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  1. http://www.thehollywoodgossip.com/2013/07/julie-chen-big-brother-racism-controversy-stung-felt-ugly-and-me/
  2. I use to be a BB fan until this season. I just can't do it. Personally, I don't care for Elissa as a player because she hasn't shown that she deserves MVP. I do think that production (Grodner) has a hand in feeding Elissa information. We as a viewing public knows that "reality" tv is not reality. Production ALWAYS has input. I like the "Idea" of MVP but not the implementation. How do we know for sure how many votes anyone has. We are suppose to take the word of CBS?! Really? Even if they showed a poll, I still wouldn't believe it so what's the point! Elissa is from Concord, NC. Kannapolis, NC is 10 mins up the street. I live here also. Elissa is just as fake and irritating as her sister. What you see on TV, her talking about her charities, being a philanthropist, acting coy, innocent and slightly different in game play then Rachel is an ACT. She IS being told things by the producers, hence it would allow her to act a certain way to be portrayed on the show. That's not deserving on MVP because she has help. I miss the days of Dr. Will & Mike Boogie. That was a season!! Elissa needs to go this week. Once that happens, production will give the MVP to Helen.
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