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  1. 8:49 PM BBT Paul says you 5 g’s in the bank. Vic says yeah and a tablet, phone, and TV. Paul says that’s more than I got. Paul says forever boned in this game bud. Vic says fuck being loyal to anyone else, right. He says it’s just you and me man. Vic says I’m going home, no way they keep me. Paul says that’s why you win veto. Paul says do you think they’ll be gunning for veto, Vic says oh yeah. They start wondering about the comps again and talking about what it might be. Vic asks about comics and Paul says it’ll probably be a puzzle. Vic tells Paul he asked James if he wanted to be his partner. Paul says he doesn’t want James in the F2 and wouldn’t take him. Vic says he’s the opposite he would take James. Paul says James fucked us over too. Vic says he doesn’t have to be picky about who he takes because he wins anyway. Paul says they know they would lose to us, he said it sucks we have to win everything to get there. Vic says that argument alone wins you the $500k. James and Corey in the KT talking about James last season and how different the cast was. James says it was nothing like this season with blowups.
  2. 8:00 PM BBT Not much going on. Cooking, eating, and general chit chat. 8:45 PM BBT Vic goes and flosses and brushes his teeth. The rest are trying to figure out the schedule for the week. Paul asks James how it worked on his season and James doesn’t remember. Vic goes to the UKBR. Vic says it sucks if he doesn’t win veto he goes home and if he wins Paul goes home. He says the situation sucks because either he goes or his buddy goes. Paul tells Corey and James good night as he walks by the KT and goes to the UKBR. James says he didn’t know it would be this boring. He says he was in the jury house by this time.
  3. 7:38 PM BBT James is sweeping the floor. Victor is cooking. Paul and Corey just watching Vic cook. 7:45 PM BBT Corey makes BBQ chicken. He tells James to go prank someone and James says not enough people and they’ll know it’s him. Everything is pretty much quiet in the house.
  4. 7:18 PM BBT Paul says he knows they’re good people. The re-hash the same conversations. Paul says if they win they can buy him a cool guitar. Paul says I will try and calm him down. Nicole says just try and get him to see the strategic side. Vic downstairs with James says they give out a coup d’etat. James says I don’t think they’d, well you never know. Vic says three strikes and you’re out. They talk about his evictions. Paul comes down and says James you feeling alive. He says maybe little nat nat leaving was the best thing that happened for you. 7:35 PM BBT Nicole tells Corey we’re going to look like a holes. Corey says no we won’t. Nicole says if he’s crying in the DR. Corey says people would have thought I was an idiot if I didn’t put him up. Nicole says Paul was trying to feel out if they were working with James so he knows if he should approach James. Corey says do you want to go downstairs. Nicole says no she just wants to chill. Corey says today sucks. Corey says James needs to win the veto, he needs to contribute. Nicole says he’s going to throw it. He’s going to throw the next HOH too. Corey says you think and Nicole says yes. Corey goes downstairs.
  5. 7:15 PM BBT Nicole says if he ever comes back on the show, he needs to find someone like Paul who will help him through the game because he’s so loyal. Vic downstairs tells James you can’t trust anyone man and he tells James Paul is the only one he could trust. Vic says he’s been stabbed in the back three times this season. James says welcome to Big Brother. Vic laughs.
  6. 7:10 PM BBT Vic says I get it. You just know where we stand come next week. Nicole says you guys would have come after us eventually too. Vic says you’re right, but it wouldn’t have been this week. Nicole says I know you’re a die hard loyal guy, and if we’d worked together earlier it would have been great, but we’re down to five people and we have to swing sometime. Vic says you blindside me. Corey says you did to me too. Vic says but it wasn’t my intention to send you home, that’s the difference. Vic says you misunderstand what I’m mad about. It’s because of the F4 thing, not the strategy part. Vic says it is a good strategy move but he can’t sit and play patty cake with them no matter what. Corey says he knows he’s going up next week. He’s good at comps but he still knows if he’s on the block he’s going home next week. Vic says we can hug it out bro and when I leave it’ll all go away, but until then El Fit Vic is a little mad. He goes back downstairs to make tacos. Paul says I told you so, he’s just a little bummed. Corey says he just doesn’t want it to be awkward. Vic goes downstairs and asks James if he stays is James ready to be his teammate. He thinks it’s funny how things shift. James says he was checked out last week and Vic says you better get a burst of energy.
  7. 6:53 PM BBT Paul says Vic knows he has to win this veto. He says Victor just gets emotionally invested in the game but he knows he has to win this week to stay. They re-hash the reasons and Corey says Vic and Paul vs Nicole and him not able to play. He says he had to do it. Paul says you guys underestimate yourselves. You guys are good competitors. Nicole says she knows Vic wouldn’t have done that because he’s not strategic in that way. Nicole goes downstairs to get water. Paul says he’s not mad he gets it. Corey says I knew you would get it and I thought Vic would get it, but I feel bad. Corey says I thought I got this girl on my team and she’s good but against them? Corey says only one of us can win $500K. Paul asks Corey if he won veto if he’d keep noms the same. Corey says yeah, I think you know. Vic comes in the KT while Nicole is getting water and snacks and there is an awkward silence. She goes back upstairs and says Vic won’t even look at her. Paul says he’s not mad he’s sad. Nicole says he’s talking to James he won’t talk to me. Paul says call him up here. Corey goes out and calls him up. 7:01 PM BBT Vic comes in and Corey says he felt bad for putting him up, but it was a strategic move. He explains the same thing to Victor he’d said to Paul. Vic just sits there and listens. Corey says for his game he had to because he would have been screwed next week. Vic says he wouldn’t have done that to them. Vic says he would have put up James and one of them. Corey says you say you wouldn’t have done that to us, but we’re different players. He says you two are the strongest and smartest players in the house. Vic says I just thought this was a thing. Corey says it was but if the tables had been turned, you would have done that. Victor says you can’t say that because I’ve been HOH three times. Victor says it’s fine though because the end result is still the same because whoever stays it’s going to be game. Vic says he was 100% going to send James home. Vic says now you know what’s happening next, which is the same thing that happened before but with more tension. Vic says right now I’m hyped up, it’s my strategy, I’m not going to see you as friends. Once I leave it’ll be gone, but just so you guys know it’s on with tension. He says he never would have voted Nicole out and Corey says for him to lose her, he didn’t want to risk it. Vic says I get the strategic part.
