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    Thanks for the vote of confidence on "Sons of Anarchy," I will go ahead and try that out. I've never heard of Spartacus Blood and Sand or Gods of the Arena, what channel are/were these on?
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    Alright, I was in a car accident about 9 months ago and have had to stay in bed for most of those 9 months. I've spent that time watching TV shows, occasionally a movie or two. Personally, in my situation I like TV better because I have all the time in the world to get to know the characters on a show, get into the plot, etc. Whereas in a movie, I have typically 2 hours to shove all that information in and then it's over. Those characters' stories have ended. I feel like I have watched all the "good" television there is to watch. When I say "good" I mean in my personal opinion. I mostly like realistic shows, but can spread out somewhat. I enjoy some comedies but have an odd sense of humor. Here is a list of the shows I have watched over the last 9 months: (Other than the top 4, these are in no particular order) The Wire: (seen all seasons/multiple times... by far my favorite show of all time) The Sopranos: (seen all seasons/multiple times... this one's in my top 3, along with below) Breaking Bad: (seen all available seasons... absolutely brilliant. Exactly the sort of thing I love) Boardwalk Empire: (seen all available season(s). Brilliant. I absolutely love this show, and the fact that Michael K. Williams best known as "Omar" from "The Wire" made me eager to see it. While I'm not a huge Steve Buscemi fan and I think they could have cast a better lead man without basically ripping off "The Sopranos" in terms of a tough, alpha male type who gets what he wants by force. However, I do enjoy how Nucky gets what he wants by using those around him, being more of a politician than a gangster.) LOST: (seen all seasons/multiple times. Yeah, so it's not exactly realistic... but I love a good believable story that doesn't seem ridiculous. I had problems with the way the show wrapped up, bit I thoroughly enjoyed the first 4 or 5 seasons) Deadwood: (seen all (few) seasons/multiple times. I loved this show. I am ashamed of HBO for cancelling it. Could have been a classic.) Dexter: (seen all seasons/multiple times. Again, not very realistic, but believable enough to enjoy the show greatly.) The Shield: (seen all seasons/multiple times. A great show, had a great run. I've enjoyed watching it. It's no "The Wire," but it does its' own thing very well.) True Blood: (seen all seasons/multiple times. Another un-characteristic show that I would like being un-realistic, however the storyline is so compelling I watched the entire series and loved it (minus that last season finale, what the hell was that crap?) Mad Men: (seen all seasons/multiple times. A great period drama, very realistic. I found it to be slightly boring at first, but quickly got into the storyline after 3 to 4 episodes into Season 1. It is now one of my favorites.) Big Love: (seen all seasons. I just recently read about this show. I was wary to watch it... a mormon cult-like family? I find the Mormon religion completely absurd and laughable so I put off watching it for ages. When I finally did, I eventually found myself fighting for this family, loving this family, and wanting them to "win," even though if it were real life I would likely be on the other side. It was a compelling show that I was amazed it took me so long to find.) 24: (seen all seasons/multiple times. One of the first shows I started watching from the beginning when I had my car wreck. I had yet to see shows like "The Wire," and "Breaking Bad," so to me this was the greatest show ever. Now, having seen more creative work I know where it belongs - somewhere in the mediocre to slightly great category, depending on season. Point is, I enjoyed it.) The L Word: (seen all seasons. Took me awhile to get into the storyline. I'm a red-blooded male, so obviously I stuck with it at first if for nothing else but seeing Mia Kirshner naked. After awhile however, I did begin to care for the characters and become entrenched in their storylines, it turned out to be an amazing show.) Californication: (seen all seasons released. This show, while having its' faults, has been greatly entertaining.) Game of Thrones: (seen all of the only season released thus far. Thank you again HBO, as usual, throwing out another great show, set in an amazing location. I love a world of fantasy, a Lord of the Rings type atmosphere while being more dark and unpredicatable.) Fringe: (seen all seasons/multiple times. This show breaks all the rules of what I look for in a show to watch. It's completely unrealistic, makes me cringe from time to time due to bad dialogue or bad storylines, but I still enjoy watching it and will continue to do so.) Weeds: (seen all seasons/multiple times. Another GREAT show from Showtime. I'll be quite honest, I love any show about drugs, so the fact that this show revolves around a suburban mom dealing weed to her neighbors and friends, (SPOILER ALERT - STOP HERE IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN YET), and then eventually getting involved with the mexican cartel, a son who has become a murderer, and so many other plot-changing events that make me want to keep watching forever. The Office: (Seen all seasons/multiple times. I've only seen the U.S. version, tried out the U.K version after watching the entire U.S. one but was not able to get into it though I may try again. While I typically prefer dark humor, I also have to get my fix of the type of humor "The Office" brings to the table. Community: (Seen all seasons. This show sort of seemed like something I wouldn't like starting out, but after awhile I began to enjoy the humor of it and continued watching, though it's certainly not my favorite comedy by any means.) Prison Break: (Seen all seasons/multiple times. The very FIRST show on this list that I watched. This is a show I would have never watched if I had the TV knowledge I have today. After the first two seasons it just becomes sort of monotonous and predicatable. However, this is a show I watched while it was airing on FOX and I looked forward to it ever week.) Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Seen all seasons/multiiple times. I began watching this show because it came on after Prison Break. It became a staple of my television watching experience. Another FOX program that was cancelled and replaced by "Dollhouse," unfortunately. This show had a lot of potential. I was never into the Terminator movies really, but the show brought the whole idea of Terminators and Judgement day to a new level. Showing John Connor as a teenager, whose mother helps to fight for his life. I miss this show a lot and wish they had finished it. Justified: Seen all seasons thus far. This is a show that airs on FX. It's sort of a modern age story about a U.S. Marshall who uses the "old west" style of justice. It has a great storyline, and I found myself wrapped up into every episode. Friday Night Lights: An NBC sports drama that never really had very high ratings and was eventually dumped over to DirecTV, but it tells a great story of a coach who believes in what he does, and inspires teenage athletes to have the courage to be better than those around them. This is another show I thought I would hate. I hated jocks in high school, I was friends with a lot of them, but they were all complete morons. I assumed I would get sick of all the high school romance "It's the end of the world!" type breakups. However, FNL does a good job of making it more realistic than that and always give an interesting storyline other than "Let's win this football game on friday." The Simpsons/Family Guy/American Dad: While not a big fan of all of these shows, I do enjoy a good toilet or dick joke here and there. I've watched almost all "Family Guy" and "The Simpsons" episodes, and while shows like "The Simpsons" are destined to have a bad episode here and there, these are still instant classics. Southpark: Seen all seasons. I watched this show growing up through my teen years and enjoyed it thoroughly. There's always someone or something new to make fun of, and lets face it... if they aren't making fun of us, we enjoy making fun of others who just don't fit in, have odd beliefs, etc. It's just human nature I suppose. Freaks and Geeks: Judd Apatow's first TV attempt which only lasted one season. But it was one great season. It was a great depiction of High School in the 80's where a Math "nerd" slowly moves into the "stoner" crowd and changes in ways that affect those around her. What's Next??? So there you have it. A list of all the TV show that I'm into at some level. The first 4 being a 10/10. Some others falling as low as possibly a 6.5/10 but still being watchable enough to grab my attention. My question to you all is -- Based on what I have watched and liked, can you give me some ideas of new shows I might liKe (when I say "new" I mean new in my eyes because I haven't seen in it, not as in being a new TV show)? I am considering trying out "Sons of Anarchy." I have heard great things about it, though I have also heard that later seasons become rather unbelievable and ridiculous. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!