning for her and she just knew she has to strike first. Cory says she is sorry, but that’s the way the game works. Dane and Mark go outside and they are celebrating. Dane says he’s wanted Sam gone since week 2 and his heart is full. Dane says Adam might be heart broken about it, but they are going to Pretty Boys until the end of this game.


    Sam tells Adam not to be sad and upset. He gives her a hug and holds her in the KT. Sam tells him he’ll be ok. Adam says he knew this was coming every single week. Honestly, he’s surprised she’s still here. He says he had to work every week to convince people why Sam should be here. Sam says Dane started the backdoor plan, but she didn’t give all the details to Cory because she wanted to protect Adam because he was part of the conversation.


    Cory is in HOH with Anthony. Cory feels great! The plan her, Dane, and Anthony have been planning all week worked to perfection. Sam is a liar and she seen right through it. Cory asks Anthony if she was too hard on Sam and he says he would have went way harder.


    Adam says he’s 100% loyal to the Pretty Boys, but he doesn’t understand why Sam has to go this week. Sam is outside talking to Kyra and telling her them she didn’t tell Cory everything and Dane is telling Adam this is for the best. Sam is crying and Kyra is consoling her and Adam says he feels guilty for Sam protecting him and now if she goes home, it’s his fault. Kyra says they could create a tie and Cory could be the tie breaker and Sam says she wouldn’t waste her energy. Adam tells Sam to stop it.


    Adam is talking to Anthony and Mark and he says he feels bad because Sam thinks she has a chance to sway Mark’s vote. Mark says he’ll listen to her and Adam says stop, I know how this is going to go and it’s decided. Mark tells us Adam is beyond infatuated with Sam, Sam already put him on the block and he doesn’t trust her. Adam can’t see the game in front of him. Adam says why not Este? Anthony says Este is very week. Mark says Adam had a chance to convince Sam not to put Mark on the block and he can’t trust her and she’s a liar and Adam tells him to chill out. Mark says he’s not mad at Adam, he’s fired up about someone with Adam. But you know what? He’ll listen as a gentleman with an open mind…and with an open mind, he’ll vote Sam out.


    Let’s head back inside to see what strings Sam is willing to pull to see if she can avoid the backdoor. Kyra is outside with Adam, Sam, and Dane and Sam is asking Dane for a vote. Adam and Kyra head inside and Sam says she’ll be straight up with him, but she’s guaranteeing she’ll keep Dane safe if she wins HOH. She says if she could get his vote, they could tear the house apart. Sam says Este is riding your coattails, do you want that? Este comes over and the conversation ends.


    Este goes to talk to Dane in the lounge and Este says Cory told her when Sam goes, they’ll be the only two girls left. Dane tells Este that Sam has been campaigning for his vote and that Kyra is campaigning for Sam too. Dane says they will campaign to Mark and he could be a wild card.  Dane says Sam said she has a better chance of winning HOH than Este. Dane says Sam has to go, she’s overbooked her stay in Big Brother Canada.


    Este goes to talk to Mark and last week she campaigned so hard for Mark to go, and now she has to make sure he doesn’t hold any grudges. Mark says people see Este cuddles up to Dane and they are close. Este says she knows Dane is playing his own game. She says Adam and Sam are in a real relationship and they are never going to go against each other. Este says Sam is a better competitor than she is and she could win. Mark says cool.


    Adam is heading into the HOH and asks Cory how it’s going. Cory says it feels like you want to talk to me. Adam says he knows everyone wants her out right? Cory says she isn’t doing this because it’s what the house wants, she’s doing it because it’s her own thing and she hopes he can see that. Adam says everything is pointing at Sam and it’s not fair. Adam says if Sam stays, then they won’t put her up. It’s two numbers. He knows she’s going home and he gets emotional and Cory says you’re breaking my heart, Pike and she consoles him.


    Arisa says let’s head back inside for all the last minute campaigning. Sam heads into the HOH. Sam says she 100% has Adam and Kyra’s voice and if she can somehow get a third vote Cory could break a tie. Sam says she needs to get back Cory back on her side. Sam tells Cory that Adam WAS part of the backdoor conversation and that’s why stories were never lining up. Adam says she’s throwing Adam under the bus, but she has to play her game and she thinks he would understand.


    Sam tells Cory if she gets to stay, then she is still the number one target and they are still coming after her. Mark talks to Sam and says he wants to hear what she has to say. Sam says she got to Cory, now she has to work Mark and she’s going to say what she has to in order to stay. Mark wants to know why he was the pawn and Sam says that would have ruffled the fewest feathers.


    Mark says he’s been waiting weeks to blow up the Pretty Boys and he missed his shot at the double. He’s afraid he makes it through and never makes that big move that sets him apart that it will be bad for his game. Sam says she thinks Dane is running the house and she will never screw Mark over. Mark tells Sam if he keeps her there, he’d be relying on Kyra, Adam, and Sam to keep him safe. Mark says if something crazy happened and he kept Sam there would be chaos and that could be good for his game.


    Anthony asks Dane what Adam is saying to him and Dane says he’s campaigning for Sam to stay. Anthony tells us Adam is running his mouth and trying to save Sam and that’s not a good move for The Pretty Boys and if he keeps running his mouth they have bigger problems. Anthony goes to talk to Adam and says they are supposed to stick together as a team and he loves Sam, but they have not social game. Adam says Anthony has spent as much time with Cory as much as he has with Sam. Anthony says you know when I first spent time with Sam? When she became a problem for the Pretty Boys and I got right on it so she wouldn’t be a problem for the Pretty Boys. He says you know she wants Dane out? That’s a problem, so let’s get her out and everyone else and then it can be a blood bath.


    Arisa says we have a showmance that can be hot and steamy one second and downright cold the next. We look back at Sam and Adam and their relationship. Sam says Adam is caring and funny and he’s a good kisser. Adam says he’s glad he has her in there. Sam says it’s getting harder to play Big Brother and crush on someone. We see a few of their arguments. Sam says to Adam with Kyra sitting there that if is what she thinks it is, then she won the best prize ever.


    Arisa asks Adam how it feels to see Sam on the block and he says it breaks my heart. Arisa wants to know who they think is the most underestimate player in the house and Sam says Kyra. Kyra says Damien. Dane says Este. Cory says Mark. Arisa wants to know who they think will win it all? Mark says himself and Anthony says definitely him and Arisa says he’s staying humble. Adam says his boy Dane. Este says hopefully her, she doesn’t know. Damien says he has to get on the Me train as well. Arisa says that means we have a game. Arisa then congratulates everyone because whoever is evicted tonight will be the first member of the jury.


    Arisa says it’s time for eviction! Este says she loves everyone and she appreciates them sharing the experience and she’s been playing with her head and her heart and she doesn’t think that’s a weakness. Sam thanks Big Brother for living her dream and she says the HG are amazing and she sees value in each of them, except Mark. Sam loves Kyra and without Adam she wouldn’t know what she’d do. She wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for him. She tells Cory she had her back and this is how she repays her and she hopes everyone keeps that in mind.


    Time to vote!

    Dane finally votes to evict Sam.

    Anthony sadly votes to evict Samantha.

    Damien votes to evict Sam.

    Kyra sadly votes to evict Sam.

    Mark votes to evict…Sam!

    Adam votes to evict Este.

    We now know that Sam is the first HG headed to jury and we’ll break the news to the HG in just a few moments.


    Arisa heads back inside to give the results of the vote. By a vote of 5-1, Sam has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house. Sam gives Este a hug and then Dane. Sam then hugs Kyra and Adam walks upstairs with Sam carrying her bag. The HG chant Sadam. Adam puts her bag down, twirls her and dips her and gives her a kiss. He picks up her bag and hands it to her as she leaves.


    Arisa says to Sam what’s it like to see the house without her in it and she says it’s strange and such an incredible experience. Arisa says she had a huge impact on the game and clearly on some people. Arisa says she feels like Sam didn’t expect what happened with Adam and Sam says getting to know him she completely fell for him and she loves when people surprise her in that way.


    Arisa says Adam dropped in that competition and now you’re here. Do you regret protecting Adam with Cory and she says a little, but she felt the trust with Cory was there and she paid the price for it.


    Kyra says Sammy Squirrel, they trusted the wrong people and they don’t know what they’ll do without her and they’re proud of her. Dane says he and Adam had a stronger bond than her and Adam and he’s going to miss her and he makes the Pretty Boy sign. Anthony acts like he’s crying and says he hates this and he loves this and makes the PB sign and laughs.


    Mark says Sam, he thinks she’s the best player in the game but he wants to be the best player in the game and that’s why he had to vote her out and he also makes the PB sign. Cory says she did want to work with her but her and her allies saw right through her lies. Adam says he tried everything he could to keep her this week, but there’s a lot going on that she doesn’t know about and he makes the PB sign and then says he loves her.


    Arisa says it’s time for the next HOH competition! This competition is called Drunk Speeches. During the season, they’re going to hear some speeches given season, but they will be a little fuzzy. They have to identify the day the speech was given.


    The first question is up and it’s Kiera’s speech from the blood veto week and Mark answers 34 and he is correct and everyone else was wrong.


    Next, we hear Maki’s speech played in slow motion. The answer is 13 and Mark, Damien, Adam, and Kyra get a point. Mark has 2 points in the lead.


    We’ll see the rest of the drunken speeches on Sunday and we’ll find out who is the next HOH. Arisa wants to share one more thing from her family…she is expecting her THIRD child!

  7. Previously, on Big Brother Canada, when Cory heard about a failed plan to send her out the backdoor, the alarm bells went off. At a slippery HOH competition, Cory and the alpha dog held on for dear life, then Adam cut a deal to protect his showmance over his bromance and the east coast shredder muscled her first HOH win of the season.


    With Cory convinced that Dane was behind the backdoor, the guru started spinning his web to trap Sam, but to pull off his master plan, Anthony had to extinguish Adam’s fire. Then flush with power, Cory tried to smoke out the backdoor culprit. With Cory still struggling to find the truth, the spin doctor prescribed a lethal injection. At the noms ceremony, Cory put Dane and Este up on the block, honoring her deal with Adam…for now. Tonight, can Dane top the charts and record his first blockbuster. Will Anthony produce a big hit for Cory’s HOH? It’s about to get wild…on Big Brother Canada!


    # We pick up after the nomination ceremony on Day 35. Cory says she’s really happy with her nominations because she wants to show people she’s not afraid to make big moves. She still isn’t sure who to believe. Este says being on the block sucks, especially when you’re next to your number one in the house and she doesn’t feel like that target.


    Anthony says Cory has no idea he has total control over her game. He’s going to save Dane this week no matter what. Dane says he finally gets to compete in a POV challenge and he will fight his way off the block.


    Dane tells Este not to panic and it’s not the end of the world. Dane says he’d rather it be this way instead of getting backdoored. Dane and Este exchange a little kiss.


    Anthony says Sam has been distracting Adam for weeks now and The Pretty Boys have wanted her out for a long time. And now it’s time to set up the execution. Anthony is playing pool with Cory and he says when Dane comes off the block, we put up Sam. Cory says Anthony is pitching the backdoor plan with Sam and it’s making sense and it’s a great use of her HOH. Anthony says this is going to be the greatest season ever!


    Dane says he was in a tight position last week, but in order to save both of them he had to make a deal to save Kiera and Mark. We see Dane talking about the backdoor plan and he planted those seeds, but he needs to convince Cory was the one behind the backdoor plan.


    Dane is talking to Cory and Cory says she’s being fed two different stories and she has to decide which one she will believe. Dane says he wasn’t even in power last week. Cory says everything that Dane is telling her is lining up with what Anthony has told her and as she’s putting it together, she’s realizing it’s Sam she can’t trust.


    Sam and Adam are talking and Sam is telling him that Cory doesn’t trust them at all. Adam says she does and Sam says she doesn’t trust me. Sam says Cory has been asking her a ton of questions about the backdoor plan and yes she was in the conversations, but the backdoor plan was not her. Adam tells Sam to stay call and he tells her to say the exact same things she’s been telling Cory because if she changes her story then Cory will know they’ve been lying all along. Sam tells Adam if Dane comes down one of them is getting backdoored. Adam gives her a hug and says trust me, don’t say crap.


    Dane is heading back into the HOH room with Cory and Anthony. Cory says it’s going to get heavy. Anthony says The Pretty Boys have wanted Sam out since week 2 and it’s time for the execution. He’s been selling the plan to Cory and she’s going to do the dirty work for them. Cory tells Dane about the plan and he thinks it’s a perfect plan. He says he’s going to win that veto and Anthony tells Dane not to tell anyone else.


    Dane says his boy Anthony has Cory in his pocket. He absolutely nailed this on the head, but in order for this to work he has to do his part. Dane is celebrating alone and he says he blows up and he gets rid of Samantha. Dane says they have no idea, they think they are safe. It’s a privilege to be on the block and compete in POV and win and save himself and Samantha…bye-bye.


    It’s time to pick players for the POV competition! Cory draws Kyra, Dane draws Samantha, and Este draws Mark. Dane says what the heck?!? I pick Sam. That’s not good for the backdoor plan. Anthony says thank goodness Adam wasn’t drawn because he doesn’t know about the backdoor plan and he doesn’t want him messing up. Damien is selected to host.


    In the lounge, Mark is talking to Anthony. Mark wants to check-in with Anthony and see if it’s the best move for him to win veto or let Dane take it. Mark says Anthony is so close to Cory, he’s basically running everything this week. Anthony tells Mark to play for it, but Sam can’t get it. Anthony tells Mark about the backdoor plan and says Adam is too close to Sam. He says Adam is 25% of an alliance and Sam is 0%, she’s nothing. Anthony doesn’t care about Sam.


    Dane and Adam are in the SR talking about whether Cory would backdoor Sam and Dane doesn’t think so. Mark comes in. Dane says Kyra is so dumb. Kyra says the best case scenario is for Samantha to win this veto because if Dane comes down, there’s a chance they or Sam could go up. Sam says Mark will throw it so he just needs to win. Sam says Dane is happy right now and she thinks it will be a puzzle. It will be fine. Kyra says Day 36, Kyra wins POV.


    Damien is behind a turntable and he’s a DJ host. There are giant records with their names on it and a “song”. Damien reads the directions to the POV. The competition is called Breaking Records. They have to make their new song a number one hit. They will have to roll their ball around the side of the record. But if the ball falls, they have to start over. They have to spin the ball around their record 300 times.


    Dane says it’s going to be a good day. It’s a good day to play in his first POV and it comes at the perfect time. Dane says if he wins, then he’s safe and they can pull off the backdoor plan. The HG are off to a good start, but Kyra is the first to drop. Este drops her ball next. Mark used to be a juggler, so this competition is right up his alley. Mark says this is his chance to show the house he’s not a floater.


    Dane is not going to drop one ball. He knows he’s got this and he says Cory is going to have to find a replacement. Sam says if she doesn’t win this, then Cory could put her up and she knows she’s on Cory’s radar. Dane drops and he has to start over. Sam is at 46. Este is at 5 and she says this is her first time on the block and she has a chance to save herself and she keeps dropping the ball. She’s getting frustrated. She says she’s expected to get to 300 and she can’t even hit double digits.


    Mark is at 70 and Sam drops and is back at 0. Anthony is cheering Sam and Este on. Mark is the first to 100 and Dane is at 69. Mark drops his ball and has to start over. Kyra has a rhythm going and they’re at 60. Kyra takes a minute to take a drink and when they come back they drop the ball. Dane says he’s not dropping another ball. He’s good and solid.


    Cory says Dane is crushing the challenge and she knows she can’t celebrate too loudly or people will get suspicious. Dane hits 150 and Cory says she’s celebrating inside. Sam says she’s going slow and she can hear Dane being very confident and somewhat cocky. Sam says shut up Dane, I’m trying to beat you! Dane is at 225. Dane continues to pump himself up and he throws the ball and as it comes down he bobbles it and we go to commercial!


    We’re back and Dane is bobbling his ball, but he saves it. Dane is now at 250. Sam is at 56, but she drops. Sam hopes Dane will drop the ball at 299 and it will be anyone’s game. Dane says Adam, kiss your girlfriend good-bye because this Pretty Boy is about to seal the deal. Dane hits 300 and he has won the POV! Adam, Dane, Mark, and Anthony celebrate and he says you ain’t getting rid of me. Dane tells us he’s going nowhere baby!


    The HG head inside and Dane and Este go into the have-not room and Dane tells him she’s not going anywhere. He says he couldn’t tell her and she still doesn’t know. Dane says he knows how to play this game. Este wants to know why he didn’t tell her and he says he didn’t tell anyone. Este and Dane look at a camera and say bye Sam and wave. Dane leaves and Este says what?!?


    Dane goes into the HOH room and Cory is in there. Dane celebrates and says picture perfect! Anthony comes in and he celebrates with Cory and Dane. Cory says we just have to be cool. Cory says this is going to be the most epic! She’s just reminding herself of everything as said so she could get ahead in the game. Cory says if you cross me, it’s never good. She’s just wondering what Adam will says if he drops the we made a deal. Anthony says tell him to take his deal and get out of her room.


    Sam and Dane are in the blue bedroom and Sam is congratulating Dane and she hugs him and says he did great. He heads out and Sam is alone and she’s thinking. She says he’s such a freaking liar. OMG. She says she loves him, but man…she’s not giving up. Not at all. She’s here for the long run!


    The HG are outside and they are drinking. Sam says this house if full of lies, scheming, manipulation, but at the end of the day they are a crazy, huge dysfunctional family. They cheers to the final 9.


    Este is in the WA with Anthony and Este laughs and says Kiera and Chelsea were dead set about a guys alliance between Anthony, Dane, Mark, and Adam and she tells him about Kyra telling them about the sing and Este made the sign to Dane to see his face and he was like what is she doing. Anthony says Este has no idea how close to the truth she is and it’s not hard to make it sound stupid. Anthony says what was it supposed to be like second grade and boys against girls and Este says she never believed it. Anthony tells us he’s really humble, but something you’re just really good at and he gives us the sign.


    Sam goes to check in with Cory to see if she can figure out who the replacement might be. Cory says she doesn’t know what she’s going to do. Sam says I know you’re smart and you know who you can trust. Cory says she’s going to put up someone she knows will be best for her game. Sam says Cory isn’t giving her a lot of information and it’s making her very nervous. Sam reiterates to Cory that she’s one of her soldiers and she always has been. Cory says she wouldn’t be surprised with all the information coming in she’ll have to trust her gut and make the decision at the ceremony sitting on the couch. Sam leaves and Cory says this veto ceremony is going to be insane. It’s going to cut deep.


    Adam and Sam are in the blue bedroom and Sam says everything is going to be ok. Sam asks do you think they’ll put Mark up? Adam doesn’t know and Sam thinks Cory will put her up. Adam says Dane seems pretty confident. Adam says the boys are telling him he’s safe and not to worry, but he’s worried about Sam. He wishes he’d held onto that pipe to guarantee Sam’s safety. This sucks!


    Sam and Adam are both in the HOH with Cory and Adam wants to know what Cory is going to do? Cory says she doesn’t know and she’s probably not going to tell anyone. But she’s not going to BS them, and Sam is in her mind as an option. Sam says that’s frustrating for her because she feels like they built trust. Adam says if we wanted to backdoor you, we could have because he won POV and they had the chance. Cory says she wants to believe them, but this game says you can’t trust anyone. Sam says it’s upsetting that you believe them over us and Cory says I didn’t say I believe them over you. Cory says there are some discrepancies and the conversations that are more compromising are more about Sam and not Adam.


    Sam asks Adam to leave the HOH so she can talk to Cory. Cory says in the end her gut is going to tell her does she believe Sam or does she believe Dane. Sam says she is not going to sit there and take the heat on something that was not her idea. She says everything that is coming towards her is being manipulated by Dane.


    Anthony and Kyra are playing pool and Kyra asks what’s wrong. Adam says apparently people are going to Cory and pinning everything on Sam. He says him and Sam tried to build trust with Anthony and Cory and now she’s going to take the fall. Anthony is looking at Adam as Adam continues to talk about how Sam shouldn’t be targeted for something she didn’t do.


    Anthony says Adam is so obsessed that he doesn’t see Sam going is best for The Pretty Boys. This is why Sam needs to go so Adam can stop playing so emotional and get his head back in the game. Anthony says Cory has been getting a lot of information and a lot of people are talking. Adam says I don’t know and he heads inside.


    Sam wants to have a chat in the HOH with him and Cory. Sam needs to get everyone together and prove she is telling the truth. Este and Anthony are also in there and Sam says they are lying. Sam calls Dane out and Dane denies the plan. Este doesn’t understand why Dane would tell Sam the plan and not her. Why would Dane trust Sam over Este. Sam and Dane argue back and forth and she wants to know why she would bring it up right now. We hear the POV ceremony is about to commence and the HOH room clears out.


    We go straight to the veto ceremony and Dane uses the veto on himself. Dane says someone once told him you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take and Cory should take this shot and he knows she won’t miss. Cory says with all the information she acquired, and her intuition. She says Sam is the replacement. Sam says not a smart move and Adam says you just got played. Sam says you just sealed your fate. Cory says you can talk me to alone, but don’t come at me in front of people. Adam says just stating the obvious.


    Sam says Dane. This is all Dane. Dane gets everyone to do his dirty work and once again it worked. For Cory this is 100% a bad move. If you take me out of this game now, who do you think is next? Anthony is in the DR laughing and he says this is what I do man.

  8. Previously, on Big Brother Canada, on eviction night in a hail mary, Kiki made her case to be the Dane slayer. After the house voted, all eyes turned to Kyra who drained the blood veto of it’s power and Kiki got carried away, hobbled and humbled. Tonight, who’s got the pipes to clench the HOH? Will the PB boys get jelly? And is their alliance toast? It’s going to get sloppy tonight, on Big Brother Canada?


    We pick up after the live eviction ceremony on Day 34. All is quiet and the HG are somber. Kyra and Sam run to the SR and celebrate together. Sam says Kiki was her target this week and even better, she called out Dane in her speech. Cory and Adam come in and Adam says Dane seems worried right now. Let’s stay calm and see how tonight goes.


    Dane says Kiki just called him out in front of the house! What the hell girl! He talks to Anthony and Anthony tells Dane to keep his cool. Dane says now he feels like he’s a target and he doesn’t know what to do. Este says she didn’t agree with Kiki throwing Dane under the bus because it has left her in a very awkward position. Dane vets to Kiki for a moment and after he leaves, she says Yikes! She says she’s going to win HOH. She wants to put it out there, it’s going to happen. She’s going to win it for Kiki.


    Arisa explains the HOH comp, they must hold onto a pipe. The last HG hanging on will become the new HOH and the first three to fall will become have-nots. Sam says everyone is looking strong. Dane is adjusting and he says this competition takes incredible strength. Damien adjusts. Este is struggling. Lots of grunting from several HG. Anthony says this competition is extremely hard, the next heaviest person is 100 lbs lighter than himself.


    Adam is struggling and Kyra is having a hard time holding on. Este says she can’t and Sam tells them all to hang tight. Cory says she needs to win this HOH more than ever because she heard from Kyra that there was a backdoor and her name. She wants to win so she can get to the bottom of who wanted to backdoor her.


    Dane says this is impossible. Kyra is still struggling. They says their arms are on fire, Canada! Anthony hangs upside to gives his arms a rest. Mark’s shoulder is bothering him. Este is chanting to herself. Kyra is the first to fall. Anthony falls right after. Sam says good job, this isn’t easy guys. Este is just waiting for one more to fall so she’s not a have-not.


    Mark goes down. Anthony says this suck, not only did he not win the comp but he’s also a have-not. He wants one of the Pretty Boys to win so they can be safe and find out where everyone’s head is at. Damien wants to win because numbers are getting smaller and there are some good competitors in the house that need to be eliminated. Este is struggling and she tries to readjust and she falls.


    Adam lets go with one arm and readjusts. He says this is difficult and he really needs to win the comp. He has the PB, but they aren’t seeing eye to eye right now. They all want Sam out and he doesn’t so he has to win. The pipes spring a leak and squirt at them. Damien says now things are really slippery.


    Cory readjusts n her pipe. Damien is the next to fall. Adam is hanging down with one arm. Dane says it comes down to Cory, Adam, and himself and he can’t afford to fall. He’s holding on to this pipe for dear life. Sam tells them to keep pushing!


    Cory says she’s glad it’s down to her, Dane, and Adam and she’s glad she’s between them and they can look right at her and see she’s solid. They’ve been powerhouses the whole time and she wants them to know she’s right there with them. Adam is promising both Dane and Cory they are good. Dane drops.


    Cory tells Adam to give it to her because she wants it. Adam says you want it? Does that mean I’m safe? Cory says yeah. Adam says he feels safe with Cory and if he takes the deal him and Sam are safe for the week. He looks at her and says you promise? Cory says yeah and Adam drops. Cory is the new HOH!