  8. 6:49 PM BBT Paul says James has been throwing comps and he mentions the black box and that James says he “slipped”. They talk about how both sides did each other favors and lied to each other and they feel it’s even. Paul says he just wanted to throw shit out there and see where things were at. Paul says he’s not mad at James because he’s alone. Corey says James had nothing to do with the decision. Corey says he’s been pretty close with James for awhile. Paul says you’ll be stuck with one of us dee-hays at the end of the week. Paul wonders what the veto is and he’s hoping for a Sunday eviction. He doesn’t want to drag it out. Corey says especially if Vic is upset with me, he doesn’t like it when people are upset with him. James is downstairs eating.
  9. 6:39 PM BBT Paul comes upstairs to talk with Nicole and Corey. Paul says Victor is really bummed out, he’s too emotional to talk to. Corey says he was going to go downstairs and talk to them. Paul wants to toss around ideas with them. His question is he gets that it was a strategic move, but he’s curious if James stays then there is one of them who is going to remain. Paul says for your game perspective James isn’t good for your game. Corey says from the game perspective you and Victor against Nicole wouldn’t have been good for us. Paul says but there would have been veto. Corey says honestly, me against you guys in veto my chances would be low. Paul says James is not a bad player. Paul says you know how we play, but he’s not sure how James plays. Nicole says Corey wanted to make sure I was safe because if whoever wasn’t on the block could win veto pull the other down and I’d have to go up. Corey says it would be a good game move for you to vote Nicole out. Paul says I can’t say if we’d do that because that situation doesn’t exist. Paul says Vic said he wouldn’t have done that to them. Corey says we expected him to. Paul says if one of us wins veto and comes down will you guys consider working with us, or is it just a F you. Victor is downstairs with James. Victor is making taco meat. Just general chit chat. 6:46 PM BBT Nicole says she felt she had a better chance against James in a mental comp than she did against Paul or Victor. She says the idea of her going home on Corey’s HOH just scared them. Paul says I thought of that but he wishes Corey would have talked to them and told them in advance. Corey says if the roles were reversed I would have expected to be up against Nicole and go home because I’m the bigger threat. Corey says $500k is on the line. Paul says I just wanted to know if it’s salvageable at all. Paul tells Corey not to beat himself up. He’s a realist and he gets that it’s a game move.
  10. 6:33 PM BBT Vic and Paul talk about what they’re going to eat. Paul says do you think they’ll talk to us. Vic says never cared. Paul says it would be stupid to keep them both together in the house. Vic says he’ll get over it when he’s out of the house, but while he’s in the house he’s not over it. He says he wants to keep them on edge until veto. Vic says it’s part of his strategy. Paul says he should go up there and point out James hasn’t had to show his cards all season, and they could be in trouble if he hoses all the rest of the HOH. Paul says he should tell them they had two people who were willing to work with them and James doesn’t want to work with them either. Victor says again one of them could have been gone last week. Paul says let me see what I can do. Vic says you can, but I’m not going up there. Especially since I have a better chance than you do of going home. They are planning on being sad instead of mad to maybe play on their sympathies. Victor says we should get James on our side. If James wins veto, then he could take one of them down and Nicole would have to go up. Paul says if you think James would work with us you’re high. Corey and James and Nicole in the HOH. Corey is teasing Nicole that him and James have their own F2. Nicole says to James he would never beat Corey. They go over jury members and Corey says seriously? Nicole is begging for that F2 spot. James tells Corey if he wins veto he should make it a good TV moment and act like he’s thinking about using it. James heads downstairs.
  11. 6:17 PM BBT Corey says I’m going to give them time to cool off. If I were them, then I wouldn’t want to talk to me either. Nicole says you’re a very stand-up guy you’ll just be honest. It’s just a game move. Corey says he knows it’s part of the game. Nicole says they have to go. Corey says they’ve played a good game. James says yes they have. Nicole says they can taste the $500k and if you don’t take the shot you’d regret it. Corey says oh yeah. James says and America will let you know every day on Twitter. They are watching the KT on the HOH TV. Vic says they most definitely don’t want to come downstairs. Victor says they better pray we don’t win HOH. They’ll be pissed. Paul says we’ll have to win everything out from there. Vic says no problems, I dare them to beat me. He says they got his blood going, he’s pumped. He says it just sucks we have to play against each other in this comp. Paul says we’ve done it before. Vic says he might say he’s not a personal trainer but he won’t tell them what he is just to fuck with their minds. Paul asks what Vic wants to do and they decide to hang out in safari. 6:23 PM BBT Paul and Victor are in the safari room. They tell America they got fucked again. They were used to do dirty work for people. Vic says they used Paulie and Natalie to get him out and it’s happening. Again. Paul says I hope at least one of us makes it to F3 and Vic says hopefully one of us makes F2. Paul just doesn’t want James there but he says it’s their best chance. Vic says win next HOH, put up Nicole and Corey, win veto and slam it in the box. Paul says at least you have two chances next week. He says if you win don’t win HOH, you get a shot at veto. Paul says he hopes this doesn’t drag out until Wednesday. Corey, Nicole, and James still in HOH and they are re-hashing the last couple of weeks and the nominations. Corey says he’s sure they would have come after him next.
