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  1. Previously, on Celebrity Big Brother, after the first four celebrities were sent packing, the house was divided. Tom, Kandi, and Dina on one side, and Tamar, Lolo, and Ricky on the other. But it seemed Kandi and Tamar were most loyal to each other. A double eviction first body slammed the wrestler out the door. Then cancelled, The Tom Green Show, leaving only five. Now, after a crazy season it all comes down to this. Who will rise to power? Who will be evicted? And who will ultimately be crowned the winner of a quarter of a million dollars? Plus, all 12 celebrities will return tonight and one will win America’s favorite! Julie Chen-Moonves greets us for the Celebrity Big Brother finale. Tonight, Ricky, Dina, Lolo, Kandi, and Tamar head into battle as three competition and two vetoes decide who will make up the final two. Plus the rest of the cast will be returning to decide who is the winner. But first, when last we saw the final five, they were soaring to become final five in a competition hosted by last year’s winner Marissa Jaret Winokur. Tamar recaps the rules of putting together the puzzle and she wants to win so she can control who she can keep safe and who goes on the block. Lolo can’t play and she’s hoping Ricky or Tamar will win. Kandi rushes back and tries to hit the button to give herself more time and she just misses it. Kandi is tired of being on the block and she wants to win, but this competition is tough. Dina was a gymnast and the acrobatics is so easy for her and finally she’s in a competition she can win. We see her timer running out and her board demagnetizes. She can’t figure out why the puzzle isn’t sticking up there and her time runs out and Lolo informs her she had to hit her timer. Lolo doesn’t want to be excited, but go Tamar and go Ricky. Ricky feels like he’s the most athletic person. He’s not worried about swinging, he’s worried about recognizing the colors and putting them together. Kandi has finally gotten the hang of the competition, but we see her timer running out again and she heads back. Lolo on the side is chuckling. Kandi is hoping Tamar will win because Ricky won’t hesitate to put her on the block. Ricky has just a couple of pieces and Tamar has a little over halfway. Ricky has his finished and he heads to back to hit his timer and Ricky is the new HOH! Ricky says there is a new HOH time and he’s going to final four. He shows us his excited face. Tamar is happy Ricky won, but she’s a little upset she didn’t win. But she’s playing both sides of the fence so she’s in a great position. Kandi says she’ll be back on the block again, same bat time on the same bat channel. The HG head inside and it’s immediately time for the nomination ceremony. Everyone gathers around the table and Ricky has his nomination block. Ricky’s first nominee is…Dina. Ricky’s second nominee is…Kandi. Kandi says she’s going for the world record. Ricky nominated them and everyone knew the deal. Dina says she guesses they were good players. Dina says she’s happy that was the deal. Ricky says he nominated Dina and Kandi because they don’t sleep with him. He says but there’s still veto and the game begins now. Dina says you have to get rid of the best players so she’s happy. She has to win this veto to make it to the end. Kandi says when she first got there she just didn’t want to go home first, but now she’s top five and she can see the light at the end of the tunnel. She needs to win this veto. Tamar and Ricky are talking and Ricky promises a F2 to Tamar. Tamar says the veto competition is very important. Ricky says he’d put Lolo up if Kandi or Dina won veto and Tamar says maybe it’s time to get rid of Lolo. Tamar says she needs to give herself every chance she can to win the game. So bye Lolo! It’s now time for the final veto competition of the season. We see a security themed competition. Their mission is to steal four artifacts in the museum in the fastest time. They’ll be instructed to steal a specific item. They grab the item and take it to the case and if they are correct, they’ll be given the next clue. But it’s not that simple. They have lasers in the room and if they trip a laser it will set the alarm off and they’ll have to go back and reset it. Are you ready to play Veto Heist? Ricky is first and the first clue is to grab the artifact from the competition the first female HG won. Ricky knew it was Natalie in the football competition and he grabs it. He trips a laser, but he gets the football in and he’s correct. The second clue was to grab the item from the competition that Ryan. Ricky goes and grabs the blocks and he’s correct. The next clue is to grab the item won by a time of 3:07 and Ricky knows it was slaughterhouse and he grabs the bunny mask. The final clue is grab the item from the first competition Natalie played in and Ricky knew it was the Rockstar one. He hopes his time is good enough. Lolo is next and she wants to win the veto not only to guarantee her spot in the final four, but also to keep nominations the same. She seems to be moving fairly quickly and she’s staying focused. She finishes and says she hopes she did good enough. Dina is up next and she’s strategically good at navigating, but then we see her trip the lasers four times in a row. She grabs the football and again trips the lasers. Dina says crime doesn’t pay, but winning celebrity big brother does. Tamar says the pressure is on her because she has to win this competition so she can secure the final four. Plus she can backdoor Lolo and she can go go. Tamar drops the football and Tamar starts screaming and we see the HG inside can hear something. The football trips the laser. Kandi is next and she says she doesn’t have time to be tripping no alarms because she’s competing against an ex-football player and an Olympian. She seems to be doing ok, but she’s taking her time. She thinks she did pretty good and she didn’t set off the alarm much. She’s hoping she pulled it off. Dina finished with a time of 17:34. Tamar finished with a time of 13:22. Tamar is currently in the lead. Kandi has a time of 9:53 and she is now in the lead. Kandi is hoping she can win this thing. Ricky finished with a time of 9:21 and he takes the lead. Kandi doesn’t look happy. Lolo’s time is next and she finished with a time of 5:08. Lolo has won the veto! This veto secures her safety and ensures she’ll be competing in the final four. Kandi says of course Lolo won the veto, but this is her fourth time being on the block. She’s survived three times and she’s not giving up. Tamar says that competition was hard. Anthony will be joining Julie next for his thoughts on the HG. Lolo holds the final power of veto. Will she use it and put Tamar’s game at risk. Lolo goes to talk to Ricky and Lolo says leaving Kandi in the game makes her nervous. Ricky has a hard time imagining people voting for someone who hasn’t won. Lolo pitches taking Dina down and putting Tamar up and creating a tie and let Ricky vote out Kandi. Lolo tells Tamar her idea and Tamar doesn’t look pleased. Lolo says or she just wants Tamar to vote for Kandi to leave. Tamar says she doesn’t want to go up. Tamar says what?!? Is Lolo really thinking about putting her up? She is NOT going on the block. Tamar pitches taking Dina out because she could be a threat. Lolo says she has to think about her end game because she’s so close. Lolo says she’s going to think about it. It’s time for the veto meeting. Lolo has decided not to use the power of veto. She values both of them in the game and she thinks they are both amazing players and she wouldn’t know who to save. Lolo says using the veto wasn’t worth upsetting Tamar. Whoever leaves the house could determine her win or loss. She’ll be mad if she came this far just to lose. Tamar says she is voting Dina out of the house, she can go meet her catfish. Ricky says he might need to be the one to break the tie and it could potentially make someone mad. But he’s not scared, he’s ready for anything. Julie welcomes back Anthony Scaramucci. Julie talks about the twist and she wants to know how hard it was to be in there and not compete. Anthony says the only time he let up was in the horseshoe competition. Anthony says watching Marissa, the slower you play the longer your last and that’s Dina. Julie asks if it was hard to hide it from the HG and Anthony says yes, he got very close with Ryan. But he needed to keep it to himself. Julie wants to know Anthony’s thoughts on the HG. Anthony says Ricky is an assassin and he’s a competitor. Anthony says Tamar is omg! She is so out there and so much fun to watch. Anthony says you can read about people, but you don’t know them until you meet them. Anthony is says Lolo is such a competitor and he loves her emotion. Anthony thinks Kandi is one of the smartest people he ever met. They taught her how to play chess in the first 24 hours and now she’s beating them. Julie asks Anthony if he thinks Donald Trump has a chance to survive his first term. Anthony says he does, especially if the economy continues to do well and he’d like to see him succeed. Anthony says we need to work together and get it together as Americans. Anthony says people want change, they don’t want an establishment president. Anthony will not vote for a winner, but he will be reunited with his former housemates. It’s time for the night’s first live eviction. Kandi says it’s been a pleasure to be in the top five. She loves Lolo’s honesty, she’s so happy she had this time with Tamar to get things together and she hope it continues. Kandi says Ricky is the one who kickstarted her in the game. Kandi says she loves Dina and she thinks she’d beat anyone because she is so wonderful. She asks to stay because she wants to make Celebrity BB history for surviving the block. Dina says this has been an amazing journey and she’s gotten to know them so much more over the last week. She loves Lolo’s determination and her spirituality and she’s such a good, good girl. And she’s going to find her a husband. Tamar just makes Dina laugh and Ricky, she has learned so much about astrology and he taught her how to be more verbal. Dina can’t say enough about Kandi and she loves her. She says Kandi beat her in a lot of games of cards. Julie has to cut Dina off. It’s time for the voting to begin! Ricky will only vote in the event of a tie. Lolo votes to evict Kandi. Tamar votes to evict…Dina. We have a tie and now it’s up to Ricky to cast the deciding vote. Julie informs them with one vote each, they have a tie. And now Ricky will decide who will leave the BB house tonight. Ricky stands and he votes to evict Kandi. Kandi goes and gives hugs and heads out the door. Kandi and Tamar share one more moment at the door. Julie says the live audience openly gasped when Ricky evicted her, is she surprised? Kandi says she’s a little surprised, but she knew they wanted to get rid of her. Julie says game wise did Ricky do the right thing? Kandi says no. Kandi says she’s a woman of her word and she promised she would take him to the end if he saved her. She didn’t think she’d even make it this far. Julie asks if she enjoyed it and Kandi says yes, she made great friends and she plans to stay in touch with everyone. Julie says and she buried the hatchet with Tamar and Kandi says they needed this and they turned it around and they really supported each other. It’s time for the final HOH and this HOH will immediately evict two HG and choose who they want to sit next to. They are judges for a show called Celebrity Lookalike Junior. They see videos of kid look alikes of the final five. Julie says she will show them 7 videos, each featuring a celebrity lookalike. During each the junior will make three statements and they need to identify the false statement. They get a point for each correct answer. The player with the most points wins the final and most powerful HOH. They get their first look alike of Tom Green and he says he was the second HG saved by the POV, he won a competition in a tiebreaker round, and he was nominated three times. Everyone answers A and they are all correct and they all get a point. Time for the second video of Ryan Lochte. He says he was on the chopping block for three days, he nominated 4 HG during his HOH, and he played in the same number of competitions as Jonathan. Ricky and Tamar answer A and Lolo and Dina answer B. Ricky and Tamar have 2 points and Lolo and Dina have 1. Next is Natalie Eva Marie. She says she was nominated on day 21, she didn’t play in the first three veto competitions, and she won exactly 2 kick the competition battles. Tamar, Lolo, and Ricky answer B and Dina answers C. Tamar and Ricky have 3 points, Lolo has 2 points, and Dina has 1 point. Next we have Kato Kaelin. Kato says he won the first two competitions he played in, he was the first HG to use the power of veto and he lasted more than 21 days in the house. Lolo, Ricky, and Tamar answer C and Dina answers B. Tamar and Ricky got 4 points, Lolo has 3, and Dina has 1. Anthony Scaramucci is next, and Anthony says Mooch’s veto was the first veto to be used on a nominee, he was in the house for over 150 hours, Kevin Frazier announced he wasn’t a real HG on day 6. Ricky, Lolo, and Tamar answer B and Dina answers A. Ricky and Tamar have 5 points, Lolo has 4, and Dina has 1. Jonathan Bennett is next and Jonathan says Joey, Ryan, and him were all evicted with 6 votes, in his eviction plea he said he was an ally to every person there, and he was the first player to picked to be a power pair. Tamar and Lolo answer A, Ricky answers B and Dina answers C. Ricky is correct and he has 6 points, Tamar has 5 points, Lolo has 4, and Dina has 1. Joey Lawrence is last and he played in exactly 2 competitions, he was nominated on days 8 and 13, and he scored $25 million on world wide rollout. Tamar and Lolo and A and Ricky and Dina answer C. Ricky and Tamar are tied with 6 points. It’s time for a tie breaker. In hours, how long was it from when Kevin Frazier announced the first breaking celebrity news alert, until Julie told them Kevin had delivered the final news alert. Tamar answers 15 and Ricky answers 185 and he is the new HOH! It is now time for Ricky to decide who he wants to send to the jury and who he wants to face off against. Dina says she loves him and they’ll be friends and she’s learned so much for him to grow and go to the gym and to take care of her. Tamar says he’s one of her favorite people in the house and she wants to see him do good and she wishes him the best of luck. Lolo thanks Ricky for pulling everything out of her in the competition and she’s grateful to have played with him and she’s enjoyed being on his team and she hopes he takes her to the end. Julie tells Ricky he has a big decision to make. Julie asks him to go to the head of the room and select the final two HG to be evicted. He loves getting to know Dina and he evicts her and he enjoyed working with Lolo and he evicts her as well. There are hugs all around and Tamar can’t believe it. Lolo is saying her bag is heavy and Lolo and Dina come out. Julie says the place is in shock and she asks Lolo if she’s in shock. Lolo says yeah, she saved Ricky multiple times throughout the game, she could have sided with Tom and Kato. She felt like it was a very one sided deal and she wanted to honor the alliance they had. Julie asks Lolo if he made the right move for the win? Lolo says it’s hard to tell, but yeah, she would have had more votes for him. Lolo isn’t sure she’d want to continue a friendship outside of the game and she feels like he crossed the line. Julie asks if Dina is upset and she says no. Julie says are you just so happy you made it this far and she says yes. Dina says the experience was amazing and she loves Lolo and she made 11 friends. Lolo says second place gets $50,000 and that’s not much after agent fees and taxes. Julie says you think Ricky will finish second and Lolo said maybe. It’s now time to welcome the jury. Jonathan Bennett, Ryan Lochte, Joey Lawrence, Kato Kaelin, Natalie Eva Marie, and Tom Green. They all take their seats. Julie brings out juror #7 and Kandi comes out. Juror #8 comes out and it’s Dina. And juror #9 and they see Lolo. They are all giving out hugs. Julie tells them to sit down and she brings them up to speed. Julie says a little bit later they will cast their vote for who they think should win, but first they get to question the finalists. Julie goes to Ricky and Tamar and Tom gets the first question. Tom asks Ricky what was his biggest game move? Ricky says his biggest game move was not freaking out on the block and having faith he had allies to keep him safe. Tamar’s biggest game move was gunning for the two people who was going to take the whole competition, Tom and Kato. Natalie congratulates them both and asks what their biggest regret in the game is so far. Ricky says his biggest regret was not winning Slaughter House. He said it sent a lot of things tumbling and a lot of things came out. Tamar says her biggest regret was getting too emotional. She sometimes let her emotions overshadow her trust and she might have made more friends in the house and she would have seen more clearly. Ryan asks why they should choose Tamar over Ricky? Tamar says Ricky is an amazing human being and she is a huge fan of the show and she believes she played the game to the best of her ability and she did what she had to do to be in the chair she is. Same question to Ricky and he says he played the game hard and at the same time he tried to give good advice to people he spoke to even if it was against his best interest. Julie says it’s almost time for the jury to cast their votes, but first they get a closing statement to explain why they deserve to win. Tamar gives honor to God and thanks CBS. She says coming into the BB house turned into a spiritual journey for her and meeting them all was a blessing and she doesn’t doubt for a second it wasn’t meant to be. She lost her job publicly, she lost her husband and her home, and she lost some friend, but she made a promise to herself to never give up and always be kind and she’s asking them to be kind to this girl and help her be the best person she can be. She says she’s so nervous and she loves them all. Ricky says he’s thinking of things he said to make them mad and he apologizes. He wanted to show the world who he really was and it’s been a struggle and the whole time he’s tried to honor and be himself, his moody, quirky, nerdy self. He has a couple of sayings he likes to live his life by, keep it real, and keep it moving. He remembers a conversation with Ryan and Joey about being a perfect role model and he thinks the winner models all of their experience. Jonathan is up to vote first and he says hello, first of all he’d like to say something…Julie you look really pretty today. He’s going to vote for someone that had his back as much as they could. Ryan is next and he wishes them good luck and that’s all he has. Joey is next and Joey says congratulations and he said from day one it was one person’s journey to win. Kick butt! Kato is next and he steps up says congratulations and he says Tamar, sorry about slipping on shrimp and they played fantastic and he considers them friends. Natalie is so excited to see them both and she loves them both and she hates that she has to do this. She loves them. Tom is next and he says this is a tough choice for a lot of reasons, but he does congratulate them both and he’s going to vote for the one who made him laugh the most. Congrats guys. Kandi is next and she says this was life changing for the both of us, glad both of us made it. Dina is next and she’d like to pull a Metta now and say she doesn’t know which one. She loves them both. Lolo says in this game you can make decisions based on deals or based on your heart…that’s how she will cast her vote. Voting is now complete! Up next, we’ll get some jury reactions and take on the season! Anthony has joined the jury. Julie asks Jonathan as he was watching, what surprised him the most? Jonathan says one of the biggest surprises was that everyone thought he was threat and he’s never been called a threat in his life. Jonathan says he didn’t win anything, the only thing he won was because he was teamed up with an Olympic gold medalist. He says the more he watched, the more intense it got and people got into the game. Julie draws attention to Anthony and no one is mad at him. Julie asks Joey about the bromance between him and Ryan. Joey says it’s a crazy journey and it was an amazing ride and you meet unexpected people and Ryan is such a genuine guy and they text late at night. Joey says he knew of Ryan Lochte, but didn’t know him as a human being and he is a genuine person. Julie goes to Ryan and asks if he feels he got to show who he was and Ryan says yeah. He says people see headlines, but people who watched got to see the real Ryan Lochte. Julie asks how surprised he is to walk away with these friendships. Ryan says he’s walking out of the house with two really good friends he’ll have for the rest of his life. Julie goes to Tom and says after leaving, what kind of perspective did it give him to see things outside of the fishbowl. Tom says he didn’t realize how intense it was. He expected it to be competitive and he would have to let off steam at night and when he came out he felt some stress and felt strange and he went online and seen all the amazing comments and he felt better. He says the Big Brother community is such a great community. Julie turns to Kato and asks what surprised him the most about playing Big Brother. Kato says people don’t understand. He says he’s a guy who needs sleep and Tom would snore, and then Jonathan, and then Kandi, and he was going crazy. That was the toughest part. But the friendships were great and his life used to be soundbites and it’s not anymore. Julie says something that remains a secret is who won the Power of the Publicist power. She let Natalie reveal and she asks Tamar how hard it was to keep it a secret. Tamar says after she won, she tried to talk to Tom and he refused to talk to her so he felt like it was out of order to tell anyone else in the house she had it. Tamar says she didn’t have to use it and she wasn’t going to use it because she was worried it would build a wedge between her friendships. Up next we’ll find out who will be the winner of Celebrity Big Brother. After a jampacked 29 days, it’s time to reveal the winner of Celebrity Big Brother. Julie will now reveal the votes. Jonathan voted for…Tamar. Ryan has cast his vote for…Tamar. Joey has cast his vote for Tamar. Kato has cast his vote for Tamar. Natalie has voted for Tamar. Tamar is shocked! Ricky gives her a hug. Julie tells them to come out. The jurors go to celebrate with Tamar and Ricky’s wife runs up and jumps into his arms. Tamar’s son tackles her. We’re back and Julie reveals Tamar won unanimously. The only other time BB had a unanimous vote was season 10 when Dan Gheesling took it home. Tamar says she’s so grateful and she thanks everyone. Julie congratulates Ricky. It’s time to reveal America’s Favorite Houseguest. The winner is…Tom Green. Tom says that is amazing and thanks America! He loves everyone and it was so much fun. Julie thanks them all for an amazing season. Don’t forget Big Brother is right around the corner.
