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  1. @franklez LotR pinball had a cool feature where the "ring" was magnetic and could temporarily capture balls:… https://t.co/PWFXleclTg

  2. RT @AmandaMarcotte: Trump officials used closed door-meetings to push the idea that women should be expected to observe lifelong chastity,…

  3. Congrats @DrDisRespect on your victory over Ninja and BreaK

  4. @hqtrivia Yes please https://t.co/bsxuE941J2

  5. RT @ReallyDontTrump: Trump has literally killed someone on 5th Avenue, and his supporters don't care. https://t.co/pWA1MkKVQ9

  6. RT @renato_mariotti: That "wasted procedure" Trump talks about is the Due Process of Law guaranteed by the United States Constitution, whic…

  7. @hqtrivia Both of your spellings in this tweet are wrong, lol

  8. RT @JamieRoss7: At this time of year please spare a thought for the Cadbury social media team. https://t.co/rEvEy6s9Rg

  9. RT @Sarahchadwickk: https://t.co/g6y1EXTTY7

  10. RT @FLCL_USA: FLCL:Progressive is coming to adult swim’s Toonami in June, and FLCL:Alternative in September. Here’s the combo trailer for b…

  11. RT @rocksound: On what would have been Chester Bennington's 42nd Birthday, we pay tribute by looking at 8 ways he changed the world forever…

  12. RT @41Strange: Icelandic artist Philip Ob Rey Builds Apocalyptic Figures Out Of Discarded VHS Tapes https://t.co/CtQtxTZ1Ui

  13. RT @BigGiantCircles: I'm a little anxious sharing what I consider very private information, but occasionally I feel like a little transpare…

  14. @JoeNeate1 I hope #SeaofThieves has some nice variety of peg leg options, lol. If any of them have spiral paint jobs, I'm sold :)

  15. RT @brianstelter: Holy moly. The @FoxNews anchor said "Congressman Schiff, he ARGUES the REPUBLICAN memo omitted and distorted key facts."…