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  1. 9:30AM BBT: Faysal got out of bed and looked out the door, checking downstairs. He quickly goes back in the HoH and turns off lights and goes back to bed.
  2. 8:50AM BBT: The lights are on. In the HoH room, Faysal has been awake for awhile looking at his family pictures.
  3. Nakomis SUCKS! I really hope she isn't on this year drunk or not. I can't stand watching one more minute of that ugly, tattooed broad. Her stupidity is only slightly more annoying than her looks because the other house guests want to keep her around longer since they think they can get her anytime they want because she is sooooooo DUMB! Knock her out now and save me some misery and put her out of her's.
  4. The secrets might be a bust but the season is the best ever. This season is more interesting and exciting than any I've watched in the past. The characters are real and the rivalry and at times downright hatred displayed is that of real people not actors. Last season was like a three month audition for most of the hg's. Everybody was trying to impress agents. This year is great. If America is HOH this week I want Janey in my HOH room!
  5. :shock: :twisted: Rob and Amber are the only people that really deserve to win. They have played the game all out the entire time. I especially like the way they did not stop when the Land Rover overturned. No need! If they had enough people to run the camera they had enough to take care of the injured. Go Rob and Amber. Pretty soon you will be multi-millionaires.
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