  12. 5:58 PM BBT Paul and Vic in the UKBR and Paul says I told you. He apologizes for not winning that HOH comp. Vic says it’s ok we just have to go out and win veto. They both agree they don’t want to sit next to each other. Victor says wreak havoc? Paul says no it’s not worth it. Vic says we’re not going to make them feel uncomfortable? Paul says they already feel uncomfortable, homie looked like he was going to cry. Vic says I’m not going to be as friendly. Paul says I’m not going to be friendly to James. Victor says he legit would not have put them up like that. Paul says you can tell them that. Vic says he could have legit done that last week. Paul says yeah you could have. He says it’s because they are scare because we are the best players. Vic says legit dog. Paul said at least we got a you two are intelligent and good at playing. Corey, James, and Nicole in the HOH. James says he’d cut his left arm before he’d use veto. James says Corey’s speech was solid. Corey needed a hug and James gives him a hug. James says they expected me and one of them up. Nicole says that didn’t make sense strategically. Nicole tells Corey that was a big move right there. Corey says I’m going to get reamed in a little bit. Nicole says they’re going to do pots and pans. Corey says let’s go F3 guys. Nicole says you or I need to win HOH next week and next veto. 6:02 PM BBT James says that was the best game move ever. He says it’s hard but you did great. Nicole tells Corey it’s ok. Corey says it just sucks Victor was in a terrible mood beforehand. He said it makes it worse. James says worst case scenario if they win veto I go up and you guys control the votes. They start speculating when eviction will be and what the schedule for the week will be. Paul says hopefully it’s a Sunday eviction so we don’t have to wait around. Vic says whoever stays has to Rambo it from there on. He says talk shit the entire way through and tell them you better you win this HOH and the veto. Vic says we should have split them last week but Paul says they would have had to deal with Nat and James. Victor says they’re less competitors. Victor says if it’s us, I’m going home. Paul says it sucks to be next to each other. He says 12 more days. Victor says there’s a diamond power of veto out there. Paul says it wouldn’t matter unless it was a coup d’etat. Paul says how bad do you want it are you going to shave your head bro? Victor says hell no. Vic says Corey’s biggest accolade would be sending me home. 6:08 PM BBT Paul says he’s not going to go out like a bitch though. He says he’s not going to call anybody out just say have fun fuckers. He never cared. He asks Victor if he’s going up there or no. Victor says fuck no. For what? To tell them it’s ok. He says they can come down here, I’m not going up there. Vic says they’re probably telling him about the F4 stuff and Paul says he probably put that together bro. Paul says he has no respect for James, he has no problem with Corey or Nicole. Victor says why, James has no one in this game, what would you have done. Paul says yeah, that’s true. Vic says you can’t get mad at him, his ride or die left. Vic says this could come back and bite them in the butt. Nicole says we’re down to final five what did they expect, they can’t be that mad. Nicole tells Corey once they talk to them it will be fine it will be alright. James says it will be ok, just give them time and it will be fine. 6:11 PM BBT Victor says they could have said something if they wanted to be like that you know. Vic says honestly he doesn’t even care anymore. He just wants to play veto and see if he’s staying or going. Paul says at this point bro, that was inevitable. Victor says I wouldn’t have done that. Paul says not everyone plays with integrity dude. James tells Corey it’s all good man. Cheer up. In the end, it’s just a game. He gives Corey a hug. He said it’s the same thing that happened to Natalie when she won HOH. Corey says we send Vic home and there’s another jury buy back, James says I’m done. Nicole says me too. James says might as well just write him the check.
  13. 12:31 PM BBT James, Paul, and Victor in the KT. Paul says one of us is going home this week. Vic says maybe. Vic says but if I’m not on the block and I pull Paul off, then Nicole has to go up. Vic says anything can happen. Then says but yeah most likely one of us. Vic says Corey puts Nicole up. James says and says it’s a guys alliance. Vic laughs and says she would cry. They are talking about Victor’s battle back and he says the harnesses hurt him and Tiffany on their comp. 12:35 PM BBT James tells them about the dizzy bat comp where they spin around and have to throw a ball to knock down pins. 12:39 PM BBT They talk about if they’ll play veto today and what it might be. James says if it’s today noms would be early. Paul says the HT would be great right now. James goes to get his cup. 12:44 PM BBT Paul asks Victor who do you think is going up, me or you? Vic says no idea to be honest. They are eating so it’s quiet. James comes back in. 12:48 PM BBT Paul says it could be a how bad do you want it comp. James says I’ll take the money, the trip and they all laugh. James says what if they said you could hang out with your family for 2 hours and Paul says he would not do that. Paul says maybe that’s why there was no incentive in this HOH comp. 12:50 PM BBT Paul goes upstairs to HOH with Nicole and James is in the KT with Victor. Paul wants to take a hot bath. He tells Nicole it could be a how bad do you want it comp. Nicole says I don’t think it would be because the punishments wouldn’t last long. Paul says the punishment could be something that has to be done in 24 hours. Nicole explains how the comp works. Paul talking about Vic wanting to come see Nicole and her friend Mariah. James and Victor count the straws in the straw container. There are 78 straws. They said that didn’t take as long as they thought. James grabs a box of tissues and says how many tissues are left in this box. Vic laughs. They are now guessing how many skittles are in a bowl. 12:55 PM BBT Corey is out of the DR and goes to the KT with Vic and James. They tell him about their “game” they are playing. Vic says how many planes are on the wall. James says fuck that. FotH. James goes to the WC and Corey goes upstairs. Vic follows him upstairs. 12:57 PM BBT Vic lays across the foot of the bed and wants Nicole to rub his back. Nicole sits up to rub his back and BB tells Vic not to obstruct his microphone. Paul goes to run in the bathtub and clean it out. Nicole says it’s the first time it’s been used. Nicole asks where James is and Victor tells her.
  14. 12:05 PM BBT Nicole, Corey, Paul, and Vic still in HOH talking. They are talking about the HOH comp again. Nicole says there was no catching up to Corey by the time she got her big scoop. 12:09 PM BBT Paul and Victor head downstairs. Corey and Nicole lay back down. Vic goes to get coffee. Paul says he hates how Vic makes it hotter and Vic says because when you add the creamer, it gets cold. 12:12 PM BBT Paul and Victor in the WA talking about James’ pitch. They think Corey won’t do anything now, but wait for veto. Vic says it’d be funny if Nicole had to go up and Paul says we’d send her home. Vic says we need to talk to live feeders and Paul says there are no more live feeders. Vic says yes there are and Paul says barely. They argue over who has talked to live feeders more this season. 12:15 PM BBT Nicole goes down to refill her water jar and Paul asks if they re-stocked the cookie dough. Paul and Victor mumbling about what Corey will do. Vic says his sketch-o-meter gives zero fucks these days. 12:19 PM BBT Victor says he is so stoked to visit Nicole. Go somewhere he’s never been in the middle of Michigan. Paul says and do what? Vic says party, 4 wheelers, Nicole has all that. Paul says what if she’s lying. 12:22 PM BBT Vic is so over this game. Paul says 12 days. 12:24 PM BBT Corey is called to the DR. Paul in KT is talking about his lower back hurting and his legs are tired and sore. Corey coming down stairs and says his legs hurt. James back up in the KT and he got some heat patches. James says they gave him some comps this season that jacked them up. Paul says he was in a whole lot of pain. FotH. 12:28 PM BBT Victor is cooking. Paul is at the KT table. James is heating up leftover. Nicole is in the HOH listening to music. Paul says there is the awesome place near where he lives that charges $25 for a full body massage. James says everywhere in Texas is like $55 for a half hour.
  15. 11:30 AM BBT-12:00 PM BBT Victor gets up and makes coffee. Paul out of DR and they head upstairs. They ask about what James came up and talked to them about and Corey say he just talked about Natalie a lot. They talk about the HOH comp and how many times they fell. General chatter about drinking. James gets up, goes to the WC, and then goes back to lay down.
