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  1. Terry greets us and the judges and Howie get the golden buzzer tonight! Our first act is Marcelito Pomoy and he’s from Philippines Got Talent. He was an orphan and he spent a long time trying to find his family. He was hoping his family would see him sing on Got Talent and his family was there at the final and his life changed overnight. Marcelito takes the stage and performs The Prayer by Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli and he does it singing both male and female parts. Alesha says she wants to see something different and unique and Marcelito just gave that to them. It was absolutely brilliants. Heidi says it was one of the craziest things she’s ever heard in her entire life. Howie says he is so worthy of a golden buzzer, but it’s very early in the night and he hopes the super fans vote him through. Simon says that was what he calls a 10. As simple as that and he thinks the super fans will put him through to the next round. Oz Pearlman is next and he is a mentalist and he was on America’s Got Talent from season 10. Oz always hears he should have won and that’s what he’s here to do. He has the judges think back on any day or time in the past and he has the audience get out a one dollar bill and he has Terry randomly select a bill. He has Simon fold the bill and place it in an envelope. Oz then guesses Heidi was thinking of her engagement day and she has Heidi put in the day, month, and year in her calculator. Oz then turns to Alesha and asks for a word that describes her person and she says Mystique and that is what he’s written down. He then has Alesha add her day month and year to Heidi’s. Their total is 58,209,061. Oz then asks Howie for the date, month, and year he’s thinking of and writes down 16031980 and the total is 74,241,041.He then has Simon open the bill and asks for the serial number and the number is 74,241,041. Oz says America’s Got Talent turned his life upside down and he turns the board over with the numbers and it spells Moment. Alesha says Oz’s stage confidence and presentation were amazing. Heidi says he really is the real wizard of oz. Simon says there are no words. He says if you don’t believe in magic after that, he doesn’t know what to say. It was incredible. The next act is Boogie Storm and they were on Britain’s Got Talent. They take the stage for their performance and they dance to Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariane Grande, and Nikki Minaj. The music then changes to Milkshake by Kelis, then Jump Jump by Kris Kross, then Pretty Fly for a White Guy by The Offspring, and Boogie Fever by Sylvers. Simon says this was his golden buzzer on Britain’s Got Talent and he would give it to them again. Howie says he can’t. He says it’s his choice. Simon smacks the golden buzzer and everyone cheers. Heidi is checking Simon’s head. Simon says he did it because he believes the darkside is the good side. He says this is one of the best acts they’ve ever had and they have to be in the final. Heidi doesn’t love them as much as Simon does. She says they’re good dancers and it’s a fun gimmick, but how long can it last. Alesha welcomes them to America and says they’ve made their mark. Next we have Ben Blaque and he’s from Britain’s Got Talent. In the semi-finals he had an error happen and he hasn’t done crossbow roulette since then, and tonight he’s going to do the exact act that didn’t go right. It’s his last shot at redemption. Ben takes the stage and he requests Alesha to join him on stage. He begins his act and he forgot his safeties so he has to start over and Howie hits his X. He finally has everything working and the first arrow is released and is on his lower right. The second pull seems to be stuck, but an arrow finally releases and we go to commercial break. We’re back with Ben Blaque and the third arrow hit his upper right side. Alesha pulls the next lever and it’s jammed. Heidi hits her X and Ben looks disappointed. Alesha’s button is hit and Simon hits his X and Ben’s act is over. Simon says he believes this whole thing was not meant to happen. Alesha says she’s sorry it didn’t work out and Howie thanks him. Heidi says she could tell he was nervous. Howie says this is the first time he’s seen something go so wrong. Collabro is our next act and they are from Britain’s Got Talent. They have albums and tours, but they’ve always wanted to make it big in America. They take the stage and perform Shallow by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Alesha says if she’s being honest, she’s heard Collabro sing other songs that allowed them to shine more. Heidi says they all sound very nice, but not like wow. Howie totally disagrees. They are good singers and he thinks they have a shot at this. Simon says the one thing that was missing for him was strength and it didn’t feel like them tonight. However, the super fans are the ones who vote. Next is Ryan Niemiller and he’s a comedian from America’s Got Talent. Alesha greets Ryan and congratulates him on third place and asks what it would mean to win Champions. Simon turns the stage over to him. Howie says this IS a golden buzzer moment. He thinks Ryan is brilliant and he rose to the occasion. Heidi thanks him for being funny. Simon says he felt better tonight than he did on the main show. Puddle’s Pity Party is up next and Puddles the clown is from America’s Got Talent. He had a residency at Las Vegas in Caesar’s. Heidi notes that Puddles is still sad. Puddles performs I Want to Know What Love is by Foreigner. Howie says you have to be special to make it in show business and Puddles is special. Alesha says he has a very nice voice, but she’s not sure this act is enough to win Champions. She was confused by it. Simon says he is very, very confusing and it was interesting performance. It was marmite, you either love it or you hate it. He loved it and Puddles won him over. However, they are the ones who are voting and it’s up to the super fans. Our next act is Marc Spelmann and he’s from Britain’s Got Talent. He’s a magician. He was disappointed and he thought this can’t be it. He came back as an anonymous character and he made it to the finals, but he still didn’t win. He says Champions is his time to do it. He puts the mask on and he has some cards on a board and there are 10 different colors. Simon picks a yellow card, Heidi picks the smiley face symbol, Alesha chooses the letter S, and Howie selects number 13. Simon’s color is turned over and it’s a picture of him. Heidi’s picture and Alesha’s pictures are also on the back. They’ll get back to Howie’s in a moment. If Simon, Heidi, and Alesha had selected any other card, it would have been any number of acts and he spins the board. Howie’s picture is on the board. Anonymous asks what act stands out to Howie and he says Shin Lim and that is the act on the back of Howie’s card. There is a picture of all four judges and Howie is changed to Shin Lim. X then walks down and takes his mask off and it’s Shin Lim and Marc appears behind the judges. Heidi says she’s at a loss for words for Marc. Alesha says she had chills. She couldn’t believe it. Howie says THIS would have been his golden buzzer, but Simon likes dancing guys from space. Simon says this is the third time they’ve met and it was probably the best performance they’ve seen from him so far. Simon says that was spectacular. Luke Islam is up next and he was on America’s Got Talent and he’s a singer. Since the show he’s been able to sing on Broadway. He takes the stage and performs Ashes by Celine Dion. Alesha says she liked him before he started to sing. Heidi says he has so many fans. Simon didn’t love that song for him. He doesn’t think it enabled him to showcase his big range. Simon thinks he has a shot, but he has to step up because he’s better than that. Heidi has so much respect for him, this is mind blowing to her. Spencer Horsman and he’s a magician from America’s Got Talent. After the show he was approached by Cris Angel and he had an incident where he blacked out and he struggled to get back on stage. When he saw Champions he thought it might be his shot. He’s been practicing and struggling with his act and his doctor advised him not to do the act and he’s going to risk it anyway. Simon gives him the thumbs up. The judges all head outside to see the act. There’s an ambulance on standby. He’s going to be locked underwater in a tank and he’ll have 2 minutes to free himself from all the restraints. He’ll be lifted 30 feet above the ground and if he doesn’t complete his task, then the box will open and he’ll fall out. Simon says he has a bad feeling about this and Heidi says let’s be positive. Spencer is locked into the box and his wife hands him bobby pins to help pick the locks. He is now under water and the box is closed and the timer is going. He is starting to pick the lock and the box is being lifted while he’s working. He has one handcuff off and then the second with one minute remaining. Spencer is working on a padlock and Terry notes he’s having trouble with he padlock. Howie notes he’s taking too long. The padlock is off and is working on the lock to the lid. He has the lock off and opens the top and is reaching for the safety latch, but it falls off the side. He has six seconds and he grabs the latch and the box opens, but he’s latched himself to the safety harness. Simon notes that he doesn’t look good and Howie asks if he’s ok. Spencer is on the ground and shaking but stands up and waves at the crowd. Terry asks how he feels and he says tired and he kisses his wife. Howie says Spencer’s preamble was that it hasn’t worked and he makes a lot of mistakes and the fact he’s alive is amazing. Alesha says she felt a little sick during the act but she had such admiration for his bravery. Heidi says he’s a crazy, crazy nutjob of a person. He’s amazing and she hopes to see him again. Simon asks what he wants to say to the 50 states about why he wants to move on and Spencer says he wants to prove to them and himself that he can accomplish anything like Houdini, without dying. The performances are done. 10 acts have gone head to head. Boogie Storm has gone straight through to the finals. Now the other acts will have to see if they made the semi-finals. The super fans have voted and it’s time to find out who is moving on. Marcelito Pomoy, Collabro, and Puddle’s Pity Party are called forward. The act moving on to the semi-finals is…Marcelito Pomoy! Ben Blaque, Marc Spellman, and Oz Pearlman are called forward. The act moving on to the semi-finals is…Marc Spellman! One spot left in the semi-final! Spencer Horsman, Luke Islam, and Ryan Niemiller are left and the judges will decide! Simon says this is a tricky one. He makes the decision based on who he wants to see go through and who he thinks the audience wants to go through. He selects Ryan Niemiller. Alesha says the act she wants to see more of and who could potentially go all the way is Ryan Niemiller! Heidi says Spencer put his life on the line and Luke is a little star and Ryan was really funny, but she’s not a huge fan of comedy. Heidi says tonight she is a huge fan of comedy and she selects Ryan Niemiller!
