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  1. WOC

    General Discussion

    I like it when a good guy or gal wins. No bullying, no meaness, no pots and pans. It's been unreal. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!
  2. Seriously? LMAO! Good luck with the entertainment careers.
  3. WOC

    Tyler Crispen

    Tyler played a great game, he just didn't send people to the jury well. Maybe if he was just a little bit more humble at the end he might of won this. Who knows?
  4. WOC

    Kaycee Clark

    Absolutely. That's why Sam voted for KC. I don't care what people say when they're on the jury, there's always a little personal feelings involved. It's natural.
  5. WOC

    General Discussion

    I have to admit, I enjoyed last night's show. Usually I don't care for those episodes where the reminisce about past guests. Watching the blindsides again just reinforced the belief that the people left really deserve to win. Any and all of them. Will there be another Celebrity BB this fall?
  6. WOC

    JC Monduix

    He didn't stand a chance.
  7. WOC

    Sam Bledsoe

    Yeah, Miss I Don't Understand has the audacity to blame someone else for her bad play. I had high hopes for her at the start. That went down the drain pretty quick though.
  8. WOC

    Brett Robinson

    If I were to vote for America's player it would be Brett. I think he deserves it. I'm too lazy though. If he loses by 1 vote it will be my fault.
  9. WOC

    General Discussion

    I hope the next comp is not a physical one. It should be fair and no way is JC on par with KC.
  10. WOC

    JC Monduix

    Me too! It was becoming a real snoozefest! I don't care who wins. I would like to see JC win the final HOH and send Tyler packing (I can't help it, I always like the underdog). That would be priceless. I think KC will win, no matter who is sitting besides her in F2. But she has to get there first.
  11. WOC

    Kaycee Clark

    KC was loyal. I doubt Tyler would have been. Tyler may have to get rid of her if he wants to win.
  12. WOC

    JC Monduix

    I've never been a big fan of JC. He's done some creepy stuff. The HGs should have shut him down with that behavior immediately and he would have acted better. Him singing and breaking the other game rules is no big deal to me. BB let him get away with a lot of stuff, but I'd bet they would have let any of 'em get away with little cheats like that. He has played a good game in my opinion. He has been active the whole time, which cant be said about any of the other players. Tyler was all game the first part of the game. Then Brett picked it up. Then Angela and KC. Heck, Angela and KC were just extras on the show for a long time. I think all of the people in the house deserve to win for one reason or the other. JC didn't go on the block until there was anybody else to pick for L6, that shows they know he was working with them. But, JC always has reminded me of the little devil kid in Passion of the Christ.
  13. WOC

    General Discussion

    I just checked the live updates... Holy crap! I hope it's true!
  14. WOC

    Angela Rummans

    I thought she was cute, but now I can't look at her without seeing her mustache. I guess it's from all of the testosterone.