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  1. I hope Dom gets voted out just because she was chosen for the show and is not a true BB Player. She seems to have some type of secret relationship with DUMB FACED MARK. I don't think that Mark is dumb but he has a dumb look on his Face. Dom tells Mark, "Elena is so jealous of me so I have to be careful to not be seen with you Mark". As I see them on BBAD... I wonder what is going on between them.
  2. It gives ALEX joy in her heart to have Jessica on the block because she is taking her revenge because it was Jessica who told Cody to put Alex on the block last time. I know that Alex will allow Paul to decide who gets voted out or back doored. Presently Alex needs Paul for protection because last night I noticed that Alex had Josh, Rameses, Kevin and Jason with her and they were talking game. Alex was wasting her time trying to talk game with those 4 rats. Those rats are not trust worthy and will turn on her. They all know that Alex is a strong player. I think that Old man Kevin who wants to still look young is the leader of the rat pack. Jason really likes Jessica and wants to add her on since Jessica is free and looking to join a group. Kevin is planning to take his time before he makes a move against Paul the Dictator. kevin needs to find more players on his side to get rid of Paul when the time is right. Jason is Kevin's partner/leader. Alex thinks she has Jason but it is Kevin who has him in his pocket. Those 4 rats want to add Jessica to their Rat alliance. They will vote out who ever Paul wants a goner this coming week.
  3. Lucibell


    Yes, I agree that there are some secret messages for Paul. He kept reading it over and over.
  4. I think Paul knows that his time will be over soon in the BB House. Paul has noticed that the players he thought were on his side are not really his friends. He must be really disappointed in Alex who was always around listening to Paul talk and then go upstairs to tell Cody she was on his alliance. Cowboy also acted like he was on Paul's side and then he goes up to talk with Cody because Cowboy sold his soul to Cody by promising to keep Jessica and himself safe and also vote out XMas. Alex and Cody back stabbed Paul and he knows it. I notice that Dominiqe is playing her own game and not loyal to Paul.
  5. Rose, This is what I found out. On July 2nd.... they were all sitting at the round table when Cody nominated Paul for the chopping block. Then Paul had to tell them all that he got the pendant that would keep him safe for three weeks. Every body got real angry at Paul for not letting them know he had gotten the pendant . What is really interesting is that the BB PRODUCERS decided to not show that part in the regular BB Show because they didn't want the viewers to notice how the players turned against Paul. BB wants their BOY PAUL to look good on t.v. But now some of the players who were part of his friendship club are nolonger his friends. I notice that Paul is now running scared and talking too much to every body. Paul has lost some important friends for his game to win. It looks really bad for him. The BB House is filled with lots of liars and back stabbers. Alex gal is now being able to hang out with Cody and also trying to tell the other players to not trust Paul. Then she hangs out with Paul and stays real quiet and just listens and acts like she is trusting Paul. I have watched the BB Show since the beginning of the show for many years now. This season is now filled with lots of un-trustworthy players and it isn't any fun to watch any more. It doesn't do me any good to write about a player and then find out later that they are not who I thought they were. There are just too many secrets. They are all acting clueless but they do know how to act the way they all want to be seen on T.V. They are a bunch of Hollywood phonies that means they all want to be noticed by the entertainment field producers. I am from Hollywood, California and all of these players all live in Los Angeles and some of them know each other because they have met at casting calls for reality shows. Sometimes a thousand applicants show up in my city in order to apply for some reality show. We now have lots of people moving to Los Angeles wanting to look for success in show business. I also want to add is the BB Producers are also liars too due to the fact they want to create a fantasy show for us viewers. It is nolonger a reality t.v. show.
  6. I think Jessica has NATALIE'S personality. Natalie was a L.A. Home girl which means she was street smart. Jessica also seems to be street smart too. I have to tell you all what I heard Jessica say to Cody that she doesn't want to hear Cody say one more time that after the bb show is over that she will disappear like a ghost. Cody looks at Jessica and Jessica says to Cody, "there are knives here". I laughed so hard because Jessica was saying to Cody that she was going to shank him. lol. Only a Home girl would say something like that to a guy. Jessica has a mean streak in her just like Natalie had. I think Cody will get tired of Jessica because I don't think they are really compatible. She just wants a Showmance and also win the money. I also have noticed that Jessica is sexually experience by the way she physically approach him first by kissing him and grabbing Cody. I wonder if she was ever married when she was younger. Maybe she lived with a boyfriend or several boy friends. I think her breasts are too big for her body type and they do look fake to me. I plan to do some research on her just to find out who she really is as a person. I like to play detective and plan to learn more about some of the players and Jessica.
  7. Hi Rose, Cody wanted to put Paul on the chopping block instead of Alex. So Paul had to reveal to Cody that he got the pendant that made him safe. This is why Cody had to back off. Cody's plan was to Back Door Paul. So when blue haired gal left he would have been able to put Paul on the block for eviction. I need to tell you something else. I watch the BB After Dark show that starts at 9 p.m. west coast time. I always watch it and the Producers like to insert old info in parts of that show. So it is a mixture from different days. I don't know if Paul had to tell every body about it too. It could already have been revealed to the whole group. BB producers will make it public later on I am guessing. I am seeing things that are happening in advance before it is shown on the regular BB Shows. Some times not all the inside info from the BBAD show will have lots of activities that is never shown in the regular bb shows. I will try to find out if Paul had to tell every body that he had the pendant of staying safe for three days. Some times I can hear the players talking about something that already got revealed to them. I am starting to see BB SPOILERS in advance too. I don't know if this website allows spoilers too.