    Cory is so excited. The fact she could beat out all the boys in an endurance competition is cool. Dane heard Adam make a deal with Cory. Is he part of the Pretty Boy alliance or not? The HG head inside and Adam asks Sam if that was the right move? She says she’s here for another week, this was perfect. Cory joins Adam and Sam in the WA and she says there’s no way she was putting them up. Sam says you know the master manipulator will do what they do.


    Kiki joins Damien and Dane in the blue bedroom and Este says we’re in trouble this week and Dane says because of your friend. Este says don’t blame me. Dane leaves and Este says Cory will try to get Dane out or Sam out, but she doesn’t think it will be her or Damien. Este says she just doesn’t want to lose another person. Este says if Cory puts up Dane and she hopes Cory won’t put her up. Damien says oh Este, we’re in one. Este says we’re in a pick and Damien says we can get out of it though.


    Cory and Anthony are talking on the couches. Anthony says he knows Cory has caught on to the plan to backdoor her last week. He’s going to use this situation to get the spotlight off Dane. He whispers to Cory that he doesn’t think Dane had anything to do with the backdoor plan and he knows for a fact that she’s been gunning for him. Anthony says there’s so much more to this story and Cory tells him to keep an eye on Dane.


    Anthony says Cory isn’t quite buying it yet so he’s going to need the full help of the Pretty Boys. He talks to Mark and says there has to be a way he can pin the backdoor plan on Sam. He needs help planting, not just seeds, but a tree so they can get the power back to the Pretty Boys.


    Who wants to see Cory’s HOH room? Cory has pictures of her husband, her sisters, and her parents. She says seeing her family brought her back and grounded her. The video is from her sister and she says they miss her and mom and dad miss her so much. She loves her more than anything and they can’t wait to see her come home with the prize. Cory says she loves her baby sister so much.


    Sam is listening to Cory’s music and dancing. Cory says she doesn’t know if her brain is ready for this. Sam says her HOH is coming off a crazy HOH and trying to decipher who’s lying and who’s telling the truth. Sam asks her how she figures out the lies and the truth. Cory says she goes with her gut most of the time. Cory acknowledges Dane has been acting different this week. Sam says the backdoor plan originated from a conversation between herself, Adam, and Dane and we see it was Adam who first put Cory’s name as a backdoor option if someone came off the block the previous week. Sam says Cory can 100% trust Adam and Dane is going to try and spread the blame and Cory is smarter than that.


    Anthony talks to Dane and Kiki told Cory she had nothing to do with a backdoor plan and Cory says she knows and it put into her mind it was Dane and Adam. Anthony says Cory won’t put up Adam, but she might put up Kyra and she might put up Sam. Adam comes in and says what do you figure. Anthony says Cory is unsure about the whole backdoor thing and we’re going to pin it on whoever we have to pin it on.


    Dane says Kyra told Cory the backdoor plan was from me and you. Adam says who do you want to pin it on? Dane says Kyra or Sam because Cory knows the girls wouldn’t do that because they aren’t capable of it. Adam walks out and Dane and Anthony try and calm him down and call him back. Dane says we’re done and Anthony says he’s psychotic.


    Adam goes into the archives and punches some boxes and throws some papers. He says Sam is good for his game. Anthony tries to talk to Adam and says he doesn’t want to talk right now, he knew they were going to do that. Adam and Anthony are arguing. Adam wants to know why Sam involved when she had no part of it. Adam says he could have easily won that, but he gave it to Cory. Anthony says Adam needs to listen, he’s playing too emotional. Anthony says he knows Adam likes the girl, but they’ve been plotting this and she’s been doing the same thing to him. Anthony says who would you rather stay and Adam says the boys. Anthony says then we have to keep the numbers and we have to keep the guys together.


    Cory and Kyra are going into the HOH. Cory says Kyra has been known to take information and share it with the world, so she’s hoping to get some information from them over Wendy’s. Cory goes to pick up their order and it’s Demetres. Cory wants to know what happened last week. Kyra says they were approached by Dane and were talking about a backdoor and Kyra says Dane mentioned Cory might be a good idea. Kyra says Sam said she didn’t think it was a good idea and then Kyra went and told Cory. Kyra says they were never in the group talks. Cory says Dane is saying he didn’t spearhead it. Kyra says they feel like Cory is quizzing them.


    Dane joins Mark and Anthony in the hot tub and Dane says it’s so hot. Anthony says they have to work on Cory today because Sam is running her mouth to Cory and she’s working hard. Anthony says we have to keep Cory’s trust. Anthony says Adam is sabotaging Dane to save face with Sam and he’s weak. Where Adam is weak, they have to stay strong. Anthony says he’s a cry baby and he’s weak and he is trying to save Sam over the guys.


    Adam comes outside and Dane says they have to keep this solid. Mark says it looks “pretty” to him. Adam says no matter how emotional he gets, he’s not a burden. He says his heart is with them and Dane says this will be the greatest love story at all.


    Sam, Kyra, Este, and Damien are in the KT. Sam says she likes talking about gross things. She doesn’t want to see gross things coming out of their bodies, but she wants to smell their arm pits. Sam has Damien smell her armpits and he says fresh. Kyra says girls smell good and Sam says some girl’s armpits smell like tacos. She then grabs some taco seasoning to pass around.


    Este goes to talk to Cory and Cory says she feels like she should be putting people on the block who she is questioning who has her best interest at heart. And she’s questioning to Este. She says she gave her word to Adam that she wouldn’t put Sam and Adam up, but she needs to find out more what Sam is doing. Cory says she’s hearing so many different things. Este says she swears on everything that plan didn’t come from her and when she talked to Sam it sounded like it was her plan. Este says the best move for her is to expose Sam’s game. Cory says information is going to help her maneuver this week.


    Dane goes in to talk to Cory. Dane says honestly Cory, he respects her on a personal level and he respects the heck out of Anthony and he apologizes for not talking to them about the backdoor plan. Dane says he thought they knew about the plan. Cory says she’s trying to figure who’s lying to him and who’s not. Cory says Dane is super sketchy right now and getting the truth out of these people is like pulling teeth. Cory says if everyone had just been honest with her, this wouldn’t have happened. Cory says she’s a logical, reasonable person.


    Anthony goes in to talk to Cory and she says she doesn’t know how to go about this. Anthony says he’s sure it was all Sam. He says after Chelsea left she tried to get close to Cory. Anthony says Sam is using Kyra and Adam and she’s just plotting for Cory until she doesn’t need her anymore. Anthony says she’s a slithering, slimy genius. Anthony says they have to take her out. If they’re going to take out the head of the monster, they have to get Sam out. This isn’t a popularity contest, this is where the lions play.


    Sam says Cory is really trying to get to the bottom of the backdoor plan. Cory is very smart and she needs to do what she has to do to deflect any blame from Adam and her. Sam goes in to talk to Cory and she says Dane didn’t deny he knew about the backdoor plan. Sam says Mark was the first person to throw out names, but she doesn’t want to say exactly what he said. She says then Dane did the same. Cory says there was a conversation with Dane. Cory says they were one-on-one conversations? She thought it was said in a group situation. Sam says no. Sam leaves and Cory looks at the camera and says this week is going to be insane. What is she going to do? She needs to figure out how to expose her because she’s feeding her BS.


    Cory says she’s been on a mission to find out who viewed her as a target and people who had their mouths shut last week are now singing like birds. This house is riddled with lies. She’s been trying to figure out who targeted her as a backdoor last week. She’s thinking about nominating Dane because she thinks he spearheaded it, Este could have been an accomplice, and even though she made a deal to keep Adam and Sam safe, but she doesn’t trust Sam. She’s also considering Kyra because she’s loyal to Sam and a good foot soldier. She needs these HG to know if her name comes out of their mouth, they are entering her crosshairs.


    It’s time for nominations! Cory’s first nominee is Dane and her second nominee is Este. Cory says she has chosen to nominate Dane because it has been brought to her attention that there was a LOT of conversation about her name and a backdoor and he was in a lot of those conversations. Cory says she chose Este because she heard that she too was a part of it.


    Dane says this is his first time being on the block and there’s absolutely no way he’s not going out and winning a POV and taking himself down. Este says it sucks being on the block with her number one, but there’s still the POV and she will fight for that.

  9. Previously, on Big Brother Canada, a new power emerged in the house, the elusive blood veto. With HOH Sam locked away, the other HG all had to agree who would claim it, and like a pitbull with a bone, Kyra fended off all challengers. Eventually, the house surrendered and Kyra went from underdog to overlord. With the house still in shock, it came time for nominations. Sam plucked out two thorns from her side and tossed them on the block. Then at a ballsy competition, Mark dropped the ball big time while Kiki held her own. But it was Adam who grabbed the veto by the balls.


    With power in his pocket, Adam was stuck between his girl, a rock, and a hard sell. Ultimately, Adam kept his head down and kept his ally on the block. But just when the dust was about to settle, the blood veto returned to wreak havoc. Tonight, the power of Big Brother’s deadly veto will finally be revealed. Can Mark or Kiki escape their death sentence? Is anyone ready for the carnage, right now on Big Brother Canada? There will be blood!


    Arisa welcomes us and says can you believe tonight is the final night before jury begins? The HG are buzzing about that, but we’re buzzing about the blood veto. Kyra says she won’t use the blood veto, but that house of lies with spies…you never know.


    We pick up after the POV ceremony on day 31 with Kyra getting called to the DR. Kyra says what is happening?!? Congratulations, the house has awarded you with the blood veto. The blood veto holds a power never seen before on Big Brother. It will allow you the option to veto the vote on Thursday. This means if you aren’t happy with house the voted, you can veto the eviction and send the other HG packing. Kyra says omg, I love you! As well, it is only valid for this week’s vote. It will be Kyra’s to use or not and they cannot reveal the power to any of the HG until it is time to use it. Este and Adam are speculating Kyra can put someone else up on the block.


    Kyra says this is insane. They essentially get to choose who goes home. Kiki is praying that Kyra will use the blood veto on her. Este is telling Dane she’s worried if Kyra gets to choose it will be Dane or Adam and Dane hopes it’s Adam. Sam is talking to Adam downstairs and saying the same thing and she’s worried if Adam goes up, then he’ll go home. Este and Sam are both nervous.


    Kyra says even though they told everyone they wouldn’t use the power, they did what they had to do to get the power. They said they need to use it to benefit their game and if they have to use it they will. Kyra comes out and Mark says are we all good? Kyra says we’re all good. Kyra says they can’t talk about it but it’s all good. Mark says speculation is running really high in this house and people are freaking out.


    Sam says Kyra having the blood veto is the best case scenario for her because her and Kyra are tight. Sam says she’s at a point where Kiki is her target, but if she decides she wants to get a big target out, then they can do that. Adam isn’t sure if his POV win will keep him safe this week. Adam says if he goes home on Sam’s HOH, he’ll be heart broken.


    Sam is in the SR and Kyra comes in and Sam tells Kyra not to give Kiki anything and Kyra says she can’t talk about it. Dane and Adam are still worried. Kiki goes to lay in her bed. She doesn’t know if her chances to stay are any better or worse. Right now, everything is just speculation. Mark says the probability staying is about 80-20, everyone likes him. But with the blood veto thrown into the mix, anything can happen. Kiki and Mark are talking and Kiki says she has to be careful how she campaigns because they don’t know what the veto does. She says she has no idea what is going to happen.


    Kyra is sitting outside and they say this is crazy. Kyra says the house is super paranoid right now and they can’t even talk about the power. They can’t decide whether to use the veto until they know where the votes false. Do they risk using it and getting blood on their hands? Or do they not use the biggest power in Big Brother history to keep the peace?


    Arisa says this week the surprises were bigger than ever before. Let’s see what the HG are thinking about tonight’s eviction vote. Kyra says they hold the most power in this game. Kyra is in the shower and they forgot to grab a towel. Kyra says right now, they are the most helpless person in the house. Where is everyone! We see everyone outside chatting. Kyra puts on a shirt and goes to grab their towel.


    Cory is sitting on Anthony’s back and he says it feels good. It feels like a back massage. She wiggles around and Mark says they are weird. Anthony says he hates Cory and she hates him. She’s like a sister. Anthony could see himself going deep in the game with Cory. He says she’s very loyal in the game and they are going to see how far they can take it. Cory says he annoys her, but he amuses her at the same time. He’s like a big bear, an annoying bear. But a bear that she trusts.


    Kiki is sitting outside and Damien joins her. He asks how her talks are going and Kiki says she feels like they are going ok. They are discussing the votes. Kiki knows she has Dane and Este, plus him, and maybe Adam and Cory and Anthony. Kiki says f she stays everyone knows what her game plans are. Obviously when she talks to Sam she says she’s not going after them and she rolls her eyes and Damien says she has to say that. Kiki says she can’t have both of them here, gotta go. Damien says he will work to try and figure out the votes too.


    Cory, Adam, and Mark are working. Mark says he knows he has three votes this week, Dane, Anthony, and Adam. So his goal for today is hang out with Cory and do that east coast workout she does and see if he can’t secure her vote. Sam is with them too and Mark, Cory, and Sam are working together. Cory says Mark tries and that’s what counts.


    Dane talks to Kyra and he says he has a mutual respect with them as an individual. Dane doesn’t feel safe because he’s nominated Kyra twice and he could find himself on the block, tit for tat. Sam and Adam come out and Dane thinks Kyra can save someone and they also get to replace the nominee or Canada does. Kyra says Dane is worried and they love the fact he’s shaking in his boots right now, because finally he doesn’t run the house.


    Arisa says the vote is coming up and either Mark or Kiera will be evicted and the blood veto is in play. Arisa says let’s head inside where some of the girls are talking about their favorite things. Este and Kiki agree that Damien is the cutest in the house and Anthony is the hottest. Nice smile is Dane. Best butt is also Dane. Best kisser? Kiki has no idea and Este tells her to imagine kissing every guy in the house and they think about it and giggle.


    Mark is talking to Damien and he says he needs Damien’s vote. Mark says he feels good with Cory, now he has to get Damien. Mark says he can be loyal and if he wins HOH, he HAS to put two people up and Damien would not be one. Damien thinks Mark is good and that he has the four votes he needs. Mark says Damien is a nice guy so he’s appealing to that side and laying it on thick. Damien says if Mark has his back, then he will return the favor.


    Kiki goes for her talk to Cory. Kiki says every single vote is going to count this week. Kiki says it’s one thing for someone to say they’re loyalty to you but if they can’t win anything how can they prove their loyalty? Cory says competitions are the only thing that matters to her. She wants to know what Kiki’s game plan is? Cory needs to make sure the people who stay are people she can be 100% confident in. She says if Kiki can show her that she can be trusted, then they have a ball game. Kiki says Cory is really hard to talk to because she’s perceptive. She doesn’t think she has Cory’s vote so she has to look elsewhere.


    Kiki goes to talk to Kyra. Kiki tells us she might have to go to Kyra so they can maybe save her. Kiki says Kyra has never been her target and she doesn’t have anyone but Este. Kyra says what about Dane? Kiki says Dane is closer to Mark. Kyra says they do think Kiki is better for their game than Mark. Kyra says Kiki is coming at her hard but she has to see how the votes go first. They say the idea of standing up on eviction night excites her in no other way. The game is exciting, but this is a whole other level.


    Time to check-in with the HG. Arisa asks how they are all doing? They’re all good. Kiki had a fall in the backyard yesterday and she has her foot wrapped. Arisa says she knows it was another stressful week and they are all still able to have a little fun. We see the clips of various antics by the different HG. They are laughing. Arisa hopes they enjoyed that moment of levity as much as the audience did.


    It’s time to head inside for the vote! Kiera says this has been a dream come true and she couldn’t have asked for better HG to be there with and she loves Este forever and always. Kiki says Sam and Adam are incredible players, Dane stabbed her in the back and she’s surprised this is how it played out and she knows she’s up there because of him. She says Sam was never her target.


    Mark says he gets no joy from being up next to her. Mark says he knows he wouldn’t be much of a physical threat because of his shoulder injuries, but he can compete mentally. He has shown the last few weeks that he can’t even do that and all he has is his integrity and character and if they keep him, then he can give them that.


    It’s time to vote!

    Adam votes to evict…Kiki.

    Este votes to evict Mark.

    Dane sadly votes to evict Kiki.

    Damien votes to evict Kiki.

    Cory votes to evict Kiki.

    Anthony votes to evict Kiki.

    At this point, the house has voted to evict Kiera, but there is still the matter of the blood veto. But the other Kyra can change that and we’ll find out if they do after this…


    Just before the break, 6 HG voted, 5 of them to send Kiera home. Arisa calls Kyra to the DR. Arisa says Kyra has the ultimate authority to veto the entire vote. Arisa instructs Kyra to take the blood veto and head back to the LR.


    Arisa says HG, I have the results. By a vote of 5-1, Kiera the HG have voted to evict you. But tonight is very different. Tonight, the blood veto is in play. HG, Big Brother left it up to them to decide who would receive this special veto so they need to remember they ALL agreed to give this power to Kyra. It’s called the blood veto because it’s the bloodiest power in the history of Big Brother Canada. While the house voted to evict Kiera, the other Kyra now has the power to veto the vote and overturn that decision and they can decide to send Mark home instead.


    Arisa gives each nominee 15 seconds to campaign directly to Kyra. Mark says he and Kyra had a great conversation last night and he thinks the same points he said in his previous speech are the same points he’d present to her. Kiera says this could chance the trajectory of the game and she doesn’t trust Dane because he has pitted people against each other. Keep her here and she will gun for Dane. Kyra wishes they could believe anything this person has to say, but the only thing they can trust is when Kiki said they were a good liar. Kyra will respect the house’s decision and it’s time for Kiki to go.


    Kiki says goodbye to Este and she congratulates everyone for making it to jury. Anthony picks Kiki up and carries her up the stairs to someone waiting to help her out.


    Arisa says the first burning question she had was she knew she was in danger why didn’t she fight to death for that blood veto? Kiki says she was afraid if she would fight Mark wouldn’t give it up and she didn’t want to put a bigger target on her back.


    Arisa says Kiki lit Dane up in that speech, why? Kiera says from the moment she met Dane, she knew he was more intelligent he gave off. She realized he was running everything and he’s super strategic. Arisa says her instincts were on point.


    Este says she loves Kiki so much, she’s so happy to have met her. She has so much work to do and she’s going to be all alone. Damien says it sucks she’s gone. Sam says Kiki has been gunning hard for her and Adam and she couldn’t keep her in the house. Kyra says they are really sorry and they just didn’t want to keep her because she’s been lying since day one. Dane says it’s been an absolute pleasure to meet her and he’s happy they became friend. Dane just wants to let her know that Mark, Anthony, Adam, and himself made an alliance five minutes into the game. Kiki says she’s so shocked.


    Up next, the HOH comp begins and it’s a real “pipe dream”.


    Just moments ago, Kiera was the latest HG to be evicted and the next person to go will be the first member of our jury. It’s time to find a new HOH. This competition is called pipe dream. Another delivery of slop is on it’s way to the BB house. Their mission is to hand on to their pipe for as long as they can. Fall off, and they will be eliminated and the first three to fall will be have-nots for the week. The last HG hanging on will be the new HOH.


    The HG all climb up on the pipe and everyone is in place and the competition starts now! That does it for tonight. You can find out the new HOH is on Sunday and Wednesday is all about the POV.

  10. Previously, on Big Brother Canada, on the night of the double eviction Sam got more proof that Adam was down with the dudes. Still, the pretty boys steam rolled their way to two unanimous votes. At the HOH competition, a spytacular test of memory got down to a tie breaker which put Sam against Dane and his dame. With her back against the wall, Sam reeled in her first HOH win of the season and the great Dane went off his leash.


    Leveraging her new power, Sam put the screws to Adam about his bromance. With her sights, set on a dude, the shifty marksman stepped into Sam’s crosshairs, but Sam couldn’t drop her baggage with the veto vixen. While the tiny tornado was shaking up the house, BB unleashed an earthquake. With everyone on edge, Bb left the house to decide who will wield the bloodiest power of all. With a 1-2 punch of logic, Kyra cleared the ring and the blood veto found its master. At the noms, Sam lowered the boom on pretty boy Mark and Kiki.


    We pick up at the nomination ceremony on day 28. Sam says her nominations were designed to shake up the house because she wants to test the guy’s alliance and put Kiki on notice because she’s been coming for her all season. Kiera says she has to do whatever she has to do to save herself. This week, Kyra wants one of the guys to go home. They don’t know if this blood veto is good or bad, but they were willing to take the risk. Mark says if he doesn’t win this veto, he could actually go home. Maybe he needs to start winning comps.


    Kyra says they know Sam can be easily swayed by Adam and they need to get in her ear and make sure a guy goes home this week. Kyra tells Sam when she nominated Mark, Dane, Anthony, and Adam all had the same reaction. Kyra pitches taking Kiki down because they already have a target on their back. Kyra says they are both independent, strong non-males.


    Kyra is talking to Kiki and Este and Kyra says Dane is much closer to Adam and they guys than they might think. Dane comes in and Kyra says you look worried. Kyra says Dane is freaking out and they know they promised they wouldn’t use the blood veto, but this is big brother. If it’s best for their game, they will absolutely use it. Kyra asks Dane if Kiki comes down, who should Sam put up? Dane doesn’t know and he asks if Kyra is being sketchy about that blood veto. Kyra says Dane is acting super sketchy. This guy’s alliance is slowly emerging and it’s just convincing them that one of the guys has to go this week.


    Dane leaves the room and Kiki says well, she has Kyra’s back, Este’s back, and Sam’s back. Anthony asks Mark if he trusts him. Anthony says he’s very smart and he pays attention to a lot of things. Anthony says Mark should have never been on the block in the first place. He says if it were him that he was number one with the HOH, they would have been in their ear to make sure none of the guys goes on the block. Anthony tells Mark to stay calm. His energy is going to speak volumes.


    Adam is in the SR with Kiki and Este and Adam doesn’t know why Sam won’t go after someone else. Este says it’s been a battle for you and Kiki the whole time. Adam says a lot of people are worried about him and Sam, but there are others that people should be worried about. Este says she needs to do what she can to keep Kiki safe and she needs to show Adam they could be good allies. Kiki says it doesn’t make sense to her to let other’s roll along to the end without doing anything. Este says everyone here is sheep and she didn’t come to work with sheep. Adam says they should all go talk to Sam. Adam leaves and Este and Kiki celebrate.


    Adam says Este and Kiki are bringing up a lot of points that he needs to think about. Adam says Kiki said that everyone is sitting back and watching them go at each other and Adam pitches backdooring someone. Adam says Sam is definitely into the five person alliance with himself, Este, Kiki, and Dane. Kiki says she’s not comfortable playing a game where these people are sliding by. Adam, Dane, Kiki, Este, and Sam are all talking and they work on making alliance. Adam says if they win, do they take Kiki off? Dane says Adam is talking about taking Kiki off over Mark. Come on Adam? You have to save the pretty boy. Dane says whoever is in Adam’s ear last will have the most influence. Adam needs to be thinking with his head and not his heart.


    Mark is talking to Kiki and he says this isn’t how he envisioned this week. Mark wants her to know, that regardless of what’s happened over the last 24 hours, he still cares about her and he still wants her in the game. Mark understands if she doesn’t want to talk to him and Kiki says she doesn’t know what he goes on about half the time. Mark says he likes to look down when he talks and Kiki says you don’t like to look people in the eyes.


    Adam and Sam are in the HOH room and they have the television in their room and they are watching adult swim. Sam says she hasn’t watched anything in so long. Adam says it’s their first date. Sam says thank you BB.


    Cory and Damien are talking about backdoor potential this week. They are talking about the blood veto and speculating what it might do. Este is in the HOH room listening to music and dancing around.


    Sam comes out and it’s time to pick players for the veto competition. Kyra is unable to compete because she has the blood veto. Sam draws Damien’s name, Mark draws Este’s name, and Kiki draws Adam. Mark says he should be happy that Adam is playing, but it’s hard to know where his head is at. He’s in the pretty boys alliance, but he’s also massively in love with his showmance and he doesn’t know what that means for him.


    Adam and Dane are in the SR and they are talking. Adam says he told Kiki he’d use it and if he doesn’t it would be weird. Adam says he wishes he didn’t get picked. Dane says if it’s between you and Mark throw it to him. If it’s a log roll keep falling. Adam says he wishes he hadn’t gotten drawn. Sam is listening at the door and she comes in and she says she’s going to do what’s best for her game and Dane says you should.