  2. Terry is our host again for this year’s AGT Champions! Terry greets the four judges, Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel. Our first act is Paddy and Nicko and they are dancers and they are 45 and 85 years old. They are dancers. They were on Britain’s Got Talent and they watch clips of their journey. She had a fall going into the finals and she cracked her ribs and they couldn’t perform their best. They take the stage and she is in the audience in a recliner dozing. She is carried to the stage and their dance act begins. They perform to Let’s Get Loud by Jennifer Lopez. Alesha says the first time she saw them perform, her jaw was on the floor and they amaze her every single time and she loves them. Well done. Howie says that was amazing regardless of their age! Simon says he absolutely adores them. He thought they were great. Simon says Nicko has slowed down a bit, but he has a feeling the super fans will adore them. Mike Yung is our next act. He was on America’s Got Talent. He was singing in a subway to support his family. His life changed even though he didn’t win. His wife passed away suddenly of a heart attack and he was concerned about his kids. He says this is a second chance. Another shot to be the champion. He’s honored to be back. He takes the stage and he performs the song he wrote with Martin Garrix, Dreamer. Heidi says she’s glad he’s back on the stage and she’s one of his biggest fans. Alesha says it’s important to always have a dream and she hopes that tonight brings something positive to his life. Howie says he’s got great pipes and great dreams, but he didn’t like that song. Simon says he also loves him. He has something really special so he’s thrilled that Mike came on the show tonight and he hopes he gets through. We meet Creative Dance Crew and they won Myanmar’s Got Talent. Winning was one of their proudest moments and they are working to make a change in their country. They are nervous to be in America, but they are there to deliver their message to the world. They take the stage for their performance and they are a shadow dance troop. Heidi says what they do is so innovative but also socially conscious. Kudos to them for doing that. Alesha says she was feeling emotional while she was watching it and they did a great job. Simon says it’s amazing to see people their age making a point more clearly than some older people. Simon says the entire audience was engaged and they got it. Hans is up next and he says he was the breakout start of AGT13. He’s been able to perform all around the world. He reviews his journey on AGT and he says he was a little bit of a star, but he didn’t know how brightly a star could shine. Hans takes the stage and greets the judges and then performs Juice by Lizzo and he begins sitting on a large banana up in the air. Simon hits his X. Simon says it was almost impossible to make that worse, none of it made sense. Heidi says it made total sense. Simon says overgrown bananas, terrible singing, and mediocre dancing. Heidi says she loves Hans. Alesha tells Simon he doesn’t have to take it so seriously. That was fun and fabulous. Howie says he loved him, but the superfans will speak. Next we have Jack Vidgen from Australia’s Got Talent and he’s a singer. He could feel his life had changed after he won. He had everything he needed to do what he wanted to do, but he did walk away. His voice started to change and he went to hit massive note and he cracked and he screeched. He felt like he was letting people down and he hated the way he sounded. He stopped singing not just professionally, but also around the house and went to work at his uncle’s deli. He takes the stage and performs You Say by Lauren Daigle. Alesha says Jack’s voice is beautiful but she thinks he has a real shot. Well done! Howie says he has the talent. He has the voice. He just needs the confidence. Heidi says sounds to her like he can still do it. Simon thinks he has an extraordinary voice, but that was too safe. He thinks Jack was way, way better than that and there’s way more to come from him. Next up is Duo Transcend and they were one America’s Got Talent. Since he was on AGT, he had a surgery to stop the progression of the disease he has that would eventually make him blind in one eye. They look over their journey and they discuss they had a fall during judge cuts. Their experience from losing AGT was traumatic for them but they’ve been able to go on and perform for huge crowds and their son gets to come along with them. They want to show their son that even if you fall, you can get back up and make it to the top. They take the stage and they are on a trapeze in the air. They do some of their standard tricks and then she does a fall and grabs his legs. She then blindfolds him and then blindfolds herself. They both position themselves upside down and she starts to fall sliding down and he catches her by the ankle. They continue their act still blindfolded. He then does a toss completely letting go and catches her by the hands again. Howie says he feels pride watching people push the limits and people know them now. That was so scary and so wonderful and exactly what the show was about. Heidi loves watching them and the love and trust they have one another. Simon says he thinks it was better than what they did a few years ago. We have Dan Naturman from America’s Got Talent Season 9. He reviews his journey on AGT and discusses the mistakes he might have made. He says it was traumatic but he’s done some things since AGT. He’s been thinking about his last performance on AGT and he wants to undo what he did five years ago. He wants to win over Heidi and impress the superfans. He takes the stage to perform his set. Simon hits his X. Simon says you have to walk away at the end of the night and think you saw or heard something that blew your mind, and that didn’t for him. Dan says in the world of comedy, Simon doesn’t know his *ss from his elbow. Heidi says Dan finally had her laughing at that. She thinks they need to clear the air and she goes up to give him a hug. Alesha says she judges comedy on if they laughed and did they have a good time and he did a good job. Howie says his comedy is funny to him and hopefully it is to the superfans. Angelina Jordan is our next act and she’s 13 from Norway’s Got Talent. Her grandmother listened to jazz and she auditioned when she was 7 for Norway’s Got Talent. Angelina won and she says she feels like a princess. She’s still waiting for that big moment in America and she’s always wanted to sing for Simon and impress him. This is the biggest opportunity of her life and she hopes to win. She takes the stage and she sings Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. Alesha says she feels like she’s witnessing the birth of something special, a star. Howie thinks this moment, this time on stage, this song, this performance will change her life and career forever. Simon says everything seemed like it came from her and it was an amazing performance. Heidi says she’s so tired they are done talking because she’s so excited and she hits her golden buzzer. Angelina is going to the finals. Our next act is Eddie Williams and he’s a strong man and he competed on Australia’s Got Talent. He wanted to win and to make it so far and miss out, it broke his heart. He says this is like being invited to the Olympics. He’s not going to take this for granted. He knows he’s against the best in the world, but he’s not intimidated. He takes the stage and lifts stones that each weigh 260 pounds. He then puts a board on top of the stones and sits on it and there is silence as the audience is waiting for something to happen and he starts singing Ordinary People by John Legend. Howie hit his X and runs to hide. Alesha says she thinks Howie ran away because he’s afraid what Eddie might do to him. Simon says he’ll give him Howie’s home address. Howie yells it was good from the back and then mouths it wasn’t good. Heidi says she loved it. She says he’s like if Luther Vandross and The Rock had a baby. Simon says the sequence was totally bonkers, but he has a nice voice and he’s curious to see what the superfans will do because the audience seemed to like him. The final act of the night is a magician. Her name is Dania Diaz and she’s from Venezuela and performed on Spain’s Got Talent. She discusses her experiences and everything always thought she was an assistant and not the magician. She started to second guess herself in the finals and she did something different and she didn’t connect. She’s been able to perform for sold out theater’s but this is her first time in America. She sets up to perform her act and she’s a close-up magician. Alesha says that was a beautiful way to perform magic and tell her story and she thinks Dania is inspiring. That was wonderful. Heidi says she loves seeing female magician’s on stage and she was very personal with her magic. She loved it. Simon says he thinks that was an absolutely amazing performance. He doesn’t know how many times he’s seen magic with cards, but she made numbers on cards an emotional story. Let’s see what happens. It’s time for some results. Terry calls Dan Naturman, Paddy and Nicko, and Duo Transcend forward. The act moving on to the semi-finals is…Duo Transcend! Dania Diaz, Eddie Williams, and Mike Yung are called forward. The act moving on is…Dania Diaz! Now the final three acts are Hans, Junior Creative, and Jack Vidgen. These acts were 3, 4, and 5 in voting with the Superfans and this year, the judges will make this decision. Heidi says this is hard choice and she always goes with her gut and she selects Hans. Alesha says the act she would like to see in the semi-finals has fought hard to be here and that’s Junior Creative. Simon is going to go with his gut feeling and he picks Jack Vidgen. It all comes down to Howie and it is all up to him right now. Howie says Hans is the essence of escapism. Junior Creative means so much to their talent and there’s so much more to them. He agrees with Simon that Jack can be a superstar. He’s going with his gut…originality wins…Hans!
