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  1. Previously, on Big Brother, with Tommy and Holly on the block, Nicole and Cliff had a chance to break up a showmance and it looked like they were going to back out of their F4 deal with Jackson and Holly, but Michie pitched them hard on keeping their word. After Holly agreed to throw the HOH and veto, Michie guaranteed them a spot in the F3. With the new deals in place, Cliff and Nicole sent Tommy to jury. Holly kept the first part of their deal when she handed Nicole HOH on a silver platter, and the Long Islander put the showmance on the block. With the final veto of the summer on the line, Michie punched his ticket to finale night. Jackson was intent on taking his lady to the end with him, but Cliff and Nicole were still totally clueless. Tonight, how will Cliff react when he learns he’s a Hogg to the slaughter? And what will he do to keep from being evicted. Plus, witness romance, revelations, and rivalries that ignited the jury house. All this right now on Big Brother! Julie welcomes us and for 93 days two pairs have outlasted all others. On one side Cliff and Nicole and unlikely duo of outsiders and Jackson and Holly the showmance. Michie has kept Cliff and Nicole in the dark about his true intentions for tonight. Is it time to come clean? Nicole says now that Michie has won the veto he will take himself down and Cliff will go up. She’s hoping Michie will hold onto his word and send Holly home this week. Michie, Holly, and Nicole are outside talking and Nicole says she’s glad when people stick to their word and Michie informs her that they will be the F3. Cliff comes out and chat changes. Nicole tells us she knew this was coming. Michie hammered her and Cliff about not sticking to their word and their deal. How dare we even consider getting rid of Holly. Nicole heads in and she says she should have known. Nicole says Michie looked Cliff in the eye and shook his hand and then breaks his word. Michie follows Nicole inside so they can talk. Michie says his handshake and his word is rock solid until it’s not reciprocated. Nicole tells him not to blow smoke up her butt and use last week as an excuse for this week. Michie says Nicole isn’t the fourth wheel to a tricycle and she says so I’m a third wheel to a bicycle. Michie says his word was unbreakable. Nicole says she considered keeping Tommy because she knew this would happen. Michie says this isn’t the game they wanted to play, it was the game they were forced to play. Nicole says she sees the game they set up and it’s well done and Michie says this wasn’t a master plan. Michie says she could easily win two parts of the final HOH. Nicole says they should have kept Tommy and she should have listened to her gut and not Cliff’s. Michie wants to keep it between them and he doesn’t want her to tell Cliff. Nicole tells us Michie can do her a favor and go screw himself. Nicole and Cliff are in the HOH and she needs to talk to him and she says it’s really bad. Cliff says they are thinking about flipping and she confirms and says they don’t want her to tell him. Cliff says it’s ok. Cliff says he’s numb. Disappointed. He wants to stay calm for Nicole’s benefit, but inside he’s screaming how could he do that to him. Nicole recaps her conversation with Michie for Cliff. She says she’s infuriated, upset, and disgusted. Cliff thinks there’s a difference between a F4 agreement and 2 gentlemen shaking hands. Cliff says they fought so hard to advance. He didn’t come to play for fourth or third, he came to win. Cliff says Michie is a real hypocrite. He says he’s not done, he’s going to fight until they drag him out of this place. Time to check in with the jury house. We see three weeks ago and they are ready for juror number four. Sis says her and Jack’s relationship has gotten closer. Nick enters and Kat says that’s her absolute worst case scenario. Nick says Tommy is a snake. He feels betrayed by Tommy and once he promised Christie the vote he felt betrayed. We then see two weeks ago and Jessica enters. Jess says it’s never a good feeling being evicted from the BB house and she feels like she has a little bit of power since she can help decide who wins. We see her Michie win the wall HOH and Nick says Michie has 6 wins. Kat says greatest of all time? Kat doesn’t want to reward Michie’s dirty game and it’s more than just winning comps. Nick says he could have put up Christie and Tommy. Jess says Christie is Tommy’s number one. Jack can’t believe they left Cliff in the game over Sis and Jess. Nick and Sis can’t believe they didn’t get Cliff out. Jess tells them it was a double eviction. Later that day they are all painting. Kat and Nick have been getting extremely close. Sis says Nick and Kat’s relationship has blossomed a lot. Kat says they are in a jurymance. Kat says once you’re in the jury house you get BB goggles on and everyone starts looking good. They ask Nick if he’s hooked up with anyone in the jury house and he says he won’t answer that. Christie enters where they are painting and Nick didn’t expect to see her because she was manifesting she’d win the double for months. Christie says her eviction was shocking to her because it was so fast. She genuinely thought she could win this thing. Nick says as much as he doesn’t want Christie in the jury house he’s glad she’s there. Nick tells Christie he didn’t respect her game, but she played a good one. Christie takes them to watch the video and Christie is speechless that Kat and Nick are a thing. Christie plays the video. Nick says bout damn time and Sis says Nicole won something wow? She says if Nicole won more comps she’d win her respect. Christie says she was surprised because Tommy and Christie had talked all week with Nicole and Cliff about getting Michie out. Jess says she’s starting to see a new light to Nicole’s game and she may not be floating by and maybe she had a specific strategy. Christie and Nick are arguing about their fighting again about Christie blowing up Nick’s game and Christie says that was her only way to stay. Christie says she didn’t blow up her friend’s game, she blew up someone who was competing against her. We see the veto comp that Cliff won over Christie. Christie says she knew it was true and she changed it, it wasn’t meant to be. Nick is surprised Christie went out over Tommy. They think he’ll be out next. Jess says Michie and Holly will be the F2. Christie feels like Nicole didn’t make the best game move by getting Christie out and she should have taken a shot at Michie. Christie and Tommy had the biggest secret of the summer and with Tommy arriving at the jury house it’s time to spill the beans. The HG are playing volleyball and they think Nicole or Cliff will be coming. Christie doesn’t feel Tommy’s energy here. Tommy comes in and runs straight to Jack and jumps into his arms. Christie is crying and says she didn’t feel his energy. Tommy thinks his biggest mistake in the game was confiding in Jackson and Holly and now that he’s here in jury he’s not going to keep anymore secrets. Tommy fills Christie in on how they felt about her and he tells her that he told them. He says he wanted to disassociate himself from her. They decide to tell everyone. They reveal they know each other and Jess says they are series. Christie says they went to elementary school together and she dated his aunt. Tommy says they didn’t know until they went into the house. Tommy says the hardest part of the game was navigating their relationship. Sis says but it was easier because they had someone else and no one else did. Nick says now he feels even more betrayed. Tommy shows them the video. We see Michie win the movie comp and Nick says he’s one of the best players ever. We see Nicole win the comics comp and Jess says she’s going to win this because she was a gamer and Jack says she manipulated people very well. Tommy says she’s been the deciding factor in many votes and Christie says for someone quiet, Nicole is making a huge impact. Tommy tells them about his pitch to Cliff and Nicole and Tommy tells them what Michie did and Nick can’t believe they believed Michie. Sis says she’s not a fan of Michie but he’s playing a good game, but a dirty game. Tommy says he would have kept his word, but he thinks Holly made the same deal. Jack says Holly managed to maintain solid relationships. Nick says this won’t be an easy decision and any one of the four could win. Nick says he’s voting for the best player, the best game. They go to show Tommy the house. Cliff sees the writing on the wall…time to go Hogg wild. We see Cliff in the HOH room and Michie comes in. Cliff says he’s ready to have this done. Cliff says Michie is incredibly stubborn and he’s asking her to evict his girlfriend, but he still has a few cards up his sleeve. Michie can destroy Cliff’s game, but he thinks he can destroy his as well. Cliff says he was going to honor his word and it wasn’t until Michie won safety that he decided to go back on his word. Cliff says he thinks they are cut from the same cloth and he thought handshakes were good as gold and unbreakable. Cliff asks Michie if he’s thought about jury votes. Cliff says if it’s Michie and Nicole in F2, he’ll vote for Nicole. And if it’s Michie and Holly in F2, Holly honored her word and he didn’t and that will impact his vote, and it will impact Nicole’s vote too. Holly could be in jury championing him and gaining jury support. Michie didn’t expect Cliff to guilt him and he didn’t expect the decision to cost him half a million by campaigning in jury against. Michie say are you kidding me?!? Michie says he’s won 10 competition and they are going to hand a half million to someone else because he didn’t keep him? Damn it! Voting is now open for America’s Favorite Houseguest and voting is open until September 25th. It’s now time for the veto meeting and eviction! Julie greets the F4 and it’s time Michie’s decision on what to do with the veto. Michie stands and says he respects Cliff more than anything and he wants to remind people of Cliff saying they needed to play their own game. Michie says a week ago things changed and he had to adapt into an environment he had to and this is not an easy decision. They had a clean F4 and he’s hate what it came to and he hates to put him in that chair but he is going to use the veto on himself. Cliff and Holly are on the block and it’s time for their final words. Holly says they made it to F4 like they agreed to weeks ago and she’s proud of them. She’s thrilled to be here especially after last week after they were going to go back on the deal they made. She offered to throw HOH and that was the hardest thing she had to do. She had a chance to guarantee her spot and she threw it away and Michie earned his spot. Cliff does his shoutouts to his family. He says win or lose he has the greatest treasure waiting for him at home. Cliff says this game forces them to weigh a lot of things and he may disagree with the decision but he does respect him and friendship forever. Cliff says he walks out with his head held high, he played with integrity and humor and he’s proud of how he played. It’s now up to Michie to cast the sole vote to evict. He says his word his bond and he’s loyal to those who are loyal to him. He says when he came to a point where that loyalty is severed, then he has to reciprocate. He loves them all, but he has to do what’s best for his game and as much as it kills him but he votes to evict Cliff. Cliff gives hugs and Michie asks Cliff to keep his word and vote according to game. Nicole and Cliff get emotional as they hug. Cliff heads out to Julie! Julie is sitting with Cliff and he survived 93 days, how and where did he go wrong? Cliff says it was getting too dependent on Michie and Holly and he hoped someone else would take a shot and he just trusted Michie to falter. Julie asks about last week and Cliff says it was a strange situation. Cliff says he was scared of Tommy because of mental comps and he thought Tommy would take Nicole over him. Cliff says he was playing it for first and they were bouncing back and forth between Tommy and Holly. Julie asks if he got ahead of himself when he revealed to Michie that he wasn’t his F2. Cliff didn’t want a situation where he would be breaking his word. Cliff says Michie was always truthful with him and Cliff was gullible and got played. Julie asks if the tables had been turned would he have trusted Michie and Holly moving forward. Cliff says the F4 was set up weeks ago and he didn’t see it as the same level of agreement as a handshake. The F3 are in place and Nicole, Holly, and Michie are in a position to win. And on Sunday, Julie will sit down with last week’s F3 JC, Kaycee, and Tyler. And we’ll see part 1 of the HOH play out. Then Wednesday will be the finale! The F3 pop champagne to celebrate and say one more week!
  2. Previously, on Big Brother, Cliff, Nicole, Holly, and Jackson had a F4 deal, but after Nicole used the veto, HOH Michie had no choice but to put his sweetheart in danger. Tommy struck a deal to keep himself in the game, and it seemed like Cliff and Nicole’s minds were made up but Michie was relentless. After Cliff and Nicole were assured Holly would throw them HOH and veto, and Michie guaranteed them a spot in the F3, Cliff convinced Nicole to flip. At the live eviction, it was the Broadway dancer’s curtain call. With the power and a spot in the F3 on the line, Jackson convinced Holly to keep their deal, and she reluctantly threw the comp to Nicole. Wanting to guarantee a seat in the F2, Cliff made sure Michie was planning to take him. At the nomination ceremony, the showmance got cozy on the block. Tonight, it’s the final and most important veto competition of the summer. Who will win and secure a spot at finale night. Find out right now on Big Brother! We pick up on day 87 after the nomination ceremony. Nicole nominated Michie and Holly, but nominations don’t matter this week. It comes down to the POV. Nicole says it’s so important she win this veto because Michie is a scary competitor and she needs him out. Cliff has a F2 deal with Michie and Holly promised to throw it, so he should be ok. Michie knows Cliff and Nicole want to split him and Holly up, but after the broke their word with them on the F4, their deals mean nothing. He’s going to lie as much as they are. Holly is talking to the camera and she says she’s trying to stay positive and that nomination ceremony should have been hers and that HOH should have been hers and she shouldn’t have been forced to throw it. Holly says she’s supposed to throw veto, but is she really going to sit back and build her own tombstone. Cliff and Nicole talk and Cliff says Holly promised to throw veto, but maybe they should talk to her and give her permission to play if she agrees to take Cliff. Nicole says she believes Holly is a woman of her word and hopefully she’ll go along with the agreement. Cliff pitches to Holly and she tells us are you kidding me? Holly is stumbling over her words and says now they want her to gun for the veto in order to ensure Cliff’s safety and screw Michie over. Do they really think she’s the kind of person to do this? Holly says they must be actually losing their minds. Cliff and Michie are talking in the target BR and Cliff is just wanting to make sure their agreements are intact. Cliff says Michie and him mad a deal where he would take her all the way to the F2. Cliff has tried to play an honest honorable game so he wants to make sure Michie knows if he wins veto or F3 HOH, his F2 is Nicole. Cliff tells Michie the deal they made was not reciprocal. Cliff says he felt bad that when Michie agreed to take him, he wasn’t promising to take Michie. Michie laughs in DR and says they must be stupid. This is never going to happen. Cliff is making hasty deals and not thinking things through. Michie and Holly are talking in the lounge and Michie tells her about his conversation with Cliff. Both about the deal to take each other to the F2 and then Cliff reversing that. Michie says Cliff is setting himself up for F2. Holly then tells Michie about the deal Cliff offered her to let her play in the veto. Michie says he loves Cliff, but they did him dirty and they are trying to set themselves up for guarantees. Michie says they’ve been screwed over once, he’s not about to get screwed over twice. They think Cliff is panicking. Michie is going to start calling Cliff FDR, but no deals he makes has any worth. We see various things changing in the house and we hear a bugle! It’s time for a BB luxury competition. There are dollar signs upstairs and we hear summer is coming to an end and things are changing…literally. While they were in the HOH, some changes have been made in the BB house. They have to figure out how many things have been changed. On go, they will head downstairs and start looking for things that have been changed. Once they think they know, they will run upstairs and make their one and only guess. Whoever guesses correctly first will win $10,000. If no one guesses correct, then whoever is closest will win. They run downstairs and they see Ovi in the KT and Nicole says he has his cookies! Cliff says he’d like to have a chat with Ovi, but that can wait. Cliff sees a fishing net with a fish in it, but he can’t remember if that fish was there or not. Michie notices something missing in the RV and he says something doesn’t look right on top of the cabinet. Nicole notices a creepy woodpecker immediately. Holly says there’s always arrows in the target room, but now there’s on in the bullseye. Michie says Christie would have killed this comp. Michie runs upstairs and he wants to guess first because he doesn’t want to lose because he didn’t ring the bell first. Ovi wishes them luck with the competition. He says it’s strange to be there with no one there, but he had his cookies there. Michie locked in first with 17, Nicole guessed 16, Holly guessed 17, and Cliff guessed 17. Nicole is the only person that answered differently. The correct answers was…18. Michie just won $10,000. He’s ecstatic but he doesn’t want to make the other three mad and he just needs to keep this winning streak up. Nicole is upset she didn’t win the money, but hopefully that’s a consolation prize for Michie when he walks out the door this week. It’s time for the veto competition and it’s carnival style. Nicole is first and she reads this season they’ve been tested in skill, physical, and mental competitions and this competition will test all three. They’ll reveal a statement and then launch balls at a board and knock out the faces of the HG that apply to the statement. If they are correct, they’ll move on to the next statement. If not, they’ll have to reset and try again. The HG who answers three statements in the fastest time. Who’s ready to play win and you’re in. Nicole says she needs to win this veto to make sure Cliff is in the F3 and they can send Michie passing. The first question is who did NOT receive a punishment in Tossed in Space. The slingshot is harder to use than she thought. She says it’s a whole body effort so she has to squat. She knocks out Michie, Tommy, and Jack and she left up all the people who didn’t receive the punishment. The second question is Never was HOH. Nicole says this round is harder because she has to knock down a lot more panels. Nicole gets it right and moves on to Played in BB Fireworks Quiztacular. Christie, David, and Ovi were the only three who didn’t play in it. Nicole accidentally knocked down Bella so she has to reset. She gets them and rings in and she’s correct. Cliff is up next and he begins his comp. Cliff says he has deals with Holly and Michie to go to F3, and Nicole will keep noms the same if she wins, but the only way to guarantee anything in BB is to win for himself. He struggles a bit to get the hang of it. He hits Nick first and he has to reset, then he hits Nicole and has to reset again. He finally manages to knock down Michie. He gets Tommy but forgets Jack and has to go again. He says he officially sucks at this one. He hits Jack and he is correct. He’s already exhausted after the first round and this round will be even more tiring. He has to knock down a lot more faces. He has finished with the left side, but he has knocked down Analyse. Now he has to do the other side. He says ok Christie you have to go down, just like my veto victory. He’s crawling and says he doesn’t give up and he realizes he has knocked down Sis’s picture so he has to reset again. He gets it right and moves on to the final question. He says he’s running on empty but he will not give up. He gets the last question revealed and knocks over David and Ovi along with Christie and he says you don’t ever quit. Holly says Nicole and Cliff think she’s their soldier but she’s going to fight for this veto to keep herself and Michie safe. She knocks out Michie and Tommy, but she hits Michie and Kemi and has to reset. In Wyoming she used to go to the shooting range with her dad and she hopes that will help. She knocks out Michie and Tommy and rings in. She realizes she forgot Jack and his angry alien friend. Holly starts on the second question and she gets the left side done, but then she hits Kemi and has to reset. She finally gets them and rings in and it’s time for the final question. She knows David and Ovi didn’t play in that comp. She knocks down a wrong picture and has to reset and she finally hits Ovi and she rings in and she’s wrong. She forgot Christie was outgoing HOH and she knocks her down and rings in. Michie says Cliff has multiple deals on the table and one is that he’ll take Cliff to F3 and that’s just not the case. He has to win to make sure him and Holly don’t get split up. Michie says the slingshot is a little cumbersome and the challenge is knocking down the correct people. His strategy is to be as fast as he can. He knocks down himself and Tommy and then aims for Jack and rings in and he’s correct. Michie moves on to the second one and he knows there’s no room for error. He knocks down David and resets. He says it is dire that he wins. He knocks down Analyse and has to reset again. He finally gets the faces down except Christie and he rings in and he realizes he missed Christie. He says she’s still giving him trouble! He knocks down Bella and has to reset again. Then he knocks down Ovi. He resets again and decides to start with Christie so he doesn’t have to keep doing all three. He rings in and it’s time for the final question. Michie says panic mode is setting in but he’s going to leave everything out in the BY. He knocks down Christie and he says darn it. He finally remembers David and Ovi didn’t play either and he has to knock them down. He knocks them out and rings in. Michie says this is the most important veto of the season and he choked because he knows he could have done better. He’s just hoping he did better than the others and we see him frustrated in DR and praying. It’s time for the veto results! Michie says he or Holly has to win or one of them is going to jury and one will go to final three and he’s beating himself up inside. Finishing in fourth place with a time of 38:36 was Cliff. Finishing in third place with a time of 17:30 was Holly. Holly says she’s out, but Michie is still in this thing and everything is on the line. He just needs a line better than Nicole’s. Nicoel says it’s down to him and MIchie and Michie is so upset with himself and this could be it. Second place finished with a time of 14:17 and first place finished with a time of 11:29. Finishing in second place was…Nicole. Michie has won the POV! Michie has guaranteed himself a spot in the F3 and he’s emotional and he thought he lost. Cliff tells Nicole it was a hell of a try. Cliff says it’s a bummer that Michie won, but he did promise to take him to F2 so as long as he stays true to his word, Holly should be going home this week. Nicole says she could have won and she feels like she let Cliff down. She doesn’t believe Michie will stick to his word though. Michie say this is hands down the best competition win of the summer and he and Holly are going to the finale. Michie is alone in the target room emotional and he says I love you Mama. He’s in shock. He thought he lost it and he let Holly down and his family down. He’s had his back against the wall on several occasions and he fought his way through it. These aren’t tears of sadness, they are tears of happiness. He says he’s going to the F3 Mama. He says we did it. He’s going to finale night and Hols is coming with him. He says she is his world inside this game and she’ll be his best friend out of it and he’ll never turn his back on her. Holly and Michie hug and Holly says she loves him so much. They kiss and Michie says he’ll never turn his back on her. Michie says she’s coming with him. Cliff and Nicole are talking and Cliff says it’s ok, they are still F3. Cliff doesn’t think Michie will flip and Nicole says she’s scared. Holly and Michie are still talking about going to finale night. Cliff says Michie is a man of good and bad features, but he does think Michie is a trustworthy man who will honor his word. Cliff says he will do it. Cliff says he’s feeling pretty good about what he achieved. He’s pretty proud of the deals of he set up. You just can’t get rid of him out of the house. Nicole says could potentially go home on her HOH and she doesn’t know if Michie will keep his word. She says if she’s in the F3 with a showmance, like how horrible does that look. She’s officially the girl that went to the F3 with a showmance. Michie says sorry Cliff, he loves him but he’s going to have to send him home this week. Michie says he’s sorry to the Hogg family that he has to do this.