    Kyra is the host and the competition is called Balance of Power. On go, they’ll grab a ball and place it on their pole and go across the beam and turn around and come back. Each round, they’ll grab another ball and add it to their pole. If they drop their balls, they can continue, but can only add one ball per round. If they fall, they have to start over. The first HG to get 25 balls on their pole and make it down and back will win the Power of Veto! Kiki wishes everyone luck. Adam says this might be Kiki’s game. Mark says the pretty boys should be loyal to the soil, but Adam is acting kind of suspicious.


    All the HG get off to a solid start. Este says she does yoga so it should be easy peasy. If she can win, she’ll take Kiki off the block because she needs her hear. Damien says this veto is important to him. There’s a blood veto on the loose, and Sam is in power and he doesn’t know how safe he is this week. Damien is crossing and he loses a few balls. Adam loses a couple. Mark loses a couple. Este is losing a ball as well. Kiki is at 13. She’s been in the service industry for awhile now. It’s all about balance and mental focus. She’s so laser focused, nothing can shake her. Adam farts and she loses a ball.


    Kiki is on her 20th ball. She has a ball sliding to the end of her pole, and then another and she’s wobbly and she loses 5 balls on that trip and she has 15 balls now. Damien says they might be there awhile. 30 minutes later Adam has a nice amount and he has to slow down because he loses a few. Adam says every time a ball falls he wants to swear and freak out. He snaps at Sam. Adam says you have to be as steady as you possibly can. Adam now has 17 balls. 25 is the magic number. Adam and Kiki are neck and neck. Mark says until someone gets 25 balls, it’s anyone’s game. Mark falls off and he has to start all over again.


    Kiki is at 21 and she’s starting a lap. Adam is at 24 and adding his 25th ball and he heads out. Kiki loses a few balls in her transition. Adam has one sliding towards the end and we go to commercial.


    Adam is going for his 25th ball and to win the veto. He is at the end of the balance beam and he is turning slowly. He loses one ball in the turn and then four more as he makes it back. Sam says this is so hard, they are doing amazing. Kiki has 21 balls and she loses two on the trip. An hour has elapsed and Damien is making a trip and he loses one. Mark is making a comeback. Este has had to start over and she is at 4. An hour and 20 minutes has gone by and Kiki is at 22. She makes her turn and loses 2 balls. Adam is back and Adam is on 25 again and he heads out for his trip. He’s moving very slowly.


    Adam makes it to the end and 2 balls are sliding down a bit. He slows down as he turns step by step and he heads back down the beam. Everyone is quiet and the two balls on the end are moving a little. Adam sets the pole down and he has won the POV! Adam says this win wasn’t a great win for him because his boy Mark is on the block and he also told Kiki she was safe. He didn’t really need to win this.


    The HG head inside and Damien says Mark made a good come back. Kiki heads to the WA and lays on the couch and Este says she did amazing and Kiki says it wasn’t good enough. Este says it’s ok, you aren’t going anywhere. Este says they are so much more trustworthy than mark and Kiki says she’s better for Sam’s game than Mark. They discuss backdooring Cory to ensure Mark goes home.


    Adam heads to the HOH room with Sam. They are eating some cookies and Adam says he didn’t want to win that. He says he was trying hard and he’s in a crap situation and he doesn’t know why he said he said that. Sam says do you what you want. She’s pretty sure Kiki is going to stay and Adam says are you sure? Sam says before the veto she overheard Dane and Adam in the pantry and it’s leaving her suspicious. She needs Adam in the game, but these things keep happening and she doesn’t know if she can trust him.


    Adam tells Sam everything he’s doing is to get them to move forward. Sam says but every time you run to Dane. Adam says he knows Sam doesn’t trust her and she follows him around. Sam says he can leave because the way he’s acting, she doesn’t feel like she can trust him one bit.


    Kiki is heading to the have-not room and there is a bed in there with some pillows. Canada has voted to give her one night’s sleep on a bed. Kiki says Canada has no idea how much she loves them and how proud she is to be Canadian. She’s so excited to get a great sleep tonight. Kiki is looking at the control and it has a massage feature and it’s reclining. Dane and Este come in and jump on the bed and Dane says Canada loves you!


    It’s Day 30 and Dane is talking to Este. They are talking about the blood veto. Dane thinks Canada is voting to keep Mark or Kiki safe. Dane says he’s having nightmares about this veto. Big Brother, what is this blood veto?!? Dane says there has to be a twist on this because there’s no way they gave the least powerful person the most powerful thing in the game.


    Kiki is talking to Adam and Adam says he and Sam are always going to be number one and Kiki disagrees. Kiki says Adam said he’d use the POV if he won, so now she needs to check in and see if that’s still going to happen. Kiki tells Adam she needs him to Sam because everyone else is standing back watching them go at each other. Kiki says she really likes Dane, Este, him, and Sam with her. She thinks it’s a strong group and it’s a numbers game. She says that’s a strong five. Adam says this makes things more complicated. He’s trying to stay close to the pretty boys, but maybe saving Kiki and keeping her in the house will keep Sam happy and the heat off of him.


    Anthony and Adam are in the HOH room. Anthony wants to know what Adam is thinking. Adam is trying to figure out how to get Sam to think Mark should be good to stay. Adam says Kiki and Este have convinced Sam they are numbers for her. Anthony says they would 100% go after Adam and Sam no matter what they’ve said. Adam wants Anthony to talk Sam but he doesn’t feel comfortable. Anthony advises him to talk about their future and then get to the game aspect.


    Sam and Adam are in the have-not room and they are talking. Adam says he feels like Mark is better for them. Sam so now you want to keep Mark. Adam says no, he’s not saying anything yet. Adam says Kiki was running around last week saying their name. Sam says everyone thinks you guys are working together. Adam says even if we are, she’s still his number one. Adam doesn’t think Este and Kiki staying together are safe. Sam says good chat and they start to leave and Adam hugs her and says he cares about her and he wants her to be part of whatever is going on.


    Adam heads to HQ to consider using the veto on Kiki or Mark. Adam says this week has been tough. He’s had Sam in one ear and the pretty boys in the other. If he saves Kiki it could be a number for him down the road, but he’d also be turning his back on the pretty boys. If he saves Mark, then it exposes the pretty boys. He has to consider the blood veto is still out there.


    Time for the veto ceremony! Mark says Adam won the POV fair and square and he respects that. He says please use the veto on me, I don’t think I pose a threat to you. Kiki congratulates Adam and he is a true competitor and whatever he chooses, she respects him. Adam has decided NOT to use the POV. He has the power the week and he wants to keep Sam’s nominations the same.


    Kyra is called to the DR right as the POV ceremony finishes and everyone looks around. Kyra heads to the DR and there is an envelope the blood veto. Kyra says oh my gosh, what is happening. Kiki in the LR says holy crap! Kyra is reading the card. Adam says do you think they get to replace somebody? Kyra says holy! Oh my God! This is insane! To be continued…


    To find out the true power of the blood veto and how it will affect the house, tune into the live eviction Thursday night!

  11. Previously, on Big Brother Canada, with Chelsea and Kyra locked to the block, Dane and his pretty boys was posed for greatness, but one of their own was ready to rebel. Blissfully unaware of any descent, the pretty boys flash their sign in front of Kyra. Then Chelsea used Kyra’s intel to try and rally Youngblood. But in the end, nobody would break ranks from Dane and a unanimous vote sent Chelsea out the door.


    Then Big Brother dropped the deuce and the next first HOH competition, Adam delivered a four out of 5 HOH wins for the pretty boys. Adam put up Kiki as his target and Eddie as his pawn. But at the POV competition, Kiki’s balance ballgame got her the win. With a replacement needed, Kyra and Sam hatched a plan to test Adam’s loyalty, but when Adam balked at putting up a bro, he raised a red flag. And when Kiki stepped down, Kyra went up. Then in another pretty boy approved unanimous vote, Eddie was deadie. Tonight, can anyone win and end the pretty boys streak. Will one mysterious veto rupture the house?


    We pick up with Eddie getting evicted and Kyra says tonight was double eviction and it was chaos and she managed to escape the block twice. She was hoping to get in Sam’s ear to get Adam to put up a guy, but something went wrong and this just shows Adam’s loyalties. Mark says he does want to take a shot but he missed his shot in the d/e and now he has to wait in the caboose of the pretty boys train and wait for another chance. Sam feels like a big bullseye because everyone has mentioned her name. She feels like she’s in danger and she has to win this competition.


    Adam is outside hosting the HOH comp. BB has added some eye-catching views to the house. When Adam says go, the HG will have 2 minutes to inspect the house. They will then come back and stand in their booths for a true/false question comp. Adam gives the go and they all start running around. Time is up and they all head back outside. Este is freaking out because she didn’t see half the things she needed to see.


    True or False: all of the spa goers had eye masks on? Everyone answers true and they are all correct.


    True or False: there were 8 jellyfish in the blue bedroom, true or false. Damien and Anthony answer true and they are wrong. Everyone else is correct.


    True or False: there were 6 presents for Kailyn’s birthday in the pantry. Everyone is right except for Mark.


    True or False: Eddie could be seen on all three gifs playing in the LR. Sam and Anthony answer true and they are correct. Dane says he can’t have sam win this competition and he feels threatened by her. Sam has 4 correct answers is in the lead.


    True or False: Adult swim can be seen on the TV in the HOH room. Anthony, Dane, and Kiera got it right and everyone else is wrong. Sam knows everyone is gunning for except a few people and she cannot let this win slip through her fingers.


    True or False: the writing on the mirror in the pink bedroom spelled cleanl up your room. Sam and Damien and Este are correct.


    True or False: one of the spa goers had toe dividers. Mark and Kyra are wrong and everyone else is right. Sam is in the lead by one followed by Dane, Anthony, Este, and Kiki.


    True or False: there was a note over Laura’s photo that read agent. Sam and Anthony answer true and everyone else said false. There is a three way tie between Sam, Dane, and Este. Time for a tie breaker.


    Dane can’t believe it’s coming down to a tiebreaker. Watch out Sam, Este and Dane are coming for you girl!


    Tie breaker question-During the comp beast POV, how many attempted ring tosses were there in total? Sam answers 315, Dane answers 171, and Este answers 120. The answer is…573. Sam is the new HOH! Sam says she can’t believe it. She pulled out a win exactly when she needed it the most. Dane is feeling pissed. He really didn’t want Sam to win. He’s cracking his lip balm out because he’s got a lot of butt kissing to do this week.


    In addition to winning HOH, Sam and a HG gets to watch a movie from adult swim. She immediately chooses Adam. Sam and Adam go to the WA and he says she just turned the house upside down. Adam says he’s pretty sure everyone’s tripping right now. Sam definitely wants to put a guy up for nomination this week. She’s pretty sure there’s a guy alliance and she wants to break it down. Sam says she has to be strategic.


    Dane goes into the blue bedroom and is very angry and hitting the bed. Kiera comes in and Dane is slamming pillows around. Kiera says so the worst has happened and Dane says the worst has happened. Dane says he could easily get backdoored. Kiera thinks it’ll be her and Este and Dane says but if one of them wins, then he’ll backdoored. Sam and Adam come in and they say a very awkward hi.


    Este is in the red bedroom and she’s crying. She says she’s crushed. She feels like she let Kiera down and she’s afraid Sam is going to target her this week. Kiera comes in and comforts Este and Este says she wrote down the stupidest possible answer. Este says she’s scared they will try to get Kiera out again. Keira says we are not going to roll over. This is Sam’s HOH and she wants to make a big move. Kiera says Dane is freaking out right now. Kiera says getting Dane out is the biggest move other than Adam. Kiera says if we get Mark on the block, then he can go home.


    Sam and Adam are in the SR and Sam is pondering who to put that will set her up for next week. Sam says she knows there’s a guy thing and that’s fine for Adam, but she wants to break it up. She says she can’t talk to him and he wants to know why? She says because he’s trying to sway her in a direction. Adam says he’s just thinking who he’s good with and he wants Sam to be good with them too. Sam says she doesn’t trust Anthony and Mark. Sam wants to work with Adam, but she has to work a fine line of his manipulation of her but her doing what’s best for her game.


    Arisa calls the HG to the LR. She says you are living in a house of spies and things aren’t always as they seem. Within the walls of BBCAN HQ, there IS a secret room. Good luck! Damien says he knows exactly where the room is and that’s where he’s headed. Him and Este both go into the archives and Damien calls Este in. The door shuts just as Dane, Adam, Kyra, and Mark come in and Este and Damien hold the door shut. Este goes over to the veto and tries to lift the glass and the alarm sounds.


    Adam and Sam can hear in the archives and Este sends Damien over while she holds the door. Damien says they can’t keep themselves locked in the room forever. They have to find a way to get the veto. Este tries to grab it again and the alarm goes off again. Este is crawling around and she says is there a key in here is there something she has to say. Adam can hear the alarm go off again and he’s telling everyone to be quiet. They finally open the door and everyone comes in. Dane touches it and the alarm sounds again.


    Adam doesn’t want to touch the POV. Sam wants to know if there were any other voices they could hear. Everyone is taking turns touching the veto. Adam has found the TV’s. Sam thinks they’ll play clips of surveillance. Kiera says the secret room is a game changer. Everyone seems to want the veto, but they don’t know how to get it and they don’t know what it does. We see Dane make a run back and try to lift the class again and the alarm sounds.


    Dane is counting boxes in The Archives. He says 183. He then pushes the door open to the lounge and some boxes fall on his head. Who wants to see Sam’s HOH room? Sam has been waiting 5 weeks for this and the pictures of her family are putting her over the edge.


    Sam’s video is from her mom and they are so proud of her and they are all hoping she’ll go right to the top. Kisses from home, have fun! She thinks her mom is extremely proud of her and having that little piece of home allows her to refocus and get her mind in the right place.


    It’s Day 28 and Dane is up and he’s ready to get this thing. He goes in and the Blood veto is gone. Dane immediately runs upstairs and into the HOH and says the veto is gone. Sam says no it’s not. Are you serious? Dane thinks Adam has it. Sam and Dane look for Adam and Dane is telling everyone that the veto is gone and Adam has it. Sam and Dane head downstairs and they head back to the lounge and they can’t find Adam and Dane says he has it. Adam comes in from outside and they want to know if he took the veto and he says no. Adam goes to look and confirms it’s gone. Cory comes in next, followed by Damien and Kyra.


    Sam says she has to nominate knowing someone can veto it. Sam says who has the veto? She’s HOH and stressed as it is, she doesn’t need someone coming in and flipping her game upside down.


    Dane is trying the slop and he says it’s so gross. He throws a napkin with an ugh. Sam heads to the HOH with Anthony. Sam thinks she needs to get closer to Anthony so she invites him for Wendy’s. Sam heads down to get their order and Rozina delivers her food. Lots of hugs and kisses.


    Sam says she needs to build relationships regardless of who is aligned with who. She tosses out Mark’s name as someone she doesn’t trust and Anthony likes Mark and he thinks he’s hilarious and he really, really trusts Mark. Sam is trying to find out where Anthony’s head is at and he’s not giving her a whole lot. Sam tells Anthony she’s trying to keep people safe who will keep her safe.


    Dane is very worried about Sam being in power this week and she’s a huge threat to his game. He thinks he’s on her hitlist. Adam tells Dane he needs to make Sam believe that he trusts her. Adam says he keeps telling her there is no boys alliance. Dane is worried about the boys being broken by her. Mark comes in and then he heads out and Dane says Mark has been acting sketchy. Dane says Mark is playing every side and Adam asks if there are cracks and Dane says if we get past this week with all the boys then it will be good.


    Kiera goes in to talk to Sam and Kiera says she needs to get in Sam’s ear and get off her radar. She just got put up by her ride or die Adam, and she’s praying Sam won’t put her and Este up. Keira says she needs Sam and Este here in the house and she promises that Sam is not her target. Sam says she’s trying to believe her and she wants to be honest with her and she doesn’t believe her because of conversations with Adam and other people and they haven’t talked game. Kiera says Mark is way more dangerous than she is because no one will ever go against Mark and he will ride to the end and that’s a great game. Sam says it’s hard to find out what’s truth and what’s not. She’s in a hard spot.


    Sam is called to the HOH room. The door raises to the outside and the backyard has something covered and there is a series of red buttons. Sam can watch them on the TV screen. They all walk to a button and the cover is lifted and it’s the blood veto. Sam says oh my God!


    Everyone outside goes to take a close look and they are talking about how beautiful she is. Sam is freaking out. There is a card the veto. Kiera says they must decide unanimously who will receive the power. This person will be safe for the week, cannot be nominated, and will not play in the upcoming veto competition. Kyra says they’ve been on the block three times and they probably won’t get nominated. Adam says Sam would want that. Dane says you’re not going on the block and Kyra says that’s why I’m the easiest, safest person to take it. Mark and Dane aren’t comfortable with the plan. Adam doesn’t want to go against Sam and he’s ok with Kyra getting it. Kyra says it’s not really an advantage because she’s likely not in danger this week. Mark says what if there’s another twist and you change your mind.


    Adam says who wants it, raise your hand? Este raises her hand and Kiera bows out and says she’s ok with not having it. Mark says if it’s her and Kiki on the block, they all know what Este would do. Este says why would she go against what Sam would want. Mark says come on Este. Este says she won’t use it. Adam, Kiera, Cory, Dane, and Mark vote Kyra. Este says it’s fine. Dane says if I get backdoored…Kyra says they swear. Everyone lines up and the lights are red. The glass to the veto is lowered and Kyra gets the blood veto and puts it on.


    Kyra says they hope it’s a good thing. Sam is still watching and says Dane is pissed. Adam comes in and asks if she seen it and she says yeah. Dane says they just gave someone who has proven they don’t deserve a power to have a power. Este says they shouldn’t have done that. Mark says he wanted it and Este says she should have fought for it too. Este thought by her stepping up, she thought others would speak up. Cory doesn’t think Adam would have agreed.


    Adam tells Sam that no one really fought for it. Sam is really starting to think hard about her nominations because the way people are acting has her confused. Adam says if he thought he was going on the block, then he’d have sat there all day. Like what are they doing?


    Sam heads to HQ. She says if she hadn’t won this HOH, she is 100% positive she would have been going on the block this week. But now she’s in power and she calls the shots. Seeing how people react to this veto shows her who feels safe, and who doesn’t feel safe. Her instinct is to make big moves, but she’s got to be smart and strategic.


    Sam says mark is sketchy and she’s not sure he’s working with the guys. But she doesn’t think he’d vote to keep her. Sam thinks Kiera would look her straight in the eye and lie to her face. Sam says Anthony only talks to her when he has to and she think he’s sliding by and she doesn’t like it. Sam says she thinks Dane is running the house and she doesn’t like. She’s not sure if she’ll go after him now or later, but she is coming after him. She wants to get the target off her back and on someone else’s.


    Time for nominations! Sam heads to the LR and her first nominee is Mark. Her second nominee is Kiera. Sam says she nominated Mark because she doesn’t know where his head is at and that’s someone she doesn’t want to work with and he’s repeated conversations. Sam says she nominated Kiera because she tried to build trust with her but she knows she’s thrown her name out for eviction so that’s why she’s nominated.


    Kiera says surprise, surprise, guess who’s on the block again. She’s going after that veto. Mark says Sam has sparked a fire and she has messed with the strongest alliance of all time. She is in way over her head. Who will win the POV? Will Mark or Kiera fight their way off the block? Find out Wednesday!

  12. It’s coming! There is no escaping it! Tonight, on the double eviction, their sights have been set. It’s time to take the big shot. Who can avoid the crossfire? What targets will fall? It’s about to get bloody!


    Arisa welcomes us to Big Brother Canada and she says the HG are about to experience one of the biggest nights of the year. Anything can happen! But first a look back at what happened after a super dramatic veto ceremony.


    We pick up at the veto ceremony on day 23 and Dane says Chelsea came into the ceremony guns blazing saying his name and that was the last nail in her coffin. Dane says no one trusts her and she is definitely going home this week. Este says Chelsea is intelligent, she’s proven to be good at comps, and called Dane out. Sorry, Chelsea, you have to go.


    Chelsea says her chances don’t look that good, but she’s hoping people start to play their own games and not just go along with the HOH. She’s ready to expose game and how strategic and smart he is in his game. He’s using HG as soldiers. Chelsea says he’s going to win this game if people don’t start smartening up.


    Chelsea is talking to Kyra and she says it’s a weird feeling going from HOH to being on the block. Kyra says this is an impossible situation. The thought of being in the house is unbearable and it’s going to be a challenge moving forward. Chelsea is asking Kyra about non-binary and Kyra says there’s gender fluid and non-binary. Kyra says they came out 15 and they always knew they were attracted to women. They thought they had to transition, but they always felt different. Chelsea says she watched Kyra in the game and she kind of understands how Kyra is. Kyra says as humans we want to be seen.


    Mark is outside talking to the camera. He says he likes being outside with no one else around it gives him peace and time to think. Mark says Anthony, Adam, and Dane are the strongest people in the game with him and he says that time is done. It’s time for him to make a big move. Ideally, he wouldn’t want to blow up the Pretty Boys, but Dane is too strong and he will win this game. Mark say no great poker tournament has ever been one without someone going all in at least once.


    Chelsea says she went really hard after Dane in her speech so she has to work really hard to flip some people to her side. Chelsea goes to play pool with Mark and he wants to know what would make her happy? She says my dream not ending this early. Mark says something that would make you happy that I could do? Mark says say you have my vote, now what? He says if she gets four votes, come back to him. Mark says after the game is over, he’ll sit with Chelsea and explain everything to her and she says that’s condescending. Mark says she’s upset and frustrated. Chelsea says she really wants to tell him he can shove his vote you know where, but she might need it. If the rest of the house is this hard to crack, she has some serious work ahead of her.


    Both eviction votes are coming up, but first let’s see what Kyra and Chelsea can do to keep themselves safe during the first one.


    Eddie feels like there is a big secret in the house and detective Eddie is on the case. He goes to Cory and wants to know if she’s older than she’s saying. Cory says she is 29 and Eddie says people think she’s 40 or something. Cory tells us plot twist! Cory goes to Damien and asks him if he thought she was older than 28 and Cory starts laughing. Cory says she’s 29.


    Adam, Sam, and Chelsea rea in the WA and Kyra comes in and grab something and heads out. Sam says she wants Chelsea here. Chelsea is disappointed in Adam and Sam because she thought they would want to keep her in the house. She asks Adam and he says if he keeps trying, then people are going to start looking at him. Chelsea says he’s why she’s on the block so he could show he’s loyal and give her his vote. Adam says if she can get others on board, then he will.


    Dane, Mark, and Adam are talking about previous HG. Kyra is outside also and listening. Kyra is talking about past alliances from other season and they are making some of the signals. Then in the mirror they see Dane make a signal and to them, that’s a clear sign of their alliance. Kyra goes in to tell Chelsea and what they seen. Chelsea says apparently there is a guys alliance and they even have a hand signal. If Kyra isn’t going to use this info, then she definitely will.


    Chelsea goes to talk to Este and she tells her Kyra confirmed there was a guy’s alliance and she shows Este the signal. Chelsea says if there is a bros alliance, then they need strong women working together. Chelsea says she needs 5 votes, she has 3 right now and her and Kiera vote her way, she has what she needs. Chelsea says she can’t stand the idea of watching the rest of the season and seeing the women get picked off. Chelsea tells Este to think about it.


    Coming up either Kyra or Chelsea will lose their clearance to stay in the BB Canada house, and we’ll tell the HG about the double eviction. Jaws will drop!


    Time to head to the first vote of the night right now! Kyra says this is their second week on the block. They stay calm and they don’t flip-flop no matter how stressful the situation they get. Kyra wants them to prove how trustworthy they are so they can play. Chelsea says it’s time for them to open their eyes. This is a crucial moment in the game to make a move. Keep her here because she is ready to fight.


    Time to vote!

    Anthony votes to evict Chelsea Bird.

    Mark votes to evict his hometown girl Chelsea.

    Eddie is sorry to vote to evict Chelsea.

    Damien votes to evict Chelsea.

    Este votes to evict Chelsea.

    Sam votes to evict Chelsea.

    Kiera votes to evict Chelsea.

    Adam sadly votes to evict Chelsea.

    Cory votes to evict Chelsea.

    By a unanimous vote, Chelsea has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house. Chelsea hugs Kyra, Sam, and Adam. She says it’s just a game and she’s grateful to have met every one of them.


    Arisa says last week she was HOH and a week later here we are. What happened? Chelsea says her game went down into the toilet and her campaigning all over the place. Chelsea says it’s hard for people to declare sides because it’s early in the game.


    Adam says she’s a great person and for his best interest she had to go. Sam will miss her dearly and exposing the guy’s alliance isn’t good for her game right now. Kyra says they would’ve put their game on the line for her, but she wouldn’t have done the same for her. Este says her mistake was trying to get her to go against Dane. Dane says her speculation of an alliance isn’t necessarily false, and he makes the signal to her.


