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  1. I would give AFP $25,000 to Kevin to go with his other $25,000. That would be as good as getting 2nd place $50,000. Let them all think about that one as they let him float by without doing anything except telling stories.
  2. It all has to do with Marks association with Cody from day one. Then he got in a showmance with Elena who also became a threat because she was playing both sides and was not trustworthy. The Mob mentality started scrutinizing everything Mark said or did and they watched him like a hawk on the SpyCam in HOH. Since he wasn't well liked, the talking would stop when he came in the room. He became suspicious and he put two and two together and started winning comps. This now makes him a bigger threat. They have trumped up the evidence against him, (IE: him eating all the food in the house because he is a big guy, him winning comps to mess up their eviction plans, his complaining about being a HN for three weeks, and now him taking things, like pillows for the HN beds, without asking.) This last week was hard on him because he lost both of his alliance members (Cody and Elena). I like the Mob, but I think Mark would be a good bet on the HOH comp today. This would certainly shake up the house, but isn't that why we all watch this show and the feeds?
  3. This is what it says on the CBS Feeds website: The winning houseguest will be tempted with the Halting Hex! Weather on the block or not, they can halt any one of the next four evictions during the live show, making a non-eviction night. To me this says that the eviction will be cancelled and they will go directly to the next HOH comp and the next eviction will be held with the Halting Hex be complete when used to make the prior nights eviction a non-eviction night. Jody might be thinking she has this for the next two weeks, but once she uses it, it is gone. So if she uses it Thursday, the eviction will be cancelled and both her and Cody will stay in the house for another week. Then, next week if they are up on the block, she will not be able to use it again because she can only use it once. Personally, I think she is playing/lying to the other HG's and wants Cody to not go home until someone else goes so he will go to Jury. Then if she gets out after Cody, they will have until 9/20/17 to fool around in Jury. The first two people in Jury have a week to play house alone. Make sense?
  4. 8:05pm BBT Paul and Corey go into supply room and there is beer and wine, but they are have-nots and just drool. They comment that BB waited until they were have-nots to put out booze. James loads everything into his shirt that he made into a basket and hollers "I got us beer Baby".

  5. 1:53am BBT Zaki and Nicole in bathroom and carry on about how awful Natalie is for hiding. Zaki is worried about Paulie. Nic advices Zaki how to act with her feelings toward Paulie. She tells her to hold her head up high and to be a little harder to cuddle with tonight so he will learn to pull her in closer. She says she used with with Corey and now he is more attentive to her.


    2:41am BBT James runs upstairs w/Paulie and tells him he has top secret info...but Z comes in

    2:47am BBT Zaki goes up to HOH and climbs in bed waiting for Paulie to come up but gives up and goes back downstairs.

    2:49am BBT Nic and Corey go to bed and start to snuggle, but everyone is saying that they are kissing. Corey says that she flirts with all the guys and says he knows her type and hits up on all the guys. The mood is gone and they fight about both of them flirting outside of the house.

    2:50am BBT Interesting conversation in Have Not room between Nat and James. They are talking about how Paulie and Zaki are fighting and they think it is all a show so they don't look like a showmance.

    2:57am BBT Da' tells Mich she plans to pop up in every conversation tomorrow. They talk about how things change and that the vote could change between now and Thursday.

  6. 1:05am BBT: Hide and Seek begins and DA is it. James, Nat, and Paulie are trying to hide in the HOH, but there is no where to hide. Paulie says they are trapped like rats. Paulie tries to hide under the bed but doesn't fit. He finally goes outside. James tries to hide under the HOH couch and gets stuck. He says no one set on the couch, then lifts the couch so he can get out. Nat hides in the bathtub with towels on top. James hides next to the bed with pillows and blankets. They are watching the camera to see when DA is coming upstairs then get back under cover.

    1:14am BBT: DA finds Frank outside in the lounge and James beside the bed. She then finally finds Nat in the tub. She says that Michelle was the first found under the table. Now it is Nics turn to be it.

    1:21am BBT: Nic finds Corey first under the pillows in the bed. Then Frank in bed in the London room. Paulie gives her a scare in the other bed. She finds Tiff in the bumper car.