  3. It all comes down to this! One of the top 10 acts will deliver a performance that will be worth one million dollars. Simon says this is the most open competition they’ve ever had and tonight these acts have to persuade the audience at home that winning this will change their lives. Terry shows a recap of the entire season. We kick the show off with V. Unbeatable. They talk about the V stands for one of the co-founders of the group, Vikas. He got injured during a performance and they say it’s because of him they are here on AGT. Even though he isn’t there with them, he is blessing their performance. They take the stage for their performance. They get an ovation from everyone and the judges are still on their feet. Howie says he’s never seen anything like this. It’s the most exciting, dangerous, thrilling act in AGT. The V for his name also stands for the V for victory. Gabrielle says her adrenaline is out of this world. That was unfreakingbelievable. They killed that performance. Her husband made an amazing choice. Julianne says her mind is exploding. Everything they do is precision, excellent, and everything a dance crew has to be. Unbelievable. Simon says he thinks their film put everything into perspective concerning the danger level. Simon says they are not a dance group, they are a movement. The next act is Terry’s golden buzzer, the Detroit Youth Choir. They talk about how the choir has taught them strength, love, and friendship. Together they are an unstoppable force and every time they perform they find something in themselves they didn’t know was there before. They take the stage and perform a slower version of Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, but then it picks up as they hit the first verse. They also get an ovation. Gabrielle says they represented the culture and the excellence in so many people that get overlooked. They shined so bright tonight. Julianne says there really is no ceiling for them and she thanks Mr. White for giving each of them a chance to shine and have moments. Simon says he doesn’t see a choir. He sees a group on individuals who’ve done everything they could with friendship, enthusiasm, and talent to entertain them. Howie says there are no words. What they do is amazing. Emanne Beasha is ready to perform and she says this is a dream come true to make it this far. She got the golden buzzer during judge cuts from Jay Leno and she says that was epic. Her 11th birthday will be during the finale of AGT and tonight is the biggest performance of her life. She takes the stage for her performance. She gets an ovation from all four judges. Julianne says Emanne just took them to another planet. That was other worldly and she’s an angel. Simon says this is like when he used to watch the Olympics and he thinks that talent is extraordinary. He has the most incredible voice and she deserves to be here tonight. Howie says there is no denying that is amazing and that song is one he works out to and he heard she was a BTS fan and she spans the entire gambit for talent. Gabrielle says her voice is literal perfection and she is an actual angel on this earth. Next we have Ryan Niemiller, the comedian. We see him having dinner with is family and his sister says Ryan hasn’t paid her for tying his shoes. They reminisce about some of their antics as children. His mother says he always made everyone laugh when he was little. His mother is really, really proud of him and she knows he is where he wants to be and that means more to her than anything. He takes the stage for his set. He gets an ovation from everyone. Simon says there are so many comedies being made every month and every year and there has to be someone watching tonight and he’d like them to consider Ryan because he’s done enough to show he’s box office talented. Please give him the break he deserves. Howie says he loves Ryan and he would love a comedian to win. Not only is he funny and talented, he has an amazing heart and he wants him to be a star. Gabrielle says she wants him to be a star in one of her movies because he is a star. He is everything. Julianne says he is a star, she loves him, and it’s been an honor to watch his journey and this is where he’s meant to be. Voices of Service is our next act and they read a few letters they got from fellow veterans and families of veterans and they talk about their struggles with PTSD and they talk about how Voices of Service has been a light in the darkness. They take the stage and perform Footprints in the Sand by Leona Lewis. They get an ovation before they finish. Howie says Voices of Service is changing lives and they are so inspiring. Gabrielle says performance perfection and they recognize the heroes who walk among us and they are instruments of healing. Julianne says people ask what is life about and they have an opportunity as artists who perform to bring people joy and hope and that is what they do. Julianne thanks them for using their talent as an outlet for people to feel seen. Simon thinks they had two incredible weeks and they define the words sincerity, decency, and talent. Simon thinks they’ve given themselves a chance of winning the whole competition. Light Balance Kids are the next act and they say this is their biggest achievement and their biggest challenge. They talk about how hard it is once the lights are out and you have to move and if you’re out of position or if one person is missing it can mess up the entire act. AGT is lighting the way to their dreams. They take the stage and we have a diner themed act this time. They get an ovation for everyone. Julianne says that was them being creative and innovative. That was amazing. Gabrielle says they are committed and focused. Simon says he hasn’t been really supportive through the entire show, but when it mattered, tonight, they pulled out their best performance. He felt like it was them and not people in the background coming up with the act. Howie says wow. This is the most immersive, fun act. Next we have Benicio Bryant and we see him Facetime with his dad. He talks about growing up with AGT and he remembers making a wish he would win it. He talks about various artists who were on the show when he was certain ages and he says he never really thought he would be here but he actually has a chance to win. He takes the stage and performs another original. Julianne says wow. All she has to say is it takes a lot for one person to take the stage and hold it without bells and whistles. He is a star. Simon says Benicio has his absolute respect. All he did is brought himself and no gimmicks and he has gained his absolute respect. Howie says he loves Benicio and he thinks he took a big gamble, but it may pay off. Simon buzzes Howie. Tyler Butler-Figueroa is up next and we see his mom tell him she’s so proud of him and she plays some videos from other kids who had cancer and they sent messages to Tyler about how proud they are of him and how they are representing kids like them and how inspiring he is. He takes the stage and performs Survivor by Destiny’s Child. He gets an ovation all around. Simon says he is bursting with pride for Tyler. He wants to thank Beyonce personally cleared that song for Tyler to perform. Howie says he is so proud and inspired witnessing this. He is worthy of being here and worthy of winning. Gabrielle says that was the best performance. Tyler saved the best for last and he was so incredible. Gabrielle says he did it. Next we have Gabrielle’s golden buzzer, Kodi Lee. He says this show was meant for him and he loves performing. He has music in his head and he wanted to show his talent to the world. He’s frustrated because he can’t communicate well, but music makes him feel better. He tells people he loves them through his songs and he can’t believe he’s in the finals. He’s not nervous, he’s a happy nervous and his family and his mom are always there for him. He thanks his mom for all the help and he says his dreams are coming true. He takes the stage for his performance and he sings Lost Without You by Freya Ridings. Kodi gets a standing ovation from everyone. Gabrielle says Kodi has changed the world and he changes every room he enters. Howie says heck yeah! He thinks season 14 is the season of Kodi Lee and he predicts he will walk out with a million. Julianne says when he sings time stops and he impacts them in a way that they get to share this moment together. Simon says one of the most beautiful things he’s ever heard. Everything about that package, that song, and that lyric, it’s so easy to assume it’s a shoe in, but everyone needs to vote. Simon says after that, that was as good as he’s ever heard. Our final act is the Ndluvo Youth Choir. Their director talks about these kids coming from a difficult background and their success is making a huge impact on their community and giving them hope for their future. They feel like a family and like they are putting Limpopo on the map. Their director is beyond proud. This might be their last performance on the AGT stage, but it’s not the end of their journey, it’s just beginning. They take the stage for their performance. They perform Africa by Toto. Julianne and Gabrielle are on their feet dancing along with the performance. They get an ovation from everyone and Simon shakes the director’s hand. Simon says he prays this show will change people’s live and he thinks that performance may have done it. Simon says this was the best final he ever sat on in his life, by a clear mile. Amazing. Julianne says she is so blessed to watch them and the joy they bring to them, if they can dream it, then they can do it. Gabrielle is so proud that the audience was along for the ride with them. They have literally have changed their entire trajectory with one performance. Howie says they make them so proud to be part of this world and have them on this planet and this is the most talent filled final. What a finale! Vote!
  4. Previously, on Big Brother, Nicole, Cliff, Michie, and Holly made a F4 deal and with Jackson in power, their target was Tommy. After Nicole swooped in and won the veto, she saved Cliff forcing Michie to send his girl to the gallows. The flash mobster made an offer Nicole and Cliff couldn’t refuse, and it seemed like Holly’s fate was sealed. Michie began to suspect things weren’t looking good, and after he eavesdropped on Tommy spilling his secret deal Jackson came up with a masterful lie. And he used the info he overheard to paint Tommy as a liar. Even as the live show began, Cliff and Nicole were undecided, but they ultimately chose to flip the script on the Broadway star. With only four remaining in the battle for a half million dollars, the power was back up for grabs. Who will win and guarantee their spot on finale night. Plus tonight, the house meeting and the nonstop campaigning that led up to just moments before Thursday’s live vote and eviction. All this right now on Big Brother! We pick up on day 86 as the HOH starts. Holly doesn’t know how she survived and she’s so grateful to keep playing this game. Michie is cheering them on as they get hit by the truck. Michie says everything this week started with rainbows and sunshine, but it almost ended up with Holly going home. He had to say things he didn’t want to say and deals made he didn’t want to make and he hopes his mom isn’t mad at him. Nicole says this was a rough day and she knows it’s not a good idea to go with a showmance, but Michie told her Tommy was playing both sides. We see Nicole confronting Tommy with Cliff as witness about what Michie said. Tommy says Michie is a bigger threat and he’s not a liar. He doesn’t have proof because he’s by himself but he wants to be here. Cliff says do you want to talk to everyone? Tommy tells us he’s shocked and scared and pissed. Nicole calls a house meeting. Nicole says she wants to watch Tommy and Michie argue and figure out who is manipulating the situation and who is telling the truth. Michie says Tommy told Cliff and Nicole last week that he was coming after Michie and Holly and he told Michie and Holly the opposite. MIchie says Tommy’s plan was to throw HOH to Nicole so she can’t vote and then he was going to vote Cliff out. Tommy says that’s a lie. Michie says he needs to compile so much evidence, false or true, that clouds Nicole and Cliff’s judgement. Michie talks about Tommy’s jury management and lays out that Tommy has 5 votes easily. Tommy says if he gets a chance to take Michie out, he will not be taking him to second. Michie says oh, so I fabricated this in my head and Tommy says he did not tell Michie any of that. Tommy wants to finish his argument and Michie says Tommy has been playing both sides for the last two weeks and Michie says you and Christie have been coming after me for five weeks. Michie says Tommy got caught playing both sides and Tommy says he hasn’t been and he thinks Michie keeps repeating the plan because he’s lying. Tommy gets emotional and yells at Holly and says she wants to stand on her own and she’s allowing him to manipulate the situation and she’s not standing up for herself. Michie says she doesn’t have anything to do with this. Holly says she hates that Michie is grasping at straws to save her, but it shouldn’t have come to this. If Cliff and Nicole had just stuck to their word, then this wouldn’t have happened. Nicole says everyone has been playing both sides, they are all playing the same game. Tommy says he’s not playing both sides and Michie says he’s been coming up after Cliff and Nicole for weeks. Tommy says he doesn’t think Michie deserves the money, but everyone else does. Michie says he’s done talking and Tommy says this house meeting is adjourned I guess. We see Cliff and Nicole talking 6 hours and 50 minutes before eviction. Nicole says she sees through Michie. She says Michie is so smart and he put it together. Nicole says after hearing Tommy and Michie hash it out and she thinks Tommy is telling the truth and Michie is manipulating the situation. Cliff wants to believe Michie because that’s what their agreement was and it’s easier. Nicole says when Michie said “Just Own It” to Tommy she says it was what Brett said when he was lying about Rockstar. Nicole doesn’t want to see Tommy get Rockstar’d. Cliff doesn’t want to keep Tommy because he thinks Tommy would take Nicole to F2 over himself, but Nicole is still pushing to keep Tommy. Michie is in the WA with Cliff and Michie says all he can ask is please do what’s best for his game. Michie says this should have never happened, they should have kept their word. But he’s going to say whatever he has to in order to keep Holly. Michie says his best path is to make F3 with Cliff and Nicole because he wants to be with people who have fought against adversity. Michie says at this point he’ll lie to Cliff and Nicole’s face and not feel bad about it. There’s not snowballs chance in hell he’ll go with them over Holly. Cliff does have a relationship with Michie and he wants to keep Holly, but he has to be careful with Nicole because he doesn’t want to ruin that relationship. Cliff tells Holly their keeping Tommy and Holly says she’ll do anything to stay. Michie says when he hears that then calm and cool goes out the window. Nicole says we’re here by the grace of God and Holly says no, you’re here by the grace of Holly and Michie. Nicole says she could have burned them in the double if she’d wanted. Michie says they got burned by one alliance, and now they are getting burned by another. This is what happens when you put your faith in the wrong people. Tommy has heard the four talking and he comes in and fighting resumes. Tommy admits he did say that Cliff was the bigger target and Michie says they’ve had four HOH’s between them and they didn’t once come after them. Michie and Holly says if they take Tommy to F2, then he has the jury on lock. Nicole says she’d rather finish second to someone with jury on lock, than finish third to a showmance. Michie says they have been playing individual games. Nicole says you must think I’m deluded to think you would take me over each other. Michie brings up their deal and Nicole says it’s frustrating. Michie says they have never gone against Cliff and Nicole. 38 minutes before live eviction Cliff and Nicole are talking in the lounge. Nicole says if Michie or Holly wins that veto next week, then she doesn’t know. Cliff says Nicole is torn and this is where he needs to nudge her to keep Holly and continue working with Michie. Holly joins Cliff and Nicole and she says if there is any way she can stay she would do anything. Cliff asks if she would throw HOH and she says yes. Holly says she’s been loyal and she wants to stay. Cliff calls Michie in and Cliff says they are trying to play the best game they can. Michie says they have never gone against them and he Holly has been loyal. Cliff asks what Michie would do if he won veto next week and he says he’d go to F3 with them. Michie says he didn’t want to say it on national tv and make him look like a piece of crap. Cliff asks for a swear and Michie gives it. Cliff asks Michie to leave them and Cliff says he believes Michie and if he’s wrong, then he will be the one who pays for it. Nicole wonders if she goes with Cliff or does she go with statistics. Cliff says they have to get Holly to throw HOH and veto. They go and talk to Holly and Cliff says if we keep you, then you have to throw HOH and veto so it doesn’t jeopardize Nicole’s game and Holly agrees. Cliff and Nicole go into the camper and Cliff says that should put him, her, and Michie in F3 and then they can fight it out. Cliff says he’s just nervous about keeping Tommy, especially with jury. Nicole says this is so frustrating. Cliff says are we agreed and Nicole agrees. Cliff comforts Nicole. Cliff says it feels like he’s looking out for his own game, but he has to. Nicole says she trusts Cliff because he’s been her number one since the beginning. Cliff heads out and tells Michie it’s all good and Michie says he loves Cliff and that has never changed. We see Nicole in the WA crying and Michie comes in and comforts her and says he’s sorry. Michie says on a personal level, he’s there for Nicole emotionally, but on a game level any handshakes and deals he made mean nothing. But thanks for keeping Holly. We are back to the HOH and Nicole is hoping she has made the right decision and she hopes the deals she made with Michie and Holly are good. Michie needs Holly to throw the competition because she’s safe. If she doesn’t throw it, then Cliff and Nicole will have a fire under them and they will be head hunting. Michie needs Holly to throw this competition. Holly gets hit by the truck and she says her neck hurts. Michie asks Holly if she’s going to throw it or not and she says she could stay up there all night. Holly says she hates being shoved into a position where she has to throw a comp in a part of the season where you shouldn’t be throwing comps. Michie says Cliff falls and then Nicole gets knocked off, then Holly could accidentally win. He keeps telling her she needs to fall and throw it. Cliff says he’s not doing great and Holly looks stoic. He’s concerned about her honoring her deal. Nicole says Cliff falls and she wants to be F3 more than anything and Holly could feel the same way. Holly says she doesn’t want to fall and she hates throwing a comp that should be rightfully hers because she could hang up there all night. Holly drops and Nicole says are you serious? Michie gives Nicole the key and he hugs and says she’s F3. Michie tells Holly he knows her pride is bothering her. Holly says she just handed Nicole a spot in the F3 on a tray and it’s not fair. This is not game play. They forced her to sell her soul to them. Cliff says Holly kept her word. He’s still worried. Nicole has safety and now he has to make sure he has safety. Michie says it was better for Holly to throw for his individual game because if she’d won then she’d have been safe, but he wouldn’t have. Cliff and Michie are talking and Michie is making sure things are ok. Cliff tells Michie if he won veto that he would keep him because he likes the idea of going head to head. He needs to guarantee a F3 spot for himself. Michie says you never turn down a F2 deal in the game. Michie and Holly are in the WA and she wants to know what he’s thinking about. He says just stuff. Michie says he didn’t want to have to do that. He didn’t want to have to hurt him, but he couldn’t lose Holly. Michie says 86 days without crying and it finally broke. He can’t help but feel like what if it all was for nothing. And knowing he hurt Tommy breaks his heart. He doesn’t like hurting people, but he’s loyal to a fault and he will not turn his back on Holly. Holly says deep down Tommy was a lover of the game and he will understand and Michie says it broke his heart and he could use a hug from his mom right now. Where’s Momma? Cliff tells Nicole he’s shaking and freezing and he doesn’t know if it’s mental or anxiety or physical. He congratulates Nicole on F3 and he tells Nicole that he made a deal with Michie. Michie promised to take Cliff and Cliff promised Michie to take him. Nicole tells us alright, we’re agreeing to bring the biggest threat in the game to F3? Cliff says he did it to get to F3, but he feels bad for not checking with Nicole. Nicole says we have to win the veto and then we can decide what we do. Cliff says he made the agreement and he won’t back out of it. Nicole says if Michie and Cliff have an agreement to go to F3, then they must have a F2 deal too. She sees it. It’s time for the nomination ceremony! Nicole’s first nominee is Michie. Nicole’s second nominee is Holly. Nicole says guys we did it. Final four. There’s been many road bumps along the way and she hopes they finish this road trip. Nicole says to be honest, nominations don’t matter this week, it really comes down to POV because whoever wins casts the sole vote to evict. Cliff says in order to guarantee F3, he has to win veto. Age is just a number and he’s been competing all summer who under assumed what he could do. Holly says it’s frustrating for Nicole to put her on the block after she threw HOH. That’s the last thing she’s handing Nicole. She’s taking the gloves off. Michie says deals mean nothing and going forward he only wants to sit next to Holly in F2. He wants to walk out Mr. and Mrs. Smith with confetti on his shoulders.