  16. 2:00 AM BBT James and Corey in HOH talking about F4 comp. James says he and Nicole have to pull out a W for Corey. Corey says yeah it sucks I have to sit out. Corey says he’d have to win the veto. James says really HOH doesn’t matter except for safety. Whoever wins veto controls who goes home next week. Corey says it’s funny Vic isn’t even going to go up there and talk. James says he wasn’t mad about it, he says he came this far and they have to swing at each other. They talk about the HOH comp and Corey asks if it was real butter and James says he doesn’t think so. He says it didn’t feel oily like butter does. 2:05 AM BBT James says he thinks Natalie was a secret game because she was turning up the last couple of weeks. James says she was real upset about that though and she had said she just wanted to make it to jury and she killed her goals. Corey says he thought she was smart. Corey says when he heard Paul went to Pepperdine he knew he was smart and Corey says she went to Seton Hall and he knew she was smart. Corey says it’s a $50,000 a year school. James says you know Natalie has a bachelor’s in journalism. Corey says those papers are long and not easy. James says she pulled out a shit ton of student loans though to go there. Corey says he thought she was rich when he found out she went to Seton Hall. James said let me find out that girl is rich. Corey says he thought she said she was on a scholarship because she came from a single parent home. Corey says she down played herself big time and played dumb and said she was bad in comps and she got lucky. 2:10 AM BBT James said the week before Frank and Da had their blow up he told her to lay low because he wanted to help her with her game. He said he was coaching her a lot. Corey says when Paulie and Natalie got into she was very good with her words. 2:15 AM BBT James says every time he would talk to her about personal stuff she would deflect it and start talking game. He tells him about their fight and his apology and the only thing she heard him say was throwing him under the bus. He says she wouldn’t talk about anything else. 2:20 AM BBT More speculation between James and Corey on what the schedule for the week will be and what the comps might be. 2:32 AM BBT James tells Corey how the F3 works and the last comp plays out. James says just HOH’s and no veto. James says 2 more HOH’s. Corey says one more, unless you call that last person HOH. They are running scenarios for F4 comp and what happens after that. Corey is not convinced the winner of the F3 comp is called an HOH. 2:35 AM BBT They talk about going to Vegas and betting some of their winnings. They talk about having to pay taxes on it. James says he’s from Texas so he doesn’t have to pay state tax, just federal tax. Corey says is that like 32% and James doesn’t know. James says or you can be like the guy from Survivor and not pay your taxes and go to jail for a year. Corey laughs and says really? James says yeah he spent it all. James says he’s going to bed and goes down to brush his teeth and heads off to bed. 2:41 AM BBT James in the UKBR with Victor and Paul who are asleep. Corey is listening to his music and Nicole is still in the DR.
  17. 1:30 AM BBT James is out of the DR. He’s in the KT getting a drink and a snack. Corey says if he doesn’t come up on his own go and get him. James heats something up in the microwave and heads upstairs. Nicole and Corey celebrate. Nicole says we were hoping you would come up here. Corey says what’s up? James says nothing I just wanted to talk to you. Corey says what do you think we’re going to do. James says I think you’re going after some big fish this week. Nicole says we just want to make sure if you win veto you won’t use it on them. James says definitely I wouldn’t. Nicole says I wanted to make sure because you’re going to be in London with them and they’re going to get in your ear. James says they pretty much know I’m with you guys. James says he has no problem voting them out. He has no problem getting Victor out. Corey says let’s win this veto and keep things the same. James says one hundo percent, they wouldn’t even ask me to use the veto. Nicole says I was worried because we haven’t talked in a long time. James says it’s because Paul and Victor are always around and it’s hard to talk game. 1:40 AM BBT Nicole says she was sitting outside once and tried to talk to James and Natalie got mad. Nicole says she gave up because it was difficult to talk to him because Natalie and Michelle were always around and Natalie would get mad when they talk. James says they always wonder why James would defend Nicole and Corey. James says that microphone thing didn’t help either (bull horn). He says Natalie brought it up again the night they had a fight. James says they were just friends because they were both vets. Nicole says they’ve never talked game but they never said they were coming after each other. 1:46 AM BBT Corey tells James was Paul said about him not campaigning and that James has given up. Corey is confused because he heard James say he had his back since day one. Corey says deep down they have to know he wouldn’t put James up next week. He says if one of them pulled the other off, then I risk Nicole going up. Corey says why would I do that. James says Victor thinks he’s going up but he doesn’t know what Paul thinks. James says Vic said he wasn’t even going to come up and talk to them. Corey says Vic said to our face that whoever sits next to me in F2 will lose against me. James says Vic says I have 9 comp wins, got evicted and won my way back twice, how can you argue against that. Corey says the only reason Vic and Paul would think they aren’t going up is because they were up there all the time and they thought they were working together. Nicole says they might tell you we had a F4 deal and James says I don’t care about any of that. 1:50 AM BBT Corey says he thought it would be him and James on the block last week. Corey says we have your back and James says I know, I’ve always felt that. Corey says it’s an unspoken thing. James asks if he can have an orange juice and Corey says yeah. He tells James to take whatever he wants. Corey says he got three boxes of wheat thins. James says me and Natalie are whatever right now, but your sister is cute. Corey says I’ll put in a good word for you. Corey says she’s really sweet and loyal. James says I just need to find me a Texas girl. Corey says she’s not materialistic at all and if you love her, then she’s the happiest person in the world. 1:53 AM BBT Nicole is called to the DR. Corey wonders if he can keep his pillow and James says he got a baby blanket and he had to give it back because they make sure they get everything back so they can send it back. 1:55 AM BBT Nicole asked James if Natalie really was after her and why. James says it wasn’t that she was after you, she was really upset about that one thing and that decision blew up her game and sent her home. He says the bumper car thing on day 34, she said we really hurt her feelings. Nicole says that was more Michelle and James said yeah and Michelle admitted it and Natalie forgave her. Corey says the girl thing as weird this season because they hated each other’s guts but then they were best friends. FotH.
