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  1. BBLover4ever

    Bayleigh Dayton

    OMG! Still enjoyed her craziness against Tyler....... sooooo funny.
  2. BBLover4ever

    General Discussion

    I feel the same. I usually don't watch the reminisce night, but this was a good one!
  3. BBLover4ever

    JC Monduix

    Wonder if he is all down in the dumps since Tyler and Kaycee are the winners of the first 2 parts. Of course, he "thinks" Tyler will take him instead of Kaycee.
  4. BBLover4ever

    Kaycee Clark

    Unless she is the next HOH or wins POV, she will be out. Tyler and Angela have to know they can't beat her.
  5. BBLover4ever

    Angela Rummans

    She will win the $50K. Could actually win the $500K if the jury is bitter towards Tyler's playing the ENTIRE house! LOL
  6. BBLover4ever

    JC Monduix

    I hope that JC wins the next HOH (I know, very unlikely) BUT then he could put up the girls and if Tyler won the veto he couldn't use it cause he would go up right? I know, wishful thinking.
  7. BBLover4ever

    Sam Bledsoe

    Eating on the stairs, laying under tables, etc. Hopefully when she goes to Jury House, she will be better. BUT, she will find out that Tyler used her and wasn't really "looking after" her as he has told her numerous times. That might push her completely over the edge! Especially if she feels she looked stupid!
  8. BBLover4ever

    Angela Rummans

    I'm really surprised Tangela are throwing the L word to each other! Not sure if they really mean it or not! I think Angela is trying to make sure Tyler keeps her in the game. Of course, whoever is against her will probably win!
  9. BBLover4ever

    Sam Bledsoe

    I hated that the one on one's were interrupted on DE! You could tell Sam was talking some sh#t about Angela LOL. She has to know that Tyler and Angela are a thing by now. Especially after last night.
  10. BBLover4ever

    Kaycee Clark

    I am so afraid Tangela will backdoor her this week if she doesn't win the veto! They can't beat her in the end and they know it.
  11. BBLover4ever

    Brett Robinson

    Brett was in such shock last night! I was hoping he would say something about Level 6 and how they have been working together for so long. Not that it would have made any difference to JC and Sam as they can't win comps. LOL
  12. BBLover4ever

    JC Monduix

    JC is sooooooo mad at Tyler! He is realizing he was right all along about Tyler and Angela.
  13. BBLover4ever

    General Discussion

    I wonder if Tyler and Angela have been told about the hurricane? I think I heard it say it hit around Hilton Head......
  14. BBLover4ever

    Big Brother Misses Obvious Rules Violation

    Hayleigh DID get a chance when BB asked her what her strengths were so she could win the first Hacker AND they had the same type comp for the very next HOH that she WON! She had her chance. Tyler will need to start winning again or Kaycee is going to win.
  15. BBLover4ever

    Sam Bledsoe

    I liked her at first, but wow! She has gone bat sh** crazy! Still not certain if she really doesn't understand the game or if it is fake. I really thought she would be better at comps. She just laughs while she is competing and doesn't seem to care if she wins or not. Guess she is happy with the stipend she gets.