    It’s time to let the remaining HG know about the big new. It’s a double eviction. Chelsea is excited. Arisa calls all the HG to the LR. She says hi everyone and says if they’re surprised to see her, they shouldn’t be. Brace themselves, tonight is a double eviction. She sends them to the backyard to get ready for the HOH comp.


    It’s time for the HOH competition! This competition is called before or after. Arisa will read questions about events that happened this season and they’ll have to say if the first event was before or after the second event. If they are wrong, then they are eliminated. Last person standing will win the HOH!


    Did the have-nots win the entire house a meal before or after the entire house was trained for a mission? Anthony says after and everyone else says before. Anthony has been eliminated.


    In the competition slop and slide, were slop cookies served before or after the slop salad. Cory says before and is eliminated. Everyone else says after.


    Did a female HG win a POV competition before or after a male HG was evicted. Este says before and is eliminated.


    In a competition go for it, did Chelsea drop her ball before or after Kailyn dropped hers. Adam, Eddie, and Mark answer before. Kiera, Sam, and Damien are all wrong and step down.


    In Kailyn’s eviction speech, did she say you didn’t sign on for a beauty pageant before or after she said you didn’t sign on for a dating show. Adam answers correctly and is the new HOH! Arisa tells them to head back inside immediately.


    Adam wants to know if they want quick one-on-ones in the pantry. Anthony is first and they celebrate. They discuss separating Este and Kiera. Dane celebrates in the WA alone.


    Eddie talks to Adam and he tells him he wanted to keep and work with Chelsea, but he was very stressed and he wants to watch for him. Eddie suggests Kiera and Este.


    Sam is next and they kiss. Sam wants to know what everyone is saying. Sam says he should do Kiera and Eddie. She tells him to make a move.


    Arisa calls the HG back to the LR and says she knows it must be incredibly stressful, but he has a decision to make right now. His first nominee is Eddie. His second nominee is Kiera. Arisa thanks Adam and they’ll be back in a few minutes for the POV.


    So far tonight, Chelsea was sent packing. Adam won HOH and put Eddie and Kiera on the block. Time for the POV! This veto competition is called Spaced Out. On go, they will drop their ball into a maze and while standing on a disc, they’ll shift their body weight and get their ball through the maze. Anthony, Este, and Mark are playing along with Eddie and Kiera. Arisa gives the go.


    Kiera is working very quickly. Eddie is moving at a slightly slower pace. Este is working to get her ball out. Kiera gets her ball out and she has won the POV. Will Kiera use the POV? Probably. But who will be the replacement nominee?


    Sam and Kyra are whispering about backdooring someone. Sam isn’t sure they have the votes to backdoor Dane or Mark. Kyra says if he doesn’t backdoor someone now, it’s going to be obvious he’s working with the guys. Sam goes to the SR and tells him it’s his opportunity to make a big move and she suggests putting up a big player. Adam isn’t sure he has the votes and if he does it and fails, then it puts them in a bad position. Eddie is crying and Anthony has an arm around him.


    It’s time for the POV ceremony! Arisa asks Kiera if she is going to use the POV and she says this wasn’t a crossword and she will be using the POV on herself. Adam has to choose a replacement nominee for eviction right now. Adam hopes the HG can agree that Kyra is just a pawn.


    Eddie says thank you to everyone. He’s sorry that he’s been boring, but he’s tried. He’s been an outsider from day one, but he’s really tried and he’s trying to be strong. Kyra is thankful to be on the block twice in one night and please help them to survive it twice in one night and give them a chance to prove how loyal they can be.


    Time to vote!

    Damien votes to evict Eddie.

    Este votes to evict Eddie.

    Cory votes to evict Eddie.

    Dane is sorry to evict Eddie.

    Mark votes to evict Eddie.

    Sam votes to evict Eddie.

    Anthony votes to evict Eddie.

    Kiera votes to evict Eddie.

    Again, by a unanimous vote, Eddie has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house. Eddie gives Kyra a hug and Adam and Dane. Dane is saying he’s proud of Eddie. Eddie heads upstairs and the HG start chanting his name.


    Arisa says this is a crazy end to the night and she asks what he’s feeling. Eddie says this has been his dream and he’s sorry he’s been so boring to watch. Arisa says when you got in there, it’s like you disappeared. What happened? Eddie says it’s hard to fit in and he doesn’t feel like he has a lot in common with the HG and he can’t relate to them, but it didn’t work out. Arisa asks who he wants to win and Eddie says Damien.


    What a night! And just like that we’re down to 10 HG. Join us Sunday to see who the new HOH is and also the HG will find Leon’s Lounge and the Blood veto!

  13. It’s Day 17 on Survivor and Jeff calls the survivors in and they see Wendy was voted out. Jeff asks if Wardog seen the reaction and he says yeah the tribal lines are still there. Jeff tells them to drop their buffs, they are merged. They get pink buffs. Jeff says over the years certain moments on Survivor have become iconic. Some take years to become iconic and others become iconic the moment they happen. This might be one of them. Come on in!


    The Survivors from Edge of Extinction are all back. Jeff says this season every voted out player had a decision to make. They could give up or stay and fight for another shot. Jeff says they were taken to another island, the edge of extinction. The details will be their’s to share if they want, but he shares they’ve had to work every bit as hard as they have.


    One of these 6 is about to earn their way back into the game. They will race through a series of obstacles where they maneuver a ball to a long trap. First to finish earns their back into the game. Jeff says some of them earned some advantage. Chris earned bamboo and string to practice and Keith earned an advantage to disadvantage another person by giving them 30 knots in the final stage and Keith gives it to Chris.


    The race is on and they are all neck and neck. Jeff says whatever is in the tank, they need it right now. They all have their bags and are out to the next section. Chris is untying his bamboo with Aubry, Wendy, and Rick are all on his tail. Chris earned the advantage, will it pay off. Aubry is the first to have her stick together and she has her key and she’s in the lead.


    Aubry has her ball and she’s in the final phase. Chris and Rick are working on getting their keys and they both have the key. Wendy and Reem have their keys. Chris has 30 knots as a penalty. Keith is struggling getting his keys. Reem and Wendy are all on the final phase. Aubry drops and has to start again. Reem drops. Rick is looking ok. Wendy is doing a good job, but she’s twitching. Rick and Wendy are close and Chris finally has his ball. Keith finally has his key and he gets through to the last phase.


    Wendy is the one to beat with Rick behind. Chris is in it and Reem struggles and drops. Aubry played wreckless and she drops again. Keith figured it out quickly but he’s out. It’s Wendy in the lead with Chris and Rick right behind. Wendy dropped right at the top and she has to start over. Chris is now in the lead and he drops and he is out. Rick is now the one with the shot and it’s in and Rick earned his way back into the game.


    Jeff says Rick rejoins the merged tribe and everyone is emotional. But now, extinction begins again. Every person voted out will have the same opportunity. They are merging to the Manu beach where their feast awaits. Rick says he’s a whole new man thanks to the edge of extinction. They head out and Jeff addresses Aubry. Aubry says she’s so grateful and she got played and got played hard.


    Jeff asks Reem why she’s out here and she says this is her favorite show, this is her dream and she gets voted out and she ended up in hell and she’s proud of herself. Jeff asks Keith how you get through extinction and he says you live moment by moment and he’s so proud he didn’t give up. Jeff asks Wendy what she’s feeling right now and she says she feels bad she didn’t have time on extinction like the others but they should all be so proud.


    Jeff asks Chris what the lowest point was for him on extinction. Chris says he wanted to play a perfect game and let that slip through his hands, you realize you’re not perfect. He says it was like therapy for him. Jeff says Reem, Keith, Chris, Aubry, Wendy, they have another decision to make. Who wants to go back for another shot back in the game? Everyone raises their hand and they all go back. Jeff says everyone go back to the boat, their adventure continues. Aubry says when Jeff said they could come back she was jumping up and down like a child on Christmas morning.


    We are at Manu beach and they are asking Rick about extinction island. Kelly says Rick is the one person she didn’t want back. Rick says there’s definitely a fear he’s the easy vote so he needs to make human connection so they don’t write him off as the easy vote. Julie feels like Rick is a genuine person and she’s rooting for him and she doesn’t want to see him go back to extinction. It sounds like a scary place she doesn’t want to go to.


    Chris says he knew that coming back to extinction would be hard, but it’s what he needed. Aubry is emotional while Keith and Wendy raise the sail and they are both leaving the game. Reem, Aubry, and Chris watch and say they knew it was going to be hard. Aubry says she wants to get back in the game. Back at Manu, Kelly is talking to Lauren and they have two idols between them and that’s a lot of power. Kelly says she’s in a minority group and she’s going to need every tool she can and she has to talk to Joe.


    Joe tells Kelly it’s like Survivor 2.0. Kelly says it’s a nightmare to be at Joe’s mercy. Kelly asks Joe about how he feels after the Aubry thing. Joe says he doesn’t like it and he feels like it’s on the bottom. Kelly says she sees David and Rick shifting to the majority tribe. Kelly thinks the best plan is to make it an easy vote to take out Rick. All six girls are talking and Lauren and Kelly are pitching Rick as an easy vote and Julie is shocked. She doesn’t understand from a moral stand point how you can do that. Julie says Kelly and Lauren are so brutal, maybe one of them should be sent her merry way off to extinction.


    We are at Vata, the new merged tribe. Rick is looking through his bag and he has a little something. He’s trying to keep a straight face and he knows he needs to get away from everyone. He unwraps it and has 2 pieces of an immunity idol. He has to give one half to another player in the game and if they are both still there, then they can combine the idol and it has full power. But it’s not useful until after the next tribal.


    Rick feels like David is the one he can trust the most and so he shares the idol with him. Rick says if either of them get voted out, it’s over. He says he feels like he might be on the bottom and he’s scared to death going into tribal council.


    It’s time for the first individual immunity challenge. For today’s challenge, they will stand on narrow beam while balancing a statue. At regular intervals they’ll move farther down their beam. If they fall off the beam or drop their statue, then they are out of the challenge. This challenge is on and immediately a huge gust of win comes. Ron is the first one out.


    Victoria is moving a little bit and then Gavin drops. It’s time for them to make their first move. Jeff says it’s a live transition so if they drop they are out. Wardog drops his statue and he’s out. Rick drops and he’s out. Another gust of wind comes and Victoria struggles and she’s out. Aurora drops and is out.


    We are in the next section and they’ll stay there for ten minutes. Joe is steady and David has a little wobble and he’s telling himself to stay calm. The wind is picking up again. Kelly’s arms are numb and Lauren has a bug on her leg. Kelly drops and is out. 20 minutes in and it’s time to move to the most narrow part of the beam. Eric can’t make the transition and he’s out. Julia also struggles and is out. A gust of wind comes and David drops. Julie, Joe, and Lauren all remain in the challenge.


    They’ve been up there 40 minutes. Julie has been very steady and David says Julie has some guns. Joe has been very steady. Lauren has the front of her pole dipping down. Joe tried to move his arm and he drops out of nowhere. The wind is coming again. Lauren is moving all over, but her statue is still for now. Julie is moving her pole too. The wind is really blowing. Lauren tilts her pole and Julie wins the first individual immunity. Julie says she’s been wanting to be here for 18 years and she feels like her kids and husband will be proud of her.


    Kelly says the plan to get out Rick has been discussed and everyone appears to be on board. Kelly knows she has an immunity idol and she’s glad she has the cushion, but she knows how crazy voting can get and she might have to bring out the big guns.


    Julie is relieved she’s wearing the immunity necklace and it makes her comfortable. She wants to get Kelly out. The story to Kelly is to vote Rick and David and they will pull Rick and David in to vote Kelly out. Kelly goes to Rick and she says he’s being thrown under the bus and she promises Rick he’s not going home, but she won’t tell him names and details.


    Rick gives David the half of the immunity idol and he fills David on and David says that’s bad game play on Kelly’s part. David tells Rick they should be voting Wentworth tonight and Rick feels like if he can get through tonight it will be a whole new ballgame. Eric wants to go and try and catch some chickens and Joe is left with Ron at camp. Joe tells Ron to follow them and make sure he isn’t getting voted out. Ron asks Joe who he should vote for. Ron says Joe was very vague and he doesn’t know if he can trust Joe. Ron says his true alliance is Julie, Julia, Eric, Victoria, and Aurora and he needs to convince them to take out Joe. The chickens get away. Victoria says Ron wants to get rid of Joe, but she wants to get rid of Kelly. It’s hard to know what’s the right move.


    Victoria fills Eric in that Ron wants to go Joe and she says she wants to go Kelly. Eric says there are a few options and Gavin says they need to figure out which move suits them best. Julie says it’s too soon to get rid of Joe and she’d like it to be Kelly. Julie says they have to come to a consensus. Julie says they can all make a different case for Kelly or Joe and it’s getting tricky. Julie says this vote can dictate the rest of the game.


    It’s night 19 and it’s time for tribal council. Those that don’t have a torch get fire and Jeff brings in the members of their jury and everyone is shocked. Reem, Chris, and Aubry and Jeff says they took the option to return for another chance. Jeff asks Julie what was the feeling to merge and she says it was exciting to meet new people and start playing the game. Ron says he loves Kama and he didn’t want to swap.


    Jeff asks Kelly if he’s glad Kama stayed together and she’s not super excited and she thinks new relationships are forming. Jeff asks Rick what he noticed. Rick says he doesn’t know what the dynamics are and he hadn’t met anyone from Kama. Jeff asks Victoria if there was talk about taking Rick out and she says no way, that’d be evil. Plus, there’s bigger targets on the table. Joe says he’s concerned when Victoria said bigger threats and Victoria says she didn’t say physical threats.


    Jeff asks Ron if they’ve talked about idols and he says no one has talked about it. Wardog says that happens every season until four idols pop up. Rick says no one wants to tell you who they’re close with or who they are going after and he said it was weird that Joe painted all day. Jeff addresses Joe and Joe says he’s relying on his tribe. Ron says when you’re in the majority you don’t have to scramble. Jeff asks Kelly if that’s frustrating and she says yeah because I’m always on the bottom.


    Time to vote! If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and they’d like to play it, now would be the time to do so. Kelly and Lauren look at each other and neither moves but Lauren rolls her eyes. First vote Rick. Kelly. David. Rick. David. Kelly. David. Joe. Joe. Joe. Joe. Seventh person voted out and the fourth member of the jury…Joe. Kelly says nice play guys and Reem says lame.


    Joe says they made a big mistake. Joe gets to where he has a decision to make and he says easy decision. He says they left the door wide open, worst thing they could have done.


    Next time on Survivor, when you’re flying high and lose control, prepare for a crash.

  14. Previously, on Big Brother Canada, sly Sam overheard a bombshell between the bros and when she shared the intel it sent Chelsea over the edge. So the outgoing HOH counter punched with a pitch of a girl’s alliance. When word got back to Dane, the hairtrigger hoser was ready to fire back. At a marathon HOH competition, it was buzz or be gone. With Chelsea watching from the sidelines, her ally Sam fought for their lives. But in the final faceoff, Sam proved no back for dangling Dane’s superior wrist shot. While the power hungry Pretty Boys sharpened their knives, the dynamic duo found themselves at a crossroads.


    Feeling boxed in, Sam turned back to her rocky showmance and found a way forward. Then she angled for safety and tried to cut a deal with Dane. Meanwhile with Chelsea’s fantasy of a girls alliance she was dead in the water, she looked for mercy. But Dane had none to give. Then Dane, the bane of Chelsea’s existence, pulled the plug on her friendship with Kyra. At the nomination ceremony, Dane dealt the death blow and nominated Chelsea and Kyra.


    We pick up after the nomination ceremony on day 21. Sam says Kyra and Chelsea are on the block right now, but she’s been on Dane’s radar before so she’s concerned for a backdoor. Chelsea says Dane is blowing things out of proportion and now because of his speech she doesn’t know who she can trust. She just needs to go out and win that POV.


    Kyra says their feelings for Chelsea are growing. It started out a crush and it’s just growing stronger. Kyra wants to repair things with Chelsea and they are pretty sure Chelsea has their back. They talk about Dane and Sam says they need to stay calm and think and Kyra says it centers around Dane.


    Dane and Anthony are in the archives and they are celebrating. Dane says he nominated two threats and even if one comes off the block, he can still backdoor Sam. Anthony leaves and Dane asks if what he did makes him a mean person or a good BB Canada players. He says when you watch this, you’ll learn a little thing called The Pretty Boy alliance.


    The HG are in the KT eating and Dane and Chelsea head up to the HOH. Dane apologizes to Chelsea and says they can talk. Chelsea says Dane threw her under the bus with his nomination. Chelsea tells Dane she thinks some things were taken out of context. She didn’t want it going around she made all the deals because it’s not the case. Chelsea starts getting emotional and she doesn’t want to play a game where she has to lie to people’s faces. She gives Dane a hug and leaves. Dane says go cry somewhere else.


    Chelsea goes to the WA with Adam and Sam and she says she can’t trust anyone and she thinks everything she told Adam has gotten to other people. She says she trusted Adam and she was looking out for him and now it’s blown up in her face. Adam says every time he spoke to Dane it was good and he was trying to get them to trust each other. Kyra says Adam is shook. Kyra says if there was fuel to the chatter, why would you add more fuel. Kyra says if you knew Dane was questioning the girls, then why would you go to Dane and tell him anything about the girls? Adam says are you coming at me right now?


    Adam heads downstairs and asks to talk to Dane and they head to the have-not room and Adam says they are up there tripping out at him. He tells Dane they are pissed at him and Dane says he didn’t tell them that. They are screwing with your mind and that’s what they’re doing to you. Adam says Kyra storms in and says if you’re loyal to the two girls why would you run to Dane? Kyra comes in and says they were testing Adam and he ran straight to Dane. Adam says of course, he wanted to talk to Dane because that’s what who was about. Kyra leaves and Adam says so they just tested me? Dane tells him to chill out.


    Kyra goes to the SR with Chelsea and relays what happened and Sam comes in. Kyra says Adam can’t be trusted. Kyra says first Sam hears Adam and Dane throw out their names and now he’s been caught again and they are in denial. Sam and Chelsea says this is crazy. Kyra says they aren’t going to make it easy to take their friends out, they are going to put a target on their back too. Chelsea says you’re going to put a huge target on your back and Kyra says they don’t care. They are angry. Chelsea doesn’t want to believe that and Sam says there is so much time for them to settle and re-evaluate. Kyra says the fact he went straight to Dane, Sam, hopefully tells you something.


    Adam is running laps and Eddie wants to work out but he’s trying to maintain an image. Eddie wants a minority final two. Eddie really likes Damien as a person. He says they have such different backgrounds, but they have so much in common. Eddie tells Damien he’s an OG Canadian. Eddie hasn’t worked out for two weeks so he’s weaker now.


    Chelsea and Sam are talking in The Archives. Chelsea says Kyra is trying to pin everything on Adam. Chelsea says she still trusts Adam, she doesn’t think he’s throwing her name out in a malicious manner. Sam says if she wins she can blow up Kyra’s game. Adam comes in and Chelsea tells him she still trusts him and Kyra is blowing up their own game. Kyra comes in and Adam leaves and Chelsea says they were talking about options with the POV. Kyra asks if Chelsea is lying and Chelsea says they were just discussing options.


    Day 22 and Kiera is talking to Mark. Mark says up until this point he’s been lurking in the shadows, but you can’t be Switzerland in this house and you need to connect with people. Kiera is asking Mark what his vibe on the house is and he says you have to go after the big boys and Kiera says who are the big boys? Mark says who do you think and Kiera says Adam and Sam. Kiera says if they were to work together on a stronger level there has to be trust. Mark says he has to control the information going out, but he has to give something. And with most people it works, but with the people that see through that he has to do more. Mark and Kiera flirt a little more.


    Hey everyone! It’s time to pick players for the POV! Dane chooses first and he draws Mark. Chelsea draws Sam, and Kyra draws Cory. Mark is still repping the Pretty Boys and right now he has to be Dane’s soldier and he has to go fight and ride this through. Chelsea is glad Sam is up there with her and she’s not too worried about Mark, but Cory worries her a little bit.


    Chelsea goes to Dane and is wondering who might be a replacement nominee, and Dane tells her he doesn’t know but he hopes she wins. Dane says he’s pumping Chelsea up. He doesn’t want her to win, but if she does he can finally pull off the backdoor on Sam. Dane says if she wins, then we’ll talk. If she doesn’t win the bye-bye. And if Sam wins the veto, then we’re in a pickle.


    The POV is called Comp Beast Hall of Fame and there is a podium and a track with some obstacles. Anthony is hosting. They will compete head to head. On go they will put on a medal and go over and under hurdles, go over a balance beam, and then toss and land rings. They have to complete three laps.  If they win they advance, and if they lose they are eliminated. Kyra is up first and they can choose who they want to battle. Kyra selects Mark because he’s hasn’t shown he’s been good at competitions and they are sure if Mark is throwing them or just isn’t good.


    Kyra and Mark begin and they are close going over and under. They both are on the balance beam and Mark says it’s not easy because of weight of the medal. Mark makes it over before Kyra. Mark lands two of his rings and Kyra is still struggling on the beam. Mark hits all his rings and he heads off to complete his first lap. Kyra says they’ve never been good at balancing, but they have to keep fighting.


    Mark laps Kyra and is on to the second ring toss. Anthony encourages Kyra and Mark finishes his rings and heads to finish his second lap. Kyra is frustrated. Mark is now on his third lap and Kyra is apologizing and says this is so pathetic. Mark hits his final rings and Kyra is frustrated they couldn’t make it past the balance beam. Mark finishes and is the winner and he goes to Kyra and makes them get on and helps them across the beam. Kyra says it was nice to feel supported.


    #BBCAN7 Chelsea is next and Chelsea selects Mark. Chelsea selects him because he’s already gone once and maybe he’s tired enough and she can beat him. She’s fighting for her life in this game. Chelsea gets to the ring toss first, but Mark catches up and passes her at the ring toss. Mark doesn’t want to stand out in the house, but he doesn’t want Chelsea to have a chance to come off the block.


    Mark hits the ring toss again just as Chelsea finishes her first ring toss. She heads off and Mark finishes and is not far behind. Chelsea struggles with the second set of rings and she says the others are distracting her by cheering for her. Mark is on his final rings and he struggles a bit. Chelsea finishes up and is round again and both on the final round of the ring toss and we go to commercial.


    Both Chelsea and Mark are on their last ring and Mark finally hits it and he crosses the finish line. Chelsea says she’s trying to be strong, but she knows what she just lost and it’s hard. Cory is up next and she selects Sam. Sam starts with a slight lead. Cory is a little slow on the balance beam and Sam hits the rings first. Cory isn’t far behind. Sam says there is a good chance she could be backdoored this week so she needs to have that POV. Both Sam and Cory need one ring and Cory hits it first with Sam about half a lap behind. Cory is at the ring toss and she yells. Cory says when she does random yells it’s her way of reactivating her brain.


    Cory has four rings and Sam is struggling across the beam. Sam finally makes it and is on to the rings. Cory finishes and is on her final lap and she says Sam doesn’t realize what’s about to hit her. It’s go time. Sam is struggling and Cory has finished her rings and crosses the finish line. It’s the final round with Cory vs. Mark. The winner will win the POV.


    Mark says since Sam and Chelsea are out there’s not as much pressure. But when he re-evaluates he realizes he doesn’t know where Cory’s head is at and he might have to win this. Mark struggles on the balance beam and Cory is on to the ring toss and she hits them all five consecutively. Cory is on her second lap. She says she’s a competitor. Cory makes it around again and hits all five rings again. Cory says THIS is her time and she finishes her last set of rings and she has won the POV.


    Cory wants to know if she gets a banner too. Dane says it’s great to see Cory win and she hopes she’ll keep nominations the same. The HG head inside and Sam is happy Kyra and Chelsea can’t take themselves off because that’s better for her. She’s comforting Chelsea and encourages her to stay calm. Kyra comes in and is frustrated too. Sam says there’s lots of time and Chelsea and Kyra are both emotional and pacing.


    Cory is talking to Damien and she says that was made for her and Damien says she looked like an athlete out there. Cory values Damien’s opinion and she has his back and she hopes he has hers. Cory talks to Damien about the options and Cory seems to sense they might go after Sam. Cory says she doesn’t know what she’ll say to Chelsea. Damien says ultimately, the decision is hers.


    Chelsea says it’s so different from being HOH to being on the block. It shows how different people act. Chelsea says Dane is puppet mastering the whole house. Chelsea says she underestimated Dane and she’s not here to play his game. Chelsea says he’s definitely making targets and he’s someone who could get taken out in a double or triple.