  18. 1:00 AM BBT Nicole and Corey are trying to figure out the schedule for the upcoming week. They think there will be an eviction on Sunday and it will be aired Wednesday and then another eviction Thursday. Corey says no way we go another week and still have four people in the house. He just doesn’t see that happening. Corey asks Nicole if she’s going to study and she says not tonight because she’s too tired. 1:05 AM BBT Corey says Vic and Paul are going to be pissed. Nicole says she’s going to be nauseous. Nicole says you can tell them you had to put them both up to make sure Nicole wasn’t an option to go on the block. She says that’s what she was going to do if she had won. She would have given them a heads up. Corey says you can’t tell them you’re going to put them up. Nicole says she thinks they’ll do pots and pans. Corey says Vic will understand it’s strategy. Nicole says every time she goes to the KT they’ll crack a joke. She says she’s afraid of Paul because he’s verbally abusive. She doesn’t want to be on his bad side. He reminds her of ED. She says at this point in the game, he’s going to be so pissed. She says he’ll try and work her up and try and get in her head. Corey says we don’t want to be playing Vic and Paul in the F4, we just don’t. 1:10 AM BBT Nicole says she 1000% wants one of them out this week, but she wants to make them comfortable until they vote them out. Corey says so are you telling me to put up James and Vic? Nicole says worst case scenario James would go home. Corey says I don’t want James to go home. Nicole says or I could go home and Corey says I don’t want you to go home. Nicole says she’s just afraid of them. Corey says is that emotional or strategy and Nicole says emotional. She doesn’t want them to mess up her game. Corey says you’re swaying and it’s weird. Nicole says I’m scared of Paul. Corey feels like him and James are on the same page right now and there’s not even a need to talk. 1:16 AM BBT Nicole’s ideal F3 is her, Corey, and James. Nicole is listing reason why James could potentially work with Paul and Victor. She’s worried that he’s stuck in London with them and they are going to sway him and if James wins veto he’ll pull one of them down. Nicole isn’t saying he’ll do it, she just wants to talk to him. 1:24 AM BBT Nicole says she just wants to talk to James because she hasn’t had a chance to yet. Corey says what should I say in my speech. Nicole says what you said earlier is good. Nicole says how bad James wanted Michelle to stay in the house when she was gunning us, sketch! Corey says he did that because of Natalie. Nicole is afraid Vic and Paul will tell him about the F4 deal and if they don’t tell him about it he will feel betrayed. Nicole says he threw her under the bus two days ago to save his girl. She gets it. Nicole says if James could take back voting Victor out, he would. Nicole says if we talk to James he might give us a reason to put Paul and Vic up. She says that would be the best case scenario. She doesn’t want to tell James anything Paul and Vic have said in the last two week because she’s afraid he’ll go tell them. Meanwhile, Paul rolls over and says fool is campaigning right now. (Not sure if he’s talking in his sleep or just mumbling and Victor is asleep and didn’t respond)
  19. 12:30 AM BBT Nicole says who’s your target this week? Vic? Corey says yeah, but I’m not going to say who my target it. Nicole says she thinks one is going to come down are you going to put James up. Corey says I’m going to win veto. Nicole says but what if one comes down. Corey says I’ll put you up. She says really? Corey says come on blondie, get your head in the game. Nicole says she’s the last girl so she doesn’t know what to think. They talk about Derrick and what he would have done in this situation. Nicole says he would have done what she did. Not win unless he had to. 12:34 AM BBT Paul comes up and says James? Corey says yeah. Paul says who are you going to put up with him. He says honestly neither of us care. He says worst case scenario we could both be on the block. Paul says you could hook me up and say something like Paul went up last time and Vic can step up and do it this time. Paul says we need to win the veto. He says surprise us, I don’t care. He says he’s confident and he doesn’t think Vic gives a shit. He knows the next veto will be mental and no way James beats him in a mental comp. They are talking about how much faster they were going than James. Nicole says he dropped zero butter. Paul says James is done and checked out. Paul is kind of pissed at Natalie. He’s over that girl. Paul says if they lose the veto, he’ll self-evict. Paul says 19-1. They start talking about Natalie’s speech and her calling James her soulmate. Corey says it was so fake and Paul says oh yeah it was. Paul doesn’t even expect Natalie’s vote in the end if he gets there. James is called to DR and he turns the lights out so Vic can go to sleep. 12:41 AM BBT Paul says Paulie is pissed. All girls so far and now Natalie. Paul says they called the HOH comp and they are trying to figure out veto. Nicole says maybe a puzzle. Face morph is a suggestion and Paul says something about Dice. Corey says that comp was tough work and Paul says good job homie. Paul heads out of the room. Paul pops back in and says he’s sorry he’s not as jumpy and as excited as he should be, but he’s in pain. Paul heads into the UKBR and tells Victor he was trying to conserve energy to get that big scooper. Paul says James gave up in that HOH comp. Paul says we need to watch James and make sure he doesn’t get in their ear. Victor says I don’t think he’ll do that. Vic says he’s playing for America’s player. Paul says you don’t think Corey and Nicole will fuck us over? Vic says not if they are true. Paul goes to refill his water bottle and sees Corey and says James told Vic there wasn’t any point in campaigning, but he doesn’t think it’s true. 12:50 AM BBT Vic in UKBR talking to himself. He says he misses his family and just wants to see them. He says he has gotten more headaches in three months in the house than three years outside of the house. He says it’s like his body is immune to advil. 12:52 AM BBT Paul and Victor in the UKBR while Nicole and Corey are in the HOH room and all are talking game and running scenarios. Paul asks Vic if he went and talk to them and Vic says no. Paul says they have to be thinking that Corey can’t compete next week, but maybe he’ll think he just has to win veto. He says he doesn’t think they would do that because it would piss Paul off if they went against them. He can’t see them boning them and Vic says the same thing. Paul says the best case scenario is whoever of us isn’t on the block wins veto and Nicole goes up. Paul says if we make it through this week we are guaranteed F3. Paul says he was conserving his energy, that’s why he was crawling. BB tells them the BR lights must stay on. Paul says long story short, let’s win the veto. Victor says he is not feeling how he felt the last time. He says we’re not getting boned. Paul says yeah. Paul says we’ll just kill it and Vic says that’s us all day. Vic says if James is on the block at the end of the week, he’s going home. Vic says they would feel really bad about going back on their word. BB tells Victor and Paul the BR light has to remain on. Paul says good night. Victor says Nicole and Corey don’t talk in the dark. Paul says it’s just bullshit. Nicole is telling Corey he needs to talk to James to make sure he’s on their side. Nicole says they can’t just not talk to James and assume he’s on their side. Corey says I hope James comes up. Nicole says she is going to study two hours every day this week.