    1:23am BBT: Nic finds James in the Trash cabinet and scares her when she opened the door. She says his spot was the best . She finds Frank in the shower behind the towels. Now she is upstairs and finds Paulie and moves into the HOH room looking for Nat but can't find her. Finally she looks behind the orange couch and finds Nat and Bridg. Last one to be found is Zak who was behind the couchins in the Safari Room.

    1:29am BBT: Corey is it. Tiff gets "Tiff stop that" when trying to find a hiding place in the bathroom. Paulie and Nat hide together under a mattress. Zak is not amused. James is. (oh the jealousy in this house).





  7. 12:20am BBT: Meanwhile in the kitchen, the boys are talking about guy stuff and Bridge is cooking breakfast. She is cooking eggs and shows how to baste eggs so you don't have to turn them. Nat is talking about why she wears different colors of socks. Someone found her socks in her bumper car bed and took them and all she has is mismatched socks.

    12:25am BBT: James suggests that they play hide and seek. Frank says he is mad because they have been "Dry" for two "f...ing" nights.

    12:33am BBT: Bridg puts plates of rice, covered with spicy stir-fry veggies, and an egg. Corey took a bite and says "OMG, this tastes amazing" Bridge says "We made it with love". The look on his  face was shear joy. 


    The camera pans left and Zak is eating the 4th plate, so much for never eating anything Bridg cooks... Nic helped Bridg clean the kitchen with no help from Zak. Zak walks by and Paulie who smiles and kicks out his foot to tap her and she shrugs him off with her negative attitude.

    1:03am BBT: Nic is in toilet and James scares her when she comes out by hiding behind the door.



  8. 12:00am BBT: Da, Zak and Mich in HOH watching the Spy Cam. Da says number one rules of BB is to never let the house feel what it's like without you and that's why Tiff is hanging out with them. Mich is trying to count how many people in the house and DA is explaining how a double eviction works. Da says this is the worst time to be on the block because you can be in jury next week and be financially safe.

    12:05am BBT: Zak says that Frank will not talk to him. They are watching Bridgette, Nic and the boys eating in the kitchen. They are making fun of how Bridg cooks. She licks her fingers and puts them in the food. Zak says she will not eat anything Bridg cooks. Besides, she has to ask everyone what to put into the recipes.

    12:05am BBT: Zak is talking about Tiff and is using terms like "old and feeble". She also says that Bridg uses a baby voice when talking to Frank. It annoys Zak because she thinks she is sneaky and Mich says she is using this is really manipulating Frank. She says this girl is not innocent, all sugar and spice. She says Bridg is conniving and is a snake.

    12:15am BBT: Mich says she has to rewash the dishes that Bridg washes. They all say they have to go thru the house to gather dirty dishes because no one will bring their dirty dishes to kitchen. Zak says she is really bitchy tonight (must be Mich and Da rubbing off since this is a real bitch-fest; midnightgranny observation). This kind of talk goes on until 1:28am BBT when the kitchen clears out.

    12:48am BBT: Mich hopes no one finds her Reddit Posts and posts negatively on them.

  9. 12:09am BBT: Nic and Paul were on the hammack and are discussing deep fried pickles. They went into the kitchen to try out the recipe that Paul came up with. Nic said she feels hot and is hungry. Nic, Frank, and Zaki are complaining about sick stomachs from something they ate. Frank thinks it is from eating too much deviled eggs that James made earlier.


    12:14am BBT: Nic and Paul are in kitchen now cooking up fried Slop Pickles. Bridgette is helping since she has been experimenting on Slop recipes. They are complaining about not having a sifter. They sliced the pickles, dredged them in Slop and fried them in oil. Paul wants to use chocolate milk to make a dipping sauce but Nic says she got in trouble for using milk yesterday. Paul is using honey, BBQ sauce and mustard.They are munching and say it is really good.


    12:26am BBT: Frank is making fun of the way Nic talks by holding his nose and mimics her. She says, I don't sound like that. Now they are trying to figure out what to do with the oil from the hot pan. Nic actually cleaned up the mess and washed the pan.


    12:30am BBT: Frank is making faces after tasting the fried pickles. He said he has never been on slop and doesn't plan on being on it either. They invite Tiff to try them and she said it is really good and wants to know who made them.


