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  1. He deserved AF in my opinion, glad he won. See ya'll this summer!
  2. At this point I'm hoping for either Kandi or Dina. Ricky would be my third, I guess.
  3. Did he win HOH? I've only watched the TV shows this season so I have no clue about what's going on until I see it in prime time. He definitely needs to put up LoLo and Natalie, and Ricky if the veto is used.
  4. I can see that, Joey was likable. I'm glad the power is gone now. Of course winning HOH gave her ego a major boost. I would love to see her go.
  5. No wonder she's still a virgin.(Not that there's anything wrong with that)
  6. She gets to be on TV though! That's probably enough for her.
  7. I kinda of felt the same way. He tried to play but his pitches were always a buck short and a day late.
  8. Gone too soon. When Julie asked him about how LoLo betrayed her first alliance and if it had given him any reservations, I was thinking the same thing. He and Tom figured it out too late.
  9. They sure picked a bunch of winners. It's still better them watching a bunch of wannabes prancing around the house while they convince themselves they're America's next big thing.
  10. She's another halfwit athlete, like Ryan. She's always ready to go off on someone.
  11. I I'm not crazy about her either, won't be sad to see her go.
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