  3. It’s time to get into the outwit portion. The alliance, emotional intelligence and the social part of the game. Jack is up first and he congratulates them and says they should each be super proud. He wants them all to know they are all tremendously undecided so be clear and honest about what you’re saying because it matters. Kellee says she finds the outwit part and she’d like to hear about each of their strategies and how that evolved over time. Dean says his strategy was not to be the loudest, the most athletic, don’t be the smartest and get to know people. Just DK chilling strategy. He said Kellee gave him an idol and he wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for her. Dean says would someone as smart as Kellee come to a random person, why did she trust him and it’s because they talked. Noura says coming into the game she’s not the typical survivor fan so she created mnemonic devices. Don’t be bossy, annoying, not trustworthy, and dead in the water at a challenge. She didn’t want to be super strong Aaron or super smart Kellee and she’s watched others to see who they are and Elaine says she doesn’t thinkt here was a strategy for Noura to play the game, she just played off emotion. Elaine says strategy and emotions don’t coincide. Noura says it’s like going on a date and she wants to learn more about them. Aaron and the jury are trying to stop Noura and Kellee says the jury thinks they were emotionally based decision, but they want to know Noura’s strategy. Noura says she actually wants to know people and who they are and see where they can meet in the middle. Tommy says for him it was about making connection and they were real. It’s like what he uses as a teacher for his students and he wanted to play in the middle. He wanted to be ears on all side. He also wanted to make big moves and he uses an example of Dean giving him information and him getting someone to play a idol. Loren asks Tommy who he was most loyal to and Tommy says Loren and Noura says Tommy isn’t telling the truth. Noura tells Loren that Tommy was helping Dean on the fire making challenge and trying to fluster her. Aaron says they are being held accountable and they are being given a chance to own their game. Dean says there were a lot of people he never worked with and Noura says Dean’s strategy was to go with the numbers. Dean says he played a different strategy than Tommy and Tommy says he played the game hard. He didn’t TS chill, he came in to get to know people and build connection and Dean just came along. Tommy says in this game you can’t ride coattails. Janet asks Tommy when he decided to betray her and Tommy says around eight he knew she was a threat but he wanted to use her as a shield and it wasn’t easy at all. Jamal says there are some lines he wasn’t willing to cross, but what were some of their lines they weren’t willing to cross. Noura says for her it was simple she wanted to be transparent. She didn’t want to make a move and regret it later. Tommy says when he talked to his students before he left, he told them he was going to do what he had to win but he never wanted to bully anyone because that was important to him. Dean says he never thought about it before he entered the game, but for him he would never promised final three and not honor it. Kellee doesn’t get Dean who he is or his essence. Dean says he’s just go with the flow, chill Dean. He tries to stay optimistic and he thinks people seen that. He says this was an incredible experience and never getting negative is big to him. Jeff moves to the outplay portion. How they deal with the condition or challenges or twists. Jamal says one of the most thought about moments of what they would do if they did final immunity. Jamal says how Noura explained Loren was fine, but the opposite of that logic is bringing someone she thinks she can beat. Noura says she brought Dean because his game was just following the numbers and he never made a big move and he had a weaker game. Jamal says she didn’t bring Dean, she brought Tommy. Noura says Tommy made her feel like he was so bad at fire and she trusted that. Jamal says Tommy is trying to make history and win from the goat role. Jamal says Dean earned his way to the final three. Tommy says he was able to spin the story that she was so focused on Loren and that saved him to get to the seat. Aaron wants to know their approach to immunity challenges. Noura says her tribe didn’t use her effectively and she enjoyed it better when they got to individual immunity. Dean says he gave his all in each challenge, but he didn’t want to turn it on early. Dean says did Tommy win any challenges? Tommy says yeah he didn’t win because that puts a target on people and he was all about social. He won a reward challenge and brought people to a family visit and that created a bond. Dean says Tommy showed a heck of a social game but it has zero advantages at idols or immunities. Dean explains his legacy advantage and he says it was a fake one and he asks Jamal about the advantage. Jamal explains that he was given parchment and a pen and he could use it as he wanted. Dean then shows them the immunity idol at final five that Tommy was looking for and he says he was blinged out at final five and he didn’t have to play any of them. Tommy says no one was going to vote him out. Tommy says he found advantages but he didn’t make moves. Aaron says Tommy is trying to downplay what Dean did and he shouldn’t do that and some of the jury disagrees. Missy wants to know if Tommy shared information and Tommy says yes. Missy says Dean made that all a benefit to him. Kellee says Tommy gave information to Dean because Tommy thought Dean was a goat and it’s a good social strategy. It starts to rain on the tribal council. Dean says he feels like he did execute playing the middle. Dean says he and Elisabeth were close. Kellee says when Jamal asked where were your ethical lines and now Dean is saying he was close with Elizabeth. Karishma says they are just calling him out. Noura says that’s what he does, follows the numbers. Dean says where is this coming from now? Kellee feels like they have a clean slate now that the rain has stopped. Jeff says time to go to the outlast portion. Tommy says Season 39 you have to play for day one and he built great relationships with each of them. Who do they want to represent Season 39? He made alliances, he crossed alliance, he didn’t need an immunity alliance and he still made big moves and he got here and that’s what he thinks Survivor is all about. Noura says for this is her, this is Noura. She says they loved her and hated her and they accepted her for her. She’s not a player they’ve ever seen before and she’s a wildcard and she’s done everything she can to use tool and win challenges and she felt like when she was herself it helped her thrive and that helped her get to here. Dean says we’re all lifelong fans. He says think about the jaw dropping moments and couple them with the moments when their backs were against the wall. Dean says that’s where he was the entire game and he found his way, he found his own path. And then the fourth quarter hit and he was sitting at the final five and if they can’t help etch that into the history books, then he doesn’t know what to do. He’s asking them to help write history with him. Jack is up first to vote. We see Missy go in. Loren goes in and we see she votes for Tommy. Karishma goes in followed by Kellee. Aaron goes in and he votes for Dean and says Dean played the game he wanted to play. Jamal steps in and says he’s voting for a winner of Survivor. Crazy. Elizabeth casts her vote. Elaine goes in followed by Janet. Jeff gets the votes and thanks them all and he’ll see them in Los Angeles for the reading of the votes. Time to read the votes. First vote…Tommy. Dean. Next vote Tommy. Next vote Dean. Tied at 2 votes each. Tommy. Tommy. 4 votes Tommy and 2 votes Dean. Tommy. 5 votes Tommy, 2 votes Dean. The winner of Survivor…Tommy! Tommy got all the votes except for the two for Dean from Aaron and Elizabeth. Jeff says it was cool to watch Tommy play and him talking about gathering information. Tommy says he was very open and real with people and they were comfortable giving him information. Jeff asks Sandra if that’s something you can teach someone? Sandra says no. Sandra says Tommy didn’t need Island of the Idols. Jeff talks about the everyone Tommy betrayed and is there any guilt when you watch it back. Tommy says he loves these people and they mean everything to him, but he was playing to win a million dollars. He was playing for his family and his students and say sorry later. Rob says this is Survivor. Rob says he’ll give Tommy credit that everyone who did come to Island of the Idols everyone said Tommy was their number one. Sandra says he told Rob everyone is with Tommy! Jeff says Dean, great fourth quarter surge. But what was a positive take away? Dean says it was the best life experience he’s ever had. It strips you down and there are moments where you hit your lowest of lows and it taught him to be grateful for everything they do have. Jeff goes to Noura and says despite her craziness, she was consistent every day. Noura says if you follow the herd, you’ll never be heard. She wanted to play the game her way. You can learn a lot from legends, but you have to be you and you have to be you day in and day out. Be a peacock, shake your tailfeather, and be you. Jeff says every so often there’s a player that comes around and captures the heart of the fans. Elaine was one of those players. Jeff says one of the reasons people adored her is because she was open and vulnerable. Did it deliver what she needed? Elaine says it did. She was searching for something else because of things she was going through. Elaine says God doesn’t always give you what you want, he gives you what you need. Jeff goes to Karishma and talks about the simple hug she gave her husband. Karishma says she knew she was going to have a tough time, but she didn’t expect how difficult the social game and the emotional turmoil that was going to come and when you reach those incredible moments of loneliness and you see the person from home who loves you for you and it just reminds you to appreciate what you have at home. Don’t focus on what you don’t have, focus on what you do have. Jeff then talks about Jamal and Jack and the doorag incident was one of the most talked about of the season. Jeff says one of the things people