    Kyra and Cory are talking and Kyra says they know it will be better for them if Chelsea does go because they can re-focus. Kyra says they have a crush on Chelsea and it’s making them blind. Kyra really wants to stay in the house and they need to separate the emotions from the game. Cory is listening and Kyra says if she decides with Dane to use that they would be grateful and they would love to have it used on them. Cory says she does care for them on a person. Cory says she’s open to use the video, but she’s not sure what she’s in the middle of, but she’s a rational person and she’s willing to listen to rational arguments.


    Cory goes to talk to Chelsea and Cory says Dane’s speech did put a few things into perspective and she’s glad they can chat. Chelsea says she wants to clear the air a little bit and she says there is misinformation being spun to make her look bad and she feels like she’s being played. She hopes Cory’s perception is that she would not scheme that way. Chelsea says Cory using the veto is a long shot and she has to look at all options she has available to her right now. She goes to the SR and she doesn’t want to look like a player who rolled over and died, but does she want to play dirty and people really not trust her. Chelsea wants to be the player that plays.


    Cory is heading to HQ to consider her options. Cory says if she takes Kyra off the block and develops trust, but she’d be drawing a lot of attention to herself. If she takes Chelsea down, she might throw a vote her way, but she’s not sure if she can trust her. She needs to think what’s going to benefit her weeks from now.


    It’s time for the nomination ceremony! Kyra says they’d be wildly grateful and they’ve been through it before, but they are sitting next to one of the strongest people they’ve met, but they came to play. Chelsea says she was nominated because she made a bunch of alliance which don’t exist. Chelsea says moving forward her loyalty is to the person who is next to her on the block and her target is the person who put her there and if they think she’s going to roll over they don’t know her.


    Cory has decided NOT to use the POV. She says Dane gave solid reasons for the nominations and she wants to support that. Kyra doesn’t want to campaign about their best friend, but they want to stay in the game. Chelsea says she has to let everyone know Dane is her target and she is here to fight. Dane says you want to talk about targets? You are mine so bye! Join us tomorrow for a double eviction!

  15. Previously, on Big Brother Canada, after Chelsea scored the HOH, the bros were sitting pretty. Solid in their secret alliance. Feeling safe they spread their tentacles through the house. While Dane made inroads with Young Blood, Alpha Adam tightened his grip on his sweetie Sam and her friend Chelsea. Then the duo doubled down on their backdoor plan. With the girls taking the lead, the boys sat back to watch the fireworks. Then the psychic called a meeting to bring her game back from the dead and then tried to save her game by saying Adam or Chelsea or Sam would win the game


    When Adam heard and got upset, Dane worked to calm him down and while the dudes doubled down, they had no ideas the walls had ears. Feeling the sting of betrayal, Sam took the information to Chelsea. On eviction night, the house was shook. Despite her theatrics, a unanimous still knocked mama out and the countdown was on for a super deluxe double agent showdown. Tonight, who will get their buzz on and win the HOH. Will things get ugly for the Pretty Boys or will the showmance hit the skids? It’s all up in the air on Big Brother Canada!


    We pick up after the eviction of Kailyn and Sam thinks she should be worried because she heard a conversation between Adam and Dane. She didn’t hear specifics, but she heard her name and her game could be in trouble. Chelsea says she got her target out, but she is preoccupied by the idea that the guys are closer than her and Sam thought. She extended an olive branch to Kiera in hopes of maybe working together with the girls. We see her pitching a girls alliance.


    Kiera says Chelsea pitched a girl’s alliance, but keep the tags on Chelsea, because she isn’t buying it. Chelsea gambled with her life last week and that wasn’t ok. She’s closes with Dane and Este in the house so she lets them know. We then see Dane tell Mark and Anthony about Chelsea’s girl alliance and Dane says he’s winning HOH and Chelsea is gone.


    Anthony tells Adam the whole vibe just changed because the girls caught onto Adam and Anthony says Sam and Chelsea are going to plot against the guys and Adam says he won’t let that happen. Adam has been trying to get closer to Sam and bring everyone together on the same page. The only way he can do that is to go out and win this HOH.


    We pick up at the HOH comp with Arisa explaining the rules. When they hear an alarm they have to hit their button. The last one to hit their button is eliminated. There will be temptations along the way. In the last round, the first person to hit the button wins HOH. We see the start and the 1 minute countdown over their heads. Dane says he’s seen this competition before on another season and he think his hand eye coordination is better than anyone else’s in the house.


    Chelsea needs one of her allies to win this because she’s pretty sure the boys are coming after her. The alarm sounds and Kyra is the first out. Cory says this competition seems very easy, but the feeling of anticipation is excruciating. Mark asks if Anthony and the guys want to do a wave. Sam says focusing is something she’s always struggled with but she’s never been so focused on anything in her entire life.


    Eddie doesn’t have trouble staying focused, but so many things are distracting him. Adam has gas and Eddie says he’s gross and to think he’s pretending to have a crush on him? Ewww. Anthony is singing and he says he’s starving right now. The alarm goes off for the second time and Eddie is eliminated.


    An hour and a half has elapsed and the gate behind them opens and there is beer and pizza. It’s time for the first temptation. The rule is they can only eat them at the table. They cannot bring anything back to their buzzer. Anthony says pizza is here and he’s in a lot of trouble. He wants to stay in the competition and play for the pretty boys. The timer is back on and the alarm goes off and Anthony is eliminated. He immediately heads inside and says it sucks he’s gone, but he thinks the pizza needed him as much as he needed it.


    Kiera tells Dane to go ahead and get a bite and run back. Dane runs in and grabs a slice and runs back. The alarm goes off again and Dane hits his button and runs for another piece. Este is eliminated. The pizza temptation is over and 2 hours and 45 minutes have elapsed.


    HG, Big Brother has hidden 9 have cards for the week. You can run in and find them and the three without the cards will be the have-nots. Sam is encouraged to go in because she’s been a have-not for two weeks, but HOH outweighs being a have not. The alarm sounds again and Kiera is eliminated. She says once again she’s a bench warmer for her team.


    The alarm goes off again and Mark is the last one to hit his button and he is eliminated. Sam is pretty sure Adam and Dane are working together and she wants to win this competition. It’s a do or die.

    Sam, Dane, Damien, Cory, and Adam are still standing. Who will be the next HOH? The HG are dancing and alarm goes off and Adam has been eliminated. Adam is disappointed in himself and he’s worried about Sam. Right now, he’s rooting for Sam to win because he doesn’t want Dane to backdoor her. Damien says this HOH win is so important to him. He wants to win this and make some moves.


    4 hours and 5 minutes have passed and Adam is watching Sam intently The countdown is on and Cory is the last to hit her button and is eliminated. The timer is on one more time and it’s down to the final 3. Dane says he just cannot let Sam win because he really doesn’t trust her and he thinks he would potentially go up. Damien hits his button last and Damien is out.


    It’s down to Dane and Sam and Sam says she has him and Dane promises the same. Sam says they are promising each other they are good, but she doesn’t trust him fully. 4 hours and 35 minutes have elapsed and Dane and Sam are both intent on their buttons. The timer is back on. Dane is looking at Sam. The alarm sounds and Dane hits his button first and has won HOH. Dane goes to hug Sam and says she’s ok.


    Sam says losing it down to a second is a hard pill to swallow. She’s devasted. Dane can save one person from being a have-not and he saves Sam. The HG head back inside and Sam goes to the washroom and cries and Kyra comforts her. Anthony is in the blue room with Dane and he makes sure no one is around and they celebrate. Anthony tells Dane that Adam said Sam has this comp and Dane says he’s so in love with her it’s disgusting. Anthony says Chelsea, Kyra, and backdoor Sam.


    Damien and Cory are in the have-not room and Dane comes out. Who wants to see his HOH room? He has pictures of his mother and grandmother. He’s the first double HOH and he gets his Skechers. His video is from mom and grandma and they congratulate him and they are proud of him. They like watching the show. He makes them laugh, cry, and sometimes say what? Dane loved seeing them and he misses them so much. He asks Cory for his Wendy’s date.


    Adam and Dane are in the HOH room and they celebrate. Dane says their dreams are coming true. This is the opportunity of a lifetime and they are making the most of it. Adam says he wanted Sam to get it to see her dad but Dane says he was worried about Sam. Dane says Sam and Chelsea are working together and they are very dangerous. Adam thinks he can persuade who Sam would want out and he doesn’t have to worry about her.


    Chelsea and Sam are in the KT and they are cleaning up. Chelsea just wants to have a fun week. Sam says Kyra is going to play the other side hard and Chelsea says she has a feeling she has to be worried this week. She thought she trusted Adam, but she thinks he’s working more closely with the boys than she originally thought. Sam thinks she’ll be backdoored and Chelsea doesn’t think so. Sam thinks Chelsea is over thinking things.


    Adam and Sam are in The Archives and Sam says she likes Adam but she’s heard her name out of his mouth without context. She’s questioning their trust so she’s trying to adapt. Adam tells Sam to stick close to her. Adam asks Sam if when they talk about things she tells people and she says never. Adam mentions she would have been the backdoor option a couple of weeks ago. Adam says she has to stick close to him because it wouldn’t look good. Sam asks if there is a guy alliance and Adam says no. Adam tells Sam not to tell Chelsea and he makes her pinky swear.


    Sam says should she pitch to Dane that if he doesn’t backdoor her that she’ll keep Este safe. Adam tells her yeah because he really doesn’t want her to go home. Kiera and Este are in the SR talk and they are talking about who has their back. They are solid and they have Anthony and Mark and Dane, and they like Cory. All that’s left is Chelsea, Sam, and Adam and one of them will go home this week.


    Este and Kiera talk about if there’s a guy alliance. They discuss that if there is it’s Adam, Mark, Dane, and Anthony. Este thinks Dane is more loyal to them than any guy alliance and they just have to focus and pay attention. We then see Sam go to make her pitch to Dane. She proposes a deal where she promises to keep Dane and Este safe and if he doesn’t backdoor her then she’ll keep him safe. Dane says yeah, you’re not going home. Dane says if you swear to me that you won’t go home and she does.


    Sam and Dane hug it out and again promise to keep each other safe. Dane says he’s telling Sam the deal is legit, but he’s not fully on board with it. Sam is still a threat to his game and The Pretty Boy alliance and he has to keep her as a backdoor option.


    Dane says Cory could be a number for his alliance so he chose her for the Wendy’s date. Kaela from Season 6 is making the Wendy’s delivery this week. Dane hopes to see her again sometime and he says she looks lovely. Dane talks about Cory may be someone he can trust and maybe work with and she says you have me in your corner.


    Anthony, Dane, and Adam are outside and they are discussing options. Anthony says if Chelsea has to go or Sam and Adam says he doesn’t want Sam to go this week. Anthony says do you think she’d sacrifice her game for you? Adam thinks they can take Sam as far as they can. Anthony says Sam doesn’t care about you. He says she’s doing the same thing they are doing, but worse.


    Chelsea knows Dane is close with Kiera and she nominated her last week and she feels like she needs to talk to Dane and tell him it was strategic. Chelsea tells Dane last week Kailyn was always her target and she made the best strategic decisions she could to make that happen. Dane says he’s holding his cards close to his chest and she says as you should. After Chelsea leaves and Dane says he’s not the smartest man alive, but he’s not the dumbest tool in the shed. Dane knows Chelsea is trying to get a girl alliance going and he can see right through her.


    Kyra is talking to Dane and he is telling Kyra there was a final 7 deal with Adam, Sam, Chelsea, Anthony, Mark, Cory, and himself, and he doesn’t want Kyra to say anything. He says he wants Kyra to trust him. Kyra says if Dane keeps them safe this week, then they’ll be his ears. Kyra asks if they’re going on the block and Dane says he can’t answer that. Kyra says how can they trust him if he puts them up. Dane says trust has to be built.  


    Kyra goes to talk to Chelsea in the SR and asks if there was a 7-person alliance and Chelsea says there was talk about it, but nothing ever came of it. Kyra says they’re going to let Dane think he shattered their trust. Kyra says they think it’s Chelsea and Kyra. Chelsea is quiet and Kyra tries to comfort Chelsea and Chelsea says then she’s going home next.


    Chelsea is talking to Adam in the SR and she feels like Adam went to Dane and told him that. Adam says he was just talking with the boys and he’s been told by many people there was a girl alliance. Adam says he didn’t want to believe it. Chelsea says she 100% trusted him since day two and she still wanted to go with that. She leaves.


    Dane heads to HQ to discuss who options. It’s his second time as HOH and he’s not pulling any punches. Alliances are being formed in the house and he has to stamp out any possible threats to The Pretty Boys. He’s considering nominating Chelsea because she got power hungry and tried to form a girl alliance. Not on his watch. He’s considering Sam because she’s been on his radar for a long time and she’s too close to Adam. He could nominate Kyra because he doesn’t know what they would do with the veto if they won. He could nominate Eddie because he’s been alone. He wants to stir things up with his nominations.


    Dane heads to the LR for nominations! His first nominee is Chelsea and his second nominee is Kyra. Dane nominated Chelsea because it’s been brought to his attention when she was HOH she made numerous deals with everyone in the house and that’s not good for anyone’s game. He nominated Kyra because they are very close to Chelsea.


    Kyra says even though they are on the block, they are fired up to win the veto and keep them both safe. Chelsea thinks everything is being blamed on her because she was in power last week. Who will win the POV? Will Kyra or Chelsea fight their way off the block? Find out Wednesday!

  16. Previously, on Big Brother Canada, after a split vote rocked the house, it was an all out war for power. In the end, the radio host took over the HOH airwaves and booked her first guests on the block, Kiera and Damien. But she was saving a spot for a backdoor star, Kailyn. In a ball bursting POV comp, the nominees were a bust and Sam tried to be a loser, but she just couldn’t do it and won.


    With the gal pals in control, operation backdoor was a go. At Chelsea’s shows, the plan went through and Chelsea smashed the psychic’s crystal ball. Plus, one agent will risk it all for a top secret mission. Plus, can Mama K stick around or will she burn the house to the ground? It’s do or spy!


    Arisa greets us and it’s a big night for the house of spies. We’ll find out what agent landed some top secret intel and then we’ll get to the vote. Let’s see exactly what happened after the shocking POV ceremony.


    We pick up after the POV ceremony on day 17. Kiera can’t believe it and she feels freaking amazing right now! Canada isn’t done with her yet. Chelsea says this is all going perfectly according to plan and this is playing Big Brother. If it doesn’t work and Mama K stays, she’s in big trouble.


    Kailyn is surprised Chelsea had the balls to do it and she has an extremely uphill battle. She needs to take time and figure out what’s next. She’s outside talking to Dane and he says it’s a game eh? Anthony is there too. Kailyn says it was smart. Dane says you have a few days to talk to people. Anthony says here comes the storm.


    Adam and Sam are in the SR and he asks how that was and Sam says it was fun. He kisses her neck and Sam says he kissed her too long and he says are you afraid to get caught. Chelsea comes in and they are calm but happy it worked. Este and Kiera are celebrating that they did it, they’re safe. Kiera says they are going to get so far in the game because people think they are dumb. Kiera says do Sam and Chelsea think I’m on their side? Thanks, but she’s coming after them.


    Dane is in the BR with Este and they are talking about Mama K. Este says she didn’t like Mama K at first, but she’s a good person. Dane says she’s definitely not 29 though. He says there’s no way a 29 year old can cook like her. He’s not old, but he wasn’t born yesterday.


    Adam is in the HOH with Sam and asks where the first place they are going to go when they get home and she says her bed. Adam says he promised himself no showmances and they start kissing. Adam says she’s the first person he thinks about when he wakes up and the last person he thinks about when he goes to bed and she brightens his day. They are making out and he is holding her and Chelsea comes in and he drops her. Chelsea says she doesn’t know who Sam and Adam think they’re fooling, but there is definitely a showmance in the house. Sam asks Chelsea not to say anything.


    Kailyn says the shock of being on the block is gone and now she needs to get to work. She talks to Cory first and says she needs to remind her she was there for her when she first came in. She needs 6 votes to stay so she has to get going. Kailyn makes her pitch and Cory says she knows she’s at the bottom. Kailyn says if she stays she’ll always have a target in front of her. Cory says Kailyn is making great points, she’s good. But if she sticks her neck out for her, then she’s throwing her game away.


    Cory goes to Sam, Chelsea, and Adam and tells them Kailyn’s pitch because information is power. Chelsea asks if it was convincing and Cory says everything she said make sense. Cory explains Kailyn’s pitch and Chelsea says she thought it would be an easy week, but Kailyn is super manipulative.


    This week Canada voted to give one HG to get some massive info and they voted for Damien. This time, Damien is going to have to go into super stealth mode to make it into the lounge. He is outside and finds a message telling him he can’t get caught and he has to look for a clue in a room no one wants to sleep in and there was a bucket and lighter for him to destroy the note outside behind the couch.


    Damien heads to the have-not room and he’s looking for a clue. He says it could be in a million places and at any moment someone could walk in and catch him. Damien finds the clue and hides it in his pants and heads upstairs to the RBR and the next package is in the BB master suite. He heads to the HOH room while Kiera is laying on the couch outside.


    Damien begins looking around the HOH room. He looks in the bathroom and under couch cushions and finds it above the HOH door. The next package is where he’ll sit on eviction night. He goes to lay down on the couches in the LR and begins stretching. He reaches under the couch and gets the message and hides it in his pants again. He waits a minute and heads upstairs again. The information he seeks is hidden in a secret room inside the BB Canada house. Damien says he has to stay patient and wait for the coast to be clear. He’s waiting and Kyra just won’t leave the room. They tell Damien they would never put him up and Damien agrees. Kyra leaves and Damien makes his move and he’s in the secret lounge.


    He reads welcome back and he can look at 2 HG files for information. Does he want information on his enemies or does he want to make sure his allies are who they say they are. All the HG pop up on some screens and Damien starts considering his options. He selects Mark and Sam. He sees a pre-show interview and Mark has seen all of the season of BB and he’s there for the money and he considers himself a great liar. Sam has watched 3 full seasons and she’s there for the title of winning and she considers herself a mediocre liar.


    Damien keeps looking at the blood veto and he wants to break through the glass, but he can’t. He thanks Canada and says he’s going to use the information to the best of his ability and he hopes he doesn’t let them down.


    Mark and Este are in the SR and Kailyn summons them for a house meeting. Kailyn says she’s been lying about who she was since day one and she can’t leave the house without speaking her truth. She tells them she has four children and a step-son and she’s 42-years old. She had her first child at 18 and she says she’s a survivor and she’s strong. She says she could be leaving tomorrow, but there are four of them and one of her.


    Kailyn tells them Adam let Kailyn know he had a final two with Sam and they are going to use Damien as a pawn to knock all of them off. She says they are all playing Sam and Adam’s game and they are going to get all of them out. Adam comes in from outside with Chelsea and they note it’s quiet. Adam says it sounds like a house meeting without them. Kailyn says Chelsea has said she’s said different things behind closed doors than she has to everyone. Chelsea finally finds them in the meeting in the bedroom. Adam says everyone is in there and Chelsea says yeah. Adam says everybody? Dane comes out with Mark behind and they say nothing’s going on. Dane tells Adam to calm down.


    Adam goes to talk to Dane and he says that was so obvious. Dane is trying to get him to calm down. Dane says it wasn’t bad about him, it was about Chelsea and Sam and she just helped him out. Dane says Kailyn put a target on Chelsea and Sam. Dane recaps some of what Kailyn says. Dane tells him to calm down and tells him not to bring it up to Chelsea or Sam because he’s a PB right? Adam says the girls are running the game and he’s letting it happen. Sam was standing by the door and may have heard some of the conversation.


    Sam goes to the HOH room with Chelsea and she tells Chelsea what she heard between Dane and Adam. Sam tells Chelsea that Adam and Dane are working together. Kyra comes into the HOH and Sam recaps for Kyra. Sam says she’s playing us. Chelsea says this house is crazy. Kyra says they need Adam to think he’s still playing them. Chelsea is so frustrated right now. Adam comes in and Chelsea doesn’t look happy.


    Arisa greets the HG and says she knows it was another stressful week. Damien says what you see is what you get and I’m a man of my word. If his time has come he loves them all. Damien says he has so much love and respect for Kailyn. He tells them to grab their popcorn.


    Kailyn asks everyone putting out their left hand and she went through and says she took money from all of them and giving it to Sam, Chelsea, and Adam because they are all playing their game. Kailyn says Chelsea called her out in front of her children and Chelsea wants the truth, but she can’t handle the truth. Kailyn says they didn’t sign on for a beauty pageant, and each of them is choosing the easy thing to do.


    Time to vote!

    Eddie sadly votes to evict Kailyn.

    Estefania votes to evict Kailyn.

    Mark votes to evict the master manipulator, Kailyn.

    Dane votes to evict Mama K.

    So far Kailyn has 4 votes and Damien has none. We’ll get the rest of the votes in a few moments.


    Back to the votes!

    Kyra votes to evict Kailyn.

    Sam votes to evict Kailyn.

    Kiera sadly votes to evict Kailyn.

    Anthony votes to evict Kailyn.

    Adam votes to evict Kailyn..Pretty Boys.

    Cory votes to evict Kailyn.

    By a unanimous vote, Kailyn has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house. Kailyn hugs Damien and whispers something to him. She says her hope and prayer for them all is they will one day have what she is going home to. Kailyn exits the house.


    Arisa asks how did you not see this backdoor coming? Kailyn says she had a dream nomination night that she was giving a speech and she tried to push it back. Arisa says she played, she was a fighter. Arisa asks if she regrets lying on her way in and Kailyn wanted to make a statement not to give up on their dreams. Arisa asks if it’s harder to connect with them and Kailyn says yes, it was very hard to connect with them.


    Arisa says it seemed she was rallying the troops for war and she asks if Kailyn knows there’s a 4-guy alliance and she says she figured. She thought there might be another four strong besides Sam, Chelsea, and Adam.


    Anthony says she’s such an inspiration and he’s glad to meet her. Kyra says they’re sorry, its not personal but game. Dane says since day 1, she couldn’t fool him and he can’t wait to meet her family. Eddie says she’s not offend people and he likes that and he can’t wait to see her outside the house. Sam says they are on the same level of reading people, but her lies and manipulation came around. Chelsea says she played too hard too fast, she’s a smart woman, and she couldn’t trust her.


    HG, time to find a new HOH. Chelsea cannot compete. This competition is called Buzzkilled 2.0. When they hear the alarm go off, hit their button. The last HG to buzz in will be eliminated. This may simple, but rounds can last anywhere from one minute to an hour. They will also be offered temptations that could lure them away from their button. This competition begins now. We see a one minute timer over their heads and everyone is at their buzzers. We hear some whistling and chatter while the timer is still running down.


    The timer is at 5 seconds and the alarm sounds at zero and everyone hits their buzzers. Kyra is the first eliminated. Kyra says they pressed it, but Arisa says tough break. Arisa says we’ll find out who will be the next HOH on Sunday. One week from tonight, two agents will be sent packing, it’s a double eviction!

  17. We pick up after the nomination ceremony. Chelsea says neither Damien or Kiera are her target. She doesn’t want to give Kailyn a chance to campaign for longer. If she pulls off the backdoor, she can eliminate a huge threat to her game. Damien says his life is on the line, he needs to win that power of veto.


    Kiera says she’s been waiting to be nominated the whole time. The best case scenario is to win POV and see where people’s heads are at. She tells Kailyn and Kyra in the SR that it’s exhilarating to be nominated and she feels like part of the show now. Mama K says that’s a beautiful way to look at it and Kiera says she knows Mama K is able to rally votes and that’s the kind of person she wants in her corner.


    Sam and Adam come into the SR with Kiera and make small talk to comfort her for being nominated. Kiera tells us Adam and Sam think they are running the house. Sam and Adam leave and she whispers that she hates them and she’s going after them.


    Kyra tells Chelsea what Kiera says about it being exhilarating to be nominated and Mama K’s response. They talk about how sneaky Kailyn is and how dangerous she is. Chelsea says she has to get her out. Chelsea says the plan is on lockdown and only Sam, Mark, Kyra, and Adam are the only ones who know about the plan. Chelsea says it could be really dangerous if Mama K finds out she’s the true target.


    Damien says he can’t get backdoored this week. He’s talking to himself and says he likes the underdog story. He just needs to pull this off because he doesn’t want to be a sheep. Hopefully, he just needs to win the veto or he has to campaign and do all that fake stuff. Mark comes in and Damien says he doesn’t know who to trust and he has to watch what he says to who in the game. Damien says he has to play it smart and not have the slightest slip up or it could be the end of him.


    Adam and Sam are talking about having been there for two weeks. Sam says they’ll be married soon and Adam says on the show? Sam laughs and Adam says whoever goes against them is not invited to the wedding. Canada is invited to the wedding. Mama K asks if they’ve had their first kiss yet and they say no. Mama K says they spend half the game planning their wedding. It’s very obvious. Adam says if they kiss, he’s in trouble and it’s not happening.