  5. It’s been a crazy day in the BB house, and it is STILL crazy as the F5 gets intense! Previously, on Big Brother, Nicole, Cliff, Michie, and Holly had a F4 alliance, and after Michie earned power, it seemed like the plan to take Tommy out was set. Knowing his back was against the wall, Tommy revealed a bombshell to Michie and Holly, but the news only made him a bigger threat in Michie’s mind. With the end game near, the battle for veto again and Nicole was the hero of the story. Jackson realized that if Nicole used the veto then Holly will automatically go on the block. Although Nicole convinced Michie and Holly the F4 was set, she secretly contemplated taking a shot at the showmance. At the veto meeting, Michie was forced to put his showmance in danger. Tonight, will Cliff and Nicole betray their F4 deal send Holly to the jury or will Tommy’s shot at the prize come to an end? Plus, an epic battle of endurance begins! All this right now on Big Brother. Julie greets us and says this house is insane. It’s day 86 and tonight the alliance of four is being put to the ultimate test because the power to decide who stays and who goes is solely in the hands of Cliff and Nicole. Whoever makes it through the night will make it to the F4. Let the deals begin. We pick up after the veto meeting and Holly says she’s happy she’s working with Cliff and Nicole and she’s relying on their integrity. Tommy thought he was dead in the water, but he does have a glimmer of hope. But Nicole won’t do anything without Cliff so he has to convince them breaking up the showmance is the best for their game. Nicole says they have a monumental decision and she knows by just saying it which one is the smarter decision. Cliff and Nicole are outside talking about the back and forth and the pros and cons. Cliff says if they took Holly out maybe they could get Tommy to promise to go after Michie. Nicole thinks Michie could beat anyone in F2 because they are going to respect his game. Cliff says it’s him and Nicole as a team. Cliff has always wondered a little bit if Tommy and Michie have been working together. Cliff says if he’s going to keep Tommy, then he’s going to have some absolute promises. Cliff, Nicole, and Tommy are in the BY by the hammock and Tommy is making his pitch. He says if they did keep him, they’d be on the same page as who the target would be and he’d be willing to throw them the HOH competition. Cliff says this deal Tommy is offering is huge and whoever wins the HOH has a guaranteed spot in the F3. Tommy says he means it when he says he will throw this HOH competition. Because if Michie did win veto, then maybe he’d want revenge on Cliff or Nicole and take Tommy along to F3. Michie and Cliff just finish a chess game and Michie tests the water. Cliff tells him that Nicole is looking both ways and she’s talked to Tommy more than he has and he doesn’t know what deals Tommy is offering, but Nicole might be worried she’s the odd man out in a F4 situation. Cliff says he and Nicole have been working extremely close, but if they go through with the plan Michie might be mad at the two of them and if Michie does have to pick between them, he wants Michie to pick him. Michie and Holly are talking about Michie’s conversation with Cliff. Holly says it has been said multiple times they were going to F4, they’ve shaken hands, they’ve re-solidified this deal over and over and over. Michie has kept Cliff and Nicole safe, what’s so hard about F4. Michie says there are a lot of reasons he wants Holly to stay, but on a game level he has better odds to stay with Holly here and he won’t quit on her ever. Julie says she was just listening in on the house and Cliff and Nicole are still split on what to do. Plus, Tommy drops his relationship bomb again. And tonight, Michie must sit on the sidelines and watch the endurance comp. The biggest eviction of the summer weighs heavy on Cliff and Nicole, but when Tommy tells them about his relationship with Christie, how will it tips the scales? Tommy heads to the HOH where Cliff and Nicole are and he asks if they are ready for a pitch. Tommy wants to tell them so Michie and Holly don’t turn the news against him. Tommy then tells about his pre-existing relationship with Christie. Michie walks in and Tommy asks for a sec and Michie needs to use the WC and wants to take a shower. Tommy decides to go somewhere else with Cliff and Nicole and he loves Michie but that was the worst timing ever. They go to the have-not room and Tommy says he told Michie and Holly a few days ago, but he wanted them to hear it from him because he realizes this could be a big deal. Tommy says he wants to be with them and he wants to do this. Nicole says she appreciates his honesty so much, but it throws up a red flag that he could keep a secret that long. We see Michie comes downstairs and Cliff and Nicole are in the KT with Holly and they talk about Tommy’s news. Nicole says it makes sense, but it’s a shock to hear it said. Michie says when he hears that it makes him think Christie is a guaranteed vote for Tommy and she’s in the jury house and will campaign for him too. Michie says he’s seen Christie campaign in this house and she’s very good and she could easily flip a jury vote. Cliff says he’s nervous about that relationship, and he was leaning toward keeping Tommy, but now that changes things. Michie and Cliff are talking. Michie says he knows it’s a game, but when they shook hands he thought it meant something. Cliff says it’s killing him that he might be breaking an agreement he made. Michie says it’s like a slap in the face if they keep Tommy over Holly. Cliff says he’s not playing on a personal level. Michie says if you look at it on paper, it does not make sense to keep Tommy. Michie says he’s so sick of trusting people and then getting burned. And regardless of what happens he will be gunning for Cliff and Nicole, and if Holly goes then it will be raining fire. Julie says knowing his partner’s game is on the line, Michie takes the art of the lie to a whole new level. Cliff and Nicole are in the have not room and Tommy walks upstairs and Michie sees him on the HOH tv and he goes to eavesdrop on the conversation going on. Tommy wants to bring up what the plan would be if they were to keep him and what he’d be offering. Nicole says she’s scared they could keep him and then they go off with Michie in the sunset and Tommy says he would never do that. Tommy says there is no talking this guy down. He’s the full package. Tommy wants to prove himself to them because if they keep him, then he’d owe them. Michie creeps away as Tommy finishes his convo and he tiptoes back to the HOH room. He’s thinking and he says damn it. Michie says did he really just hear all that? He says if he can make Cliff and Nicole believe that Tommy would stick with him with some fabricated evidence from the conversation he just heard, maybe they’ll believe it. Michie goes to Cliff and Nicole and asks if Tommy is throwing HOH? Nicole asks why would you ask that, what promise did he make you? Michie says he’s working both sides again so he can get Cliff out and he thinks Nicole would be better to go to F3. Michie says he has no idea Michie is talking to them, but their loyalty is to them. Cliff says the concern is what happens when the group of four gets to three. Michie says Tommy told him he would tell them that he thought Michie was a bigger threat. Nicole says she doesn’t like people thinking she’s stupid. She’d like to have a house meeting and Michie wants to do it tomorrow. Nicole says she’s hearing two different stories from two different people, but they are going to have to pick which cloud of smoke to walk into it. Michie tells Holly, let’s play Big Brother. Tommy or Holly? Nicole and Cliff have been flipping back and forth all day. And just hours ago Nicole called a house meeting and Tommy and Michie went toe to toe. They will show some of the fight at the end of the show. Time to check-in with the HG. Tommy does his shoutouts to his Pretty Woman family, and then he shouts outs to his family. Third, to Cliff and Nicole he loves them and he wishes them and he loves them both. He says today was rough, today was game, it wasn’t personal. He’s rooting for everyone and he loves them all and he wishes them best. Tommy remembers watching the show and falling in love with the show and he’s living the dream and he tried out numerous times and made it into the house, then fans can do it too. Holly thanks God for the health and the strength, and to her family she hopes she made them proud. Holly shouts out Michie’s family and she’s lucky to know him. She loves them all and Tommy knows they will be friends. Cliff and Nicole, they are in an impossible position. She has played this game with integrity and loyalty and she’s played that with them. If she walks out that door she walks out with her head held high. And to all the girls who think they are ordinary, they are extraordinary and if she’s in the house, then they can be anywhere they want to be. It’s time to vote! Nicole votes to evict the Terrific Tommy. Cliff has aged ten years this week. He votes to evict Tommy. By a vote of 2-0, Tommy has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Tommy gives hugs and he promises he was telling the truth and he loves them. Tommy tells Michie good job and gives him a hug. Tommy then runs to give Holly a hug and he tells them to kill the HOH. Tommy heads out. Julie says what a day! Julie says people don’t know what he’s talking about. He wants Tommy to tell everyone what Michie did and Tommy says he came up with a big fat lie. Tommy says it was all made up and it all got ugly. Julie asks if Tommy respects the game play and Tommy says he does and he respects people who can lie or manipulate. Julie asks if Cliff and Nicole did what was right? Tommy says time will tell, he would have stood by them and would have happily taken 3rd to them. He sees them as the underdogs and he wants to root for them. He says it was so much fun, it was the best summer of his life. Julie wants to know why Tommy revealed his relationship with Christie. Tommy says he felt very alone, they took out each one of his allies one by one and the walls closed in on him. He didn’t think it would help him, he was hoping it would help disassociate himself from her. He says it probably was a mistake. Final thought? Tommy loves Big Brother. He’s grateful, no pun intended. If he had control, he would have taken Nicole to F2. He says Nicole makes great game moves without emotion. It’s time for the HOH. We have three fire ropes and a fire truck in the background. Welcome to BB stunt camp. There is a disc on the bottom of the rope and the competition is called Crash and Turn. Their stunt skills will be put to the test. If they fall out, they are eliminated. The last HG hanging on will be the new HOH. This competition starts now! The ropes are raised and they begin turning. The cab of the truck swings to hit the HG. Who will outlast the others? Stay with us… We see a clip of the fight with Michie claiming Tommy promised him and Holly the same thing he promised Nicole and Cliff and Tommy yelling and telling Holly to be her own person and stand up for what’s right. Michie tells Tommy to leave her out of it. We’ll see the rest on Sunday!
  6. Previously, on Big Brother, the final 5 in the quest for a half million dollars was set, and it appeared the alliance of Holly, Michie, Cliff, and Nicole were intent on taking out Tommy. But secretly Nicole hoped Tommy would win HOH so he could get the blood at his hands. At a cinematic battle for power, the movie matinee was Michie winning his third HOH and Jackson’s sights were set on Tommy. Tonight, BB Comics is back. How will the POV impact the final 5? Plus, Tommy spills the beans on his biggest secret! We pick up on day 80 after the nomination ceremony. Michie says he nominated Cliff and Tommy with Cliff as the pawn and Tommy as the target, but the veto will decide who will be on the block Thursday night and who will go home. Cliff definitely feels like he’s the pawn, but in the veto competition it’s everyone in the house versus Tommy. Tommy is in the have-not room talking to the cameras and says it’s really hard being in the house with the four people who blindsided him. He’s lonely. He saw it coming for weeks, but he never got the opportunity to take the shot. He’s living in fear, and that’s hard. He can do this. He’s going to give them hell. Tommy and Holly are in the HOH sitting on the bed. Tommy says he’s the underdog this week and he feels like he has people rooting for him. Holly says she’s sorry Christie went but there was no way she was going to let him walk out the door before Christie. Michie comes in and asks if they need to be alone and they say no. Holly says she wonders if Christie might be a sociopath and she’s talking poorly about Christie and how she was driving her nuts. Holly says she doesn’t fault him for being loyal and staying by her side. Michie says Tommy wasn’t wrong about Nick, but he might have been wrong about Christie. Michie then starts bashing Christie as well. Tommy says it is hard to hear Michie and Holly talk about Christie this way, but Michie is HOH. He wants to tell them why he was aligned with Christie. Tommy tells them I want to tell you something and he starts to tell them about the pre-existing relationship. Tommy says he saw everything all along, but he had to go with it because of who she was. Michie says he couldn’t imagine being in that position. Tommy talks about them knowing each other’s families. Holly apologizes for talking about her. Michie says everything makes sense now. All the dots he couldn’t connect in his head are all now coming together. And the fact they kept it under wraps, they played it incredibly well. Michie says he doesn’t know how they did it. Tommy says that conversation could have gone two ways, it could help them work with him, or see him as the biggest threat in the house. Michie says Tommy telling him just means he’s guaranteed Christie’s vote in jury and if he sits next to Tommy he won’t win. He needs to keep him from winning the veto. Cliff is pacing the house and pumping himself. He’s telling himself to do whatever it takes. Fingers, bones, muscles, air can all be replaced. Cliff says people have under estimated him from day 1, but he belongs here. He’s going to do everything possible to win. He’s telling himself to leave it all on the field. Losing is not an option. There is no second place. Destroy and conquer and win. Michie is up first for BB Comics. They will fly down a zipline and peek inside the BB Comic studio. Then they need to place their 16 comics in the same place as they are on the wall. The player who matches the studio wall in the shortest time will win the POV! Michie says he’s seen this competition so he’s already got a strategy. He focuses on the first four and then puts them up. Nicole is Nicolossus, Nick is Elast-nick, Michie is Dr. Jackson Michie-Hyde, Kat is Conspiro, Holly is Pinot Noir, Cliff is the Ground Hog. Tommy is The Flash Mobster, Bella is Liberty Bella, Jack is Jack-Ass, Sis is Fowl Play, Sam is Big Rig. Jess is Model Mayhem, Ovi is Captain Cookie, Kemi is The Keminator David is Freeze Frame, and Christie is Desti-Knee. Michie struggles with Bella’s and is distracted by Holly’s but he finishes and he hits his button. Tommy is up next and he is dragging very slowly on the zipline. He’s trying to take his time so he can analyze the comics. He has them all up and he guesses and he has almost half wrong. Tommy is also struggling with Bella’s and he’s struggling with Cliff’s as well. Tommy finally gets his right. Holly is up next. She loves Tommy, but he can’t win the veto. Holly thinks she looks decent in her comic, she needs a tall glass of Pinot Noir. Holly is struggling and she’s getting flustered. She’s getting angry and we see her struggle and going nuts. Cliff is up next. He says Tommy can’t win veto, and he wants to win to get safety and build his resume. He’s doing the order first, then he’ll look at the difference. He needs to be slow, steady, and accurate. He says he never envisioned himself being a groundhog in his own comic book. Cliff says he wouldn’t want to be a conspiring b*tch and have Kat on his tail. Cliff says the way he’s huffing and puffing maybe he should have been the big bad wolf. Cliff finally has them right. Nicole is up next and she says she’s doing this for Cliff. She needs to win this veto, not only to ensure her own safety, but to take Cliff off the block. Nicole says Christie’s is spot on. She loves her comic and she says she IS a Colossus. She has the order down pat and now she’s finding the differences. She has three wrong. Tommy’s and Bella’s are giving her a little trouble. She has one more wrong so she’s looking at Jack’s comic to figure out the difference and she sees it’s the tail. Would she call him a Jack-Ass? No comment. She pleads the fifth. She thinks she did well, but she hopes it didn’t cost her too much time. It’s time for the results for BB Comics! Michie finished with a time of 15:59. Tommy has a time of 14:21. Tommy is in the lead. He says he knocked out Jackson, now he just needs to beat the others. Holly’s time is 38:22. Cliff’s time is 26:32. It’s down to Tommy and Nicole. It’s down to Nicole’s time, which is 10:58. Nicole has won the POV! Michie says she smoked them! Nicole says she won this veto for her, her parents, and her sisters. She’s one step closer and she’s guaranteed F4. She’s so proud of herself. Cliff says Nicole has won and people have underestimated him, but they’ve also underestimated Nicole. She’s underestimated herself, but she’s cleared the path for the F4. Michie says he’s so glad Nicole won it and everything should go according to plan and it should be him, Holly, Cliff, and Nicole in the F4. Tommy says it sucks he didn’t win but he’s not giving up. He’s going to try and stay in the house, but it’s not looking good for him right now. Cliff tells Nicole they are F4 because of her. They say Fellowship of the Zing. Cliff says Nicole is telling him she will use the veto to pull him off and he and her will both be F4. Cliff tells Nicole Holly has never been on the block. Nicole says that double just made her realize there are people she wants to protect. Michie says he’s blown away, that is so impressive. He’s without words. Michie is so happy Nicole wins and then it dawns on him…if she uses it on Cliff, then Holly will be the only replacement nominee. Michie and Holly go to the HOH and Michie mentions that to Holly. Holly wants to know if there’s any way to convince her not to use it. Michie says if he were in their shoes, they could pull in Tommy, take out Holly and Michie can’t play in the next HOH. Michie says that makes a lot more sense. Holly says this is a very humbling, harsh reality check. Holly says this could be a golden opportunity to backdoor her and send her out. She says she has gone this entire season without being on the block and she could go out on Michie’s HOH. Michie tells Holly this is an opportune time for them to set themselves up and he doesn’t think they would that. This is the first time in the game he can confidently say he trusts them. Nicole is laying down and Cliff comes in. Nicole says she’s in shock and she can’t believe it. Cliff says she saved their ass and they are F4. Cliff says they can compete in HOH and Michie can’t. Nicole says do we send out Holly because they are so close, but Tommy is so strong. Cliff says Holly has not done well now in these comps. Cliff thinks they can beat Holly, but Tommy is alone. Michie comes in and Nicole wants to talk to him. Nicole says she’d like to use it and no funny business is happening. Nicole says when she takes Cliff down, they will have options. The plan is Tommy, but they also have a chance to break up a showmance and you don’t pass that opportunity up. Nicole says regardless of their options, they need to make Holly and Michie feel very secure this week. Michie tells Nicole it’s her veto and she can do what she wants. Michie trusts Nicole and Cliff and he thinks they are good folks and won’t do them dirty. Nicole goes to talk to Tommy in the HOH. She wants to let him know that she is going to take Cliff off the block and maybe vote out Holly. She wants him to know so maybe she’ll be on his good side. Tommy says he’s in good spirits. Nicole and Tommy discuss what might happen in veto and she tells him he has to campaign. She says she wants him here and she wants to work some magic. Tommy says he’s not going to get his hopes up, but he would love that. Tommy is getting emotional. He says no matter what he feels at peace. Nicole says this is the only opportunity where he’s forced to put her up. Tommy says when he lost the veto he thought he was dead in the water, but Nicole is telling him he has a ray of hope. He says he’ll do whatever it takes to stay in this house even if it’s for one more week. Tommy says they lived up here all summer. Michie comes in and Nicole and Tommy hug and talk. Michie asks if he came at a bad time and they say no. Nicole goes into the camper and she’s trying to clean a little. Nicole tells Cliff she talked to Tommy. She says she needs to show him why keeping Tommy is beneficial for both of their games. Nicole says her and Cliff broke up on duo when there were three left. Now they can break up another duo. Nicole says if one of them makes F3 with them, Holly takes Michie and Michie takes Holly. Cliff says it’s an option. He’s not saying no. Cliff says the biggest con of keeping Holly is him and Nicole become expendable because she will protect Michie. But Cliff is concerned about competing against Tommy because he’s stronger in competitions that Holly is. They just need to think it out and make the best decision they can. It’s time for the veto meeting! Nicole has decided…to use the Power of Veto on Cliff. Since Nicole has vetoed one of the nominations he has to name a new HG as a replacement nominee. Michie says not many choices here. She didn’t think she’d see the block at all, and definitely not on his HOH, but Holly, please take a seat. Nicole it’s amazing to think that little old Nicole, she did it. She knows it’s only F4, but it’s F4. She’s so proud. She sees herself in those F2 chairs and she’s hoping it comes true because she wants it so freaking bad. Tommy says Nicole wants to keep him and that’s all that hope he needs. He will do what he has to in order to get their votes. Holly says her fate is in the hands of Cliff and Nicole and she trusts their character and their morals, but this is a game. Cliff says they’ve talked whether they should flip or not. Cliff says this is a half million dollar decision. He and Nicole have something thinking to do. That will give him a few gray hairs.