  20. 12:00 AM BBT Corey says he’ll say he doesn’t want it to be 2 vs 2, he doesn’t want them two competing against Nicole since he can’t play next week, and Vic lied to him about the executives. He says that means he has to sit next to his best friend again. Corey asks if Nicole wants to have some butter pecan ice cream and says that’s her favorite. Corey says are we going to drink those beers and Nicole says we can. Corey says we need to celebrate. Corey says that’s another thing. He said hopefully James would come up here and tell us Paul and Victor are trying to make deals and he can say he heard they were making deals and that’s another reason to nominate them. 12:03 AM BBT Corey says they can also tell James that when Paul and Vic heard the bullhorn they were kind of freaking out and wanted to vote James out. Nicole says Paul was not good at that ice comp. They talk about how she had a hard time fishing out her ball from the small bowl. James and Victor talking about the carnival they had. James says he knew they would put small amounts in the pink balloons and that’s what he hit. James says from his season he thought it would be him, Johnny Mac, Da, or Jason. James is telling Victor how they announce AFP. 12:08 AM BBT Victor says he made his mark on the game. He got evicted twice and battled back twice. He calls himself the battle back king. He’s happy with just that. He says he’ll make history if he wins as the first player to win after being evicted or the first player to be evicted three times in one season. He says either/or is awesome. Vic says you watch the show and you think cake walk. You get here and nothing is as easy as it looks. James says he thinks there was a lot of meltdowns in that room. Nicole comes downstairs to grab personal items to bring upstairs like toothbrushes and toothpaste, etc. They eat a little ice cream and refill their water jars and head back upstairs. 12:13 AM BBT Corey says we might get pots and pans this week. Nicole says at least you can hide up here. Nicole says I’ll stay up here after you do that. Corey says I live for this shit, don’t be scared. Corey says he would love making big moves. He says this is a great feeling, this is the one you want to control. Nicole says they can’t think that’s a good move to keep them both in here. She says if we want to win, we can’t do that. Nicole says what do you think they would have done? Corey says they would have put me and James up and sent me home. Nicole says are you ready to do that? She just wants to make sure. Corey says putting James up is not even an option. Corey says if I put Vic and James up and Paul wins veto and pulls Vic down, then Nicole has to go up and they would vote her out. Nicole says I know, that’s what I’m afraid of. James and Victor are talking about Tiffany and why she was voted out and why Paulie wanted her out so bad. 12:24 AM BBT Nicole says Victor thinks he wins no matter who is sitting next to him. Corey says his game wasn’t that good since he was evicted twice. He had to earn three chances to try to win. Nicole says she saved them when it would have been easiest to put them up and they repaid us so we’re even. Corey says yeah because you won veto and we could have had our pick. Corey says they are going to be so pissed. Nicole says she’s scared of them. Pots and pans for sure. James is telling Victor how jury house works and the videos they watch. He also tells him how finale works when they reveal who was voted out at F3. Vic says none of them can be bitter with me. He says everyone in jury house voted him out so they literally have nothing to say about him voting them out. And they did it first so in that sense, how can they be bitter. Victor says the only person that didn’t evict him was Paul. Twice. He doesn’t even want to hear anything from anybody. James says he’s strictly game. Whoever played the best game will get his vote.
  21. 11:17 PM BBT James is listening to Corey’s music and they are all snacking on Corey’s basket items. Corey says he got the good sheets. Paul says he’s ready to be called to DR and he heads downstairs with Corey’s ice cream. Corey grabs a few more things and takes them downstairs. Paul tells Corey he killed that comp. 11:20 PM BBT Nicole is reading Corey’s HOH letter. Victor gets called to the DR and Paul says fuck. Why Victor. Corey asks Nicole if she liked his letter and says yeah. He says it was good news about his sister. Corey says she needed to be single so she can get some experience before she settles down. Nicole says it sounds like she’s very proud of you. 11:25 PM BBT Victor comes back in the HOH room and we get FotH. Nicole says she can tell his sister is very animated. She says she can tell when she reads the letter. Corey says she’s full of energy, she’s a firecracker. Paul asks how tall she is and Corey says like 5 ft. 7. Paul is called to the DR. Corey called her teeter growing up because he couldn’t say sister. Vic asks if he fed the fish yet. Corey says no he thought they’d already been fed. He says it’s his first rodeo. 11:28 PM BBT Corey has a pillow that came with his HOH room that has pictures of two dogs on it. 11:31 PM BBT Corey gives a shout out to Taylor Swift. That’s what he requested for music for the week. Corey is trying to figure out how to turn the HOH TV on. They are complaining about not having any cards or dominoes. Corey says boring! 11:35 PM BBT Corey, Nicole, Victor, and James are talking about a taped eviction for Sunday. Victor says they’ll tape it for Wednesday. They are trying to figure out the schedule of how things are going to work. Vic says they’ll see hoh and nominations. He says everything will stay the same. They talk about it being a long season. James says they would have done two survivors going into 3. Corey thinks veto might be tomorrow too with the noms. 11:43 PM BBT Nicole quotes “He’s so tall and handsome as hell” from a Taylor Swift song. Vic and James say they’re going to go downstairs. 11:45 PM BBT Nicole says what’s your excuse going to be? Corey says first, I don’t want it to be 2 on 2. Corey would rather go to F3 with James in the house. Corey says Vic lied to him about the executive and he got his best friend out of the house. Nicole says wow, you are playing Big Brother. She says I like it, I like it a lot. She says he needs to say it like that and he needs to talk to James and make sure he wouldn’t take one of them off the block. Nicole says maybe Natalie left him with an agenda after us. Corey says if James went with Paul and Vic he would have zero chance at winning the game. Nicole says you want to make sure otherwise, it won’t be in your best interest to make that move. Nicole says she doesn’t want to be there. Nicole says the only way she doesn’t make F4 if James wins veto and pulls one of them down. Nicole says if that happens she’s going home because that would be the only reason he would do that. Meanwhile, James and Victor downstairs talking and James says well, I know one thing. He says Nicole is not going up. Victor laughs and James says well you never know. Vic asks James what Natalie said when he confronted her about throwing him under the bus. 11:51 PM BBT Corey says hopefully it will be him, Paul, Nicole and James playing in the next HOH. Nicole doesn’t think they all get to play in the F4 and Corey says he thinks he does. Corey says James would be crazy to pull one of them down. Nicole says it’s not crazy to do that because you can’t play in the next HOH so you’d have to win the next veto. Nicole says have a talk with him and have a bro talk. Corey says we need to win the veto. He says Nicole needs to win the next HOH for him. Corey says he hopefully gets to play because he’ll be pissed if he goes out fourth. James and Victor in the UKBR talking about when voting for America’s Favorite Houseguest begins. 11:57 PM BBT Nicole says Corey winning lately is really good for his game. She says she thinks she’d be the only one to take him to F2. 11:58 PM BBT Corey says they will be pissed. He says James is going to deny any deal with them. Corey says he’ll ask James to make a deal to throw veto or if he wins to not use it.
  22. 11:06 PM BBT Paul is waiting outside of the DR room waiting to scare Corey. BB tells Paul to stop that. Paul says he was trying to scare him. BB says Paul, that’s really annoying! Stop! Vic and James start laughing in the KT. 11:09 PM BBT Who wants to see my HOH room? Everyone heads upstairs. They look at the pictures and through the basket.
