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  1. I don't think she wants to, but feels she needs to because everyone knows she has it and she doesn't want to be on the outs with her alliance. It's too bad she and Cliff couldn't come up with a deal that will give her the chance to tell everyone that Cliff said he wants to put up Bella so she is going to keep her power. Then Cliff puts up someone else, like he tricked her (but they were really both down with it). Of course that makes Cliff look bad, but these people don't care about him anyways. Jack would be the best choice for everyone to vote out. They need to play with their minds and not emotions. The real lesson here is keep your freaking mouth shut when you have a secret power. She could sit back and let the game go on and no one would know. Even if Cliff puts her up I think she stays over Jack.
  2. I hope Cliff is smart enough to see through the six shooters and doesn't get used.
  3. Christie is playing super hard and thinks she is a master manipulator. I hope she goes soon. Plus that crying crap when she was so sure she would be a nom last week was pitiful. Boohooing about how she didn't want to go because she really wanted to be there and loved the game (she reminded me of Rachel on the last season of Amazing Race). She acts like she deserves to play. She didn't do anything to earn this spot in the game, she got lucky. There are tens of thousands of other people who would love to be there too, they just didn't get lucky enough to be picked. I guess I just don't like her.
  4. I believe she can use it for on any veto winner. But that veto winner gets to pick the replacement, not her (unless she wins the veto herself). So it does her no good if the veto winner is not in her alliance or she isn't the veto winner.
  5. If they bring back slop and somehow Jackson wins a free from slop season pass!
  6. Paul losing and Cody winning America's Choice were the only redeeming things that season. Just the look on Paul's face was priceless! It still makes me smile.
  7. I noticed, when the comeback comp was over, that Ovi was whispering something in Cliff's ear. It is probably wishful thinking on my part, but I hope he was saying, "Look under the couch, I left you something. Don't tell anyone!"
  8. Christie's power gives the veto winner the choice of who to put up if they decide to remove someone. Only way Christie gets that choice is if she is the veto winner. Cliff can play on her fear of using it for someone other than herself. If she isn't up, will she use it? Jack's power only gives him the chance to have the veto players picked again, if he doesn't like the people picked the first go around. There's no promise the second round of picks will be in his favor. Cliff should put up Jack and Jackson (IMO). He can use Nick and Bella's anger over the blindside to pull them in. And it will set the two Jacks against each other. Nicole, Kat, and Jess are already with him, or so they say. With Nick and Bella, and maybe Sam, that gives them seven. I don't care for Nick, Bella, or Sam, but they can be used for numbers and they know they were on the outs with the others of the 8 person alliance. Or Cliff will take the easy way out and let Jack influence his picks.
  9. When I'm wrong, I'm wrong! Go Cliff! I still don't think he'll last, but hopefully he will create some havoc and do away with a big target!
  10. I wonder if he went out with the secret power he had? I don't know why they wouldn't allow him to give it away if he decided to. Is that allowed? I also think he played the game with class. Sad to see him go.
  11. We can hope! I, for one, hope Nicole wins HOH. But I have little faith in her making a good decision about who to put up.
  12. Good for him on making it back into the game. I don't think he stands a chance though.
  13. Some of these people seem a little racist. I hate to say that or throw around the term because it's been overused recently and it shouldn't be watered down. But some of the things that Jack and Jackson have done and said really makes them look bad. It's not surprising that the CC people were all (except for Cliff) people of color. But the bullying this season is nothing compared to the clusterf*ck that was a couple of years ago when the idiot meatball from Miami won. I don't even remember his name. But him and Paul and the rest of their gang took the award for bullying. Yes!
  14. This guy is another typical player who thinks they are really smart, but has no clue. I like how he tells his "alliance" about what Nicole said and then believes them when they deny it. Like they would admit it! Duh! I so hope that the others keep Nicole, like they've been talking about, and stick it to Nick and Bella.
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