  2. Tonight, the 10 acts put through will compete in the finals for the title of Champion. We’ll find out who won next week. But this is AGT and there is a big surprise. Simon says they decided they’d bring in two wild cards. We’ll find out who they are throughout the night. Cristina Ramos is first up. When she sings rock she unleashes the beast inside of her and she never thought in her life she’d be singing for all of the world. For the final, she’s going to try something special that will be her best performance. Winning would prove that she belongs here. Cristina is directly in front of the judges on stage and she performs Call Me by Blondie. She begins opera style and then she transitions into the rock performance. The audience seemed to love it and she gets a standing ovation. Mel B says that combo is brilliant and exciting. Heidi says that was a wow performance. Howie says tonight it’s going to be impossible. She just set a bar. Simon says that was vocal was insanely good and she may have just thrown this whole show up in the air because anything can happen after that. Preacher Lawson is up next. Preacher got to a point where he thought he’d quit and then he made it on America’s Got Talent. He decided to push a little harder and now that’s paying off. He thinks in his heart that he can win this show. He says I’m coming for you Darci Lynn and then says even though she didn’t make it. Preacher is informed Darci was added as a wild card. Preacher takes the stage to perform his set. He finishes his set and he has the crowd on their feet and Simon says wow. Mel B says he is just funny, no matter what he says. Simon felt tonight like he wasn’t at a competition, he just felt he was watching a star. Simon says he was brilliant. Howie says he gives them everything and that’s why they love him. He’s so proud a comedian has made it this far. Darci Lynn has been invited back as the first wildcard. Darci says she was so excited to get the call to come back. She really wants to show them what she can do and win the title of Champion. Darci takes the stage with her friend Petunia. Petunia has decided to sing opera. They get a standing ovation. Simon tells Howie that was amazing. Simon says wow, wow, wow Darci. He thinks this is her best ever performance. Simon thinks she may win tonight. Mel B agrees. Her delivery and confidence, and she deserves everything. Howie says it was truly amazing because they didn’t know she sang opera. He thinks she has a shot at this tonight. The next act is Heidi’s golden buzzer, Deadly Games. They knew they had to come back even more dangerous before and it was something really special to get that golden buzzer. They feel like they have a chance to win. They are going to shock the judges even more for the finale. They are willing to do whatever it takes to be the Champions. Deadly Games begin their act with him throwing knives at her as she moves back and forth in front of a door. She then grabs two balloons, and he throws two knives at once and hits both balloons on his second shot. He then grabs some cutlasses and throws them at the door with her standing in front of it. One of them bounces off, but the rest stick in the door. Deadly Games then shoots a crossbow at an apple on her head. She then gets on a wheel and he spins and he throws knives at her. Next, there is a balloon over her head on the wheel and he shoots the balloon with the crossbow. Deadly Games gets a standing ovation and they announce they are not done yet. They ask the judges to grab the balloons in front of them and bring them on stage. We go to commercial… We’re back with Deadly Games and they have requested the judges to join them on stage with each judge holding a white balloon. Each of the judges will be holding a line of balloons and he will shoot all of the balloons with his crossbow. He tells them please don’t move. Mel B is freaking out a bit. He lines up his sights but then stops and says he can’t really do this…not without Terry. He tells them not to move again. Howie wants to go home. Here we go…he shoots and goes through all of them. Heidi runs to give him a hug. The judges return to their seats. Heidi says can they talk about her sweaty armpits? That was so scary and she kind of loved it. Mel B says she did get a bit worried because she noticed a couple of things didn’t go as planned. She thinks that worked in their favor. Howie says he’s just happy to be alive! Simon says he thinks this is the best danger act in the world. Simon’s golden buzzer is next, Kechi. Her mother says Kechi is very special. Kechi says she feels like being a champion is choosing not to stay in darkness, but to step out and take chances. She says to win this would be so incredible. Kechi takes the stage and performs Opportunity by Sia. The crowd goes crazy as she finishes. Simon says she is one of his favorite contestants and she’s inspirational. Howie says she made his heart burst and he loves watching her mom’s face while she performs. He thinks she’s a champion inside and out. Mel B says she’s become one of America’s favorite acts, but she thinks this song…they lost her. She felt like they lost her personality. Next is Brian Justin Crum. Being on stage was the first time he felt like he was celebrated in a good way. Music became his escape. He started singing Broadway when he was 13. AGT was the beginning of him finding his confidence. For Champions, he wants to go back to his roots and sing something theatrical. He thinks singing these songs could be his chance to win. Brian takes the stage and performs Never Be Enough by Loren Allred. He gets a standing ovation as he finishes. Mel B says that was massive. He takes them somewhere and that’s how you do a proper slam dunk. Simon says he’s come back and proved a point that he is a Champion and he believes this performance may change his life. Jon Dorenbos is our next performer. He was brought back as the second wild card. He feels like he is doing what he is meant to be doing. He is back and he is ready to win the title of Champion. Jon takes the stage and he has four chalk boards labelled 1, 2, 3, and 4. Simon wants #1 and Heidi wants #2. Mel B wants #3 and that leaves Howie with #4. Jon goes to the judges table and he has a book of cities where Howie has performed and he shuffles through them and he asks Howie to let him know when to stop and he selects a city. Mel B is next and she selects a card and he rips a corner of the Queen of Hearts. Jon hands the corner to Heidi and it disappears. He has Heidi pick up some pictures and underneath is the corner of the card that has disappeared. He then shows Heidi some pictures of Heidi on Halloween and red carpet events and he wants her to tell him when to stop. Heidi takes a picture and doesn’t look at it. Simon selects a card and Jon gives him a chance to change his mind. John has Howie reveal his city selection and Howie reveals Tulsa, Oklahoma. Jon asks Terry to turn Howie’s chalkboard around and it says Tulsa, OK. He has Terry turn Mel B’s chalkboard and it says Q of hearts. Heidi has selected a picture of her dressed as a butterfly and Terry turns the board and there is a butterfly drawn on the board. He has Simon reveal his card and it’s a 3 of clubs. He has Terry turn the board and he has written a 3 with a club symbol. Jon then shows previous clips from episodes and we see Howie throw a football and it hit Oklahoma, Mel B selected a word to describe him and she chose heart. Jon shows Heidi’s drawing of a butterfly and then he shows a clip of Simon picking a three of clubs, just like he did today. Heidi says Jon is so entertaining and so good. Simon says he came back and he blew the roof off with what he just seen and he thinks he has a shot. That was amazing. Howie says he is just stunned. There are two words to describe what he did tonight…Wild Card. Howie’s golden buzzer is ready to take the stage, Angelica Hale. She’s competing against Susan Boyle and Paul Potts, but she believes in herself. She’s a fighter and she’s going to do as much as she can to win AGT The Champions. Angelica takes the stage and performs Impossible by James Arthur. She finishes and she gets an ovation. Howie says she is living up to her name of being an angel. He doesn’t know how the 50 states can choose a winner. Mel B says that was an improvement from her last performance. Simon says she deserves so much respect just for coming back because it showed him how much she really wanted this. Terry’s golden buzzer is about to take the stage. Simonova is a sand artist and she never expected to get the golden buzzer. Tonight, through sand she will show the world what can save the right person. She wants to represent her country and she wants to do what she has to do to win. Simonova is already behind her sand table and she begins her art. She begins with a man and a woman on a park bench and we hear sirens and war and then we here Taps. We then see a woman embracing a man by a reflecting pool. We then see a window and a woman lying with a tear on her cheek, then we see a sailor in a window. Simonova then adds a child holding her arms up to the window reaching for the sailor. Simonova writes Life always wins, then changes Life to Love and puts a heart around it. Mel B says everyone is giving it more than their all and that was a full on story and she left everything right there on the sand. Heidi says she really is a true artist and it’s amazing to watch her do it right before their eyes. She loved it. Simon says he never thought he’d be saying he understands the power of sand, but this is one of the most creative things he’s ever seen. Next is Britain’s Got Talent Champion Paul Potts. He says he would have been disappointed in himself if he hadn’t made the finals. He cannot walk away from the stage with something left to give, so he has to step up to the plate as a winner. Paul Potts takes the stage to perform Nessun Dorma by Andrea Bocelli. Howie says he loved it. He’s not an opera fan, he’s a Paul Potts fan. It was perfection. Mel B says he stands and delivers such a stellar, killer performance like it was nothing. Simon says he was more than moved. The underdog who was written off by the music business won the finals on BGT. He thinks he has a chance of winning after that performance. Shin Lim is our next performer. He’s much busier than he was before and it’s all because of his girlfriend. He’s here to test himself alongside the best in the world and he’s always wondering how far magic can take him. He thinks with his girlfriend by his side he can win this thing. Shin has Howie and Terry on stage with him and he has Howie pick a card and it was 10 of spades and he asks Howie to sign it. Shin takes the card back and it has disappeared. He has Howie stand up and it’s underneath him on the chair. Howie sits back down and he shows the audience has nothing up his sleeves. Howie’s card is face down and it starts smoking and when he turns the card over it is blank. He has 10 of spades on his chest, then smoke comes out of his mouth along with the card. Shin puts the card in a baggie and sets it to the side where everyone can see. Terry picks a card next and Shin has him show the camera it’s a two of hearts and he has Terry sign it. Shin has made the card disappear and it’s in his back pocket. He then flips his hand up and it has the card and the card behind his back is blank. More smoke comes from his mouth and he turns it over and it’s the 2 of hearts. He then picks the bag up with Howie’s card and shakes it once and it’s the 2 of hearts. When he geos to reveal the 2 is back in his hand and Howie’s card is back in the bag. Shin hands the card to Howie and he then asks for it back and places both cards inside. He wrinkles the bag and it is empty. He takes the deck of cards in the card box and stands them up and they are smoking and he presses his hand down and the cards disappeared. He gets a standing ovation from the judges. Terry asks Shin where the cards went and he says a lot of people ask that. He asks Howie to open up his cup at the judges table and it has the box and he opens the box and it has his and Terry’s cards in it. Heidi says Shin did it yet again, another jaw dropping performance. Simon says he doesn’t think many people having won the show would have the guts to come back and do what he did. He says he is the best of the best and he was amazing! Our final performer is Mel B’s golden buzzer, Susan Boyle. She’s always loved to sing, but she was very nervous when she was young and very underconfident. Her mother was very supportive. Susan says she was pleased when Mel B gave her golden buzzer, but she was shocked as well. She’d love to win. Susan takes the stage and performs I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miserables. Mel B says she is so classy and elegant and effortless. She’s just brilliant. Howie says the word Champion isn’t enough to describe her and how she performs. Heidi says Susan Boyle is in the building! She gave her goose pimples and she loved her. Simon says to end the show has been an amazing night and she was seriously fantastic.
  3. Julie says there are seven players left in the house and only five days left in the game. You know what that means…it’s double eviction night on Celebrity Big Brother! Previously, on Celebrity Big Brother, the bedroom alliance of Natalie, Lolo, Ricky, and Tamar wanted Green gone, but Dina and Kandi knew Tom was their only hope. With a roll of good luck at the HOH competition, the comedian earned a headlining gig. Tom wanted Lolo as a pawn, and Ricky as his target. But after Kandi warned Tom about Natalie Eva Marie, he decided to make a last minute swap. Tonight, can the power of veto save the wrestler or the running back? And not one, but two celebrities will be sent packing. It’s Double Eviction night baby! Plus, the final breaking celebrity news will be revealed. Julie greets us and it’s day 24 inside the Celebrity BB house and the men have been dropping like flies. And Tom has his eye on sending the only other man packing. But with twists and turns still left, anything can happen. But first, Tom’s nominations have rocked the bedroom alliance making this a veto competition no one wants to sit out. Tom says he nominated Ricky because he’s the chief orchestrator of the alliance gunning for him and Natalie is a tough competitor. If one of them wins veto, then he will put Lolo on the block. Ricky says he wants to stay in this game and he’s ready to play. Natalie says she’s the wrong person to pick a fight with. Lolo thought for sure she’d see her face there. She’s glad she’s not nominated but she hopes it’s not a plan to backdoor. Tom asks Kandi if she’s ever not gone outside for 20 days. Kandi says no. Tom says he’s in a tiny place and half the people he is living with are angry with him. Tom says if Tamar, Kandi, and Dina stick with him, they’ll have the numbers. Kandi says Tom nominated Natalie and Ricky and she’s shocked. She didn’t think he’d listen to her. She’s happy. Kandi assures tom he’s going to be fine. Just be cool. Lolo asks Ricky why he thinks Tom switched it. Natalie says he’s an emotional person and he just decided to switch it. Natalie says if we win veto what do we do. Ricky says take Natalie off and then they could save Ricky because they could still save numbers. Natalie says best case scenario would be Lolo winning veto and Tom would have to put someone else up on the block. Tom is talking to Dina upstairs while they are playing pool. Kandi comes up and joins them and they are saying they need to win the veto. Tom asks what if Lolo wins veto, then who does he put up? Kandi says not me, they’ll vote me out. Kandi says she doesn’t want to be in danger of going on the block so she needs to win. Tom says if Lolo play and wins, then that’s a problem. It’s time to pick players for the veto competition! Tom is telling everyone good morning as they join him in the LR. Tom is hoping Lolo is left out because if she wins, that’s not good for his game and he’d have to put up an ally. Tom picks first and selects Tamar. Tamar says she’s all excited, but in the back of her mind she’s like you gonna play, but you ain’t gonna win! Natalie absolutely needs Lolo to play in this competition. Natalie selects Kandi. Ricky reaches in and he selects Dina. Lolo will be hosting the competition. Lolo does not look happy. Lolo says everyone is playing but her and she can’t guarantee her safety or help Natalie or Ricky get off the block. Really?!? Julie says we have a lot to do and no time to waste. Let’s let the HG in on the double eviction. She tells them it’s double eviction night and Tamar lets out a scream of laughter. Julie informs them tonight, two of them will be evicted and that means nobody is safe. She says she’ll be back for the first live eviction before they know it. The POV is up next. Plus, the final breaking celebrity news alert will have a major impact on the game. Tom has his target, Lolo is sitting out, and everyone has a different idea of what they want to do at this competition. We see Tom dancing in the HOH room. He dances randomly and then jumps on the bed. Lolo says it’s time for the veto competition. They are all in a studio with different colors on a table in front of them. It’s an old silent movie set. Lolo says it’s their job to take her black and white film and turn it to color. In each round, they’ll be shown a sequence of film colors. At the end, they’ll be directed to switch on the correct color. If they are correct, they’ll move on to the next round. If they are incorrect, they’ll destroy the film and be eliminated. Who’s ready to play color blast? Natalie says now that Lolo can’t play it’s on her to save herself. It is imperative that she wins! Tom wants to win to make sure Ricky can’t pull himself off the block. Ricky…don’t win! Kandi wants to win and keep nominations the same because she wants Natalie to go home. Tamar says going into the veto, it’s important for her NOT to win this competition. She doesn’t need anymore blood on her hands. It’s time for the first sequence. Tom says he doesn’t have the best memory so he has to have memory tricks. He created a hip hop beat in his head and rap it. Ricky says most competitions are stressful and they key is to keep the colors in your memory. Everyone selects red except Ricky who selects Orange. Ricky is confident, but he was incorrect and he gets covered in slime and is eliminated. Round 2…Tamar says she knows the first one is orange and the last is purple, but she needs to throw it. She hits blue and orange. Natalie, Tom, and Dina hit orange and purple. Kandi thinks she can win this one…she selects orange and blue…or was it orange and purple…or was it orange and blue. Tamar and Kandi are both incorrect and they have been eliminated. Tamar says did you have to use all the paint though? It’s down to Tom, Dina, and Natalie. Dina says she’s done well and she really wants to win because she wants the nominations to stay the same. Also, she doesn’t want to get covered in pain. Natalie knows this is all on her and she wants to ruin Tom’s plan. Round 3…The HG are thinking and Dina is counting on her fingers. Natalie says she knows it’s between blue and orange and she’s praying to the BB God’s she’ll pick right. Tom is worried he’ll remember the old rap and not the new one but he cannot let Natalie win this veto and he’s focused. Dina, Tom, and Natalie all lock in their answers. Natalie is squirted with paint and Lolo does not look happy. It’s down to Dina and Tom and Dina gets covered in yellow paint. Dina and Natalie have been eliminated. Tom was correct and he has won the POV! Natalie says she was going to put blue…Tom says he’s so proud to be here to accept the prestigious veto award. He’d like to thank his parents, friends, and Julie. Natalie says she lost, Tom won and she’s super bummed. But there’s still a lot of game left. She just needs to make sure she has the votes to stay. Ricky says his alliance has their backs against the wall. They have to hope something crazy happens and Tom changes his mind. Lolo says Tom’s biggest flaw is he overthinks, so he could make a mistake. Tom holds the veto and is determined to send Ricky home. But nothing in this house is ever easy. Tom says he’s wanted Ricky out for awhile now and he wants to make sure he can get Ricky out. Tom asks Kandi what she thinks about him using the veto and Kandi says here we go again. Tom thinks Ricky is in charge, he wants him out of his house. Kandi says you’re tripping. Tom says that’s what he thinks is best for his game and he’s been playing with strategy. Tom suggests taking Natalie down and putting Tamar up. Kandi doesn’t look that idea and she’s making faces. Tom says it’s an option. Kandi says this is a democracy not a dictatorship. She doesn’t like him putting someone on the block she cares about to force her vote. Kandi says she needs a nap. Kandi is laying down and Tamar comes in and Kandi fills Tamar in. Tamar says why is he talking about me?!? Kandi says he wants Ricky out so bad. Tamar says if he puts her up against Ricky, Natalie and Lolo will vote Tamar out. Tamar is not happy at all. Tamar goes and tells Lolo, Ricky, and Natalie about Tom’s suggestion. Natalie tells her not to talk to Tom, not to even have a conversation. She says he likes to play mind games with everyone. Tamar says she’s tired to Tom and his BS. She gets up and Tom is in the KT. Tamar goes to confront Tom and says you’re going to put me up to force Kandi to vote the way you want. Tamar says why are you threatening people? Tom says he’s not and Tom says it’s a game. Tamar says you’re a bully. Tom says it’s a game and she needs to stop using the word threaten. Tamar says you’re scum! Tom tells us he’s being bullied. Aren’t they playing a game here? You can’t discuss other moves? Tom says so Kandi isn’t on his team…he’s not going to tell ANYONE what he’s going to do anymore. Expect the unexpected. Tom locked himself in the HOH room to ensure his plan is a surprise. Tom is talking to the cameras and he says he won veto today and he has another move he can make. Most of the house is against him and he only has one potential move to take the target off his back. He says Natalie and Ricky are on the block, but there may be moves to be made. He’s going to surprise some people. He’s not talking to anyone in the house right now because they don’t know what he’s going to do with the veto and he wants them to sweat a little bit. And he wants to surprise them with shocking news. And it will be good. It’s time for the veto meeting! Tamar says Tom has a lot of power this week and he’s very much aware of it. She says no one in the house feels safe because you don’t know what he’s going to do. Kandi doesn’t know what Tom is going to do. If he puts Tamar on the block, all hell is going to break loose. Lolo says at this point Tom could use the veto and put up anyone. The worst-case scenario would be her going on the block. Tom calls them all to the LR. Natalie says she thinks Tom should use the veto on her because she loves this game and she could be a great ally. Ricky says everyone knows he’s Tom’s main target and he’s not going to waste his breath or anyone’s time. Tom says he’s going to use the power of veto…on someone he’s proud to know…the legendary Ricky Williams. Tom and Ricky shake hands and everyone claps. Ricky says wow. Tom since he just vetoed one of his nominations he has to name a replacement nominee and he nominates…Lolo Jones. Tom says he told her she’d be putting her on the block but he believed she’d be safe from the vote, and he still thinks that’s true. If he’s wrong, he’s sorry but he admires her and he wants everyone to consider that Lolo competes for America and remember that at the vote. Tom says this is an unexpected move, but he thinks Lolo and Natalie are bigger threats and maybe it’s an olive branch for Ricky. Lolo says she knew that was going to happen. Natalie says it’s a bummer she’s on the block, but what makes it worse is she’s