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  1. WOODY

    Mystery Door Twist - Part 2

    They are trying to make sure people keep watching and leading us on, The twist is noone is going home this week but they will on thursday. lol wishful thinking Jeff stays
  2. WOODY

    Mystery Door Twist - Part 2

    I have noticed on the front of mortys page that it does not say eviction on Thursday night, it says live eviction on Sunday now so could this rumor be true and jeff will be staying because thursdays show will not be eviction time. I dont know just wandering why no eviction on Thursday?
  3. WOODY

    Monday, August 24th

    Jeff just gave the game to Nat or kevin I was hoping he would see thru them but they played him good. Unless jordan wins hoh he is going on the block by any of them. Everyone of them has already said he needs to go and he will then it will be the girls alliance like michele wanted, plus kevin. Jordans only hope is to stick with michele because they all hate her, hopefully she will see thru nat and kevin before it is too late for her.
  4. WOODY


    I really hate to say this but the only way jeff and jordan are safe next week is if jordan wins hoh or if jeff and michelle nominated then jordan wins pov she takes jeff off. Ifmaichelle wins hoh she may keep jeff and jordan then only put up one if have to during veto but who knows, I would hope she is searious obout taking them to final 3 but she knows if it comes down to it jeff will take jordan and she will takke him to final 2.
  5. WOODY

    POV-Week 8

    I wish they would Jeff would leave it the same and get rid of nat this week but the only way that is going to happen is of kevin actually tells jeff and jordan about nats lies
  6. WOODY


    Another thought is if nat wins hoh next week or even kevin and they put up michelle and jeff and jordan wins hoh she saves jeff. the only person left to go up will be either kevin or nat and they would go home and then jeff and jordan will see nat and kevin were playing them and get rid of the one left. Because which ever one wins hoh can not play the next week. But that means j & J need to win veto or hoh.
  7. WOODY


    She has jeff doing all the dirty work and when her or kevin win hoh next week he is gone unless he wins veto. He has been played and the only way to stop it is if she wins hoh next week puts jeff up with michelle then jordan wins pov saves jeff then kevin must go up. Then and only then will jeff and jordan see she has been playing them and will get her out because she can not play hoh that week.
  8. WOODY


    By jeff using the pov and getting russ out if jordan doesnt win hoh next week he is gone for sure.
  9. WOODY

    Saturday, August 22nd

    Nat needs to go Kevin would never go with Russell It would be better for J & J to get her out I wish Kevin would realize that Nat will stay if the noms stay the same. He has to realize that because they tell her everything not him. If he wants to stay he has to convince them that Nat has been setting them up and lying to them about the whole Russell, and Michele thing and about the green room lie she made up with Jessie. I would love to see that, but it probably wont happen
  10. WOODY

    POV-Week 8

    I really want the noms to stay the same and kevin spill the beans about all the things nat has lied about because you know if it comes down to it she will through kevin under the bus. I just wish it would happen so J & J would realize that they are being played too late. I dont really know who i want to win but i know it is not Nat. I would love to see her out now because on the feeds she seems to know she is in control, J & J have bought everything she has told them LIES!!
  11. WOODY


    I really feel that if they do not get nat out this week then J&J making it to the finals won't happen, as much as I want it to. They would have to win hoh and every pov to make it from here on out. I know people keep saying russ would get out jeff, but i really feel if russ wins hoh nest week he woulf go after kevin before jeff. I may be wrong but they need to make sure Nat is gone where it leaves them 4 against one in the alliances, its all about the numbers in this game and Russ knows that.
  12. WOODY


    It is killing me how J & J keep saying Nat says she has never lied to them but that has been her whole game from the first words out of her mouth that she is 18 total bull. She makes up stuff all the time and I really think she starts to believe her lies, that is a problem if she is like that in real life but in this game that is what people do to get farther.
  13. WOODY

    Wednesday, August 19th

    I hope that Russell wins pov and nat goes home. did anyone else hear last night at the end of the show they said the start of the next hoh contest so it would be a long endurance comp. Nat is good at those so hopefully she is gone. Even if Russell wins that hoh he would go after Kevin and Lydia first thye have to realize that. Russell knows that his only chance of making it further is to stay with J & J because nat, lydia and kevin want him gone, he is not stupid.
  14. WOODY


    If he doesnt win veto the Nat will rule the house with her new alliance with jeff and jordan go Russell. That way jordan and jeff will stil have a chance at winning.
  15. WOODY


    If they keep Nat then they are done Nat will win because you know the jury house will vote for her plus they keep saying she has never lied and all she does is lie. They are being played and in the end it will cost them the game. Please Im actually praying for Russell or Michelle to win POV and leave noms the same because they will vote out Nat!