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  1. 10:04 BBT: Jillian, Ramses, Jessica in the kitchen, talking about eating at restaurants. Ramses hopes Chipotle sponsors BB, so they could get a meal as part of a party. They mention Outback Steakhouse, Jillian said she has been there a lot, Ramses said he wanted to try a Bloomin Onion, he'd never had one. Jessica said she doesn't like onions. At the same time, they are trying to cook salmon and someone (not sure who) claimed it smelled like rank vagina.
  2. 10:54 BBT: Bronte has to change her microphone. Camera 2 is on Tiffany laying around talking about Jozea and Corey 'flirting'. Tiffany comes up with a combined name Cozea, J said he likes it and that 'it's hot'. Jozea said he's going to tell the feeders he's going to tell Corey's girlfriend to fuck off, he's mine. Corey said he doesn't have a girlfriend. Jozea thinks Corey will get a lot of gay followers. Talks about a gay bar near him that is like hooters but for gay guys. Guys there make a shit-ton of money. He says straight guys work there. paulie is rubbing Tiffany' arm while listening to "Cozea", Corey tells a story about getting an offer to do something for 10 grand... And we have fish. [the first of many]. 11:02 bbt for the fish.
  3. 10:45 BBT: Jozea says after they eat (Have nots) they have to take fiber pills to be 'light as a feather' for tomorrow (new comp?) talk turns to black actresses between Da' , Zakiyah and Jozea. Jack'ee, Kim Whitley they say are funny as fuck. (I'm going to bed soon, I'm on the East Coast! Hopefully I did these updates OK!)
  4. 10:40 BBT: camera switch to Zakiyah and Da'vonne in the living room. Talk about racist comments (not sure?) Talk changed to the Have-nots having slop for a week which ends at midnight. Some sex talk then ensues, Corey is an ass man, not a boob man. They pick on Corey a little.
  5. 10:35PM BBT: B wants to do Doctors with Borders and says that's why she's learning French. She tries to speak French to the table. Talk about Netflix and finances. Corey did Business at first with accounting and then with baseball, switched to communications at college. C does the stock market with a buddy and they've made money.
  6. 10:30PM BBT: a handful of HG"s are making cookies in the kitchen. Jones was talking about how shows like Jerry Springer are fake as fuck. Maury and Wendy Williams are legit. Bridgette and Victor are talking about their schooling, B has a Bachelors in Nursing, Natalie has a BS in PR/Journalism and V has one in Finance.
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