have said is what was so beautiful was that Jack was so open to apologize and teach him and instead of Jamal getting mad he agreed and it was a beautiful thing. Jamal says the response has been phenomenal. He says he and Jack live together now back in Rhode Island and they have a friendship out there and inside of that friendship is how they can have those hard conversations. Jeff says every season Sia awards her favorite player with the Sia gift. Her philosophy is she’s been blessed in life and she wants to do it for someone else. Jeff says Jamal gets $15,000 from Sia. Elaine also gets $100,000 from Sia. Elaine gets emotional. Jeff says they have one more. Sia would also like to gift $100,000 to Janet. Sia wanted Jeff to tell everyone it’s a birthday gift to herself because she’s at home watching. Jeff is now going to give Kellee a chance to speak because she wasn’t to before. He says they knew what was going on in and real time and they were trying to make the best decisions, but they have since learned they made mistakes and should have done things differently. They are instituting new policies and rules going forward. Jeff tells Kellee she was right to speak up and to step forward and he wants to acknowledge and apologize. He’d like to turn it over to her to vent at him or share his feelings. Kellee says she’s very nervous right now. There’s so much pressure on this moment and she feels like it’s been building up for many months and she feels pressure to do right for herself, but for many others as well. Jeff wants to give Kellee a chance to get anything off her chance that she’s not happy with Jeff or production. Kellee says the hardest thing was Dan remained in the game even after she spoke up. She says it’s not necessarily the injustice, but she felt like she was being supported or believed and that’s really the hardest thing to deal with. Jeff says what she just hit on is the biggest thing they learned. When she had her emotional interview and they made the decision to meet with them privately and they learned that wasn’t right. Jeff says he learned when you’re not in a situation like this, you can’t relate or understand. Jeff says Missy and Elizabeth got a flashback and none of them deserved it. Kellee says this has been such a hard situation and she didn’t ask for her Survivor experience to be defined by this and they can’t go back and change what happened. It wasn’t just her and people are ready at different times and speak up in different ways. Even though she was ready to speak up, it was still incredibly difficult. She thinks the most important thing is she hopes this season of Survivor isn’t just defined by inappropriate touching or sexual harassment. She hopes it’s defined by change. She says CBS and Survivor are making the changes because she spoke up and asked for changes. She says individuals and institutions are capable of change and she thinks they’ve learned a lot and they can keep learning. She hopes they can all learn from it and do better. She fundamentally believes they can do better. Jeff can feel how nervous she is and he feels like she expressed herself really well. Not only will CBS and Survivor change and he knows families will be watching and they can talk about these things with their kids. In February, they’ll premiere their 40th season. It’ll be called Winners at War. 20 returning winners. They’ll compete in epic challenges, face the return of the Edge of Extinction, and encounter a new twist that will completely reset how the game is played. Plus, they are playing for the biggest prize in reality show history. They’ll be playing for 2 million dollars. It’s the most anticipated Survivor season of all time.
  4. It is time to begin the season finale of The Voice! We’re kicking the night off with Alex Guthrie, Will Bremen, Max Boyle, and Shane Q from this season with Gimme Some Lovin’ by Spencer Davis. Lady Antebellum take the stage and perform their song What If I Never Get Over You. We see clips of Kelly “momming” her team. The Black Eyed Peas take the stage with J Balvin and they perform their song RITMO. Katie Kadan takes the stage with Adam Lambert and they perform Believe by Cher. We see a package of Gwen talking about how it has been to work with Rose. Rose Short joins Yolanda Adam to perform In the Midst of It All. Kat Hammock, Cali Wilson, Gracee Shriver, and Marybeth Byrd take the stage and perform Neon Moon by Brooks & Dunn. Dua Lipa takes the stage and performs her new hit Don’t Start Now. We see a clip of Blake and Ricky and their strange and fun partnership. Ricky Duran takes the stage with Gary Clark Jr. and they perform Pearl Cadillac. Voice winner from Team John, Maelyn Jarmon returns to perform Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. We see a package of Kelly and Jake and how well they worked together. Jake Hoot takes the stage with Little Big Town and they perform Over Drinking. We’re welcoming back Jennifer Hudson for a performance of Memory from the movie Cats. Hello Sunday, Myracle Holloway, and Joana Martinez take the stage and perform You Keep Me Hangin’ On by The Supremes. Luke Combs takes the stage to perform Even Though I’m Leaving. We welcome the four finalists to the stage! The artist in fourth place is…Rose Short from Team Gwen! The artist in third place is…Katie Kadan from Team John! It’s down to Ricky and Jake. One will be the runner-up and one will win The Voice Season 17! The winner of The Voice Season 17 is…Jake Hoot from Team Kelly! Ricky Duran from Team Blake is the runner-up!
  5. For the first time in seven seasons, all four coaches are represented in the finale! We’re going to kick off the night with Team Blake’s Ricky Duran. Carson sits down with Blake and Ricky to reminisce about his journey on the show. Ricky is going to perform Runnin’ Down a Dream by Tom Petty. Kelly says this is her favorite finale and everything is represented. Everyone has their own little niche and she says Ricky did so well and his range was incredible. John says when he sings it feels vibrant and everyone is working for him. Blake says Ricky never let any of them down. Every time he gets on that stage they know he’s going to do something awesome and incredible. Blake says every time he performs he rolls up his sleeve and gets the job done. Well done! Jake Hoot from Team Kelly is next and he is going to perform his single Better Off Without You. This is his own song. Gwen says that was really great and it’s exciting to hear an original song and get to know more of him and his story through song. Her favorite thing has been watching him get relaxed each week and owning it. She can tell he’s embodying the whole experience. Kelly says Jake is really super humble and she has to pull it out of him. Kelly says he always puts himself on the backburner and that makes him an awesome human. Kelly says the power of being a writer as well as a singer is making connections with people who have had similar experiences. It’s time for our first coach/artist duo of the night. John Legend is going to join his artist Katie Kadan and they are going to perform Merry Christmas Baby by Otis Redding. Next is Rose Short from Team Gwen and she’s going to perform her single Steamroller. Blake says he doesn’t know if he’s ever heard of a better pairing of an artist with and original song and that song embodies everything she’s done on the show up to this point. It also showcases what an incredible singer she is. Gwen says she could see Rose was just so free and enjoying the moment and she seemed so sparkly and happy and that song told her story. Blake is going to take the stage now with his artist Ricky Duran and they are going to sing Run Run Rudolph by Chuck Berry. Team John’s artist Katie Kadan is next and she’s going to perform her original song called All Better. Kelly says she better go ahead with that sexy vibe. She says no joke, that is on her sexy playlist, that was a killer song. John says he feels like it’s a perfect of her style with a modern twist and she is all better. Kelly is going to take the stage with her artist Jake Hoot and they are going to sing Winter Song by Ingrid Michaelson and Sara Bareilles. Gwen is ready to sing with her artist Rose Short and they are going to sing My Gift is You by Gwen Stefani. Jake Hoot sits down with Carson and Kelly and discuss his journey on the show. Jake is going to perform Amazed by Lonestar. Gwen says she’s a fan and that was so beautiful and it’s such a pretty song. She loves that he was so relaxed and he’s shown so much growth. His voice is so familiar and comforting. Kelly says she loves him. He’s everything she grew up on in country music and his voice is magical and he’s so gifted. Katie Kadan sits down with Carson and John and they discuss her path to the finale. Katie is going to perform I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith. Blake says he can’t get a word in because people love her so freaking much. He says once again unbelievable and there’s nothing else to say about how incredible she is. John says he’s so honored to get to work with her this season. She has dazzled everyone every single time and she’s been incredible every single time and she should be proud. Ricky Duran is ready to perform his debut single and it’s called A Woman Like Her. Kelly says Ricky reminds her of Bruce Springsteen because he is relatable and that was such a beautiful song. John says he was listening to that song and he was jealous he hadn’t been pitched that song. He says that was a great song and he has a feeling that will be the most streamed original song of the night. Blake says way to wait until the last competitive performance to give the best performance he has given the entire run. That was brilliant. Blake says America…Santa wants one thing from them this season and that’s to vote for Ricky! Rose Short is going to close out the night and she sits down with Gwen and Carson to remember her journey on the show. She’s going to perform Border Song by Elton John. John says what a beautiful message for the final song of her journey and for the final performance for all four of them. John says that was very special and ending with that message knowing her roots in gospel, it was a very beautiful moment. Gwen says Rose has known exactly what to do on this journey at every single turn and every moment and sometimes God puts a little extra drop of cool and talent. He did that with her because she is a magical human being.