  7. Tonight, is the second and final night of the semi-finals. We’ll have the remaining 11 acts perform and only 5 will be moving on to next week’s finals! We also have a guest job tonight! It’s hip-hop royalty…Queen Latifah! She’s looking forward to everyone coming out and leaving it on the floor. The first act of the night is V. Unbeatable. They talk about the dance group started and then they talk about how far they are pushing themselves to make it to the finals. They take the stage for their performance. They have ladders on stage that they use as a prop to jump off of and through. They get an ovation from all of the judges and the audience. Simon says oh never has a group had a more appropriate name! These guys are in it to win it and he thinks their country will be so proud of what they’ve done throughout the entire competition and he’s thrilled for them and he has a feeling we’ll be seeing them in possibly the greatest final next week. Queen Latifah is blown away by each and every one of them and every component was on point and she loves a good confetti cannon. Julianne says dance is for everyone! She wants to learn from them because they are the ones to beat. Next we have Dom Chambers and he says he’s one performance away and he may never get the opportunity to perform like this again. He thinks he has come up with something no magician has ever done before. He brings back the beer from his audition to do magic with. He has a “mega” beer that he is going to make disappear and he invites Terry to the stage with him. Dom takes a pitcher and dips it into the mega beer and wants Terry to prove it really is beer. Dom says he’s going to prove to the world that Simon is a genius. He asks him a question and he asks him a number between 1000-3000 of the amount of bottles of beer it took them to fill the mega beer. Simon guesses 2501 bottles and Dom reveals that number written on a tally board. Dom then has a giant straw and “drinks” the beer in about 10 seconds. He gets an ovation from the audience and Simon. Simon says that reminded him of New Year’s Eve. Simon brought personality, scale, and fun, and it may have put him through to the final. Howie loved it and that fact he drank all that beer and is still standing there. Julianne says everything he does he brings them along, it’s interactive and it’s so special. Queen Latifah wants to know what kind of brewski diet he’s on that he can drink all that beer and not get a beer gut. She loved it, it was a lot of fun and his personality is amazing. Gabrielle says it took them back to what they all loved about him. She says it was like part of a booze cruise and it was a fun good time. The next act is Julianne’s golden buzzer, Luke Islam. It’s been his goal his entire life to be a Broadway star and he feels like that dream can actually happen. He feels like every step he takes on AGT is one step closer to his dream coming true. He takes the stage and performs Never Enough by Loren Allred from The Greatest Showman. Julianne says he had a moment and he is more than enough and she can’t wait to see him in the finals. Gabrielle thinks he is special and a world class talent and he deserves to be in the finals. Howie guarantees he will be on Broadway. Queen Latifah says there was something in his eyes that told her he was immersing himself in that moment and if he keeps doing that he’ll be on Broadway. Next up is Lukas and Falco and they were brought back as a wildcard. They perform to the music One Way or Another by One Direction. They have a car themed performance and Falco does tricks with Lukas and on tires and a skateboard. Lukas and Falco then go to the judges table and Falco climbs on the judge’s table and accidentally hits Howie’s buzzer. Howie loves the dog and loves him and the most impressive thing about this act is the dog read his mind and hit his buzzer. Simon says dogs not only watch the show, they vote for the show. Simon says he knows there were mistakes and he loved it even more. Gabrielle says Falco may have had an off night, like many performers, but he kept trying. Queen Latifah wants to party with Falco. Chris Klafford is ready for the stage and he’s taking a risk and performing an original song. He says his songs are very important to him and when Simon said he didn’t like that song his stomach dropped. He knows tonight he needs to connect with everyone and hopefully people can relate to it. He gets an ovation from the audience and Julianne. Howie thinks Chris has an amazing voice but he doesn’t know that he loves his strategy and he doesn’t think he’ll get the votes for that song. Julianne thinks he has super special and she thinks it was amazing and she loved it. Gabrielle says she got goosebumps and she loves all of his originals. Queen Latifah says she’s already at the concert and she could hear an audience singing that hook and she’s already hearing the record produced. Simon says thinks the song he sang in the middle rounds should have been the song he sang tonight. The Detroit Youth Choir is getting ready for their performance. We see clips of the kids thanking their director, Mr. White, for everything he’s done for them and their choir. The kids take the stage and perform High Hopes by Panic! At the Disco. Julianne, Queen Latifah, and Gabrielle all get up to dance with the choir. They get an ovation from all the judges and the audience. Queen Latifah says we have the D represented tonight and that’s entertainment! She tells the director he has brought out things the kids haven’t seen in themselves. Gabrielle says they took them to church and that was everything. They were amazing. Simon says this was as good as their first audition. Simon says we all need a Mr. White in their lives. Alex Dowis is our next act and he has fallen in love with painting. He likes to show with his life painting that nothing lasts forever. Alex takes the stage for his performance. His light story begins with a car crash and a fire and a woman being pulled out and CPR being performed and a guardian angel helping out the woman being revived. It’s a dedication of 9/11. He gets an ovation from the audience and all the judges. Howie says it’s amazing what you can do with imagery and eliciting emotion. Howie loves what he’s doing, but he doesn’t know if he follows every moment of it. Julianne says she loved that he represents the fact you can’t have light without the dark and he tells a story that makes them anticipate what’s coming next. Queen Latifah she says he’s evocative, he takes people on a journey. Simon thinks what he did is so important and beautiful and respectful and he has Simon’s absolute respect. That was remarkable. Next we have Marcin and he’s a guitar player. He says the emotions were overwhelming on results night and this is his dream and he can’t express what this means to him. Marcin takes the stage for his performance and he puts his own spin on Shape of You by Ed Sheeran. He gets an ovation from the audience and all of the judges. Julianne thought that was an amazing song choice and an excellent performance. Gabrielle says watching the musicians watch Marcin was amazing. Simon says he was boring last time, but this time it was like a sheep turning into a wolf and it was by a mile his best performance so far. Queen Latifah says she was enjoying what Simon was saying. She says it was so tight and she loved the way he was able to create percussion out of the guitar and she’s extremely impressed. Howie says he moved the audience and he’s unique and original. Emanne Beasha is the next act to perform and she’s an opera singer. She feels free on stage and she really wants to make it to the finals and she’s extremely nervous and she can’t believe she’s here. She performs Everything I Do I Do It For You by Bryan Adams in opera style in a foreign language. She gets an ovation from everyone. Julianne says Emanne took those lyrics that she remembers in English and she shifted the meaning of what we do for each other and it was profound. Simon says he loves her and he gets nervous her and she has a powerhouse voice. She’s absolutely brilliant. Gabrielle says stunning, amazing, and she took everyone’s breath away. Queen Latifah says she knew from the moment she saw the unicorns that it was on and popping and she is unbelievable and her confidence is gorgeous. Ryan Niemiller is up next and he’s a comedian and he wants people to see him like everyone else. He takes the stage for his set. Howie seemed to enjoy the set and he gets an ovation from the audience and all the judges. Howie says Ryan is a very funny comedian. Gabrielle says he has been killing it every time and she can’t wait for his comedy special. Queen Latifah says she’s still laughing. She says in hip-hop when you battle the best you can do is be self-deprecating and he has mastered that and made it hilarious and she’s waiting for the movie. Simon says he feels like Ryan is taking everyone along for the ride and he’s getting funnier and more confident. Simon says he needs to be in the final because he has a shot at beginning and he deserves to be there. Our final act of the night is Voices of Service. They talk about how proud they were to serve and how music helped them cope with what they dealt with. They take the stage and perform Choke by OneRepublic. They get an ovation all around. Simon says what a way to end. Simon says Voices of Service did the most outstanding vocal they’ve heard so far. Amazing. Julianne says the dynamics of their vocals and their purpose was behind their passion and that’s undeniable. Queen Latifah says she’s blown away, she’s stunned, she’s shocked because it’s so beautiful and their voices melded together so perfectly. Queen Latifah says what they’re doing has a purpose and will continue to do so.
  8. Previously, on Big Brother, three power pairs were left in the game, Michie and Holly, Tommy and Christie, and Cliff and Nicole and two of the duos had a plan to make the F4 together. With Michie wielding power he wanted to take out the last loner. After Tommy found himself a veto, he saved his best friend leaving Michie to put his ally up as a pawn. Before the live eviction, Julie gave some long expected news and soon after Jessica became the first casualty of the night. With the power on the line, the New York Islander scored big and she quickly decided to stay true to her final four alliance. With a critical bleeping veto up for grabs, Cliff manifested the win over Christie. The Texan stayed true to Nicole’s nominations, leaving the secret duo destined to be torn apart. And the universe decided it would be Christie leaving. Tonight, see all the drama you didn’t see during the epic double eviction and a new HOH will be crowned. Plus, Swayleigh is back! We pick up with Christie leaving and Tommy says having Christie in the house was having home here. Playing this game without Christie is scary. He definitely feels like he’s alone in the game. Michie says karma finally hits and he doesn’t feel bad for her. Everytime he thought he could respect her game play and as an individual he realized she was doing things that made him lose that respect. He’s praying for her sister. Nicole goes into the camper and she’s emotional. She says she survived double eviction and she made the top five of BB and she got herself there. She may not be the most athletic but she can do a frickin’ puzzle. She can’t believe she finally won something, during a live show, and that it led to the craziest night she’s had on Big Brother. We see her win again. During the Double eviction, we see Nicole saying she could go along with Tommy and Christie or she could go along with Michie and Holly. This could very well be a half million dollar decision. Nicole goes to the boat room and Michie comes in and says her parents are proud of her. Michie tells her he’s had her back since day one and watching her win that was bad. Knowing Christie is going on the block for the fifth, and hopefully final time, is the best news he’s heard all season. Nicole tells Tommy that he might see the block, but she’s trying to navigate the game as best as she can. Tommy gives her a hug. Then Tommy and Christie hug and she asks if he’s going up and he says whatever is meant to be will happen. We then see Nicole make her nominations and Nicole hopes Christie doesn’t hold it against her because she needs jury votes and Christie is going to the jury house. We see Cliff not use the veto and Tommy says he can’t believe this is how he and Christie split up…by Nicole. He’s really shocked. It’s going to be hard to be in this house with four people who backstabbed him. Christie wants to talk to Tommy and he says and now he has to say good-bye to his Christie. He says this sucks. Christie says Tommy is going to win this game and they want to know why she did this? Christie says Michie is going to win. She can’t believe it how did this happen. They say they love each other and Christie says she wouldn’t have gotten through this without him. Christie asks what he’s going to do next and Tommy says he doesn’t know. Christie tells him he has to win the next HOH and Michie or Cliff have to go. We then see Christie get evicted. The HG are all looking at the memory wall. Tommy says saying goodbye to Christie was lots of emotions and the biggest one was…relief. He misses Christie but it wasn’t him and his game is not over. Holly says they all now have a 20% chance to win. Michie says 11 weeks are down the hatch and a lot has been done and he’s planning on walking out of here with confetti on his shoulders and he won’t stop until it happens. Nicole is excited she gets pictures and a letter. Holly gives her a hug and so does Michie. Michie tells her she won the most important HOH. Nicole says now that the double eviction is over, the house is split with them four and then Tommy. Tommy says he feels very alone and it’s hard. He started the game off with an army and now it’s just down to him. Tommy comes out and gives Nicole a hug and he says he’s so happy for her and he can’t wait to see her pictures. Nicole is called to the SR and everyone comes to see. She has pictures of her family, her dog, and her grandmother, plus a basket of goodies and some unicorn slippers. She misses her family more than she cares to admit. They are her people and they are her world and she knows it’s so super lame, but…and she gets emotional again. She points out her dad Jerry, her mom Kathy, and her sisters. Cliff says he’s almost as happy as she is just to see her joy at her pictures. Nicole goes to read her letter and they are proud of her and they miss her and she gets emotional and Michie rubs her back. Tommy is crying as Nicole reads too. Cliff tells her that her parents are so proud of her. Nicole says this is all she needed to guns blazing and win this thing. Cliff, Michie, Holly, and Nicole are in the WA and Nicole says this is what she’s sticking with and she gave her word. Holly says the same and Michie says if he dies by this sword, then he dies by it. Cliff says one of us has to go out and Michie says as long as Tommy doesn’t win. Michie says he loves Tommy, but he’s loyal to his alliance. This next HOH is crucial. Cliff says it’s three against one. Cliff and Nicole are talking and Cliff says no one expected them to do anything. Nicole says we were the bottom feeders. Cliff asks Nicole if Tommy wins if he’ll put up Jackson and Holly and she thinks so. Cliff says if Tommy wins this HOH he thinks he’ll target the showmance couple so that’s probably good for his game. Cliff says we should continue to be friendly to Tommy and hopefully it will work out. Tommy is sitting in the KT and Nicole is talking to him and she says she’s sorry and she hopes he’s not mad at her and he says he’s not mad. He says the hardest part isn’t going on the block or losing Christie, it’s wondering if he’s alone. Nicole says it may seem like you’re alone but I promise deep down you’re not alone. She tells him to get out and win the next HOH. Tommy says he has to. Nicole says her plan has always been to adapt and navigate. She says the best case scenario is Tommy to win HOH and put up the showmance. She needs him to take a shot at her alliance so she and Cliff don’t have to. Tommy says he’s going to go chill. Tommy is in the boat room and he says he has to win. He has to do his best. Tommy says he can’t believe he made it to the F5. He’s proud, he’s excited, and numb, but he needs to win this HOH. He’s going to fight. He’s going to really fight. Yeah, let’s go. He’s got this! It’s time for the HOH competition and they need to head to the Rec Room? Everyone is like what? Where the heck is that? The HG go into a Rec Room and they see Swaggy C and Bayleigh. Nicole says she saw them on her TV! She says this day just keeps on getting better for Nicole. Bayleigh says she’s so excited to be back in the house and host is HOH. Swaggy C says he is so obsessed with her and still engaged and still wedding planning. Bayleigh and Swaggy C says they love to chill out and watch movies so they are here to host BB Flix and Chill. In each round, three movie posters will appear on the screen and they’ll hear friends talk about what movie they want to see. When they think they know the answers they should lock in their answer. But only the fastest player to ring in correctly will get the point. Michie says he has no idea where Tommy’s head is at and he or Holly have to win HOH to guarantee safety. Cliff says he thinks Tommy will go after Michie and Holly, but he can’t leave anything to chance. Holly says she doesn’t have a choice but to win this HOH because if Tommy won her and Michie would be in hot water. Tommy says at this point of the game, he doesn’t know who’s with who and he’s not sure what’s going on. He’s pretty sure there is a four person alliance and he’s the fifth person in a four person alliance house. Let’s do this! Round 1-We OviTheTop, Beard Science, and Austin Powerless. Cliff, Tommy, Holly all ring in Beard Science and Michie rings in with Austin Powerless. The correct answer was…Austin Powerless. Michie has one point. Round 2-We have The Trucker with the Bad Tattoo, Once Upon a Time…in the Have Not Room, and Citizen Shane. Cliff says these people sure are picky. All the HG ring in with The Trucker with the Bad Tattoo. Cliff was first and he now has one point. Round 3-We have A Rockstar is Born, 4 Weddings & Dan’s Funeral, and Kemi Mia! Everyone rang in with Kemi Mia except Tommy who rang in with 4 Weddings and Dan’s Funeral and Tommy is correct and he now has a point. Tommy says he can do this thing. Round 4-We have The Quack Pack, “Cousins” The Movie, and Codyshack. Holly says she’s the only person still without a point so she needs to step it up. All HG ring in with Codyshack and they are all correct. The first person to ring in with it was Michie. Michie has 2 poitns, Cliff and tommy have one point, and Holly has zero. Round 5- We have Hamlet Strikes Back. The Revengers: Zingfinity War and Fast and Furiously Evicted. Cliff rang in with Hamlet Strikes back and everyone else rang in with Fast and Furiously Evicted and Michie gets his third point because he was first. Round 6-We have The Old Man & the Swaggy C, Good Bellas, and Showmancing the Stone. They all ring in with The Old Man & the Swaggy C and Michie is first again and he has four points. Tommy and Cliff have one point. Holly still has zero. Round 7-We have Superfan-tasy Island, Pulp Eviction, and The Have Not Games. Michie and Tommy ring in with Pulp Eviction. Cliff and Holly ring in with Superfan-tasy Island and Cliff was first and gets a point. Round 8-We have Brett & Winston’s Awesome Adventure, Saving Private Reilly, and McCrae Anything. Michie rings in with Saving Private Reilly and everyone else does too. Michie was first and Michie has now won HOH! Michie says this is unreal! He’s going to be in the F4 of BB. He and Holly aren’t going anywhere. Swaggy C tells them to have a great rest of their summer. Tommy says Michie wins and he is guessing he’ll be seeing the block for the second time. He feels like all of his allies have been evicted from the house, but he’s still here and he has to survive. Tommy heads to the HOH room to talk to Michie. Tommy says he knows he’s going on the block this week, but he needs to plant some seeds of doubt about Cliff and Nicole. Tommy says he noticed that Cliff and Nicole would come up late at night to talk to Michie and Holly. Tommy says Cliff and Nicole made Tommy and Christie feel safe too. Michie says they all played each other. Tommy says go ahead and put me on the block because if you don’t see I’m not the biggest threat in the house, then you don’t deserve to win. Cliff is the biggest threat and if he sits next to him in F2 he doesn’t stand a chance to win. Tommy and Michie hug. Cliff says he really wanted to win that HOH because it was the only way to secure their safety. Cliff says Michie will put up himself and Tommy. Cliff says they have to win the veto. Cliff says if he goes home he’d love to see her go forward. Cliff says Michie is smarter than he let on but they made a commitment to them. Nicole is second guessing her decision. Nicole says she hears the fans at home saying you idiot and now Michie won HOH. Nicole says it’s so, so scary that if Tommy wins veto she or Cliff will go to jury. Nicole tells Cliff she can do this. It’s time for the nomination ceremony! Michie’s first nominee is…Cliff. Michie’s second nominee is…Tommy. Michie says it’s slim pickings and they are at the most important part of the game and he’s proud to be with each one of them and he wishes them the best in the veto comp. Michie says his F4 with Cliff, Nicole, and Holly is the most important thing in the game to him and Tommy is his target. Cliff says he’s not surprised he’s nominated, but it’s all about the veto. He says Tommy can’t win veto and this veto could represent the entire season for his game. Tommy says there may be stronger competitors in the house, but nobody is going to gun for this veto as hard as he is. If this is the last comp he will play in the house he’s going to give a million percent and give it everything he’s got and go to the F4 baby!