    Kiera is in the SR and she is saying she is going to win the POV. They think they are so smart and she’s going to think she’s not the target and if she wins and pulls herself off, then they’ll say they had a backdoor target all along. Kiera says they don’t have the right to mess with her game. She struck first and she needs to strike back. She says Kiera, if you want to do this you have to do this for yourself. She’s not a damsel in distress, no one needs to come and save you, you need to save yourself.


    They’re going to do things a little differently today for picking players for the POV. They will scratch one square on the veto ticket and if they reveal a veto symbol they get to play in the veto competition. Eddie scratches first and no veto symbol. Mark and Dane follow and no symbol. Kyra is next and they have a symbol and they will be playing. Este, Adam, and Kailyn scratch next and no symbols. Sam is up next and she finds a symbol and she will be playing. Cory scratches and she also finds a symbol. Playing in POV will be Kiera, Damien, Kyra, Sam, and Cory.


    Next, they will spin a wheel and the highest spin will win an advantage in the upcoming competition. Sam has the highest spin and she will receive the advantage. The BY is set up as a lottery style competition. There is a huge machine blowing balls and Mark is the host. First up is Big Brother instant bingo. They each have a giant bingo card and they’ll scratch off the numbers they need to find. Then balls will shoot out of the ball machine and they will have to find the balls they need. The first two to finish their card will advance to the final round. And Samantha’s advantage gives her two balls to start with.


    Sam feels good and she’s confident everyone playing will make this backdoor happen. Sam does not want Cory to make it to the next round. Sam finishes first and the balls are shot out. Cory is running around and says this is driving her insane. Damien says this is second time on the block and he doesn’t want to go through a vote.


    Kiera says she doesn’t have time to memorize her numbers so she runs out picks up a ball and see if it’s a match. Everyone else is memorizing her numbers. Kyra wants to be the one to make the backdoor plan to come to fruition and they’d be honored to seal Kailyn’s fate. No one has completed a bingo yet. Kiera is one number away and she says if Damien finds N34 to tell her. Kiera thinks she has her card full, but Kiera has one number wrong and she has to figure it out.


    Sam and Kyra and Cory all need one more number. Damien has several balls left and he needs to fill this card ASAP. Damien now has only one number left. All HG only need their last ball. It’s anyone’s game!

    Mark reminds the HG that only two people will move on to the final round. Kiera thinks she has found her last ball and she calls bingo and she has finished her card and will advance to the final round. Kyra finds Sam’s ball and tells Sam where B3 is and Sam grabs it and runs it back and calls bingo and she will advance to the final round.


    It’s time for the final round where Kiera and Samantha will go head-to-head in an Instant Crossword. They’ll start by scratching off their squares that will reveal letters to help them out. They’ll then use all 43 blocks to complete the words that are all Big Brother related. The first to finish will win the POV!


    Kiera says she doesn’t trust Chelsea and she needs to gun for and win this veto. Sam says she wants to throw it to Kiera because she doesn’t want to expose the plan or the alliance. Kiera has gotten veto and now she’s trying to get some of the bigger words.


    Sam is working hard and she is moving kind of slow. Kiera starts struggling and Sam ends up finishing first. Sam says it didn’t go as planned, but the plan to backdoor Kailyn is still in place and it’s nice to have some power in the house. Kiera is devastated and she is so disappointed in herself. She’s crying and Chelsea hugs her to comfort her. Kiera can’t believe she lost and she comes in with Este and Sam and Kyra are in there and they leave. Kiera says she’s trying not to take away from Sam’s moment and Sam gives her a hug and tells her everything is going to be ok.


    Sam and Kiera sit down to talk alone and Sam tells her to let her work some magic. Sam says maybe she can use this POV to her advantage. She tells Kiera if she saves her then she would owe her own. Sam says she has to think about her game and she doesn’t want Kiera to worry. Sam says she has to talk to Chelsea and Kiera says Sam won it fair and square. Sam leaves Kiera alone and sends Este in.


    Kiera tells Este she couldn’t believe she couldn’t do that. Este asks if Sam mentioned she would use it and Kiera says she said she has to work some magic. Kiera says she doesn’t trust that. Este says they can convince them to use it on Kiera. Kiera says she doesn’t deserve it. She says if Sam does use it on her then it’s like she’s selling her soul to the devil and she would be indebted to her. Este says it’s a game and Kiera says she’s so scared.


    Este and Dane are talking and flirting. Dane is rubbing her leg. Kiera comes in and interrupts and Kiera says it’s clear Dane has a thing for Este and they are so cute together. We see clips of Dane giving Este a kiss on the head and him saying she has a nice body. Kiera says Este will not admit she has a thing for Dane. Kiera wants Este and game to get together and Este says she can build a bridge and get over that dream. Kiera says they are perfect for each other.


    Este, Dane, Damien, and Kiera are talking about reserve. Damien says they made a thing called a reserve and they created Indian agents and if they wanted to leave they had to get permission to leave. He discusses the history and he’s saying they have their land and they are grateful for where they are, but there were some rights that were given away.


    Damien says he’s proud to tell them what happened and how they can move forward and bridge the gap of misconception and ignorance. Damien begins talking about his teammates and how they didn’t know the history either. Damien says he’s very proud to represent where he’s from and discuss Canada’s past.


    Chelsea and Sam are talking and Chelsea says she’s trying not to give Kiera too much reassurance, but she feels good. Sam says she wants Kiera to be super grateful. Chelsea says Sam having POV could be great for their game but she wishes she had more to hold of Kiera’s head because she does not trust her at all.


    Kiera goes to talk to Chelsea and Sam and Kiera says she holds no ill feelings, she knows being nominated is part of the game and she really wants to stay. Sam wants to trust her and if Kiera will keep to her word, she’d love to work with her. Chelsea thanks Kiera for the conversation and agrees they could work together. Sam look at Chelsea and Chelsea heaves a sigh.


    Kyra is in Chelsea’s HOH room listening to music and Chelsea is nervous that Mark told Kiera about the plan to backdoor Kailyn. Chelsea just doesn’t want Kailyn to know and Chelsea says that Damien already knows and Kyra says you told Dame? Chelsea says Adam told Damien. Kyra says they have a lot of things they are no longer saying to anyone. Chelsea says her plan is leaking out more than she wants it to and it’s BS. Chelsea says it’s time to start thinking about being strategic with who knows what.


    We’re on Day 17 and Kailyn goes to talk to Chelsea. Kailyn says Chelsea is more interested in having a perfect image rather than shake things up. Kailyn says Kyra asks if she was open to voting out Kiera. Kailyn says if she’s in power next week, what’s the next move. Kailyn says Kyra is an option if they are trying to get out floaters. Kailyn says if she had veto, then she would honor Chelsea’s wishes. Kailyn says if Sam were to use it veto it, it would force Chelsea to get more blood on her hands. Kailyn says Chelsea’s HOH will be the most forgettable of the season, she guarantees it. Chelsea says she thought Kailyn was a psychic, she should see this coming.


    Sam and Chelsea are talking and Chelsea says she thinks everyone knows what’s happening except Eddie and Kailyn. Chelsea will tell Kiera she was always a pawn because she doesn’t want Kiera to feel like she was disposable to her. Chelsea says her and Sam are close and Kiera are Este are close. Chelsea says Sam using veto will make it clear they are working together. Chelsea says she’s asked herself if this plan is messy or stupid.


    Sam heads to HQ to decide if she’s going to use the veto or not. Sam says their plan this week is to backdoor Kailyn. Sam says it’s not about if she’s going to use the veto or not, it’s who she will take off the block. Sam says she thinks Damien is easily manipulated. Sam says Kiera made a deal with her but she doesn’t know if she can trust her. She says she has to make a smart decision because this move is pivotal for her game.


    It’s time for the POV ceremony. Damien congratulates Sam and says he’s been up there 2 out of 3 times and it’s been stressful. He’d appreciate it if she’d use it but he respects her decision. Kiera says she’d be eternally grateful but she respects whatever Sam decides.


    Sam has decided to use the power of veto on Kiera. She says they connected early on in the house and they may not always be on the same page but how she fought in that competition shows she wants to stay. Sam hugs her and Kiera says thank you. Since Sam has vetoed one of Chelsea’s choices she needs to replacement nominee.


    Chelsea says her replacement nominee is Kailyn. Chelsea say her ability to lie and manipulate people is a danger to the whole house. The veto ceremony is complete. Kailyn says they are something and it’s time for her to drop a bomb on this house and let these people know who they’re dealing with. Chelsea says she’s made her move and she knows Kailyn is going to campaign, and campaign hard. She just hopes she has the votes to get her out of the house.

  18. Previously, on Big Brother Canada, when Dane teed of in the HOH competition and took over the house, he played it safe and put up Maki and Kyra to help keep his pretty boy alliance top secret. While Maki took it in stride, Kyra’s emotional game worried her allies. With the veto in the hands of another pretty boy, the noms stayed the same. And when the poet slammed Adam, undercover Anthony read between the lines.


    Meanwhile, Kyra found their groove and put Maki and his handlers square in Adam’s crosshairs. And then Maki took a blowtorch to his game. On eviction night, the house was split in half. For only the second time in BBCAN history a tie vote put all the power in the hands of the HOH. And when Dane dropped the hammer, the poets sand ran out of ink. Before the dust could settle the two sides took shots at each. In the end Chelsea took down Estefania for HOH. Tonight, who will Chelsea put up on the block. How will the house recover from the polarizing tie vote? It’s all coming up on BB Canada!


    We pick up after the HOH competition and Chelsea says she’s stoked to this win HOH because everything was chaos after the last eviction. We look back on Dane casting his final vote. We see it’s Day 13 and Maki putting a plague on the house. Kyra says they managed to survive eviction by a tie breaker and the house is tense. Dane says Maki threated him and his alliance and he had to go.


    Kyra says the game just started, let’s play! Kailyn says the games been being played for two weeks. Kailyn says she rallied the votes to force Dane to make a decision and cast the deciding vote. We see Kailyn telling Este, Eddie, and Kiera that Dane swore he would vote Kyra out including swearing on his father. Kyra thanks everyone for voting against them. Adam says why would keep a number for your guys? Damien says he gave his word to Maki at the beginning of the week.


    Dane is upset in the SR and Anthony and Adam are consoling him. Adam says it was a big move, we had to take him out because he was coming after us. Kyra is confronting Kailyn about campaigning for Maki. Dane tells everyone that Maki threatened him and Kailyn so you left those who were loyal and honored their word with targets on their back.


    Chelsea says there is one person that’s responsible for the divide in the house and that’s Kailyn, and she’s on her radar on who to target. Chelsea goes upstairs with Adam, Anthony, Kyra, and Sam and they scream and celebrate and Eddie comes in and the celebrations calms for a minute.


    Eddie is talking to Kailyn and he says this is his dream and he has to play smart. He’s telling Kailyn that he was going to vote with the house last week and Kailyn says she knew the vote would be split. Eddie asks Kailyn who Chelsea would put up? Kailyn says Cory and she tells him she doesn’t believe they are in danger this week.


    Who wants to see Chelsea’s HOH room? She gets her basket and Skechers. She’s so excited for her HOH room. She gets her video and it’s her friend Jordan. She says she’s so excited for Chelsea and she’s never watched the live feeds before, but she is now. They are so happy for her and proud of her and they’ll be waiting with a glass of wine when she gets out of the house. Chelsea says this just focuses her to keep going.


    Chelsea is talking to Sam and Adam and Chelsea is saying Kyra needs to calm down. Chelsea says they needs to remember that they are playing all the time and arrogant statements can put a huge target back on them. Chelsea says Kyra needs to understand they need to keep their distance. Chelsea tells Kyra that perception in this game is reality. Chelsea is telling Kyra to be careful. Chelsea tells Kyra they can’t be glued together and Kyra leaves. Chelsea says she just needs her space and privacy in her HOH.


    We see some hots dogs and a backyard BBQ and there’s a slide, and Chelsea greets them by the grill. The competition is called Slop and Slide. They randomly drew teams and one at a time each member will slide into the slop and hunt for a recipe. Once they finish their plate, the next teammate can go. The first team to finish will get food for the week. The last two teams will compete in a final round and the loser will be have-nots for the week.


    Dane and Kiera are up first. Kiera got slop sushi and Dane got Slopballs and Spaghetti. They are both stuffing their mouths and gagging. Dane is finished first and Estefania is next. Kiera has finished and Kyra is next. Estefania has sushi and she can’t finish her plate so she tags in Kailyn has Sloppy Joes. Kailyn says she should probably finish the sushi, but there’s no way she’s doing that so she’s searching for sloppy joe’s.


    Kailyn finds sloppy joes and she finishes and Dane is back in. Dane got the sushi and Adam has sloppy joes. Dane is done. Este is next and she is gagging into a bucket. Dane tells Este to tag her in and she does and yellow team of Dane, Estefania, and Kailyn are done first and they get to eat the BBQ food.


    On the menu for round two they have Slop Salad, Slop Dogs, and Slopsicles. Damien and Sam are both up first. Sam has a slop dog and Damien has the slopsicle. Damien is done and Cory is up. Sam is gagging. Cory found the slop salad. Sam says she was just a have-not, she’s not going there again. Cory says she’s channeling her inner-slopzilla. Sam is still on her slop dog and Cory is shoving the salad in her mouth gagging. Sam is done and Anthony is up and he has the slop salad. Cory has finished and Mark is up and he gets the slop dog. Anthony is almost done with slop salad but he taps out and Damien heads back up. Mark says Damien is so high on adrenaline right now he’s a beast. Damien finished but he gagged right as he finished.


    For the final round, we have Kiera, Adam, and Kyra vs Sam, Anthony, and Eddie. On the menu, they have Cricket Crumble, Slop Cookies and Milk, and Peanut butter and slop sandwich. Anthony is first with the Cricket Crumble and Cory has the peanut butter and slop. They both finish. Sam is done with her sandwich. Kiera taps Adam back in. Adam has told his team to take a bit and tag him in and he’ll finish it. Eddie is struggling with the slop cookie. Adam finishes the sandwich.


    Kyra heads up takes a bite, tags Adam in, and Adam finishes his. Eddie finishes his plate and Anthony is back in. Adam has finished the Cricket Crumble. Kiera goes back up and she taps Adam back in. Anthony can’t find the last plate. Adam finishes and blue team wins. Which means Sam, Eddie, and Anthony are the have-nots for the week. Sam says another 7 days sleeping in a scary room eating slop all day.


    The Pretty Boys are meeting in the SR. Mark says eviction night was very revealing and with the house divided he has to regroup with his alliance. Adam says he feels like he’s pretty close with Chelsea. Adam says Mama is dangerous and got people to change their minds and she could do that again. Anthony says Ma is very manipulative and that’s dangerous for their alliance. Anthony says they are safe, but they have to keep their ears open. They have to listen to who’s taking shots at them and start planting seeds now.


    Kiera and Este are talking and they are talking about people wasting an HOH. They hope Chelsea does something for her own game. They say they like her and if she shows them loyalty, then they will be loyal back. Kiera says she thinks “they” (The Pretty Boy Alliance) will pressure her to nominate one of them.


    Chelsea has selected Mark for Wendy’s. Chelsea says Mark is sort of a wildcard and she thinks there’s an opportunity to build some more trust. They start looking over the menu and Chelsea places their order and goes to get it from Hamza from BB Canada 6. Chelsea loves Hamza and wants to hug him through the window and she says it’s nice to meet him. Chelsea tells Mark Hamza delivered their food and they eat and start talking.


    Chelsea says her thought process is to put up people she doesn’t have a great game relationship with and who won’t hurt her. Mark says he will take out whoever she wants. Chelsea says she feels like she trusts Mark and he says he trusts her too.


    Kyra is talking to Chelsea and Adam and Sam. Kyra throws out Kiera, Este, Kailyn, Eddie, or Damien. Chelsea mentions Kailyn as a mastermind. Kyra says as soon as Kailyn gets HOH they will go up. Kyra says Mama K is manipulative and that’s terrifying. Adam says maybe put up two pawns and backdoor someone. Chelsea agrees. Chelsea says it’s early in her HOH and she knows who her target is and it’s Kailyn.


    It’s Day 14 and Sam and Cory are looking at the fishtank. Sam says they are bored but they love the fish and they named one Steve and Sam thinks he’s full of personality. Sam finally looks and says she thinks Steve is dead because he’s not moving. Cory asks if they should say a few words for him and Sam prayed and Cory says amen. Then Sam notices he’s moving and Sam tells us Steve is alive and well!


    Damien wants to talk to Chelsea. He wants to stay true to his people, but he also wants to stay safe. Damien says he’s going to tell Chelsea what she wants to hear to keep himself off the block. Chelsea tells Damien she just doesn’t know where his head is. Damien says Maki and Mama K approached him when he was on the block and that’s why he voted to keep Maki. Chelsea says she sees that he has integrity. Damien says if Chelsea doesn’t put him on the block then she won’t be a target for him. Chelsea says she really needs a pawn to pull off a backdoor. That perfect pawn is Damien because he’s already been on the block and they don’t have a game relationship.


    Kiera and Dane are in the kitchen and Dane says noms are today and he hasn’t talked to Chelsea yet. Kiera says she thinks he’s fine. Kiera thinks she’ll be ok too. Kiera says even though Chelsea and her haven’t talked game a lot, but she thinks she’s a great person and she’d love to work with her. Kiera heads up to talk to Chelsea.


    Chelsea says she hasn’t talked much game with Kiera. Kiera says she wants to work with Chelsea and she’s done the best she could in each of her scenarios. Chelsea says she has to think about her game moving forward and she has to surround herself with people who have her back. Kiera says she would not gun for Chelsea next year. Chelsea says Keira can gush all she wants but she’s the perfect pawn for her backdoor plan.


    Arisa greets us and says ONE HG will get unprecedented access to Leon’s Lounge and valuable video intel on the other HG. Who get’s this opportunity? It’s up to you Canada!


    Dane is in The Archives and he says there’s 82 boxes. He says the first week there were 41 and now there’s 82. He says he has no idea what’s going on! This mystery is exhausting. He climbs on a shelf with a pillow and Kiera heads in and Dane scares her.


    Kailyn asks Chelsea how the HOH room is and Chelsea says it’s great. She says the best part is she’s alone and has clean sheets. Chelsea says she’s playing a balancing act with Kailyn and she wants her to feel nice and safe so she doesn’t start trying to build an army around herself. Kailyn says her and Chelsea have some common goals on who they want out and she feels she has some safety.


    Chelsea says she needs Kailyn gone for her game. Chelsea goes to talk to the camera and she says there are definitely side in the house. Kailyn, she feels is super manipulative and she’s trying to rally soldiers for her side which could be Kiera, Este, Damien, and Eddie. Chelsea wants to make big moves but she has to be careful because it could make her a target. She wants to pull off this backdoor, it’s a huge game move. She loves this game!


    Chelsea heads to HQ with the briefcase. She says after the chaos of last week’s eviction it’s important she plays strategic to keep the numbers on her side. As a competitor, she’s hungry to make a big move. She has a backdoor target and it’s Kailyn. She can’t risk putting her on the block and letting her put numbers around her. To do this she has to put up two pawns. The only way her plan goes off without a hitch is if Kailyn has no idea what’s happening.


    Chelsea’s nominations are locked. She heads to the LR and her first nominee is Kiera. Her second nominee is Damien. Chelsea says she’s chosen Kiera because they haven’t talked much game and she’s been wishy-washy with her loyalty and she’s shown she can be good in competitions. Damien and Chelsea have talked game the least and unfortunately, he’s been on the block before making him an easy pawn.


    Kiera says she knew it was going to come eventually. People see her as a threat and she’s going to play her heart out for the veto. Damien says at least he’s not the target, but he needs to find a way out of this. Chelsea hopes everyone is believing her nominations so she can get out her real target…Kailyn.

  19. Maki is talking to Kiera and Estefania in the SR and he’s saying they will suck if they vote him out. Estefania says Maki is a really good friend, but so is Kyra. Both girls are reassuring Maki he is safe. Estefania says she really hopes Maki safe. Maki says girls have magic powers so they can use them to keep him safe.


    Kyra is sitting alone upstairs and Kailyn joins and says no game talk. Kyra says they know Kailyn will want to keep Maki. Kailyn says her and Kyra didn’t click from day one and she says Kyra has been dragging her name through the mud. Kailyn confronts Kyra and Kyra says Kailyn you like to plant seeds and they aren’t buying. Kyra says they are chill and calm and Kailyn says your chill and calm got you on the block. Kyra says Kailyn is playing a great social game. Kailyn leaves Kyra to get in their good space.


    Anthony and Adam are talking and Anthony says Maki has no idea he is super close with Adam. We see Maki talking about trying to get rid of Adam and Anthony says that’s not good for Adam or for him. Adam says if Maki wins next week he will put Adam on the block. Anthony says they have to get him out because he’s getting close to Estefania and Kiera and Kailyn. Anthony says they aren’t smart, they’re scared and he can control Kailyn. Adam thinks they can easily send home Maki.


    Arisa welcomes us back and she says Maki and Kyra are on the block this week, but first BB set up a delicious task for the HG. Kevin and Karen make an appearance and set up a delicious task for the HG. Samantha says Wendy’s is on the screen and she’s a havenot and she hasn’t eaten food in three days. Adam is paying close attention to the video. Kevin and Karen are in the video and they are ordering from Wendy’s and Karen wants to know how her $100,000 is. Karen asks Kevin who he likes and she says the blond, the nerdy person, and the old person and Karen realizes she’s not watching. Kevin says this has been fun and Karen says not really.


    Dane is now going to ask the have-not questions about what they just watched and if they get three correct they win Wendy’s for themselves and the entire house. Everyone has to leave except the have-nots.


    Question #1-How many times did Karen blink? Dane tells them to talk amongst themselves and everyone in the HOH is cracking up. Mark looks stumped and Mark says he never saw her block and they answer zero. The answer was 19.


    Question #2-Who did Kevin says his favorite HG was? They say the nerdy super fan and the old person and they are correct.


    Question #3-What did Kevin order and they get that correct too.


    Question #4-What did Karen order and they didn’t get it correct.


    Question #5 Who was waiting in the car for Karen? They answer Bruce and they are correct and they all celebrate. They all eat and say thank you to Wendy’s!


    Kailyn says she’s tapped into the energy of the house and Maki isn’t half as safe as he thinks he is and she doesn’t trust Kyra. Maki says he has confidence and Kailyn says she needs to wake Maki up and light a fire under him. Maki says he hasn’t been doing much and Kailyn says but they have. Maki says definitely. Kailyn asks if Dane talks game with him and Maki says no. Kailyn leaves him to his thought.


    Maki says he’s not the type to campaign, but Kailyn is making some good points. He needs to go talk to Dane because he’s the king of the castle. Maki heads to the HOH. Dane says he’s scared and worried that Maki could put him up. Maki says it’s a possibility because Dane put him up. Maki wants to play a truthful game. Dane says Kyra has one foot out the door? What is Maki thinking?


    Let’s head back inside one more time before the vote. We’re on Day 12 and Kyra is making breakfast with Damien. Eddie is talking to Adam and Samantha and says he’s not sure about Kyra. He’s trying to do anything he can to get them to evict Kyra because he doesn’t want to work with Adam. Eddie says Kyra is a superfan. Eddie says if they get out a comp beast, that’s not good for Adam. Adam says Eddie is making good points.


    Eddie says he’s trying to be sincere with Sam and Adam, but he’s not really watching their back. Eddie says he’s not a manipulator, he’s just laying out his reasonings for getting rid of Kyra over Maki. Kyra says they know this game and things can change fast and if they can get Adam on their side, they could be safe. Kyra plants the seed that Maki is going after Adam and he tells Kyra that Maki is gone and lists Dane, Chelsea, Mark, and others are on board. Kyra says how did I actually pull this off?


    Estefania is talking to Maki in The Archives and she wants to know who Maki’s target would be? Maki tells her about his conversation with Dane and she says that wasn’t smart. Dane comes in and Estefania says Maki just told her he told Dane he’d put him up. Estefania says these guys have a brain but they are acting like they are 5-years old. Estefania says Dane still has a lot of sway and she needs to get the guys on the same page. She says if she wants to get Adam out, then she needs Maki here. Estefania asks Maki why wouldn’t he want to put Sam up? Maki says yeah, that would be smart. Estefania says you just can’t tell Sam and Chelsea that. Dane says he’s on board with that and if Maki will take Sam out of the game, then he’s worth keeping there.


    It’s time to check-in with the HG. The next mission is the second eviction vote of the season. Kyra says they’re humbled and grateful to be there and this has been a dream of theirs. Kyra thinks they have proven they aren’t weak and if they are loyal to them, then they’ll be loyal back.