  6. Tonight, we’ll reveal the finalists. Blake Shelton takes the stage with Trace Adkins and they perform Hell Right. The time has come to reveal our first finalist! Our first finalist is…Katie Kadan from Team John Legend! Tones and I takes the stage and performs Dance Monkey. The second artist advancing to the finale is…Jake Hoot from Team Kelly! Kelly Clarkson performs with Kaleb Lee their new single I Dream in Southern. The third artist moving on to the finale is…Ricky Duran from Team Blake! Three artists will be performing for the instant save and the remaining two will be going home. The first artist who will perform tonight is Hello Sunday from Team Kelly! The second artist who will be performing for a spot in the finale is…Kat Hammock from Team Blake! The final artist that will perform tonight is…Rose Short! Will Bremen and Marybeth Byrd have been eliminated. Hello Sunday is up first and they are singing Chandelier by Sia. Kelly says they are 14 years old and they are tackling these huge songs. They are amazing. She has such a good team. Please America vote! Kat Hammock is next and she’s going to perform You’ve Got a Friend by James Taylor. Blake says this competition is what it is and it’s tough. He wants Kat to know she has a record to make no matter what happens here tonight. He says America has discovered her and her journey has not ended no matter what happens. The final performance is Rose Short and she has chosen to sing A Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin. Gwen says that was magical and that was ridiculous. Gwen says she is the most talented person she’s ever worked with. America has instantly saved…Rose Short from Team Gwen!
  7. The semi-finalists will perform twice tonight. They’ll each perform and they are paired up and will perform a classic 80s song. Katie Kadan from Team John is our first artist of the night and she’s going to perform Lady Marmelade by LaBelle. Kelly says she is so fun to watch and she loves to watch her perform and she has a voice that captivates everyone. Gwen says that was her favorite Katie performance so far because she was just watching her and she’s such a character. John says everything Katie sings she makes it sound like it’s her song. John says she owns every performance. Kat Hammock from Team Blake is next and she is going to sing Somewhere Only We Know by Keane. Kelly says everyone thinks of The Voice as a show for a big huge singer, but she has such a unique quiet voice and she’s so glad she’s on the show. Gwen says she hopes Kat learns how gifted she is and she’s so unique and she needs to make records because she can have a whole career after this. Blake says that was easily her most powerful vocal performance of the show so far. Her voice is pure and innocent and her voice can make you happy and break your heart at the same time. Blake says he’s going to see it through with her because she needs to be making records. We’re going to kick-off our duets with Ricky Duran from Team Blake and Will Bremen from Team John and they are going to perform Your Love by The Outfield. Ricky is excited to sing with Will because of the energy he brings to the stage, and Will hopes he can keep up with Ricky because he kills on the guitar. Next up is Marybeth Byrd from Team John and she’s going to sing Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood. Blake says that’s a tough vocal to tackle and she did a great job. Her journey on the show has been amazing to her, but he likes the country stuff personally. John says he almost didn’t recognize. He thought she got in the character so well and he also thought it was her best vocal performance and he thinks America lit a fire under her. Hello Sunday from Team Kelly is ready to perform next and they are going to sing Don’t You Worry “Bout a Thing by Steve Wonder. John says they do so many inventive things together and it makes them both better. It was a fantastic performance. Kelly says they did so well and she’s so proud of them. Kelly says this was the perfect song at the perfect time and they just nailed it. Our next duet is Marybeth Byrd from Team Blake and Jake Hoot from Team Kelly and they are going to sing Up Where We Belong by Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes. Jake says Marybeth’s voice has a soft fierceness about her, and Marybeth says Jake’s voice has an awesome growl. The next artist is Ricky Duran from Team Blake and he is going to sing Let It Be by The Beatles. Blake says he told him to use everything he had left in the gas tank and Blake says he just gave the vocal performance of the season. Will Bremen from Team John is our next artist and he’s going to perform Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars. John says he wore his suit in honor of Will’s hair for the extra motivation. John says Will impresses him every week and his stage presence is so electric and magnetic and it’s so much fun to work with him and watch him. The next duet is Rose Short from Team Gwen and Katie Kadan from Team John and they are going to sing Express Yourself by Madonna. They are both 80s babies and they are excited to perform together. Our final duet is Hello Sunday from Team Kelly and Kat Hammock from Team Blake and they are going so perform We Belong by Pat Benatar, and none of them have sung an 80s song yet. Rose Short from Team Gwen is up next and she’s going to sing I Want to Know What Love Is by Foreigner. Gwen and Rose are crying and Kelly says Rose is a gift and she’s so blessed. That was so good. Gwen says that was so moving. Our final artist of the night is Jake Hoot from Team Kelly and he’s going to perform Desperado by The Eagles. John says every week Jake is so consistently excellent and his voice feels like home and he hits the high notes like it’s nothing to him. He’s such an excellent singer and it was a joy to listen to that performance. Kelly says he is an incredibly gifted singer and she loves the story that matters and this song had a story and he delivered it.
  8. The finals will be in TWO weeks! We’re going to begin finding out who will be moving on to the semi-finals! The first artist America has saved…from Team John… The first artist America saved from Team John…is Will Bremen! America also saved…from Team Gwen… From Team Gwen, America also saved…Rose Short! Kelly and John perform their updated version of the Christmas classic, Baby It’s Cold Outside. The third artist America has saved…from Team Blake… The third artist from Team Blake that is moving on is…Ricky Duran! Meghan Trainor performs her new song Wave featuring Mike Sabath. America also saved…from Team John… The fourth artist moving on to the semi-finals from Team John…is Katie Kadan! America also saved…from Team Kelly… From Team Kelly, America has also saved…Jake Hoot! Time to find out the next two moving on and which three artists will perform for the live save. America has saved…Hello Sunday from Team Kelly! America also saved…Kat Hammock from Team Blake! Shane Q, Marybeth Byrd, and Joana Martinez will perform for the instant save. You can vote on The Voice app or at the NBC website. Shane Q has chosen to sing Killing Me Softly by Roberta Flack. Blake says he feels like his voice is so unique and that was a great song choice for him. Blake is surprised to see him here again and he’s an incredible singer. Kelly says she’s shocked and he is a 4-chair turn and he can tackle any genre and he’s glad he picked that song and he really hopes America puts him through. Joana Martinez has chosen to perform Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye featuring Kimbra. Blake says he’s supposed to be neutral but it’s hard with her because she’s still Team Blake in his mind and she never disappoints when she gets on stage. She gives it everything she’s got and she’s great. Gwen says America has watched Joana grow and she’s so animated on stage and it’s so exciting to watch her. Gwen says America needs to vote so they can see more of Joana. Marybeth Byrd has chosen to sing You Are the Reason by Calum Scott. John says he’s so proud of Marybeth. She’s been consistently excellent and consistently one of the best singers. She had one of her best performances this week and he hopes America rewards her for those performances. America has instantly saved…Marybeth Byrd!