  9. Previously, on Big Brother, only seven remain in the battle for the grand prize. With Michie in control of the week, his plan was to take out Jessica. So he put her up next to his pawn Christie. Michie had a masterplan to get to the end of the game, but Christie wasn’t going to be played for a fool. With the veto on the line, Tommy sought out a golden win. At the veto meeting, the Broadway dancer saved his BFF from the block leaving Michie to put up a new pawn. Tonight, will be the Chicagoan or the Texan sent to jury. Plus, another HG will also be leaving because it’s double eviction night! When the dust settles only 5 HG will remain! All this live right now on Big Brother! Julie greets us and it’s day 79 in the house and everyone is trying to figure out how to make it to finale night. Should Michie succeed in sending Jess packing, he may be winning a battle, but he’ll be starting a war. Michie and Holly are talking by the pool talking about how great it would be to get first and second. Michie says his goal is to get Jess out. Michie says he has a F4 with Cliff and Nicole, but they are also good with Tommy and Christie. This only works if the two groups don’t find out about each other. Holly says she did not come here for sixth or fifth. Michie says they have to make sure none of them get spooked or get wise to the situation. Holly says they are playing a very high risk game right now and Michie says high risk and high reward. Christie is talking to Cliff in the hammock. She tells him she thinks Michie has been working with everyone. Cliff says the same way. Christie tells us that if Michie or Holly stay in the game, then none of them will make F2. Christie tells Cliff that she thinks Michie or Holly need to go. Cliff says even if Christie is telling him the truth, he needs Michie and Holly’s vote. So he needs to tell them before Christie spins it to make it look good for him. He needs their vote to stay. Cliff then goes to tell Michie and Holly about his conversation with Christie and that she told him Michie and Holly were working with everyone. Michie says Christie might try and get close with Nicole and Cliff says she’s already throwing you under the bus. Cliff leaves and Holly says she knew it was a matter of time when Christie would be a problem. Holly says once the dust settles after this eviction, they will see where things stand. Holly says she did not come here to take sixth place to Christie Murphy. Time to let the HG know about tonight’s double eviction. Julie tells them there will be no jury battle back. Michie says double though and Julie says one of them will have a chance at the grand prize, but the bad news is tonight IS double eviction night. Cliff is shaking his head and Tommy is freaking out. It all starts right now! Jess does her shoutouts. HG, 79 days she loves them so much. You only take one shot in this game and it either sends you to the jury house or keeps you in the house. She’d love to stay and keep fighting. Cliff does his shoutout to his wife. He loves Jess. He loves BB and he’s not ready to go home. He’d love to have their votes and if not he’ll walk out with hugs and handshakes to all. Time to vote! Holly very sadly votes to evict Jessica. Nicole votes to evict the jovial Jessica. Christie sadly, heartbreakingly votes to evict Jessica. Tommy votes to evict the beautiful, gorgeous Jessica. By a vote of 4-0, Jessica has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Jess gives quick hugs to everyone and says she loves them. Cliff says family forever. Jess heads out the door. Julie says Jess doesn’t seem surprised and she says not at all. Julie wants to know how big of a mistake Michie made targeting her and Jess thinks she’ll be seeing Michie next tonight. Julie says why is everyone gunning for him and she thinks so. Jess doesn’t think they made the right decision to get rid of her over Cliff. Julie says they will do an after show interview, but we have to kick out another person. Time for tonight’s HOH! This competition is called On Thin Ice. On Julie’s go, they’ll begin to build their ice rink puzzle. Once built, they’ll take their hockey stick and make a goal will become the new HOH. Julie gives the go. Nicole has started with the middle and Cliff is making good progress. The puzzle pieces are large and not easily maneuvered. Nicole looks to be almost halfway done with her puzzle already. Cliff is right behind. Holly isn’t doing well and Christie isn’t doing great. It’s between Nicole and Cliff and Tommy is close behind. Nicole has her final piece of her puzzle. She grabs her hockey stick and she shoots her ball and misses and has to try again. Cliff and Tommy have their puzzles done and Nicole has scored her goal! Nicole wins HOH! Cliff advises Nicole that he thinks Christie and Tommy are the way to go. Nicole does a shout out to her family. Christie goes in next and Nicole says she’s just trying to figure out how best to navigate forward and Christie might find herself on the block but she loves her so much. Nicole’s adrenaline is pumping and she’s breathless. Time for the live nomination ceremony. We see Michie and Holly in the boat room with Nicole and they are hoping Christie will be the one to go, but they ask what Nicole prefers and she says let’s see what happens. Nicole has to name her nominees. Nicole says this is absolutely nothing personal. From a game standpoint, she has to nominate Tommy and Christie. They hug and take their seats. They’ll each have a chance to save themselves in the veto competition. Already tonight, Jessica was evicted, then Nicole became the new HOH and she nominated Tommy and Christie for eviction. Time for the veto competition. It’s What the Bleep? They will all view a number of videos containing statements made by their fellow HG. Each statement will have a bleeped out word or phrase and Julie will tell them what that might be. They will answer true or false. We see Kat’s eviction speech. True or False: The bleeped out phrase was take on. Everyone answers false. They are all correct and they all get a point. Video #2 is Jess’s speech from eviction night next to Kemi. True or false: The bleeped out word was play. Everyone answers True. They are all correct and they all have 2 points. Video #3 is Kemi’s eviction speech. True or false: the bleeped out word was running. Everyone answers true. They are all true. Video #4 is Sis’s eviction speech. True or false: the bleeped out phrase was sitting here with. Tommy and Michie answer true and everyone else answers false. The answer is false. Everyone but Tommy and Michie get a point. Video #5 is Jack’s eviction speech. The bleeped out word was known. Holly, Tommy, and Michie answers True. Cliff, Nicole, and Christie answers false. The correct answer is false. Cliff, Christie, and Nicole each have 5 points. Video #6 is Sam’s veto speech from his second veto win. The bleeped out word was waves. Nicole and Holly answer true. Everyone else answers false. The answer is false. Christie and Cliff have 6 points. Nicole has 5. Holly, Tommy, and Michie each have 4 points. The last video is Bella’s eviction speech. True or False: The bleeped out word was pick. Everyone answers True except Nicole and Christie who answers False. The real word was pick and Cliff has won the veto! Cliff talks to Nicole and confirms he’s keeping it the same and probably take out Christie. He tells Tommy he’s leaving noms the same. Time for the veto meeting. Cliff says he loves them all and at this point in the game there are limited choices and he’s going to honor Nicole’s nominations. Time for the second eviction of the night. Tommy says he didn’t even think about this. He’s happy to be here and no matter what happens he’s so grateful for the last 79 days. This experience has made this Staten Island boy’s dreams come true and he’s proud of Nicole. Christie loves this game, she loves every one of them. She loves this game and she clearly didn’t play well she didn’t win much. She says she’s so proud of any of them winning. Julie is so beautiful. Time to vote! Michie votes to evict Christie. Holly votes to evict Christie. Cliff votes to evict his friend and fellow BB fan Christie. By a vote of 3-0, Christie has been evicted from the BB house. She hugs Tommy and tells him to do good. She gives everyone hugs and she tells Nicole she’s amazing. She tells them to keep fighting and please someone pack her stuff. Julie says she looked surprised when Nicole said she might find herself up there. Christie says she has to do what’s best for her game and she doesn’t see how getting her out is best. She says Michie is going to win. Julie asks if they made the right decision to evict her over Tommy and Christie doesn’t think it was the right choice, but she wants him to stay too and win. Julie asks Christie how big of a mistake it was for her to say she didn’t want to go to the end with couples and she says maybe she shouldn’t have been so vocal, but it felt right in the moment. She’s proud. Julie asks Christie about her and Tommy’s relationship and if having him helped her game or hurt her game. Christie says she felt like she had a piece of home all the time and he kept her sane and talked her off the ledge. She thinks he helped her but it also might have made them appeared close. Julie wants to know why the universe evicted her tonight and no one else and she says it was her time and she was supposed to get to a F6 and maybe Tommy is supposed to win and her leaving will help him get there.