there with her ride or die and that was not in the game plan. It just sucks. Lolo says it’s in God’s hands. She says Tom put her on the block and she just wishes it weren’t with Natalie. It’s a frustrating situation. Ricky says Tom made it clear he was the target and his mind is blown. He doesn’t know if it’s strategy, but either way he is safe this week. Tamar and Kandi are in the lounge and they are shocked. Tamar says she is elated because she thought she was going up. Tamar says yesterday he was talking about getting Ricky out and today he uses veto on him. Something in the milk ain’t clean. Kandi says she is shocked. Totally shocked. Because last time she talked to Tom he was so serious to get him out of here. Kandi says I suppose you aren’t supposed to look a gift horse in the house. Kandi says Natalie is the best player and Tamar disagrees. Kandi asks Tamar who she’s voting for and Tamar doesn’t respond. Natalie says it’s a lose-lose situation to try and get votes. Lolo says she feels like falling on her sword, but she has nothing to go home to. Natalie says she’s good with leaving. Lolo leaves and Tamar talks to Natalie and wants to know why she’s giving up her game for Lolo? Tamar tells her she needs to talk to Dina and Ricky and fight for her game because no one else can fight for her. Natalie doesn’t want to campaign against Lolo. Tamar says you’re just asking if you have their votes. Natalie says she loves Lolo, but she wants to stay and compete. She has to go out and get those votes. Natalie talks to Dina and Ricky. Dina says she’s in shock and she can’t give an answer right now. Ricky says he’s leaning towards Natalie. Ricky tells us Lolo is smart and athletic and Natalie and Ricky connect. He has to choose between two allies and he doesn’t know what to do. It’s time for the first eviction of the night. Lolo says in a game full of lies and schemes and she thinks the real game is finding the goodness in everyone here. Lolo has addressed each HG and says what they’ve shown her and she hopes they’ve seen the goodness in her. Natalie says that’s tough to follow. She thanks God and she thanks CBS and Julie and the entire crew. She thanks them for the opportunity and she thanks her husband. She gets emotional and thanks her family and says HG, what an experience. She’ll remember it forever, especially her room. Her room is special and she knows it’s going to go down in history and she’ll remember it forever. She thanks them all and she loves them. Time to vote! Kandi votes to evict Natalie. Tamar sadly votes to evict her friend, Natalie. Ricky votes to evict Natalie. Dina sadly votes to evict Natalie. By a unanimous vote, Natalie has been evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house. Julie is ready to break the news to the HG there is one final Breaking Celebrity News report. Kevin Frazier is on and he’s discussing double eviction night. And there’s a new opportunity to keep themselves safe tonight. Julie comes on and everyone still isn’t in the LR. They all come in and Julie fills them in. One of them will be safe tonight. In just moments, they will all compete in a special safety competition. The winner will be safe from tonight’s eviction, but will have to sit out the HOH. Natalie thought the twist would be her going back in and competing. She asks Natalie who she hopes win it and she says any one of her three. Julie thought it would be Lolo. Julie says Tom told her she’d be a pawn, but she’s sitting here. Natalie says you can’t believe anything Tom says. She had an opportunity to win and she didn’t win veto. Julie says they were in an alliance with Tom and Kato and she mentions to Natalie about not using veto to backdoor Ricky. Natalie says she didn’t choose to side with Ricky, but she didn’t feel comfortable flipping on a team member they just brought in. Natalie says she thought they’d rock with her because it was a team choice and as soon as she didn’t use that veto it was World War III in the house and Tom and Kato showed their true colors and unraveled. The HG have a lot at stake tonight. First, they’ll battle it out for a safety competition, then immediately compete for HOH. This competition is called Living Art. Inside the house are real people dressed as pieces of art. They are spread out over the lower level of the house. On her go, they’ll search the downstairs for these people and their goal is to determine how many people are in the house. They will only have 90 seconds to search the house. The first HG back to their podium with the correct answer and who locks it in will win safety. If they don’t lock in in time, they’re disqualified. The HG are running back and forth and Lolo and Ricky are both back first. Ricky locked in first, then Lolo. Tamar and Kandi both return. Dina locks in. Tom locks in and there was still 34 seconds left. Ricky answered 13, Lolo and Dina answered 17, Tamar answered 19, and Kandi answered 15. Tom is the last to lock in and he answered 16. The correct answer is 22 and Tamar who locked in first with the correct answer is safe. It’s now time for the HOH competition. Tom and Tamar cannot compete. In this game, some of the living art has started disappearing. They will make their way back in and they have to determine how many have gone missing. They will have 90 seconds. The first to lock in with the correct answer will be the new HOH. If no one is correct, the player closest will win. The HG are again running around and moving a little slower this time. There is one minute left and Lolo, Kandi, and Dina are running towards the kitchen. Lolo and Dina are out first and locked in. Ricky is out and has locked in his. Kandi is out with 30 seconds left and she has locked in. Ricky answered 8, Lolo answered 7, Dina answered 9, and Kandi answered 5. The correct answer is 7. Lolo is the new HOH! Just moments ago, Lolo became the new HOH. It’s now her responsibility to put two people on the chopping block. It’s time for the live nomination ceremony. Julie asks if Lolo is ready and she says no, she didn’t want this HOH. Julie reminds Lolo she can’t nominate Tamar. Lolo’s first nominee is…Tom, because he wins everything and she knows he can come back if he wants. She has no ill feelings. Lolo’s next nominee is…she can’t decide Julie. Julie says you have to pick right now. Lolo says she can’t. Julie says she’s about to lose the HOH if she doesn’t make a nomination. Julie reminds her they are on live TV. Lolo say she’ll go with Kandi she guesses. Julie says Kandi or Tom MAY be the next HG evicted, but there is still veto coming up. You can now vote for your favorite Celebrity Houseguest now! Already tonight Natalie Eva Marie was evicted and then Lolo became the new HOH. She put Tom and Kandi up for eviction and now everyone will face off for the POV. This competition is called Cousins. They’re about to screen the new BB sitcom featuring Ross Matthews and Meta World Peace. After they watch, they’ll get True or False questions. The player with the most points after 7 questions will win POV. Question 1-True or False, Meta was wearing mismatched socks. Everyone answers True and they are all correct. Question 2-True or False-The high heel shoe on the coffee table was blue. Everyone answers false and they are correct. The shoe was red. Question 3-True or False, Meta and Ross inherited the house from their Papa and everyone answers False. They inherited from their Nana. Question 4-True or False-Ross entered the house with a briefcase in his right hand. Lolo and Ricky answer True and everyone else answers false. Lolo and Ricky now have 4 points. Question 5-True or False-The first thing Ross placed in the trash bin was a beer bottle? Lolo and Dina answer true and everyone answers false. Ricky now has the lead. Question 6-True or False-Ross said what uncivilized monster did this? Kandi and Tamar are correct and everyone else is wrong. Ross said barbarian. Ricky, Tamar, and Kandi are tied. True or False-all of the cups in the living room were red. Kandi and Lolo say true and everyone else says false. Tamar and Ricky both are correct. There were also blue cups. There is a tie between Ricky and Tamar. They grab their boards. The answer will be a number. The person closest without going over number will win. Rounded to the nearest second…how long in seconds is the time between the moment Ross started saying hello to the moment he places his chin on his fist at the end of the sitcom. Neither Tamar or Ricky is writing. Tamar writes 50 and Ricky answers 234. The correct answer is 124 second so Tamar has won the POV. Tamar has just won the POV and now we will see if she will save one of the two nominees. Tamar says in the name of her home girl and trust, she will not be using the POV. Tom or Kandi, which one will leave the Big Brother house tonight? Tom or Kandi, one is about to walk out the front door. The other will secure their spot in the finale. Julie greets the HG. Tom says this was a lot of fun. He’s watched the show and he didn’t expect it to be as strange, fun, exciting, and competitive. He thought everyone would come in and have a good time and not take it too seriously. Tom congratulates Lolo on winning HOH, Tamar is awesome, he hopes Ricky remember he took him off the block and Dina might be his new best friend in the whole world and he wishes Kandi good luck. Kandi thinks she’s been on the block more than anyone else and she thinks she carries it well. She loves everyone here and she hopes they keep her and allow her to bring good energy. She says Tom is a good competitor. Time to vote! Dina votes to evict Tom. Ricky votes to evict Tom Green. Tamar gladly votes to evict Tom Green. By a unanimous vote, Tom has been evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house. Tamar is dancing as Tom is leaving. Tom hugs everyone as he’s leaving and he gives another hug to Lolo and he wishes them good luck and heads out the door. He holds the door so the audience can see the HG. Julie asks Tom who he’s rooting for and he says voting for Lolo. Julie says I didn’t say vote! Tom says he can’t believe he’s outside right now. Julie says he was on a roll, what happened to his game? Tom says he felt like the odds were against him in the beginning and he made an alliance with Kato and the Mooch, and they had to fight for those competitions. It was pretty cool that he can say he’s won HOH twice and two vetoes and that caused drama in the house. When Tom bonded with Kato, why target all the men? Tom says hindsight is 20/20, not sure if he’d do that knowing what he knows now. Tom says when Anthony left, he realized Jonathan, Joey, and Ryan were off on their own and were against them. Julie asks what’s the best thing he’s taking away? Tom says he learned a lot about the way humans behave and people really do change quickly on a dime. It’s a sad thing to learn, but he’ll carry that with him in life and be able to use it in some way. Julie thanks Tom and says she’ll see him on finale night. Julie is telling the HG has finale night is going to work. Julie congratulates them. Everyone except Lolo will compete in the next HOH. They will nominate two HG, and the veto meeting will follow and then live eviction will be on finale. The final four will compete to become the last and most powerful HOH of the season and they will have to immediately evict TWO HG and decide who they want to sit next to compete for the winner of Celebrity Big Brother.
  4. Previously, on Celebrity Big Brother, with power on the line, the house was gunning for the duo of Tomato and when it came down to Tamar vs. Kato, the Braxton derailed the K-train. Kandi tried to warn Tamar about the real power in the house, but Tamar was intent on her original plan. With the veto still to be played, Tamar considered a possible backdoor, but with Lolo earning her first gold medal, she assured Tomato would be squashed. At the live eviction, the house said lato to Kato. Tonight, a new HOH will be crowned and two more celebrities will be put on the chopping block. Plus, Omarosa is back! All this right now on Celebrity Big Brother! We pick up on Day 20 after the eviction and Lolo says she’s sorry Tom has to stay another day or two. Tom says he’s surprised he’s still there. Is he in a futile position? He needs to make some friends fast and then he has to win HOH. Tamar is celebrating getting Kato out and she says nothing like making the best out of your HOH, but you can’t ever get too confident in this game. Lolo says she’s grateful to be there, and she feels comfortable with Tamar, Natalie, and Ricky, but they have to go after Tom. Tom congratulates Tamar and he says she did much better than he did. He says he stunk at it. Kandi says Tom is like a lost puppy now that Kato is gone and she needs to make sure she brings him over to her side to take out one of the big dogs. Ricky and Lolo are talking and Ricky tells her good job and they need to keep winning. Ricky wants to know who she’d put up and Lolo says there are a few options. Ricky says Tom and Kandi and she says that’s an option. Ricky says they have to make sure they win HOH and get one of them out. We see Dina and Kandi talking and Kandi is telling Dina she’d put up Natalie and Lolo. Dina wants Kandi to go talk to Tom. Kandi says she needs to get Tom motivated to fight with them and win this HOH. Kandi asks Tom who he’d put on the block and he says he hasn’t thought about it. He doesn’t think he’s going to win. Kandi says it has to be one of the athlete’s because if they win past this, they have the majority. Tom says yeah, get out the athlete’s next, but he needs to hold his cards close to his vest. She could be coming in to gather information and he needs to make sure she’s on his side. Tamar comes out of the DR and says it’s time for the HOH competition. The BY is set up casino style. There are slot machines, a craps table, and two life-sized dice. Omarosa comes out. Lolo says Omarosa is a boss and she was one of her faves and seeing her makes her day. Omarosa is excited to host this competition but a part of her wishes she were competing. Omarosa reads the rules and they will go head-to-head and select an opponent. Each HG will step inside the dice and they will be given a number they have to “roll”. Omarosa will spin the wheel they have to match and the first player to get their number on the top of the dice and on their platform will become the next HOH. They will be playing Celebrity Tumbling Dice. Tom is up first and he would like to challenge Ricky. Tom says Kato is gone, he’s next. He has to win HOH. He chose Ricky first so he can knock him out so he doesn’t knock out Kandi or Dina. Their target number is 6. Ricky recaps the rules for us and he says this is really hard. He feels like he’s in a puzzle he can’t get out of. Tom says this is challenging. He’s rolling but he’s getting disoriented. Tom is moving and he thinks he has it and Tom is first back to the platform and Tom has won. Lolo and Natalie don’t look happy and Lolo says he’s good at it. Natalie tells Dina and Kandi they have to pick Tom. Kandi says why would she pick Tom? She needs to keep him in the game. Lolo is up next. She says they just sent Kato to the guest house and now the gloves are off. Lolo selects Tom. Their target number is 4. Lolo says she feels like a hamster on a wheel. She can’t even get her brain to fathom how to do this. Tom says Lolo is trying to take him. Tom says if they keep picking him he will get better and better at this. Not a smart move. Tom has it and steps on the platform and he is correct. Lolo is eliminated. Lolo says Tom is like the bad guy and they can’t get rid of him. Natalie is next and Lolo tells her to pick Dina. Natalie selects Dina. Lolo tells Natalie to use this one to figure it out. Dina doesn’t know why Natalie picked her, but she thinks it looks like fun. Their target number is 6. Dina is just trying to figure out how to do the dice, but in dice it’s luck. She never thought she’d be in a cube rolling a dice like that. Kandi says Dina doesn’t know where to flip. She’ll flip forward and then back to the same spot. Omarosa is encouraging both HG. Natalie makes it back first and wins. Dina is eliminated. Natalie says she doesn’t feel good about it because it took her way longer than she expected and she still has to beat Tom. Kandi is next and she has to challenge Natalie. Lolo says what is Kandi doing here? Did she forget they just saved her? She’s scrambling to the other side because Tom is winning. She needs to go. Kandi says she needs to get Natalie out. Their target dice is 2. Tom is rolling the dice in his head to figure out the moves before he gets in the game. Kandi has her dice moving and Natalie is moving hers along too. Natalie needs to be Kandi because she doesn’t trust her at all. Natalie makes it back just before Kandi and Natalie remains in the game and Kandi has been eliminated. Natalie now will go against Tom for HOH. Natalie says the pressure is on and she wants to win it for her team. Natalie and Tom’s target number is 5. Tom says it’s him vs Natalie and he’s a target. Guess what? He’s not going to lose, he’s winning this Natalie. Tom easily rolls the dice and is the first back and Tom has won the HOH! Tom says he’s excited and he did it for Kato. He holds the key up. Natalie says this is very bad. Lolo says this is not good. Ricky says Tom won HOH again and is coming after us. The HG come inside from the HOH comp and they are all chanting HOH. Tom says he’s making every effort not to celebrate too much. Things change quickly and he has to be more careful about that now. Natalie says Tom winning was the worst-case scenario, but this is Big Brother and she believes in miracles. This isn’t over. Kandi goes into the lounge with Tom and she celebrates. She says she couldn’t celebrate before she has to tell him good job. She hopes by going after Natalie in the competition shows him she meant what she said and that he will go after the athletes. Natalie and Tamar are in the BR and Natalie says so close. She says she’ll be going up on the block. Tamar says why do you say that and she says because she didn’t listen to him and Kato. Lolo says Tom needs to go after someone else because he has way too much blood on his hands. Natalie says Tom ran through each of them. Lolo says he had it figured out game one. Dina is talking to Tom in the lounge and says Tamar is with Natalie, Lolo, and Ricky. She says they are freaking out. Tom says that’s why he doesn’t want to celebrate too much. Dina says they told us to pick Tom and they have been mean girls since day one. Tom says this is the first time he has seen Dina actually talk game. Oh, there’s Dina. He needs Kandi’s vote and Dina’s vote and let’s do this! Lolo and Natalie are in the WA. Lolo says it’s in God’s hands. Lolo says Dina and Kandi have no blood on their hands. Natalie says Kandi picking her in the competition shows she isn’t with them. And if she’s not with them, she’s against them. Lolo goes to tell the room that. Natalie tells Tamar. Natalie says Kandi is stupid, bye bye. Tamar says they are making Kandi smarter than she is. Tamar tells us Kandi let the cat out of the bag by making it clear she was working with Tom. Lolo says she has no blood on her hands and Natalie says Kandi is dead to her. Kandi and Dina are talking about relationships. Dina says she misses a special someone. She lives in New York and he lives in another state. Kandi asks if they’ve met and she says not yet. She says she knows it’s crazy, but she’s going to marry him. Tamar comes in and Kandi says that’s catfish. They haven’t done facetime either. Dina says he doesn’t use it and Tamar says that’s a lie. Everyone facetimes, even her son. Natalie comes in and Tamar is still talking to Dina. She wants to know why they haven’t met and Dina says he lives in another state and he can’t leave because he’s taking care of his mom. They tell Dina she can’t go by herself. Natalie says she needs to have someone go with her. Tamar says she’ll do it because she wants to see if it’s a catfish situation. Dina says some guys just don’t use iPhones. Natalie goes to talk to Tom in the HOH. Tom wants to talk to the HG and maybe it will curry favor for next week when he can’t be HOH. He says one of them will be the target though. Natalie says she’s good with not putting him on the block next week. Tom says I won’t put you up, but if someone wins veto and comes down I might have to put you up, but the other person will be my target. Natalie says wait! That’s a backdoor, and she’s not cool with that. Tom talks to Lolo and says he wants to put her up as a pawn and he wants her to win veto and take herself down. Lolo says what if I don’t? Tom says you’re not my target and I’m hoping you won’t put me on the block next week. Lolo starts crying and she says she’s hoping she’s not the target. Tom says she is not. Tom tells us she’s not the target, he has someone else in mind…hello Ricky! Ricky comes in for his talk. Tom says he wanted Ricky out last time and he still wants Ricky out. He needs to orchestrate all the moves to get Ricky out. He makes the same deal with Ricky that he made with Lolo. Tom tells us he lied to Ricky. Hello, it’s Big Brother. Ricky says Tom’s deal is not a deal. He’s not an idiot. Ricky says they had enough votes to evict Tom last week but if he doesn’t nominate himself, Lolo, or Natalie, Tom’s chances improve on staying. Ricky says he doesn’t think Tom will let their alliance stick together. Tom says he’ll consider Ricky’s offer and Tom says his gut tells him there’s deception going on. Ricky is lying to him and he’s lying to Ricky. This is what happens in deception. He gets lied to and he lies back and now they are lying to each other. That’s just Big Brother. It’s 2:27 am and the HG are sleeping and Tom is downstairs in a pink hoodie holding two boxes of cereal and pretending to be an eagle and soaring around and flying. He flies between the KT and WC area. He finishes and says that was a good one. That was a good one for sure. Tamar and Natalie are talking and Natalie says it’s pretty obvious he’s going to put up one of the four. Natalie says she’s not even mad at Kandi, she pretends like she’s not playing, but she’s playing. Kandi comes in and Natalie says it’s way too cold in the room and she leaves. Kandi says Natalie clearly isn’t a fan of hers and that’s ok. She’s not a fan of theirs. Tamar says they feel like they saved Kandi and Kandi says they didn’t save me, Tamar did. Tamar says they are mad they are going up. Kandi says then be mad at that, but don’t blame me. Tamar says two of her BR alliance is going on the block, but she trusts Kandi 100%. Kandi says at the end of the day, if one of them goes, they have a better chance of making it to the end. Tom and Kandi are talking in the HOH room. Tom tells her he’s thinking of putting up Lolo and Ricky and he wants to keep Lolo safe and Ricky is the target. If Ricky wins veto, then he’ll put up Natalie. Kandi says Lolo and Natalie should be the targets and she doesn’t think Natalie will come after Tom. Kandi thinks Natalie will come after her. Tom says maybe he should have talked to her first, because he might have gotten himself into deeper trouble than he wants to be. Tom says he told Lolo she was going on the block and Natalie would not. Now he might be in trouble. It’s time for the nomination ceremony. Tom’s first nominee is…Ricky. Tom’s second nominee is…Natalie. Tom says he nominated because they are both incredible athletes and competitors and he chose to target them because they are targeting him. He wishes them luck in the veto competition. Tom says he was in an alliance together, but it was full of lies. He wants to knock them out of the game before they can get him out. Ricky says he’s not surprised, but he’s going down fighting. Natalie says Tom is a massive liar. He lied to her face and then switched nominations last minute. He’s coming for her. Lolo wishes Tom would cut the BS. Thanks for saving her for the backdoor. One of them has to win.
