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  1. #KidsAreHeroes new rap video: "I'm a Hero and I Know It!" Really fun!! http://t.co/Jz8bJv1c #DT @KidsAreHeroes
  2. A handsome D-bag!! RT @Suits_USA: One week from today, that tennis playing d-----bag is back in Harvey's city. #SUITS http://t.co/BgRnceFi

  3. Tournament of @TVFanatic: Leighton Meester vs. @WilsonBethel! - http://t.co/mJHOy9VB - I missed this match up, and so did you! #hartofdixie

  4. Back at cha!!! RT @thepowerobject: Getting fired up to see @bluejeanius @Modwild @animag at #SDCC next week!

  5. Heehee RT @MyVogonPoetry: Comic Sans is Trending. #SignsOfTheApocalypse

  6. U.S.A. is A-Okay! RT @LuckyMagazine: AMER-I-CAN RT @alexandergold: I'm Mount Rose American Teen Princess.

  7. Dont Kill the iGoogle webportal - Sign the Petition http://t.co/OJ0pHeL0

  8. Yes. Citizens of Colorado really are stupid enough to shoot off illegal fireworks during a horrible fire season. Burn your own house down!

  9. For everyone who asked a question of Sarah Rafferty of #Suits - your questions have been answered. Yes, even you bday boy. Keep an eye out!

  10. Seriously - whatever that damned drug is that's making people crazy, QUIT CALLING THEM BATH SALTS!!!! Some of us really enjoy taking baths.

  11. The Andy Griffith Show - The Beginning Theme Song.avi: http://t.co/RcO8wAvx via @youtube RIP Andy Griffith. I can whistle that entire song.

  12. What are the odds I watch two tv programs in the same night quoting The Art of War? Very good actually.

  13. More importantly, every stand had customers.

  14. Army Wives Review: Time To Move Forward - TV Fanatic http://t.co/U1qYExSm #armywives @armywives