  9. The Top 10 go live tonight! Kane Brown is here tonight and tomorrow two artists will be going home. We’re kicking off the night with Rose Short from Team Gwen. She has brought her parents to meet Gwen. Rose has chosen to sing God’s Country by Blake Shelton. Rose gets an ovation from all four judges and she tells Carson that song is so hard. Blake says she killed it. He says it rethinks his entire arrangement. He says that was incredible. Kelly says she thought that performance was incredible because it’s a testament to both Rose and Blake’s talents because it’s a great song with a wide range. Kelly says it was classy and tasteful. Gwen says Rose looks stunning. Gwen says this all seemed meant to be and this song was her mom’s idea and she’s so proud of Rose. Marybeth Byrd from Team John is up next and she and the rest of his team go to his home and they meet his family. Marybeth is going to perform Lose You to Love Me by Selena Gomez. Kelly says this felt like the blinds because she couldn’t see her until the end, but it was very powerful. Kelly says it was beautifully done and she sounds very good. Gwen says she was floored by Marybeth. She says those kinds of songs are hard to do because they are specific to the artist and that was so good. She loved it. John says he was so happy watching that because they had talked about building the story and she didn’t over sing and it was such a great build. John says it was the most artistic performance she’s given so far. Next is Kat Hammock from Team Blake. Kat’s church members made her a video showing support. Kat has decided to sing You’re Still the One by Shania Twain. Gwen says that was magical, she is magical. Gwen loves that they can hear the air coming through her voice and it’s so unique and original. Gwen says no one is like her. John says every time Kat does a song she makes it her own. John says Kat does it so beautifully and with such taste. Blake says he’s running out of compliments for her. That has to be his new favorite performance from her. He says she’s like the angel on top of the Christmas tree breaking out in song. Kane Brown is taking the stage to perform his sing Homesick. Shane Q from Team Kelly is ready for his performance. He’s going to perform the song Caribbean Queen (No More Love on the Run). This is one of his dad’s favorite songs. John says that was really good. He loved how he got big at the end and he sees him growing as a performer every week. It was really well done. Kelly loves that he chose the right time to come out of his shell. She loves him on stage and he is such an incredibly gifted singer. Next we have Jake Hoot from Team Kelly and this song is for his cousin who was a Marine and he was killed in Afghanistan. He’s going to sing That Ain’t My Truck by Rhett Akins. Gwen says she thinks that was his best performance he’s done. Gwen really believed he was a true country star. Blake says Kelly is doing an incredible job with Jake. He says he’s killing it. Kelly says she hasn’t done anything. She says his family will be so proud, he’s so good. She says it’s like watching his show. Joana Martinez from Team Gwen is set to take the stage. She’s the youngest of five and her siblings are some of her biggest supporters. She’s going to perform Impossible by Christina Aguilera. John says she is owning this moment and it’s fun to watch her physically convey her emotion. He says her confidence and poise and maturity are so far beyond her years. Gwen says she is her dream come true to watch her grow before her eyes. Gwen says she was very impressed with her tonight. Katie Kadan from Team John has decided to sing Rolling in the Deep by Adele. Katie talks about some of the jobs she’s had to work to make ends meet while she pursues her music career. Blake says he started creating conspiracy theories in his head because she just couldn’t be that good. He says someone can’t be this good and not have made it in the music industry. Kelly says Katie is so unique and it’s not only her voice but her voice inside that comes out. She lights a fire and makes everyone happy and she loves Katie’s growl. John says they were rehearsing Wednesday morning and the only person his family wanted to meet was Katie. John says he went to Target and he was getting gift wrap and someone walked up to him and said they were thinking about Katie on his team and they wanted to tell John how much they loved Katie. Hello Sunday from Team Kelly is up next and they have chosen the song Stone Cold by Demi Lovato. Kelly says that was so beautiful. She says a lot of people don’t know the depth of the conversation that was had that day…well done! Ricky Duran from Team Blake is set to take the stage. Ricky has chosen to perform Born Under a Bad Sign by Albert King. John says he’s incredible and he loved him in the blinds. He’s truly a fan of his. Blake wants everyone at home to take the remote right now and rewind the performance and try to find anything that’s not magical about it, from the singing to the guitar playing. If this guy doesn’t belong in the finale, he will kiss America’s collective butts. The final artist of the night is Will Bremen from Team John and he has chosen the song My Body by Young the Giant. Kelly wants to know where Will is playing after he’s done with the show because she’s going to show up. She says he’s incredible, this seemed like his show and everyone opened up for him. Gwen says she feels like the music lives inside Will and it’s like he has to get it out. It was so incredible and electric and she can’t wait to see what he’s going to do next. John says Will has shown so many sides of him as a performer and this was his favorite performance that he’s done. He says that song was perfect for his voice and he just slayed it. It was masterful.
  10. The coaches settle in and Carson tells us Blake and John will be performing with their teams and Gwen will be performing some of her hits. Time for some results! The top 11 come out on stage! America has saved…from Team Blake… America saved from Team Blake…Ricky Duran! America has also saved…from Team John… From Team John, America has also saved…Katie Kadan! John Legend takes the stage with his team Katie Kadan, Marybeth Byrd, Will Bremen and they perform How Deep is Your Love by The BeeGees. The third artist America saved…from Team Gwen… America saved from Team Gwen…Rose Short! America has also saved…from Team Kelly… The fourth artist saved is from Team Kelly…Jake Hoot! Gwen takes the stage to perform some of her top hits from her solo career. The fifth artist moving on to the Top 10...from Team Gwen… From Team Gwen, America saved…Joana Martinez! America also saved…from Team John… America also saved from Team John…Will Bremen! Blake takes the stage with his team, Ricky Duran and Kat Hammock, and they perform Taking Care of Business by Bachman-Turner Overdrive. America saved…Marybeth Byrd from Team John! America also saved…Kat Hammock from Team Blake! America also saved…Hello Sunday from Team Kelly! Myracle Holloway and Shane Q are the two artists in the bottom and they will perform for the instant save. Shane Q takes the stage first and performs Jealous by Labrinth. Blake says it’s a testament to how incredible the talent is this season that he’s in this save position because he’s one of the best singers they’ve had on the show ever. He says how can this guy go home? Kelly says he is such a gifted singer and he was a 4-chair turn and she hopes he goes through. She says he pulled out some stuff he doesn’t normally do in his performances. Myracle Holloway steps up and she sings You Are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker. Gwen says she was calm and creative and she hopes America thinks she deserves to be there. Carson calls Shane Q back on stage with Myracle and voting is now open on the app or the NBC website. Voting has closed and the time has come to see who will be leaving. America instantly saved…Shane Q!
  11. Kate Kadan from Team John is up first and she was given the song Without You by Harry Nilsson. Katie gets a standing ovation from all four judges. Kelly says that is how that song should be sang. It was heartfelt and emotional and she is mind blowingly good. John says that was utterly stunning and she delivered it with such nuance, grace, and control. It was incredible! Kat Hammock from Team Blake will take the stage next and the fans gave her the song I’ll Fly Away by Alison Krauss and Gillian Welch. Gwen says Kat is so different, and unique, and original, and she stood out and her voice is so mesmerizing. Blake says every week people are falling more and more in love with her and her voice is so special and how unique she is to music in general. He says that was magic. Shane Q from Team Kelly is up next and he was given the song Mercy by Shawn Mendes. John says Shane is such a great vocalist and he felt how confident he was and he had the swag and it was sensual in the right moments. John says it was his best performance on the show so far. Kelly says Shane is so gifted and she’s so happy he trusted her and he pushed himself and went for it. Kelly says he has this soul and passion and fire. Joana Martinez from Team Gwen is next and the fans selected the song Dreaming of You by Selena for her. Blake says he can’t think of a dumber decision he made than letting her go because every week she’s coming into her moment. Gwen says she was perfection tonight. Gwen says she was unbelievable and she’s able to sing those low notes calmly and she was flawless. She was blown away by her tonight. Will Bremen from Team John is ready to see what song he was given. The fans chose the song Light My Fire by The Doors. Blake says he’s been a member of the Blue Crew since the beginning and he has to be honest. He’s never been crazy about that song until now. It was weird and awesome! He loved it. John says he’s an honored member of the Blue Crew because Will impresses him every week with his musicality. He’s so proud to get to work with him. Rose Short from Team Gwen was given the song Maybe I’m Amazed by Paul McCartney. Kelly says that was so good! Kelly says it was very tastefully done and it had such great dynamics and really killer. Gwen says she was so moved by her tonight. Gwen says when she came down the stairs the way she did it was so her and that was mesmerizing. Hello Sunday from Team Kelly is up next to learn they will be performing the song The Middle by Zedd, Maren Moris, and Grey. Blake says he had to do press before the show, which is his least favorite thing to do, and they are so talented and they got asked about them. He’s so happy for them. Kelly says she hates bringing their age up and they sing like women, but they are fun and they are so gifted and talented. Myracle Holloway from Team Gwen is up and she is going to sing her fan pick song of Everybody Hurts by R.E.M. John says he was so moved watching the pre-package video and it shows how powerful music can be. He says he’s happy she got the opportunity to be hear and move people and change so many people’s lives. Gwen says she is so aware of this moment she’s in and she’s seizing the moment. She says that was beautiful and flawless. Marybeth Byrd from Team John is next and the song selected for her was Stars by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. Kelly says she loves that song and that was beautiful and she just soared on this song. John thanks the fans for picking that song for her because it was right in her vocal pocket. She says it was right there for her and she gave them power and clarity and it was one of her best performances so far. Jake Hoot from Team Kelly is learning what song the fans picked for him, and they have given him Every Light in the House by Trace Adkins. Gwen says Trace Adkins is her homie and she knows that song. She’s been a fan of Jake’s from the beginning and there is something so comforting about his voice. She really think he’s getting there and that was beautiful. Kelly says she loved it. She says every time he opens his mouth to sing she is reminded of her childhood. She’s so blessed to have him on her team. Ricky Duran from Team Blake is closing out the night. His fans have given him the song Downtown Train by Rod Stewart. John says he sometimes forgets Ricky is a contestant because he is so advanced beyond the competition. He’s really good. Blake says when he tells him that everyone loves him, it’s not just fans and people that he knows. He says people in the business are reaching out to him already. Blake says he is having his moment right now and he deserves it.