  5. The finals are next week and this is the last chance for the acts to grab a spot. We have our final 10 acts competing for the final 2 spots. And the golden buzzer tonight belongs Terry Crews. The final act will be voted through. We kick off the show with Attraction, the winners of Britain’s Got Talent Season 7 and they are a shadow dance act. They hope Simon can see how they’ve grown and it would be an honor to win again. They begin their performance and it is U.S. themed. They get a standing ovation all around. Howie says in all his years, they’ve seen some shadow dancing, but never one more concise and more emotional. He wishes them the best of luck. Mel B says that was just brilliant on every single level. Heidi says it was a flawless performance and she loves their imagination and story-telling. Simon remembers the first time he saw them and he sees them in a different context now. Simon says they reminded him once again how amazing they are. Next is Jackie Evancho and she was the runner-up on Season 5 of America’s Got Talent and she’s now 18. When she didn’t win she thought she was going back to normal life, but her life completely changed. She’s the youngest solo singer to go platinum. Now she has another shot and if she were to win, then it would be a redemption for her. Jackie takes the stage and performs Music of the Night from Phantom of the Opera. She gets an ovation from the audience before she is done and the judges join in as she finishes. Howie says welcome home. Mel B says she has the voice of an angel. It’s just stunningly beautiful. Simon says she has gotten better since her performance years ago. He says that was outstanding. Howie says she exemplifies what AGT is and tonight was truly amazing and he hopes she gets voted through. Colin Cloud is up next and he is an illusionist. He’s been described as the real life Sherlock Holmes. When he lost in the semi-finals he was gutted. He says the missed opportunity still haunts him and he’s excited beyond belief to have this second chance. He wants to prove he not only deserves to be in the final, but he also has what it takes to win the competition. He begins his performance by asking everyone to put on a Colin Cloud mask he left for everyone in the theater. He wants them all to think about a celebrity at random. He has a piece of paper with an X and he wants the judges to throw out a bowl of pieces of paper and he wants the people to mix them up. He wants everyone to stop when the judges hit their X and he wants everyone to check who has the X. Colin has Howie thinking of a number and a letter and Colin writes it on his hand. Howie was thinking of L and 3 and Colin has written it on his hand. Colin says that’s a seat number in the room and he asks the person with the paper with X stand up. She is not in L3, but Colin asks the person in L3 to stand up but leave their mask on. Colin tells Howie if he gets it wrong, he wants Howie to immediately hit his button and eliminate him from the competition. Colin then asks the woman with the X to name the celebrity they were thinking of and she says David Hasselhoff. Colin pulls out a handkerchief and it has the name David Hasselhoff. He then has the person in L3 unmask themselves and it is David Hasselhoff. Howie really thinks Colin stepped up his game. Simon thinks Colin has absolutely redeemed himself tonight. He says it brings back great memories of when they launched the show with David. Mel B loves him and he is brilliant and he has magical powers. Next is Lee, The Lost Voice Guy and he won Britain’s Got Talent in 2018 and Simon says he’s very naughty. Lee has a cerebral palsy and communicates with a speech pad. He’s a comedian and he says winning changed his life and it was an amazing moment. He never expected to be this successful. He’s performed before the royal family and he’s working on a book. He’s just surprised his batteries haven’t run out yet. This is his first time performing in America and winning would be a fantastic honor. Lee begins his performance. The audience seems to enjoy the performance and he gets an ovation. Howie says he’s been watching him online and he’s hysterical and he wonders why America can’t have a comic win. Heidi says he is teaching them all something today and she hopes the people voting will think about it. Simon says he’s a great guy and really funny and he’s happy the American audience got to experience what he did on Britain’s Got Talent. Sal Valentinetti remember his time on AGT Season 11 and he is a singer. He was ready to win and he finished in fifth place, but being a finalist changed his life. He says there is some feeling that he was so close, but being part of Champions means he can be the best in the world, not just the country. Sal takes the stage and performs Mack the Knife by Bobby Darin. Heidi says he is so cute. Howie says Sal is genuine and authentic and real. Mel B says Sal just lit up the entire room. She loved it. Simon says he’s slightly star struck. Heidi loves him so very much and she hopes the fifty states will vote for him. Tokio Myers is next and he won Britain’s Got Talent and he plays piano. He talks about where he grew up in London and he says it’s been an incredible year and now here is in America. He wants to go out and blow the American people away. Simon greets Tokio and he says it’s good to see him. Howie asks what he’s been doing and Tokio talks about the fire in Greenfell and helping raise money. Tokio takes his seat at the piano and begins his performance. He also has some drums and cymbals that he plays during his performance as well. He gets an ovation as he finishes. Howie asks what this felt like and Tokio says it’s incredible and the energy is different. Howie says he is a world class musician and he sees him as the next Quincy Jones. Heidi says this is what they mean when they say a one man show. Simon says this is feeling like the Olympics and they’ve all upped their game. Next is Simonova and she won the first season of Ukraine’s Got Talent. She says that was her first time on the stage at all and her performances went viral. She didn’t have a computer so she had no idea how big it got. This is her first time in America and she wants to show how beautiful the Ukraine is. Simonova takes to the stage and begins her performance. She gets an ovation from the audience and the crowd is chanting. Simon says she is one of the best contestants they’ve had over all the years and over all the countries. He says that was fantastic. Mel B says that was incredible. Everything she does is brilliant. Howie agrees. He says it’s so emotional and what she does is beautiful. He says in his mind she is the champion. Terry appears from the side of the stage and comes down to the judge’s table and says he’s never been more impressed by her ability to move people the way she did and he hits his golden buzzer. Simonova will move on to the finals! Next is Cosentino and he was the runner-up in Australia’s Got Talent Season 5 and he is an escape artist. He’s been inspired by Harry Houdini and he says it’s very painful to come in second, but it gave him a platform to have his own career. He’s toured all around the world, but there’s still one place he has to go…America. So here he is and to compete against the best in the world, he has to step up. He’s literally putting his life on the line. Is it worth it? He thinks it is to prove he’s a champion. Cosentino is ready for his performance and he invites Terry on stage to ensure everything is legitimate. He’s going to be locked to a spinning wheel by four padlocks. He has Terry test the padlock. There are four cross bows aimed at the wheel and he show the audience the arrows, and he demonstrates how dangerous the arrow is. There are bear traps on the wheel and he will be using a lock pick to get himself free. If he fails, then he will be skewered and burnt alive because there will be fire involved as well. Terry gives him a hug and he takes his place on the wheel. Cosentino has two assistants come out and he takes his shirt off. He steps into the restraints and is strapped in. He has locks around both arms, one around his legs at the bottom, and one around his waist. The arrows are in place, the fire is going on the sides, and the time starts and he begins working with the lock pick. He seems to be struggling with the first lock, but then it’s free just as the first arrow shoots. The wheel starts to spin and Cosentino works on his other arm. He seems to be struggling with it as well and the wheel has made one revolution but his arm is free. The wheel begins to spin in the other direction and he’s working on the lock on his waist and he’s free and begins on his legs and gets out just as the fire is shot at the wheel. Simon says Cosentino is one crazy guy. Howie says he has a dramatic delivery and it was scary. He loved it. Heidi says she thought it was thrilling and she loved the presentation. It was very entertaining. Simon says he loved that it wasn’t an illusion and this was the whole idea of the show and he thinks he has a shot after that. Only one spot left and only a couple of acts left. Next is Sons of Serendip and they were on America’s Got Talent Season 9. They have been able to record albums, open for John Legend, and they are blessed to have so many great experiences. And now they are back to compete against the best of the best of the world. They can’t wait to show they judges how they’ve evolved and grown and they want to win this time. Sons of Serendip take the stage and they perform Somewhere Only We Know by Keane. Heidi says there is magic in the air when they perform and they make her feel so good. Mel B says that was so dreamy and so angelic and she’s glad they came back. Simon says his voice is stunning and the song choice was great. He says that performance actually got him and he says this was a huge step up. Our final act is Shin Lim and he is the reigning winner of America’s Got Talent and he’s a magician. He didn’t think he could actually win until he made top two. He says he’s recognized all over and he had to come back because AGT is where it started. He feels like expectations are really high for him and he’s very nervous, but he’s back to defend his title. Simon says he has absolute respect for Shin to come back and compete because there are others who wouldn’t do that. Shin requests Terry’s help and asks him to come to the stage. He has his sit next to a table he has set up. He starts by spreading a deck out and he has Terry put his left hand out and he puts a card in his hand and tells him not to move. He then puts three aces out and he makes cards appear from the aces, the Kings and queens of the same suits. He has all of them but the spades, which Terry has the ace of spades. Shin then takes the three cards of the same suit, and makes the aces of each one disappear. He then has Terry uncover his hand and all of the aces are there. He then starts making the kings and queens disappear. He then has all four aces and he shows us the back of them and he turns them from blue to red. He then puts the red cards in the blue deck and the entire deck has turned red. He then has the joker on the top of the deck and a C appears and he fans the cards out and it says Champions. He then turns the aces over and it says Terry, check your pocket and Terry has the four aces in his pocket. Shin has gotten an ovation from the audience and the judges. Terry is stunned and shakes Shin’s hand. Mel B says she is sitting there thinking…what just happened? Howie says he is perfection and he wants to reach out to the 50 states and he is a winner and he should be in the final. Heidi says this was as expected…mind blowing! Simon says he can see something different in him and now thanks to him, his son thinks he has magic powers. Simon says he’s a true star, a great guy, and a champion. Now it’s all down to the results. There are only two spots open in the finals, but Simonova got the first spot. It’s time to find out who the top three are for the final spot. The first act in the top 3 is…Attraction! The second act is…Shin Lim! The final act in the top three is…Sons of Serendip! Only one act can go through. Attraction won in the northeast. Shin Lim won the Midwest and Sons of Serendip won in Alabama, Arizona, and Tennessee. The act finishing in third place is…Sons of Serendip. The act that is moving into the finals is…Shin Lim! Next week is the finals and there’s a big twist coming in the finals.
  6. Previously, on Celebrity Big Brother, at a terrifying battle for power, the comedian murdered the competition. Tom, Lolo, Natalie, and Kato tried to strengthen their ranks by recruiting Ricky, but when the football player seemed wishy-washy, Tom grew suspicious and he considered taking him out. Tamar won a new secret power, but thinking Kandi or Joey had the power, Tom nominated them to flush it out. Tonight, will the power of veto save one of the nominees? And which celebrity will be sent packing? Plus, with all the backstabbing, alliances crumble. Good evening, we’re greeted by Julie and she says it’s day 18 inside the Big Brother house. Tonight, we’ll have tonight’s veto competition, veto meeting, and live eviction. Who will survive the night? We’ll find out soon enough. Power will get you far in this game, but paranoia will destroy ya. We pick up after the nomination ceremony and Tamar says she has the power and she thinks Tom and his friends are idiots. Kandi says how did I get put up on the block? When she wins this veto, Tom better watch out because now he has another person who is not a fan of his. Tom says he put Joey and Kandi on the block and he expected someone to stand up with a power but now he’s confused. But his plan is to backdoor Ricky. Maybe they’ll play mystery theater…who has the power. Joey says so he’s on the block again, but that’s a sign you’re seen as a threat. Joey says when that group cannibalizes on each other, that’ll be fun to watch for everyone. Kato and Tom are questioning Ricky about who might have the power and Ricky suggests it’s Tamar that has the power. Tom says Tamar could have it, but also Ricky could have it. He’s doing a little investigation, call him Sherlock Tom. Tom and Kato go into the gym with Lolo and Natalie and they are discussing the power. Lolo says you for sure don’t think it’s someone from the five and Tom says he hopes not. Tom says he doesn’t think Joey has it because he’s not that good of an actor. Lolo says she will not have another paranoid teammate. She is not down for that and she will not play that game. Tom says he’s not trying to get Lolo riled up but he thinks Ricky has the power and he isn’t as loyal as they trust he is. Tom suggests backdooring Ricky. Lolo says Tom is the most paranoid player in the house. Use Ricky for numbers for now and then get him out. Lolo, Ricky, and Natalie are talking about the power and Lolo asks who they think has it. Ricky says he doesn’t care, he’s not playing that game. Lolo gives Ricky a heads up that Tom thinks he has the power. Lolo says Ricky did her a solid when he gave her a heads up about maybe being backdoored and he wants to return the favor. She tells Ricky that Tom doesn’t trust him. Natalie is talking to Ricky in the lounge about Tom. Natalie says Tom’s plan doesn’t benefit her as well. So now she’s questioning if it’s the right move to work with Tom and Kato. Lolo comes in and Ricky says they have to pretend they are a solid five and if they win the veto don’t use it. It’s now time for the POV competition. Tom, Joey, and Kandi along with Lolo, Natalie, and Dina will now go head to head to win the POV. We see the backyard is set up as a football field. The goal in each battle is to make three field goals before your opponent. But each kicker will have a blocker. To knock the blocker down, they’ll have to spin 15 times and then they can kick. But after 7 seconds, they’ll have to spin again because the blocker will pop back up. The last person standing will the POV. Tom says luckily he has two other alliance members playing and they can win POV and use it to take Joey down and backdoor Ricky. Kandi says being on the block sucks and she needs to win. Natalie says it’s important to stop Tom’s plan so they have to win. Lolo is first and she says she doesn’t want Tom to win. She also doesn’t want Dina or Kandi to win so she chooses Dina first. Dina says an Olympian chose her…great. She wants to win the competition because she’s very competitive. Dina spins enough to lower the blocker but she’s too dizzy and doesn’t even get to kick once before her blocker pops back up. Lolo says she’s been in a bobsled crash before and she was dizzy, and she’s more now than that! Lolo kicks her first field goal. Dina still struggles to get a kick up. Kato is laughing and says it’s like watching a baby take their first steps. Lolo gets a second kick up and she has 2 field goals. Dina finally gets a kick up but she doesn’t score. Lolo scores her last field goal and Lolo wins! Dina has been eliminated. Joey is next and he wants to face off against Tom. Tom thinks he can win this, he knows how to kick. Tom’s blocker is down and he shimmy’s sideways and gets his kick up but is just short. Joey’s first kick is just short also. Joey says this is a competition he wants to win and one he can win. Tom scores the first field goal. Joey misses again. Tom kicks a second field goal. Joey scores his first field goal and Tom misses his next kick. Joey scores his second field goal and the score is tied. Tom beats Joey to the kick and scores his third field goal and wins! Joey has been eliminated. Kandi is next and she picks Tom. Kandi’s blocker is down and she’s hoping Tom is dizzy and tired. Kandi is just short and Tom scores on his first kick, and then his second immediately. Kandi misses on her next shot as well and she falls down. Tom kicks three straight field goals and he wins! Kandi has been eliminated. Tom asks Natalie not to pick him and she picks him anyway. Tom says his alliance member picks him to go again. Natalie says she picked him because he cannot have all of this power. Natalie’s man is down and she walks straight up and scores and falls. Tom also scores his first point. Natalie and Tom both score their second field goal. Tom is out first and Natalie is right behind. Tom kicks first but it hits the post and bounces back and Natalie scores and wins! Tom has been eliminated. It all comes down to Lolo and Natalie. Natalie says bye Tom, it’s her and Lolo now. Natalie says whoever wins it’s a win win situation, they have the power and that’s all that matters. Both Lolo and Natalie score their first and second kicks. Natalie is a little faster and she scores the third field goal and she has won the POV! Natalie says she can now keep nominations the same and let the game play on. Tom says he wonders what they will do with the veto. It will tell him something about where their loyalties lie. It’s now time for the POV meeting. Natalie must decide to go through with Tom’s plan or keep it around her neck and draw a line in the sand. Tom says he’s a little nervous about this. Natalie and Lolo haven’t come and talked to him all day. That makes him suspicious. Natalie has decided not to use the power of veto. She wants to respect the HOH and let the game play on as is. Natalie says Tom and Kato had the power and they showed their true colors. If they had stayed the course with the final five they had, things would have been cool. Joey says he wants to stick around and he’s going to find his moment. Tom says he feels like Natalie and Lolo is deceiving them. He can see when people are being deceptive. Ricky says Natalie and Lolo need to put on their best acting faces and convince Kato and Tom they are still a group. Lolo goes upstairs immediately followed by Natalie. Natalie says Tom never talked to them today, she wasn’t sure what they were doing. Natalie says she’s trying to deflect and play dumb. Tom says she won the veto and he didn’t want to tell her what to do. Lolo says they are the brains and they needed them. Ricky joins them and he says they need to stick together. Ricky asks if they are all good and Tom says yeah. Tom says they couldn’t find them in the house with seven rooms? It takes five minutes. He doesn’t trust Natalie, Ricky, and Lolo as far as he can throw them. The three leave the room and Tom looks at Kato and says the academy award goes to the three of them. Julie says Team Fun has split, but that’s just the beginning of their problems. Lolo, Natalie, Tamar, and Ricky are in the bedroom and Joey comes in and he’s making a pitch. They are talking about Tom’s paranoia. Joey says Kato and Tom’s alliance was clicking along, but then they started to talk down to everyone. So this has given Joey a chance to maybe swing some votes and keep him there. Joey says we need to get one of those guys on the block. Natalie says she loves what Joey is saying. Tom is running around all loco and maybe they should keep Joey. That’s how quick things change in Big Brother. Lolo and Natalie are in the WC and Kato is in the KT and Kato says he’s frustrated. Little did they know, there were traitors in their alliance. He tells them from the KT that he’s going to win HOH. Natalie asks Kato why he’s being weird and Kato says I’m not, all is good. Natalie asks Kato if he woke up on the wrong side of the bed and Kato says he’s aware of what’s going on around him. Natalie says no they didn’t. Kato says we did. Lolo and Natalie go to the KT with Kato and Tom and Lolo says Kato is upset and she says she is not for this crap. Kato says have you taken an acting class? Lolo says they keep making the whole house mad and she says what do you want us to do? Bow down to you guys? Lolo says you guys are making people that used to like you, hate you. Tom gets up and walks away and says you guys know what you did. Tom and Kato went into the SR and Tom says he feels bad for an Olympian yelling at him. Tom says why is Lolo getting so mad? It’s just a game, why is she making it so serious? He doesn’t want to be in her fake alliance. It’s now time for the live vote and eviction. Julie greets the HG. Kandi says she misses and loves her family and she really feels like she needs to stay. She plans to show them she is playing if they keep her here. Joey says hi to his girls. He takes the nomination as flattering and he wants them to vote with his mind, not with their hearts. If they vote him out he will take it as the highest compliment because the best players have to go to make way for who is meant to win the game. The voting will now begin. Lolo is up first. Lolo votes to evict Joey. Kato votes to evict Joey. Natalie sadly votes to evict Joey. We’ll be back with the rest of the votes! The HG are currently voting to evict either Kandi or Joey. So far it’s 0 votes to evict Kandi and 3 to evict Joey. Tamar votes to evict her friend Joe. Dina votes to evict Joey. Ricky votes to evict Joey. Time to give the HG the news. By a vote of 6-0, Joey is evicted from the Big Brother house. Joey thanks everyone and is giving them a hug. Joey wishes them luck and tells them to play hard and he heads out of the house to join Julie. Julie says whoa! She says he doesn’t seem like he’s surprised. He says it’s all good. He didn’t know the game that well and he doesn’t have time to watch a lot of TV, but this has been an amazing ride. He says his daughter told him he had to do so they could see him on TV. He says he met some cool people in there, Ryan is awesome. Julie says he seemed to know the writing was on the wall after Jonathan and Ryan left. Joey says yeah, he thought they were judged because of their physicality, but these competitions athleticism doesn’t always mean much. He says after all Kato won the rock competition! Julie says Lolo tried to pull him into a major alliance and Joey says he missed the bat signal. Julie says Lolo mentioned the word alliance and Joey says yeah he remembers that. Julie says Lolo ran away and Joey says she burns hot that one. He says if you look at her too long she wants to know why they’re staring at her! Julie asks Joey if he learned anything about himself. Joey says not to feel so self-conscious about his bedtime routine. Julie says Joey needs to have his own skin care line. Julie asks Joey who he thinks is in the Superbowl and he says if he had to guess he’d guess the Patriots and the Rams. Joey thanks everyone. Julie says they’ll be back Monday for the most action packed hour of the season so far. It will be an HOH, a POV competition, and another live eviction.
