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    kilt flashes<br />torturing the headcases<br />pointing oot yer faults<br />droppin by when the mood hits me
  1. hiya scottish.....

  2. Pick another day. I can't. duh

  3. Smacks u upside head with broom. Go away. They know my ass is cuter and smaller. And email Fab37 from 'J's so she'll quit pestering me. *glare*

  4. long time no see! it was nice running into you!! i cant believe i got 2 for the price of 1 when i ran into you and your sister... hope to chat again soon!

  5. Fancy runnin intae ye Good gabbin Mi' make a roond trip tae visitin some old friends in here soon. Kilt Flashes o'er an oot!

  6. ScottishTXn

    Katherine McPhee

    I think I've finally pinned doown wha' it is I find just a wee bit off aboot her.She's goofy in an endearing sort o' way.But I doona really want tae buy CD's from a sweet goof let alone pay tae watch her perform.I like her.But doona think she's wha' I consider a true strong AI.
  7. ScottishTXn

    Chris Daughtry

    Actually,when there be this much controversy aboot one o' the AI's.......it generally shows a greater chance o' his/her winning.Hmmmmmmmmmm
  8. ScottishTXn

    Kellie Pickler

    Simon called the lass a minx (aka....he wants tae do her).Now she is o'er playing the part.Looks silly.
  9. ScottishTXn

    Kevin Covais

    Ye know wha' Kevin be remindin me o'? A neighbor tha' looks relatively harmless,goes oot o' his way to take in yer paper & check yer mail when yer oot o' town.He'd help ye carry in yer groceries & walk yer dog. Then he'd tie yer dog tae a pole & sneak back tae spy on ye o'er the fence.He peek in yer undie drawer while ye be on holiday after puttin the paper on the counter & give ye a peek in the shower if yer blinds weren't on lockdown...all the while lookin like a Cubscout!
  10. ScottishTXn

    Chris Daughtry

    Not being a verra big fan o' b-boppy teenie poppin music I'm lovin Chris's music.I rather feel the idol is chosen by not only the type o' music he/she puts oot....but wha's popular & in demand.I feel his music.I see someone like Lisa wo' be found on the Mickey Mouse club!I loved Bo's voice & style tae!I'm hopin tha' lad wins!
  11. ScottishTXn

    Kevin Covais

    Maybe now he can take hormone shots & hit puberty,aye!Buh Bye CL!No more sympathy votes ye ken?
  12. ScottishTXn

    General Discussion

    I'd take Bucky o'er Chicken Little ANYday!It was li' havin Charlie Brown tryin tae compete!NOW they can pick the rest off!
  13. ScottishTXn

    kelli sucks ace too

    I think I'd be likin the lass better in a couple o' years.She needs time to grow in her music & intae her own skin.There's hope.Maybe.
  14. ScottishTXn

    General Discussion

    I say let's just get it o'er wi' & sell me a CHRIS DAUGHTRY CD!
  15. ScottishTXn

    Grey's Anatomy

    I thought I was gonna fall off me sofa when George at lunch was lettin food fall oot o' his mouth starin at Christina!An I think the lass tha' died of a torn spleen does a Jimmy Dean commercial!