  12. The coaches are introduced and Carson checks in with each of them, and it’s time for some results. The first artist America has saved is from…Team John… From Team John America saved…Marybeth Byrd! The next artist saved…from Team Kelly… America has saved from Team Kelly…Hello Sunday! America also saved…from Team Gwen… America saved…from Team Gwen, Rose Short! Gwen Stefani joins her team Joana, Myracle, and Rose and perform Good as Hell by Lizzo. Time for more results! America saved…from Team Blake… America saved from Team Blake…Kat Hammock! America has also saved…from Team John… America saved…from Team John, Katie Kadan! Let’s get some more results! America has saved…from Team Kelly… From Team Kelly, America has saved…Jake Hoot! America has also saved…from Team Gwen… From Team Gwen, America also saved...Myracle Holloway! America also saved…from Team Blake… America saved from Team Blake…Ricky Duran! Kelly takes the stage with her team, Shane Q, Max, Hello Sunday, and Jake and they perform Linger by The Cranberries. America saved…from Team John, Will Bremen! America also saved…from Team Kelly…Shane Q! Cali Wilson, Joana Martinez, and Max Boyle are the bottom three and they will perform for the Instant Save. You can vote on NBC and through the Voice app. Cali Wilson is up first and she performs The Chain by Fleetwood Mac. John loved that and he thought she showed a lot of different sides as a performer but he loved this side. Blake says he has no doubt his decision was right and she deserves to be here. He says that performance tonight proves she deserves to be here because every time she steps on that stage she gives it her all. Max Boyle has decided to sing Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran. John says Max has shown all the parts of his voice that are so cool and interesting and he’s such a gifted singer. It as a joy to watch him. Kelly says she’s super shocked, but take it as an opportunity to perform for America and she thinks he’s so talented. Joana Martinez is the final artist and she performs Superwoman by Alicia Keys. John says she has so much poise and she keeps coming up and delivering every performance and her range is so big and powerful. Gwen says that was mind blowing and she is so fearless and she is so strong. America has instantly saved…Joana Martinez!
  13. We kick the night off with Joana Martinez from Team Gwen and she performs Get On Your Feet by Gloria Estefan. Blake say Joana’s talent combined with her determination combined with the right coach she’s on her way. He predicts good things for her. Gwen says she’s never been on the stage and worked the stage like that and she was unbelievable and she’s incredible and she’s shocked. She’s so proud. Up next from Team Blake is Ricky Duran and he sings You Are the Best Thing by Ray LaMontagne. John says he’s loved Ricky from the very beginning and he always carries himself like an artist. He was born to be there and he seems so natural and it was an outstanding performance. Blake says he did a lot of travelling this week and everywhere he goes people love Ricky. Team Kelly’s first artist is Max Boyle and he performs Unaware by Allen Stone. John says that song was a challenge and he nailed the notes and he did it with power and charisma and he’s really good at this. Kelly says her favorite part about his voice is he has so much in there and it’s such a gift. Kelly says he did such a good job. Myracle Holloway from Team Gwen takes the stage next and performs I’m Your Baby Tonight by Whitney Houston. Kelly says that’s a really hard song to sing because there’s no place to breathe and she is a champion and she did it so well. Gwen says she kind of freaked out and was going to change the song but every moment was perfect and incredible. Team John’s first artist, Will Bremen, is ready to perform I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz. Blake says every time Will gets on stage he’s amazed how connected to the song he is and he was shocked last week to not be moving forward with America’s vote. John says he’s proud of Will and every week they see a new side of Will and it was really, really beautiful and it was a powerful performance. Next up is Team Blake’s Kat Hammock and she sings a traditional song, Danny Boy. Gwen says if she doesn’t get a record deal after the show something is wrong. Her voice is so special and unique and so mesmerizing. Blake says as his friend and fan, he couldn’t be more proud of her and as her coach he couldn’t be more scared because she’s one of the most important artist’s he’s ever worked with on the show. We’re going to move right to Team John’s Katie Kadan and she has chosen to sing I’m Going Down by Mary J. Blige. Kelly says that was so good. She is straight up a force and she loves her. John says that was the best performance this season by far. He says they have some amazingly good singers, but they haven’t seen anything better than that this season. Cali Wilson from Team Blake is going to take the stage and she sings Butterflies by Kacey Musgraves. Gwen says that kind of voice, that is the kind of record she wants to listen to. She says it’s so beautiful and she’s one of her favorites. Blake says that seems to be her lane and that was a great performance tonight. Shane Q from Team Kelly is up next and he performs My Wish by Rascal Flatts. Blake asks what he’s doing in the country lane. He says he’s incredible and last week he was shocked to see him be the same and he thinks that performance will get him back up there. Kelly says he connected and he is so great and an incredible vocalist. We’re going to continue with Hello Sunday from Team Kelly and they are singing Mamma Knows Best by Jessie J. John says they have always been impressive and creative, but something about almost going home last week pushed them and that was perfection and that was so much fun to watch. Kelly says they are so talented and she would love to sing with them any time any day. Marybeth Byrd from Team John is our next artist and she sings Go Rest High on That Mountain by Vince Gill. Blake says he was just talking about that song today and what it meant to him and she did a great job and he’s a big fan. John says they talked about how hard it would be and part of the beauty of her being a performer is she can share her grief with America and they can see who she is as a person and as a singer. It was really beautiful. Team Kelly’s Jake Hoot is our next artist and he performs Danny’s Song by Loggins and Messina. Gwen says she loves that song so much and she loved that song for him and it was just perfect. Kelly says he is so magical. He can sing anything. She says he sounds like the music she grew up and he’s so talented. We’re going to close out the show with Team Gwen’s Rose Short who has chosen to sing I Turn to You by Christina Aguilera. Gwen says she feels so proud that Rose trusts her so much. She’s so cool, talented, and incredible and she’s so happy they have this moment together. She’s really proud of Rose.
  14. Tonight is the results show. Here’s how tonight will work: The top two vote getters from each team will move onto the live shows. Then the coach will have a tough decision to make as they will save one artist from their team. Then, something never done before, one artist from each team will preform for a wildcard spot that will be voted on live as the Instant Save. Let’s start off with Team Blake! America has saved…Ricky Duran! America also saved…Kat Hammock! Cali Wilson, Gracee Shriver, and Ricky Braddy remain and Blake can only select one artist to move on. Blake says it’s been a blast working with all three of them and thank goodness for the new save this season. But for now he has to make a tough decision, and he is going to save…Cali Wilson! Either Gracee Shriver or Ricky Braddy will still have a chance to compete for the Instant Save. The artist with more votes will be eligible to compete. Time to move to Team Gwen! America has saved…Rose Short! America has also saved…Joana Martinez! Jake Haldenvang, Kyndal Innskeep, and Myracle Holloway remain. Gwen says she’s been inspired by all three of them in different ways and she’s enjoyed getting to know their talent and blossom and share their gift. She says they are all so unique in their different ways. Gwen says she’s going to go with heart and she chooses…Myracle Holloway! Jake Haldenvang and Kyndal Innskeep are left and one of them will compete for the final spot. Time for Team Kelly! America has saved…Max Boyle! America has also saved…Jake Hoot! Damali, Hello Sunday, and Shane Q remain for Team Kelly. Kelly says they are so talented and different in what they do. They are all young and fresh. Kelly says she’s going to make the decision based on who can be a chameleon so she’s going to go with Shane Q! Damali and Hello Sunday are left and we’ll find out in a bit who will compete for the Instant Save. Time for results from Team John! America has saved…Katie Kadan! America also saved…Marybeth Byrd! Alex Guthrie, Khylea Lynee, and Will Breman remain. John says they are some of the best singers he’s interacted with and they are all so gifted and easy to work with. He’s grateful they chose him to be on his team and he’s honored to work with them. John says he has to go with Will Breman! Alex Guthrie and Khylea Lynee will soon find out which of them will be singing for the Instant Save. From Team Blake, Gracee Shriver and Ricky Braddy remain and the artist with the most votes from last night is…Gracee Shriver! From Team Gwen, Jake Haldenvang and Kyndal Innskeep remain and the artist with the most votes is…Jake Haldenvang! From Team Kelly, Damali and Hello Sunday are up and the artist with the most votes is…Hello Sunday! From Team John, Alex Guthrie and Khylea Lynee are the final two and the artist with the most votes from last night is…Alex Guthrie! From Team Blake, Gracee Shriver steps up and performs Landslide by Fleetwood Mac. Blake says there’s a reason Gracee is in this position because he knew if he ended up in this final four he would have a serious chance at winning this spot because country fans are engaged and she’s an incredible country singer. Blake says she is the real deal. Jake Haldenvang takes the stage and he sings There’s Nothing Holding Me Back by Shawn Mendez. Gwen says Jake is so incredible and she’d love to make a record with him. Jake is so gifted and unique and he deserves to be here and she would love for America to vote for Jake. Hello Sunday from Team Kelly is up next and they perform All By Myself by Celine Dion. Kelly says let’s be real. Not even people on the radio can hit that note! She says they are so crazy good and they should have done that song last night. She says they are so talented and they are 14-years old! They are incredible. That was insane. Alex Guthrie is the final artist to perform and he’s from Team John. He has decided to sing Stay by Rihanna. John says he loves that song and he loved his performance of it. He has a way of being a storyteller on the stage and he has so much soul and character in his voice and he felt the connection to the song and he’s been honored to work with him and he deserves to stay on The Voice! Gracee thanks Blake for stealing her in the Knockout rounds. Alex says it’s always been a dream to work with John and he appreciates the way John worked. Jake thanks Gwen for making him believe in himself and for being the first to turn around for him. He’s adored her forever, she’s such an icon. Hello Sunday thank Kelly for believing in them and supporting them through all the rounds and they thank her for being the Mama Bear that she is. The time has come to learn who go the Wildcard spot! America’s wildcard artist is…Hello Sunday!