  7. Previously, on Celebrity Big Brother, with the K-train full speed ahead, he put Dina and Tamar on the block, but his real target was a gold medalist. Kato and Tom wanted to expand their ranks, so they solidified a fearsome foursome with Lolo and Natalie. With the veto on the line, Green got the gold and the comedian set up Kato to have the last laugh on the Olympian. At the live eviction, the swimmer’s game took a dive. Tonight, who will ascend to power and which HG will be nominated? Plus, find out who America voted to receive the Publicist’s power. We pick up after Ryan’s eviction and Tamar says she feels absolutely amazing. She didn’t get evicted and she was on pins and needles thinking it was her time to go and she’s still here! Kato says his HOH reign was a success, but he can’t compete in the next HOH so someone in their alliance HAS to win. Joey says Ryan is gone and he’s super bummed about that. Best case scenario for him now is to win HOH and if that doesn’t happen then he has to ingratiate himself to some people. Tom says they pulled it off, they backdoored Ryan! All his alliance needs to do now is win HOH. Hopefully it’s him. He wants to win HOH. Lolo and Natalie are in the WC and Lolo is upset over Ryan’s eviction. Natalie and Tamar are comforting her and Lolo is saying she feels like a traitor. She says she’ll be fine, she just needs to get it out. She says Ryan was someone who supported her when she was crushed and Natalie says they had to get him out. Lolo tells us she is heart broken she had to vote him out, but she’s part of a team in the house. Natalie tells Lolo he was just too good. Joey, Ricky, and Dina are talking in the KT and Joey feels like he is next. Joey says Natalie and Lolo are very secure. Ricky says he’s working with Natalie and Lolo and he’s secure in that. Joey should be worrying about himself. Tamar asks Joey if he’s ok and Joey is telling Tamar, Dina, and Kandi that Tom, Kato, Natalie, and Lolo are like this and he crosses his fingers. Tamar says Joey wants an alliance with Dina, Kandi, herself, and him against the bootleg superheroes? No way! She’s getting ready to win this HOH for herself. Lolo and Natalie are in the lounge talking and they think they are a target. Lolo says they all probably think we’re behind everything. Kandi and Ricky come in to the lounge with Lolo and Natalie to do their tweets. Lolo says that was emotion. Ricky says it gets real in the house. Ricky then tells Lolo and Natalie that Joey has told everyone they are walking around real confident. Ricky says by giving them more information, it will make them trust him even more. Natalie says all that does is fuel her fire to send him hop packing. Hey everyone, it’s time for the HOH competition! Natalie is first and they are going to perform in a horror themed competition. They have to enter a pitch black house and find keys to a car and then they should start the car. Fastest person to complete the task will win HOH. It’s time to play Slaughter House. Natalie is first and there is a person in a bunny mask lying on a couch and she is petrified. But she has to win this HOH and she keeps moving. She moves a rug and finds a staircase leading down into a crawl space. She’s scared to go in it and tries to go back up but there is someone with a chain saw. She goes back down and crawls through the crawl space and she’s screaming and grossed out. Natalie makes her way through a small door into a kitchen and she is looking in the fridge and sink and stove. She found a door with no door knob. She finally finds the door knob in the garbage disposal and moves down a hallway with two more people to scare her. She is in a bathroom and there is a body in the tub. She opens a door to a dining room and she says finding these car keys impossible. She goes back to the bathroom and finds the key and snatches it and she’s out of there. Then someone pops up from the backseat and she has completed the task. Kandi says she’s not in a guaranteed safe position so she needs to win. She loves scary movies and haunted houses so she feels like this could be something she could win. She slowly, but calmly makes her way through the various rooms. She seems to be moving fairly quickly through the house and she finds the keys and heads out to the car. Tamar is next and she’s freaking out before entering the house. She says she was on the block last week and she knows she needs to win this HOH more than ever. But let me tell you something…she doesn’t do haunted houses, Halloween, clowns, or anything that’s going to scare her. She’s still outside the door freaking out and she finally opens the door and steps. She sees the bunny on the couch and asks them if they have the keys. She’s screaming and freaking out in the first room and the chainsaw guy comes in and she says she’s done. She says ok bye, she’s out. It was fun. Tamar has quit. Tom is next and he says he’s more scared of not winning HOH than anything in the house. If there’s one thing he can’t stand it’s being around deranged people. And this family is so deranged, that’s their name. The Deranged Family. Tom says the hardest part of the competition is not getting freaked out. This is a freaky place, but you just have to ignore it. He found the key! The dead guy has the key! Sorry, dead guy, he needs this! He grabs the key and heads out to the car. Dina is up next and she is moving very slowly. She says she’s not a fan of scary movies but she wants to win this HOH because she hasn’t won anything yet. She makes her way to the kitchen and finds the door knob. She crawls through the hall and freaks out. She snatches the dead guy out of the tub to grab the keys and she runs out and completes the task. Lolo is next and she says she’s feeling very emotional seeing Ryan leave, but she needs to funnel those feelings. She needs to win this HOH competition. She says they have to make sure Joey doesn’t win or he’s definitely coming after the alliance. She seems to be moving fairly quickly through the house. She says once you get past the guy with the chain saw, seeing a dead guy is like seeing your grandma with apple pie. She grabs the keys and darts out of the house and she has completed the competition. Ricky is up next. Ricky says Joey cannot win, but he wants to win so he can send Joey out the door. Ricky says he’s a big buy, but it’s dark in here. He’s really jumpy and gets scared easily, but he’s able to focus. He moves past the guys easily and finds the keys and makes his way out of the house. He dives out of the window with they keys and he has completed the task. Joey is next to go in and he says with Ryan being backdoored, he thinks he’s next. He’s going to do the best he can and see if he can win it. It would be nice to win this HOH and take back a little of the power. He likes haunted houses, but he’s never been in one like this. He’s all for it and he’s up for a good scare. He makes his way through and he finds the key in the tub and makes his way out of the house and into the car to complete the competition. Let’s see how everyone did at the Slaughter House competition. Joey thinks he did well and it would be good to win because he’s on his own. If he doesn’t win, who knows what will happen. Dina had a time of 14:24. Natalie had a time of 9:07. Natalie is now in the lead. Joey’s time is 4:19. Joey is now in the lead and he says he did better than people right before him and hopefully that’s enough for the win. Natalie says Joey’s time is off the chain! Come on Lolo or Tom, you guys have to win this! Natalie says Joey’s time comes up and he killed it. This could be bad for their alliance. Tom has a time of 3:07. Kandi had a time of 8:43. Tom is in the lead for HOH. Lolo’s time is 3:48. She gives Tom a high five. Tamar’s time is…30:00. She says she walked in and walked out, she don’t do haunted houses. It’s down to Tom and Ricky. Tom says if anyone can beat his time, it’s Ricky. He doesn’t know where Ricky’s head is out. Ricky’s team is…3:44. Tom is the new HOH! Tamar says there was no way she was going to go in that house, but now she’s pretty sure she’s going on the block again. She don’t like being scared, she can’t come back from that. Joey says his score didn’t hold up and he has a sneaking suspicion that he’ll be next to go on the block. Kato says Tom won HOH, can they do a victory dance? He celebrates in the DR. Kandi talks to Tom and she wants to know if Tom is in an alliance with everybody else. Tom seems a little confused and he says what are you doing? Do you talk about stuff with people? Kandi says she listens to what people say. Kandi says in the DR do you have an alliance? That’s not an answer Tom. Kandi wants to know of Tom is interested in what people have to say or is his mind already made up. Tom says no he’s willing to listen. Kato and Tom are trying to come up with an alliance name. Lolo comes in. Tom says he has an alliance with Kato, Lolo, and Natalie and they really don’t need any help. Ricky comes in and they are discussing a possible alliance and Ricky tells us he’s not sure yet, but he’ll say yes for now. Tom says if you don’t want to be in our alliance, then maybe we don’t want you to be in our alliance. So there Ricky Williams. Kato, Tom, and Ricky are talking in the HOH room and Ricky wants to know who the target is. Tom thinks for a moment and says he hasn’t come to a conclusion what the move was. He says Joey is strong, so maybe put Joey and TayTay up. Kato says they need to split up Kandi and TayTay. Kato says that would make the most sense. Ricky says they won’t vote for each other. Tom says Ricky is part of his alliance now, but really he’s the biggest threat in the house. What about you Ricky? Tom goes into the lounge and the camera is following him and he’s talking to the camera. He’s showing things that are in the lounge. He picks up a large saucer and he says you can put it on your head and pretend you’re a UFO. And then he “transports” to the hall. Kato and Tom are now talking in the lounge. Tom says he wants to have one of his crazy talks and goes over their alliance. Tom says now it’s all about Ricky. Kato believes he is the right guy and that gives them guaranteed numbers. Tom says unless Ricky double crosses us. Kato tells us Tom, stay the course. Tom knows they’re working with Ricky, but he’s not sure he trusts him and he doesn’t know if he could beat him at the end. Kato does not look like he’s on board with Tom’s thought process. Tom says don’t we want to keep the weakest and get rid of the strongest? The HG hear some music and Tamar starts screaming and saying a twist! They all head to the LR and the news guy tells them a good publicist can get them out of any sticky situation. And America is the publicist and can vote for someone to have a power that can get them out of a sticky situation. Tom says he finally has some power and they get this news! Is it going to mess up his power? Expect the unexpected. Tamar says she knows she’s in trouble this week. Please, America, please give it to her. Joey says he’s in a sticky situation. Maybe he’ll get the power. He says it’s like rolling the dice and hopefully his number will come up. Tamar comes into the DR and the Publicist Power envelope is on the couch. She says she never wins anything in her life. She reads the card and it says if she’s nominated at the ceremony at veto, she can pull herself off the block. She can only use the power once and it expires after the veto meeting on February 4th. She says thank you, thank you, thank you America! Ricky is back in the HOH with Tom and Kato. Tom thinks Kandi or Tamar has it. Ricky says the person in the stickiest situation is Joey. Tom says if he puts them on the block, they’ll immediately stand up and take themselves off. Ricky says but if you do that, then you flush it out. Tom says this power is messing with his HOH! Does he go with a house target or a bigger threat…who might also have the power? It’s time for the nomination ceremony! Everyone gathers at the dining room table and Tom enters with the nomination key block. The first HG Tom has nominated is…Joey. The second nominee is…Kandi. Tom says he likes them both very much, but when the celebrity breaking news and his gut told him it was one of him so he put them up for nomination to see if he was right. Tom says he nominated Kandi and Joey because he thought they had the power. But maybe they didn’t have the power. They still have veto and if the stars align, Ricky is still on his radar. Joey says Tom is almost too predictable and he needs to win the veto or he’ll be following Ryan out the door. Kandi says Tom put her on the block because he thinks she has the power. What a stupid reason to put someone on the block. She’s over this power and she’s over Tom. Ricky says Tom put Kandi and Joey on the block and everything is going as planned. Hopefully, they can get Joey out of the house. Tamar says she has the power and didn’t even have to use it! She will put it to good use and thank you America! Who will win the power of veto? And will it be used to save someone from the chopping block? And who will be the next celebrity evicted? Find out Saturday, live on Celebrity Big Brother!
  8. Tonight, ten more acts from talent shows around the world are ready to perform to make the finals. The golden buzzer tonight belongs to Simon. Two acts will move on and we’re ready to get started! The first act to take the stage is Issy Simpson and she’s from Britain’s Got Talent. She didn’t win the first time, but being on Champions, she gets another chance. She was runner-up before but she wants to win this time. She was 8 when she was on Britain’s Got Talent, she is now 10. She begins her performance by bringing a box down to the judge’s table. She has three books, and she hands one to Mel B, one to Heidi, and one to Simon and asks them to make sure each page is different. Issy then asks Howie to pick up her box and put it on the floor behind him, but the box is too heavy. She asks Mel B to help Howie and neither of them can move the box. She comes back and takes out a deck of playing cards and then puts the box to the side. She shows Howie her cards and she turns them face down and asks him to touch the back of any card. She gives him the card and asks him to remember it and she tells him to choose one book and he chooses the book Simon has. Issy says the book has 674 and asks Howie to pick a number between 1-674 and he picks 126. She has Simon turn to page 126 and say a word and he says Excellent. She has a chalkboard on stage and she turns it to reveal the word Excellent. She then asks Howie to reveal the card he selected and he shows the three of diamonds. Issy turns around and removes her coat and she has a shirt on of Howie with three of diamonds. Howie says Issy just proved she is talented and Britain does have talent. Mel B says she is adorable and the way she presented everything was so seamless and her magic was mind blowing. Heidi says she thought it was excellent and she has a special something that you need as an entertainer. Simon says every time he sees her she has incredible magic powers. He has a feeling the states might put her through to the final after that. Next we have the Texas Tenors from AGT Season 4. They are excited to perform for Simon. They recall the judges being tough on them throughout the competition and they’ve worked really hard to make the finals and they finished in fourth place. They started touring after the show and they are back for a second chance to win the show. The Texas Tenors take the stage and they perform Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers. They get an ovation from all the judges and the audience. Heidi thought it was really pretty and she thinks the audience enjoyed it too. Mel B liked it when they were all singing at once and she liked it. Howie says they are champions and deserve to be there and they set the bar high, he loved it. Simon really, really wanted them to come back and do the show. He thinks they got better with age and there is an amazing chemistry about them. Next up is Drew Lynch and he’s back for a rematch. He was the runner-up in Season 10. He’s a comedian and he has a stutter. He was the recipient of Howie’s golden buzzer on his season and he talks about the final and it being down to him and Paul Zerdin. He says he wanted to win so badly and he was devastated when he came in second. Drew says he was so excited to come back and this is an opportunity to prove himself and this time he wants the title. Drew begins his set on stage. As he finishes his set Mel B says she wants more. He gets a standing ovation. Mel B says she’s really angry because that was too short and she wanted more and more. She says he’s so funny and she loves him. She loves everything about him. Heidi says there are only a few comedian’s she really, really loves and he is one of them. She says that was hilarious. Simon says it wasn’t the best performance they’ve seen him do but he’s inspired so many people and he respects him. Howie says he is so proud of him. He’s a great entertainer and a great spokesperson and he is truly a professional and truly a champion and he deserves to be in the final. Paul Zerdin is up next and he won Season 10 of AGT. Paul says he gets another opportunity, not just to be the best in America, but the best in the world. Paul says he has his eye on the prize and he has a reputation to uphold and he wants that champion title. Paul takes the stage and he says he is going to do something tonight he doesn’t think has ever been done by a ventriloquist before. He begins his act and he invites Sam to come out and join him. He beat boxes while Sam hums a ditty. He gets an ovation all around. Howie says ventriloquists have done very well and he takes the art of ventriloquism and plays with that art form. Heidi says his act is absolutely seamless and she wonders if he’s a ventriloquist or a magician. Simon says he wasn’t on the show when he won. He doesn’t think this was a progression up from where he was and Mel B says she does. Mel B says she was completely entertained. She loved it. The next act is the Moonlight Brothers and they won Denmark’s Got Talent this last season. They are here to take home the title! They begin their act. They do some current trend dances and some acrobatics. Mel B says she expected more the but the audience enjoyed it. Howie says he personally didn’t love that. Heidi says she enjoyed it because they brought the energy up a little and she thought it was fun. She liked it. Simon says it was really fun, different, but based on what he’s seen tonight, he’s talking to a previous winner who isn’t going to win tonight. Next we have Tapeface taking a look back at his pervious performances and judge comments from Season 11. He keeps replaying a part where Simon says he thinks he should come back. He takes the stage for his performance. Tapeface has Howie join him on stage and gives him a cutting board and a spoon and demonstrates scraping the spoon against the board. He then hands Howie a hat that says Stay Weird and he has an album with a picture of Simon with tape over his mouth. The “album” plays and Tapeface has Howie acting like a DJ while he scrapes the spoon against the cutting board. Tapeface then has Howie return to his seat and he has Terry join him on stage. He has Terry put on some overalls and a Hawaiian shirt as well as a yellow safety jacket and a hard hat. Tapeface then joins the judges at the judges table and pulls out a buzzer and waits. Terry looks confused and then some stripper music plays and Terry takes the clothes Tapeface gave him off and Tapeface runs on stage and hits a golden buzzer. Tapeface gets an ovation. Howie says he’s one of the most memorable acts that’s been on the show and he has his own Vegas show. Mel B loves that everyone else joins in his act and he’s just funny and she could watch all day long. Heidi says he’s clever, he’s funny, he’s original, and her kids are still talking about him. Simon says that was so silly and so funny and he brought so many happy memories back for him. He was brilliant. Kechi is next and she’s a singer and she’s from Season 12. She feels like she owes it to those who died in the plane crash she survived to live her life and follow her dreams. She didn’t win last time and she feels like she found her voice and this is her chance to prove she is a champion. Kechi comes out and she’s prepared to perform. She has chosen to sing You Are the Reason by Calum Scott. She gets an ovation as she finishes. Howie says she is so much more than her songs and her sound, she’s a champion of life. Mel B says she can see how hard she’s been working and she loves and adores her. Heidi says she was so excited to see and hear her again. It’s always a joy seeing her on the stage. Simon says he remembers her being very shy, but based on what he seen tonight, he didn’t really like it that much…he actually loved it and he hits his golden buzzer. Next we have The Regurgitator. Heidi says this is her absolute most favorite. He discovered his talent when he was in a children’s home in Glasgow. He finished in fourth place on AGT on Season 10 and has appeared on seven other talent shows. He begins with a screw and a bolt. He swallows the bolt first and then follows with the screw and he’s going to put the bolt onto the screw in the middle of the screw. He says it’s going to take a few seconds. He coughs it back up and the bolt is on the center of the screw. Next, The Regurgitator swallows a plum tomato and he’s going to swallow a razor blad and slice the tomato in half. Simon hits his X. Simon says he can’t watch this. He pulls the razor out first and then coughs up the tomato and it’s been sliced in half. Heidi wants to know why Simon buzzed because that’s crazy. Simon says because it was making him want to throw up. Howie says he’s a huge fan and he’s polarizing and he’s a consummate professional. Mel B says it was the last part of the act that had her wondering how he did it. Heidi thinks he’s incredible and amazing and there is no one like him and he’s really special. Brian Justin Crum is next and he’s a singer from Season 11. He had an outpouring of love and messages from people all over the world. When he got fourth place he was surprised. He is back and he feels like he knows who he is and he found his own voice and he thinks he has the right song this time. He wants to see how far he can go this time. Brian is greeted by the judges and Simon wishes him luck. Brian prepares to perform and he is singing Your Song by Elton John. He gets an ovation from all four judges and the audience. Howie says he is a brilliant singer, performer, and he is a champion and he is a winner. Mel B says that is how you put on a killer performance. He just smashed it. Heidi says he can sing. He can sing so beautifully and he commands the stage like no one else. Simon says so much has happened since they saw him and there’s a shift in music and this is where he should be. He has an amazing voice and this was in a different league than anything he did before. Our final act is Kenichi Ebina and he’s a dancer and the winner of Season 8 of AGT. He says is recognized when he travels and he wants to keep performing as much as possible. He says the dancers are getting better and better and he’s 44 and getting older. He has to use his brain to compete, but it’s going to be tough. Kenichi takes the stage for his performance. His act is based on a dancing video game and he has graphics. He has a small robotic dog in his act to help him as he “plays” the video game. He “beats” the game, and he gets an ovation. Heid would love to be in his brain to see how he figures it all out. She’s a huge fan. Mel B says it isn’t easy and he’s already a winner, but she has to be honest and she’s already being booed. Mel B thought the production was too big. Simon says he’s always loved him and that was original and to have him back was fantastic. Well done. Simon wants the dogs name and wants to know where to buy them. Kenichi says Amazon. Time to find out who made it into the Top 3. The first act is…Brian Justin Crum! The second act in the Top 3 is…Paul Zerdin! The final act making it into the Top 3 is…wait, wait, wait…This has never happened before. Two of them have tied for the final spot in the Top 3. The acts going into the Top 3 are…Tapeface and Drew Lynch! Brian won Hawaii, Texas, and California. Tapeface did the best with male voters and Drew did his best with voters age 18-34. Paul Zerdin did the best in the south and with female voters. The act finishing in third place is…Tapeface and Drew Lynch. The act moving on to the finals is…Brian Justin Crum!