  23. 12:00 AM BBT Natalie says she’s ready for her vacation in jury. James says it’s fun. He says he was in there for a long time. Nat says really? James says 28 days. They talk about how long Da has been there. Natalie says what if I get there and Da self-evicted. Nat says Da had a good chance to stay around a bit if she’d won that wall comp. Nat says Bridgette was a fighter too. They start playing the what if game. Natalie says if I had just put up Corey and Nicole. James says we should have got the cards. Nat says she’ll go ask. James asks what games she likes to play and Natalie says go fish. James goes upstairs to ask for the cards. Paul is in the shower and yells what. Vic says none of your business, shut the fuck up. James says they have it all romantical up there. It’s dark, Paul is in the shower, and Vic is listening to music. 12:06 AM BBT James and Natalie at the table in the dining room. They are looking at the memory wall and James comments all the black and white. James makes a sandwich and Natalie hides it on a chair next to her. 12:11 AM BBT James asks what do you want to play. Nat says go fish unless you know another easy game. James says war. Nat says let’s just play go fish. She says don’t we need fish cards. James is asking how to play and Natalie isn’t sure. James says when do you say go fish. They decide to play war instead. Paul out of the shower in HOH and they are talking about how they’re going to blow through their money. Paul turns the light back off and gets in to bed with Victor. Paul says he hopes all goes well tomorrow and Vic says we’ll be alright. Paul says if one of us don’t win something, I’ll be pissed. Vic says he’s competitive in there, but if he gets evicted he doesn’t care, he made his mark on the game. Vic says it’s been a tough season. Paul says we’ve come a long way, bro. Paul says if it’s the ice luge one he’ll win. Vic says yeah I know you’ll win. Paul thinks if there’s a prize or an incentive, James will go for that. Paul thinks him and Corey will be the only two gunning for HOH. 12:21 AM BBT Paul and Vic in HOH and they are talking about how shitty it would if one of them didn’t win something. Paul says there is no way they lose to any of the others. Vic says hopefully the stars will align. Vic guarantees if they get to F4 one of them will win veto. Paul says that’s guaranteed. Paul says you have to win everything. Vic says if it’s him and Paul in the last comp, he’ll just throw it. Vic says not having to face whoever is F3 with them would be awesome. Vic says him and Paul in the last comp would be a perfect ending to a shitstorm season for them. Vic hopes they make it to the end together and we’re not in some bullshit showmance that’s going to break off after the show is over. Vic says Nicole and Corey are not going to stay together after the show and Natalie and James are over. Paul says they were never going to be anything. Vic says all we need is friendship. Paul says we just need to not fuck up. Vic says after Paul wins HOH tomorrow they can come up and crush some beers in celebration. Vic says can it be tomorrow night at 6 already. Paul really hopes it’s that ice luge comp now. Victor says a comp with his name on it, finishes it faster than anyone in Big Brother history. Paul says Nicole might be ok at it because she’s light but he’s banking on how many times she’ll eat shit. Vic says he would do really well in that comp too. Vic says Corey forget about it. Vic says they are earning their big brother stripes. He doesn’t care who you are in Big Brother, you haven’t been evicted twice in one season. 12:36 AM BBT Paul says when Natalie leaves she’ll get booed. Vic says no I don’t think so. She made F6 so she’ll get applause. Paul says he’ll get booed and someone will try and come on stage and beat the shit out of him. Paul says he’s going to kill Natalie. They can hear them downstairs playing cards. She is laughing and talking loudly. Paul goes back to bashing Michelle. He hates her and Vic says Michelle and Paul are similar and Paul says he cringes when people say that. Paul says if James had voted Corey out, then in this veto Natalie would have won it. Paul says Natalie HATES him. She knows he’s been tearing her apart this week. He can’t wait to see her walk out that door. Victor says in time my friend, the hours are ticking. 12:51 AM BBT Natalie goes into the UKBR with James. She says she’s ready for her eviction and she asks if James is glad he gets to stay. Natalie tells America that James cheats at card games. Nat says she’s still thinking of her speech. James says you never ask me about what my speech will be able. Nat says you aren’t leaving. James says I still get a speech.
  24. 9:35 AM BBT The game breaks up. Nicole goes to wash the dishes. The rest of the guys clean up the starburst and cards. Nicole asks the guys to get her the rest of the dishes. 9:50 PM BBT They talk about the season and how many episodes they’ve been on. Paul says he’s been on every episode he thinks. He says he’s played in every veto except OTEV and Hide and Go Veto which he hosted. Nicole says everyone is on most episodes unless you’re really boring. Vic says he thinks he’s been on most except the few while he was out. He says he might still be on them because they did “things” while he was gone. 9:55 PM BBT Paul talks about what he thinks the viewers want to see. He says they don’t want to see things go smoothly. Nicole says she’s going to lay down for a little bit. Vic says he’s going upstairs to use the WC. Corey says he’s tired too. Corey says anything but endurance and they can easily win. Corey says they have it in the bag, he isn’t even worried about it. Paul says he’s going in to tomorrow confident. Corey says James might want to go right behind Nat. Paul and Corey don’t think James will put forth much effort. Paul says they are golden. Paul tells Corey if they can’t sleep to come up and hang out. Corey heads off to bed and Paul heads upstairs to HOH. 10:00 PM BBT Corey goes and turns the lights off in the Tokyo BR and Nicole says she’s studying. Paul upstairs in HOH looking in the mirror. Nicole is going over days. Paul is eating skittles. Paul says people are just trying to hook him and Victor up at this point. Vic says they can tip-toe their way to 500k. Paul says let’s spitball ideas. Paul says tomorrow’s HOH, if I beat James and one of them win, one of us goes up as a pawn and it’s 4 against 1 in the veto. Paul would prefer for Corey to win that way he and Vic can play the following week against Nicole. Victor would prefer to Paul to win HOH tomorrow because then they don’t have to worry about the veto at all and there’s the possibility one of them can go home and they don’t have their hands in it. Paul says but what about the next week and Victor says veto is more important the following week. He says HOH assures F3, but the veto holder has the power. Vic says if you risk not winning this next HOH and I go home, then you risk having to play by yourself the following week. Vic says we can lock F3 and most likely F2 if Paul wins tomorrow. Paul says in days Nicole might give him a tough time and Vic says Paul is better under pressure than Nicole is. Vic says he got himself out of a tight situation twice when he had to win veto or he was going home. 10:07 PM BBT Victor says he’ll be sweating bullets hoping Paul wins. Paul says as long as James doesn’t win we are fine. 10:15 PM BBT Nicole and Corey talking game in the Tokyo BR. They are discussing whether James is with them or not. Corey says he thinks James has their back. Nicole doesn’t think James would go with Victor and Paul but she’s not sure. Corey says it would be best if James wins tomorrow so they don’t have to put Paul and Victor up. Corey says if we put them up we’ll lose their jury votes unless we’re sitting next to each other and then the opposite would win. 10:20 PM BBT Nicole says Michelle will want to see Nicole walking through that door next and she’ll be disappointed when it’s not her. Nicole says Michelle was her best girl friend at the beginning of the season. James walks through and he goes over to talk to Corey and Nicole. Corey says if he had been voted out on Nat’s HOH, since Nicole won the next one she might have put up Natalie and Michelle. Corey says James saved Natalie another week by doing that. He says you can’t regret a decision like that when there was a big game twist involved. Corey says plus Paulie would have been back in the house and he would have been gunning for Natalie more than anyone. Nicole says she really, truly from the bottom of her heart thanks him for not voting out Corey over Victor. 