    Maki believes he’s the music in a house of whispers. He’s new and he makes mistakes and he’s hurt the people closest to him. He loves them and nothing is more important than loyalty in this house and for those not sure who they are voting for, choose your soldiers wisely.


    It’s time to vote!

    Chelsea votes to evict Maki.

    Anthony votes to evict Maki.

    Kiera votes to evict Kyra.

    Kailyn votes to evict Kyra.

    Adam votes to evict Maki.

    So far, Maki has three votes for eviction and Kyra has two.


    First to six is heading home, let’s get back to the vote.

    Mark votes to evict Maki.

    Samantha votes to evict Maki.

    Eddie votes to evict Kyra.

    Estefania votes to evict Kyra.

    Damien votes to evict Kyra.

    We have a tie!


    We have a tie which means Dane will be casting the deciding vote on who to evict! Dane hates this but he earned this opportunity and he earned this power. He made a terrible mistake this week but he’s sorry he has to vote to evict Maki! Maki heads upstairs and goes back to hug Kaillyn. He puts a plague on the whole house, they are all fake.


    Arisa asks Maki how he feels and he says he feels free. Arisa asks who he feels most betrayed by and Maki says he doesn’t know. Arisa asks does he think he started playing too late and Maki says yes, he’s new to this.


    Dane says he tried all week to keep him safe but things he said and did spooked everyone else. Adam tells Maki about The Pretty Boy alliance. Kailyn says Maki, you should have kept your mouth shut and he dug himself into a corner. She tells him he’s a mother of four. Estefania says she tried so hard to keep him here. Eddie says he loves Maki and he campaigned for him.


    Yesterday, BB Canada put all the agents through rigorous training and it’s all leading up to a serious mission. They are all told to drop and give them 20. Agents are to jump rope allowing 5 HG to jump in tandem. Agents are supposed to hide in anticipation of an intruder. Agent are told to dance. Agents, rest is important, take a nap. Agents form a Conga line and maneuver through the house. Agents, to prepare for a water landing, all HG must get in the Hot Tub.


    Arisa says tonight’s HOH comp is complete based on that mission, so let’s see who was paying attention. This competition is called Truth and Spies and now it’s time to see how prepared they are. They will face off at a podium and they have to determine if a statement is a truth or a lie. If they answer correctly, their opponent is out and they pick the next pair to battle. If no one buzzes in they will both be eliminated.


    Question #1-They were asked to nap before they were asked to dance. Adam vs Damien and Adam hits lie and he is correct. He picks Kailyn and Kiera.


    Question #2-Only 3 HG were wearing goggles. Kiera hits true and she is correct and she selects Mark and Adam.


    Question #3-Adam asks Mark if he wants it. They were asked to do 40 push ups and Mark hits lie and he is correct. He picks Eddie and Kiera.


    Queston #4-You were trained for an emergency evacuation and Kiera hits lie and she is correct. Kiera selects Sam and Kyra.


    Question #5-The Conga line went through the main bathroom. Samantha hits lie and that’s correct. Sam picks Anthony and Cory.


    Question #6-They were asked to have 6 HG jump rope in tandom and Anthony hits lie and he’s correct. He selects Sam and Estefania.


    Question #7-They were asked to hide before nap. Estefania answers true and she’s correct. She selects Chelsea and Mark.


    Question #8-They were asked to dance to practice their agility. Chelsea hits lie and she’s correct. Chelsea selects Estefania and Kiera.


    Question #9-They were trained for a water landing. Estefania hits true and she’s correct. All that’s left is Anthony and Chelsea.


    Question #10-At one point they were asked to do jumping jacks. Anthony hits true and he’s incorrect.


    It’s now Chelsea vs Estefania for the win. Question #11-They were asked to jump rope before they were asked to get in the hot tub. Chelsea hits true and she’s correct and the new HOH.

  20. Tonight, Big Brother changes the game like never before. The HG vie for the sweet taste of veto victory and trouble hits the rock right in the feels. It all happens now on Big Brother Canada!


    We pick up after the nomination ceremony on Day 7. Dane says even though he nominated Kyra and Maki, there is still a backdoor plan for Samantha. He wants to keep the Pretty Boys safe. Samantha doesn’t feel safe and she has an uneasy feeling she’ll go up.


    Maki says being nominated isn’t the greatest feeling in the morning, but sometimes you have to be near death to appreciate life. Kyra says they’re in serious danger of leaving the house this week and they need to make it clear to the house they aren’t playing with emotion.


    Kyra tells Dane because of his speech it looks like they’re the target and not Maki. Dane says his words just got twisted. Kyra says they’re emotional state was just adjusting to the house and they needed for this to happen and it’s a wake-up call. Dane says if Kyra stays calm, then the gears can be turned. Dane apologizes and Kyra says no hard feelings.


    Maki is talking to Anthony about nominations and Anthony tells us the house is starting to divide and he needs to be on both sides of the fence. Anthony says he loves Maki, but at the end of the day he’s riding with The Pretty Boys and that’s where his loyalties lie.


    Maki says the thing about this game is it’s easy to lose yourself and he needs to take himself from the hecticness of the house and collect his thoughts. He’s going to be dancing right through this, he’s a happy guy. He goes to the HOH room and puts on the headphones and dances around. He says music is therapy for him.


    Adam asks Samantha if her parents would like him and she thinks her dad would like him a lot. Samantha says parents love her and Adam thinks Canada loves her. Samantha says Canada loves him too and he says maybe they love us Sadam. Estefania interrupts to put something away in the fridge. Estefania leaves and Samantha and Adam agree on Sadam as their name.


    Estefania says everyone is getting on her nerves, but she has an alliance with Kiera and they are called Young Bloods. They go to the archives and they are talking about taking Adam out. Estefania says they are laying low, but they are just waiting to run the house.


    Adam asks Dane if he wins POV who would go up. Dane says there is the potential for a backdoor and Adam asks who. Dane says who do you think and the discussion turns to Samantha and her connection with Adam. Dane asks if Adam wants to be here for a showmance or for a legacy. Dane doesn’t care if he wins, or Adam, or Mark, or Anthony, as long as it’s them and they leave a legacy and a mark on the game.


    Kyra is in The Archives and they’re praying for another chance to play the game. Kyra says it’s not over and they have a strong alliance member they can go to the end with and they love her. We see a clip of Kyra asking Chelsea if they can pick her for the veto. Kyra says there is no way they are going this week.


    Kyra goes into the SR and Dane is in there. Kyra says they are going to go hard for this veto and Dane says he’s going to play for it for control of the whole house. Kyra says they hope Dane is true to his word because loyalty goes both ways.


    It’s Day 8 and it’s time to pick players for the POV competition! The HG all dance their way to the LR. aTtention agents, the POV competition as you know it is about to change for the entire season. The HOH will not compete in the veto competition! The veto will be played by the two nominees and three players at random. If the veto is used, the HOH will still name the replacement nominee.


    Dane says he really wanted to play and he’s so angry because he wanted to control all the power in the house this week. Dane picks Adam. Maki picks Anthony. Kyra picks houseguests choice and they select Chelsea to play. Dane is also going to choose a host and he chooses…Eddie!


    Chelsea is in the blue bedroom and she is saying she cannot win this veto, she just can’t. Kyra comes in and Chelsea says she’s freaking out and Kyra says she told them they could pick her. Chelsea doesn’t think these people will go with her if she wants to shake things up. Chelsea wants to keep Kyra because she’s a friend and ally, but if she uses it then everyone would be mad because she tried to make a move. Kyra says they just thought they’d have a better shot of beating Chelsea than the guys. Adam comes in while Kyra and Chelsea are talking and Kyra leaves. Chelsea says Adam will you please win this veto and he says of course.


    Adam and Samantha are in the HOH room and Adam wants to know what’s on Sam’s mind. She doesn’t want him to think she’s paranoid. She finally says she’s worried about going on the block. Samantha says she feels like if Adam doesn’t win this POV she’ll go on the block. Adam says he doesn’t think she would and he tells her Dane told him to win veto and things would stay the same. Adam tells Samantha not to stress. Adam tells us he’s trying to keep Sam calm and he thinks she knows he was lying to her.


    It’s time for the POV competition! Eddie is dressed as a beaver and the HG are lumberjacks. It’s called On a Row. On go, they’ll grab buckets and collect sap from a tree and they have to carry the bucket across logs and pour their sap in the container. If they fall, then they have to return to the beginning. The first to fill their container enough to remove the ball will win the POV.


    All the HG are struggling to get across the logs. Anthony says the logs spin randomly. You don’t know which ones will spin and win. Anthony says he needs to win the veto so they can get Samantha out of there because she’s making Adam gaga and distracting him from the game.


    Kyra says they are definitely the underdog in the veto. Kyra says no one really thinks they can beat the guys. Chelsea doesn’t want to win the veto, but she’s walked down pageant walks for a long time. Adam says he looks over at the HG and he says Sam looks super nervous. Adam says he knows he has to win this so she can feel safe for another week.


    Maki is making decent progress. Maki says this is a bit of sticky situation for him and he just needs to keep his ninja focus and bring the veto home. Adam is making good progress too. Kyra is struggling and they’re getting exhausted. They keep telling themselves they’ll win the POV and they believe it will happen.


    Maki is in the lead but Adam is right behind. Kyra is still moving back and forth and takes a hard fall. Adam is picking up the pace. Maki says Adam is right on his tail. He’s not only big and strong and fast. Maki knows he’s ahead. Adam is still catching up. Maki says he needs to get himself off the block and this is 100% beast mode Maki, something that even he’s afraid of.


    Eddie says Adam and Maki are now neck and neck and Adam makes a trip across with Maki right behind. Dane says they are both so close, they are neck and neck. Maki pours and tries to get the ball, but he can’t get it. Adam pours and he can’t get it either. Samantha tells Adam to make sure all his sap is in the container. Dane is hoping Maki will win so he can pull himself off so he can backdoor Sam.


    Maki pours and works at the ball, but still can’t quite get it. Maki is moving quickly and almost falls. Adam makes another trip and he tries for the ball and he manages to pull it out. Maki wants to know how Adam put his finger through there. Adam goes to Sam and she jumps on him and he tells her to chill and the HG are looking at them. Eddie congratulates Adam. Adam says the first POV is his. Adam says he knew he had to win that for Sam because there was a backdoor in the works.


    Samantha gives Kyra a hug who is upset. The HG head inside and Adam and Dane go into the SR. Samantha comes in and Dane wants to know who told her she was a target because he hasn’t told anyone that. Dane and Adam leave and Kailyn comes in and Samantha gives Kailyn a look.


    Dane and Adam go to the Have Not room and Dane says her hips were up to here. Dane says you put a huge target on your back, because if anyone puts her up, you go up with her. Dane says you better win next week or she better win. Dane leaves and Samantha comes in and Adam kisses her and he loved the celebration, but it didn’t look good to the rest of the house. Samantha says we’ve always been a threat, and she says she’s was about to go home. They kiss some more.


    Samantha says no one would even sit by her. Adam says he trusts Dane and Samantha says she doesn’t. Samantha says if she can’t play the game with Adam, then she’ll play it by herself. She says they need to separate and take the heat off themselves because she needs to play for herself and this is getting her nowhere.


    Adam is in the bathroom area and Chelsea wins they celebrate. Chelsea says Adam wins the POV and she is ecstatic and it’s good for her game. Adam says Sam was tripping and he knew he had to win it. Chelsea says he’s a beast. Chelsea says Adam is an alpha male and she needs to play into that so he thinks he’s the big man of the show.


    Day 9 and Kailyn and Eddie are talking in the have-not room and Cory comes in. Cory says she had to make three final two deals and she thinks Kailyn is the best person to work with. Cory says she’s wise and the mom of the house. Kailyn says Dane is watching Cory like a hawk.


    Eddie is in The Archives with Damien and Estefania and there are files all over the floor. Eddie says he sees people trying to memorize all the documents, but that’s so dumb. Estefania and Damien are tearing file boxes up and Eddie is complaining he’s bored.


    Adam and Maki are in the SR. Maki says he wants to talk to Adam and even if it’s a longshot, he has to plant a seed. Maki says he’d love for all the guys to push forward. Adam can’t remember the last time a group of guys went to the end. Maki says girls tear them apart. Adam says with Sam, it’s just the Newfoundland bond. Maki says they have chemistry, he can see that. Maki says he and Adam are different people, but if he wants to stay he needs to be a bro with him. Adam says when is a good time to start getting rid of the girls? Maki says he’d like a house full of girls too, but they tear them apart.


    Anthony is talking to Mark and Dane in the SR and they are talking about Adam. Anthony says Samantha is a really big problem. She’s in Adam’s head and they need to get her out of there. Anthony tells Mark that Adam gets jealous when he’s around Sam. Anthony says they need Mark to flirt more to make Adam jealous so they can control him that way. They fist bump on their way out and say they are too pretty for this.


    Adam and Samantha are in the KT and Mark comes in and he says this will be easy because he loves flirting with everyone. He gives Sam a nice long hug and then Adam points out the long hug. Samantha says she’s like that with everyone and Adam says that’s not right. Adam says Samantha thinks she’s his ride or die, but if he has to cut the cord on her he will. He came in with a plan with the boys and he’s sticking to it.


    Today is the POV ceremony. Adam heads into HQ. Adam says he has three options, he can take Maki off the block, Kyra off the block, or keep nominations the same. If he takes Maki off the block, it might create another ally. Adam says Kyra is not a threat to him at all and he can get them out of the house whenever they want. Adam says The Pretty Boys think Samantha can be trouble for their game and maybe they see something he doesn’t. Adam says he has a big decision to make because he trusts them.


    Adam heads to the LR and he asks Kyra why he should use the veto to save them. Kyra says they don’t expect Adam to use veto and they hope they prove they are not as emotional and their weaknesses will not get in the way of their game. Maki says no hard feelings, but he hopes Adam will use it so he can be competition for him.


    Adam has decided…NOT to use the POV strictly because he wants to respect Dane’s HOH and keep nominations the same. Kyra says they are not surprised Adam didn’t use the veto but Maki just put a target on his back with his speech. Maki says he has to put his faith in the universe. Dane says they missed their chance to backdoor Samantha, but they’ll just have to keep an eye on her in the future.

  21. Tonight, can Cory complete her mission or will she be right back out of the house? Who’s up for a little FORE play at the next HOH competition? The intelligence is still being verified on Big Brother Canada!


    We pick up from where Arisa tells them about Cory moving in and that it was Canada who voted them in. It’s Day 6, and the HG are speculating Cory was in a room watching them the entire time. Cory enters and she gets a lukewarm reception from the HG. We see some of the introductions and hugs as Cory is welcomed to the group.


    Cory tells us she’s in the house and it’s insane and these people have no idea she has a secret mission. Dane takes Cory up to look at the bedrooms. Chelsea says they just got rid of someone and they get someone new, it’s like last week didn’t even matter.


    Cory wastes no time and she says she has to focus on the mission because she only has 24 hours. She can’t go too hard too fast. She has to gain trust first. Cory and Adam are talking in the bathroom and he’s filling her in on the eviction and that it was unanimous. Adam tells her they all think she has immunity and she has been watching them and Cory says no she’s been locked away.


    Dane and Anthony are talking about Cory. Dane says he’s freaking out about the new HG. He doesn’t know what she’s seen or heard so he has to win HOH so he can keep himself and his alliance safe this week.


    Time for the HOH competition! It’s golf themed and Dane says he’s a huge golfer and he loves his chances with this competition. Adam tells the HG Cory can’t play in any competitions this week. The competition is simple: They have to balance a ball on a golf club. If it falls, they are out. But if they are balancing their ball and they hear the word “Fore!” they get ONE shot to sink a ball. When they hear the word, the first person to hit their button can take the shot.  If they hit it they win HOH, but if they don’t get it they are out.


    The competition is on and Estefania says she doesn’t want to appear like she’s a comp beast. Estefania immediately is out right after the start. Damien is out right after. Sam and Chelsea both drop and they are out. “Fore!” and Mark immediately hits his button. Kailyn drops her ball. Mark takes his shot and he doesn’t want to win and he misses and is out.


     “Fore!” Anthony hits his button and Kyra drops her ball and is out. Anthony decides to take the shot so maybe he can win and keep the “Pretty Boys” safe. He takes his shot and we go to commercial!


    We’re back and Anthony is taking his shot for HOH. Anthony takes the shot and it goes right by the hole. Anthony says he was so close to being HOH this week. Dane, Eddie, and Maki are the last three standing. Dane really needs to win so he can see a picture of his father who passed away last year. Dane says he wants to see his dad and they are good. Maki says this is a friendly competition, let’s do this.


    An hour has gone by and Dane, Eddie, and Maki are still balancing. Maki is shaking his hand because his wrist hurts. “Fore!” Maki hits his button and he steps up to take his shot. He just has to bring his meditative mind and knock it in the hole. He misses and he is out.


    Dane is trying to make a deal with Eddie and he tells Eddie he is safe because he wants to see his dad. They agree to play it out but they both agree each other is safe. Dane says Eddie isn’t backing down so they are duking it out man to man. One hour and twenty minutes have now passed and Eddie says he feels like sneezing. Dane says if you do that your ball will fall. Dane almost loses his ball but he recovers.


    Eddie and Dane are still in it and Adam says they look pretty solid. The ball is moving on both of their clubs but Eddie needs to adjust his glasses. He makes the move and he drops his ball and Dane has won HOH! Eddie immediately runs over and gives Dane a hug. Dane says he knows there’s a guy up there that’s really proud of him.


    Adam says Dane has one more bit of business. He has to pick the first three have-nots of the season. Dane picks Mark, Adam, and Samantha. Dane picked Mark and Adam to hide their alliance and Sam volunteered so she could hang out with Adam.


    The HG head inside and Kyra is talking to Chelsea and Kyra is saying they messed up and they need to keep their mouth shut. Chelsea says she is close with Kyra, but Kyra has had huge emotional breakdowns. Chelsea says the house sees Kyra as a loose cannon and that seems like a weakness and she needs to distance herself from that.


    Cory goes into the Blue Bedroom and begins talking to Eddie. She wants to know Eddie’s story and he says he came to Canada by himself and he’s very shy. Cory is surprised and Eddie says Cory is very easy to talk to and he really loves her. Cory loves his aura too. Cory reminds of us her mission and she needs to build a bond with Eddie. Cory pitches working together with Eddie and he agrees. Cory says she goes with her gut and her gut is telling her she can trust Eddie. Eddie says yes, let’s do it. Cory says me and you to the end and Eddie agrees and they shake hands and Eddie heads out of the room. Cory says one down!


    The HG are in the LR playing would you rather? and Dane comes and asks who wants to see his HOH room! Dane immediately starts crying when he sees the pictures and he picks them up and hugs them. Dane tells them if they want to sit down and he’ll explain. He tells them that’s his dad and that he passed away last May and his dad was his best friend, his hero, his role model. His dad committed suicide. They comfort him. He gets a video from Brittney, his sister, and she says everyone is so overjoyed for them and Skylar thinks it’s awesome her uncle is on TV and famous.


    As a reward for winning HOH, our friends from Skechers will be giving the HOH shoes to wear for the week. Dane goes through his basket and he sees the Wendy’s menu and he can’t wait to have a frosty. Everyone gives hugs!


    We see all the HG sleeping and Damien tells us he hasn’t been able to keep his mind off that secret room, and it’s even harder when you know there’s a secret veto. He gets up and goes into the room and there are files and boxes in the room. Samantha, Dane, and Kailyn are up and Damien tells them there’s stuff in there. Samantha and Dane head in and they are trying to figure things out. Dane tells them not to touch anything as Damien comes in. Samantha says Big Brother, what is this room? Damien says you can never sleep in Big Brother.


    Mark, Adam, and Samantha are informed the have-not room is now open and everyone runs for the room and it is a torture chamber inspired room. Chelsea says the have not room is literally from her nightmares. She doesn’t like it, it’s scary. The lights are flickering and Samantha says the room is mortifying. It looks like they are sleeping in electric chairs and she’s not looking forward to sleeping in there. Chelsea says nope, nope, nopity, nope.


    Kyra is in the The Archives and Cory goes in and she says she’s trying to find someone who is on the bottom and that way if they go that deal won’t come back and bite her. Cory and Kyra start talking and Kyra says being emotional puts you as a target and Cory says she’s open to the idea of working together. Kyra says they’re not open to that because they don’t know if they’re going to be there next week. Kyra says let’s get past this week and if I’m still here, then we’ll talk about working together. Cory agrees and leaves the room and says damn it!


    The HG are milling around and Dane says during the HOH competition he promised to share Wendy’s with Eddie. They are looking over the menu and Dane places the order and heads down to get it. Dane goes to the Wendy’s window and Ika is the delivery person. Dane can’t believe it and says she’s gorgeous and he’s so thrilled to meet her. Dane says good job Demetri! Dane and Eddie begin to eat and they talk about nominations and Eddie says he supports whatever his decision is. Dane says Eddie did amazing during the HOH competition, he has a lot of respect for him and he kind of feels like they are building something.


    Cory is working on her next final two and she has her sights set on Kailyn. She’s waiting for a firm answer. We see clips of Cory talking to Kailyn and pledging loyalty and Cory says she was close, but she has to try again. Kailyn is showering and Cory is talking to her and they are discussing a deal. Cory says she’d like it to be them at the end and Kailyn laughs and agrees and says okay deal. Cory says Kailyn was tough, but she got her. We see Cory in the blue room and says there’s two! One more!


    Maki goes to the HOH room with Dane. Dane wants to see how Maki would feel going on the block as a pawn. Maki wants to meditate for a minute. Maki says he’s got an idea and he’d like Dane to tell people it’s his idea. Maki says if he puts both Kyra and Kiera up, that wouldn’t be a bad idea. Maki says that gives it a playful way to go with it. Dane needs Maki to compete in the POV and Maki says you want to put me up? Dane says he knows it’s scary, but does he think people would vote him out? Maki says he doesn’t like the idea and Dane says he controls a lot of votes.


    Samantha is talking about her and Adam and how they are feeling each other, but they don’t want people to know. Adam and Samantha are talking about how hot it is and Samantha thinks it’s better for their game if they resist the emotions. Samantha tries to go for a kiss but Adam pulls away and leaves the room and Samantha is gathering her clothes and she smiles into her clothes.


    Adam and Samantha are in the SR and Adam says there are no targets on them. Dane has seen them go into the SR and he listens by the door and Samantha tells Adam she’ll get him to the end because he’s hers after anyway. Dane says this isn’t good for the “Pretty Boy” alliance. Samantha heads and Dane says he feels very threatened by Sam and he might have to take a shot at her sooner than later.


    Cory and Damien are talking about working out. Cory wants to talk to Damien about a deal because he was on the block last week and maybe he’s looking for allies. Cory says she’ll work out with him. Cory says she feels like she could be an asset. Cory tells us she feels if she doesn’t get Damien she’s a goner. Cory pitches a deal and Damien says it might be too early and Cory says she’ll give him time to think about it. Cory says if she doesn’t get Damien on board, this might be it.


    Dane is in the HOH restroom and he’s practicing his nomination speeches. Anthony comes in and Dane tells Anthony they need to keep an eye on Adam and Samantha and that’s not good for them. Anthony says Adam does extra, like Samantha says she doesn’t like mowing her lawn and Adam says if she’ll cook for him, then he’ll mow her lawn. Dane says they might need to get rid of Sam to make sure Adam is on their side.


    Cory, Kyra, and Damien are in The Archives. Cory says they are in the 11th hour and she needs this deal. Kyra heads out and Cory asks Damien if they want to do it. Damien says they’d have to keep a distance and keep it low key and Cory says she can be discreet. She shakes hands with Damien and she thanks him as he’s leaving. Cory says she worked her butt off to get the mission done and she’s here to play. The HG definitely need to watch out for Cory.


    Dane leaves the HOH with the briefcase to lock in his nominations. He says the decisions he’s making could have a major impact on his game. Dane says he’s got two options and go the safe route and put up who the house wants out or put up a big target that will make waves.


    Dane is worried that Sam may have too much influence over Adam and she’s a distraction. Dane doesn’t want Maki to go home but he could be a tough competitor. Dane has considered Chelsea because she’s close to Adam also. Dane is considering nominating Kyra because they are an emotional player and emotional players can turn into wild cards.


    Dane heads out to make his nominations. He nominates Kyra and Maki. Dane says he’s chosen Kyra because he believes they came a very emotional player and they can be wild cards and that’s not good for anyone. Dane nominated Maki because he tried to make a deal in the HOH and he rejected it. Dane says it’s nothing personal, only game.


    Kyra feels incredibly disappointed in themselves and they need to keep it together so people Maki is more of a threat. Maki says he’s worth it and this is his chance to prove it. Who will win the Power of Veto? Will Maki or Kyra fight their way off the block? Find out Wednesday!