  9. Previously, on Celebrity Big Brother, HOH Ryan was in an alliance with Jonathan, Tamar, Lolo, Natalie, and Kandi, but with Jonathan on the block next to Tom and the Mooch, the ladies considered turning against the Cake Wars host. And after Lolo got jealous of Ryan and Jonathan’s friendship, she made it clear she was no longer loyal to the boys. A new twist was unleashed revealing the mooch was not a real HG, and Ryan was forced to name a new nominee. With Mooch’s veto up for grabs, Kato made headlines. Kato promised to save Tom, while Ryan was hoping to backdoor Lolo. But after the team USA members hashed things out, Ryan considered putting his backdoor plan on the back burner. Kato kept his promise at the veto meeting, and Ryan decided to put up a pawn. At the live eviction, Dina, Joey, Jonathan, and Ryan were blindsided. Tonight, a new HOH will be crowned and two new celebs will go on the chopping block and emotions will reach a boiling point right now on Celebrity Big Brother! We pick up on Day 10 after the first eviction and Ryan is shocked and kind of sad. Jonathan was his boy and his ride or die and the girls all lied. Now he has to rethink his game and strategy and he has to go after them. Dina says she was completely out of the loop and it seems there is an alliance and there is a way to play the game without that. Lolo tells Ricky and Natalie that Ryan is upset and they are discussing Ryan’s reaction. Lolo is trying to decide if it was Tamar or Dina who voted for Kandi to leave. Tamar comes in and they are discussing how the votes went. Tamar says she voted for Jonathan and she tells us she doesn’t know why they are asking. Tamar wants to know why it matters. Ricky says it does matter because it’s not smart for Dina. Tamar says Jonathan was in Mean Girls, Lindsey was in Mean Girls, they’ve been friends forever. Of course Dina is going to vote to keep him in the house. Dina, Ryan, and Joey are talking about the votes and they can’t believe it was 6-1. Ryan says he has to rethink his whole strategy and his only hope is for Joey to win this HOH. They begin discussing votes and Ryan says they will come after him next and he can’t play in the HOH tonight. Joey thinks Ryan and Dina are counting on him to win. Ryan just activated the Joey symbol up in the sky and Gotham needs him. Tamar, Natalie, and Lolo are in the SR talking still talking about the votes. Tamar wants to know why it matters and Natalie says she wants to know how the votes went. Tamar says Dina is 52 years old, she doesn’t know anything. Natalie says Dina voted to keep Jonathan and it’s suspicious she’s now working with the boys. Tamar leaves the SR and Dina comes in and Natalie tries to hug Dina and she pushes her away. Lolo says emotions are running high in the house right now and people are defensive and they have to compete to win in this next HOH. Ryan comes out of the DR and says hey rockers! It’s time for the HOH competition, so get glammed up and get ready to rock ‘n roll out in the yard! Natalie says she walks out into the backyard and into a heavy metal concert. This reminds her of her WWE days. They are all on a wall with their arms up holding onto handles. They are ready to rock until they drop. Lolo says this HOH is huge because she knows Ryan tried to backdoor her last week and she doesn’t want to go through that again. Kato says he or Tom have to win so they can stay another week. Dina wants to win this HOH competition for Jonathan and she knows he’d be happy for her and be rooting for her. The HG then get sugar poured on them. Kato says sugar hit his lips and he got the sudden urge to jump off the rock wall, run into the house, and start cleaning things. Wait, that was sugar, right? Ryan says this would have been the perfect competition for him because he loves heavy “medals”. Get it? Medals? He’s just hoping Joey or Dina win. Joey says winning HOH puts an X on your back, but he needs to win this. Natalie says as long as Joey or Dina don’t win, they are ok. Time for jelly shots! Tamar likes jello shots, but not these and she doesn’t like this concert. She’s not coming back. Tom is starting to struggle and he says it should be easy but it’s not. His feet leave the foothold and he swings and he’s the first one out at 24:45. Now he just wants Kato to win. Kandi says this competition is not good for people with big booties because if you can’t lay back against the wall, you’re going to be hurting. Kandi dropped at 24:51. The HG get hit next with beer cups. Tom wants a beer. Lolo says carbs go straight to your gut and her coach is going to be mad about those calories. Ricky is struggling. He says with all that muscle mass and his big butt, he’s struggling. He took himself to a different place but then he falls at 46:41. Next, the HG get creamed with Whip Cream. Tom doesn’t want to know what that is. Joey is not a fan of wet and slimy and you think can it get any worse? But then you realize it’s Big Brother and it’s going to get a lot worse. Tamar is in pain and she’s afraid to be up there and she’s afraid to choke. Tamar says she’s about to have an anxiety attack and she’s saying she can’t jump. She’s crying and Kandi tells her to keep holding on and lower herself by her arms. Natalie tells her to bend her knees and she’ll be closer. Kandi says Tamar is so dramatic. She’s like two steps off the ground. She says it’s like people who think they’re drowning but they’re really in shallow water and could have stood up the whole time. Tamar says she feels like she’s about to jump to her death and she swings, screams, and drops at 59:37. They are discussing who might fall next. Dina says she started out strong but it’s so cold and she’s shaking. She drops at 1:13:45. Natalie is excited, all they need is Joey to fall and the girls should be safe this week. This crowd is on fire and they are going to cool them off! The road crew comes out and sprays them with fire extinguishers. Tom is cheering for the four remaining, Kato, Joey, Natalie, and Lolo. Kato says you have a wrestler, an Olympian, and Joey Lawrence who does one armed push-ups and then himself. Lolo says everyone is complaining about how cold they are, but she’s a winter Olympian. The problem she’s having is her shoulder is about to pop and she’s trying not to let that happen. Lolo drops at 1:33:20. Lolo is rooting for her girl Natalie. Natalie asks Joey how cold he is and he says so cold! Kato tells Joey to drop and he’ll help protect him. Dina tells them all to stay. Kato says Dina is rooting against him and it broke his heart. Tamar says Joey, Natalie, and Kato and she hears talking going on and she’s like omg! Shenanigans are going on. Joey says his should is on fire and it’s the point of no return. He drops at 1:36:49. Natalie says as soon as Joey drops, she thinks they are in the clear and everything is going to be fantastic. She says ok Kato, let’s make a deal and Kato says Natalie is good. Natalie feels like she can trust Kato and she’ll be safe this week and can still fight for HOH next week. Natalie drops and Kato has won HOH! Tamar says he hasn’t talked game with Kato and she could definitely be a target. Ryan says he doesn’t know where Kato’s heads out. He could be going from I Want To Rock to I’m on the block… This yard is messy! The HG are heading back inside from the HOH competition and Kato says he’s the HOH winner! He’s safe and he’s pumped. He says this is going to be a big week and he has huge decisions to make. Natalie says she’s safe because of her deal and she hopes he doesn’t come after her girls because that would be a dumb move. Ryan says he’s sure he is going on the block. He’s an athlete and a target, but he’s going to do what he has to do to stay in the game. Ryan Lochte is not out of this house, not yet. Tom and Kato are talking and Kato says he has a plan. Tom says he’s glad he made the right alliance. Tom tells Kato that was impressive. Ryan goes to talk to Kato and he makes his pitch to stay. He says if Kato keeps him he’ll be a good ally for him. Ryan says the girls have an alliance and he is going to try and win every competition. He wants to stay as long as he can. Kato says ok, he’ll consider it. Kato says Ryan made a tempting offer, but he is a big target and if he can take him out here, he might just do it. Natalie whispers to Tamar she thought it was smarter for their alliance to drop so she can compete next week. Tamar says Kato just told Joey he was safe and she thinks she’s going up. Natalie says he wouldn’t put you up. Tamar says she hasn’t talked game with Kato at all. Natalie tries to reassure Tamar. Several HG are upstairs playing pool and chatting. Kato is having some intestinal problems. Kato says Ricky is the healer and he’s a little weird, but he’s so clogged up he’s willing to try anything. Ricky says being a healer is important and he’s studied these things for a reason. He goes and puts his hands on Kato’s stomach and Kato is rambling. Kato says he never thought Ricky Williams would be massaging his colon. He says he feels like he swallowed the Heisman Trophy and we get some music and Ricky says one of his strategies to make himself useful so maybe they’ll think twice about evicting him. Kato says he loved it and Ricky says we’ll see if it works. Kato thought it was gonna work, but…he runs out of the DR and heads to WC. He’s in there and we hear him say the train is moving again, Choo-Choo! Several HG are in the KT and they are cooking. Kato says he’s had roommates and he hates when they are messy and Tamar is messy. He wants to do something about it and he’s HOH so he can. Kato is talking to Ricky and he says he’s not sold on Ryan yet. Ricky is asking who else he might put up and he’s suggesting Dina because she attacked him and maybe Tamar. Kato says she’s messy and causes a lot of drama in the house. Kato says Ryan is the biggest threat in the house and he has a big decision to make. Lolo and Dina are talking and Lolo is saying Dina was beast mode and she was intimidated at one point. Dina says at the last minute before eviction she asked Kato who he was voting for and he says he didn’t know. Dina was more upset that he wasn’t honest with her. Dina tells Lolo she’s not mad, she’s just disappointed. It’s 3:40 am and Lolo and Natalie go into the BR with Tamar and she asks what they were doing and Lolo says talking in the parlor. Tamar asks if everyone else is asleep and Lolo says they just went to bed. Tamar says it’s like 3:30 in the morning and Lolo and Natalie come in giggling and they aren’t playing an honest game. Lolo is trying to lay down and she says she’ll talk to Tamar in the morning. Lolo says she’s annoyed that Tamar can’t trust them. Tamar acts like Lolo is cheating on her, but they aren’t even dating yet. Tamar and Lolo are talking in the morning and Tamar wants to know what everyone is talking about. Lolo says it was just her and Dina in the parlor talking and she recaps her conversation. Tamar says Dina is lying and Lolo says she doesn’t think so. Lolo says she’s tired of Tamar asking what’s going on and she tells her and then Tamar pops off at her. Lolo loses it and starts yelling and she says she’s had growing frustration with Tamar getting mad with someone in the room. We see flashbacks of Tamar and her arguments and Lolo is starting to feel like a punching bag and it’s exhausting. Natalie asks Lolo what’s going on and Lolo starts telling her and Tamar comes back and tells Lolo she needs to calm down and Tamar tells Lolo she needs to get out the room then. They are yelling and Ricky and Kandi come in. Lolo calls Tamar a name and Tamar gets upset. Kandi pulls Tamar out of the room to break up the fight. Tom goes in to talk to Tamar and wants to know if Tamar is calm. Tom asks if she’s changing rooms because Tamar is packing. Tamar says she’s not changing room, she’s moving out. Tom says you’re quitting? Tamar says it was nice meeting you and it was fun while it lasted. Lolo comes in and Tamar is still packing and she asks so are we still doing this? Lolo apologizes and says she approached that wrong and she doesn’t want Tamar to leave. Tamar says it’s ok and she accepts her apology and they hug it out and Tamar says she’s not leaving. It’s time for the nomination ceremony! Kato calls them all into the DR and comes in with the Nomination key box. The first HG Kato has nominated is…Tamar. The second HG he nominated is…Dina. Kato nominated Dina because she rooted against him and wanted Joey to win and it shocked him. Kato says Tamar said she wanted to go home so many times to her son and Tamar interrupts and says she never said that. Kato continues that she’s messy and that was the decision he had to come up with. Tamar says she doesn’t have anything to say to him and her resume is longer than his. Dina says Kato’s speech was a little plain and she’s a tough little cookie and she’s going to go after that veto. Kato says he nominated Tamar and Dina, but there’s still a backdoor. It’s not Lochte yet. Find out live tomorrow who won the POV and who will be evicted!
  10. Previously, on Celebrity Big Brother, with Ryan as the first HOH, Tom, Jonathan and Anthony found themselves on the block. Ryan and Jonathan formed a super alliance with Tamar, Kandi, Lolo, and Natalie, while Tom, Kato, and the Mooch made their own alliance. With the game in full swing, Tamar and Kandi tried to make amends over their past but their fighting only added fuel to their fire. Meanwhile, Lolo got jealous over Ryan and Jonathan’s bromance and her emotions got the best of her. At the veto competition, Ricky galloped his way to victory. With the veto meeting looming, Ryan pitched Ricky on a backdoor plan, but Ricky immediately spilled the beans to Lolo which helped unite the women against Ryan and Jonathan. At the veto meeting, the running back stopped the backdoor. Tonight, the first celebrity of the season will be sent packing. Plus a shocking twist is unleashed on the house sending another celebrity home. When the dust settles which famous faces will be left standing? Find out live on Big Brother! Julie greets us and it’s day 10 inside the BB house and that’s ten days of alliances, laughter, tears, and drama. Tonight, a twist is about to be unleashed into the game before live voting begins. She’ll just leave it at this…nothing is as it seems. We pick up on day 5 after the veto meeting. Tom says he’s still on the block and he’s looking around to see who’s with him and against him. Is he paranoid? Yeah, he’s paranoid. Lolo is so confused, she doesn’t know who to trust in this house. Anthony says he’s always been able to land on his feet, but he’s not out of lives and he’s got one more he’s going to use to surprise everyone. Ryan and Jonathan talk and Ryan says he seen Tamar and Natalie exchange a hand gesture after Ricky didn’t use the veto. Jonathan says that wasn’t excitement he was taken off the block, that was excitement they were winning. That’s concerning! Ryan calls everyone to the LR and he reads anything can happen at any time in the house and they need to pay attention for news alerts that will twist up the game like never before. Tom says he’s on the block, anything is better than this. Please give him a twist. Lolo and Natalie are talking in the gym and they hear music and it’s time for some news. Tamar says she knows it’s celebrity news, what’s going on? One celebrity is NOT a real HG and is part of a twist that will shake up the game…he’s being told the mystery HG is about to reveal his identity right now. Anthony appears on the screen and he says he’s part of a BB twist. And just like he left his mark in Washington, he’s going to leave his mark on the BB game. From this moment on, he’s out of the house and they are all one step closer to the prize. The BB house is just like his experience in Washington, you get judges quickly before people really know who you are and you never get a second chance. He’s giving the current nominees a second chance at safety. For the first time ever, there will be two veto competitions prior to the eviction and Tom and Jonathan get a chance to re-write BB history by winning Mooch’s veto. Ryan, since I’m out of the house, there’s an open spot on the block and he has to make another nomination right now. Ryan says now?!? He stands up and says he nominates…Kandi. Ryan says he doesn’t want to do it, but he’s nominating her because their personalities don’t really mesh and he hasn’t talked to her much. Tamar says no one else is happy Kandi is on the block, but she’s happy. Ryan says he put Kandi up because she’s part of the drama that’s going on and he still has a chance to put up someone else he wants depending on what happens with the veto. Kandi says she guesses there is no alliance between her and Ryan. Mooch comes back and says this veto competition is about him, so he hopes they were paying attention. Ryan and Jonathan talk about what to do if someone wins veto and someone comes down. Ryan says he’s going for Lolo and Jonathan says after what she did to him, that’s understandable. Jonathan says it doesn’t sit right with him what she did and she’s in an alliance with Natalie and Tamar. Ryan says this is a game and she shouldn’t be a little baby. Julie says up next is the second veto competition of the week. Who will win it and will it be used? Then the first live eviction of the season will send a second HG packing. Stay with us! For the first time in the game, a twist has given everyone on the block a second chance to win veto, Mooch’s veto. Now the three nominees, Ryan, and Dina and Kato who were drawn at random will compete to decide to keep nominations the same or change them. Mooch explains they are in a press room and they are surrounded by newspapers with headlines, some are real and some are fake. They have to decide which one’s are true and which one’s are not. Whoever guesses first will win Mooch’s veto. Jonathan is going through the headlines and finding the ones he remembers are true. Tom is picking up on some of them too. He says he thought Anthony was just being funny with some of the things he said, but he was planting seeds for the veto competition. Kato wants to win this because he likes Tom and he’d like to save him. Dina is picking up a couple of true headlines also. Jonathan says he knew the mooch pretty well and he thinks he knows which headlines are true and he wants to be the first to get an answer in and he thinks there are 9 true headlines. Dina thinks she knows the answer and she says there are 7 true headlines. Tom also believes there are seven true headlines. Ryan says he doesn’t know much about Anthony, but he knows he worked for Donald Trump. He’s looking at some headlines and seems a little confused. Ryan believes there are 7 true headlines. Kandi says it’s so important for her to win. She thinks there are 6 true headlines. Kato is the last one in there and his strategy to take his time so he can make sure he gets it right. Kato believes there are 8 true headlines. Mooch calls everyone out and it’s time to reveal who won Mooch’s veto. Inside the stand is a newspaper that will reveal the winner and Natalie gets the newspaper and reveals Kato won with the answer of 8 true headlines. Natalie hands Kato the veto. Kato says he has the power to hypnotize the other players! Lolo says if Kato uses the veto, there is a pretty big chance she’ll be backdoored and go on the block and maybe go home. When is the reign of Ryan’s terror going to be over. Anthony gives a shout out to his roomates and he says they had a lot more in common than things that separated them and that’s a big lesson. Julie welcomes us back and says Kato seems deadest on using the veto which leaves Ryan the task of putting another person on the block. Kato wants to save Tom because he likes the way Tom is thinking several steps ahead. Tom is relieved and he thinks he can trust Kato, but he won’t know for sure until he gets that veto around his neck. He’s in a final two alliance with Kato Kaelin…Hollywood is weird. Ryan has Lolo since 2012 and they do have history and as a friend he needs to talk to her and see what’s going on. Ryan goes to her and Lolo says she feels like Ryan has been throwing her under the bus and she knows he’s trying to backdoor her. Ryan says uh oh, I got caught. He has to think about how to get out of this. Ryan says you haven’t been backdoored and Lolo says I’m just going on what everyone else in the house is saying. Lolo says she’s noticed he’s been straight with Joey and Jonathan and he says that’s just who he’s clicked with. He’s not sure if Lolo going up is the best decision. He’s tired of hurting people’s feelings and getting blood on his hands. This game is intense. It’s now time for the veto meeting! Kato has the power to veto one of the nominations and he has decided to use the power of veto…on Tom. Since one of Ryan’s nominations has been vetoed, he has to name a new nominee. Ryan says he doesn’t know what to do right now…does he put up a pawn and take out Kandi, or make a big move and put up Lolo? He nominates…Joey. Ryan says he didn’t put up Lolo because they need the girls to think the alliance is still strong. So he put up his boy Joey so they can go after Kandi and then the boys can take down the girls. Joey says at the end of the day, when you’re on the block anything can happen. Kandi is stressed because she’s in the center of a lot of drama and she’s a sitting duck. Jonathan says he’s still on the block and there are no more vetoes. It comes down to a vote and if he stays he will give the whole house an attitude adjustment. Tom and Kato go into the lounge and they are discussing who to vote out. Tom doesn’t think Kandi is going to be a strong competitor and Jonathan is playing hard and playing to win. Tom and Kato talk to Ricky about voting out Jonathan. Tom asks Ricky if he thinks Joey is strong and Ricky says Joey who? They discuss the merits of getting rid of Kandi when Lolo comes in. Lolo says if they get rid of Kandi they can make the house easier to live in, but she still doesn’t trust Jonathan or Ryan. It’s now time for the first live vote and eviction! Julie greets the HG and asks how they are doing and they say great. Julie says there WILL be more celebrity breaking news to come. But it’s time to vote and they have a chance to sway votes. Joey says this has been a wild and amazing ride and it’s been a pleasure and crazy and he truly believes they are all there as part of their journey, but only one can win. If it’s not his then it’s been a blessing and an honor to share this space with them. He’s extremely grateful. Kandi says she has been enjoying herself and there have been a lot of ups and downs and she’s truly appreciative of everyone who’s been supporting and even though she misses her family, she wants to stay there so please keep her? Jonathan thanks CBS and everyone there because it’s crazy to be there. He says 10 days ago they all walked into the room and there were a lot of unknowns and he feels all of the people who have been on the block he has been a teammate of everyone there and the only way to get to the end is working as a team. And teams are very important to him and he’s asking the team to back him up. The three nominees will not vote and Ryan will only vote in the event of a tie. Dina will vote first. Dina says this is really hard for her but she votes to evict Kandi. Kato says he votes to evict Jonathan. Tamar hates to evict her friend Jonathan. The vote is 0 votes to evict Joey, 1 vote to evict Kandi, and 2 votes to evict Jonathan. After a break, the first HG of the season will be sent packing. Welcome back! Let’s continue with the live votes. Ricky votes to evict Jonathan. Tom says it wasn’t easy but he casts his vote to evict Jonathan. Lolo says with a torn heart she sadly votes to evict Jonathan. Natalie votes to evict Jonathan. All of the votes are in, let’s give the news to the HG. The evicted celebrity will have just a few moments to say good-bye. With 0 votes to evict Joey is safe. By a vote 6-1, Jonathan is evicted from the Big Brother house. Jonathan says it’s ok, it’s all good. He gives hugs and he says he has to go or Julie is going to get mad. Julie asks Jonathan what happened? From the get go he formed an alliance with half the house but the vote was 6-1. Jonathan says don’t team up with an Olympic medalist because it puts a target with you. He thinks the biggest thing that went wrong was the twist and he had to start making alliances. Julie says he had three chances to save himself and Jonathan says he’s not athletic and she tells him not to sell himself short. She says you stuck your head out for Dina, why? Jonathan says he knew Lindsey would kill him and he felt it was his responsibility to help her because she wouldn’t win. Julie tells him why the girls turned against him. Jonathan says communication is key in any relationship. Jonathan says it is the best and craziest experience you’ll ever have, and it’s so hard, and Ryan and Joey don’t know the game and it was like wrangling puppies. He says now he gets to go home and watch from his couch. Julie says he’ll be back to vote for a winner and he says they better watch out! Julie tells everyone goodnight and we eavesdrop on the house.