  10. Previously, on Big Brother, showmance Jackson and Holly struck a F4 deal with Cliff and Nicole, but the couple also earned Christie’s loyalty when they agreed to keep her in the house. With only seven souls remaining, the power was back up for grabs and it came down to Michie and Tommy. So Michie promised him safety in exchange for the win. Michie wanted Jess out of the game, and he planned to cash in on Christie’s pawn promise to get the job done. Jackson had a master plan to get him and Holly to the end, but Christie wasn’t buying Michie’s loyalty. At the nomination ceremony, Michie initiated his plan. Tonight, will the POV save one of the nominees? Plus there’s only three weeks left until someone leaves with the half million dollar grand prize, but with Holly and Michie’s showmance survive that long? Find out right now on Big Brother! We pick up on day 73 after the nomination ceremony and Michie has just nominated Christie and Jess with Jess as the target. But if Jess came off the block and Christie went he wouldn’t be that upset. As long as one of them goes home, this week is a success. Jess thought she and Michie had a great game and personal relationship. She feels stupid and mad, maybe in denial. She feels played and she gets emotional. She doesn’t want to be up against Christie because she loves her a lot. Christie is tired of being on the block. She’s up as a pawn and it’s stressful, this is four weeks now and it’s a lot. Hopefully she can Michie and stay and then her contract with Michie and Holly will be a million percent null and void. Jess is talking to Christie and Tommy and she says she feels like she can’t be mad at anyone but herself. She has fought since day one to prove she can do things that she’s never seen anyone do in this game that looked like her. Christie tells her she’s done that. Jess says she’s having her breakdown moment. Tommy goes to comfort Jess as she’s crying. She says it’s a feeling of being unwanted. Like getting picked last on the playground. Jess thinks these feelings could be turned around and used as fuel to win veto. Nicole is talking to Michie and Holly are Nicole says they all like each other but don’t really know each other. Holly wants to do Q&A’s with everyone. She wants to call it “Hot Takes with Holls”. Michie doesn’t want personal stuff on feeds. Nicole says it’s a good idea. Holly says she’ll start doing it tonight and Michie says not tonight with veto tomorrow, plus it’s a holiday weekend. Holly says she wants to do it while she’s still in the house. Michie says he’s just making suggestions. Nicole decides it’s time to leave. Michie and Holly start bickering. Holly says normally if she needed space she’d go for a hike, but here there is no space. There’s nowhere to go to get away from him. Holly tells him he sounds condescending and Michie says she’s snippy. Michie says he has no idea where Holly is coming from but she has a tendency to shut him down. He says having a relationship in the BB house is one of the most difficult things he’s had to do. Holly is telling Michie he is shutting her down and she wants to make an effort to let people to get to know them and he won’t let her. Michie tells her to find a way to change it and she says that’s what she’s trying to do. It’s time to pick players for the veto competition! Christie and Jess join Michie to draw for players. Michie draws first and he draws Nicole and everyone cheers! Christie draws Tommy. Jess draws HG choice and she chooses Cliff. Cliff says getting picked for the veto competition is great so he can win and keep nominations the same. Even though he’s working with Michie and Holly, you never know who you can trust. Michie comes down with a watermelon and Holly gives him a cup of coffee and he says thanks. Holly says she always does that, but now she feels like she’s being shut out and she’s not sure why. Holly is picking at her hair in the Dining Room and Michie walks by and she mumbles sick. Holly goes into the LR where everyone else is talking about Nick and says are you seriously not going to say good morning? He says he did and they start bickering again and Michie says they’ll talk about it later. Michie says she came at him and started talking at him aggressively and you don’t talk to people that way that you care about. Holly goes to lay down and Christie goes to talk to her. Holly is telling her that Michie shuts down and Christie says guys don’t always know how to handle things and Holly says especially when they’re 24. Christie tells her to take time today and Holly says she has nowhere to go. Holly is saying she doesn’t want to be the girl in the showmance, she wants to be her own person. She doesn’t feel valued in the relationship. Christie tells her to just be her. Michie is going into the KT and Holly stands by the counter. Michie says nothing and heads upstairs and Holly follows. Holly wants to talk and Michie says sure. Holly says Michie says he’s being mean and he says he’s not going to be talked to that way in front of four people in the house. They sit down. Michie says she came over to him and she called him an ahole a couple of times and his family will see that. Holly says she feels bad for that. Michie says clearly I can’t make you happy and Holly starts to say something and Michie says do you want to talk? Let me talk. Michie says he’s not going to talked to like that and Holly says he’s been shutting down and it feels like he’s done. Michie says he’s done now. Michie says he’s been there and done that. Holly starts crying and she says she hates this house. She hates it here. Michie says he’s sorry she’s upset. Holly says she never felt worthy and then he didn’t even tell her good morning. Michie says he always tells her how proud of her he is how much he respects. He doesn’t know what else to do. Holly has considered whether the showmance was a good idea and if she wanted to continue this outside the walls. But she’s wanted to be here and play for so long and she doesn’t want to waste this chance. Michie says this morning is exactly what every one of his exes have done and she says she’s not his exes. Michie says clearly you are. He says hopefully in the next 25 days you can make this experience you thought it could be. Holly starts crying and she stands by the door and Michie opens it and she goes out. Michie says he has a job to do and that’s to make it to finale night. Holly is outside the HOH crying on the couch upstairs and Michie picks up the picture of his mom and says I love you mom. Holly continues to cry and Michie heads out and heads downstairs. We have a beach theme and some cabanas. It’s surf camp. They each have a live preserver with their name locked in it. They have 2 and a half minutes to hide their life preserver. After everyone has hidden theirs, they will take turns getting three minutes to make an attempt to find someone else’s life preserve. After five have been retrieved, they’ll reveal who’s preservers were found. The person who’s preserve is not found will win the POV. Nicole is up first and she wants to win this veto. She wants to keep noms the same and she wants to build her resume. She is the only one who hasn’t won anything. She needs to build her resume. Nicole hides her under some logs in the camper. Michie is next and he doesn’t want to win. He hides his in the logs in the LR. Cliff hides his under the bottom drawer in the WA. Jess is in next and she says she needs this veto. She goes to the camper and she hides her under her bed wrapped up in a pillow case. After all she is a snoozefest! Christie says she’s escaped eviction the last three weeks and she’s nervous. She hids hers in the WA under the rug. She feels like that’s inconspicuous. Tommy is in and he heads toward the Target BR. He needs to win this veto to ensure his safety and then he’ll figure out what to do with it. He hides his under the mattress in the Target BR. It’s not the most inconspicuous spot, but we’ll see what happens. Nicole is in first and she knows people hide things in pillows. So step one is pillow squeezing and she finds nothing. Michie wants to eliminate Jess from the competition. So he needs to go where she spends the most time which is her bed in the RV. He finds the first life preserver and he’s hoping it’s Jess’s. Cliff is in and he wants to check on his life preserver and then tear stuff up so people think it’s been searched and they move on to another location. Jess is sticking to the KT because she wants to stay close to rooms close to the BY. She opens drawers and the oven and nothing. Christie starts in the main BR and she says she’s just picking things up and throwing them all over the place. Tommy heads to the boat room because there aren’t many hiding places there and he wants to cancel that room. Michie says he’s not going to lie. He’s been waiting to trash this house. He knocks all the cereal boxes off of the refrigerator. He heads back to the camper and flips mattresses and he finds the preserve in the logs. Jess heads in next and she says the camper is a disaster. She says how rude! She’s pretty sure Michie was the one throwing all the stuff around. That was a douchebag thing to do. Nicole says the house is an absolute pigsty. You don’t waste food! That’s rule #1 in the Anthony household. Actually, rule #1 is don’t leave lights on if you’re not in the room, rule #2 is don’t waste food. We see more HG going in and someone has flipped the mattress on Tommy’s bed. Tommy can’t find anything and he remembers he was going to hide his preserver in the logs in the LR and he searches and finds a life preserver. Michie is flipping all of the couches in the LR. He goes back to the Target BR and searches the dresser. Jess has Tommy’s mattress lifted but she can’t see it. She searches under the rug in the WA and she finds the life preserver there and she’s hoping it’s Michie’s. Christie says this is her least favorite comp. She has no idea where else to look. They’ve torn the house apart. Michie flips all the benches around the BR table. Tommy is in the closet messes with Jackson’s clothes and he apologizes. Michie comes in and he throws his clothes from the closet. Nicole finds a hair tie. Nicole looks under the closet in the KT. Tommy searches the WA next to the dresser. Christie says omg, this house is a disaster! Tommy is going through Nicole’s clothes and he says so sorry. Nicole comes in and says heck no!!! Nicole stops and looks for a minute and then tells herself to walk away. Tommy is looking somewhere the life preserver won’t fit. Michie says he’s flipped everything upside down and then it dawns on him. The one place he hasn’t checked as thoroughly. Christie says Michie is an animal and she’s worried that preserver might be hers. It’s time to find out who’s preservers have been found. Michie has found the first life preserver and it’s Jessica’s. He found the second one too and it’s Nicole’s. Tommy found the third one and he eliminated Michie. Christie says so far so good. The fourth preserve found by Jess is Christie’s. She says this really sucks and she’s praying to every God in the universe right now. It’s down to Cliff and Tommy. Michie found the last life preserver and it’s Cliff’s. Tommy has won the POV. Tommy says another iconic BB comp. The fan in him is over the moon with excitement. Christie says omg she’s screaming! Holy crap! Tommy won and now she has a shot at staying because she thinks he’ll use the veto on her. Things could not be better right now. The HG head inside and Holly is getting her first look at the house. Tommy takes them to where his was hidden. Michie says he threw his mattress! Jess says Tommy won the veto and that’s heartbreaking because she’s positive he won’t use it on her. Jess says she needs to figure out where to go from here because she does not want to meet Julie on eviction night. Michie is sitting in the downstairs BR and Holly comes out of the Target BR. He asks if she’s better today and she says yes. She’s just emotionally drained. Holly is hoping Michie isn’t turning on her because she made him mad. Michie says they have to work together, they don’t have a choice. Holly wants to ask questions but she doesn’t know if she wants the answers. Michie says he doesn’t want personal stuff to bring either of them down. Holly says she just doesn’t want to lose him and he says give me a hug. She goes to sit on his lap and they hug. Holly says she adores Michie and she feels blessed she got an incredible personal relationship that blossomed throughout the game. She wants to keep him in her life, she doesn’t want to lose him. She tells him she doesn’t ever want to hurt him. They cuddle in the bed. Michie tells us people mistakes and he is far from perfect and he really likes Holly. It’s time for the veto meeting! Tommy has decided…to use the Power of Veto on Christie! Michie has to name a replacement nominee. He says there’s not many options left and they have to look for people who hinder our chances on making it to finale night. Cliff, please take a seat. Tommy says weeks ago he would have been worried to use the veto, but at this stage of the game it’s crunch time. All his other allies are gone and it’s just him and Christie and they are going to fight to the end. Michie says Cliff is the pawn and the goal is to evict Jess. She’s the last remaining wild card. He’s hoping the other two duos will take shots at each other while he and Holly play in the background. Jess says it sucks. It’s the hardest thing to figure out how to stay here and she’s going to have to start getting scrappy. Cliff is hoping being a nominee will throw suspicion of his connection to Michie and Holly. Christie say thank you Tommy! Thank you universe for having my back! Christie says Cliff is the biggest boulder standing in her way to win the game, besides Michie. And Christie wants to take a shot at Michie next week.
  11. Tonight, the semi-finals begins! Sean Hayes is visiting tonight and he’s joining the judges for the show! The first act of the night is the Ndluvo Youth Choir and they are so excited to be here. Their director says when they perform they burst with joy and life and their lives have been changed so much already, and they are only getting started. They perform Higher Love by Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood. They get a standing ovation from all the judges. Gabrielle says they are the pride and joy of South Africa, and the world. She’s incredibly proud of them. Gabrielle says they are bringing the love and they made the whole audience dance. Howie says beautiful. They sound beautiful and they look beautiful. Sean says they are just infectious and he doesn’t see how they couldn’t go through to the finals. Ansley Burns can’t believe she got the Dunkin’ Save and she recaps the craziness of her journey. She takes the stage and performs Cry Pretty by Carrie Underwood. Julianne says Ansley is a ray of sunshine in this world and she thinks that why America wants to root for her. She thinks the song overpowered her a bit, but she’s proud of her. Sean thinks she’s amazing and he can’t believe how good she is. He compares her to Karen Carpenter. Gabrielle says Ansley is one of her favorite acts. Howie doesn’t think that song did her justice but he loves her. Simon says her story before summed up everything about her. She’s gutsy and adorable and he wants America to judge her on her entire time on AGT. The Messoudi Brothers are ready to take the stage next. They’ve been performing together their whole lives. They are going to attempt a trick that one of the brother’s broke their foot on. Julianne has joined the act and she put on one of the brother’s backs and he balances with her on him. Julianne thanks them for allowing her to join and they did a great job. Simon says he puts the entire performance down to him because he thinks his advice gave them inspiration and it was so much better. Gabrielle says it’s going to take a lot for her to forget Magic Mike, but Magic Messoudi! They wowed them from start to finish. Howie says they ended up doing something so fantastic. Sean says he’s blown away and seeing them in person, everything is bigger. The next act is Tyler Butler-Figueroa and we hear from his little brother Adam who wants to be just like him and play the violin. His brother is his superhero. He thinks he’s way better than Batman. Tyler takes the stage and performs Break Free by Ariana Grande. He gets an ovation. Simon says Tyler showed what a great showman and musician he was. He put on a performance that defines joy and talent. Gabrielle says what they’ve done for this audience has been truly magical. He is brilliant. Sean says the fact he can jump up and down and still hit the right notes is amazing. He says he makes the violin look so easy, he’s brilliant. Julianne says his performance went above and beyond what they’ve seen. She says his greatest trial has become his greatest triumph. Greg Morton is up next and he says as a kid he was different and bullied a lot and all he ever wanted was to be liked. He takes the stage and he’s doing cartoon characters. He does some old cartoon characters, some new, and then he finally gets around to Disney characters. He gets an ovation. Julianne says she’s hoping animators are watching. She loves Greg Morton! Simon says he’s been a fan of him throughout the competition until tonight. Simon thought tonight was a mess and it was all over place. Julianne says it’s because he didn’t know who the characters were. Howie says he thinks he nailed it, but some of the characters weren’t current. Sean says he doesn’t know he’s not going to work for the rest of his life, that was amazing. Next up is Kodi Lee. We hear from his siblings and how much he inspires them and how proud they are of him. He performs You Are The Reason by Calum Scott. He gets an ovation from the audience and all of the judges and everyone is chanting his name. Gabrielle says Kodi just keeps changing the world. He makes the world 1000% better. Simon says that took him back to his very first audition and his story is unbelievable, but his talent is special. Simon says his breath was taken away. Sean says he has tears in his eyes and he’s so lucky to witness it this close and be part of it. He’s nothing short of extraordinary. Howie says Kodi is magic! Jackie Fabulous is ready to take the stage. She was saved by the Dunkin’ Save and she’s back and she’s ready. She wants to win! She takes the stage to begin her set. Howie is enjoying her set. Howie says Jackie is fabulous and comedy is subjective and he found her funny and authentic. Gabrielle says every time she hits the stage she delivers. She’s funny, fabulous, she makes them think, and she’s really hot. Sean says she has something a lot of people don’t have beyond funny is she’s so likable and people are drawn to her. Julianne says she has an energy and an essence and she fills the room. Julianne says she her standards should be high because she is hot stuff. Simon says semi-finals are very different where this is the moment where people are at the top of their game and Simon didn’t think she brought it. He hates to be a Debbie Downer and he hopes he’s wrong. Robert Finley is next and he thinks everything happens for a reason. He’s the oldest in the competition. He’s bringing the guitar out and he’s ready for this moment. He takes the stage and performs another original while playing his guitar. He gets an ovation from the audience and two judges. Sean loves Robert so much, he’d give anything to be half as cool and hip as him. Sean loved that it’s him and he’s so different. He really stood out. Simon says he is so cool and classy. Age is completely irrelevant. He thinks he would have connected better if he hadn’t had the band behind him. Howie says he doesn’t know the blues world but it felt authentic and real. Eric Chien is our next act and he says magic is his life. He was in shock and thought he was going to go home. Close-up magic has been his act for a long time, it’s like the only thing he knows. He’s torn between taking a risk like Simon suggested, or stay true to what he does like Julianne said. He hopes he makes the right choice. He takes the stage and there’s a table with a small globe and a book on it that turns into a bag and he takes out some blank cards. He pulls something from the globe and we now have pictures of famous landmarks on the cards. Eric reaches back in his bag and pulls out a rolled up map and opens it and lays it flat. He takes the first card and puts the Kremlin in Russia. Mount Rushmore has the faces of the judges, and then it’s changed to the presidents. He lays out various landmarks on the map where they are in the world. He picks up the Statue of Liberty card and he pulls off a miniature statue and the map is now full of statues instead of cards. Julianne says she didn’t know at first what they were watching and she’s a little confused. She thinks that was a massive reveal at the end. Simon says he thought something ginormous was going to come at him. Howie says he did an entire city skyline. Simon hates being negative tonight and he didn’t have a bloody clue what was going on there. Howie says he thinks Eric is one of the best close-up magician he’s seen. Gabrielle says they might have been confused because of their vantage point but he pulled out something unreal! Light Balance Kids is ready to perform a Marvel Superhero act. The kids talk about how amazing it is to be in America and it’s a dream come true. They talk about the war going on in the Ukraine. They perform to Rock You Like a Hurricane by Scorpions and then the music switches Livin’ on a Prayer by Bon Jovi. They get an ovation from the judges and all of the judges. Simon is delighted he was a complete and utter idiot last time he judged Light Balance Kids. He says that was a semi-final performance that will get them in the final. Howie agrees with everything Simon said he could clearly see this act as a Vegas act. Gabrielle says every time they up the ante and let their imaginations run wild and they enjoy it all. Sean says he’s blown away by the choreography and the sync of all of it. He wants to go backstage and talk to them, it’s unbelievable. Julianne says she’s enjoyed previous performances. She doesn’t think they needed to go into the Marvel universe. Benicio Bryant is our final act and we see his parents talk about his growth and how proud they are of him. They’ve always known how talented he is and they are excited the whole world gets to see it. Benicio takes the stage and performs another original. He gets an ovation from the audience and all five judges. Simon says Benicio was pretty outstanding. He says it was very cool and relevant. Julianne hands down agreed with Simon. He just created an entire world for them to join. Sean is completely obsessed with him and he wishes he could call him Benny and he was a jet. Gabrielle says he is a world class talent, he is a star. Howie says he loved this song and he loves him. He truly believes the biggest star that could come out of this season.
