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    Amanda - Week 9 - POV winner

    I agree with almost all you say BUT (sorry there is a but) this is not a "game show" this is a "reality show". You are not allowed to manipulate a game show, it is against the law, but a reality show they are allowed to do what they please except when it is supposed to be something voted on by the public. Now on to the bullying etc...., I am a grown adult so I am able to look at things as a game, there is a younger audience watching who may not be at a maturity level (just by life experience) to do so,who will admire the tactics some of the HG display and admire them. Sorry if I sound "old" but some of the Hg are out of control. Here in Canada an anti-bullying law was passed, even if no physical harm has taken place a school is held legally responsible for any bullying. When you sign on to do a reality show you have to know that lying, back stabbing etc is going to be a part of the game and I say may the best man/woman win. Personal attacks on any level, non game related need to be squashed. As for the viewers who threaten reality show contestants, they really should stop watching. At least the people in these shows have been cooped up and probably have gone a little crazy, we have no excuse.
  2. brookteag

    OMG Topaz blew it big time!

    @ solgado, when the time comes to the vote everyone picks a team. In this case if you voted Jillian you were "team" Jillian, likewise if you voted Gary. I was referring to when you play on a team, there is no I in team so the word "we" is used correctly in my rant. You can't win this game without persuading people to join your team. Sorry if you disagree but "I" am pretty sure that I am entitled to my opinion in a rant (which I clearing stated I was doing) that I wrote.
  3. brookteag

    OMG Topaz blew it big time!

    Do the right thing and hand over the victory to Gary???? REALLY?? I am the biggest Gary fan, he is an amazing soul, who I thought truly found a love for each person in the house. By far my favorite person.......... in the house, but by no means does that translate to deserving to win. Jillian played a great game, she won competitions, and Emmett did not hand her those comps, she won them. She did not ride Emmets coat tails, at least no more than he rode hers. They were both safe for weeks because they were able to basically control the HOH. When Emmett wanted Peter to stay Jillian got her way and Peter left, when Emmett wanted Andrew gone he got his way. Peter and Alex voted they way they did because they hate Jillian, they are bitter and making fools of themselves. Peter is ridiculous, the guy is blinded by self importance. He says he was the best player but yet says Jillian is an idiot for getting rid of him. WHAT??? The only way she would be an idiot is if he was no threat at all and a waste of an HOH. BUt yet he keeps telling us that he controlled the game, so I guess he decided to self evict with all that control??? The guy will drown in his bitterness. Jillian did not make the mistake with the key, Topaz did. She couldn't follow the instructions and she cost Gary the game. How come nobody came to Emmett's defense when he was DQ'd for not following instructions? To say that if Jillian had any integrity she would hand the money over to Gary is absurd. When someone from another team makes a mistake we don't all go awwwwww we'll give you the win, we take advantage and claim victory, it happens all the time! Gary will come out of this even better! He is a star with a huge heart. Having lost in the manner in which he did with the class he showed he will be even more loved by everyone and great things will happen for him! Sorry for the rant........
  4. brookteag

    Is it safe to say its good-bye to Gary

    What surprises me the most is that Emmett seems to know the game, try to make nice with people you are back stabbing and sending to the jury, try to make good relationships with everyone, let other people get blood on their hands etc.... But yet not even a moment of doubt about Gary (someone he knows lied to him before) being honest about the jury house! Boggles my mind. I really thought Emmett would remember that Gary is also playing a game, not just there for fun.
  5. brookteag

    Is it safe to say its good-bye to Gary

    @silgado. Aren't you surprised how easily EVERYONE believed everything Gary has told them???? I haven't seen anyone question if maybe Gary is making stuff up or lying. They know Gary lied to them before about final 4 deal with Peter and Alec, they know he told other untruths so why are they so blindly believing him??? I find this so strange......
  6. brookteag

    Is it safe to say its good-bye to Gary

    I agree with Gary completely being okay with everything, he seems like a really good sport. Emmett may regret keeping Gary though, he good win final HOH and he will take Jillian because he knows/thinks jury hates her.
  7. brookteag

    Is it safe to say its good-bye to Gary

    I just wrote about final 3 also but I was on the opposite side!lol I think keeping Talla makes it an easier way to final 2 and I really believe if Gary is in final 2 he will win. The only person won could beat Emmett is Gary, IMO. I think Gary is pretty solid, he knows its a game I think he will vote who played the best game, not who he is less angry with. ( can't say the same about Alec and Peter)
  8. brookteag

    Please someone tell me why?

    Emmett and Jillian are talking about getting rid of Talla and keeping Gary! I love me some Gary but how can they not see that one, Talla is easier to beat in a comp and two anyone's chances of beating her in final 2 is really high!!! Emmett really must think Gary will take him to final 2 but we all know he wants to sit next to Jillian. I would have more respect if Jillian could figure Emmett out and realize she needs to get him to keep Talla.
  9. brookteag

    Jillians HOH

    I hope she puts her boyfriend on the block since it doesn't really matter. She can tell Emmett she wants to show the others that there are"holes" in their relationship! Lol
  10. brookteag

    So who's going home this week?

    I too think now you have to win comps to secure your place, but I believe Andrew would stay true to Emmett and Jillian about final 3. If Talla wins hoh or pov I think she would try to get rid of Emmett. (There is only going to be 4 people left, anyone can win the comps). Gary would want to be final 3 with Jillian and Talla because he knows how the jury feels about them so Emmett would be gone. Emmett is blinded by Gary's lies and that fact that he really likes him as a person. I believe Emmett would win against anyone but Gary.
  11. brookteag

    Gary POV Unsuccessful?

    The house is completely NOT soundproof, everyone can hear the alarm. I don't think the POV was that if he slept he would lose POV, as l said before I think BB just wouldn't let him sleep.
  12. brookteag

    Gary POV Unsuccessful?

    MAybe BBCanada does not have the winnings to give the winner. Gary would be happy with fame, so they strike a deal with him, send you back into the house! When it comes to the 24hrs, sorry not buying what anyone is selling. Gary did not wake up in the BB house the morning he went back in. Again another unfair advantage. The other houseguest know what time their alarm goes off each morning but they have no clue about Gary.. Maybe there was no clause in the POV that you would lose your POV if you slept, just that BB wouldn't let you sleep, well great, so if Gary keeps the alarm going off (which he did) then EVERYONE gets punished! I have seen 4 different international versions of this game, I am a proud Canadian but have been very disappointed with Canada's version. At least it was Gary who was voted back in, I may not be happy with the show but he was my favorite.
  13. brookteag

    Dan just went in the house!

    My take is that the only person in the house who would't take Emmett to the final 3 is Talla (and she would be smart to get rid of him). With less and less players she is bound to win something. That is exactly what Jordan from BBUS (her first season), when no one was left she won the big comp when she needed to. Emmett needs to get rid of Talla. We have Gary for entertainment now.
  14. brookteag

    Dan just went in the house!

    I have to admit I didn't watch every second that Dan was in there but I did see him heavily trying to convince Gary to get rid of Emmet but never saw him (Dan) trying to persuade Emmet to get rid of Gary.