  11. Previously, on Celebrity Big Brother, 12 famous faces began the battle for a quarter of a million dollars and two of the celebs came in with some extra baggage. With the HGs playing in pairs, power was on the line and Lochte and Bennet were victorious, but it was short-lived. Knowing he could end up on the block, Jonathan pitched Ryan on a super alliance and he quickly got Lolo, Tamar, Natalie, and Kandi on board. With Ryan and Jonathan going to battle for the most powerful position in the house, Lochte knocked down his block...tee's, putting Jonathan on the block-tee. Needing two more nominees, Ryan told his alliance he was going after the long islanders, but Jonathan didn't want his Mean Girl momma up. At the nomination ceremony, Jonathan kept Dina out of the deep end. Tonight is the first veto of the season, and with the game underway, emotions are beginning to erupt. All this right now on Celebrity Big Brother! We pick up after the nomination ceremony and Ryan says Tom is a sleeper and could be a threat and Anthony is smart. Anthony is not loving the fact he is on the block, but from a strategic point of view, Ryan did what he would do and nominate people who could be a threat. Jonathan says it sucks being on the block but he has a solid alliance and he should be OK. Tom says I'm on the block, what do I do? Do I go up and chew the HoH out? No, that's not going to do me any good. He says maybe I get close to him and he'll use the veto on me if he wins. Natalie, Lolo, and Tamar are talking and they are discussing the change of plans on the nominees. Lolo says she saw Ryan and Jonathan exchange looks right before nominations. Tamar says it's very clear that this is Jonathan's HoH and Ryan is playing them, but she sees right through them. Jonathan and Ryan are talking the HoH room and Jonathan says he never thought he'd be teamed up with an Olympic athlete and for some reason he just trusts him. Jonathan thanks Ryan for not putting up Dina and Ryan says it's good, they can get others out and they can be ride or dies until the end. Tom is talking to Anthony with Kandi, Ricky, and Joey in the kitchen and they are talking about Trump and his tweeting. Anthony says Trump figured out Twitter has a bigger reach than the newspapers. Anthony says Trump's never tweeted at him, but if he turned on Anthony he has a big mouth and that wouldn't be good for him. Lolo, Tamar, and Natalie are working out and Jonathan comes in and he says he's bored and he's eating a bowl of cereal. The girls they aren't talking and Jonathan leaves again. The girls wonder why he would come in. Lolo thinks Jonathan is sketchy and making decisions for the alliance without their input. They discuss that Jonathan has to go and Natalie doesn't want to go after their alliance already and Tamar says he is already on the block. Natalie says they are thinking too much. Lolo says if we don't get him out now, we might regret it. Tamar, Lolo, and Natalie are in the bedroom talking. Natalie tells us she and Lolo are in the final two and they have to come up with a bomb name. She's talking right in front of Tamar about a Final Two and Lolo sees Tamar. In the DR, Natalie says OMG, how could I not check the room. Natalie asks if she thought of a Final Three name and Tamar says I don't have a name. Lolo says did you say Final Two and Tamar says that's what she said. Tamar tells us it's been a day and she has a name for them...Busted dot com. Lolo says she will back Natalie up but she thought Kandi and Tamar were a Final Two and Tamar says I will punch you in the throat. Lolo gets offended and backs away and says she doesn't know Tamar well enough to know that's a throat and she says she was born a fighter. Jonathan comes in and Lolo advises he might want to come back and he leaves. Tamar says Lolo isn't happy that she knows about her alliance with Natalie and Tamar just needs to sit and chill. She says people think she's stupid and she's not stupid. Tamar, Lolo, and Natalie are in the HoH room watching the TV and they are talking about Jonathan and Ryan being together all the time. Tamar says she knows they have a Final Two. Ryan bursts in and says why are you talking about me and it gets quiet and Lolo says let's go guys. Lolo says she's a little jealous of Ryan and Jonathan because her and Ryan are supposed to be bonded. Ryan says he may not be a Big Brother fanatic, but he can tell when something's up and if the girls are scheming and plotting something, he's going to have to turn it up a notch. He tells Jonathan he might have to turn it up a notch and win veto and put one of the girls up. He and Jonathan are cracking up. Jonathan and Ryan go downstairs and Ryan mumbles try and backdoor me. Lolo says she's trying to put her trust in Ryan, but she doesn't know if Jonathan has swayed him enough where she can't trust the alliance. Lolo comes into the kitchen and says wonder who's a Final Two and she motions to the pictures on the wall of Jonathan and Ryan and flips them off as she leaves again. Ryan wants to know what is up with Lolo and if she wants to come at them like that, she will find him on the winner's podium and her behind on the block. It's time to pick players for the veto competition! Only six people will participate in the veto competition. The nominees join Ryan. Ryan doesn't want to pick Lolo, he doesn't really trust her and doesn't know if she's part of his alliance. Ryan will pull two chips out of the box to determine the other two players. If he picks his name or a nominee, they get to select HGs to compete. Anthony would like to see Kandi, Tamar, and Dina pulled because they aren't athletic. Ryan pulls Ricky and Ricky doesn't really want to show his athletic ability this soon. Ryan pulls Joey next. BB will inform when the competition is to begin. Lolo comes out of the DR and says it's time for the veto competition. It's western themed and Kato loves it. Lolo reads the directions and they need to stack up gold bars to win the veto competition. They have to rock their bronco back and forth and once they've done it 60 times, they will have 30 seconds to stack their gold bars. But there's a catch, their horseshoe is spinning. The first player to stack all their gold bars will win the power of veto. Anthony says the thing that looks like a toilet seat from Trump Tower? Ryan says his rear still hurts from the last competition. Tom says he needs to win, but he's got a beer there and he takes a drink and says that won't help. They all get on their broncos and begin. Ricky is the first off and he starts moving his gold bars closer to the horseshoe. Jonathan is off next and he says he needs to win because Lolo just flipped of his and Ryan's photo on the memory wall and his alliance is a hot mess. Joey says even though you want to win every competition, he thinks it might be smarter to lose so he doesn't have a target on his back. Ricky says his ability to stay calm will help, it's like stacking blocks with his son. Tom doesn't want to jam his testicles into the saddle. He doesn't want to call his mom and says she'll never be a grandma, but he won veto on Celebrity Big Brother! Kato says Anthony looks like a little kid on a horse in front of a store and he needs another quarter. Anthony doesn't seem to like the competition. Joey is moving slowly and Tamar says he's done better acting since he was five and everyone knows he's throwing the competition. Ryan is feeling super confident and he thinks he's going to win this. His gold bars fall over and he has to start over again. Ryan says, Jonathan, you have to win this! Ricky and Tom are doing really well and Jonathan realizes he needs to giddy-up for this win. Tom says he needs to keep stacking his bricks properly to keep the momentum going. Ricky is getting close and Jonathan says looking at his gold bricks is like looking at a mirage and Jonathan's bricks fall. It's between Ricky and Tom, with Ricky slightly leading. Tom says he has no idea what Ricky will do if he wins so he can't horse around. Tom's bricks fall and Ricky finishes and Ricky has won't the Golden Power of Veto! Ricky says he didn't really want it but...yee haw! He did. Now he has to figure out what he's going to do now. Tom is in the DR and Ricky! Help me, help me! Anthony says he knows if he can't get off the block he's going to be going home. But if he can get through these twists and turns, then maybe he can get through this week. They all head in after the veto competition. Ricky says he won the veto and he was trying to lay low and now he has to figure out what he's going to do. Tamar is in the bathroom area with Kandi and they are discussing and they whisper about their relationship. Kandi says they have a long history with each other, but she thought they were good. Tamar says the tour was horrible for her because she was having trouble and Kandi interjected herself. Tamar says she's just trying to keep it cool with Kandi and she doesn't want any drama. Kandi and Tamar are in the lounge and they are discussing their history. Kandi says Tamar thinks her group was trying to be mean to Tamar and that wasn't happening. Kandi says whatever Tamar is thinking, it's clearly a misunderstanding. Tamar is getting upset with Kandi because she's laughing. Tamar says she didn't come here for all that cackling and hackling. Kandi says this isn't going well and Tamar gets up to leave the lounge and they start arguing again. Kandi says this is hilarious to her and it's totally ridiculous. We see Tamar go into the DR and she has glasses on and she's crying. Ryan wants to talk to Ricky real quick and they head to the lounge. Ryan says he doesn't want any of the guys to go on the block this week so he wants to make a deal with Ricky. Ryan tells Ricky he's in an alliance with the girls. Ryan says the girls have been acting shady so he needs Ricky to use the veto so he can put Lolo on the block. Ryan tells Ricky he thinks the girls will vote out Jonathan and he pitches putting up Lolo if Ricky uses the veto. Tamar and Kandi are talking again and they agree to talk after the show is over. Kandi says she felt like Tamar was being petty and Tamar is immediately upset again and they start arguing again. Kandi says she can't believe they are still arguing about this. She doesn't know what Tamar wants her to say to make them feel better. Ricky goes to Lolo and tells her what Ryan has said. Ricky says he did that to stir the pot because he thinks people don't deal with stress well. Lolo doesn't know if Ricky is being honest or not, but she feels betrayed by Ryan. Lolo calls Tamar and Natalie in and tells them what Ricky said and then Kandi comes in and she and Tamar start again. Tamar says they need to set it aside and hug. Tamar says she hugged Kandi because they have to keep Lolo off the block because that's her girl for real. Ryan hopes Ricky sees the girls are a threat in the game so they can use the veto and kick them off. Natalie is hoping and praying that Ricky does NOT use the power of veto now that she knows Lolo is in danger. Time for the veto meeting! Ricky has decided... NOT to use the PoV. Ricky says no one came up to him and gave him a strong enough offer. He didn't want to get any blood on his hands if it wasn't worth it. This veto meeting is adjourned! Ricky says he decided not to use the veto because no one up there is worth saving to him right now, but it helped create some relationships. Anthony says it's time to put knee pads on his elbows and get out there and schmooze. Anthony says he's been fired before but he's not a quitter. Tom says Ricky didn't use the veto on him. Tom says Big Brother is like his real life...disappointing. Jonathan says he needs to make some real moves to make sure he doesn't go home. Lolo says thank god! Crisis averted! But if Ricky tells the truth, it might be time for Jonathan to go. Which celebrity will be the first to be evicted? And a shocking new twist will send a second celebrity home!
  12. Previously, on Celebrity Big Brother, 12 celebrities began the battle for a quarter of a million dollars, among them the gold medal swimmer, the WWE superstar, the comedian, the recording artist, and the mooch. Some HG were star struck by the fellow roommates, but Kandi and Tamar were less than thrilled to see each other. Julie quickly unleased the first twist of the night, and the famous faces were forced to team up. But when Kato and Natalie didn’t get picked, they got an unexpected surprise. With the HOH on the line, the power pairs went for a swing, and Jonathon and Ryan lapped the competition. But before the champagne could be popped, Julie dropped a bomb. Tonight, Ryan and Jonathon go to battle and the stakes could not be higher. Who will become the first HOH and who will be the first nominee? Plus, with the game on, alliances are starting to form. Julie greets us and welcomes us to night 2 of the CBB premier event. Tonight, either Ryan or Jonathon will become the most powerful player in the game. The winner will become the first HOH of the season and the loser will automatically be placed on the chopping block. But first, a victory has turned into a Big Brother blindside. Jonathon tells us this is worst nightmare coming true. Now he has to compete against Mr. Gold Medalist, Ryan Lochte, to keep himself safe in the house. This is so screwed up. Ryan tells us this is hard. He has to go against his boy Jonathon. He has to win, he has to be the first HOH. Tamar says she knew Julie was going to throw a doozy, it’s why they say expect the unexpected. Joey says they started the game hard. Now Ryan and Jonathon have to compete and cannibalize each other. Jonathon meets with Ryan in the gym and recaps Julie’s announcement and he says with numbers he wants to make sure he’s safe. If they can get 7 people in alliance to control the vote, he is golden. They discuss Lolo and Natalie along with Joey in an alliance but Jonathon says he and Ryan all the way to the end. Jonathon tells us he feels alright, he’s the brains and Ryan is the brawn. If they can get this alliance going, then they can have this game on Lochte. Ryan thinks the alliance will be golden for them. Lolo is in with Tamar and Jonathon and they are talking and Jonathon broaches the idea of an alliance. Lolo and Tamar listen to Jonathon’s pitch to create the alliance with Natalie, Ryan, Joey, and Kandi. Tamar tells us this alliance fell in her lap, but her and Kandi don’t have the best history, but she needs to invite her in to the super group. Tamar approaches Kandi in the WC area and pitches the alliance. Kandi says her and Tamar have a rocky past, but if this is what it takes to get her through the first eviction, let’s align! Lolo approaches Joey when they go to the gym and she pitches the alliance to him. Lolo says she knew Natalie would be on board because they are on the same wavelength, but she needs to talk to Joey. Tamar comes in and they start talking and Joey asks are they already playing? Joey tells them everyone is playing? Alliance? He hates that word. Lolo says she’s getting ready to pitch the alliance and then he says that? If he thinks he’s going to make it through the game without an alliance? Good luck. He’s talking and says if he had to he would, but it would be the last thing he would choose to do. Lolo says she’s getting ready to pitch the alliance and then he says that? If he thinks he’s going to make it through the game without an alliance? Good luck. He’s talking and says if he had to he would, but it would be the last thing he would choose to do. Jonathon says does he know what game he’s playing?!? He thinks they are still good with six people, but the only way to guarantee his safety is to win the HOH competition. The HG are milling around the KT talking. Tom has noticed the BY is open and there is an endless pool. Ryan says he’s in training for 2020 and there is an endless pool. He never has to stop training. He immediately gets in and the guys are standing around discussing Ryan swimming. Anthony says Ryan can swim, but can he swim with the sharks like he did in the White House? Dina says the way he swims is great. He says he really is a mermaid…Merman? Merman. Kato is giving commentary on Ryan’s swimming and everyone is cheering. Tom and Anthony are talking in the LR and Tom asks if Anthony would go work for Trump again and he says he wouldn’t be asked to go back. Tom says Anthony is savvy and intelligent and they have something in common that very few people can say, they were both fired by the president. Tom says aren’t they draining the swamp though and Anthony the swamp doesn’t have a drain. They wonder if the government is still shut down. Anthony says there is so much acrimony between the parties, they can’t get anything done. Tom says maybe they fixed everything and got it all taken care of now. He says he’s Canadian, this is not his problem. Lolo and Natalie are in the SR with Jonathon and they discuss Joey and his dislike of alliances. Jonathon makes a four way alliance with Natalie, Lolo, and Ryan. Natalie and Lolo are talking about being able to beast their way through the game. Natalie absolutely LOVES her final four, but Big Brother, you have to have a ride or die, and that person is Lolo. Tamar, Kandi, and Lolo are in the BR talking and Natalie comes in and Tamar says they need four girls who will not stab each other in the back. Lolo says it never works. Tamar tells us even though she’s in the bigger alliance, having a four girl alliance is the best thing ever. She says it’s raining alliances. They discuss names and Natalie pitches The Four Tops and they all high five. Natalie says the new alliance is great and all, but her and Lolo were already in an alliance and they are going to play both sides for the moment. So when the time comes and your girls has to drop someone out of this ring, she’ll do it. Bye! It’s now time to crown the first HOH of the season. Julie greets the HG and says this competition is called Block Buster. In front of them is a billboard for a new movie Nominee, but it’s one movie they don’t want to star in. They will fly across the yard and knock down ALL the blocks. The first HG to knock them down will be the first HOH and the loser will star in the movie and become the first nominee. Ryan and Jonathon both say they need to win this competition to secure their safety in the game. Ryan says in the Olympics he follows a straight line, but here he has to climb over obstacles and climb things and swing. Jonathon seems to be struggling and Ryan has two huge hits on both of his billboards. Anthony says the way Ryan is knocking down that wall…the president should be worried. Ryan says he nearly took out both billboards. Jonathon asks how he did that and he still seems to be struggling. Tom says watching Jonathon soar through the air reminds him of Mean girls…because he never stops talking about being in the movie Mean Girls. Jonathon finally gets a big hit on his first billboard. Ryan now has his first billboard done and only has 2 blocks on the second one. Jonathon says he needs to start knocking down these blocks or he’s going to be on the block. Ryan says he has one billboard down and this is getting so difficult because he has to find the exact angle to knock down the last couple of bricks. Jonathon is back up and trying again. Dina says she’s worried for Jonathon because he’s an extended child and she’ll be crushed if he’s a nominee on day 1. Jonathon finally hits his second billboard and he says this is his chance to catch up because Ryan is having trouble with the last two blocks. Jonathon hits his second and then takes out his first billboard. Both Jonathon and Ryan are working on their second billboard. Lolo says Jonathon needs to work out a little more and move faster. Ryan swings again and hits one of his blocks. Jonathon swings again and misses. Ryan finally hits his last block and he is the first HOH. He didn’t want to win the first HOH and get so much blood on his hands, but he can’t help it he’s a strong competitor. Julie says the twist doesn’t change anything, Ryan still has to choose two nominees to sit next to Jonathon and there will be three nominees. And he will have to choose those nominees in 30 minutes. Kandi says she hasn’t talked to Ryan at all, but she needs to quickly because she needs to stay in this game. Anthony says he’s worried about being a nominee. Tom says three nominees? What are you going to do take my right nut? They did that already. Jonathon says he needs to pitch who should go up because he needs to make sure he’s safe this week. Jonathon says Dina and then Tom comes in. He stands there while Ryan and Jonathon are putting clothes away. There’s an awkward moment and Tom finally leaves. Jonathon pitches Joey and then Kato comes in and Tamar and Natalie both stick their heads in. Jonathon tells us he can’t get time to discuss things so he’ll have to figure it out later. Tamar tells us she knows she’s safe. They’re in an alliance! Kandi goes to Ryan to talk and Kandi asks what he’s thinking and Ryan says he doesn’t know. Kandi says if they’re supposed to be in an alliance, but he won’t discuss anything, how is that an alliance? Anthony, Kato, and Tom are in the KT and Kandi is there and they are talking about using the nerd strategy in dodge ball. Let the jocks take each other out and then run up and hit the last jock. They discuss teaming up. Anthony and Tom shake hands and Kato says he’s in shock and he thinks it’s a great political move for him. Tom says he’s hanging out and discussing alliances with two guys who have hung out with two of the most controversial people in American history and…this might work out actually. Just moments ago, Ryan became the first HOH of celebrity big brother and Jonathon became the first nominee and in just a few moments Ryan will have to nominate two people to put on the chopping block. Let’s see how he’s handling the pressure. Ryan talks to Tamar and Lolo and mentions Anthony and Dina as nominees. Tamar says that works for her, they are the two oldest in the house. Lolo also says she’s on board, let’s roll with it. Kandi says Ryan is being a little shady towards her because if he can tell the other girls, but was evasive with her, that makes her feel like she might be the first to go when they are down to just their alliance. Ryan and Jonathon are talking again and Ryan says he wants to have his back and he suggests Dina and Anthony and Jonathon says it doesn’t feel good to him for Ryan to nominate Dina. She’s like a second mom to him, plus Lindsey would kill him. Ryan says who then? Jonathon suggests Tom and save Dina for later. Ryan says why are you doing this to me? Ryan tells us he has no idea who he will put up and he totally understands what Julie was talking about with power comes great responsibility. It’s time for the celebrities first nomination ceremony. We’re going to the LR to find out Ryan’s decision. Julie calls everyone to the LR and asks how they are all doing. Anthony says it’s more stressful than the White House. Julie says Ryan as HOH, it’s now time to face your house mates and nominate to HG to sit next to Jonathon on the chopping block. As a reminder, Kato and Natalie cannot be nominated. Ryan says he doesn’t really like this but his first nomination would be…Anthony. Anthony joins Jonathon on the couch. Julie says make your second nomination. Ryan says my second nomination is going to be…Tom. Tom joins Jonathon and Anthony. Julie says Tom, Jonathon, and Anthony, the three of you are now in jeopardy of being the first to be evicted. Anthony gives Ryan a hug and says no hard feelings. Anthony says he needs to learn how to adapt and pivot. Tamar says she’s caught off guard and she thinks Jonathon advised him not to nominate Dina. Jonathon says Ryan took his advice and it shows him that Ryan listened to him and he can trust him 100%. Tom is freaking out right now and he’s not under the radar but he’s still in it to win. He’s not giving up! Julie says tomorrow, Jonathon, Tom, and Anthony will all battle in a veto competition to save themselves and Friday will be the first eviction. And live feeds go live tonight! And after dark starts tonight and will be on every night.