  12. Previously, on Big Brother, Michie, Holly, Nicole, and Cliff made a final four deal and they wanted to take out Christie. But after Christie made a deal with Michie and Holly to save herself it kept her in the house another week. With the dude rancher’s daughter in control, a new twist took away half her power and Nick became America’s Prankster. Holly put her target on the block, and the prankster put up his. After Michie won his third veto of the season, he left two big targets on the block. Christie implied she had made good on her promise to Holly and Jackson, but the power couple wasn’t buying it. At the live eviction, the master of the bowl cut was cut from the house. With only seven remaining in the battle for half million dollars, the power is back up for grabs? Who will survive this terrifying competition? And who will the nominate for eviction. Find out now on Big Brother! We pick up on day 72 at the HOH competition with Julie telling the HG good night. Nicole says she wants to win this HOH so badly and she’s sick and tired of not winning. She wants to pull her weight in her alliance instead of them pulling her along. The house tilts forward and Tommy says oh gosh! The rain starts and Michie says it’s cold. Michie says he doesn’t want to win this, but he will if he has to. Ideally, he’d like Nicole or Cliff to win. The one person he doesn’t want to win is Tommy because he’ll go after Cliff and Nicole and he has a final four with them and that indirectly affects his game. Christie says she thinks she’s in a good spot, but she’d love to see Tommy win because it’s like her winning. Cliff would like to win but he’s already sore and his muscles are shaking. Cliff would love to see Nicole win. Jess wants to win this comp because Tommy has been overlooked and she doesn’t want to play a punk game. If you get the chance to take out a big target you have to do it. The HG get cold blasts on them and Tommy says they hurt and they scare the crap out of you! He says it’s terrifying! Jess says this comp is so hard and she doesn’t know how long she can go on. She’s struggling to find a good angle or a good grip. She wants to fall off gracefully and wee see her turn and drop after 24 minutes and 5 seconds. Michie says he doesn’t know what just happened, but it was a very dramatic fall to say the least. We see it in slow motion a couple of times and in reverse and again. They have ghosts hitting them in the chest. Then the ghosts come at the same time as the cold blasts. Then the rain starts again. Nicole has her eyes closed. Christie is leaning forward. Cliff is struggling to stay on and Christie says he’s so strong. He’s amazing. Jess is encouraging them. Cliff says it’s a lot tougher to hold onto than he ever imagined. Cliff falls after 41 minutes and 56 seconds. It’s down to Nicole, Christie, Michie, and Tommy. Christie doesn’t think she’s anyone’s main target this week and the longer she’s up there, the harder it gets. And with the cold mess, maybe it’s time to bow out of this. She hopes Tommy wins and she’ll leave her fate up to the universe once again. Christie falls at 42 minutes and 26 seconds. It’s down to Nicole, Michie, and Tommy. Nicole feels pretty good. She sees Tommy shaking and after he falls she thinks Michie will fall. She can do this, she just needs to hold on a little longer. She knows she can do it… Cliff is encouraging Nicole. Michie says Nicole is on the right and Tommy is on the left and Michie is hoping Tommy falls first because if that’s the case he’s going right down with him. Tommy says his calves are on fire and his core is shaking. He doesn’t know how he’s still standing because it’s hard to hold onto the boards. Nicole wants this so bad, she refuses to drop. Her whole body is shaking and she’s pushing through it. She says this is your comp it’s happening. Nicole falls are 49 minutes and 8 seconds and she’s down and crying. Jess goes over and says she loves her so much and comforts her. Cliff and Holly come to get Nicole and she’s crying. Holly says they are so proud of her. Nicole is in the DR and says darn it. She’s not a sore loser, she’s just frustrated with herself. Holly tells her not to beat herself up. Nicole says she just wanted to see her family so bad and she’s so frustrated dammit. Holly and Cliff are talking about what might happen if Tommy wins. Holly says Michie might have to win this because her and Michie promised to keep Cliff and Nicole safe. Michie looks at Tommy and tells him he’s good. Christie is sending Tommy good vibes because she knows it would be a guaranteed week of safety for her. But her and Michie have been on good terms so maybe he won’t come after her. We see Tommy and Michie pumping themselves up. The HG on the side are encouraging them. Michie is watching Tommy and Cliff says they are beasts. The house tips forward and Michie says again Tommy he’s good. Tommy says Michie told him he’s good. Tommy says he wants another win under his belt and paint a bigger target on him, plus he can play in the next HOH? The deal doesn’t include Christie, but he’s his own person and he has to take care of himself. Tommy falls and Michie falls behind and Michie is the new HOH! Michie shakes the key and says it sucks. This is the last HOH he wanted to win. This is his fifth competition in a row and it’s back to back to back for him and Holly but he couldn’t risk Tommy winning HOH because he didn’t know where his head was at. Dammit! Michie didn’t want to win this HOH, but he made a final four with Nicole and Cliff and he’s sticking to that. Holly is so proud of him but now they somehow have made the target on their back bigger. She’s praying people would rather be with them than against them. Christie is a little frustrated didn’t win HOH because her and Michie have a strange relationship. She doesn’t necessarily feel safe. Michie goes to Nicole and tells him he won for her and Cliff and she gets emotional. Michie says I love you, you’re ok. Holly says you did great. Cliff comes in and the four of them head into the camper. Michie says he didn’t want to win, but he doesn’t know when they’ll get another physical comp and he didn’t want to risk them going on the block. Nicole is still crying and Michie comforts her and says it’s ok. Nicole says she’s content with Michie as HOH, but she needs and wants to start building her resume in the game. She wants to contribute and she hasn’t and that sucks. Michie goes and tells Tommy that Nicole is crying. Michie and Tommy hug and Michie says he told Tommy he was good. He’s not putting up Holly, F4 with Cliff and Nicole, and he promised Tommy he wouldn’t put him up. Jess and Christie is pretty much where he’s at. Michie tells Cliff he wanted to throw that to Nicole, but he wanted to keep him and Nicole safe. Michie tells Cliff he thinks if Tommy goes it would be bad for them because they would be the next targets. He pitches Christie and Jess. Cliff agrees but in DR he says he would prefer Tommy and Christie rather than Jess, but Michie is the HOH. Jess in the DR says she wanted to win that HOH, but she’s so happy for Michie. Michie says he needs to make Christie comfortable with the idea of going on the block this week. Michie says this might be the week you have to go on the block as a pawn. He says he’s afraid of Jess. Christie is crying in the DR and she’s tired of being on the block. This is the fourth week now and she’s tired. Michie tells her Jess is brilliant and he wants her out. Christie says why me? Michie says first he doesn’t want people to know they’re working together and two, he wants people to think their deal is done. Michie says any mental comp Jess can win. Michie tells her she’s not the target. He says Cliff will vote her out and Nicole will go with Cliff. Christie says she trusts him and she says in DR she has to trust him. If she argues with him it will make him think she doesn’t trust him and she’ll be skating on thin ice. Nicole is talking in her bed and she says today was exhausting and she’s just feeling down. Christie is talking to her and says it broke her heart to watch her fall. They are talking about their families. Christie is crying and says she’s starting to forget what the bark of her dog sounds like. Nicole says she’s having trouble hearing voices. Nicole says she’s trying not to be the emotional girl, but she could have been reading a letter from her family. Christie and Nicole are crying and the other HG see them and they are trying to figure out if they’re laughing or crying and why they’re crying. Christie says it’s not normal to cry so much on live TV. She says it’s fine to cry at home, but not every day on TV. Nicole and Christie go in the camper and we hear Big Brother loves you. They get emotional again and Nicole says that’s so nice! Christie says she’s so psychotic. Michie and Holly are alone in the SR. Michie says they need to make Tommy and Christie think they’re doing what’s best for them, and the same with Nicole and Cliff. Michie says he and Holly are between two couples, Tommy and Christie and Cliff and Nicole. He needs to take Jess out and let the other two groups take a shot at each other and leave him and Holly in the shadows. Holly is always questioning Christie’s word and she thinks it might be smarter to get her out. Holly is so bummed she didn’t get to play that comp because she’d have loved to kick his butt again. Nicole and Cliff are in the HOH with Holly and Tommy and Nicole wants to know if it looks sketchy. Cliff says no, they are a group and there are three people who need to go. Cliff offers himself as a pawn if needed so maybe it will deflect people from thinking they are working together. Michie says Cliff volunteered as pawn and that’s great because it might keep their F4 secret. Cliff says if he can’t trust them to keep him safe, then he’s screwed at this point anyway. Cliff says he’s in it for the longhaul and he’s not flipping to anyone else. Tommy and Christie are talking and Tommy says he tried. Christie is frustrated with Tommy because she feels that of all the comps they’ve played this season, this was his. She tells Tommy what Michie told her in the shower about Jess being the target. Tommy tells Christie that Michie can’t put him up because he promised him safety. Christie says really?!? She says that’s great he’s safe, but she’s going to be used as a pawn. Christie thinks Cliff and Nicole are working with Michie and Holly and Tommy says she has a point. Nicole and Cliff are a strong duo, why wouldn’t Michie put them up? Cliff is outside and says good morning Sharon. He says it’s so hard being away from his wife and he hates to be away from her. He’s doing everything he can to keep in touch with her. He says he can’t wait to dance with her. He’s not a great dancer, but as long as he has the right partner that’ll be ok. We see Cliff dancing in the BY imagining he’s dancing with his wife. He likes to dance with her when he’s feeling down and when he’s feeling lonely. We see various clips of Cliff dancing with his eyes closed. He can’t wait to dance with her when he gets back. He’s thinking this is a good time to ask her to renew their vows so he can show her how much he loves and values her and wants her with him the rest of his life. Jess goes to make her pitch to Michie in the HOH. Michie says they’re getting into the memory and mental comps and to be honest, if he’s going against her and Christie he’s terrified. She says oh wow! Jess says thank you and she laughs. Michie says there are two seats he has to fill. She says nothing. He says I love you and she says nothing. She says in the DR and she says she’s trying to read between the lines and figure out what he’s trying to say. Michie says he has two seats to fill and only 6 to choose from. Michie says he’s not threatened by Tommy, Cliff, or Nicole, and he won’t put up Holly. Jess says ok… Michie says that leaves you and Christie. Jess says like, like, like…Jess says this si the biggest bunch of BS she’s heard in her life. Jess says me a mental threat?!? Christie goes to the HOH room and asks Michie how he’s doing. Michie says people you want to work with have to be up as pawns at this point. Christie says if she’s going to go quietly on the block, there are things she needs to know. Christie asks him if Jess wins veto who does he put up. Michie says most likely Cliff. Christie says do I still have the votes to stay and he says yeah! Christie wants to make sure he’ll break a tie in her favor and she wants some reassurances. Michie doesn’t promise his vote, and Christie says her mouth is bleeding from biting her tongue. He won’t promise to keep her over Cliff because he probably wouldn’t. Michie says Christie is taking this really well. He says Christie said she’d gladly take fifth and until then he doesn’t see her as a threat. He says maybe he’s being naïve. It’s time for the nomination ceremony! Michie’s first nominee is…Christie. Michie’s second nominee is…Jessica. Michie says it’s very straight forward. He thinks they are the two HG that stand the greatest chance of beating him and this is just a game. Michie says he nominated them because they are the two biggest mental threats in the game. Jess is his target, but if something unexpected happens it wouldn’t be a total loss to see Christie go out the door. Jessica says this sucks! She knew he was going to put her up and she didn’t believe it. Jess says she was duped. Touche! But she has a veto to win. Tommy says Christie is on the block for the fourth week and that sucks and if she goes home he’ll feel alone and partially responsible. Christie says now that Michie has put her on the block two times their contract is null and void. She is not working with them going forward no matter what they think. If she wins HOH, she will be going after them. But first she needs to go win this veto.
  13. Previously, on Big Brother, Holly rolled into power, but with prank week under way a new twist threatened to jeopardize Holly’s HOH. After Nick became America’s prankster, he found himself on the block, but he secretly nominated his nemesis to sit next to him. With a Zingtastic veto on the line, Michie got the last laugh and he decided to leave two big targets on the block. Tonight, will Christie lose her shot at the half million dollar grand prize or with the therapist’s time finally be up? Plus, a week of pranks terrify the HG and a terrifying endurance begins tonight on Big Brother! Julie greets us on day 72, and she says prank week has thrown the HG into a frenzy. The house is realigning yet again as everyone is really questioning who is loyal to who? Could Christie’s years long relationship with Tommy ultimately be her downfall? We pick up on day 69 after the veto ceremony and Holly is thrilled Michie didn’t use the veto. She doesn’t want to fire a shot at Nick the second time and miss. Christie is feeling confident because Nick has displayed him as a huge threat and she hopes the house sees it that way. Nick feels super confident and he thinks he’s going to stay. If he were the sole reason Christie got out of the game it would be the biggest poetic justice. Nicole tells us right now she wants Nick in the house because he’s loyal to her and an ally, but he’s also a shield. But she has to be careful in sticking her neck out for him because it could get her in trouble. Christie and Tommy confer in the Target BR and they still each other as the F2. Tommy says Christie is all he has left and they are going to make it to the very end. That is his goal. Christie tells Jess that she’s not a big a threat as Nick. Jess agrees and says it will be the Nick and Michie show and Christie doesn’t want to compete against those two. Jess has never seen eye to eye with Nick and she can easily see herself as a third person in a pair, either Michie and Holly, Christie and Tommy, or Cliff and Nicole, and that could put her in a good position. Christie says she’d love to see herself in a F3 with Tommy and Jess because she thinks Jess would pick her to go to the end and she thinks she could beat her. Jess, Cliff, and Nicole are told to make a pie and surprise someone with a pie in the face. Nicole says she’s getting so much enjoyment from smashing pies in people’s faces…but Michie’s been avoiding her lately and she REALLY wants to get him. Cliff gets Tommy and Jess gets Christie. Nicole goes to the HOH and Michie is hiding behind the door and smashes the pie in Nicole’s face. He yells plot twist. Michie says Nicole I love you to death, but if you think I’m going to take a pie in the face without putting up a fight, you’re mistaken. Nicole says oh you want a war? You got one. We then see Michie and Nicole both with pies running around the kitchen and Nicole misses and Michie gets her in the back of the head with a pie. Nicole says I need to hit Michie with a pie and best believe I will. That’s a promise. We see Nicole going downstairs and saying she’ll be in the kitchen and she hides around the corner by the stairs and Michie comes out and heads around the corner. Nicole says vindication! I won! Michie gives Nicole a hug. Tommy is in the backyard on the hammock. Nick is saying he wants to stay. Nick says he’s rock solid with Nicole, which means he should have Cliff too. And Tommy is his boy so he should be ok. Tommy let’s Nick know he might not be able to keep him and Nick wants to know why he’s fighting so hard to keep her. Tommy says he gave his word that he would vote out Nick. Nick says Tommy, are you kidding me?!? I’ve had your back this whole game dog! Where’s your loyalty? He needs to come up with a scheme to flip the vote or he’s toast this week. Nick talks to Nicole and tells her he 100% had Tommy’s back and he made a deal to not keep him. Nick says Tommy does whatever pleases the house. Nicole says Tommy is supposed to be one of Nick’s closest allies in the house, but he won’t vote to keep him? There must be another piece of the puzzle why Tommy is so adamant to keep Christie. We see Nicole go to talk to Holly. Nicole says she’s working with Holly and Michie, but she wants to keep Nick. She wants to test the waters very carefully and see if there’s a chance of keeping Nick this week. Nicole says she understand why Holly nominated Nick, but Nick and Christie is like choosing apples and oranges. Holly says she doesn’t want the vote to flip, but if it does she still gets out big target. Nicole says Christie survived the block because of a killer campaign and now she’s surviving it again. That scares her. Plus, Tommy promised his vote to Christie and Nicole doesn’t understand why Tommy wants to keep her so bad. Maybe there is something she isn’t seeing. Nicole tells us she doesn’t know if Holly is picking up what she’s putting down, but it’s up to Nick to convince Michie and Holly to keep him. As prank weeks comes to an end, Big Brother has one more trick up his sleeve. We see some scary clowns in the windows and the HG are freaking out. Jess says she knows it’s prank week, but she doesn’t think this is funny. Michie is laughing at the clowns. We see one in the SR, and then one in the bathroom mirror. Tommy didn’t think he was scared at clowns, but now he guesses he is. Cliff and Nicole see one in the camper and it says Nicole and she’s freaking out. Cliff starts to leave and Nicole says don’t leave me! She comes out of the DR and everyone is upstairs in the HG and Nicole is freaking out. Tommy says the HG’s that are the most scared are Nicole, Nicole, Nicole, and Nicole. Nicole can’t find the HG and she’s looking around downstairs. She sees one by the DR table and she kneels down in the KT and the HG are upstairs in the HOH room watching her laughing. The lights turned off downstairs and the clown in the window makes bird motions. Nick goes to talk to Holly and Michie and says this is his most important together. He’s not making a deal, he’s making a promise. He’s not saying he wants to work with them, he’s saying he wants to work for them. He’s a shield for them and he promises he would help keep them safe. Michie says do you think Christie will do that for you? Nick says if he’s not here, then Christie or Jess will target Holly and Michie and he can help protect them. Michie says if I’m on the block with Tommy and we don’t win veto, who will he vote for? Nick says he has to keep Michie to keep his promise. Michie likes his pitch. Nick says he can help him, even if it’s for another week. Nick feels like he killed his campaign and they’d be stupid not to keep him for another week. Time to check in with the jury house! Jack doesn’t think he played the game that well, he ran his mouth too much. He’s ready for another juror, there’s a few things he can use a partner in. We see him playing Marco Polo alone. He’d love to see Analyse walk through the door. Kat arrives and says she’s here for the conspiring b*tches meeting. Kat says she’s not bitter, and a lot of things happened to get her here. Jack says Kat was the least expected person, but he was clearly wrong. Kat shows Jack the video and Kat fills him in on America’s field trip. Jack says who’s coming in next? Kat thinks it will be Michie, Holly, or Jess. Jack and Kat are doing fine in the jury house and we see them playing putt-putt. Analyse arrives and says hey guys! Jack says she looks so pretty. Sis definitely feels betrayed that Michie nominated her. She shows them the video. Kat asks Sis what she was thinking when Michie won HOH. They watch the nominations and then see the veto. Jack says Michie won HOH and veto, stud move. He’s proud of him. Sis is confused how she went out over Christie and she tells them she blew up Nick’s game on Taco Tuesday. Sis doesn’t feel betrayed that Christie flipped the vote. Jack says Christie is an incredible player but he thinks Cliff plays an incredible game, but so is Tommy. They think Nick will be next, but Jack thought Christie or Michie would be next. Kat thinks Nick is playing a dirty game and flirting his way to a top spot. It’s now time to check-in with the HG. Christie says for the last 5 years she’s been inspired by four life principals and she realized they can help get them through this game. She’s doing her best and she’s not playing a perfect game, but she’s playing a game she loves. She hopes they vote to keep her and she’s honored to sit next to Nick. Nick says if anyone is dealing with mental help there are people that want to help them. He shouts out his parents and Sam Smith and loves Isabella. America he appreciates they gave him America’s prankster and he plays an honest game and Michie is his dawg. It’s time to vote! Michie loves him but he votes to evict Nick. Tommy votes to evict Nick. Nicole sadly votes to evict the noteworthy Nick. Jess respectfully chooses to evict Nick. Cliff votes to evict his friend, Nick. Time to let the HG know the vote. By a unanimous vote, Nick has been evicted from the Big Brother house. Nick gives hugs and Christie tells him to remember no cursing. He heads out and dances and joins Julie. Julie tells Nick his hair looks nice. She says she had a feeling he was going to be nominated so he chose to nominate Christie. Why does he think it didn’t work? Nick doesn’t know. Tommy told him he’d keep him if he were on the block next to Christie, but Tommy hasn’t been loyal on the votes and Cliff is going to do what’s best for his game. He says Christie does what she has to do. Julie asks about Nick telling Michie he had his back and Nick says he meant in the real world because he doesn’t know how he’s being viewed. Julie asks if Nick thinks that was a smart game move and he says no. Nick says Tommy will have trouble with jury votes because he’s evicted three of his people and Michie is now the alpha male in the house. Julie wants to know Nick’s thoughts on Tommy and he says you think he’s loyal until you need a vote. Nick says he voted for people he wanted out and not the people the HOH wanted. Julie asks about Taco Tuesday. Does he think that made him a target. Nick says she was already planning on doing that so he wanted to get it all out in the open. Julie asks if doing that and losing his emotions cost him the game and he says yeah maybe. But he wanted to get out in front of it and protect himself. Final thoughts? Nick feels like Holly and Michie have a shot at winning and he respects their game the most. It’s time for tonight’s HOH to begin. It’s a haunted house theme and they are standing on wood planks. Prank week is officially over, but the scares have only just begun. Tommy yells oh my gosh! Julie says the last HG left standing will be the new HOH. It’s hold on and don’t fall off. Hold on fright, because this competition starts now! Julie says she thinks some clouds rolling in and Tommy says do you?!? Julie thinks it’s going to be a stormy night. We’re back and all HG are still on. Sunday we’ll see who becomes the new HOH and who they nominate for eviction. Wednesday we’ll see the POV and next Thursday will be a double eviction night! Julie checks-in with the HG and she tells them they are all hanging in and well done. She does want to leave them with this, they didn’t call this hold on for fright for nothing! They have ghosts come up and hit them in the chests. Cliff says SKD143!
