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  1. I stopped watching a couple of weeks ago. Checked in here a few times to see what was happening, but really lost interest. Expect the expected. I think Jackson should win, he's the only one left that actually has been playing to win. He's no worse than other winners of the past and everyone left in the house has broken the rules this season. It's just hard to watch these boring people make the same predictable moves, over and over. There is talk every season about how BB could make the show better by changing how they select players. Different age groups or cultural diversity is usually singled out, but now I think they should stop picking "superfans". Go with an entire cast of people who have never watched the show. The mega alliances have ruined the show as well as people who think they have it figured out and already know how it needs to be done. Get some greenhorns in there. At least this is my opinion. It doesn't mean crap though because BB will continue to beat his dead horse for all she's worth.
  2. I believe you are right. But I don’t think production tells them what they want as much as they manipulate the HGs to do it. They use their influence and the ideas just “manifest” for the HGs. This is why, in my opinion, the show is so stale and predictable. Production looks for certain types of people. They want those people that try to sell themselves to be on the show. The “look at me! I can do jiu jitsu while doing jello shots!” type people. Usually young people that think this is a social experiment and just a game, and they want popularity and think they may get bigger opportunities because of their participation. These HGs began to believe that these people behind the scenes and the voices in the diary room are their friends. It leaves them open to be easily manipulated. They seem to forget this is really a job. That’s why they get a paycheck for every week. There’s a lot of money on the line and having a kumbaya love fest isn’t really pertinent to the reason they are in the house. It’s either being able to do something nice and helping your family or making “lifelong friends” who are going to be able to do something nice for their families because they voted you out. All they have to do is feed some crap like “Why get Christie out and have Sis gunning for you? If Sis goes Christie may be indebted to you.”
  3. If these numb-nuts flip the vote and keep Christie they will go down in my book as some of the dumbest players, if not THE dumbest players of all time. It seems like Michie and Holly are onboard with doing just this. After you told Christie she is the target and your biggest threat you think you can trust her? I thought this was chess and not checkers? Is there anyone in this house who can actually make a plan and see it through? The whining and crying and the "woe is me" crap gets old. I may have to take a break from the rest of the season and just tune in on the last night to see who the winner is. These people are pathetic.
  4. As far as I know, Tommy has nothing. No veto or power. It's also too late to use any veto (if he did have one) at his point in the week.
  5. Christie actually pitched to Michie that he should use this opportunity to backdoor Nicole, instead of targeting her. Priceless! Michie and Holly had a good laugh over this too! Desperate much?
  6. Yeah, he cheated and he's a douche. But if he makes it to the end he deserves to win IMO. I don't think he will though. BB should have penalized him, but they didn't. He ate some food and took a hot shower or two. In the big picture, big deal. Tommy and Christie knew each other, so did Holly and Kat. Starting with a ready made ally is a bigger cheat than eating and much more unfair to the others than Michie eating. This game is never really fair or they wouldn't coach players in the diary room. At least this is how I feel.
  7. I'd love to see him go next. He is nasty and immature.
  8. If he can make it to the final two he will deserve to win. He's been a target for a long time and always seems to pull through. I can't see it happening though.
  9. Michie is right about her, she's easily swayed. I hope she's not if the final two.
  10. Please America, give her a super duper secret power to save her! She's never said anything bad about anyone! Save her America! Save her!
  11. But this is not how the universe is supposed to work! It's supposed to work in her favor!
  12. I didn't watch season 15 because I was burned out on BB. Watching the video I see I didn't miss anything. Those people were asses. I tried to watch 16 but only made it half way through because I couldn't stand Frankie. Then I totally skipped 17 and 18. It was just getting old. I almost gave up again during season 19, but I had to stick it out to see the bearded gnome lose. Now I'm addicted again! It never ceases to amaze me what some people say during this show, especially the young ones. They have no filters and seem to think that every thought that crosses their mind is important and that they are always correct. Most of the time they just look like stupid ass hypocrites. But I guess if your bankrupt morally it's hard to hide when you're on camera 24/7.
  13. I'm happy Michie put up his targets, the whole backdoor crap gets old and he does seem to be straight forward about some things which is refreshing. Too bad he's such a ass.
  14. What season was Ginamarie on? I have a wonderful ability to totally forget these people after the season ends with few exceptions. (Dr. Will, Bunky, Gheesling, Marcellas, Jun & Jee, Evil Dick...)
  15. I felt the same way about Cliff's HOH. He came in like a lion and went out like a lamb. But you're right about his game now and I regained a little respect for him. As for Christie, you hit the nail on the head again, as far as I'm concerned. She's probably used to getting her way after shedding a few tears. I'm not cold, but this is a game when it's all said and done. She could cry till her eyes popped out of her head and I still wouldn't waste my chance at the prize for her (if I were in the house).
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