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  1. Repeating over and over today. “He will again have compassion on us; he will tread our iniquities underfoot. You w… https://t.co/2CdcJ1ptsc

  2. RT @AdamWSweeney: So, let me get this straight... We're bombing Syria, because Syria bombed Syria, to show Syria that Syria shouldn't bomb…

  3. I am who you say I am.

  4. RT @peteenns: Rant for the day: America is not a Christian nation. It is Babylon. Christians who think their call is to make America great…

  5. @mckdeveau I am so with you. And also, a real bra vs a sports bra. Accomplishment.

  6. I know who I am because of who You are. ❤️

  7. All anxiety bows in the presence of Jesus, the keeper of peace. And peace is a promise He keeps.

  8. Oh, your mercy rushing through me. Oh, how beautiful, how beautiful. ❤️

  9. @PokemonGoApp Any news? I still can't log in :(

  10. RT @dukekwondc: When Jesus speaks about the greatest type of love, he points not to the romance exchanged by lovers but the sacrifice excha…

  11. RT @HappySonship: Dear Church, Jesus protected women. Empowered women. Honored women publicly. Released the voice of women. Confided in w…

  12. RT @GlennonDoyle: Yes. This. There is a difference between leaving a man and leaving God. There is a difference between leaving a church an…

  13. RT @sammyrhodes: Thoughts and prayers with all the introverts who are braving Super Bowl parties tonight.