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  1. Not sure yet... wasn't crazy about him last season and I'm uncertain if I like even like him this season yet I'm loving his taking Cody out
  2. Not sure why but he unnerves me, I just don't care for him.
  3. I myself am a talker from the minute I learned how ya couldn't shut me up... so when I wanna scream shut up at the TV there's a problem {lol} Besides he's playing both sides and underestimating the youngings not certain how long he'll last before it blows up in his face
  4. Too badly her pretty face doesn't match her "personality" she's vicious
  5. Enjoy his quirkiness however I think most house guests take it as sneaky
  6. Babyd6ll


    More often than not cursing doesn't predict who someone is ugly or pretty inside, cursing is not from lack of vocabulary nor class it's merely a nasty habit that's been picked up and it's almost impossible to correct when most the world around you curses.
  7. I'm really unsure how he was cast as I've seen pet rocks with more personality, two year olds with more common sense and three yr olds with better manners. I've yet to see him look genuinely happy between eye-rolls when Jessica was talking about her partying (yeah, that's gonna last) Or an occasional smile/smirk when he maliciously bullys Josh any chance he can get. In my opinion even if a person is hopping on your last nerve whether it's deliberate or not and you truly think them weak not nearly as strong as you yet you mentally and/or physically continuously harass them, humiliate them, name calling like an elementary school kid and then attacking their manhood. If he belonged to me in any way, shape or form I'd be thourghly ashamed by the behavior especially because of his age, Clearly his personality {or lack there of} is stunted because of his need for power and his own unhappiness.
  8. Babyd6ll

    Cody & Jessica

    Showmances just baffle me,,,, you're single in a world of millions and cannot find anyone but once shut out from the world in the BB House your choices go from millions to under 14 and your Prince Charming happens to be one of the 14 that a reality show has coasted. While love at first sight happens to many {present company included 20 yrs now} but being shut away from the real world with your choices limited certainly intensifies relationships far more quickly than with life's real world distractions getting to know one another quickly. Can it happen? Sure, however the chances are ridiculously slim in that situation. Just one of many reasons... Showmance couple stuck like glue on one another, kissy-kissy-touchy-touchy, up each other's behind. Together a whole week or possibly a whole whopping two weeks and one of the two either beginn to see too much ugly in the other' personality emerge or say things that are huge deal breakers like I'll never get married, I don't want children, my children's religion will be and only be from the movie Children of the Corn. I know sounds silly... Somethings to think about... In real life you can break it off either ugly or nice and often times the other's not ready to let it go. BB House how the hell do you break it off without interfering with your game, some side with you some with the other possibly dividing the house, Those you barely thought you could count on you now have no idea because usually with broken relationships come broken hearts or egos and then there are three sides to the break up story... his, hers and the truth. Normally filled with lies or exaggeration in attempt to repair their own ego which ususally make friends choose sides. So How the hell could you break off a showmance in the Big Brother House? Would you risk the possibility of winning?
  9. I feel that while Josh is obviously an extremely emotional young guy who seems a bit sheltered and unsure of himself in a highly stressful social environment I think he may be hiding a part of himself. Hiding who he really is... just a thought
  10. Babyd6ll

    POV- Week 6

    Am I the ONLY one who doesn't like Shelly? Hoping she goes home, the sooner she gets there she can explain to her daughter why she has lied throughout the game, yea yea I get it, to play BB you almost have to lie, withhold or avoid the truth, etc However, with her holier than though attitude about NOT telling lies is probably the bigger "whopper" she's told to date....