  22. Welcome to Big Brother Canada! In just moments, one of our agents will be forced into very early retirement. And tonight, one asset will get voted in and we’ll let the HG know. Let’s find out what happened after the HOH comp.


    We pick up with Adam becoming the first HOH of Season 7. He’s feeling amazing right now. He knew if he didn’t win he was going on the block. Before entering the house, he knew he had to make a four person guy alliance. He has his guy Mark, Dane, and the last piece of the puzzle is Anthony and their alliance is called “The Pretty Boys”.


    Dane is excited Adam won because there’s no way he’s getting put up. Damien says it sucked because he didn’t get past the first sequence. But Canada gave him power to get secret intel. Adam and Keira are showering and talking. Adam says he can’t see her, just her hair. Keira doesn’t know where Adam’s head is at and he’s going to be the most popular guy around. Keira wants to know if Adam is marine.


    Samantha is over the moon that Adam is HOH because they are both from Newfoundland and she feels like he will have her back in this game. She goes to the SR and jumps on him. Samantha says they are going through this together whether he knows it or not.


    Eddie says he was a huge mess in that challenge, and he needs to make sure he talks to Adam because he feels like he’s an easy target week 1. Eddie says he’s very intelligent and he’s aware of everything, but he wants to appear basic and naïve. Eddie is alone with Adam in the SR and Adam says everything just worked out in his favor. Eddie says Adam is the eye candy of the season. Eddie can see Adam is a very arrogant person and he said that so he can appeal to his ego. Eddie tells Adam he’s very shy and he wants Adam to know if he’s off putting, it’s because of the cultural barrier.


    Damien says no one knows he was in the house first and he saw Dane and Adam create an alliance and he knew he wanted to work with them. Damien wants to let it happen organically. Damien is talking to Adam while he’s playing pool. Adam says there’s no POV and he feels a little guilty. Adam says it was nice to win the first one. Damien feels like he’s in a house of super fans and he’s just a rookie.


    Adam, Dane, and Damien are talking and Damien says his girlfriend signed him up for the show and Adam doesn’t believe it. Adam touches base with Mark and they are tossing out ideas and Mark says Eddie could be a mental threat. Damien walks in while Dane, Adam, and Mark are in the SR talking and the subject changes.


    Tonight is our first live eviction. Adam is our first HOH, and with no POV to save the nominees, this is a huge decision. Who wants to see Adam’s HOH room? Adam says this is the sexiest HOH by far hands down. He knows this will open opportunities to talk to people and he’s going to use it for snuggling.


    Adam is in the HOH room with Samantha and they are discussing potential noms. Samantha mentions Damien as someone who could be a threat. Adam says he feels like this is just something to do for Damien. Samantha says she’s vibing with him and he’s super hot. She says they have to have fun in there too. Samantha says she’s already decided Adam is her ride or die and they pinky-swear.


    Eddie is talking to Laura and Eddie is saying he’s a virgin and he has a lot of insecurities. He has a lot of scars on his body and he hides them. Laura is flabbergasted and she has so much stuff to tell Eddie. Eddie can’t believe he told Laura he’s a virgin and Laura says it’s not a big deal.


    Dane is stacking the fruit in the KT and Laura goes to talk to HOH. She says Adam is the worst HOH for her game. Laura tells Adam says there’s a lot that can be said about people are phony and being nice to him because HOH. Laura says she prides herself on being honest and she feels like Sam could be a problem later on. Adam says Sam isn’t even close to being his target. He doesn’t know what her strategy is, but it’s not good for her to tell him. Laura reiterates Sam is who she’d pick to target.


    All the lights go out in the house and Adam heads downstairs with a briefcase and all the HG are in the LR. Adam says it’s still week one and he’s trying to figure out who’s a threat to his game. There’s no veto this week, so these nominations are huge.


    Adam says Eddie is on his radar because he thinks Eddie is smarter than he’s letting on. He’s considering Keira because she did well in the first comp and she could be a threat later on. Adam is considering Laura because she told him Sam was her target. Adam’s last potential nominee is Damien because this doesn’t seem like his dream and he could be a threat later in the game.


    Adam heads out to the LR to reveal his nominees. His first nominee is Damien. His second nominee is Laura. Adam says he nominated Damien because he feels like this isn’t Damien’s dream. Adam says he nominated Laura because the conversations they had she told him who her targets were and he can’t keep her in the house knowing she’s going after that person.


    Laura says Adam nominated her first week! She’s pissed. Laura tells Damien she was shocked it was him. Damien says that’s a reality check. He says Canada voted him in first, and he can’t let them down. He knows there’s a veto in the hidden room, now he needs to get back in there when no one is watching.


    Damien goes back to The Archives and he finds a piece of paper that says Top secret, but he can’t get through the door to Leon’s Lounge. He’s desperate and he needs that veto! Laura says this is brutal and she needs to damage control with Sam and Adam. Laura tells Adam he threw her for a loop and she apologizes to Sam. Laura says she misjudged Samantha and Samantha appreciates the apology. Laura says she needs to get her head in the game. She’s not going home. She’s here to stay.


    Adam is walking around the house looking around and he finds the door to The Archive room. Adam says he’s freaking out, this is so cool! Adam looks around the room, on the shelves, and says it doesn’t make sense. He doesn’t find anything so he’s thinking maybe someone else got there before him. Samantha is walking by and Adam shows her The Archive. Samantha says the room has her spun sideways. Adam then calls in Dane.


    Dane says there is definitely something going on, but he just can’t make sense of it. Kailyn and Mark are in there too. We see various HG making guesses what’s going to happen with the room. Chelsea says the secret room has been discovered and no one knows what it is. Chelsea says there is a lot of speculation and a lot of paranoia.


    The HG are all in the HOH room. Damien asks for a beat and he does a rap for everyone. Adam tells Laura she’s next but she declines to participate. Laura says to see Damien rapping when he barely says two words a day, maybe that’s way of campaigning. She’s not going to do that for a vote.


    Kyra, Kiera, Samantha, Anthony, and Estafania are in the HOH room talking about Laura and they feel a fake vibe. Laura comes in and talk switches to The Archives room. We then have an awkward silence and Laura decides to leave. They says Laura is fighting for her chance to stay and she’s trying to get on everyone’s good side. Chelsea with Laura, you have a loose cannon, a wild card. But look at Damien, you have a big strong bro. Do we need another one of them in the house?


    Samantha points out they don’t really know Damien’s capabilities yet. It’s a balance, do they keep a potential comp beast or someone who lies? Chelsea says they might be flip-flopping all the way up until the vote.


    Arisa goes to the HG and greets them and it’s time for the first eviction of the season. They have 30 seconds to plead their case. Damien says he’s really a rookie trying to play with the big leaguers. He’s grown to love them and he hopes they give him the opportunity to keep playing the game. Laura says her time in this game and she hopes they honor the alliance they made on the first day. Put some respect on her name and keep her here because they will be taking each other to the final two. Arisa reminds them the magic number to be evicted is 6.


    It’s time to vote!

    Samantha votes to evict Laura.

    Dane sadly votes to evict Laura.

    Eddie sadly votes to evict Laura.

    Kiera sadly votes to evict Laura.

    Chelsea votes to evict Laura.

    Right now Laura has 5 votes for eviction and Damien has none. We’ll find out the rest of the votes soon…


    Time to continue voting!

    Kyra votes to evict Laura.

    Anthony votes to evict Laura.

    Maki votes to evict Laura.

    Kailyn sadly votes to evict her friend, Laura.

    Estafania votes to evict Laura.

    Mark votes to evict Laura.

    Arisa says it’s unanimous. By a vote of 11-0, Laura you have been evicted. Laura gives quick hugs and heads upstairs.


    Arisa asks what Laura would have done differently. Laura says she doesn’t regret anything. Maybe in the moment she should have done something different, but that’s who she is and that’s how she felt in that moment and she doesn’t regret that.


    Arisa says Laura called out one of Adam’s allies as a target. Why? Laura says she felt Samantha was someone to be careful of and people might think that was her mistake, but she doesn’t regret it. If she’s going down, then she’s taking them with her.


    Last night, we gave fans the chance to vote for an asset to enter the house. They will have one day to complete a secret mission or they will be evicted immediately. Arisa brings out Holly and Cory. Arisa goes to the HG inside the house and she tells them they have an opportunity to see a blindside go down. Arisa introduces them to Holly and Cory and says one of them will be moving in with them tonight. Arisa tells them Canada voted them in. Arisa is going to reveal who is going in…the agent moving in to BBCAN HQ tonight is…Cory.


    Arisa says now that the HG are no longer watching, Cory gets her secret mission. She must make 3 separate final two deals. She has 24 hours to accomplish her mission and if she doesn’t then she’ll be immediately evicted. Cory says what?!? I just got here! Arisa says she’ll head into the house in just a moment!


    Arisa recaps Cory’s mission. She’s also tells Cory if she’s successful, then she’ll have immunity for the week! Cory heads inside to meet the HG. Introductions and hugs begin. Arisa can’t wait to see how Cory fits in and if she can complete her mission. Sunday night we’ll find out how she does and who is the next HOH. Live feeds are open a little later tonight!

  23. The time has come once again to assemble all operatives. The mission: find the ultimate agent. The protocol: by any means necessary. We will always be one step ahead. We will always be watching. All operatives will be tested and they will face pervasive threats completely out of their control. How long will they survive? What will they sacrifice? These answers are yet unknown. But one thing is for certain, they should never truly trust us. Let the spy games begin…Big Brother Canada Season 7 starts now.


    Please welcome the host of Big Brother Canada, secret agent boss Arisa Cox! This year is all about top secrets, espionage, and undercover missions. We’re in for another explosive season of BB Canada. Tonight, we begin our search for the ultimate agent, the one who can outwit and outlast anything Big Brother can throw at them.


    Access is granted for our first look at the inside of the Big Brother house! The HG will be trapped 24/7 for 70 days. In a house of spies, there’s nowhere to hide and nothing is at it seems. The life of a spy is never easy. The have-nots will be tested and tortured. This season’s biggest secret is hidden behind agencies walls: Leon’s Lounge and there is a mysterious weapon never seen before…the blood veto. Tonight, the first agent to enter chosen by Canada, will get to enter early.


    We’re ready to drop our first blindside and this was left up to Canada. We got to choose which HG got top level clearance and they will be sent into the house alone and will have a chance to get some top secret intel and none of the HG will ever know. The HG chosen for this opportunity is…Damien.


    Let’s get to know secret agent Damien a little better. Damien is 28 and he’s an all Canadian stereotypical guy. He plays hockey and played pro in Australia and is now retired. He thinks it’s important to be a role model for kids. Whether he’s on the ice or in the house, he’s ready to do what it takes to get the job done.


    Damien is welcomed to the stage by Arisa and she explains the first twist. Arisa says there are a couple of ground rules. He can’t tell any HG, Canada chose them for a reason and there is something for him to find. He can now enter and he heads into the house.


    Damien steps into the house and notes it’s pretty empty. He begins to look around and heads downstairs and wants to know if this is even real. He begins looking through cabinets and he goes to the storage room and sees the Wendy’s window and looks in the fridge. He heads back upstairs and he’s in the bathroom and looks in the washer and dryer. He says he has to find something. He looks under the couch and then heads back downstairs.


    Damien is trying various doors and he finally finds The Archives with a desk and empty shelves. He looks under the table and looks at each of the shelves. He finds a shelf that moves and he heads into Leon’s Lounge and he sees the blood veto. He tries to grab it but an alarm goes out. A television screen comes on and he sits down to watch.


    Time to meet the next group of agents. First, we have Laura and she’s 26 and she’s from Alberta. She’s a judicial court and people don’t expect what she does because of how she looks.


    Dane is next and he’s 27 from British Colombia and he was a hockey player. He has a few missing teeth and he’s the life of the party. He’s single and ready to mingle.


    Chelsea is from Alberta and she’s a perfectionist. She does a morning radio show and she comes from the pageant world. She doesn’t keep her opinions to herself and she’s here to win.


    Adam is from Newfoundland and he’s been working in the oil fields. He’s a super fan of Big Brother. He’s been waiting for this moment!


    Eddie was born in Chine, but he lives in Montreal now and he learned English from watching Big Brother. In the future, he’ll be very rich and he feels most people are stupid.


    Dane wants to find a solid alliance with people who are smarter, Adam wants to find a guys alliance and duke it out the end. Chelsea is not here to fall in love. Eddie is playing the game for no one but himself. Arisa welcomes the first group of HG to the stage.


    Arisa welcomes them and congratulates them. She let’s them know Big Brother has never taken surveillance so seriously before. They’ve been warned. They then head inside to the house. Damien gets to see them enter the house. The HG are introducing themselves to each other while Damien watches. The HG go to check out the house. Adam and Dane are in the SR already chatting strategy. They are feeling each other out and Adam pitches a four person guys alliance. Damien says someone is always watching and he’d get along with those guys.


    Five HG are officially in and one is in full spy mode. Time to send in some more. Mark is from Edmonton and he’s a travel guide. He comes from an ultra religious family, but he’s not religious.


    Samantha is from Newfoundland and she’s a local eye brow celebrity. If someone is a threat, she will fire them.


    Anthony is from Ontario and he’s going to be a comp beast, but he’s a big teddy bear.


    Kiera is from British Colombia and she’s an alpha female. There’s more to her than meets the eye.


    Kailyn is from Alberta and she’s a psychic and her gift is reading people. If someone’s spirit doesn’t speak to her, then bye!


    Arisa welcome the next 5 HG to the stage. Arisa gives them a minute to soak it in because this will be the biggest mission of their life. They head inside and introductions begin. Damien is still watching them from Leon’s Lounge. Chelsea and Laura are talking about being able to spy on people. Damien says this is nuts. Arisa informs Damien his mission is now over and he needs to come out.


    Time to meet the final three HG. Kyra is 25 and she identifies as gender non-binary. She can understand and manipulate both males and females and she’s going to be a strategic force.


    Estefania and she’s from Quebec and she loves to do yoga and meditate. She says it’s easy to connect to people and she will use that to her advantage.


    We meet Maki and he’s here for the social experiment of Big Brother Canada.


    Kyra’s weakness is women and Estefania is single. Maki’s strategy is to find out what people like and become that. He’s chill.


    We welcome the last 3 HG along with Damien to the stage. Arisa says before they move in a word of warning: they are taking secrets and spying to a whole new level. They enter the house and introductions begin with the last group.


    The HG all head to sit down and they do a round robin of introductions. During introductions Dane takes out his teeth and Chelsea does not seem excited. Arisa tells us we have a lot to get to, the first HOH of the season and another blindside.


    For the next ten weeks our HG will act as secret agents, but spying has never been this much fun. Time to check in with the special agents now. Arisa calls all the HG to the LR. Arisa says they might want to wipe those smiles away. There’s about to be a Big Brother breach, they might not be happy about. Before they entered, they all were asked one thing they didn’t want the HG to know about them. They’re about to learn each other’s weak spots.


    Anthony didn’t want the HG to know he hasn’t watched that many seasons. Dane has a soft side. Chelsea is from the pageant world. Maki has watched one full season of BB Canada. Kyra is going to be a comp beast later on. Adam didn’t want people to know he works in oil fields because they make good money. Estefania is an undergrad in psyche. Laura is a sensitive person. Kiera thinks she’s a great liar. Kailyn doesn’t want people to know she does readings. Damien didn’t want people to know he played hockey professionally. Arisa let’s their secrets sink in.


    14 HG are about to compete in the first HOH comp of the year. Let’s get to it. They are all in individual booths and they are in chairs and they are tied up. This mission is called Operation Escape. They have to be the first to escape their cells. The first 7 to escape their cells will move on to attempt to dig their way out of the yard. The first to escape and hit their buzzer will be the first HOH. Oh, and one more thing. There will be no veto the first week which means one of the two nominees WILL be evicted. The challenge starts now!


    The HG start working to escape. Damien says he’s already seen alliances form and he wants to ensure his safety and win HOH. Water is pouring on them from the ceiling. They are all untied and a few are breaking their chairs to reach for the keys. Adam is the first to grab his keys and all he has to do is figure out which one opens the lock. He wants to win because he doesn’t want to go home week one.


    Laura gets her keys and she wants to win. She’s never going to be a floater so it’s imperative that she win this HOH. Adam is the first out with Kiera right behind. Estefania is out in the third spot. Dane hasn’t gotten his keys yet and he wants to win because he’s a huge target. Kailyn is out and Anthony is out. Mark immediately gets out and there is one spot left.


    One spot remains as the HG work to free themselves. Maki is the last out and takes the final spot. Laura is very upset and she has to watch from her cell and there’s nothing she can do about it. For the second portion, they have a spoon and the first person to dig out and hit their buzzer becomes the first HOH. Adam is working hard and scooping huge amounts of dirt. He says there is no way in hell he’s letting the others get to the other side before him.


    Estefania is concerned she’s so much tinier than Anthony and Adam she doesn’t have a chance, but she keeps digging to get through it. Mark is making progress and Maki is too and he’s moving faster because he sees Adam is making good leeway too. Maki can’t fit through. Adam is sliding through and he’s halfway through and working to get unstuck on the other side. Everyone else is still working to catch up. Adam is finally free and he hits his button and has become the first HOH.


    After the commercial, Arisa will give further intel on the next blindside. It will give Canada a chance to change things inside the house.


    14 agents have already entered the house. But guess what? We’re not done. It wouldn’t be Big Brother Canada without giving the fans input. Tomorrow night, one agent will be voted in and they will be given 1 day to complete a mission.


    Holly is from Newfoundland. She doesn’t have a strategy. Cory is from New Brunswick and she will be strategizing all the time. Holly is an armored guard and she’s trained to shoot to kill. Cory is a math teacher and she’s a smart cookie. Cory doesn’t care what her mission is, it will be complete. Holly will not fail and she’ll accept the mission. It’s all up to Canada. They can vote as often as they want and they have one day to do so. Spy season has officially begun and the 14 HG inside have no idea about this blindside but they’ll get to see it all go down tomorrow night!

  24. Terry welcomes us all to the finale where we will see who has been crowned the champion! Last week, the Top 12 battled it out in the biggest talent competition to become the winner.


    We have a clip of Preacher looking to partner with someone. He starts with Deadly Games, but doesn’t catch on to knife throwing and hits a mirror. He then joins Petunia and Darci Lynne and he has a sock, but he doesn’t do well as a ventriloquist either. Preacher then find Paul Potts and Paul gives a sample of what he’d like Preacher to sing, and that didn’t go well either. Paul advises him to stick to comedy.


    Preacher tries to be a magician and is trying to guess John Dorenbos’ card and isn’t doing well. Shin is there as well and Preacher neither John nor Shin are impressed. Preacher then goes to try and talk to Terry about partnering with him but Terry is distracted while Preacher is talking and then Preacher turns around Terry is gone. We then see Deadly Games again and they have Preacher on the wheel and Preacher is screaming he changed his mind.


    Our first performers of the night are Voices of Hope Children’s choir from the Season 13 along with Tokio Myers from Britain’s Got Talent. After their performance, Terry wants Simon to sum up what it’s going to take to win. Simon says tonight we can say we’re going to crown the best of the best of the best.


    We see clips of Terry’s journey on the show thus far. Mel B says Terry brings so much energy and jazz to the show. We see him with several contestants and hugging them and some of his conversations with them. The audience is chanting Terry like they do Jerry.


    Next we have a couple who appeared on AGT in 2016. It is the Clairvoyants and they take the stage. Everyone in the audience received an envelope when they came in. They have a randomizer with soft foam balls and it has 100 balls and 4 random balls with each of the judge’s names on them. They have Terry put the balls in randomizer and he’s going to shoot them into the audience.


    They ask the audience members who have the balls with the judge’s names on them to stand up and come up and hand their envelopes to the judge who’s name was on the ball. They then have Terry close his eyes and imagine a wheel with the judge’s names on it and ask who’s name it stops on. Terry says Howie and Howie joins them on stage.


    They ask the audience to open their envelopes and they show they have random pictures such as swirls and food items. 100s of different pictures. They then ask the judges to open their envelopes and they each have a picture of themselves. Out of all the potential pictures, the random audience members gave the judges their own pictures. They then ask Howie to take a peek and see if they got 4 out of 4, but they did not. Howie pulls out a picture of a hot air balloon. They ask Howie to stick his head in a hole in a Game’s of Chance board and they turn it around and it’s a hot air balloon with his name on it.  


    We have a history of AGT and the journey from conception to what it is now and the judges recall when they were called and began their tenure as a judge. Terry says this show is all around the world, and he asks Simon if he ever imagined it would ever get so big? Simon says yes.


    Terry introduces the next act, Jackie Evancho. She performs Somewhere from West Side Story. Jackie has a new album debuting and she’ll be on tour.


    Terry says you see acts on this show you could never imagine. We see clips of some of the stranger acts such as Yumbo Dump, a huge pig, the cats act, the chicken playing the piano, and the older couple who dirty danced in their audition.


    The next act is Circque Du Soleil performing from their Mystere show.  


    There have been FIVE hosts since AGT started. Can you name them?


    We then see clips of some of our danger acts. They discuss Aaron Crowe, Deadly Games, Ryan Stock and Amberlynn, and the Regurgitator as well as others.


    Next, Brian Justin Crum, Cristina Ramos, and Deadly Games take the stage. Brian and Cristina perform The Show Must Go On by Queen while Deadly Games performs some of their danger tricks.


    The five hosts have been Jerry Springer, Regis Philbin, Nick Cannon, Tyra Banks, and Terry Crews.


    Shin Lim is on stage with Melissa Fumero. He asks her what her favorite card is and she says the Queen of Diamonds. He finds it in a deck of cards and pulls it out. He then puts it in the deck and has her shuffle the cards and split the deck. He then has her select a half and deal cards into his hand until she wants to stop. She slows down but then adds a couple of more cards and he turns the top card and it is the Queen of Diamonds. He then has her kiss the card and fold it up and bite on it. He takes the two of hearts and folds it and bites on it and after a few seconds he puts the card entirely in his mouth and then takes it out and he now has the queen of diamonds.


    Up next is AGT 12 winner Darci Lynne with Rowlf the Dog. Darci Lynne has Edna with her on stage with Rowlf. Edna is sad because Simon doesn’t call her anymore and she can’t find her dentures. Rowlf joins them in singing I Can’t Smile Without You for Simon. After they finish their song Simon goes on stage to give Edna a kiss. Terry asks how Edna feels and Rowlf thinks she passed out. Edna says he makes her heart flutter.


    We see the finale acts watching their first auditions and seeing their reactions to them. We have the top 12 on stage. Terry asks Brian Justin Crum, Kechi, and Cristina Ramos to step forward. The 50 states have voted and the act taking a spot in the top 5 is…Cristina Ramos!


    Next, Darci Lynne, Susan Boyle, and John Dorenbos are asked to step forward. The next act going into the Top 5 is…Darci Lynne!


    There are three spots left in the top 5. Let’s see who else is through. Paul Potts, Angelica Hale, and Preacher Lawson are asked to step forward. The next act in the top 5 is…Preacher Lawson!


    Only 3 acts left and 2 spots in the top 5. Deadly Games, Shin Lim, and Simonova step forward. 2 of these acts will go through. The first act going into the top 5 is…Simonova!


    Deadly Games and Shin Lim remain and only one of them can move on. The final act in the top 5 is…Shin Lim!


    Now the five acts will become four as one will leave the competition. The act finishing in fifth place is…Preacher Lawson.


    Preacher says this has meant the world to him. He appreciates everyone and he doesn’t think he lost being up with those people. Mel B says she will come see him on stage because he makes her laugh.


    Time for four to go to three. The act finishing in fourth place is…Cristina Ramos.


    Cristina says she has really loved this show, this place, the stage, and the audience. She’s so proud to be there. Heidi says she’s so happy they got to know and love her and she is a champion, she’s amazing.


    We’re down to three and they are the best of the best. But the results are in and the act finishing in third place is…Simonova.


    Simonova says she’s thankful to the audience, the judges, and America. Howie says for her to come all the way from the Ukraine was so wonderful for them. He says she has great talent, she’s unique, original, and he thanks her for coming here.


    Shin says he’s stressed, but very honored, grateful, and he’s lucky to be there. Darci Lynne says she feels like she’s going to be sick, but she’s grateful to be in the top two.


    Now we are down to the top two, Darci Lynne and Shin Lim. We take another look back at their journey to this moment. Now it’s time to find out who the voters have chosen as the winner. The winner of AGT Champions, best in the world, is…Shin Lim!


    Shin says he is speechless and he tells everyone to follow their dreams. He is given a trophy and Simon heads to the stage. AGT will be back this summer!     

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