  14. Previously, on Big Brother, Christie made a deal with Michie and Holly to be a pawn if she survived the eviction. So Michie and Holly flipped the house and sent Sis to jury. With prank week under way, the HOH was on the line and Holly rolled into power. While Cliff, Jess, Nicole and earned a pie-riffic punishment. Wanting to target Nick, Holly considered cashing in on Christie’s pawn promise, but the enlightened one wasn’t having it. A new twist pranked Holly’s HOH reign, and America chose Nick to be their prankster. At the nomination ceremony, Holly chose her target and the prankster’s secret nomination was revealed. Tonight, will the POV save Nick or Christie? Plus, the master of Zings is back to roast the HG. Plus, what other pranks are in store? Find out right now on Big Brother! We pick up on day 66 after the nomination ceremony and Holly nominated Nick because he’s a big threat in the game and America’s prankster nominated Christie. One of her or one of her allies needs to win this veto because if Christie comes down she has zero control over the replacement. Nick says sitting next to Christie gives him the best chance to stay in the game. Christie is assuming America’s prankster is Nick, but she has a veto to win. If she can bounce back from last week, she can bounce back from this! Michie tells Holly she looked damn good up there. She says he looked good last week. Holly says the fact its Nick and Christie is heaven. Holly hopes she gets Nick out. Michie says if he gets picked to play veto he’s keeping it the same. He says it scares him America’s prankster could put him up and he doesn’t like not knowing who it is. Tommy joins the HOH room and Holly asks who he thinks the prankster is and he says he thought it was Christie until she went up. Michie says the scary part is if it’s used. Holly really, really doesn’t want Christie come down for that reason. Tommy says he feels like he has to win this veto just to make sure he’s protected. Christie joins Nick and Nicole in the camper and he says sorry you have to sit next to me. Nick says it was the smartest move for her game. Nick says they’ll both go out and fight for the veto. Nick tells us he doesn’t really want her to win. Nick hopes he wins and pulls himself down and she goes home like she was supposed to. Christie feels like Nick must think she’s stupid. She doesn’t believe him when he wishes her well because he put her on the block. The HG are sitting around. Jess, Cliff, and Nicole need to make enough pies for the entire house and make sure everyone gets a pie to the face! Nick says he has to stay in the DR because they are about to pie everyone in the face. He says he doesn’t get hit with it now because he’s in the DR right? The HG are gathered outside of the DR door and Nicole is let in. Taco is talking about what he ate and Nicole comes in and pies him in the face. We then get a slo mo! Nick says are you f’ing kidding me?!? Everyone is laughing and Michie has brought him a towel. Nicole says this is so much fun. Nicole says punishments tend to be horrible, but this is the perfect retaliation for all the things these people have said or done to be rude to her. We see Michie get hit in the face, then Cliff get Holly. Tommy and Christie get pies next and Christie eats hers and says it tastes good. Michie hits Nicole in the face with a pie and Jess gets one in the face and Cliff too. It’s time to pick players for the veto competition! Christie and Nick join Holly at the front of the LR. Nick really wants Tommy and Nicole because he thinks they’ll take him off the block and he doesn’t want Michie or Jess to play because they won’t take him off. Holly sticks her hand in to draw first and her hand comes out covered in good for prank week. Holly has drawn HG choice and she selects Michie. Nick is next and he says the goo is disgusting and he draws Cliff. Cliff is glad he got drawn to play. Christie is making a face because of the goo. Christie really wants to draw Tommy. Christie draws Jess. We see Christie talking to Michie and Holly and she says she’s really gunning for it. Michie says he’s going to because he doesn’t know what will happen. Holly says she just doesn’t want HIM to win. Christie says Nick is a swindler and he’s good with his words and she’s concerned people won’t see through his flattering BS. She wants to prove herself and take one for the team. She’s going to give it her all and Michie says the same and Christie heads out. Holly says she hates Christie thinks this is them cashing in on their deal, but they didn’t put her up. Michie says this doesn’t make us square on their deal and they still might cash in down the road. Holly says the more she talks to Christie the more she thinks it’s not the worst thing in the world if she goes home. The HG are sitting around chatting and Zingbot enters from the DR door. Holly comes down from upstairs. Zingbot says follow me brainless humans. Nicole says as a BB fan, she can’t believe she’s in the presence of Zingbot. Please don’t go too hard on me Zingbot. Zingbot says he’s visited the BB house a lot and he has to say this is the biggest group of losers he’s ever seen. Zing! Tommy, with all your constant singing and dancing this summer, you remind me of my favorite musical. Little shop of Attention Whores. Zing! Holly says Zingbot nailed that on the head considering Tommy’s reaction! We then see Tommy sitting in the DR doing the splits and he says he’s not an attention whore. Nicole, you say you’re afraid of birds, but you’ve been living with an old buzzard all season named…Holly! Zing! Michie says Holly has a couple years on him. He likes cougars. Christie, you sure got loud on Taco Tuesday! I don’t mean your fighting, I mean your…chewing. We then see her eating in DR. Tommy says he thinks she got off easy. He didn’t mention anything about the tears, emotions, paranoia, the crying, the tears… Zingbot almost forgot, he has something for one of them! Wait here! Zingbot comes back with a gift box for Nick. He brought Nick a present. Open it up! It’s a bowl. Time for a new…haircut. Zing! Hail Caesar Zing! Nicole, it must be tough for you in the BB house with no friends, no boyfriend, and no contact with the outside world. Actually, you must feel right at home. There is one HG this summer who is very voluptuous and if you don’t mind him saying, quite busty…pleased to finally meet Cliff! Watch the sideboob zing! Jessica, with the game you’re playing this summer, fans are already planning a convention in your honor. They’re calling it…snooooooozefest. Zing! Hello, we haven’t met yet. His name is Zingbot. What should I call you? Michie, Jackson, or how about douchebag? Chess not checkers zing! Christie says he’s kind fo a pompous douchebag let’s be real. Ok HG listen up. The scandals and fake news about his presidency forced him out of office and now he’s on the run. He’s decided to hide out in the BB house and they will never find him…we hear sirens and a guy with a space helmet goes on from the department of Zingland Security and Zingbot is under arrest. Zingbot says HG, meet him at the Zingatentiary and help set him free. Nick says it was nice playing Zingbot and all but it’s not going to keep him from going out and winning that veto and keeping Christie on the block. We see Zingbot behind bars in the backyard. He needs the HG help to escape the Zingatentiary. Holly is still mad at Zingbot. Nicole says Zingbot is counting on them to bring him out. On go, they have to maneuver their ball through the penitentiary and knock out cameras. The first player to knock out all 27 cameras and hit their button will free Zingbot and win the golden POV. Christie is on the block for the third week in a row and she needs to make sure she survives another week on the block. Nick says being America’s prankster is amazing because he got to pick a nominee. Unfortunately for him he’s still on the block and he has to win because it’s the only chance to be 100% safe. Nick has his first camera out, and then his second. Jess has gotten one and Michie got one right behind. Christie and Cliff are struggling to get use to maneuvering the bar. Cliff wants to go nice and slow to not make any mistakes. Michie is getting used to it and he’s maneuvering pretty well. Michie has 24 left. Nick also has 24 left. Michie says he’s working from the top down. His dad always said do the hard things first and he’s going to live by that. Holly says she’s had so much of her HOH control ripped out of her fingers and she wants to win to keep noms the same. Holly has 25 cameras left. Zingbot tells them to move faster because he needs to get the Zing out of here! We see several HG dropping their balls. Christie says her balls are all over the place. She says this competition is a complete mess. Jess is struggling. Nicole says some people are really struggling. Cliff and Christie keep dropping their balls and Jess and Holly are moving so slow. It’s obvious Michie or Nick will win. Nick has 9 cameras left. Michie has 11. Nick gets another. Holly says she realizes this is not her comp to win. She’s hoping Michie can win so they can take Nick out of the game. Nick has 6 cameras left. Michie says Nick is doing well but he’s focusing on this competition and his strategy is paying off now. Michie now has 4 cameras left and Nick has 4 also. Nick says he just needs to stay focused and keep a steady hand. He’s going to help Zingbot escape and in return he’s going to help Nick escape eviction. Nick has three cameras left and Michie gets his last button and hits his button. Michie has won the POV! Michie says Zingbot called him a pompous douchebag but you’re welcome for helping you escape. Michie says sorry America, but Holly and Michie have the power back in their hands and he’s sorry to take it out of our hands. Christie says she’s ok with Michie winning as long as she’s still not the target. Nick says this is rough, but he’s not ready to go anywhere and he’s going to fight. The Department of Zingland Security has just realized Zingbot has escaped and he says noooooooooooooooooo! The HG are heading inside and Christie tells Michie nice job. Nick goes and lays in the lounge room. Nick tells Michie he didn’t have to go for it. He says it wouldn’t have been him going up. He says the best way to show loyalty is to show it when no one is looking. Michie says he realized Nick was America’s prankster. Nice to meet you. Michie says he was sorry, he didn’t know it was him. Nick says the veto didn’t go the way he wanted to. He wants to plant a seed in his head so maybe he’ll save him with the veto, probably not. But he also wanted to plant a seed he can be loyal and he had his back all along. Nick tells him Christie hasn’t always had him. Michie goes to the HOH with Holly and picks her up and they celebrate. Michie tells Holly he just found out who the prankster was and it wasn’t Nicole like they thought. Michie says he still can’t risk it. Holly says even if they decide to cut a sick deal with him and Michie says no they aren’t cutting more shady deals. Christie joins the HOH and she celebrates with them. Michie tells her he can’t use it and he’s not about to risk Nick being in the house and going after Holly. Christie is so grateful for putting the trust in her. She really doesn’t want to be on the block for a third week in a row, but Nick is his best shot and Michie is pompous and does like to feel like the man in charge so she makes sure he knows she’s grateful. Tommy and Nick are talking and Nick says Michie won because he was worried he’d have gone up, but he wouldn’t’ have gone up. Nick tells Tommy he’s America’s prankster because he needs Tommy to know he has his back going forward. Nick needs to let Tommy know he trusts him and vote to keep him. Nick says he needs Cliff, Nicole, and Tommy’s votes. Nick thinks things might be ok if he can get the three votes. Nick says if he gets kicked out over her, that’s crazy. It’s time for the veto meeting. Cliff, Nicole, and Jessica each of you make a pie to congratulate the veto winner with three pies to the face!!! Cliff hits Michie first, Jess takes the second shot, and Nicole goes to get Michie but he shoves the pie away. She says every time! Michie has decided NOT to use the POV! Nick says Michie didn’t use the veto but he put Christie on the block next to him for a reason. What she doesn’t know is he already started campaigning. Holly says Nick is her target this week and she feels pretty good she’ll be able to get her shark this week. Tommy says the thought of evicting Nick or Christie really hurts him. The idea of losing one of them will hurt him, not just in the game but personally. Either way, his numbers are dwindling.
  15. Tonight, we have the last set of acts before the semi-finals begins! The semi-finals start next week and tonight the last 7 acts will be moving forward! Let’s get it started! Terry says it’s hard to talk about the next act without choking up…it’s his golden buzzer, the Detroit Youth Choir. These are a group of kids who have faced adversity and their voices are going to be heard tonight! The take the stage and perform The Champion by Carrie Underwood. They get an ovation from the audience and all four judges. Gabrielle can barely be heard and she’s showing they are unbeatable and invincible and thank them for inspiring a nation. Howie says they are wonderful and inspiring, and the director’s voice spoke to the world and this is the message! Julianne says this is bigger than AGT, this is a movement and they are better when they are together and they should think about that. Simon says they stepped up from the previous audition, and they were better tonight than their first audition! Up next are Lukas and Falco. Falco is getting older and Lukas wants to make memories and fight to make it to the next round. The more time they stay in the competition the more time he has to perform with his best friend. Falco performs various tricks, including jumping a rope. Simon says this dog is unbelievable. Falco was better than Lukas and it’s his kindness that made the act so special. Gabrielle says she has five dogs at home and they don’t do anything. They actually upped the ante to an incredibly high standard. Julianne says he pulled out all new tricks and included parkour. It was unbelievable! Howie says he’s the judge from a different show because he didn’t say new tricks and Simon and Julianne buzz him. Howie says it’s an old dog and no new tricks. Dom Chambers is set to take the stage next and he’s a magician. He likes to use every day items to make his own magic. He’s interacting with a screen with extra Dom’s. 13 in total. He hands cards with the faces of various former AGT acts into the screen and he calls Terry to the stage. He asks Terry to place four notes in each glass. He tells him he can switch any he wants and he does make a last minute change. He wants everyone, including those at home to point at any AGT face. He then he wants us to slide our finger in various directions given to us. A hole is blown in Tapeface and the audience cheers. He also Simon wouldn’t stand up and he was the only one in the room who didn’t. He has a big sign that says everyone will choose Tapeface and when he drops it, Tapeface appears. Julianne says Simon is so lost which makes it really cool. He makes magic cool and they all felt apart of it. She says that was the best performance by him so far. Simon says he loves the fact he looked stupid made him looked better. Simon says that was genius. Howie says Tapeface said it best. There are no words to describe how wonderful he just did. Gabrielle says she has to reassess Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. He makes people believe. Benicio Bryant is our next and he will be performing an original song tonight. HE’s a singer and we see him singing the national anthem at a baseball game. His dad talks about how shy he is and how amazing it is that he can take the stage and sing the way he does. He’s so proud of Benicio. He takes the stage and he gets an ovation from Julianne and Gabrielle and the audience. Julianne says she’s been waiting for this moment and she thinks he took a risk but he did an unbelievable job. Simon says he loved him. He has a natural talent and his advice would have been to strip the song down. The song just need his voice and maybe one instrument, no production. Howie didn’t respond to that song, but when he was a superstar in his package. Howie’s not sure this choice was the right choice. Gabrielle says he’s a rockstar and he has “it”. Gonzo is preparing for his performance. He says he was at karaoke one day and he was a terrible singer, but he seen a tambourine and it was a dream. He wants to share with America. He is in a pit of yellow balls to start and he comes out with a tambourine and he has four back up dancers. He’s performing to Juice by Lizzo. Gonzo jumps on a trampoline and he dances on stage. Simon hits his buzzer. Howie says he loves Gonzo! He says Gonzo is so much less and gives so much more. There’s a million singers and people who are acrobats, but who does this? Simon says the good news was it didn’t last very long. Simon says he actually did nothing there. Gabrielle says oh Gonzo! There is so much about this act to love, like the other four dancers he brought out. He is special and unique. Julianne agrees with Gabrielle and that was his best performance because of the four little guys that were crushing it. She was thoroughly entertained though. The next act is a young musician who does cool things with a guitar. His name is Marcin and he’s been writing music since he was 12. He takes the stage and plays Spanish style music and he gets an ovation from the audience and the judges. Gabrielle says Marci is revolutionizing the guitar for an entire new generation. Julianne says her body just wants to move and she hears music and she wants to move. She says what he does is so important is what other creators pull from. Simon thinks technically he is one of the best performers they’ve ever had. But he’s a contender. Howie says he is like a one man band. He asks if he’s ever thought about the tambourine? Eric Chien is the next act and he has always loved magic and when he had to return to Taiwan for military service he felt lost without cards. He really believes magic is everywhere. Julianne will be joining him on stage. Eric has a tube and he pours chocolate candies into a bowl. Julianne takes one. He pours some candies into his hands and he has a rubiks cube and he asks Julianne to mix it up for him and he wants to add a little more chocolate and he has a second cube and then he pulls a second cube from the first one. She has three cubes that she’s mixed up. Eric places them on the table and he takes the first one and it has become solid colors on all sides and he repeats this with all three. He then drops more candies and he has a larger rubiks cube. And he shakes it and the colors go solid on each side. He says the cubes were made out of chocolates and he crushes one and the chocolate pieces fall. Then he tosses the large cube down and it falls into chocolate pieces too. Howie says Eric upped it from his previous performances and he deserves a spot. Gabrielle says he is one of the best in the world and he did not disappoint. He raised the level of the entire competition. Simon says he thinks Dom was better than him on the night and that didn’t wow him. Julianne says she was gasping because she was right there and she was eating the chocolate and she doesn’t know how he did that. Berywam is up next to the stage! Individually they are good beat boxers, but together they can make magic. When they’re on stage it’s just their voices and four microphones. They take the stage and begin their performance. They get an ovation from the audience and the judges. Julianne has been a fan and this performance seemed more intimate and showed more of their technicality. Simon says people are going to love it and some will think what the heck was that. But he thinks they needed to take a risk and they are great guys as well. Howie says that was so much more than beat box. He loves them. Have they ever thought about a tambourine? Gabrielle says they can sing! They put all of their talent on display. They killed it. Matthew Richards is the next act and he is the wildcard who was brought back. He’s doing something he’s never done before but he wants to take a risk at the live shows because he doesn’t want to be eliminated again. He has his hoop on a white flooring that has water on it. He also has water pouring on him as he does his tricks and Simon hit his buzzer. He then attaches his hoop to a rope that raises him in the air and he does tricks in the air in the water. He gets an ovation from Julianne and the audience. Julianne says Matthew does belong. He says America wanted him as the wild card. Simon likes Matthew very much, but he doesn’t think this is going any further. Julianne argues and Simon says last time it was him with a hoop and this time it was him with a hoop getting wet. Gabrielle says he and some hoop and some water, that’s a spicy Tuesday night in her book. Gabrielle says this gave us spice and fire and she was here for all of it. Howie agrees with Simon, it was more of the same but moist. Mackenzie is up next. He says every year he gets older and chasing this dream has been hard, but he has faith. When he auditioned it was a huge leap of faith and now he gets to be on that stage and he wants to go all the way. He takes the stage and performs Life on Mars by David Bowie. Howie says he’s a huge David Bowie fan and a huge Mackenzie fan and he has an amazing instrument and he thinks maybe this year, they need something special. He thinks he’s special, but it’s just singing and just that song, was it enough. Gabrielle says he is enough, his voice is enough, and his talent is more than enough. They just need America to vote. Julianne she loves his voice, it’s effortless, but there was something she was missing. She wanted to connect with him, but there was something missing. Simon says he doesn’t want to be a downer, but the last 20 seconds of the song was by far the best part of the performance. Julianne says America needs to vote. Jackie Fabulous is a comedian and she’s next. She is speed dating in her package and one of her “dates” says he hopes she doesn’t bomb. Jackie takes the stage for her set. She jokes about online dating and some of her experiences with dates. She gets an ovation from all four judges and the audience. Gabrielle says Jackie was absolutely fabulous. She’s a star! Simon says she’s his favorite kind of person. Very naughty and unpredictable. It just felt like she belonged here and it was one of his favorite performances tonight. Howie says she’s real, authentic, and funny. He thinks she deserves to go further! Julianne says any references to Law & Order SVU is amazing. She’s a star and she loves her! Our final act of the night is Emanne Beasha and she was Jay Leno’s golden buzzer. She’s an opera singer and she says every note can be so powerful but also so soft. She takes the stage for her performance and Julianne and Gabrielle are on their feet before the performance ends. She gets an ovation from the audience and three of the judges. Simon says Emanne wasn’t just in another league, she was on another planet. He says it was like watching the Olympics when someone with a God given talent does something amazing. If she doesn’t get through he will eat the judging table. That was unbelievable. Julianne says what she did just transcended anything she’s ever heard. She says she is an icon and people will be trying to follow in her footsteps. Gabrielle says the opera world should thank her because they just got new fans. Howie doesn’t like opera, but she is purely an amazing talent.
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