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    This really offended me. Am I wrong?

    It just feels like he is turning a large profit and masquerading it as raising money for charity. He is donating $1.00 on every $5.00 bracelet. Seems sheisty as hell to me. http://zachrance.squarespace.com/
  2. I came across this today and become angry. Zach is selling pink breast cancer awareness bracelets. He is donating 20% to charity, and pocketing the rest. I feel he is using his fans to make a few quick bucks, and using breast cancer as a money making device. If you want to support Zach, that is fine - but if you want to support breast cancer, donate directly to them. I am disgusted by this sad attempt at "cashing in" on his new found BB fame. http://instagram.com/p/t3bJpIq4KT/
  3. If you use BBviewer to watch the feeds instead of CBS viewer, you can turn on "info" in the tools tab and see the exact day/date/time. BTW BBViewer also has CBS and custom bookmarks in the tools tab also - you just have to click the refresh button to update them. Since this topic hasn't been updated in two weeks its probably a safe bet most of you guys use BBViewer anyway Peace
  4. Hawknose

    How To Upload Pictures To Morty's

    Thanks so much for the tip Jedi! I only wish I knew that sooner as I must have deleted a million of them to date - still I thank you much for saving me future unnecessary work.
  5. "Raggedy Andy Limited Edition Individually Signed and Numbered Collection"