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  1. @ArmstrongTaran did not think it would be this early :(
  2. silgado106

    Elissa - Week 1 (Replacement Nominee)

    The reason you don't see anything adorable or redeeming about Elissa is BECAUSE you see her as a Grodner tool and have the assumption she was promised jury. You are already biased by your conspiracy theory.
  3. silgado106

    Helen - Week 1

    Yes, it was Amanda that told Helen not to trust Elissa, and that's when she started to cry. I didn't get to catch it live, but they added it in the Highlights section, click on "Helen gets emotional" (if you have the feeds). However, I think Helen's crying was fake, in a good way. I think she realized that everyone is alienating Elissa, and she didn't want to be seen as associating with Elissa, so she played the "I just got played" card and fake tears. It drew A LOT of sympathy for Helen from all of the other girls (and even Judd). Later on last night, after the POV, Helen was talking to Elissa in the Have-Not room and telling her to lay low during the week and that she wants her to stay and she's going to do whatever she can to make sure she stays. I think Helen is brilliant!
  4. silgado106

    Elissa - Week 1 (Replacement Nominee)

    6Borders, you keep saying that the whole house wants her gone, but you are wrong. Only a vocal minority want her gone, mainly the "mean girls". In fact, in private conversations, all of the following people have said they want to keep Elissa: Nick, McCrea, Helen, Howard, Spencer, and Andy. She has the numbers to stay. And that's without any "rigging". What tends to happen is a "mob mentality". Everyone is going to say out loud what they think everyone else wants to hear, so everyone keeps saying that they want to get rid of Elissa. However, in reality, most of them want her to stay. Their main reasons are: 1) they think she will always be a target, and 2) they think she will be MVP a lot, so they want to control the MVP nominee. These people are playing it smart, instead of someone like Aaryn that keeps pouting about how unfair it is that Elissa is in the house.
  5. silgado106

    MVP (Most Valuable Player) - Week 1

    "And Julie said the MVP would find out who they are right before the veto comp. But when is the 3rd nominee picked? Does that person get a chance at veto?" Julie said the 3rd nominee will be announced right before veto, not the MVP. She implied that all 3 nominees will compete for veto.
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  7. RT @JanellePierzina: ReTweet if you're excited to read the cast bios today for #BB15 I am!!! :D 2 O'clock can't come soon enough!

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  9. silgado106

    Live Stream Of Show?

    Also, you can use this link: http://www.ustvnow.com/index.php You can sign up for free and you can watch the basic cable channels for free (CBS, ABC, etc.). It's pretty awesome. I also don't have cable, but used that service to watch all of Survivor this past season. When signing up, though, I had to say I was watching from a different country. I chose Spain, since I'm originally from there anyway :-P Also, if you want to, you can use this link for my profile to sign up: http://www.ustvnow.com/index.php?refu=terra_firma106_at_hotmail.com It gives me 4 hours of DVR service if you do. But you don't have to
  10. silgado106

    The Morning Show (link)

    I think one of Peter's main goals was to create a "character" or at least someone people would remember. Either because he wants to be considered for future seasons, or because he wants to somehow market this persona along his YouTube channel. I think that goal got in the way of actually playing the game competently and efficiently. Oh well.
  11. silgado106

    Three part HoH

    "It's only fate that by choosing Jillian, he messed with Topaz's mind so much she couldn't get Jillian off her mind and ended up putting her key in the voting slot." I love how you worded that. It's interesting how things work out sometimes, heh?
  12. silgado106

    OMG Topaz blew it big time!

    After watching her interview, I do truly feel bad for Topaz as well. Admittedly, it was a huge mistake. But, we all make mistakes. Some just have bigger consequences than others. I think the worst mistakes we can make are those that negatively affect others more so than ourselves. However, it seems like Gary took it like a champ, and everyone is moving on. Btw, I wanted to briefly address brookteag's comment. I never said Jillian didn't have integrity, and I only said what I personally hope I would do in her situation. I didn't say anything negative about Jillian and, in fact, I said Jillian won and she can do whatever she wants with her win. "When someone from another team makes a mistake we don't all go awwwwww we'll give you the win, we take advantage and claim victory, it happens all the time!" This is an incorrect comparison. Gary did not make the mistake, and it was outside of his ability to correct the mistake. Also, I'm not sure who that "we" is that takes advantage of other's mistakes, but you should really try to speak for yourself. There are many people in the world that don't do that and, therefore, you can't just use a hypothetical "we" that doesn't really exist. If you would do that, that's absolutely fine, but use "I" statements and speak for yourself. There is no "we".