10:26 PM BBT Nicole, Corey, and James in the Tokyo BR. James wasn’t upset about any of that. He just says he was upset because she was. He tells them that ever since that thing happened with the bumper car thing, she should have told him they should just be friends. Nicole says she told you that from like day 34 or something? James says she told him he hurt her so bad and she should have just told him they should be friends because she knew at that point she wasn’t ready for a relationship. They start talking about the veto competition again. Nicole says she was the worst and that she came in last. 10:35 PM BBT Corey says the guy who played MacGyver looked a little like Hayden. Nicole says she didn’t see and Hayden looks way different than he did on the show. She says he cut his hair and Corey says really, how short. Nicole says he got it buzzed. James asks Nicole if long distance relationships are hard. She says at first it was her in Michigan and him in California and it was hard, but not bad. She things got worse when he moved to Chicago and she went to the night shift. Because they couldn’t communicate as much. Corey says he’s never had to do a long distance relationship and he asks James if he has. James says him and Meg tried when they first got off the show, but it didn’t really work out. 10:47 PM BBT James has been called to DR and Paul is with Nicole and Corey in the Tokyo BR. Nicole tells Paul about the cuddling thing that made Natalie made. Nicole says they were out by the pool and Michelle told James he should say something to Nicole about cuddling to make Natalie jealous. Paul says what are you in high school and Nicole says I didn’t do it or say it. Paul asks if he said anything about tomorrow and Corey and Nicole says no, he just wants to see what happens. Paul says he wonders what Natalie thinks now. Nicole says I wonder why she thinks she’s going in the first place and Paul says zero conversations. They start speculating on what the HOH comp will be. Paul asks Nicole what comps haven’t been done yet and what she thinks it will be. She says ice luge or days. Paul says you don’t think it will be know your house. She’s not sure. Paul doesn’t think they’d do ice luge with 4 players. Nicole says you never know because they did the egg one with 12 competing on her season. 10:58 PM BBT Natalie comes out and Paul asks her if she icy hot herself. She says yeah a little bit. (They put icy hot on the door handle to prank each other) Paul goes upstairs to HOH to go to bed. Paul goes back downstairs to get something. Him and Natalie together in the KT for a minute and no chat at all. Paul is cleaning his nose at the table in the KT while Corey is eating a PB&J and Nicole is eating an apple. Vic comes down and goes to get cookies from the storage room. 11:18 PM BBT Vic tells them he has piercing. His ears. Nicole asks Paul if he ever wanted gages or anything and he says no his parents wouldn’t let him. 11:33 PM BBT Natalie out of DR. She goes to the UKBR with James and starts putting stuff in a bag. She says she’s hosted so many veto comps. James says he hasn’t hosted any. Natalie can’t wait for tomorrow. James says it’s almost there, just sleep and wake up and we’re there. Paul in KT with Vic and Corey and telling more travel stories. The only thing Natalie is keeping in the WA is her make-up because she wants to have it handy. Natalie is taking Tiffany’s glasses, even though they are kind of crusty now. 11:38 PM BBT Natalie and James talking about the icy hot on the door. Natalie said Paul was like why would anyone put it there and Nat said she was like shut your fucking trap, you’re the rudest person she’s ever met. All he’s done is talk shit since week one, like shut your hole. She said Paul has to comment on everything and when he told her to shut the fuck up today she wanted to pour so orange juice on him because he’s so rude. She had a lot of anger. She says she needs to get out of there and she’s been avoiding him all week and he tells her to shut the fuck up today. She says do you think he did that out of kindness, just joking around? No, he’s just rude. She doesn’t ever want to associate with him, he’s just a rude person, he’s mean. She said he was calling Michelle Buzz Lightyear and he used to call her FT’s. He’s not innocent. Nat says shut the fuck up Natalie. Who are you to talk to me like that you spoiled little brat. Telling her to shut the fuck up when she hadn’t talked to him all week. He’s the rudest human in the whole world. James says so it’s safe to say you aren’t going to his Halloween party. Nat said she told him two weeks ago she wasn’t going to his Halloween party. These four people in this house right now, I’m not associating with I’ll just be cordial. Natalie can’t wait for her live eviction speech tomorrow. 11:46 PM BBT James asks Nat if she’s feeling better and she says yeah I just needed to get that off my chest. She says they think I’m so dumb when I know I’m going home. She says they think I’m so dumb they think that I think that I’m staying. Natalie says I said that I know I’m going home and Vic said Fool doesn’t even know and she’s jumping to conclusions. James says do you think Paul and Victor know? Nat says yes. Nat says even if it’s 2-1 she knows they made a decision together. Vic and Paul go upstairs to the HOH. Corey goes to the Tokyo BR. Nicole is already in the bed. 11:52 PM BBT Natalie says if you win the next HOH, then you need to send Nicole home. James says he’s going to try and win the next HOH. James says there will be one person who is in the jury house for one day. Natalie says at least I get to go tanning and stuff and go running on the treadmill, I can look great for jury. She says she can lose five pounds in a week and she’s been working hard on losing weight. She says her stomach has been getting a lot smaller. James says you really haven’t been eating that much. Natalie says she’s going to work out a little bit and James says you’re going to work out? Natalie says she’s going to do abs and stuff there. 11:56 PM BBT Natalie says I can’t work out. This is hard. James says you’ll be fine in jury. There will be stuff you can use there. James says he’s excited he gets to do a speech for once. Natalie gets up and does a few lunges.
  25. 9:08 PM BBT Nicole, Corey, Paul, and Victor in the DR playing blackjack. Corey mentions playing spoons and Nicole says she loves spoons. She wants to play spoons but Paul wants to play blackjack. Victor has never heard of spoons. He says they can play it later, but they want to play blackjack first. Corey says spoons is a good drinking game too.