  8. Cody likes to brag he was a Marine and likes how Alex is a tough chick who is not afraid of Cody and his power. I read some where that Cody allowed Alex to win the POV to save her because he admires her as a challenger who is really playing the game. I also read that Paul also allowed her to win the POV. Paul never wants to have any power on the Minnion players. He wants most of them to go to jury with a good memory of him and vote for him to win the money. I think that Cody now does respect Paul and was informed by Paul that he does know how every body can take a shot at Paul to get him evicted. That made Cody happy to hear that from Paul. I got lucky this year because I get to see BB After Dark from 9 p.m. west coast time. the BBAD is just full of boring stuff but once in awhile it does get interesting for a few minutes and I learn new information about what is really going on in the BB House. I enjoy watching Paul giving advise to his friendship friends because he is only selling them the Brooklyn Bridge and not giving them the truth on how he is really playing the game to win it all. As time passes PAUL will start deleting his friends who also want to win. He will make sure that someone else gets those so-called friends kicked out of the BB House and he will act like he is really sorry to see them go. lol. I know how he plays the game.
  9. I just want to add that it is too soon to make predictions on who is staying and who is being evicted because BB producers are in the habit of keeping secrets too. lol. Only the people who have the LIVE FEEDS can see some of the BB Producer secrets. They will be exposing those secrets to us all. On Big Brother After Dark show.... the BB Producers show us boring stuff but at times they quickly put on a comercial so we viewers don't get to hear some hot news from the bb players. But some times the hot news gets played and we do learn something new that is really going on in BB.
  10. Hi NYROSE, The problem is that Cody doesn't know how to play the BB Game. Paul told him he is safe for three weeks. So Cody wants to get rid of XMas who is Paul's close friend and part of Paul's alliance. Cody has Jessica in his pocket and wants her in his alliance. So Paul is trying to convince the players to vote to keep XMas because she knows how to play on their side. Paul told them that Jessica is unpredictable and when she ever becomes HOH he doesn't know who she would put on the block. Paul is playing it safe by not saying that Jessica is on Cody's alliance. Paul is not trusting any of the gals until they prove they are on his side. I noticed that Paul is trusting the African-American gal. She likes Paul and is on his side for sure presently. Paul told Cody that he wants to make it clear that Paul is on the hit list from all the players presently. That made Cody happy to hear that Paul knows that every body wants Paul out. But Paul does have a present alliance that wants to keep him. After three weeks I know that Paul will be set to stay in the BB House. He just has to be careful of his alliance members staying loyal to him. I do expect some of them will wise up to Paul's plans to win the BB GAME. Some will turn against Paul so he will have to keep looking for new alliance members. It is a given in the BB Game.
  11. I think that Paul is a great big bull-shitter because he talks big. He says he wants the HOH but he really doesn't plan to go for it. lol. He lost the first HOH ON PURPOSE. I know he did because right away he noticed the weight of the apples. He knew he had to balance them. He made it look like it was a disaster for him. lol. Was Paul ever HOH in his first season? I don't remember. I know that his plan this time is to get the players to vote for him to win the money. He wants to make it a sure thing this time around. Many viewers don't understand how Paul is playing the game this time around. He is playing to win. Last season he was just trying to survive and not really paying attention to the danger that the Veterans were playing. He is not really interested in wining the money last season he just wanted to win as a challenge that he out played all of them. Paul was born into a family with money and he knows how to make his own money. He doesn't need money. Paul has very Liberal parents that allow him to have freedom to act stupid, silly, and enjoy his life. I know his family members and friends are laughing at how he is acting on BB Show. Yes, he is doing a great act with the other players to get to the top of the game. I also think he has a girl friend back home named NICOLE. I noticed that he does have a girlfriend. He will just become best friends with the bb gals.
  12. I have watched all of the Big Brother Shows. YEAH!

  13. My sister doesn't like Paul so we gave him the nick name of THE BAD GUY. My sister and I give nick names to all the bb players. It makes it easier for her to know who is who. I plan to learn all the names and learn more about them like a detective. lol.
  14. Paul was a recruit on his first BB show last season. He was clueless on how to play the bb game. Now he is a VETERAN and has learned to not trust every body. He is free to watch how every body is playing the bb game. He said that Showmances vote as a power of two which he noticed in his season. I watched last night the BBAD show. He was trying to teach the gals on how to protect themselves and play a better game. I haven't taken the time to learn all the names yet. But I like Raven a lot as my favorite player. Paul was sent into the BB House to make the bb house more entertaining and also to clear things up on what is really going on. For example; Paul made it clear that Jessica never used the word Panda as Alex's nick name. The gal with the blue hair didn't hear right and she just didn't know to keep her mouth shut. I feel sorry for her because she walked into the bb house with mental problems caused by being raped in her life. Paul must feel so safe for at least 3 weeks that will give him time to search for some loyal alliance members. Presently he is trying to save XMas from being evicted. She is very close to him as part of his alliance. Paul did a random selection of who would be his friends with his friendship bracelets. I know the BB Producers told him to do that. Those friendship friends have to prove to him that they really are his true friends. I do like watching the BB PAUL SHOW presently. Yes, he is playing a sneaky game and should not be trusted. LOL.
  15. I have been watching Raven and I really like her. She is my favorite hamster to watch. She has a great personality. I am so sorry to see that she has a serious medical problem. Plus, she has met a wonderful guy on BB and they are having a great Showmance. I think they will last long on the bb show. I hope to learn more about her and what her future holds for her. It makes me sad to see the bad news about her medical problem.