    12:42am BBT: The midnight snackers are all gathered around the round island in the kitchen eating cereal or slop pickles. He starts chanting "Nicole fried up some pickles" over and over until we get fish.


    12:44am BBT: Frank and Nic go out to the patio and start talking about Tiff. Frank is worried about James because he he was talking about who will get HOH this week and who to put up. James told him he wants Paul and Corey to go home this week. Nic asked if Frank can stall that and he said he wants to talk to James and tell him they want Natalie and Bronte to go home home first.


    12:46am BBT: Nic tells Frank he can't really trust James and Nic gets upset when she learns Corey talked to Paulie. She said that Corey is all about talking game this week and that he can be so brutally honest. She says that he won't talk to her and is upset because he talks to Paulie and just goes to bed instead of talking to her.


    12:50am BBT: The girls are outside now with Nic and Frank and they are complaining about the ants. Zaki says there ants in her drawer and there is no food in there. Michelle says she wants to know why they are in the crack of the shower since there is no food in their either. (Apparently they don't know that ants migrate toward water too.)


    12:55am BBT: Paulie and Tiff are in the Bedroom about the mess in the bathroom. Paulie says he keeps finding used QTips and cotton balls from the girls putting on their make-up that is disgusting. Tiff got up early and spend quiet time cleaning up the kitchen. Paulie calls her a "Trooper".


    12:55am BBT:  James and Da are in the London Bedroom and James is putting clean bright pink sheets on his bed. He put his dirty sheets in the closet as though they are clean. Da laughs and says it is disrespectful. They are all working on laundry because they will be losing the back yard to lock down tomorrow and need to get their clothes in the house. Michelle has been hogging the washer and dryer and Frank is waiting for her to get her stuff out of the way.


    12:55am BBT: James, Frank, Nic, Michelle, Bridgette are all outside on the lounge. James sets with his back to Mich for a back rub and Nic backs up to James and they are a train of massaging. James is in seventh heaven sandwiched between the girls. He says they all say he is flirt when his showmance Nat is in bed sleeping and he is outside with the girls. They discuss washing the towels and decide that James stays up late and will do a load of towels if Nic will fold them in the morning.


  10. 1:09am BBT: Cam3/4 The girls are in the bathroom area with Frank and he has been unhappy about how pizza is being cooked. He hollers at James a bit and continues to carry on about the pizza. Goes at it w/Nic this time.James joins the conv in the room. Cross works ae exchanged with James and Frank. James finally apologizes to Frank as the "better man" and they literally kis and make up. He is then called into the DR.
    1:20am BBT: Frank tells the girls that he isn't really mad, he was trying to get to James. He was kinda acting like a bully and James had to apologize to appease Frank.
    1:41am BBT: Cam3/4 James and Nic in bedroom and tells Nic he's starting to notice that Frank is not too far from Victor. Nic asked what he means and he says Frank and Vic both act alike and get mad easy.
    1:42am BBT: Cam3/4 Frank enters the bedroom and Nic asks if he is going to sleep in the HOH. Says he won't sleep downstairs after Victor gets put up tomorrow. They are say "Oh yea..."
    1:46am BBT: Cam3/4 Frank stands up to fart in Nicole and James' direction.
  11. 1:30AM BBT: The Spy Girls are in kitchen having girl talk. They were drinking water in huge wine glasses and splurged on ice cream. Nat says she loves James. It is hard to hear them because they are whispering and the crunching of chips was louder than their whispers. They just discovered there are more girls than guys and had to count them on the picture board. Funny that they had to count the girls when no girls have gone home yet. B)

  12. 11:35PM BBT: James came into the London Bedroom and Natalie held the door to keep him out. They are holding each other, swinging around and ended in bed. Bronte asked if Meg would be jealous and Nat said maybe they should have a showmance. James was under the blanket and popped up really interested. They ended up cuddling in the bed.

  13. 11:26PM BBT: Spy Girls are in the London Bedroom plotting an all girl alliance. They know that Zakia and Da want a girls alliance and hope to get Tiff and Nic.

  14. 11:15PM BBT: Zakia is bored and cleaning the kitchen. She washed all the counters and chairs, even underneath the bar. Vic showed her how to mop the floor. Good thing he is showing her the ropes since he is target for the week and was the only one cleaning the kitchen.

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