  13. Tonight, 10 more acts will perform for a spot in the finals to see who is the best of the best! Only the best will survive…Howie has the golden buzzer tonight! Terry Crews introduces our judges. Our first act is DJArchJnr and he’s a DJ from South Africa’s Got Talent. He says it was so fun when he won and he’s the youngest person to ever win a Got Talent show. He takes the stage with his equipment and begins his performance. Simon says he didn’t want it to stop. Mel B says he has impeccable rhythm and timing. Heidi says he was incredible and she wishes him good luck. Heidi says he loved what he did and he hopes he’s one of the two America votes through. Simon says they need to talk after the show because he has some plans for him. Darcy Oake is the next act and he’s a magician and was on Britain’s Got Talent. He came in fifth place and when he got the invitation he wanted to come back and be better. He has an audience member and Howie join him on stage. He has them lay down on benches and hold a piece of wood above them and then he has Heidi join him on stage. He replaces the wood with Heidi and then he goes around and pulls Howie’s hands down until the audience member is holding her with one hand and then he puts the audience member’s hand down until Heidi is levitating. Darcy replaces the wood with Heidi and then he goes around and pulls Howie’s hands down until the audience member is holding her with one hand and then he puts the audience member’s hand down until Heidi is levitating. The audience and the judges are impressed. Howie says he thought that was amazing. Heidi says she felt weightless. Simon says he is immensely talented and we’ll have to see what happens. The next act is Angelica Hale and she was the runner-up on Season 12. She feels like she’s grown up and a better singer and performer. She performs Fight Song by Rachel Platten. Heidi says she came here to win and she can feel that. Mel B says she can see her hunger to see this competition. Mel B says her vocals were so perfect she can take a risk. Howie says she is amongst champions and she ripped the ceiling off the theater and he’s going to help her win this season. Howie hits his golden buzzer and Angelica moves on to the finals. Next up is Tom Cotter and he was the runner-up on Season 7 of AGT. Tom takes the stage for his performance and he talks about being a runner-up to a dog act. Simon hits his button and X’s Tom and everyone is shocked. Tom continues on. He finishes and he gets an ovation. Howie says that’s the yin and the yang of comedy. Heidi says she disagrees with Simon and she loved his jokes and his comedy. Howie says comedy is subjective and he thought Tom was great. Prince Poppycock is ready to perform next. He’s an opera singer from Season 5. He talks about some of the self-doubt he had until he went on AGT and it was the most thrilling journey in his life. He went back to his normal life after AGT and he’s back to give the best performance of his life and he’s here to prove himself again. Prince Poppycock begins his performance and sings Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga. Terry says that was 100% showmanship. Howie says he is so creative and he is someone who is going to be remembered. Mel B says it was too short and she wanted more. Mel B says she could see this in Vegas in a heartbeat. Howie says AGT superfans loved him before and they may love him again and vote for him. Next, we have the danger act of Ryan and Amberlynn and they are Comedy Daredevil’s from Season 11. They are going to perform the act they performed that everyone remembers because it went wrong and they made a mistake. When they got the call to perform on the champions, they knew they had to do it again. They go into it with the full knowledge the danger is still there, but they take calculated risks. Simon wishes them luck and Howie is dumbfounded. Ryan and Amberlynn take the stage for their performance. He snaps a mousetrap on his tongue. He then bites down on a cinderblock and Amberlynn puts a cinder block on his neck and smashes it. They then kiss and she’s going to do the flaming arrow trick. She climbs the ladder and lights the arrow and he puts a funnel in his mouth. She fires and we go to commercial… We’re back from commercial and Amber has the arrow lit and aimed and Ryan has the funnel in his mouth. Amber fires and she hits the target. Mel B says she couldn’t watch but she commends them based on the audience’s reaction. Heidi is so happy that it worked out this time and they are so crazy. Simon says he is really, really happy that it went right this time. Samuel J. Comroe is next and he was on Season 13 of AGT and he is a comedian. Since the show he’s been booked out on tour for the next two years and he thanks the fans and the judges. He says getting fourth place left him hungry so that’s why he’s back, round 2. He really respects Tom Cotter and he definitely has to step it up. He wants this more than anything in the world. Mel B asks Samuel why he wanted to come back and he says it was his goal to win and this is his second chance. Samuel is ready to begin his set. Samuel gets an ovation from all four judges and the audience. Mel B says he has the perfect material, he’s respectful, he’s funny, and he has swagger. He’s brilliant. Howie says what a change from his first appearance, he’s a champion. Simon says he’s always been a fan, but he felt an extra glow around him. He’s a great guy, really funny, and he still had the guts to come back and compete again. He’s so happy he’s back. Paul Potts is next up and he’s a singer from Britain’s Got Talent. Since he won he’s done a lot of concerts and what makes him thankful for Got Talent is he walked on the stage a nobody and left a somebody. Paul is ready to perform and Simon is on his feet before the performance ends. He gets an ovation from all four judges and the audience. Mel B says that was mind blowingly beautiful. Howie says he’s not a fan of opera, but he’s the biggest fan of his talent and his singing and he deserves to win. Simon says Paul actually defines what the show is meant to be is ordinary people with extraordinary talent who weren’t really given a chance. Jon Dorenbos is a magician from Season 11. Simon asks what’s happened since then. Jon says after the show he was traded from the Eagles to the Saints and he went through a physical and he found out he had to have emergency heart surgery. This is another chance for him to stand out and win. Jon comes down in front of the judges and he has a box with thousands of pieces of paper and he asks Simon to pick one and asks him not to look at it. He then has Heidi, and Mel B do the same. Jon takes a bunch out of the box to show they have different words and different colors. Jon asks Howie to join him for a game of tic-tac-toe. Jon says him and Howie tied. He asks Simon what he got and Simon’s word is courage in blue. Heidi’s is hard work red and Mel B’s is heart in black. Jon printed a picture on the back of the X’s and O’s. On the back are the predictions of the words and colors he made and they are all correct. Simon says he wishes he had a golden buzzer right now. Howie says it is truly worthy of a golden buzzer. Howie says this is exactly what is worthy of moving on to the finals. Mel B says what he did right before their eyes is pure magic and he is brilliant. Heidi says when he talks he commands the stage. Well done and amazing. Simon says this is the best they’ve seen of him on any performance he’s done and he deserves to go through to the finals. Billy and Emily England are the final act to perform and they are a danger act on roller skates. They are from Britain’s Got Talent and Season 12 of AGT. They’ve been working at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas since the show and they didn’t get as far as they wanted on AGT. They want to show everyone why they deserve to win champions. Billy and Emily take their places and they perform to Natural by Imagine Dragons. Heidi says she can watch them over and over again because they are so good. Simon thinks these guys define the word Champions. Mel B says they do everything so gracefully and she absolutely loved it. She thinks they’re brilliant. Howie says the superfans can only vote one more through and he hopes they consider how dangerous and amazing the act is. The superfans have spoken and the votes are locked. We’re about to find out who made it into tonight’s top 3. The first act in the top 3 is…Billy and Emily England. The second act in the top 3 is…John Dorenbos! The last act making it into the top 3 is…Paul Potts! Billy and Emily did the best in the southern stages, John Dorenbos did best in the North East and Paul Potts dominated the Midwest. The act in third is…John Dorenbos. The act going into the finals is…Paul Potts!
  14. Tonight, the battle continues…for a spot in the finals. Tonight, we have 10 of the best acts from around the world and only 2 will make it. One will go through with the golden buzzer and the other will go through by a vote of 50 representatives from each state. Simon says whoever wins Champions can call themselves the best of the best and it’s been amazing so far. Heidi gets the golden buzzer tonight. Darci Lynn is up first and she was the winner of Season 12 and she’s hoping she’s one of the two acts to go through. She’s greeted by Mel B and she asks why Darci wanted to come back and she says she loves competition and she missed being on AGT. Darci has Oscar with her and they begin their performance and they sing Nutbush City Limits and Proud Mary by Ike and Tina Turner. Howie says she is a different Darci than the one that one. Mel hopes the superfans vote for her tonight and they thoroughly enjoyed her performance. Heidi says she is so special and a unique talent. Simon was blown away by that and she has an incredible singing voice. Simon says there are only 2 spaces in the finals and he thinks she deserves to be a world champion. Next, we have a winner from Britain’s Got Talent named Ashley and she had Pudsey who was a dog act. Pudsey got sick at one point and the vet said he had cancer and they had to say good-bye. Ashley says she’s nervous because her new dog, Sully, has never performed before. She didn’t win Britain’s Got Talent with Sully, but maybe she can win Champions him. Simon greets Ashley and Sully and they begin their performance, which is a boxing match theme set to the music Maniac by Michael Sembello. Sully performs his tricks and they get a standing ovation. Howie says he has never seen a dog more happy to be there and he imagines the superfans might vote for her. Mel B says this from start to end made her smile so big. She loved it. Heidi says he is so cute and that was so fun to watch. That was a lot of fun. Simon says who would have believed seven years ago they would be doing this again. Light Balance is back. They are from Ukraine and they were performers in season 12 and they were third place. They say it’s going to be difficult to compete against Darci Lynn again, but they want to win this time. They begin their performance to a rock song, then switch to pop, with different effects. Light Balance gets a standing ovation and Mel B says she loved it, start the party! It was great! Heidi says what they do is so innovative and so fresh and they are so good at what they do and she loves them. Simon says they define why they did this show because that was sensational. Simon says this is going to be one heck of a competition tonight. Taylor Williamson was the runner-up on Season 8. He says he lost to a dancer and he’s really happy with him. When he got the invitation to come back, he was so happy, but he’s up against the best of the best. He says this competition is a really big deal for him. He can’t do second favorite again. Taylor takes the stage and is greeted by Heidi and Simon. Simon asks what he’s going to do different to win and Taylor says he has new jokes. Heidi turns the stage over to Taylor and he begins his set. Heidi says he’s very hilarious. Simon says he thinks Taylor is very talented and he thinks the nerves got to him tonight and he didn’t think it was the wow factor. Heidi says that’s who Taylor is. Mel B says she agrees with Simon and she wasn’t laughing as much as she could laugh. Howie says he laughs with Taylor and he thinks he rose to the challenge and comedy is subjective. Next is Cristina Ramos and she’s Spain’s Got Talent winner and this is her first time in America. She says things have changed a lot for her because suddenly her dreams come true. She’s so excited because she wants to win America’s Got Talent Champions. Cristina performs Bohemian Rhapsody as a opera/rock performance. She begins solo in opera style and then switches to rock with a band. She gets an ovation from all four judges and the audience. Mel B says that was brilliant! She loved it. Howie loved it and says it was very original and different. He thinks people will be talking about her tomorrow. Heidi loved it because it was so much fun. Simon says it was spectacular. Her voice was off the charts and this was unbelievable. DDF Crew is up next and they were the winner of Holland’s Got Talent. They are a jump rope crew. They’ve performed in Vegas and they’ve learned from other jump rope crews and now here they are and it’s important to be even better than any other performance and it has to be perfect. DDF Crew is greeted by Simon and he wishes them luck. They perform their act to Pump It by Black Eyed Peas. Howie says as a judge on AGT, that wouldn’t have ranked and he thinks they’ve seen a lot better. It didn’t blow him away. Mel B says she enjoyed it, it was exciting and they made it look easy. Heidi liked it. She says it was perfectly timed and there were a lot of tricks in there. Simon says context is everything and this was really fun, but it has to be more than that. Viktor Kee is returning and he was a finalist on Season 11 of AGT. He says making the finals he really wanted to win. Performing tonight is more than just about him. Since his season, he’s gotten married and has a son. He’s grateful for this opportunity to come back and try again. He wants the title of Champion. Viktor takes the stage and he has a light show behind him and is starting with one lit ball. Three balls drop from the ceiling after he puts the one ball down in front of him and he juggles though. He then juggles four balls using his hands and his feet. A couple of more balls drops from the ceiling and he discards those and then he has five balls. He juggles those and then has his finish. Viktor gets an ovation from the audience and the judges. Heidi says it was so amazing and there was much elegance to his act. Howie says he’s a juggler, a dancer, and a contortionist. Mel B says what he just did wasn’t possible for anyone else and he’s so graceful and he was so great tonight. Simon thinks Viktor got better and he’s seeing great talent and everyone has upped their game. Simon says he has a shot. Courtney Hadwin is up next and she gets a standing ovation as she takes the stage. She’s always been shy and has trouble talking to people, but when she sings she turns into someone else. She really wants to show people something a little bit different and she wants to make one of those two spots in the finals. Simon says he was shocked she didn’t win and he wants to know how she feels now? Courtney says it’s an honor to be here. Courtney is ready to perform and she performs an original and she gets a standing ovation from the crowd. Simon says that was bloody fantastic. Simon says this has been his favorite performance. Mel B says she’s only 14 and she’s figured out her style and her performance style. Heidi says she loves when she comes on to the stage and when she starts singing she turns into this lioness and she’s so cool. She loves watching her. Howie didn’t recognize the song and she tells him it was an original. Deadly Games is next and he throws knives at his wife. His sister is an aerialist and she had an accident and fell 30 feet with no nets. What they do is dangerous. They stepped up their game each round last time, but they didn’t win. They knew when they came back they had to come back with the most dangerous act they’ve ever done. She says they are here to win this time. Deadly Games takes the stage and he begins by throwing knives and she catches them in a block. She then gets into a spinning column that looks like a door frame. He throws knives at the edges of the door frame and is successful in landing them all safely. He then runs down in front of the judges and grabs a cross bow while she holds a martini glass and he shoots at it and shatters it. He then stands with his back to the stage and asks Heidi for her phone and he uses it to look over his shoulder to shoot the crossbow at his wife who is standing there holding a handkerchief. He hits the handkerchief and Simon looks shocked and the crowd is on their feet. Howie says Deadly Game was not only dangerous, but 50 shades of dangerous. Simon almost doesn’t want them to go through because he doesn’t know if his heart can stand it. Heidi says they are really pushing themselves to the limit. She was having a panic attack and her heart was pounding out of her chest and something is happening…Heidi hits her golden buzzer. Piff the Magic Dragon is ready to close out the show. After losing Season 10, he went and got his own show with Mr Piffles in Vegas. He says this competition means everything. He’s not here for the gold or the princesses, he’s here to make it rain. He has to cheer up Mr. Piffles. Piff invites Heidi on the stage for his act and begins his magic act. He completes his act and gives a picture of Mr. Piffles to all the judges and says it’s Piff Swag. Howie says he’s truly brilliant. Heidi says she loves him and she loves that he didn’t become all Hollywood on them. Simon says his story is the reason he wanted to start the show. It’s time to find out who the top three are and which act will be moving on to the finals with Deadly Games. The votes are in and the first act in tonight’s Top 3 is…Courtney Hadwin. The next act going into the top three is…Cristina Ramos! The final act in the top three is…Darci Lynne. Only one act will go into the finals. It’s all down to how 50 states voted. Darci Lynne won the south and Cristina won the Midwest and Courtney’s votes came from the 18-34 age demographic. The third place act is…Courtney Hadwin. Terry says the vote was incredibly close and the act going onto the finals is…Cristina Ramos!
  15. Tonight, and for the next seven weeks contestants from America and across the globe gather for the ultimate showdown…to see who will be crowned the greatest talent in the world! Terry Crews is the host and we have Howie Mandell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, and Simon Cowell as our judges. Ten acts will perform and two will go through to the semi-finals. The first will go through with the golden buzzer, and the second will go through by a panel of 50 superfans representing each state. Simon says previous winners and people who deserve a second chance are who were brought back. Mel B gets the golden buzzer tonight to put through whoever she wants. Our first act is Bianca Ryan and she was the winner of the first season of AGT. Her life was a total whirlwind after the show and then she realized her voice wasn’t the same. She had to have surgery on one of her vocal chords because it was paralyzed and she had to go to speech therapists and learn how to speak. She’s been working a lot just to make this comeback and she’s ready to see the light again. Bianca takes the stage and she performs Say Something by A Great Big World featuring Christina Aguilera. Simon thinks without Bianca they wouldn’t be sitting there and he’s genuinely thrilled she’s back. Howie says he watched her on her season and she truly is a champion for overcoming her barriers. Mel B says that was just amazing and she delivered and it was just magnificent. Heidi says she is really happy for her and it was amazing. Simon says that was what they call a moment and he is fascinated to see how America will vote for these competitors. Next up we have The Clairvoyants, Thommy Ten and Amelie van Tass. Since their season, they have spent time working on their performance and they are here to win. There is a lot of pressure but they put all their heart and soul into it. They are here to show not just the judge, but America they are ready for first place. The Clairvoyants take the stage and invite all of the judges up onto the stage with them. Thommy asks Simon to pick a postcard representing a city and Heidi to pick a candle from several different scents. He then asks Howie to write down a gift to take on a dream date and he gives a box to Mel B to hold. Amelie is off to the side with a blindfold on. Amelie wants to start with Heidi and she wants to guess that Heidi selected the campfire candle and Heidi shows that’s correct. Amelie is going to guess Simon’s city and she says he picked Shanghai, China and he reveals he originally picked something else, but changed at the last moment to Shanghai. Amelia is moving on to Howie and she thinks Howie will bring pants to his dream date and he reveals that she is correct. Thommy asks Mel B to open the box and let everyone know what’s inside. There’s a remote control and he asks her to press play. Thommy has been recorded before the show started and Amelie is on a roof with the words campfire spelled out, then Shanghai, and pants. Mel B says that was absolutely brilliant. Heidi says they were one of her favorites and they wowed her again and it was so great. Simon says this has just blown his mind and they set the standard. Simon says that will be tough to follow. Sara and Hero are back and they now have a house and have settled down. Sara reminisces how it felt to almost be cut after the audition, but then how much work they put in to each performance after that. They take the stage to perform their routine to the music You Make My Dreams by Hall and Oates. The act is them pulling off a bank heist. Mel B says Sara and Hero just make her smile and her and her dog are adorable and they just make her happy. Howie says he remembers that her family didn’t support her but she made a life from this act and it’s up to the 50 states to allow her to go further. Simon says it’s fantastic that she’s back and he thinks she deserves a place in the finals, but it’s stiff competition and they’ll have to see what happens. Uzeyer Novruzov, Ladder man, is up next. He discusses he thought he could win, but then he had the accident where he fell. He recovered and he came back for a chance to redeem himself. He’s been waiting for this moment and he cannot fail. He tells the judges he hasn’t touched a ladder since his previous season, but he wanted this chance. Uzeyer takes the stage for his performance. He does a few tricks with one ladder and then goes to get a larger ladder. The judges and audience look nervous as he begins his next trick. He climbs the ladder and balances himself at the top and holds and then slides down. Mel B says she is so relieved for him. Well done. Heidi says he is a mixture of Charlie Chaplin and Evil Knievel. Simon says he has balls and he’s so happy he came back. Howie says he has the spirit of a champion and he thanks him for being there. Vicki Barbolak is a comedian and she’s done stand-up for 20 years. Vicki says this has always been a dream come true for her and she felt so good and she wishes everyone can feel like that. When she found out she would be on champions she couldn’t believe it. She’s here to prove that she is a champion and she is going for the gold. Vicki takes the stage to perform her set. Mel B says she just loves Vicki. Heidi says her sets are too short and she wants to see her for longer and longer. Heidi says only 2 can go through every night and he thinks she has a real good shot because she’s relatable. Simon says he can see her confidence and her owning the stage and he can tell she’s different. Next is Alex Magala and he’s a sword swallower and he’s originally from Moldova. Everyone around him, including his parents thought he was insane. Alex won Russia’s Got Talent and his life hasn’t been the same since. He performed at the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Sochi. Heidi greets Alex and congratulates him on winning Russia’s Got Talent. Alex has never done the act he’s about to perform. Simon wants to go on record that they didn’t ask him to do this, he made the decision to do this act and he reminds people not to try this at home. Alex begins his act by going to stand in front of the judges and he has a very narrow, point sword and he begins by putting it down his throat and he takes his shirt off. He bends over and motions for Simon to pull the sword out. Alex returns to the stage and swallows the sword again and does a flip with the sword in his mouth. He has another sword suspended from a rope and he puts it in his mouth and he holds on to some straps as he’s raised into the air. He then lets go and is only suspended using his teeth. He then slides off the sword and falls to the ground. Alex then has a wider sword with some spikes on the end of it and he climbs a pole and balances on the pole using only his legs and then slides to hang upside down and then slides down the pole and we go to commercial… We’re back from commercial and Alex is on a pole upside down and he does a death drop and he stops just in time to avoid the sword hitting the floor. Mel B says he’s bloody crazy. She says she feels sick. Howie says everyone he sees is worthy of going on to the finals and he just made the decision so much tougher. Simon says it’s like watching the Olympics of got talent. Simon says he was millimeters away from killing himself and he loved it. It was extraordinary. We move on to Justice Crew, the winners of Australia’s Got Talent. They were street performers before they auditioned. After the show they made some music videos and they really want to crack into the U.S. They need to go out and prove they deserve to be called champions. Justice Crew takes the stage and performs to a song called Boom Boom. Howie says there is a lot of competition, but they are very good. Mel B says the song was really catchy and she thought their acrobatic stuff was flashy, but she expected more from the dance. Simon says they won and had the guts to come back and compete again and he’s really proud of them because they invited some other winners come back and they were too afraid of losing. Susan Boyle is next and she discusses her experience at her audition. She had no idea she’d have so much success, but she’s glad she stepped on that stage. She says Britain’s Got Talent absolutely changed her life and the show helped her fulfill the dream she had since she was 5. She says she couldn’t possibly walk away from a second chance and she’s excited to show Simon how much she’s grown and this time she has something to prove and she’d love to win. Simon asks Susan what she’s going to sing and she says Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones. She says she’s happy to be here and it’s great to be in America. She’s ready to perform. Simon says he can’t think of any other contestant who has defined this show better than her and she’s made a huge difference in other people’s lives and he’s thrilled she’s there. Howie says she is what the show is about and he always asks for that Susan Boyle moment. Mel B says it’s an honor to sit there and she wants to be the woman who gives her something she deserves and she hits her golden buzzer. Mel B goes to the stage to give her a hug and Simon also goes to give her a hug and he says he’s proud of her. Terry asks how she feels to get that golden buzzer and she says very happy and very humbled. Sofie Dossi is up next and she’s a contortionist. She says when Reba hit the golden buzzer it was one of the best moments of her life. She knows she has to bring out her best and she wants to win this time. She begins on her balancing poles. She then goes to the stage and she is on a hoop that is suspended. She begins by spinning it around as it rises into the air and then does several tricks in the air and ends with the hoop coming down and her spinning very quickly. Heidi says they get dizzy just from watching Sofie. Mel B wasn’t sure at the beginning but she gave them an act that was even better and more exciting than she expected. Heidi thinks she is absolutely amazing and she’s so poised and she really brought her A game. Simon says that was incredible, and he means incredible. Simon says they chose her because they thought there was more and this was by far her best performance. Preacher Lawson is a comedian and he’s next. Preacher says he thought he was about to win because the judges loved him but he ran into a 12-year old ventriloquist. Since being on AGT, he’s sold out every comedy club he’s performed at. After AGT, his brothers moved out to L.A. with him. Preacher says AGT changed his life and it allowed him to create a better life for his family. He definitely wants to prove he’s gotten better and it’s a second chance to win. Preacher is ready to perform his set. Howie gives an ovation before he finishes his set and the audience joins with all the judges. Mel B says if he hadn’t hit that golden buzzer it would have been his. Heidi says she was on fire today and he really, really brought everything and he was fantastic. Howie says there aren’t words to describe how good he is and this is a champion right here. Simon says Preacher was great before and tonight he was fantastic. We started with 10 of the best acts from around the world. Susan Boyle got Mel B’s golden buzzer and there is one spot left to the finals. We’re going to find out who is in tonight’s Top 3. The first act is…Bianca Ryan. The next act in the Top 3 is Preacher Lawson. And the final spot in the Top 3 is…Sofie Dossi. The act that finished in third place is…Sofie Dossi. It’s down to Bianca Ryan and Preacher Dawson. Bianca’s biggest success were in the west and half of Preacher’s votes were from women under 34. The act going into the finals is…Preacher Lawson.