  15. Tonight, all 20 artists will perform and tomorrow we’ll find out which 12 artists will make the live playoffs. Also tomorrow, we’ll have live voting for the 13th spot. We’re going to kickoff with Team Blake. Blake says Ricky D. is a solid performer and Cali is going to be a serious threat. Blake says Kat could be the deadliest artist in the competition, and every time Ricky B. gets on stage he does something vocally Blake didn’t know he could do before. Blake says Gracee with the right songs that fit her tone will be a deadly combination. Blake says his team is out of this world. Every one on his team has the chance to make it to the finale. Ricky Duran is up first and he performs Small Town by John Mellencamp. Gwen says his voice is smoky and raspy and she thought he did an amazing job and he looked like a total professional. Blake says he’s the singer on the show you can’t really define and he wants America to vote him through because he’s the guy they want to see make it through. We’re going to continue with Cali Wilson who’s going to sing Toxic by Britney Spears. John says he would never have predicted this as her next performance and it was different and fun. Blake says her ride on the show has consistently been coming up a level and that version of the song was her idea. Gracee Shriver has chosen the song American Honey by Lady Antebellum. Kelly says she was remarkable and she has a stellar storyteller voice. Blake says Gracee has come so far from the rehearsal to right now and that was incredible. He couldn’t be more proud of her. Next is Kat Hammock and she is singing God Only Knows by The Beach Boys. Blake says he couldn’t be more proud right now. He says if she doesn’t get voted through tomorrow, then America needs their head examined. He says she is one of the most unique human beings he’s ever worked with. Ricky Braddy is going to close out Team Blake by performing Roll With It by Steve Winwood. Blake says every time he gets on the stage he brings so much energy and so much powerful to his vocal. It’s unbelievable and that was a great performance. Team Gwen is up next and she says she has a team full of very lovable human beings. Gwen says Rose was a 2-chair turn and she has a crazy amazing voice, and Jake Haldenvang is someone they couldn’t see coming. Gwen says Joana is her talented 15-year old and everyone needs to watch out for her. Gwen says Myracle is the most seasoned artist who can connect with her feelings, and Kyndal has a super original sound and she has so much style to her voice. Rose Short is up first and she is going to sing What Have You Done for Me Lately by Janet Jackson. Kelly says she can’t even sit down, that was so sexy and so good. Gwen says she is so proud to know Rose and she can’t believe she’s on her team. She knew this was risky and it’s a whole other level from rehearsal to tonight. Kyndal Inskeep is on stage for her song 10,000 Hours by Dan+Shay and Justin Bieber. John says he loves her voice and she has a beautiful tone and she sounds distinct and that was a lovely performance. Gwen says she’s so unique and there’s no one that sounds like her. She’s proud of her and it was so beautiful and original. Joana Martinez steps up and performs You Can’t Stop the Girl by Bebe Rexha. Blake says he’s happy for her and he’s happy she makes him regret letting him go. He says what an incredible performance. Gwen says she was amazing and incredible and she thinks that song was perfect for her. Myracle Holloway is up and she sings Get Here by Oleta Adams. John says he loves her presence on stage and he loves her tone. He felt like she made that song her own. Gwen says her presence on stage is so full of love and she’s so happy for her. She says that was so extraordinarily beautiful. Jake Haldenvang is going to close out Team Gwen with the song Turning Tables by Adele. Kelly says she’s been a big fan of him the whole time but he has a little bit of everything in his voice. Gwen says that was amazing and beautiful and he showed off his voice tonight and it was spectacular and amazing. Team Kelly is ready to take the stage next and she thinks this is her best season of singers. Kelly says Hello Sunday is incredible and they are her powerhouse duo and Jake Hoot was a 1-chair turn and he is one of the best country singers on the show. Kelly says she’s excited she got to steal Max from Team John and she says he’s a superman. Kelly says Damali is the dark horse on her time and she’s incredible, and Shane Q is a singer who is undeniable and he can sing anything you want. Shane Q is up first and he performs Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You by Franki Valli. Blake says Shane is going to be around the show for awhile because he’s so talented and he loves him staying in the lane of classic standards. Kelly loves him and he is her guy and he can sing anything. Hello Sunday take the stage next and they sing Hello by Adele. Gwen says all she can think of is her son and she can’t believe they are 14. She was mesmerized by that performance and it was so beautiful. Kelly says she couldn’t imagine being 14 and doing a show like this. Kelly says it was a bold song to pick and she loved their energy and she’s so excited to watch them on this show. Next we have Damali and she has chosen the song You Say by Lauren Daigle. John says he loves the way she tells the story, not just with her voice but with her body as well. She looks like she’s fully into the song and her voice is wonderful. Kelly says she’s almost like an actor and the most exciting thing for her is Damali doesn’t understand how much she’s capable of and she’s incredibly gifted. Max Boyle takes the stage and sings Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard and Marketa Inglova. Kelly says she’s never recorded a rehearsal on the voice but she did on his vocal and she says he’s so talented and gifted and he’s so good. Team Kelly’s artist is Jake Hoot and he takes the stage and performs You Lie by Reba McEntire. Blake says that’s one of his all time favorite country songs and everyone loves Reba and that was a tall order for him and he feels like he knocked it out of the park. Kelly says she loves him and she’s always wanted to hear a male vocalist and not every singer can do what he just did. Team John is up last and John says he has a little of everything. John says Will has an incredible voice and Marybeth is so soulful and has an awesome voice. John says Alex has a soulful voice and he can be flexible, and Khalea has a honey tone and so much control and she’s one of the singers to beat. John says he thinks Katie is one of the best performers in the competition and one of the more distinct performers on the show. Khalea Lynee is up first and she performs Love Like This by Faith Evans. Gwen says her voice is so awesome and she was very cool tonight. John says she is so amazing to him and she makes everything looks so easy and she’s a gifted performer. Alex Guthrie is up next and he has chosen to sing If I Ain’t Got You by Alicia Keys. Kelly says she is so bummed and he’s so good and he’s so lucky and he’s going to go to the finale. John says that was so well done and his tone sounded so rich and soulful. It was a really beautiful performance from beginning to end. Marybeth Byrd is set to perform Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding. Blake says that performance erased anything besides greatness and that was one of his favorite performances of the night. John says Marybeth just shocked him and he’s loved her since the beginning of blinds, but this was head and shoulders above anything she’s done to this point. Will Breman is up and he has chosen the song Style by Taylor Swift. Kelly says that was amazing. She says he just won The Voice, he won it all. John says he feels so lucky he gets to work with Will and he has so much charisma and it’s a joy to watch him perform. Katie Kadan takes the stage and she sings Always Remember Us This Way by Lady Gaga. John says Katie has so much soul in her voice and she oozes so much emotion and power and the tender moments were so wonderful. That was a stunning performance.
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